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When you break up with them
  • Eren: He would calmly accept it even if it's killing him inside. Once it dawns on him that you've turned your back on him for good, he'd start trying to think of ways to win you back so that he can do better if ever he's given another chance. However, if he's not given another chance, he'd be a little bitter and angry, and may not talk to you ever again.
  • Armin: This would make him really frozen with shock as he tries to process what's going on. When he finally gets a good bite on reality, he'd start stuttering out his questions, like where did he go wrong or what can he do to make it better so that you guys wouldn't have to resort to this. in the end, he would just accept it and have a tiny bit of hope that you guys would still be friends.
  • Reiner: Since he'd be so shocked, he'd think that you're playing a sick joke on him because you're mad at him, so he'd start being sweet as his way of asking for forgiveness. Upon realizing that you're dead serious with his decision, he'd be super dumfounded and might not be able to do anything but to scratch his head. He'd let you go with a heavy heart, thinking that it'll be better if that's going to make you happy.
  • Bertholdt: He'd feel really guilty as soon as he hears "let's break up" because it's like he couldn't keep you satisfied or happy enough that's why you're leaving him. He wouldn't try to stop you because he feels like there are a lot of things he lacked as a partner, so he deserves it. Nonetheless, this would totally beat him down emotionally and it would take a while for him to get back into the dating game.
  • Jean: He wouldn't want to show you that he really wants to cry, so he'd mask it with anger. He would start lashing out all your flaws that could've led to this, and how he was planning on it anyway so he's totally fine with it. Still, he would feel very hurt, and he'd try to drink away the ache then might drunk call you to come back to him.
  • Marco: He's pretty aware that all good things do come to an end, so even if it hurts him, he'd accept it. He'd ask for a reason as to why you're breaking up with him out of curiosity and so that he can learn from his mistakes. Before completely letting you go, he'd assure he would always be your friend, and that you can just talk to him for whatever reason.
  • Connie: He wouldn't take this well, so even if you guys are officially over, he would still try to patch things up. it would take him a while to realize that it's quite pointless to chase after you like that. If you tell him to start backing off, he hesitantly will even if he still has feelings for you.
  • Levi: For him, he would be so hurt that he wouldn't be able to react to anything. He'd be in a daze when you guys have officially broken up because it'll hurt that much for him. He'd think that maybe you're just not the one for him, and will try to move on as quickly as possible since sulking about it isn't the answer.
  • Erwin: It would be a big blow to his ego to be dumped, so he would think that you're out of your mind. He'd be really in denial that you're doing this to him since he doesn't think that he's done anything drastic to you. It would be really hard for him to accept the reality, and once he does, he would feel really useless for not saving the relationship or doing anything.
  • Mikasa: She would start blurting out questions as to where she went wrong, what can she do to make the situation better, and how can you guys steer away from breaking up like this. As hard as she'll try, the tears will still spill out and she'll constantly ask for forgiveness. She really hates being alone, so having you leaving her would really ruin her and out her in a drag for a long time.
  • Annie: The only emotion that she'll feel and show would be shock because she really wouldn't see it coming. She would just quietly accept it and be the first one to end the conversation so that she wouldn't have to endure any more pain. It wouldn't take her a long time to get over it, but it would still be at the back of her mind.
  • Sasha: She would try to smile for you because she believes that if doing so makes you happy, then she'll be as happy. Even if the tears start running down her face, she'll still try to show her biggest smile and assure you that she's alright. Once she's completely out of sight, she'll stop sucking it in and let out everything that she feels.
  • Christa: Crying wouldn't be something she'd do, and instead she'll keep her composure and humbly accept it. She will admit that it will feel like the whole world would be taken away from her. She'd try to distract herself with different things, but then she'd end up with her trying to move on.
  • Ymir: She would think that it'll be your loss for letting her go like that. However, she'll start realizing that she should've tried harder and she's practically nothing without you. She would attempt on getting you back, but her pride wouldn't let her do so and she'll feel like it'd be too late.
  • Hanji: As much as she respects your decision, she would still try to subtly make you change your mind and stay. She would think of all the effort she had exerted and all the love she's given during the duration of the relationship, and how much of a waste would it be to just throw it down the drain. Once she senses it's getting pointless to keep on doing so, she'll just give it up and let you be.
  • Petra: It'd be clear to her that she wouldn't be able to completely turn the situation around, and if it was bound to happen, so be it. She would consider your happiness first before she thinks about her feelings just to be fair. She would assure you that she'll be fine, then she'll let the waterworks out behind your back.