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Caught Red-Handed (And Red-Faced, Red-Shirted- Food Colouring’s No Joke.)

What time is it? Time for BROTZLY BAKING PART 3 MOFOS!!

This probably isn’t my best offering ‘cause unlike the others which I wrote over a couple of days, I pretty much banged this one out in a fit of inspiration today. So apologies for any mistakes or incoherent bits- might go back and fix it later!

If you’ve missed ‘em you can read the whole series on Ao3 and maybe leave us the odd little comment if you enjoy? You’d sure make this struggling writer’s day ^_^

Right, time to get angsty and fluffy up in here- enjoy! 

Todd was puzzled. Which was pretty common, what with the kind of cases they got, but this was a very particular kind of puzzlement. From an unexpected but not unpleasant change in his life.

He was happy.

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5SOS Preference #18: Trust
  • Luke Hemmings: "Don't, please." I say quietly, moving away from Luke. Our hands slide away from each other. "Don't what, (Y/N)?" He asks gently and caring, moving towards me again. He looks at me with a confused expression. "No, Luke. Stop." I say, tears brimming my eyes. He stops a few inches in front of me. "What's wrong?" He asks, his voice concern and shaky. My heart aches. "You're leading me on." I say quietly before biting my lip. I can't stop thinking about all his thoughtful, kind and gentle gestures towards me. He walks me to class, talks to me, tries to hold my hand and sits by me at lunch. I can't help but think that he's doing this to hurt me. He looks at me with sad eyes. "You're leading me on, Luke, and once I'll fallen hard for you, you're gonna be like every other boy and leave." He shakes his head silently. "You really think I would do that to you?" Luke asks slowly and quietly, his eyebrows furrowed like he can't believe I just said that. I wipe my eyes while staring at the ground. "I have no intention to do that to you, (Y/N). None." He exaggerates the "no". "Luke, you and I know-" "I'm not like every other boy. I don't 'play' with girls hearts because I actually care." I watch him speak, in awe. "I care about how girls feel," Luke continues, "I care about not hurting their hearts. I care about their happiness. And most of all, I care about you (Y/N), a lot more than I intended to." Tears keep springing out of my eyes. He walks up to me and wipes my tears away with his thumb. "I like you, (Y/N)." Luke whispers while looking into my eyes. "And I would never leave you." I bite my bottom lip as he placed a piece of hair behind my ear. "I'm not used to this, Luke," I whisper, shaking my head lightly while looking into his eyes. "No one's ever showed affection towards me before." He gives me a small smile. "I'll catch you when you fall, (Y/N). All I need you to do is to trust me."
  • Calum Hood: "Where were you?" A familiar sleepy voice says behind me as I take off my heels. I jump a little and turn around. Calum stands in his boxers and a white shirt with his arms folded. "Calum," I say, placing my hand on my heart as if to help calm me down. "You can't scare me like-" "You didn't answer my question." He says, quietly. I sigh before walking towards him. "I was with the girls." I whisper before kissing his cheek and then walking towards the kitchen. "Why didn't you text or call to tell me?" He asks, following me. I open the fridge to grab a water bottle. "I-" "I was worried about you, (Y/N)," Calum interrupts me once again but his voice cracks. "I called you and texted you but you never answered. I thought something happened to you or...or..." He didn't finish his sentence, he just stares at the ground. "Or what, Cal?" I ask, trying to get it out of him. He sighs. "Are y-you lying to me?" He asks with eyes watery. I shake my head slightly before setting down my water bottle. I walk up to him with concerned eyes. "Calum, what's wrong?" I ask worriedly. We're centimeters apart. He shakes his head before wiping his eyes. "It's just...you've been out a lot lately and I...I can't help but think that you're being unfaithful to me." Calum says slowly and my heart drops. "What?" I whisper but he just bites his lip. Tears well up in my eyes and I swallow. "I would never, Calum. I can't believe you'd even think that of me." He opens his mouth to speak but I talk. "I only have eyes for you and only you. Why don't you trust me?" He pulls at his hair. "I do (Y/N). I really do but I couldn't help but feel that way. You're always saying that you're working late and it just doesn't sound right-" Calum stops rambling once I cup his cheeks with my hands. "I only have eyes for you, babe and only you." I whisper slowly while wiping away his tears with my thumbs. He places his hand on my wrists gently. "I don't want you to leave me." He croaks out. "I'd never, Cal. Please, trust me."
  • Ashton Irwin: "Babe?" I call out from the kitchen. "Sweetheart?" Ashton calls back from the living room, probably watching Cake Boss. "Where'd my leftovers go?" I ask while pulling the orange juice out to see if it's behind it. "Uh I umm I don't k-know." He stutters back. I sigh and laugh a little. "You didn't, by any chance, eat them did you babe?" I ask while shutting the refrigerator's door. "I have no clue what you're talking about." He says as I walk into the living room. He sits on the couch, his eyes glued to the TV. "Uh huh." I say with a smirk after stopping in front of him. "I'm being honest." Ashton says while staring up at me, trying to hide his smile. "You're such a terrible liar, Ash." I say, giggling. He finally smiles. "I was looking forward to eating that." I say. I put my hands on my hips on a serious manner. "Don't be mad, (Y/N)," He says before grabbing my hands slowly. "We can get a pizza if you'd like?" He pulls me towards him and I plop down on the couch next to him. I nod my head after I kissed his hand. "I'd like that." Ashton smiles and then give me a kiss. The force of his lips cause me to fall on my back onto the couch and he hovers over me now. I laugh into the kiss once his hand starts to tickle my side. He pulls away from my lips and stares down at me. I pant slightly due to the breathtaking kiss. "And to think that I trusted you." I tsk at him while playing with his curly locks. "I'm sorry, baby," He whispers before giving me a peck on the lips. "I'll try not to do that ever again." I snort a little and shake my head at him. "Try? How about you will, Irwin, or you'll have another thing coming." Ashton smiles down at me and then gives my forehead a kiss. "If it's bugging you this much," He says before spreading my legs with his feet, making his bottom half rest between my center. "Then why don't I make it up to you, baby girl?"
  • Michael Clifford: "Will you just let me drive, please?" Michael asks me angrily while gripping his hands on the wheel. "Michael that is not the right exit!" I shout as he almost drives the car into the wrong exit. "For Christ's sake, (Y/N)!" He turns into the next lane in a blink, cursing while doing so. Cars honk at us and I've never felt more embarrassed. "Do you want to drive?" Michael asks in a mean tone. But I sit there in silence. He sighs while running a hand through his hair. "It's the next exit." I say quietly. "Are you absolutely positive?" He asks while passing the slow car in front of us. I nod my head before resting it against the cold window. It's suddenly got really quiet, all except for his fingers guitaring against the steering wheel gently. After a few minutes, Michael finally breathes in before taking my hand in his. "I'm sorry I yelled at you, darling," He says before kissing the back of my hand gently. "I'm sorry that my jack ass self came out." I smile a little after he said that. "Why don't you listen to me or trust me on things, Mikey?" I ask. He breathes out. "I know I may not be the smartest person-" "Hey, that is not true." He interrupts me, giving my hand a squeeze. "My point is that, I know what I'm saying and I know that what I am doing most of the time, Michael. And I want you to believe in me and trust me at what I'm saying." He squeezes my hand again. "I do trust you and believe you, (Y/N). It's just, I don't know...I guess I just I wanted to be in and take charge." I bring his hand up to my lips and kiss it. "You're always in charge with me." I whisper with a smirk. He looks over to me with a cheeky smile and cheeks red. "True." He mumbles with a short shrug while turning his eyes back to the road. "Take a right, babe." I say. "Yes ma'am." Michael says with a nod before doing so. "What would you do without me?" I ask him with a laugh. He chuckles. "I have no clue and I plan on not living without you." My heart melts at his words. "You're such a goof."

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I'm having a really crappy and I was wondering if you could write some fluff. If not, that's cool. You're probably busy or have other stuff to do so I understand.

Beca was busy. 

Chloe was currently hurtling into a dark tunnel of unknowns, and amidst all of the questions floating around in her head, there was one thing she was absolutely confident in. 

And it was that Beca was busy. 

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