if you think reading is boring;you're doing it wrong

I’m so sensitive about Kara Danvers, as soon as I see someone saying something bad about her I’m like

kind of want to write a big old essay about one of my Discworld faves

kind of worried that I’ll just look creepy

decisions, decisions, all of them wrong



That last bit about burning 221b.  When I heard that Arwel was selling off the last of all the extra rolls of wallpaper they had for the 221b set at Sherlocked Con, I was shocked.  They still have at least 6 more episodes to film.  What would they do if the wallpaper was torn or damaged?

And that is when it hit me–they’re going to destroy that set.  Just what you said, 221b is Sherlock’s heart.  We are given that beautiful scene of him running his fingers over the flocked wallpaper in the lounge as he is dragging himself back to life for John.  When he envisions the love he has for John, it’s always in the context of that flat.  The flat is his home, his place of comfort and safety, and now that John is married and living away from there, every object in the flat is fraught with sentiment and memories of their time together.

So, I am 99.9% sure that they are going to burn 221b to the ground (whether Mrs. Hudson dies during this fire, or not, remains to be seen.  I think that Mrs. Hudson will be written out in Season 4, just because Una Stubbs is getting so ederly, and probably won’t be able to do Season 5, if we wait another two years after Season 4 airs to get it).  They did a similar thing at the end of Season 5 of the X-Files.  They burned Mulder and Scully’s office to a crisp, and their office was really their version of 221b.

Honestly, seeing Baker St. burn is going to break my heart.  But, I think that absolutely everything is going to be stripped from Sherlock in Season 4.  I think it is going to be brutally painful.  In the end, the only thing that John and Sherlock are going to have left is each other.




swear to god, pull this again and I’m gonna hop on a plane, fly to wherever the fuck you live, ring your doorbell, smack you once across the face, and head back to the airport.