if you think it is then i need u to step away


“She loves you, you know,” says Peeta. “She as good as told me after they whipped you.”

“Don’t believe it,”Gale answers. “The way she kissed you in the Quarter Quell…well she never kissed me like that.”

discopandorica replied to your postif i say things you don’t like, please feel free…

Honestly, thank you for saying this. I love that your blog challenges me to think harder about things. But also I needed the reminder that my blog is my safe space also and I don’t have to change it because it bothers people. So yeah, thank you.

ur welcome! sometimes i jump into rlly political stuff here and i know for a lot of ppl it’s not compatible with their mental state at the time. i tend to step away from social issues in times when im particularly depressed or feeling fragile so like i don’t want ppl to feel like they have to follow me to be like Informed or smth out of some feeling of obligation or anxiety to be a Good Persion (whatever that means). ppl shouldn’t feel obligated to agree with my politics. they also shouldn’t feel obligated to stick around if they agree with my politics but don’t want all the weird fandom stuff. there are a billion blogs out there that ppl can follow to tailor their content to what they want/believe. and im certainly not an authority on the kinds of politics i talk about on here - i make mistakes too. im just one blog that caters to what i want/believe and tbh i blog what i want bc at the end of the day this blog is a place of escapism/catharsis/identity negotiation for me. i started this blog for me and i maintain it for me. if ppl don’t like what they see they can pop on out. it’s not my job to cater to followers, and it’s certainly not ur job either.

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hello hello !! i love your account & i need advice !!! okay so theres this guy and his a little bit more popular than me but not too much. so recently ive been told and noticed hes been looking at me A LOT and its not just a quick glance its a full on stare😍 and i went to a show and at the end he was with all his friends when my friends and i were leaving and he stepped away from his friends to look at me😭😭 and he has also been checking me out omgg okay could u figure out if he likes me?thx❤️

OMG TYSM😘 And AWWW THATS SO FRICKIN’ CUTE❤️❤️ I think chances are he does like you, so you should try striking up a conversation with him!! And when you catch him staring, give him a little smile or something😊