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hi its me @keithkog on twitter and since you so conveniently forget to mention all the times i’ve apologized and when i deleted the video or any of my explanation, let me tell you about it. there was no excuse for me to post videos without the parent’s consent. that i agree with. it was stupid and wrong, and i genuinely regret that. once i realized my mistake, i deleted the videos. there is NO EXCUSE FOR THAT. but the “sexual assault” thing was unprompted. i never talked about that with her (1/)

and i also never said anything about it. obviously she doesn’t know what that means, since as an anti i still dont think “sexual assault” is a correct term for sheith, its more statutory rape if you’re going to put it into that category w the age of consent. but of course she wouldn’t understand that, and i only laughed in the video bc i was taken aback by her knowledge of that word. regardless, i didn’t press the issue further because you’re right, i have no right to talk about that with a (2/)

a child im babysitting. so i just left it at that. look, i understand if you’re upset by it because you’re a shaladin but you’re making me seem like some huge monster. voltron is literally made for kids their age, and the term “force” was a joke. we’ve watched it together before, and they only protested bc they’re stubborn but they actually rlly enjoyed it after i showed them more. the point i was making about them being mature was in response to someone saying “she’s only 9 she shouldn’t be(3/)

watching voltron” which i disagreed with because both of the girls are mature for their age and can understand it. the only reason they thought it was confusing was bc when we watched episode 1 we were making cookies and they werent paying attention the whole time. i would appreciate if you would take down your posts or at least remove some things because in no way did i force them to talk about sex or bring it up in the first place. thank you.

ps, you have no proof that i fed anyone lines about sexual assault and i promise you i DID NOT. the kid’s parents let them watch a lot of older shows and they have older sibblings and thats how they know about it im guessing. i was surprised to but please don’t accuse me of feeding them lines about sexual assault because thats absolutely disgusting and you have no proof of that

do you exist purely to ignore people’s apologies? Bc my friend the one y'all keep talking about from Twitter, yeah she’s apologized multiple times so could y'all maybe just leave her alone? Bc she had literally 0 intentions for what happened to happen and the fact you all ignore her constant apologies here y'all are being petty and I’m honestly sick of it. Grow the FUCK up y'all she’s a minor too CHRIST. You think it’s ok to harass a minor? Bc if so y'all are even worse than my abuser lmao :/ 

Okay, I’m going to answer this seriously & without the whole “We, the Great & Glorious Lord Pastel Lance” schtick even though I don’t think you actually deserve it. I’m just trying to prove my point here.

> If you were so shocked that a 9 year old said the phrase “sexual assault”, why did you POST IT ONLINE AS A VIDEO TWEET?

>Oh boohoo, you took it down. What, do you want a gold star for that? Well newsflash asshole, if you had bothered to read through my post, you’d know that someone archived your entire tweet thread before you took down the videos. So now there are PERMANENT screenshots of the kids’ faces that were put online WITHOUT PARENTAL PERMISSION because of YOU, you illiterate jackass.

> Why would you EVER laugh at a child, who you’ve claimed to know & babysat for YEARS, having ANY knowledge of what sexual assault is?

> Nice try deflecting dumbass, I’m a Klance shipper AND a Sheith shipper, not just some gross shallie.

> Again, you don’t MAKE kids like the stuff you like. My brothers don’t like Ben 10 after the first 5 minutes of showing them it, (& without me trying to convince them by telling them that gets “really good” later & spoiling shit for them), so I switch the channel to Paw Patrol or search up a Youtube about Minecraft for them instead. I don’t MAKE them continue to marathon Ben 10 with me. You are a shit babysitter.

> Why do you keep suddenly being surprised when people get mad at your own freaking words when you are the one leaving out information & context? 

> It’s still really creepy that you keep saying that the kids are “mature for their age”. That’s literally fucking pedo logic right there, I don’t care about the fucking context, that’s a skeevy thing to say about kids.

> Seriously, what the fuck is stopping you from using the phrase “they’re old enough to watch Voltron, see the TV rating for it?” That is literally so much less creepier.

> You can’t just fucking ASSUME that the kids learned the phrase “sexual assault” from watching TV shows for older kids! That is something you NEED to tell the parents about!

> And you’re not even worried about those older siblings casually talking about sexual assault in front of their baby siblings? At all? Bitch, there are some things that SHOULDN’T be talked about in front of kids!!

> Well, you’re right in that I don’t have actual proof. But given how you & your friends constantly lie & refuse to provide any proof, I don’t give a shit. At this rate, a freaking ANON comment is more trustworthy than your own words.

> Her apologies don’t mean SHIT because as I’ve pointed out before: they’re not real apologies. There was no notion to make amends, to promise to not do the same thing again, etc. Her apologies are HOLLOW. And, frankly, so are your’s. Especially with your friends commenting below about the “nasty shallies” forcing you to apologize. You didn’t “TECHNICALLY” do something wrong, you ACTUALLY did something wrong & fucking illegal, jackass!

> I don’t give a shit if she or you are minors. That doesn’t fucking excuse your behavior. You both can still be arrested or legally punished for this kind of crap.

> When you say shit like that, that I, some random asshole on the Internet documenting your own freaking words, am WORSE than your abuser…..

that just proves to me that you’ve never actually been abused before.

That you don’t give a shit about real abuse & don’t know what it’s like.

No abuse victim would ever make such a flippant comparison to their trauma like that.

You’re the one who’s sick here, not me.

Disclaimer: This response is entirely the opinion of Lord Pastel Lance & NOT of anyone else. Just me. If you have problems with it, criticize me, not other people.

“Only you,“ he said, so softly I could barely hear him. "To worship ye with my body, give ye all the service of my hands. To give ye my name, and all my heart and soul with it. Only you. Because ye will not let me lie–and yet ye love me.” 

“Then kiss me, Claire,” he whispered, “And know that you are more to me than life, and I have no regret.” 

“I didn’t say you shouldn’t worry, do you think I don’t worry? But no, you probably can’t do anything about me.’ ‘Well, maybe no, Sassenach, and maybe so. But I’ve lived a long enough time now to think it maybe doesna matter so much– so long as I can love you.' 

“I want him.” I had not said that to Jamie at our marriage; I had not wanted him, then. But I had said it since, three times; in two moments of choice at Craigh na Dun, and once again at Lallybroch.

"I want him.” I wanted him still, and nothing whatever could stand between us.” 

“For so many years,” he said, “for so long, I have been so many things, so many different men.”… “But here,” he said so softly I could barely hear him, “here in the dark, with you…. I have no name.”

I lifted my face toward his, and took the warm breath of him between my own lips.

“I love you,” I said, and did not need to tell him how I meant it.”

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Look, I don’t want to sound rude and I get that you and becks are friends. But I don’t see how you can cheer her on when she literally admits to saying that Gillian fucks for oscars. Even if it were true, it’s disrespectful. And maybe you think that too, I neither know nor care. Even if the so called “Gorgans” are hypocritical in both of your minds, you can’t claim t be better if you are supporting that kind of behavior. I don’t mean to be hateful, but people can’t take you seriously with that.

I support @becksndot5 with all my heart. You’re free to like it or not, but I’m sure you’ve been upset more than once in your life, you too said things you didn’t really mean, or maybe you regretted later because you’ve just reacted with your gut that one moment after something bad happened to you. Becks admitted saying what she said, I was there when she said it, it was the day after Portofino when everyone was beyond upset. I don’t think you can hold those words against her for the eternity, especially because she doesn’t even believe anymore Gillian and PM are together.

On the contrary, what is incredibly wrong, is stealing someone’s private conversation and post it in public. That fault will never go away because it is wrong on many levels. Regardless what has been said during this chat, it was meant to be private. It was the exact reason why it did not happen on Tumblr. Because people needed a safe sanctuary to vent away from other’s jugements. Someone (I guess we can all imagine who it could be) purposefully broke this private sanctuary to expose a so-called truth. *That* is wrong. If there’s something to hold against someone, that’s what you should fight against. Not a few words taken out of context told by someone who was just trying to cope with an upsetting event like the rest of us.

Back in the Game

A/N: I know I’ve been kind of MIA for a few days.  I have family in town for Thanksgiving and absolutely no free time.  This story has been written and sitting in my drafts for a while because I’m not sure how I feel about it.  But, it’s better than nothing.  Let me know what you think!

Summary: Just when you start to regret leaving your old life behind, it comes back and slaps you in the face.  Will you remember your training? And what happens when you meet a heroic newcomer?

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warning: Language

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my names kayla and i gotta basketball game tomorrow

hi i’m possibly the most annoying person you’ll ever meet
i’m 15, live in florida and a constant state of regret. i’m a meme fanatic and i spend all of my free time laying in my bed, doing god knows what
i also have a weird obsession with serial killers, crime, and conspiracies so hmu if you’re in dire need of those late night conversations, which brings me to another point; i never sleep either so yee

my perfect pen pal would be someone who doesn’t drift away after a week (god pls) and won’t just stop talking to me out of the blue. i do love snail mail and think it would be cool but i also like chatting on here.
pros and cons of being my friend:
pros- i am the loyalist person you will meet, shit your boyfriend of two years just left you for someone else? fuck me i’m already online waiting for you to tell me all about it. need 20k before january? hell i’ll find a way
i’m also very skilled in cooking so i’ll send you recipes n shit
i have no life so bad i’m always available
i’ll like whatever makes you happy
cons- i’ll tag you in at least 20 memes a day. i have the mouth of a motherfucking sailor, and i’m never not quoting vines
i prefer ages 14-17 but no creepy old men had my fair share of those
i have an annoying voice but i love facetiming people as well
message me whenever i don’t bite :)
snapchat- kiwixdash
tumblr - reckless-white-lie

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I want to reach out to my ex but we're bad for each other. It's been 4 months since our 3rd breakup in 2 years. Idk how to let go. I know deserve more from someone who will love me wholeheartedly. I know it starts with me first and setting the boundaries BUT I want him. I want a future with him- marriage, kids, building our lives together. For me, I rather let someone know my feelings than regretting. I would be okay if he doesn't want to get back w/ me bc at least I tried. Should I?

I mean, if you want a trash relationship just so you don’t have to be alone, you can do that. It happens every day
But you know if you want something better than that then you shouldn’t waste time thinking about someone that’s bad for you


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“I think Ross must mind himself,” Caroline mused. The bed was in disarray, from Dwight’s nightmare not vigorous love-making, and she was idly running her fingers through a tangled coil of her hair, her voice a little tired. Dwight lay on his back, looking up at the silken canopy, wondering how long it would take to forget. This was marriage then, their marriage of intimacy and distance, and he was not sure if either of them regretted it.

“Why? What do you mean?” he asked. He would rather have stayed quiet but there was so much he withheld from her, he must give her attention where he could.

“That dinner-party, anyone with eyes to see would have noticed how Lieutenant Armitage regarded Demelza. She did look very fine, the color suited her,” Caroline went on. It was an answer but it needn’t have been, she could have kept talking without any interruption from him it seemed.

“How did he?” Dwight said, curious now about Caroline’s observations. How her mind worked, and what she had seen that he had not.

“Truly? You didn’t see?” she replied, shifting to face him. The light was dim, he saw the tip of her nose and her plump lower lip, unrouged. Shadow obscured any gleam in her eyes.

“As if she hung the moon and stars. Aphrodite rising from the sea. His lady-fair, whose colors he’d carry into battle—shall I go on?” Caroline said. She was not envious, he heard that; she was somehow glad for her friend, though what she described sounded like nothing but the prospect of suffering for all parties to Dwight’s ear. He made a sound that was equivocal, thought of how distracted Ross could be and how many times the man had left his wife.

“You don’t like me talking this way?” Caroline asked. Would she chaff him, banter—or was she seeking reassurance, approval, acceptance? He felt he should know but he didn’t.

“I wouldn’t say that,” he replied. It was the truth and it bridged a silence that was dangerous. Fearful.

“I suppose I’m a terrible gossip and goodness knows, you’re nothing of the kind,” she said. There was challenge in her voice with apology, a rare combination that he recognized was her hallmark.

“A physician cannot be,” he remarked. He was still that even if he was a husband to a wife he barely knew, a man who hardly knew himself.

“And a physician’s wife? May she?” Caroline said, leaning closer. Her eyes were nearly grey, the blue smoky. Did she want him to regard her as Hugh did Demelza, as a goddess, or as Ross sometimes did his wife, as his sweetheart and companion, worthy, above all, of his trust even if the reverse could not be said? He suspected she did not want him to ask her those questions.

“She may be however she pleases—as long as she is herself,” he said slowly.

“Oh, Dwight, what a pretty speech! And nearly true,” she added.


“A woman can never be herself in company. What would become of society! But alone, with those closest to her, then perhaps…” she explained so that he understood her. For the first time since his return, it seemed, he grasped something essential about her, that was a consolation. That convinced him their marriage would not founder, however unsteady it was now.

“A physician does not mind hearing gossip, you know,” he said, finding it was not so hard to interject a note of levity.

“I’d hoped as much. Else I’d bore you to tears within a twelvemonth, my darling,” she replied. Another revelation and so cunningly shared. He reached for her and drew her down to his chest, let himself feel the weight of her against him.

“You never bore me, Caroline. Perplex me, perhaps, but never bore me,” he said.

“Good. Now, will you rest again, or should I tell you more?” she asked, her words soft breath against his bare skin where the nightshirt gaped. He felt drowsy, the canopy above picked out with spangles like stars, Caroline cleaving unto him like their marriage vow.

“Both,” he said, letting himself be greedy as she so often told him to be. Letting himself fall asleep to his wife’s voice and nothing else.

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8 + 15 for Loki?

8 -  “Would you just listen to me for two seconds?”

15 -  “I like to think we’re more than ‘just friends’.”

Arguing with Loki was like stripping down, covering yourself in meat, and jumping into a tiger’s cage; he could get venomous, he could say things that could hurt more than anything in the world and not regret a single word… But he never got that way with you, he would always simply sit and stare at you with a few mumbles escaping his mouth. 

I like to think we’re more than ‘just friends’.” You admitted to him, your voice raised slightly and your eyes threatening to spill out the tears you had been holding back. 


“No, Loki, let me-” 

Would you just listen to me for two seconds?” He roared, standing up and standing in front of you, his lips mere centimetres away from yours. 


“Shut up.” Loki whispered, glaring down at you, but he reached his hand up and cupped your cheek gently before leaning down and consuming your lips with a harsh kiss. 

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I feel like I’m always getting used and played. When I meet a guy I put my all into him & I give him my body too. Which I regret now cause once things go bad, they switch up and just act like they never cared abt me. And it hurts. They move on like its nothing meanwhile I’m thinking abt what went wrong. I want to find someone who will cherish me but I feel like I won’t. Like I’m not good enough cause I have trust issues or cause I care too much.

men aren’t everything girl lmao relationships aren’t everything. u wont die if you dont find a man girl. youre fine. focus on ur grades and making money. if they dont give af why are u giving a fuck

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Hi, it's me, more questions! So, do you think Callaghan might appear in the series? And Krei? Will he tell someone the identities of the gang nerd? Does he know what the heroes are? And Abigail? I have to see her! And Obake, how does he watch the heroes? Because? Does he know who they are ?! So many questions! But, this is for now, Fic off!

If you have questions, I have answers :P

Do you think Callaghan might appear in the series? 

I HOPE CALLAGHAN APPEARS IN THE SERIES. I mean, he was still the bad guy of the movie. The best way to show him would be for Hiro to visit him in jail and to basically call him off about letting Tadashi to die and not care about his demise. But I mostly want Callaghan to apologize, since he looked like he sincerely regretted his actions towards the end of the movie. 

And if Hiro was to forgive him, that would help him move on with his life and be a good thumbs up in his character development.

And Krei? Will he tell someone the identities of the gang nerd? Does he know what the heroes are? 

Alan Tudyk has been confirmed to voice Krei again in the series when the full cast was announced last year. 

And yes, I’m sure he knows who Big Hero 6 is. The more logical theory is that he didn’t tell their identities to the police to thank them for saving his life.

And Abigail?


And Obake, how does he watch the heroes?

Okay, so Obake is confirmed to be a hacker, by how his logo appears on any device he hacks.

So he surely hacks the cameras in San Fransokyo and learns the existence of Big Hero 6 this way.

I don’t know if he knows the gang’s secret identity, but he surely knows Hiro attends SFIT (since Yama knows). If he was to discover Hiro is the leader of Big Hero 6, he’ll know where to find him :/

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Hi! I'm in the process of applying to sixth forms and colleges and I was wondering on how you picked the subjects you did at A-Level? I feel like I am struggling because I don't want to pick something I'd really regret in later life, but also don't want to pick something that I won't like. Thanks :))

hello!! i picked based on what subjects i enjoyed, was good at and thought would be useful for college applications since the the subjects i chose were pretty broad re: future options (for reference i chose english lit, psychology, chemistry and maths). don’t worry too much about it though - regardless of what you choose, if you think you’ve made a mistake/want to change subjects, you can change within the first couple of weeks of a levels so don’t worry about potentially picking something you dislike 💓

You & Him

I can see it, you know. You’re not as subtle as you’d like to think.

It’s in your eyes. It’s in how you smile at me. with regret in your eyes. How you joke with me. How you bump my arm and leg and anything else – on accident, of course – and how you always offer hugs.

It’s in the way you talk with him.

It’s not his fault, you know. Really, it’s not. Honestly, you’ve got everything he’s got. Sure, he’s older. More “mature”. Makes more money.







He intimidates you a bit.

That’s okay. People can be intimidating. Especially when faced with the prospect of rejection. It’s terrifying. It’s scary. You can admit it. I’ll still like you.

He doesn’t own me, you know. No one does. Besides, what is one date compared to friendship?

But that’s it, right? A date.

That’s why you talk to him like that and smile at me like that.


We both know

The only 


Between you

And him


that he


And you



Lonely prince Noctis of Lucis asked the Astrals for a friend…

…So the Astrals sent him an hyperactive gunsman with passion for destruction and chocobos.

Apologies for poor quality. I’m not an artist, but this had months in my head and had to put it down some way. Tumblr is also lowering the already low quality, but the joke’s what matters. :]

It’s all directly traced from the original Lilo & Stitch scene and adjusted into the characters. Except Gladio. I only traced the outline of Nani’s head and did the rest myself. 

I’m not supposed to have the time for this.
I regret nothing.