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On Self-Esteem as an Artist (please read)

Today my design teacher started a revisions-session on our assignments by saying that the classroom was an “ego-less” zone. Which meant that, even though you might be a good artist, you should avoid entering a classroom thinking you don’t need any tips, that your art is the best out there. Makes sense. Especially with a skill such as drawing, you can never really achieve “perfection” - as you improve and change as an artist, your idea of “that perfect drawing” will also improve and change.

On the flip side, and more importantly, is that you should never enter a classroom thinking you suck. I recently wrote a post about self-esteem and attitude here. I just thought I’d re-emphasize some points:

I think the biggest issue I see is that people in general do not know how to accept compliments towards their art. If someone says “Wow, your art is really good!” they’re saying it because they genuinely mean it. When they hear back “no it’s not, it sucks,” I think, at least in my experience, that person who gave the compliment then feels bad themselves. They feel like their generous words meant nothing, that their own opinion means nothing. I see amazing art, and I want to let that artist know, and I want them to feel good about their skill that they’ve honed.

When you receive a compliment to your art, or to anything really, just respond with a “thanks!”. It is not arrogant to appreciate praise. When you accept a compliment, it validate’s the complimenter’s opinion and everyone wins. They are not lying when they say they like your product. Accepting the compliment also encourages a dialogue - they can then ask things like how long you’ve been doing art, advice on different techniques, etc.

Too often I hear from my peers “oh no, don’t look at my work, it’s horrible.” Why? Why do they think that? Did they join the animation program just to complain to more people about their inferior skills? Are they trying to fish for compliments? I don’t think that’s it - I think, unfortunately, it is somewhere in our nature to assume we are inferior. The reason behind that attitude probably has something to do with society and our educational system and never being good enough blah blah - that’s too complicated for my limited psychology knowledge.

An anon recently sent me this message:

“…for the past few months i just cant draw, nothing seems good enough and then i look at other peoples art an know that im never going to be as good and it just discourages me even more, so long story short i am kind of in an art block and i dont know what to do. im the best at drawings faces but everything else im eh at so i dont feel like its worth it but everyone keeps telling to keep going. any tips? advice?help”

I’ve received this theme of message before, and have heard it many times in real life - “why do I bother I’ll never be good as [insert amazing artist here].” I replied to this message by basically saying that every single artist, regardless of talent, relates to this feeling of comparative inferiority. We all see amazing artists online, sharing their masterpieces, pining one day to be that talented. If you’re constantly up-comparing yourself to artists who have been in the industry for YEARS longer than yourself then you’re going to automatically get frustrated. You need to draw to improve past how you drew the day before

***You need only compare your skills to your past self.***

It’s all about striking a balance between modesty and self-esteem - if someone gives you a compliment, accept it. Realize that this person is taking the time to celebrate your skills. You deserve to have your skills acknowledged. Be open to constructive criticism, because if someone is taking the time to actually analyze your work and offer ways to improve it - as in, beyond just saying “Oh hey that drawing is cool”, to “You’re moving in the right direction. I think you could improve [thing] by [adjustment], and maybe try adding [things] there and there.”

It can get very overwhelming, looking at all the amazing artwork online, thinking about all the talent in the world. But remember - all of those artists had to start from somewhere. Like any skill, practice and hard work is necessary to excel. Get inspired, create, revise and learn, and create some more. Most importantly, realize that you deserve to create art. The world can never have too much art.

sansa-hand-of-the-king  asked:

Hi! First i have to say i love your metas, the one about the dragons is my favorite ( you totally convinced me that viserion is jons). Can i ask you a question? There is a lot speculation about sansa dying this season. I am worried because she doesnt have any connection to the others or fighting skills, and she isnt one of the main 5. (Arya,bran,tyrion,dany,jon). Can she survive? Thank you for the answer ;)

In the books, I feel confident that Sansa survives the series and is there at the end to help rebuild Winterfell. GRRM has said that the original outline is no longer relevant, and he regularly talks about Sansa when he mentions his main POVs :)

I think there are different ways to fight the War for the Dawn. Some heroes like Bran and Dany are going to be called upon to actively fight the War in a magical context. But a lot of other heroes are going to be called upon just to hold. To quote GRRM’s friend Robert Jordan, “We hold. With everything we have, we hold. We don’t pull back. We don’t try anything clever. We just hold.” If I may steal another Wheel of Time quote, 

“if the Lord Dragon three heads of the dragon attacks Shayol Ghul beyond the curtain of light, we will likely need to seize the valley North and the Riverlands and then hold it for as long as it takes him Bran Stark to battle with the Dark One Euron. I don’t know how long that will take, but it could take hours. Days. Tell me, have you ever had to entrench and fight a protracted, defensive war?”

Humanity doesn’t know it yet, but Westeros is already under siege. (Robert Jordan uses this same theme of humanity under siege btw; y’all should read Wheel of Time while you’re waiting for TWOW.) The first line of defense, the Wall, is about to fall, and an enemy that will not break – that will not stop – that will only grow stronger as everyone you love dies – is about to overwhelm the world. While Bran and Dany and Jon and Tyrion are fighting, everyone else has one job: stay alive. To steal from another of GRRM’s favs and give the corollary to Dany’s “dragons plant no trees” quote, “your job [humanity’s job] is to plant yourself like a tree” and not move. Hold. Stay alive. Even if Bran and the three heads succeed in their tasks, the War is still lost if humanity dies. 

Some people like Arya and Brienne will stay alive by the sword, and that’s essential in this fight. But as you point out, Sansa’s story has never been about her fighting skills. Sansa has long been the maiden in the tower, surrounded by the thick castle walls of the Red Keep and later the Eyrie. Well, we know GRRM likes to turn tropes on their heads, right? That’s why we’ll put Sansa in another tower. I love the idea of turning the powerless maiden in the tower trope on its head and making Winterfell the place where Sansa comes into her own and having her hold it in the War. That’s what Winterfell was built for: to hold. Winterfell is designed so that when the first wall is lost, the defenders can retreat to the second wall and keep holding. Sansa has a strong connection to Winterfell, and many people believe Sansa’s snowcastle foreshadows her rebuilding the castle post-ADOS. 

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About Ganondorf´s speech in Wind Waker

(FYI This is gonna be about why I wouldn’t label Ganondorf as “good all along” and “just wanted to help his people” based on that speech alone.)

People are so quick to “forgive” Ganondorf after his speech in WW, but I dont think it’s good to just listen to that one speech and judge his entire character based on that.

His infamous speech is touching, and puts him into a new light,  it’s definitely important dont get me wrong but, reading through it again…

“My country lay within a vast desert. When the sun rose into the sky, a burning wind punished my lands, searing the world. And when the moon climbed into the dark of night, a frigid gale pierced our homes. No matter when it came, the wind carried the same thing… Death.  But the winds that blew across the green fields of Hyrule brought something other than suffering and ruin.

I coveted that wind, I suppose.”

-Ganondorf, Wind Waker

He doesnt really make much mention of the whole “I just wanted to save my people and have them live better lives” that people are getting from it. He mostly talks about himself.

And yes, you could argue that it doesnt really contradict the idea that Ganondorf only wanted to help his people but, have you all forgotten that WW!Ganondorf is OoT!Ganondorf but older?

Have you all forgotten that OoT!Ganon didnt treat his fellow Gerudo all that well?

We can´t just ignore OoT!Ganon because he is WW!Ganon, he is who he was back when he supposedly “coveted” the wind of Hyrule. OoT!Ganon is essential to understand WW!Ganon. You cant just say “that was in the past!”, especially because that past is exactly what Ganon is talking about in his infamous speech.

First of all there is this Gossip Stone:

“They say that Ganondorf is not
satisfied with ruling only the
Gerudo and aims to conquer all
of Hyrule! “

-Gossip Stone, Ocarina of Time

Which doesnt sound all that benevolent to me, but hey, its just a Gossip Stone, right? But that’s not all.

As soon as Ganon gained the Triforce of Power in OoT he takes over Hyrule, but remember, all of the other Gerudo seem to be left behind in the desert.

Their only leader aside from Ganondorf (Nabooru) is completely brainwashed,  and its implied all the other Gerudo were brainwashed too:

“Without the old witches, the gang
of thieves isn’t all that scary”

-Carpenter guys after you beat Twinrova, Ocarina of Time

Nabooru herself is also shown to detest Ganondorf and doesnt accept hima s their ruler, and this was before the timeskip:

“First of all, let me introduce
myself. I’m Nabooru of the Gerudo.
I’m a lone wolf thief.
But don’t get me wrong!
Though we’re both thieves, I’m
completely different from
With his followers, he stole
from women and children, and he
even killed people!
A kid like you may not know this,
but the Gerudo race consists only
of women. Only one man is born
every hundred years…
Even though our laws say that
lone male Gerudo must become
King of the Gerudo, I’ll never
bow to such an evil man!“

- Nabooru, Ocarina of Time

Also, ALttP´s backstory tells us how exactly Ganondorf aquired the Triforce of Power in the first place, and its not a pretty story.

“One day, quite by accident, a gate to the Golden Land of the Triforce was opened by a gang of thieves skilled in the black arts. This land was like no other. In the gathering twilight, the Triforce shone from its resting place high above the world. In a long running battle, the leader of the thieves fought his way past his followers in a lust for the Golden Power. After vanquishing his own followers, the leader stood triumphant over the Triforce and grasped it with his blood- stained hands. He heard a whispered voice: “If thou has a strong desire or dream, wish for it…” And in reply, the roaring laughter of the brigand leader echoed across time and space and even reached the far-off land of Hyrule.“

-A Link to the Past instruction manual

Ganon literally killed his fellow thieves, his partners that were with him at the time, to have the power for himself. And who else could his fellow thieves have been but fellow Gerudo?

And yes, as of the currently established canon, this would also be something WW!Ganon did in the past, as the only difference between the events of Ocarina of Time in the Downfall Time, that leads to ALttP, and the Adult Timeline that leads to WW, is the fact that Link either loses or wins against Ganon in the final battle.

Look, I really like Ganondorf as a character, and especially WW!Ganondorf, he is awesome and we need more, just more stuff like that. And I dont doubt he has grown to be a better person that regrets the past, but that doesnt erase the fact that he has commited atrocius crimes out of self-centeredness in the past, not just against the Hylians, Kokiri, Gorons and Zora, but also to his fellow Gerudo, and nothing he did really seems to have ended up helping them in any way.

anonymous asked:

do you have any dc superhero girls! halbarry aus?


  • whole thing takes place in coast city, in this AU darryl who takes barry in after his mom has been murdered lives in coast city
  • rumors follow barry around - nobody wants to talk to him because they know that hes a kid of a killer which is not true but you know, tell that to teens in hs
  • barry is a great student, works rly hard to be come a forensic scientist and to get into the central city uni
  • but also AN ATHLETE… runs in relay races etc… likes to have as many extracurricular activities as possible to avoid talking to people and to avoid to coming back “home”
  • during training he sometimes sees some guy hanging out on bleachers, napping or just watching them run (and he’s pretty sure that brown-haired guy should be in class right now)
  • barry pulling a muscle or tripping one day, hobbles over to bleachers to sit down and suddenly hears a “hey” behind him?? it’s the brown-haired guy!! was he sitting here all along, what the fuck
  • barry nervously replying “hey–” he’s very used to people being cruel to him because of the murder rumors B( expects hal to be the same
  • but hal just starts a chill small talk, talks about running, talks about how much school sucks, etc. barry growing hopeful?? starts getting a little embarrassed but in a good way, he’s just not used to a nice type of attention like that
  • hal noticing how flustered he is and asking barry abt it (bc hal is a very forward and direct guy) and barry just “um– it’s– cause not many people talk to me–” and he wants to Die, he thinks he just ruined everything with that loser comment
  • hal getting silent and just looking away from barry, they sit in a silence for a while and hal suddenly saying “people don’t talk to me either because the first thing i usually say to them is ‘my dad died in a jet crash’” – BECAUSE HAL IS A VERY ANGRY AND DIRECTIONLESS KID… DRIVES PEOPLE AWAY ON PURPOSE
  • but barry just sad ‘oh.’ he doesn’t question it, he knows what it’s like to lose a parent, he doesn’t react with surprise and then alarm
  • “ah – you probably know that but my mom– she was killed”
  • hal giving him a strange look, barry thinking his eyes got darker a little bit
  • “why would i know that??” “um– it’s all everyone talks about in school…” “dude i’m barely there at all, i dont keep up with rumors PFFF”
  • suddenly this heavy mood is lifted and barry feels like he passed some unspoken test?? and suddenly became hal’s friend? because hal opens up and starts asking questions abt barry and talks abt his school situation, barry can barely believe what is happening right now
  • hal is an okay student, good at maths and physics but he constantly skips all classes to sneak out to the airfield, he only shows up for the minimal required amount of hours, school doesnt mean shit to him, hes going to join USAF anyways, as soon as he’s 18, he has to escape his family and go fly
  • shows up to classes with barry more often though!! waits for barry after school
  • one day he manages to convince barry to skip classes too (AFTER SO MUCH NAGGING… barry is such a nerd….), takes him to the airfield where his dad used to work. they lie in grass and watch the jets above them… barry feeling like he got to see another part of hal’s private world, like he’s getting to know him like no other person ever has and he’s so thankful for that
  • they start meeting outside the school, hal visits barry in darryls house, sometimes they eat dinner at his home, though hal prefers to stay away from his family 
  • hal is sometimes bruised from picking fights with jack or random jackasses older than him, barry always so worried for him
  • hal also has the reputation of the Mysterious Good-Looking Guy in the school, so he gets invited to parties by girls who want to date him… hal drags barry with him and first time he gets so drunk he passes out, barry carries him home (to darryl’s home, he can’t let hal’s family see him drunk!!). puts hal in his own bed and just stares at him, hoping that hal will get better? absentmindedly brushes his hair with his hand– and then takes it away, startled a bit.
  • THEM BEING SO CLOSE………….. JESUS…. so close…. barry suspecting he’s in love with hal but has no idea what to do about this weird situation hes in
  • but they both know that all of this is going to end with hal’s eighteenth birthday, barry keeps fearing that date
  • the day comes and hal sneaks out of the home, grabs two bottles of beer and they go to the same airstrip again, to that same spot, they sit in the grass and dont talk, tomorrow hal is going to be gone, he doesn’t even need to say it. barry drinking beer and hating it.
  • hal laying down, barry doing the same, hal turning head to look at him and he looks so quiet and so serious and there’s something in the air and barry knows that if he doesn’t seize whatever this is, the chance will be gone
  • both of them move heads at the same time and they kiss, grass tickling cheeks, eyes closed, jets roaring above, barry clenching fingers around the cold beer bottle
  • they kiss for a long time, it doesnt feel wrong it feels like this is where they were headed from the very beginning but barry wants to cry because its too late, its far too late, hal will be gone in few hours 
  • the kiss ends and hal just brushes barry’s cheek
  • “if you wait for me, i’ll wait for you”
  • barry tearing up and nodding, he’s going to wait forever if that’s what it takes, he loves hal and hes going to wait for him, he’ll wait for him to finish the military training and he wont even look at another person, he’ll wait for hal
  • they kiss again and tomorrow hal is gone

How would you guys feel about certain tracked tags? You wouldn’t have to track them if you didn’t want to but it would mean that it would be easier to access certain things straight from your dash and without having to check the main blog so often. For example. if we had “crpfollow” as one of the tags, each time a new characters follow link is posted it would go into that tag and you could access them easier. If we had “crpevent” it would hold all the events incase you missed the announcements/neatchat links etc? 

Just an idea that I’ve been playing around with in my head. Let me know what you think?

laquaylovee  asked:

Hey Des . I was wondering if you could give me a few pointers on writing a story . I plan on starting a story on here but I improve my writing and make it something people will love . 😊

Hey beautiful girl, I would love to give you some advice !!

SO here are some main key points you should use for delivering your chapters 

  1. Detail - I think detail in the chapter adds a lot to the experience for the reader. Even if its the simplest thing such as, ‘As my eyes were glued to the current movie that was playing, I continued to clean the mess around the lounge room that the boys created’ . Even if its a pointless sentence it still gives the reader a insight on the characters life making it more realistic.
  2. Length -  Lets be serious no one wants to wait two/three weeks and only end up getting a short ass chapter. I know I hate it. Give the readers something worth their while . It keeps them interested when its longer.
  3. Space your paragraphs- Seriously its not that hard for ppl to just space your paragraphs. I for one wont read a story if its in massive ass paragraphs, as I feel like its so cluttered and messy. Confuses the shit out of me aswell cause I usually lose where Im at. 
  4. Be active - Dont make your readers wait 3-4 weeks for a chapter, shit is painful as hell for the reader and eventually they begin to lose interest because they cant be bothered waiting and keeping up.
  5. Spelling - Standard. Just spell check if your not a great speller. make sure you proofread and check for incorrect spelling mistakes. (Dont stress too much if you have a few mistakes, I know I do)
  6. Visuals- Add outfits, houses etc. Again it makes it more realistic for the reader and also gives them an idea on what the character looks like during the chapter .
  7. POV- Try and give different POV’s of the main characters frequently. It gives the readers a chance to see what’s going through each of their mind as well as understanding their personality and mentality. It also makes the chapter more interesting .

Because you’re starting a new fanfic I would suggest choosing a storyline and events that isn’t very common in fan fics. Come up with unique ideas that haven’t been used often or at all because those stories usually capture a bigger audience as its something new and exciting for them.

Also I cant stress this enough, Research & Plot Planning . I believe the best stories are when they are well thought out and planned.

- Research ; If your going to use a particular character, for example : rapist, celebrity, basketball player, kidnapper, drug lord, murder, or someone with a mental problem, health problem etc etc. You must do at least a little research to have a least a basic idea of what you’re writing about. Also it helps you to understand  and be able to write the characters feelings, actions and his overall mental state.

-Plot Planning; Im not gonna lie, when I started writing H.O.E I only had the first 6 chapters worked out in my mind and no idea what path it was gonna take after or how this ff was gonna end. This can be very frustrating for you and often is the cause of writers block . SO! Open up a word document and type out the numbers 1 - to how ever many chapters your planning on doing, and write in one or two sentences , your ideas for that chapter.

Example;  1.  Girls POV, introduce character, reveals a bit of her history

                 2.  Girls POV, new job at club, makes friends with girl, sees hot guy

                 3.  Boy POV, introduce his character, eyes out girl, takes home                               stripper

Etc etc etc

Its pretty much just a little guideline for yourself so you have at least a small idea of what will be happening in each chapters, as well as working out your entire plot so you don’t get stuck later down the track.

ONE LAST THING: Do not stress about having the ‘perfect’ story and just enjoy writing. When you write for yourself, thats when it usually turns out the best .  I honestly began writing KillaKings for myself because I wanted to read a Chris Brown thug story and I couldn’t find any that really captured my interest so I just thought well shit and began writing one that was exactly how I saw it in my mind . Just use your imagination girl, thats the best advice ever given to me. Imagine it in your mind and write it out how you see it playing in your head »> thats honestly my technic. Thats why I always say when posting a chapter ‘Its exactly how I pictured it in my mind”

Hope that helped and hope at least a little bit of that made sense ! P.S I tried to reply privately but It wouldnt let me because I think I wrote to much lol !

Id wish you good luck, but Im sure you dont need it beautiful ! <33333

dragon age fandom: call out for art by donc-desole

#tw rape, #tw sexual abuse, #sex mention

this is a call out post for this piece of art by tumbler user doc-descole. (note: there is a drawn sp-ider in the link! be careful!)

if you want the tl;dr, this art is disgusting and a rape and sexual abuse joke ! if youd like to know why this art is so bad, please keep reading under the cut!!

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anonymous asked:

Hii ^^ so I was wondering, since you believe selu is real (me too bae me too), when do you think they got together (like before debut, mama era, wolf era, etc)? Ily btw ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

hi ^^ thank you, ily too <3 i also received this ask, which is roughly asking the same thing

i hope you know how hard this question is to answer but ofc it all goes back to pre-debut, if you think about it, Sehun was already a part of SM since 2008, and Luhan came around 2010, so before debut they had a good 2 years to establish their friendship (dont forget that Luhan said his first impression of Sehun was that of a little brother he wanted to take care of)

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