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If you’ll only hold me tight…. Once upon a time I was falling in love, now I’m only falling apart. Once upon a time there was light in my life, now there’s only love in the dark. There’s nothing I can do- a total eclipse of the heart.

August 20th, 2017

According to the watch Pidge had, that was date. And according to her research, there would be an eclipse on Earth the next day. The first total eclipse in 99 years. If things went well, they could portal close enough to see it from the castle.

And after dinner, Lance was trying to psyche himself up to finally tell Keith how he felt. He was tired of holding in the emotions especially when Keith gave him such reassuring, soft smiles anytime Lance needed them most. Keith was a person who always had a scowl on his face if it was completely devoid of emotion. He was a person who only cared for people at a distance. He didn’t hug, he didn’t vocalize it, he didn’t show it.

But with Lance, he was different. Maybe it was in his head, maybe it was stupid, naïve optimism. But Keith had given him gentle smiles, offered comfort in the way he knew how, and protected him each time they had to fight. He was Keith’s right hand man, and his Korean crush didn’t seem to mind. He listened to Lance. He made sure Lance knew he was needed.

Ever since that talk in his room, Keith had been so different with Lance. Then Lance recognized the butterflies in his stomach when he heard Shiro telling Allura that Keith had offered to stay behind, returning the Black Lion, to help Coran. Lance knew Keith wasn’t close to Coran. Keith had done that for him. So he wouldn’t be the extra paladin. So he would still be needed. Keith lived for battle and he had offered to stay behind.

Ever since then, Lance only felt these emotions growing. With each smile that seemed especially for him, with each encouraging comment during training and after, with each chuckle and eye roll after Lance teased him lightly if only to keep up the familiar banter. He didn’t want to feed more hope into these feelings if Keith didn’t actually mean anything in those gestures. He had to at least let Keith know what he was beginning to feel before it caused problems instead of flowery, floaty feelings.

He kept pacing back and forth in the hallway trying to gather the courage to knock on his door. He fought fleets of Galra warriors, he fought mutated monsters sent after them, he defended the freaking universe. He could do this.

He couldn’t do this. He was a coward when it came to cute boys with galaxies for eyes and smiles that could melt icebergs as quickly as their glares could.

He shook his head, feeling a mixture of relief and disappointment, and he started walking away. Then he heard that familiar low voice with that pleasing rasp.

“Lance?” He froze and turned to face Keith. His hair was sticking to his forehead, his shirt different shades of black where the sweat soaked through it, and he was sporting a few new bruises. He had been training. “You okay?” Lance cleared his throat. There were too many ways to answer that question. “Hey. Seriously, what wrong?”

His dark eyebrows were furrowed, his eyes worried and a bright, beautiful violet color, surrounded by eyelashes that curled so elegantly it was unfair.

It was now or never.

“Could we talk?” Keith’s eyebrows twitched lower, and he nodded, gesturing to his room. “Um, actually, can we take a walk?” Keith stopped and stared at him before nodding again and turning, waiting for him to lead the way.

Lance started walking and swallowed the nausea building in his throat. He wasn’t sure how to start. He kept opening his mouth to talk only to completely hate the way whatever he was going to say would sound.

Once they’d reached the end of the hallway and turned, Keith spoke. “You’re freaking me out, Lance. Are you okay?”

“Don’t freak out,” he said, his voice shaking. “It’s nothing serious. And I don’t think it’s bad, I guess that up for interpretation, really. I just dunno where to start or how to say it without sounding stupid, you know and I-”

“Lance, you’re not stupid,” he interrupted with that gentle voice. Lance called it his serious voice. Keith had different tones for anything he said and Lance had managed to name each of them. His angry voice, his frustrated voice, his complacent voice, his tired voice, his sad voice-which was the same low voice but with a specific expression- and this one: his serious voice. A voice he’d started using with Lance more and more in place of angry or frustrated. It was his favorite.

“Lance, what is it?”

Lance blinked and brought himself back to reality, heaving a sigh. “I’m sorry, I’m probably making this out to be way more than it is. Just give me a moment, yeah?” Keith frowned and nodded.

They walked around, feet almost automatically walking toward the training room and past it to the hangar. Keith stayed quiet, waiting on Lance.

“Um. So first, I want to say thank you. Thank you for helping me especially when I feel like I’m not good enough or I don’t belong. I never really thought you’d be someone to help me with that, but… I mean I never thought I’d be flying a giant metal lion either.” He chuckled nervously and Keith’s lip quirked up slightly in that small, sweet smile that gave Lance butterflies. He cleared his throat and tried to use that smile to ground himself. “I really appreciate all of it.” They came to a stop in front of the lions. Lance looked at Blue sadly before turning to Red. Keith was looking at her too, but there wasn’t really any specific emotion in his face.

Lance gulped and licked his lips. “Look, we’re going to be out here for who knows how long. And we’re a team. So there shouldn’t be secrets right? I… I have to tell you something. I really don’t know how you’ll take it, okay? And I’m not expecting anything specific, I just have to tell you. I don’t want you to be angry, but… I guess I understand if you do get angry so-”

“Lance,” Keith said with a hand on his arm. “Breathe,” he encouraged. “What is it?”

He looked at him with concern, and Lance could feel the soft humming purr of his new lion in his head. He wondered if Keith could still hear her too. He couldn’t hear Blue. But Red seemed to be gently encouraging him. The purr was comforting, and Lance was filled with a distant calming emotion. It would be okay.

Lance took a breath, looked Keith in the eyes, and clenched his jaw. Then, in a single breath, he said, “I think I like you.”

There was no explosion. No burst of realization. No gasp, no look of disgust or joy. The only change on Keith’s face was a slight eyebrow raise, and the subtle parting of his lips. He never broke the eye contact.

“You're… not joking.” Lance pressed his lips together and shook his head slowly. “When you say ‘like,’ you mean….”

“A crush. Feelings. Romantic ones. Yeah,” he answered not really sure how to respond to this… unresponsive reaction.

“Oh.” He kept staring at Lance and the blush that spread across his cheeks spread so slowly, Lance almost didn’t notice. “That's… new. I’m not usually… um, likable I guess.” He finally looked away and Lance realized he could breathe. “Um… since when? Why?” He seemed so genuinely confused. Like the idea that Lance liked him wasn’t bizarre, but the fact that someone could was.

Lance felt a little less horrible and shrugged. “I can’t say for sure when. But… because of how much you care. Even if not in the most obvious ways, you just… you managed to make me feel like I mattered. And you’re inspiring. You’re dedicated and determined and you don’t just brush me off you know? Keith… I really admire you. From the way you’re ridiculously fearless and the way you stepped up to lead Voltron. It’s just…. I don’t know I just started getting all of these giddy feelings when I’d see you or when you’d smile at me the way do. I feel like I think clearer around you, I'm… better around you. But I’m also a mess.” He chuckled and shrugged. “I just really like being around you and the fact that I can talk to you without feeling stupid because you make sure I don't… feel that way.”

He looked up and saw Keith’s red face and wide eyes looking at him. “O-oh. Oh. Oh.” Lance gulped. Red, I might have broken him. He heard the low rumble of laughter in his head. Keith finally took a breath and managed to stammer out actual sentences. “I’ve kind of never been good with people. Relationships and stuff… it’s weird. Friendships, I mean. I just… I don’t really get the dynamic, you know, I’m used to being alone.”

Lance felt his heart sink, but he smiled and nudged him gently. “Hey. I told you; it’s cool, I don’t expect anything, I just wanted to tell you. Don’t think I’m trying to-”

“No, no, no,” Keith interrupted, waving his hands frantically. “I’m not saying…. I just mean…. I don’t think I’m the best person to get a crush on. But… this idea is… it feels, um, right? It just… makes sense.” Lance tilted his head in confusion and Keith gulped. “I mean… maybe I can learn. And maybe….”

Lance took a sudden breath, realizing what he meant. There was a chance? A possibility? Did Keith feel the same way? Could he?

Keith groaned and ran a hand through his hair. “Just give me a tick to string my thoughts into coherent sentences, okay? Here, come on.” He sat by Red’s paw and started chewing his nails. Lance sat in front of him awkwardly. “None of what I wanted to say came out right,” he breathed. He cleared his throat and sighed. “I’m still learning to take social cues and… I’m still learning to trust friends, and getting used to what it’s like to have friends. So it’s surprising to me that someone like you would like me.”

Lance frowned and scooted away slightly. “Someone like me?” he repeated.

Keith nodded. “Lance, you’re way more level-headed than me. You’re in touch with your emotions. You wear your heart on your sleeve and I… well I build walls around mine. I-I should be the one admiring you. And… um. Well I never really… thought about letting myself be interested in someone but maybe… I guess it kind of just clicked when the possibility of liking a guy came up. I…. Maybe with a little time or something, I-”

Lance placed a hand on his arm. “Hey Keith. Breathe,” he said with a smile. Keith smiled back at him, his cheeks dusted with red. “We’ll figure it out together, yeah?”

“That’d be nice,” he answered softly. “Thank you.”

“Yeah. Yeah, of course. Um…. Well, for now, I’m your right-hand man. You know that, right?”

Keith smiled and nodded. “Perfect. I’m going to go ahead and go to bed. I’m really tired,” he said with a light laugh.

Lance nodded and gestured for them to leave the hangar.

They’d barely made it one step out when the castle jostled, toppling them over and sirens rang in their ears. “What the-?”

“We’re getting attacked,” Keith realized, his voice dropping lower, his laughter gone. In its place a determined, angry expression. “Get your armor and your lion.” Lance nodded and raced off to tug on his armor. The original paladins really should have thought about making them a little more efficient.

He went to the red lion who had lost all the playful purrs and replaced with vicious, menacing growls. Lance went in, sitting at his pilot’s seat before flying her out of the castle. The black and blue lions were already out. Pidge and Hunk followed quickly after, and the particle barrier flew up around the castle, flickering after the damage it took to the system.

There were several Galra planes with ion blasters aimed toward them.

“We don’t have time to form Voltron,” Keith growled. “We have to knock out most of the defenses. If we can, try to pinpoint Lotor’s. If not, at least get rid of enough so Coran and Shiro can distract them long enough for us to form,” Keith commanded. His voice was certain, level, no rush, only determination.

“Roger that.”

“On it!”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“You got it.”

The lions spread out and a variety of colors began to paint the small part of the universe they were in. Blue, red, yellow, green, dark and light purple, white. All the beams and weapons shot across the sky creating a beautifully terrifying picture. The sounds of crashing metal, explosions, and weapons filled the silence. It was incredible to think that this was happening while the rest of the universe remained oblivious.

Pidge had taken a particularly hard hit, and Hunk spent half the time acting as her second armor while fending off his own Galran ships. Allura and Lance managed to work together to shoot down some of the Galras, but more took their place. Shiro and Coran were sending their own hits from the castle but it wouldn’t be long before the castle was surrounded by ion blasters and shot down if the paladins could make them retreat soon.

Of course, Keith had noticed and apparently decided to dive headfirst. Lance saw his lion speeding toward Lotor’s main battleship, the jaw blade slicing through any ship that came toward him and ducking any blasts shot his way.

“Keith! What are you doing?” Lance shouted into the comm.

“I’m cutting the head off this hydra,” he answered, his voice tight and angry.

“It’s dangerous to go al-”

“I’m already here, Lance,” Keith interrupted. “Keep fighting. All of you.”

Lance could barely keep himself focused knowing Keith was heading right into the belly of the beast. Suddenly he was knocked aside and Allura shot an ice ray at two enemy ships that had aimed at Lance. “Focus, Lance,” she chided.

“Someone has to help Keith,” he said.

“What?” she nearly shrieked. But Lance was already starting for Lotor and the black lion.

Come on, Red. I know you can do this.

Red seemed to snarl in response, moving quicker and smoother, dodging blasts, nearly controlling Lance’s body as he shot his magma beam until they reached the platform of Lotor’s ship. He was horrified to see Keith wasn’t even in his lion anymore.

“Keith what are you doing?” he shouted, not bothering to be subtle. “Get in your lion!”

“I’m in,” he answered softly. He was sneaking in. But did he really think Lotor wouldn’t know he was there? “He’s in range…. It would help if I had my sharpshooter, you know?”

Lance felt terror grip his throat. Too close, he was too close to danger. “Keith,” he said firmly. “Don’t do this. Get back in the lion.”

“Lance, I have a chance to end this. I’m taking it. Are you helping or-” There was a series of noises that none of the paladins knew what to make of.

“Keith?” Pidge shouted. “You there?”

“Are you okay, Keith?” Allura asked, her voice calm, but Lance knew her well enough to know her face would be panicked.

“Coran, Shiro, can you pick up his vitals?” Lance asked in a panic.

“He’s there. They must have knocked the helmet off, but he’s okay. I got his heartbeat on the system,” Shiro said.

“He’s surrounded by five Galra,” Coran added.

Lance growled under his breath and grit his teeth. “I told him,” he muttered as he left his lion.

“Lance what are you doing, dude?” Hunk shouted. “We can’t have you in danger too, get back in!”

“Sorry, big guy. He’d do the same if I was in there. I’m pulling him out by the ear,” he promised.

“Be careful, Lance,” Pidge warned before grunting, possibly in response to another attack. “Hunk!”

Lance shut them out and dipped into the ship, noting that there was a severe lack of security. He slinked through hallways, heart pounding like hummingbird wings. “Guys, can I get a location?” he whispered into his comm.

“Two more hallways down, turn right, second opening. It’s the control room,” Coran answered. “Have your shield up, my boy.”

“Got it,” Lance answered, sprinting closer. There were no guards. No cameras. No trip wires or booby traps.

Then he heard it. The fighting, the lack of mercy, the painful screams that made Lance’s blood freeze. He raced into the room, in time to shoot at a large Galra with tufts on the side of her head before she could get a hold of Keith. Keith looked over in surprise and seemed relieved when he saw Lance.

“I told you-!” Lance cut off when he saw another Galra, this one cloaked, coming toward him. There were no facial features- no eyes, no mouth, no nose. He stepped back and tripped over something. He felt a gentle pressure on his chest and opened his eyes. A cat. It was a cat.

Before he could shove it off, the blank faced Galra leapt onto him, hand clutching his throat without mercy.

He heard a growl, and he could see Keith in his peripheral vision. His blade was a blur, his body agile, moving where it had to, light as he jumped and turned and kicked. Lance gripped the Galra’s wrist and  thrust his elbow up to hit her in the chin, causing her to jump back. Lance aimed his blaster at her, scowling as sher tilted her head, and the cat hissed and flicked its tail.

“Move!” Keith shouted, gripping his arm and dragging him back as a beam blasted the ground where he’d been standing.

“If you’d listened to me, this wouldn’t be happening!”

“But I didn’t and it is, you really want to have this argument now?” he snapped, as he stood back to back with him, eyeing the Galra generals. There was a pink one with colorful markings and a childish smile standing in front of Lance. She didn’t look Galran at all. Not like the others. In fact, Lance could imagine himself trying to hit on to her if they’d met on a different planet.

“They brought two of the kitties!” she said happily. As if there wasn’t a full-blown battle underway.

“I thought so,” a deep, musical voice purred. Lance let his eyes drift where he saw movement, his hand tensing around the trigger of his blaster. He saw a Galran with stark white hair and yellow eyes with purple irises like Keith’s and an angular face. Lotor.

He seemed so calm, so at ease.

“Can we kill them yet?” the one with tufts growled. “I want the tall one,” she snarled, baring her teeth.

“Patience,” Lotor said almost lazily. “Narti. Bring the lions aboard.” The cloaked one slinked away.

“You take two I take two?” Lance whispered. He heard Keith huff in response. Then he heard an angry shriek as Keith lunged forward and brought his blade down on a human-esque Galra. The only thing that showed she was Galra was her skin tone and the ridges on her head. The violent one lunged at Lance, but he managed to duck and roll out of the way, coming up on one knee to shoot, the force of the blow throwing her against Lotor.

“Oh, you’re cute!” the pink one said, flipping him upside down with the strange tail growing out of her head like a fleshy ponytail. Then she threw him against the wall.

“Lance!” Keith shouted. He shoved the Galra aside and started for the pink one who danced around him with a musical laugh, moving as quickly as Keith. Lance pulled himself up and shot at the other Galra. Lotor scowled as the taller one blocked the hits with a large piece of metal.

“Let’s go!” he snapped. “We have the lions. These two are useless.” The pink one managed a graceful backflip back towards Lotor, leaving Keith breathless as he glared. “Acxa. Make sure the fleets pull back. We can get the other lions another day.” The humanoid one nodded and slipped away, casting a final glare at them, reminding Lance of Keith.

As the metal started coming down, Lance shot again, shoving the unsuspecting Galra back. She growled, but Lance kept his blaster levelled with his eyes, ready to shoot again.

Lotor scowled and looked at them with contempt. “I’m feeling generous, paladins. Leave. Your services are no longer needed.” He smirked and turned away as if the fact that both Lance and Keith had weapons meant nothing to him. The other two followed.

As much as Lance wanted to go after them, he knew it would be futile. They could barely fight them off last time when they were all together and now Lotor was there too. He gripped Keith’s arm and tugged him. “Let’s go. We’ll figure out how to get the lions back,” he said. He had to call for one of the others to come get them and take them back to the Castle of Lions.

Then Lotor’s voice echoed through the control room. “Oh, and Zethrid? Get the bayards.”

Just like that the Galra was on them, all growls and angry hits, tossing Lance aside like a rag doll as she wretched the blaster from his hands. He saw spots in his vision for a few seconds before he could process Keith shouting his name again.

When his sight refocused, he saw Keith slicing his blade down, pushing Zethrid’s growling figure back, back, back. She lifted the blaster, but that was a long range weapon. Keith was fighting too close, moving too quickly.

Lance heard more commotion, heard more fighting. Had the others come to help? One had called back the other fleets. The paladins were free to help. Maybe they could still win.

Lance saw the blue blast fill the room before he heard it. He turned, shrieking for Keith in a panic, stumbling forward to find him. Then he heard a defiant yell and the sound of a blade being impaled. There was an angry roar and Lance saw Keith’s blade shoved into Zethrid’s side. She shoved him back, hitting him with the butt of the blaster before stumbling away, panting for breath.

“Keith? Keith!” Lance shouted. Half of him wanted to hug Keith, and half of him wanted to yank him by the ear. But the second he saw him still standing, he decided to go with the former. He struggle to get onto his feet and threw his arms around Keith, pulling him in tightly as he was flooded with relief. His limbs began to shake from the adrenaline coursing through him. “Oh thank God you’re okay.”

“L-Lance?” he croaked.

“I’m right here,” he said. Keith’s arms came around him, then he slumped, and Lance staggered before he could regain his grip. “Keith?”

“That blaster hurts so quiznacking much,” he wheezed. His eyes were glazed over, struggling to focus on Lance. Lance’s eyes went wide and he let them trail down. The white armor at his chest was smeared with crimson blood. Blood that kept flowing out from the the black nylon just under the slope of the armor, glistening in the most sickening way as it pulsed out of him. He had been hit too close.

Lance fell to his knees, cradling Keith gently and shook his head. “No, no, no. You’re gonna be okay, okay? Focus on me. Look at me. Look at me.” Keith’s violet eyes flickered to him, blinking rapidly. Lance was vaguely aware of the fighting happening outside the room. “The others are here. They’ll be here soon okay, just hold on. Keith, talk to me. Please.”

“It- hurts,” he choked, his face contorting, his body spasming in Lance’s arms. His eyes stayed on him. “Ev-everything hurts.” He gasped for air and coughed, causing blood to sputter out and dribble down the corner of his mouth. “I-I should’ve… li-listened to you.”

“Yeah, you think so?” Lance answered, his voice weak and breaking as he held Keith. “It’s okay. We’ll patch you up and put you in a healing pod and then when you’re out, I’m going to hound you for this. I’ll put you in time out and everything. You’re officially grounded.” Keith’s mouth quirked, but instead of sending butterflies through Lance, it caused terrified goosebumps. His eyes were too distant. The blood was bright against his pale, sweaty face. Lance gulped and held him tighter. “Then we’ll go see the eclipse. We can sit together. Drink space juice and watch and pretend none of this ever happened,” he continued with a soft, weak voice. He wasn’t sure he believed himself.

“Sounds… like… a date,” he breathed. His breaths were short and his grip was losing strength as he clung to Lance. The words made a half sob, half laugh bubble up in Lance and he pressed his forehead to Keith’s. “Take care of Red for me,” he mumbled.

“W-what? Keith? No, no, no, Keith, wake up,” Lance said, shaking him. Keith winced, but his eyes fluttered open. “Don’t fall asleep. Don’t you dare, Mullet. We’re in the middle of battle, you can’t fall asleep. I swear I’ll start calling you Sleeping Beauty if you dare fall asleep on me.”

Keith smiled weakly, his fingers twitching as they gripped Lance’s arm. “As long as you wake me up,” he whispered, shutting his eyes.

“No, Keith. Open your eyes. Open your eyes, come on,” he insisted. Keith did, but it was obvious he was struggling. His gaze focused on the ceiling as his eyes watered and more blood seeped from his mouth. “Keith, come on,” Lance moaned.

“I-I don’t… I don’t feel anything any-anymore,” he gasped.

“Keith, stay with me. Stay awake, okay?” Lance whimpered. Keith’s breaths slowed, his eyes fluttering before they turned blank, slightly cross-eyed as his head lolled to the side.


He shook Keith almost violently. “Come back! Come back, come back, come back!” he pleaded. “No, no, no!” he wailed, pulling Keith closer, sobbing into his hair as his limp body rested against him. Lance placed his lips to his icy, sweaty forehead, sobbing, hands shaking as he caressed him, begging him to wake up, to come back.

He heard the rush of footsteps, heard the gasps, the shriek that must have come from Pidge, but he couldn’t bring himself to lift his head from where it remained buried in the crook of his neck, covered by that stupid, adorable mullet. Keith had been his rival. Then he became his leader. Then his friend. He became one of the few friends Lance could trust completely. And now he was gone.

No more smiles. No more varying tones of voice. No more galaxy eyes reading him like an open book. No more maybes, no more hope, no more….

Natza/Graylu Drabble - Time and a Place
  • Lucy: *twitches, her hair is slightly singed* Well, that blew up spectacularly.
  • Gray: Don't look at me - I was sleeping PEACEFULLY. I even suggested camping farther AWAY from the bandit cave. But nooope.
  • Lucy: Can't those guys keep their paws off each other for one night? SERIOUSLY.
  • Natsu: Hey, we got the job done quicker! You should be happy!
  • Lucy: Not when I'm fighting beside a naked guy that isn't Gray. What is WRONG with you two?!
  • Erza: Everything turned out okay, and we'll get the full reward. Settle down, Lucy.
  • Gray: It's your fault we got ambushed in the first place. You know I hate the Dumbass Thugs wakeup call? ... Well, now ya do.
  • Lucy: How the hell did you sleep through that?! Even if we weren't camping out here, I think I'd hear it on the opposite side of a building! "Natsu! OH NATSUUU!" >__<
  • Gray: *snort* You're not much better, Luce. Trust me.
  • Lucy: Oh, you are not taking the Landlady's side!
  • Natsu: You're a screamer, too, Luce. Happy 'n me were gonna pop in for a sleepover once, and we reconsidered after we heard you... from outside your apartment... maybe a block away...
  • Lucy: You're just exaggerating, Mister Heightened Senses.
  • Happy: Nope~. I heard the screams, too. And they were a lot more colorful than the words Erza uses, you potty mouth~.
  • Lucy: Damn furball. Those times are meant to be private. >.>
  • Erza: *quirks eyebrow* You still try to break into Lucy's apartment? I thought I explicitly told you to come sleep with ME if the mood struck. >__<
  • Natsu: You 'n Mira were outta town on some tough job. I woulda gone to you.
  • Erza: Ah. I should probably be bringing you along on those jobs, anyway... Tough they may be, but you've proven you can handle them.
  • Natsu: Hell yeah! :D
  • Gray: Sooo... we're just going to IGNORE the fact you two were doing the horizontal tango while on a job? And that tango nearly got us really hurt?
  • Lucy: MY HAIR! *tugging at her locks* T_T
  • Natsu: When Erza wants a quickie, you can't say 'no'. :P
  • Gray: Time and a place, moron. Time and a place.
  • Erza: Well, this is a time. And this is a place. *rubs her face against Natsu's before staring deadpan at Gray* We don't tell YOU two to keep your hands to yourselves.
  • Gray: 'Cause we do it when it's just the two of us! In our homes!
  • Natsu: But that's boring! Where's the thrill of gettin' caught? :P
  • Lucy: Not 'almost' gettin' caught? *eyeroll*
  • Natsu: There is no 'almost' with us. If you're not givin' it your all, you're not doin' it right.
  • Gray: Remind me to never sleep in the same hotel as you two. You'll bring the whole place down.
  • Erza: Now, now, Gray. That's clearly exaggerating. We might bring down our room and the ones adjacent, but a whole hotel? Preposterous.
  • Gray: I rest my case.
The signs and romantic relationships (by me, a Virgo)
  • Aries: I honestly haven't encountered enough Aries in my life. Maybe I have, but I wasn't aware that they were around me. But from experience, I know they are passionate, hard-working, and restless. I can see hooking up with an Aries, perhaps maintaining a platonic relationship with one. I think that an Aries would get bored of me (a Virgo) in a relationship. I don't think that I am spontaneous enough to keep up with an Aries. The way to get to an Aries' heart is to be ride or die. Be by their side if they have $5 or $500. At the end of the day, they want to be unconditionally loved.
  • Taurus: What stubborn bulls they are! But don't worry if you are in a relationship with one, they're amazing. I click with Tauruses really well because they are so patient and willing to listen to what people have to say. They are willing to get to know people for who they are on the inside, and rarely judge a book by its cover. Tauruses want things their own way and will fight super subconsciously to get things their way. Like a Taurus could be priming you to think a certain way without you even knowing it. But I can see a relationship with one in the long haul. If you want someone who will be honest with you and stick by your side during rough patches, go for a Taurus.
  • Gemini: Oh dear god. They are extreme hits or misses for me! I don't want to perpetuate the "two-faced, attitude problem" gemini tumblr stereotype, but it does speak some truth. However, there are some geminis who are down to earth and just want what's best for their partner or friend. They will go the extra mile for the ones they care about and not stop at anything. But, they will do the same thing for themselves. Most of the time, they will be completely loyal to you, as long as doing so doesn't conflict with their own interests. But once they fall in love with you, they'll do anything for you. Once they get an idea in their head, GOOD FUCKING LUCK trying to get them to think a different way.
  • Cancer: Wifey material tbh. They are so intuitive, kind, and affectionate. The "moody, over-emotional" Cancer stereotype does hold true in many romantic situations though. If you disappoint a Cancer, they will take it very hard and most likely blame themselves, and eventually, you, for their feelings. In spite of this, Cancers make great partners to form firm, emotional, spiritual, and physical bonds with. Like Tauruses, they will take the time to listen to you and get to know you, and most likely accept you in spite of your faults. But don't mistake their kindness and acceptance for weakness. A cancer can drag your ass down the street if you betray them.
  • Leo: WHY DO LEOS HAVE TO BE SO DAMN SEXY?!?!?!?!? Maybe it's the way that they carry themselves so effortlessly! Like you guys can do anything that you set your minds to. However, you can be conceited... But usually for a good reason. When you're in a relationship with a Leo, don't be surprised if they're different around their friends than they are around you. They can't help it; they're like chameleons. They tend to feed off of the energy around them, and fit in with any clique they come across. Don't perceive this as them being "fake." It's just in their nature. However, beware of a Leo who does everything to blend in with everyone else, but doesn't know who they are when they're alone.
  • Virgo: My sign! Virgos get a lot of hate for being "nit-picky, neurotic, and critical." To some extent, this criticism is well warranted. We tend to over-analyze everything and our minds never stop racing. But when we're in love, we fall head-over-heels. Virgos notice everything, the good, the bad, and the ugly. When a Virgo you're involved with brings up one of your negative qualities, they aren't trying to bring you down. They actually want to help you improve. A Virgo is a healer by nature, and we'll do anything to help you grow as a person. And if you're ever sad or completely broken, a Virgo will do anything to make you feel better. They most likely know how to cheer you up, since they always notice what makes you happy! And they also know what gets you going sexually. However, Virgos can be blunt, and critical of themselves and project their insecurities onto other people. CALL A VIRGO OUT ON THEIR BULLSHIT. ALWAYS. We appreciate the honesty and we will work on our faults.
  • Libra: It's easy to fall for a Libra. They have the whole romantic package: extroverted, kind, romantic, charismatic... Hell, they're even ruled by the planet of love, Venus! A Libra falls in love hard, and will treat you like royalty. However, when times get tough, Libra can show a much colder, stand-offish, mean side to them. Like Geminis, Libras can have "2 personalities," and they absolutely HATE being told this. But once a Libra has shown their true colors, you know that they trust you. When you have mutual trust with a libra, you can have an amazing relationship. However, unlike Virgos, Libras are not blunt and do not like blunt people. Calling a Libra out on their bullshit can be hard, as they are very defensive to criticism and tend to take things very personally. Master communication with a Libra, and master your relationship.
  • Scorpio: COMPLICATED SHAWTYS. Scorpios are mysterious, sensual, aggressive, and vindictive. But if you can get to know a scorpio and accept them in spite of their temper, you can have an incredible relationship. Scorpios have a reputation for being able to hold grudges, and that reputation is absolutely correct! Screw over a scorpio, and they'll never forget. But on the flip side of that, if you warm a scorpio's heart, and make them feel loved unconditionally, they will always remember and have a "little thing for ya." Perhaps this is why scorpios have so many platonic flings. Whenever someone touches their hearts, they won't forget it, and they try and see if something good can come of it. Underneath their tough, introverted exterior, they are the sweetest, most vulnerable human beings who just need to feel secure, loved, and accepted. Like Virgos, it is okay to call Scorpios out on their bullshit. They may get mad at first, but they'll think about it, and realize that you meant well for them. They will forgive you if they know you were critiquing them from the heart. In this sense, they make great marriage material. But if you betray a Scorpio, or show that you are fake or two-faced...Kiss your relationship good BYE.
  • Sagittarius: My moon sign! Like an Aries, a Sagittarius needs a partner who is, to some extent, spontaneous. They need someone who wants bigger and better things, someone who wants to travel and experience everything. Being in love with a Sagittarius is magical- They always look for the positive in things and will help you see the glass as half full in the darkest times. Some claim that Sags are not suited for monogamous, committed relationships... This is simply untrue. A Sagittarius just needs their own space, and cannot feel tied down. Let a Sagittarius release energy by any means they need. It's always good to notice their restlessness, and let them blow off some steam, be it from working out, going hiking, dancing, drawing, etc. A Sagittarius needs to be trusted. If you don't trust a Sagittarius, you will misinterpret their restlessness for apathy in the relationship. If you have trust problems and constantly accuse a Sag of cheating, you will push them away. This is why Sags end up hooking up with many people, but only falling deeply in love with a few.
  • Capricorn: Above all, Capricorns are people with intention. They always have a plan, whether they know it or not. They always know what their next step is. If you're in a relationship with a Capricorn, they see a future for it. They don't want to be romantically involved with someone they can't picture spending the rest of their lives with. But this doesn't mean that Capricorns aren't ones for casual sex. If they just want to hook up, they JUST want to hook up. Having clear intentions is a good thing, but a Capricorn's downfall is that they sometimes don't communicate their intentions! They could hook up with someone, and be frustrated as to why that person keeps contacting them, when in reality, the cap didn't establish a boundary. They are rather secretive, and have a hard time asking for help with problems that they're having. But they are amazing people to confide in. They are the most trustworthy sign in the zodiac imo. When you're in love with a Cap, you will know all of their secrets and they will know all of yours. Unlike Scorpio, Capricorn isn't a vengeful sign. They won't use your secrets and weaknesses against you, but like Taurus and Virgo, they will fight with you subconsciously fight you from afar. Don't be surprised if things "mysteriously fall apart" after you screw over a Capricorn.
  • Aquarius: They are aloof and mysterious, yet so empathetic and humanitarian. They have fantasies of making the world a better place, by all means necessary. An Aquarius almost always has good intentions, and goes above and beyond to impress and help you. An aquarius loves hard, with all of their heart, even though they may have a hard time showing. People sometimes have problems getting Aquarians to express themselves. And when an Aquarius is confronted on this, they're confused; they feel that they communicate their feelings and their love normally. It will be difficult for them to shift their perspective, but once they do, it'll be magical. Aquarians LOVE to be sarcastic, and will bond with you over sarcastic humor. However, Aquarians will date someone out of spite. They often go for "rebound" relationships to prove to their exes that they are fine alone, when in reality, they are hurting hard from breakups. If you want to "test" their love by seeing how jealous or clingy you can make them, MOVE ASIDE, YOU HAVE THE WRONG PERSON FOR THIS. Aquarians don't get jealous easily, and they are very trusting people. In this way, they are great partners for Sagittarians. I notice as a Virgo that Aquarians are attracted to me. I think Aquas are attracted to a Virgo's healing power, as they are natural humanitarians. Unlike other air signs (Gemini and Libra), they don't have 2 personalities. What you see is what you get. Since they are aloof, people tend to underestimate Aquarians. And they get proven so so SO wrong.
  • Pisces: A Pisces is a true sweetheart. When they truly care about you, they're the ones who will take you out for pancakes and try to support you by any needs necessary. Not only that, they'll help you dream to escape reality. They're very intuitive and can have psychic qualities. They can read you and know when something is bothering you. A Pisces is the person who will listen to your story, and nod along when everyone else is engaging in side conversations and ignoring you. They can be a bit socially awkward, so if you aren't traditionally extroverted, they will be able to understand you and talk to you. However, they can be very whiny and over-sensitive. If they do not channel their emotions effectively, they can be aggressive or secretive. If a Pisces is building up their emotions, something seemingly arbitrary can send them into a trance. When you love a Pisces, you need to seek to understand them, and help them deal with their emotions. Like Sagittarius, they need to channel their energy, although they don't seem outwardly restless. As with Cancer, pity the fool who mistakes a Pisces' kindness for weakness. They will go OFF on you if you betray them. Overall, they are great partners.
Invader's Guide to Parenting


It was a chilly day in early spring, and the sky was a lovely orange color, the sun just peeking out over the horizon. 

Along with the usual sounds of early morning birds singing and the sprinkler systems of houses being turned on, there was some more unusual sounds as well.

The sounds of two sets of tiny, running feet could be heard, as well s the sound of two small voices talking to each other.

“Drim, slow down! You’re running way too fast!” one voice said, it belonging to a very short, green-skinned young boy. He was a little over two feet tall, and had messy black hair, with an odd cow lick sticking out from the top and forming a small scythe shape on his head. His eyes were odd as well. One eye was maroon, and the other was black, both iris and pupil. He was wearing a t shirt that was much too big on him, as well as black leggings and boots.

“I can’t slow down, Zip! I don’t even know where we’re going!” the other voice said, this voice belonging to a young girl. She was maybe five inches taller than the boy, and shared his green skin. She had long, messy dark purple hair, and dark violet eyes, both perfectly matched. She was wearing a black long sleeved shirt that fell to her ankles, as well as black leggings and boots.

The boy, Zip, frowning, stopping, “If you don’t know where we’re going, why are we running like this?” he asked, and the girl, Drim, stopped, letting out a sigh.

“Because, if she finds out we’re gone, then she’ll make us go back, and I’m getting bored in those incubation tubes! There is literally no where to go and nothing to do!” she said, and Zip pouted, “Fine, but we need to find somewhere to go. We can’t keep just running around with nowhere in mind of where we’re trying to go!” he said.

Drim let out a short huff, before looking around, seeming to be trying to find somewhere to go, if only to make her shorter companion be quiet. Her eye skimmed the area, before landing on a house, one that was predominately green and purple. The girl pointed to it, looking at Zip.

“There, we’re tying to there! Now, stop whining and keep up with me!” she said, and the two small green children ran to the house, the girl beginning to knock on the door.

“What if no one is home?” Zip asked, and Drim rolled her eyes, “Then we’ll try somewhere else, dummy.” she said.

Meanwhile, back at her base, Rip was looking frantically around her base, searching in every place she could think of. PIR was sleeping and yawned, the noise waking her up.

“Mmm, Mistress…?” she said tiredly, thought, seeing how frantic Rip was, she become more alert, “What’s wrong, what did you lose?” she asked. Rip turned to her UNIT, the most frightened, almost panicked look on her face.

“I lost THEM!” she said, and as soon as PIR heard that, she too started frantically searching the base.

The Signs From A Libra's Perspective
  • Aries: You guys are hilarious for starters. Always find a way to cheer me up, and even though we clash sometimes you always understand me at the end of the day. Love to explore, and I am so down to follow you anywhere. Killer sense of style, surprisingly amazing/ecclectic music taste. HARD WORKERS. When you guys zero in on something BOY DO YOU ZERO IN.
  • Taurus: My partners in crime. You guys are so deep, and I am so honored I've seen that side of you. You're two steps ahead of everyone at all times, but nobody knows except for me. Total boss ass bitches--unstoppable. When you care about someone you really care about them, but when you don't its hilarious and I live for all the shade you throw! Also the biggest underdogs who I champion 24/7.
  • Gemini: My roof in the pouring rain. Complex individuals who are so misunderstood it breaks my heart. They build up walls but boy when they tear them down for you they are AMAZING. Great listeners, always there for me, HILARIOUS. Always someone I can have fun with, so special to me. I can 1000% let my hair down with them and they can do the same with me. Has no issue telling the truth, so analytical. They have huge hearts but are so lowkey about it. Great sense of style, the greatest taste in music. They are their own worst enemies though, nobody can criticize a Gemini more than they do themselves. LOVEABLE ASSHOLES.
  • Cancer: Though they are stereotyped to be very sensitive, nurturing and that weird "uwu" type of person--I beg to differ. Every Cancer I know is a badass and very practical. Ultra snarky and sarcastic little shits AND I LIVE FOR IT. They always have something rad going on with their hair too, very rebellious. They do have a sensitive though, and they try hard to conceal it by rebelling--but I see you guys it's okay to feel that way!!
  • Leo: IS THERE ANYTHING A LEO CAN'T DO?? When I think of you guys, the quote "Anything you can do I can do better" reverberates in my mind. Leo's are the closest thing I get to a physical version of a reality check. They are the ones who bring me down when my head is in the clouds and I get too idealisitc. Confident in various aspect of life but lack that same confidence in others. Bright minds, extremely intelligent. Sometimes can be very unsympathetic, often overlook emotions. Funloving, they are the center of attention and rightfully so. Charming, know how to get what they want out of anyone. Great taste in cinema, my favorite person to debate with. ALWAYS check in on me even when I don't have the time for them, always make time for me no matter how busy and I appreciate them for it so much. Cunning, excellent orators--such cadence in their speech it blows me away.
  • Virgo: I either love you guys or I....don't. To those that I love dearly you are everywhere at once, you are more than what you fear at night in bed. Brave souls with creative minds--always thinking outside the box! Such Casanovas though like how do you guys get all the bitches??? Teach me your ways! Always listen to my advice. SO.FREAKING.ORGANIZED. Great with money, channel their emotions into their creative outlets. One with nature, really at peace when they are content with their surroundings. Very logical and objective..but not the best with understanding why they may feel a certain way.
  • Libra: Oh hey...you're me?? Awkward. What's up? Every Libra I know is a huge people pleaser. Has a hard time saying no..like a really hard time saying no. Lowkey assholes. (especially Libra guys) We're kind of on another planet sometimes, the worst texters I know but yet we're always on our phones?? Hands down THE STYLISH OF THE ZODIAC OK?? Such nerds though..take their academic careers so seriously. Either super shy--that type of kid who doesn't talk and then says something really real/ funny and everyone is like ?!!!?!?!?!? or THE LIFE OF THE FREAKING PARTY. Passive aggressive little fucks and I live for it when it isn't directed towards me. Great listeners, give you the best advice. Hate when we feel taken advanatage of...usually know when we are being taken advantage of. Fiercely loyal, flirty (WE THINK WERE BEING FRIENDLY OK) Lowkey really sad we can't save the world with our idealistic visions.
  • Scorpio: Like virgos..I love you or I...don't. Your quiet nature reassures me, but I know your emotions are like a volcano. Very hands on, dark, hilarious. Some of you come for advice and listen to me...others not so much. Introverted Scorpios are my favorites, and I live for your insight. Your passion astounds me! As for extroverted types: BE YOURSELF. I PROMISE YOU PEOPLE LIKE YOU MORE IF YOU STOP FAKING IT. Either extemely selfless or extremely selfish--a lot of extremes with you guys. Very vocal, have an issue with being wrong though. (it's ok I do too)
  • Sagittarius: SO.FREAKING.FUNNY. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. You know how to party and how to throw one even better. Amazing at whatever profession they choose to go into. Have an eye for colors, more so than anyone else. Excellent cooks, killer makeup artists. Like Geminis, they too have big hearts it just is under alot of snarkiness. Would go to the end of the earth for someone they care about. SO.FIERCE. IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD. However, do NOT wrong them--you will either be dead to them or they will make your life a living hell. They are my driving force, they ask me to jump and I say "How high?"
  • Capricorn: Yes, they are hard workers, yes, they are everything the astrology stereotypes say about them. Capricorns are sweethearts but you have to go on a journey to discover this. They will only show you this side if they deem you good enough, and that is because they don't want you to hurt them. Loyal, oddly incredibly athletic??? SUCH DORKS. Deep down, they need you though, so be there for your Capricorn. When they are certain about who they are they are a delight, when they are uncertain of who they are it is a living nightmare.
  • Aquarius: Oh Aquarius....what can I say about Aquarius. Some of you are my detached weirdo alien bffs...others well damn. The only one of the zodiac who is fully capable of making me the happiest person alive or the most miserable person alive. Your attention shifts a lot, you're never forward, one minute you chase me the next I'm chasing you. We are like cat and mouse. There is a side to you only few have seen, some days I am grateful I have seen it and other days I wish you never showed me it because it makes judging every thing you do even harder. The smartest people I know, walking Wikipedias--super cool, so goofy. Someone who I would sadly go to the ends of the earth for no matter what. You bring out the best in me and the very worst in me. I wish we loved each other in the same way, I wish you loved me like I love you but I'm okay with that at this point.
  • Pisces: Misunderstood souls. Old souls who deserve the world. You inspire me to strive to help everyone all the time and to love everyone all the time. It breaks my heart to see you mistreated because you deserve to be SO HAPPY. Never lose sight of your humanity because one day you will be in a better place and you will need it. Deeply sensitive but not in the critical whiny baby way--they are extremely intuitive and are often overlooked. Brilliant writers, their pieces will move you and bring tears to your eyes. Simultaneously a cutie pie and a freaking BOMBSHELL VIXEN. LOVES SPACE SO MUCH. Empowering. I wish you loved yourself as much as I love you.
The signs as things they may or may not know they do when they have a crush (Based off of people I, an Aquarian, know)
  • Aries: You talk about your crush to your friends as if you and your crush are already dating! But then you become extremely angry and deny everything if asked if whether or not you actually like them. Ugh... There's one thing that really sets me off about you and your love life; you will get extremely defensive if someone else has something in common with your crush. Just chill fam, please.
  • Taurus: Like for real, you'll try to strike up conversations your crush wherever and whenever you can. It may be an awkward one, but that's usually because you, our stubborn bull, has already had the conversation planned out in your own mind and it has failed so you don't know what else to do/say. It's ok if things go differently than you plan or want. It's called Chaos Theory: look it up.
  • Gemini: Like Taurus, you'll most likely also talk to your crush but it will usually be WAY less awkward. You are the one who loves to talk (within reason... unlike some), or in some cases; listen. Plus, Gemini is usually an easy adapter, which comes in handy whenever the conversation starts to suddenly drift in a different direction.
  • Cancer: Heh... I hate to say this to you... But Cancer, you know you can be a little clingy; and that's exactly what you do to your crush. You can even be too shy to talk to them, and it still happens in a different form! With your protective nature, you feel as if everyone will be out to take them from you or hurt them. And if they, your crush, are also a close friend of yours, you will even help nurture them with their current relationship problem or heartbreak!
  • Leo: Tsk, tsk... Leo, you little fart, it's easy to see you're the playful one. You like doing activities that involve interaction between you and your crush, and your outgoing nature almost guarantee you'll be a bit of a flirt (even if you're shy). I say embrace it, but don't push it. You can tend to not think of their feelings and only your own, so don't be disappointed if your crush doesn't have or show their feelings towards you.
  • Virgo: When you do finally find someone it's sorta like... Hard to explain...? You're service-oriented, meaning you focus on making the other happy and knowing that you are available. This can be a gift, your crush may think it's awesome with how you almost shower them with affection, but you don't really think about yourself and how the other can walk all over you. Respect and take care of yourself first.
  • Libra: You are artistic and charming, two amazing traits to have when showing your love of something. You also apply it to how you interact with or talk about your crush. Basically, your whole way of speaking changes. You use more complex, attractive, and proper grammar. You may also think of/make up poems and stories about them (mostly in your head), and maybe doodle a lot of hearts and junk on stuff you own.
  • Scorpio: YOU ARE A LITTLE FLIRT-BALL WHO NEEDS TO CHILL. YOU ALSO ACT SHY AROUND YOUR CRUSH, BUT SOMETIMES ON PURPOSE. YOU ARE SCORPIO, YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT YOU LITTLE DEVIL. BUT THE FUNNY THING IS... You have the power to not show anyone you like someone if you choose. But you do show it to your crush. And I think that's hella rad.
  • Sagittarius: Saggie, you truly are optimistic about having a crush. You're sure everything in the end will work out and you two will be together. You may also drop subtle hints or straight out be truthful about your feelings to your crush and everyone you know, that's cool and all, but just try to be a little more carful and cautious about it... Kay?
  • Capricorn: jfc Capricorn you got all this crush shit figured out. Your ambitious to your goals but also cautious, so when you have a crush you be sure to make progress but not too much in fear of making a mistake. You may think you're doing something wrong but others could actually learn a thing or two from you bby.
  • Aquarius: M'kay, Aquarius, you may keep your emotions inside to yourself, but when that person comes along your whole world and attitude turns upside down. You'll go on and on about your crush for hours if your friends and family don't kill you first. You also have awkward conversations with them, like Taurus, and you secretly love being teased about liking someone; don't deny it! (BTW... STOP OVER THINKING EVERYTHING.)
  • Pisces: You worry about what your crush thinks of you just like you worry about every other little thing in your life. You also doubt yourself and your self confidence hits a low. It's ok bby, just be yourself. Many people try to make fun of Pisces in astrology posts, but I don't see the point; you are one of the most caring and amazing signs. Just let your true colors show and I'm sure everything will go in your favor.
Pierce the Veil RP Starters
  • possible triggers include: suicide, self-harm, depression
  • "Bet you never had a Friday night like this."
  • "I don't want this anymore."
  • "The though of you's no fucking fun."
  • "You want a martyr? I'll be one!"
  • "Enough's enough, we're done!"
  • "You told me think about it, well, I did."
  • "Now I don't want to feel a thing a anymore."
  • "I'm tired of begging for the things that I want."
  • "You make me sick."
  • "Scream. Until there's nothing left."
  • "Imagine living like a king someday."
  • "I laid down. I drank the poison then I passed the fuck out."
  • "Now lemme tell you 'bout the good life."
  • "Can we create something beautiful and destroy it?"
  • "This is my imagination."
  • "What am I doing here?"
  • "Remind her/him/them that the future would be nothing without her/him/them."
  • "Never lose her/him/them."
  • "I'm afraid."
  • "Better think of something good to say."
  • "But it's all been done more than once."
  • "I'll keep on trying."
  • "Oh, God, don't let me be the only one who says ____"
  • "There's no such thing as too young."
  • "Second chances won't leave you alone."
  • "Then there's faith in love."
  • "If you kiss me good night, I'll know everything is alright."
  • "The future's just a few heartbeats away from disaster."
  • "I'm afraid that I've thrown it all away."
  • "It was the best time of my life."
  • "Darling, don't wake me up."
  • "My thrill is gone."
  • "Say I'm wrong."
  • "I wanna hold your hand so tight, I'm gonna break my wrist."
  • "I'll sing along."
  • "I don't know any other song."
  • "I'm barely hanging on."
  • "By the time you're hearing/reading this, I'll already be gone."
  • "This isn't fair!"
  • "Don't you try to blame this on me."
  • "So what if I was just a painter?"
  • "Would you ever try to leave me for somebody who deserves you most?"
  • "I've broken bones for you."
  • "We just can't keep this home."
  • "We can run."
  • "You tried to kill me with a shotgun!"
  • "She hates all of the guts and blood."
  • "Your doctor won't stop calling me."
  • "Some things don't work out the way we planned."
  • "Maybe we're meant to lose the ones we love, but I'll fight for you till then."
  • "Told you why I see no need for the sun."
  • "Don't bother, 'cause this love is a lie."
  • "Smile. Smile for me."
  • "If there's a God, then I'm letting him go. All for you."
  • "Come at me with everything you've got."
  • "Does it even make a difference?"
  • "Separate me from my own two hands. I've killed so many times."
  • "But I can't save the world from creatures that don't die."
  • "Baby, please come home. I need you here right now."
  • "Darling, it's cold outside."
  • "You said you ended up in Palm Springs dancing on table."
  • "Well, fuck, what? Am I suppose do be impressed?"
  • "Hope you had a really good time."
  • "I will soon forget the color of your eyes, and you'll forget mine."
  • "Let's go outside."
  • "It'll be alright."
  • "Maybe I'll pretend right now."
  • "But I swear to god, I'm gonna change the world."
  • "Oh my god, this is paradise."
  • "Baby, this is paradise, and it's so goddamn good."
  • "I'm not meant for this world."
  • "I just don't see the point."
  • "Don't think about it. Don't overthink about it."
  • "Life is a joke."
  • "Everything's riding on me tonight."
  • "You'd better hide the bullets."
  • "I only pray when it all goes down."
  • "I've been up here so long, I'm going crazy."
  • "We ended up on the ground."
  • "This love was out of control."
  • "Don't be crazy."
  • "Yes, now, of course you can/can't stay here."
  • "I know what it's like to feel burned out."
  • "We've all been there sometimes."
  • "Tonight, I'll make you feel beautiful once again."
  • "You're just wasted and thinking about the past again. Darling, you'll be okay."
  • "Darling, you'll be okay."
  • "I can't take it anymore!"
  • "Everything's not alright!"
  • "I still think you're beautiful."
  • "I don't ever wanna lose my best friend."
  • "God, you vulture!"
  • "Bring her back, or take me with her!"
  • "How does it feel?"
  • "It feels like I'm on fire."
  • "Wake up, I know you can hear me!"
  • "I never want it to be this way."
  • "Pretend like I don't entice you."
  • "You traitor!"
  • "I'll never be taken for granted again."
  • "I know that you're in pain."
  • "Oh my god, we're not gonna make it."
  • "She's/He's/They're mine!"
  • "Stay away from her/him/them!"
  • "It's not her/his/their time!"
  • "Fuck it!"
  • "Can you come over to my L.A place?"
  • "I have something to tell you and it just can't wait."
  • "Do you still love me?"
  • "I'm dying to know."
  • "Did you forget what we shared?"
  • "I've been inside your bedroom a thousand years."
  • "I want you in the most unromantic way."
  • "I thought we had a good damn thing."
  • "Baby, stay away from my friends."
  • "Now you only call me every Christmas and my birthday."
  • "But you don't know what it's like to wake up in the middle of the night, scaring the thought of kissing razors!"
  • "Why the fuck didn't you say something?"
  • "I'm the killer who burned your home."
  • "You'd better not get back up."
  • "I'm tired of holding up your backup plans."
  • "You know I've never held a gun in my life."
Guys, I really need to get this off my chest.  First of all, Bamon fans , i love you all, but if you're a steroline fan, please don't read this.

 I come here tonight because I just need to vent a little about some things in this show, things that honestly make no sense to me First of all, before i get into that. Why must so many people post about Steroline in the Bamon Tag. I hate Stefan and Caroline as a romantic pairing.  I dont wanna see it. I love them, as friends, as my BROTP and the reason why i don’t ship them is quite simple. Caroline has had more love interests than anyone.. I am tired of her being the character that has to always be with someone, or have a connection with someone. Stefan and Caroline, in my opinion, should remain as friends. Part of me feels the writers are doing everything in their power to amp them up, just to make Delena more believable.   Every chance the writers get they downplay Stelena, like it was a passing crush, a summer affair, and when they do that, they make Both stefan and Elena move further from eachother. I can’t help it, that I am a Stelena fan, and a Bamon fan. But I cant see Caroline with Stefan, I just can’t. In my eyes, Liz had to die for Steroline and Delena to happen. How messed up is that? The writers kill off Carolines mom, so Elena can realize how short life is ( even they are vampires and dont die easily.) and use cares moms as a crutch to get back with Damon. And stefan was so clear he saw Caroline as only a friend and all of a sudden, the mom gets sick and he does a 180 and loves her? It doesn’t make sense, but i digress. 

    Now to the Bamon, no ship has ever been so worked up, so foreshadowed, so evident in any show I have ever seen. It is clear that Bonnie and Damon are both in love with each other,  it has been clear for such a long time now,  every episode we see the emotional tether they have to each other. They are connected in ways that they have never connected to another person. We’ve seen Bonnie get her magic back to save him, we’ve seen her come back after endless fights, we’ve seen Damon stepping up to defend her, choosing her over everyone, telling Elena to her face that Bonnie was the reason he was doing everything. There is friendship and there is friendship that is so precious it borders the line to something more, Bamon are there now. They are on the precipice of something amazing. and every episode we get hints, signs, that Bamon is happening soon.  it;s little things the writers add in. Like we are supposed to sit and believe that Bamon watched the bodyguard, watched a endless, INTERRACIAL love story and no sexy thoughts went through their heads?  Then they made a death pact , they vowed to die together, like some tragic romeo and juliet shit . We were baited with hope for Bamon and we still are , and every time i think we get one up there comes another “EPIC” Delena kiss. I can’t even stomach it anymore. Delena , in every episode has to have that one kiss with the slow , or fast ( depending on julieplagues mood ) epic love song playing, AFTER Elaine gives some speech about how they gotta be together. Like we get the point , Gilbert, we got it the last 1234 times you said that to Damon. And Elena, all she ever does is make everything about her. Damon was drinking cause he was sad his BEST FRIEND was about to kill herself and Eleanor is crying, wondering if she changed by being a vampire and crying over herself and Damon. Like give me a break. I never seen a more unlikable character in my life. Like  I dont know what makes me more angry, the fact that the writers have untapped potential in Bamon and ignore it for Dullena to be cannon, That the writers are constantly re-writing history to make it into that Elena and Stefan weren’t even that big a deal . uh hello ”  The vampire diaries is stefan and Elenas love story” kevin williamson said that. when it started, So even if it’s not their love story anymore. It sure as hell was. But of course, it’s always Damon , right . She NEVER found her way back to Stefan right? Bullfucking shit. Elexa is the biggest hypocrite ever written. Its at the point i dont hate the characters, i hate the writers for being so stupid and forcing a ship that obviously is dead, I always hated Delena, it always sucked, but now, the awkwardness from watching Ian and Nina act its too much to bare. it’s like they dont even wanna look at each other, they have zero chemistry anymore, and we can sense it. Just, let it go already, please . But i think what i hate the most is the shitfest Bonnie has been given and i can’t believe I am about to say this but i really fucking think she gets shited on cause shes a woman of color. her only love interest was Jerome ( who no one wants ), and then any other love interest she could have , was her own ethnicity.( jamie, Luka if thats his name?)  AND I NEVER WANTED TO SAY THAT OUT LOUD. but what is the reason for Bonnie not being with Damon. why is she always crapped on. It makes me mad, it makes me pissed. It hurts me and i hate that it hurts me. Elena and Caroline, they get multiple love interests, they get nice things, Bonnie gets not invited to balls, and shoved in a hole of 1994.  they separated Bamons so early. Judith is just a racist bitch .  Yes im sayng that. I hope she proves me wrong. I really do.  because Bamon HAS TO HAPPEN. give me one reason why every ship from the books happened excpet Bamon?  I wanna gag whenever i see Delena, i wanna put leggos on Julies bedroom floor so she hurts her feets. I am ranting so vividlty about this, it makes my skin crawl. 

Ratatouille Sentence Meme
  • "The best food in the world is made in France. The best food in France is made in Paris."
  • "He is the youngest chef to achieve a five star rating."
  • "I think its apparent I need to rethink my life a little bit."
  • "This is my dad. He's never impressed."
  • "What's wrong with having highly developed senses?"
  • "Close to godliness. Which means clean. You know, cleanliness is close to..never mind. Move on."
  • "Noble? We're thieves!"
  • "It isn't stealing if no one wants it."
  • "If no one wants it, why are we stealing it?"
  • "This much I know: if you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff."
  • "Food is fuel. You get picky about what you put in the tank, your engine is gonna die."
  • "Good food is like music you can taste, color you can smell."
  • "There is excellence all around you. You need only be aware to stop and savor it."
  • "He doesn't understand me but I can be myself around him."
  • "You could fill a book, a lot of books, with things Dad doesn't know."
  • "Great cooking is not for the faint of heart."
  • "You must be imaginative, strong hearted."
  • "You must try things that may not work."
  • "You must not let anyone define your limits because of where you are from."
  • "Your only limit is your soul."
  • "Anyone can cook but only the fearless can be great."
  • "I waited for a sound, a voice, a sign. Anything."
  • "If you focus on what you've left behind, you'll never be able to see what lies ahead."
  • "A cook makes. A thief takes. You are not a thief."
  • "She believed in Heaven, so she's covered. You know, afterlife wise."
  • "You know how to fix it. This is your chance."
  • "If he wishes to swim in dangerous waters, who are we to deny him?"
  • "Our reputation is hanging by a thread as it is."
  • "That's a spice, isn't it? Rosemary?"
  • "I need this job. I've lost so many."
  • "I know its stupid and weird but neither of us can do this alone, so we got to do it together, right?"
  • "Welcome to Hell."
  • "Rules designed to make it impossible for women to enter this world. But I'm still here."
  • "I've worked too hard for too long to get here and I am not going to jeopardize it for some garbage boy who got lucky."
  • "I killed a man with this thumb."
  • "Whatever you are doing, stop it?"
  • "A little wine, a friendly chat. Just us cooks."
  • "I just took it to be polite. I don't really drink ya know."
  • "You would have to be an idiot of elephantine proportions not to appreciate this '61 Chateau Latour."
  • "Let us toast your non-idocity."
  • "Now imagine every great taste in the world being combined into infinite combinations."
  • "I'm tired of taking. I want to make things. I want to add something to this world."
  • "The world we live in belongs to the enemy."
  • "When all is said and done, we're all we've got."
  • "This is the way things are. You can't change nature."
  • "Change is nature. The part that we can influence and it starts when we decide."
  • "I hate false modesty. It's just another way to lie."
  • "I would've followed your advice to the ends of the earth."
  • "You inspire me. I'm going to risk it all. I'm going to risk looking like the biggest idiot psycho you've ever seen."
  • "Don't tell me you're sorry, tell them you're sorry."
  • "We're inventing new ways to sell out over here."
  • "Your rise has been meteoric yet you have no formal training. What is the secret to your genius?"
  • "You've been playing without an opponent. Which is, as you may have guessed, against the rules."
  • "You're thin for someone who loves food."
  • "Pray you don't disappoint me."
  • "You know, I've never disappointed anyone before, because nobody's ever expected anything of me. And the only reason anyone expects anything from me now is because of you."
  • "I haven't been fair to you. You've never failed me and I should never forget that."
  • "I'd like your heart roasted on a spit."
  • "I'd like some fresh, clear, well seasoned perspective. Can you suggest a good wine to go with that?"
  • "Not everyone can become a great artist, but a good artist can come from anywhere."
  • "The only thing predictable about life is its unpredictability."

anonymous asked:

You are a little slut. Don't try to deny it. You fawn over guys so carelessly and basically beg for their attention. I guess you're not only a slut, but you're also an attention whore who always wants someone to pay attention to you. Also, what do you weigh? I'm pretty sure it's more than enough, considering every time you take a step a miniature earthquake happens. I hope you know that no matter what you do, your demons will come back and will never leave you alone. The truth hurts whore.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha I just legit laughed out loud people are looking at me 😂 I never answer these kinds of messages but I feel like I need to because it sounds like you have a lot of unfulfilled needs for love and attention and you hate seeing other people ask for what you want, which is to be looked at and acknowledged and to feel special and wanted as a person. There’s nothing wrong with that okay? You sound very isolated and trapped in your head, like sad and very alone. I know because I used to be that way, real bad. It’s okay to need attention, I’m very attention hungry and I would never deny that. Why do you think I gravitate toward neon colors or blast music in the car or wear ridiculous outfits or took a career as a performer in the first place??? I’m a middle child of 11 kids my whole life has been a fight for attention haha. So good job spotting that one although it’s not hard to see. Attention is a GOOD THING, we all need it to be happy. There isn’t one person on this earth who doesn’t “need attention”. When we dont receive it we can get desperate and do some not so great things to get it but that doesn’t make us bad, it just means we’re lonely and isolated and we need love more than ever. We need to feel safe and accepted and wanted and at home. Some people shame others for clearly needing attention but I’m pretty sure the only people who shame others for having such a basic human need are the ones who also aren’t receiving it. Anyway clean up your mouth if you’re gonna message me again, this is the first and last time I answer an anonymous message with nasty words like that. Try journaling your anger, that helped me a lot. Underneath all anger is fear so try and think of what is scaring you in life and then go from there.

laurenjijusu-deactivated2014072  asked:

So, I know you're not necessarily the best person to ask about this, but I don't know who I would ask. As a white person, I really, really love a PoC character and want to cosplay them, but I want to do it respectfully. I obviously can't darken my skin since that's black/brownfacing. But I'm worried if I stay my normal skin color, it'll be considered whitewashing. What do I do? If you don't know how to answer, maybe you could tell me who I should ask?

You’re right: I’m not the best person to ask about this.  I don’t really cosplay, and I think finding some cosplayers–preferably non-white cosplayers–to ask would be the best approach here.  As for my automatic, instinctive answer?


Look, I get that it can seem unfair.  Racebent cosplays where someone non-white portrays an originally white character get cheers and applause.  (They also get hate and condemnation, mind you.)  So logically, shouldn’t it swing both ways?  In a perfect world, sure.  In a world where white characters were exactly as common as black, latin@, Asian, Native, Roma, Pacific Islander, and so on, with a literally 1:1:1:1 ratio, maybe it would.  But we don’t live in that world.

If I want to cosplay as an X-Man, without gender- or racebending, I have, just drawing from currently active characters, Emma, three Stepford Cuckoos, Kitty Pryde, Illyana, Jean Grey, Rachel Grey, Pixie, Dazzler, and Polaris.  All alive, and all white.  If my friend Tiffany wants to cosplay as an X-Man, she has…Storm.  That’s it.

For Tiffany, cosplaying as Emma Frost is saying “you gave me one option, and I want the freedom of the field, I will show you how amazing this can be."  For me, cosplaying as Storm is saying "I already have the freedom of the field, but I want the pieces you gave to other people."  We have so many white characters, so disproportionately many, that it seems wrong to decide that we need to racebend the few that don’t look like us.

Talk to other cosplayers.  I may be 100% wrong.  But this is my instinctive response: don’t.  There are so many amazing characters out there that won’t risk making other people feel like you’re taking their choices away.  Choose them.

spzeed  asked:

You're not tackling the issue that Kieron Gillen wrote them in a racist way, because he suffers from a number of isms. He wrote a lot of these characters in harmful ways -- he wrote America Chavez's story being ultimately about a dude (Billy created Utopia); it doesn't matter if he isn't a love interest, its still a sexist trope. Same for Kate; life revolves around Noh-Varr. A lot of the hate I see specify that its GILLEN's characterizations we don't like, since I like David everywhere else.

This isn’t about Gillen.  It’s about fandom.  Please don’t try to derail my post with making it about how much people dislike Gillen’s run.  That’s a separate post for a different day.  

This is about how fandom TREATS and reduces two queer characters of color into stereotypes.  My post was directly about FANDOM, not Gillen . I’m not tackling Gillen’s writing because it’s not about Gillen, it’s about my observations of fandom.  And fandom that is problematic.  Both subjects can be problematic, I’m not saying that (though I don’t agree with what parts of fandom believe of Gillen’s writing), but my post isn’t about THAT specific subject. 

It’s about fandom.  And fandom should be called out for perpetrating racist stereotypes.  

I ask you, don’t you think it’s very suspect that America and David are the most hated or at the very least, most critiqued characters?  Or that Eli gets routinely erased?  

America isn’t aggressive or angry, yet she’s constantly coded that way in certain circles of fandom.  Why?  David isn’t a sexual predator yet he’s constantly coded that way in certain circles of fandom.  Why?  Are their slights against the white/white passing characters so great that any and all other development they received is considered null in-void?  

David is a lot more than The Kiss and America, well I’m not sure where people get that she’s an aggressor or a bully to begin with.  She’s not.  I have never read her that way.  I don’t believe Gillen’s ever written her that way, yet that’s how certain circles of fandom want to portray her.  

How come America’s backstory is ignored in favor of one line towards Billy?  Why is David’s apologies towards Billy and Teddy, along with admitting multiple times that what he did was wrong ignored?  Why are their interactions with other characters colored through the lens of “aggressive+angry” and “aggressive+sexual”.  This isn’t the writing, this is fandom.  This is the confessions blog and the tags.  

David isn’t flirting with Loki, nor does he force a kiss upon Tommy, nor does he conspire to break up Billy and Teddy.  Yet I’ve seen posts within the tag and implications of such on the confessions blog (which is directly fandom) stating such.  All implying that David is a sexually aggressor falling under the stereotype of Black Brute.  Part of the stereotype is being a “sexual threat to white people”.  

America saying a flirty and playful (if rude/presumptuous) line to Kate is seen as aggressive and even borderline rape implying.  America being disappointed in Billy is seen as her being unjustly angry because the anger of WOC (especially Latina and black women) is often seen as them being hysterical and unable to help themselves.  It becomes easier to put them down and discredit their feelings.   Being aggressive is just a part of Latina and black women’s DNA so it’s better to just not listen to them or give credence to their feelings and opinions.  Worse still, America isn’t even angry with Billy but herself.  Yet because she is coded so often within fandom as being an angry aggressor, some people read her attacking Billy.  Just as people read David attacked any other man. 

Even though context doesn’t support such claims.   

This is FANDOM saying these things.  

Within fandoms across the board white male characters are often held up while minorities, especially POC, are more harshly criticized and outright erased within fandom.  

There’s a reason why Noh-Vah/Tommy (or Nohommy) is far more popular than Eli/Tommy or David/Tommy.  There’s a reason why Clint/Coulson is one of the most popular pairings in MCU fandom over pairings like ClintNat or TonyRhodey.  There’s a reason why Scott McCall is erased or discredited in his own show for Stiles and Sterek.  There’s a reason why some people try to reduce or force upon Abbie the “strong black woman” stereotype while attempting to build up the white woman on the show.  There’s a reason why people try to desexualize Mako in favor of Chuck/Raleigh.  There’s a reason why WOC are often supported in being friends to white male characters instead of actual romantic love interests.  There’s a reason why Superwholock is so popular.  

Race is a big part of fandom, and how fandom will treat the characters of a medium.  My post was about fandom, because it’s certain circles of fandom perpetrating these stereotypes and reducing these characters to those aspects.  

Worse still it’s these circles of fandom that want NO discussion of race and the impact race has on fandom.  As if race has nothing to do with how fandom treats and sees characters in any medium of fictional media. 

anonymous asked:

PT.1 Hello, sorry but I have a question about the ableism phrases. I don't quite understand why "You're an inspiration" is so bad. If I were to ever say that to a disabled person, it's not because I think their "life isn't worth living" or that their lives "are less valuable", but you were correct in saying it is because their lives are more challenging. And it's inspiring to see someone conquer their hardships and continue to have a positive outlook on life. Too me it's like saying it to a

PT 2. person who had suffered from depression or anxiety and yet fought on to get out of their comfort zone or fought suicidal thoughts, or just are generally still just taking life one day at a time. Because to me these people are inspiring, easily you could’ve gotten mad at “god” or who ever but instead you embrace it and you don’t let it hinder you and you allow yourselves to realise that you are perfect exactly the way you are. You do no let your disability define you and I find that inspiring because I’m letting little things like a pimple define myself worth. I’m sorry if this came off as insensitive but I just really don’t understand why it’s so bad to call someone an inspiration.

This would’ve read differently if you wrote me that you “want to understand” but you just wrote “I don’t understand” which through text appears very dismissive, as thought you are implying that it is illogical. You never asked a question, you just said “I don’t understand”, justified inspiration porn and then repeated that you don’t understand, so that’s how it’s coming across. 

The only thing that makes our life more challenging is ableism and lack of access, with access and opportunity, anything is possible. Do you tell women they are inspiration for being women in a sexist society? Or people of color that they are inspirational for living in a racist society? So why are disabled people inspirational for living in an ableist society? And it’s so accepted that people don’t even realize that #AbleismExists, how THEY are the ones that make our lives challenging, not our bodies. 

Why the hell would I get “mad at God” or at my life for being disabled? Being disabled is not a bad thing. Ableism makes being disabled hard, the disability does not HAVE to be hard. Even the way you talk about disability “the way you embrace it” it’s part of who we are. There is no problem with it, the problem is in how people view us and treat us, they dismiss our lives as “challenging” so they don’t have to worry about including us. 

“You do not let your disability define you… a pimple define my self worth” so… disability is comparable to a pimple… a painful physical experience that is not included in the beauty ideal. Disability is a part of our identity, you’ve seen one too many movies where people with disabilities, all they want is to be able, they hate themselves because of their disability, THAT IS NOT THE COMMON NARRATIVE, THAT IS THE ABLEIST MESSAGE THE MEDIA TRIES TO SEND YOU SO THAT YOU WILL CONSUME US FOR INSPIRATION. SO YOU WILL CLICK THEIR INSPIRATION PORN LINKS WHEN WE’VE DONE NOTHING SENSATIONAL BUT LIVE OURS LIVES. 

LIKE ANIMALS IN A ZOO, WE ARE APPARENTLY HERE TO BE CONSUMED BY ABLE/NEUROTYPICAL PEOPLE. And if I get upset like I am just now, I’m not serving my purpose, I can be dimissed of because I am a disabled person not providing you with “feel-good” vibes. 

This is all just building up and as an anonymous face coming into my space to imply that there is nothing wrong with inspiration porn, I’ve just heard it too many times, it HURTS that you don’t understand how harmful it is. It hurts that people think disabled people are heroes for living and that able people are heroes for loving us. The implication is ALWAYS that it should be hard to love ourselves, and almost impossible for anyone to love us.

And instead of being another hurtful anonymous echoing voice implying that my life should be hard and I am assumed to have low self worth because I am disabled, you really could’ve looked it up:

and if you do a search through tags or search engines for “inspiration porn” you will find MANY more pieces on the topic. Please in the future, consider before personally asking people why something oppresses or harms them as a group/community, that somebody’s already said it, somebody’s already written about it. You don’t have to ask us to do the work for you, search for it, link you, on top of everything else.

  • A S H T O N: You and Ashton were friends long before he asked you out. You knew he was outgoing and funny and loud, so it was a surprise to you when your date came along and he could barely hold a conversation. When the night came to an end, you two were standing on your door step when you decided to ask him about his strange behavior. "I know you, Ash, you're not quiet like this. Is something wrong? Did I say something?" You ask him. He's quick to shake his head, offering you a reassuring smile before explaining. "I dunno, it's just-" He pauses to collect his thoughts, scuffing the toe of his shoe on the ground. "It was easy to just be friends with you and laugh and be dumb but now.. you know how I feel about you and it makes me feel… nervous, I guess. I'm sorry." You can't help but stare in bewilderment; you made him nervous? You thought it would be the other way around, everyone loved Ashton. You can't help but wrap your arms around the taller boy's shoulders before pulling away and giving his dimpled cheek a quick pinch. "Well stop being nervous, because I like you a whole bunch and I kinda wish you'd kiss me already." Ashton chuckles in surprise, "oh my god." before giving your lips a sweet peck and waving you goodnight.
  • C A L U M: You were in that stage of dating where you kissed at the end of dates, but not randomly when you felt like it or whenever Calum was admiring your lips when you spoke. So when Calum took you on a lunch picnic, you weren't sure what to expect. You two were laying side by side, watching the clouds make shapes in the sky when his head lolled to face yours. "Can I kiss you?" He asks, watching for your reaction. You turn to face him in surprise, noses barely brushing when you do. You can't help but smile when you see his own shy, toothy grin, and you quickly agree with a nod of your head. Calum tilts his chin to meet your lips in a short but sweet kiss. "Can I kiss you again?" He asks, feeling as if the breath had been knocked out of his chest. You can't help but giggle. "You don't have to ask me, Calum." You tell him. You watch as his cheeks redden. "oh." You laugh airily agin and take it into your own hands to kiss him again.
  • L U K E: Kissing Luke was great. Kissing Luke on his bed was even better. You couldn't help but imagine how great it would be to kiss him without the separating layer of clothing between you two, just to feel as close as possible. He had already taken your shirt off, his fingers already traveling down the length of your back to feel undiscovered skin. So, you were kind of confused when he pulled away from you when you tried to pull his own shirt over his head. "I'm sorry, is this too far?" You ask, backtracking your actions and already searching the floor for your own top. "No, no no," Luke grabs your wrists, pulling you back over to him. His cheeks are flaming red, and his fingers twist at the hem of his black shirt. "It's just- I'm a teenage guy, right? So I'm growing weirdly and I hate it and I look uneven and-" You interrupt his rambling with a gentle kiss to his lips. "Why would I judge you for something you can't control? Something natural?" You ask. His head drops, and you rake your fingers through his blonde locks soothingly. "It's fine if you don't want to, I understand. I get self conscious sometimes too." Luke traces up your arm before speaking. "I want to." He pulls his shirt over his head and you marvel at the smooth planes of his broad chest and the tiny swell of his tummy. "Everyone is a work of art. Their shapes and colors and flaws-" You pause to kiss a freckle on his neck. "Just make them unique. You, Luke Hemmings, are my favorite work of art."
  • M I C H A E L: You stared down at your boyfriend as his blanket slipped past his neck, revealing his freshly shaven jaw and smooth skin of his throat. You really craved kissing the place his head met his neck, a crook of his body you couldn't get enough of. But his attention was on the television in front of you both, and kissing him there would require bending your neck in an odd way so you made a mental note to save it for when you're both tucked into bed later that night. "You're so pretty," You decided on saying instead, brushing his hair off of his forehead and watching his blue/green eyes flick up to you. A pretty pink flushed his cheeks as he tugs the blanket back up to cover his face. "No 'm not," He protests. "Michael," You whine, taking the blanket from his hands. "Look at me. Please, baby?" He reluctantly rolls over, an embarrassed smile on his face. You trace his red lips with the tip of your finger, admiring the fullness of his lower lip. You then can't help but boop his little nose before leaning down and kissing his forehead. "I think you're adorable," You tell him with a content sigh. But you're quick to correct yourself when you see his pout. "But, in the most punk rock way ever."
The Camp Out-Imagine #191
  • Luke: Before you started touring with your boyfriend Luke's band, your family had a tradition of an annual camping trip. Every summer you and your dad would throw a dart at a map of the US and wherever it landed, that's where your family drove to for the camp-out. Since it was July and you were still out with the boys, you weren't able to make it back home for the trip, and it really bummed you out. Luke noticed you sulking a couple of times when you thought no one was around and he felt bad, knowing he was the reason you were missing out on something that you looked forward to every year since you were little. So, he decided to do something about it. "Hey, Y/N!" Luke greeted cheerfully as he pulled back the curtain of your bunk to see you quietly reading a book. He gives you a peck on the lips and you can't help but notice the Joker-esque grin he's sporting. You eye him suspiciously and set down your book in your lap. "Hi...?" you reply, sounding confused. "We've got a couple days off," he explains as he starts pulling you down from the bunk and into his arms. "I am aware, yes." "Then back a bag!" You look at him blankly. "Where are we going? We haven't even stopped yet?" "You'll see." The bus stops not long after that, in some random place you've never seen before. You figure you must be somewhere in the Midwest. "So..." you begin, looking over at Luke, the other three boys behind him all wearing matching smiles. "Hey, Y/N!" you hear from behind you. You look over and see your dad pitching a tent and waving over at you, your mom by his side setting up a bonfire. You gasp and look back at Luke, eyes wide. "We're going camping!" he exclaims, stretching his arms out to gesture to the surroundings. If a few tears fell from your eyes, no one could really blame you.
  • Michael: "Come on, Michael. It'll be fun!" you plead, pulling on your boyfriend's arm. "You know I hate being outside. Remember what happened last time?" You smirk at the memory, and try to suppress a grin. "I told you not to antagonize that poor raccoon." "I didn't even do anything!" "...You waved a stick around at it and kept on yelling 'Where's Pocahontas?' at it. You honestly had it coming." He huffs and cross his arms over his chest in response. "I still don't wanna spend the night outside." You sigh and give up, walking toward your room for a nap since there was clearly nothing you were going to be doing tonight. "Alright, Michael," you say in defeat before closing the door. When you rise from your nap later on, you walk out into the living room and give a small yawn that shortly turns into a jaw-drop. "What..." you begin, looking over at Michael trying to set up a tent on his own in the middle of the living room. There's a "bonfire" a few feet away from him that is really two forks and a lighter with a pack of marshmallows sitting next to him. The couch is bare, all of the cushions and pillows set up in a fort-like fashion just in front of it. There are two rolled up sleeping bags sitting next to a couple of lanterns and stuffed animals perched in random places. Michael looks over his shoulder at you, the tent lying limply in his hands, and flashes you a small smile. "I figured we could just camp out in here..." he mutters, a faint flush creeping up his neck, indicating his embarrassment. "As long as you can keep me safe from these ferocious bears," you reply, gesturing to a stuffed Winnie The Pooh sitting atop the television set. "Baby, it's a wild, wild world," he replied with a bright smile. You laugh and go over to help him set up the tent because he is absolutely hopeless at it.
  • Calum: When Calum brings up a camping trip that the boys were thinking of having, you almost jump out of your skin with excitement. "I love camping!" you exclaim, shooting out of your seat across from him at your dining room table and plopping down in his lap. "I haven't gone in such a long time. We have to go!" "I don't know, Y/N," he begins, looking hesitant. You pout and wrap your arms around his shoulders, "Please?" you plead. "Alright, fine, just stop with the eyes!" he says with a chuckle. "Excellent!" you reply excitedly before launching from your spot and sprinting over to your room to pack a bag. "This is going to be great!" All you hear as a response from him is laughter. The next day...there was almost nothing else that could have gone wrong. Your car broke down halfway to the camp-site, so you all had to walk a couple of miles until you found a good spot to set up, that also had cell reception so that you could call for someone to come fix the car, it rained for about an hour, you almost got eaten by a snake("It was THIS BIG! It could have swallowed me whole!" "You're exaggerating, Y/N. But it's okay, you're safe now." "My hero."), you and Calum forgot your sleeping bags in the kitchen, so the five of you had to share one, and if all that wasn't annoying, the tent collapsed on you all in the middle of the night. You all sat in silence under the damp fabric covering your faces before you start laughing incredibly, sending the rest of the group into hysterics. "This is probably the worst camping trip in the history of forever," you state as you all lay out underneath the stars, nothing overhead as you were all too lazy to try and fix the tent back up. "I don't think it is," Calum muses quietly. "How could it not be?" you ask with a laugh. "Because," he begins, looking over at you and reaching for your hand. "I'm with you."
  • Ashton: "Isn't this illegal?" you ask meekly, watching Ashton throw your backpacks over the fence of the zoo. "Only if we get caught," he says with a smirk before hoisting himself over the fence. From the top, he reaches out his hand to help you over, you hesitantly take it and you both make it over to other side okay. "When did you become such a bad boy?" you ask him teasingly, picking your backpack up. "Since you told me you've never been camping before and I realized there's nowhere to go camping in the middle of the city," he explains as he grabs your hand. You walk around the zoo for a bit, looking at all the sleeping animals, as Ashton narrates everything like it was an Australian nature documentary. ("And here we have the ferocious lion. He watches ova the rest of pride as they sleep soundly.") You set up your sleeping bags in the middle of the bird sanctuary and eat s'mores poptarts, since you can't really start a fire in the middle of the zoo, as you look at all of the colorful feathers of the birds. "I think I quite like camping," you say with a contented sigh as you lean your head on his shoulder.

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Hey can i request chanyeol scenario when he find out that you're bulimic? And you really really hate your body? But if you don't want to do it because you feel uncomfortable it's fine tho. Excuse my english, i hope you can understand my english :)

A/N: Your English is amazing, really! And of course I’ll do it. I just want everyone to know that if you are bulimic or suffer from another form of an eating disorder, GET HELP. Really. This can kill you. Please, don’t treat yourself like this. You’re worth so much more than that, and your body needs to feel loved, especially by you. 

Everything was shaking. Your vision swam, colors fading in and out of a black and white sea. God, you’d taken too many emetics. Or maybe you took them too fast. Regardless, something went wrong, and now you were curled into the corner of the bathroom, shuddering at each pound of Chanyeol’s fists against the door. “Y/N!” he screamed from the other side, pounding harder. “Y/n, let me in! Let me in now!”

“Go away,” you croaked, pulling yourself closer into the walls and cradling an empty pill bottle in your hand. How many did you take? How many were left in the bottle before you chucked them down your throat? You tried to count on your fingers, but there were too many fingers to count on. More than ten, you thought. 

His assault on the door remained unending. Why was he so persistent? Oh yeah, because he was your boyfriend. Because you loved him, and he loved you. Did someone really love you? Maybe it was all a lie. Would Chanyeol lie to you about something like that? Your head said no, but your heart said yes. Who to believe? Both? Neither? At this point your head was spinning so fast that every thought muddled together. 

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So, You're Thinking About Joining Tumblr (a work in progress)
  • 1: You must have a tagged/me, tagged/gpoy, tagged/my+face, etc. even if you don't leave a link on your page or as part of your theme.
  • 2: If you send anonymous hate then you honestly are not even mature enough for Tumblr, which is really, *really* saying something.
  • 3: If you send anonymous uplifting, supportive, or mildly flirty messages, you are the salt of the earth.
  • 3: If you post something that you yourself did not actually create, source that shit. Do it. No excuses.
  • 4: It's your own blog, post whatever you damn well please. People don't have to look at it. Don't be afraid to block people. Be as private or open as you're comfortable with. Your tumblr is your place, not anybody else's.
  • 6: If someone sends you nudes, it is understood that you aren't supposed to share them with anyone (let alone everyone) unless you're given explicit permission. (Also, exercise caution when you send nudes.) Depending on where you live, it's actually a crime for you to disseminate nude or partially nude pictures of women without their permission. (I don't know if the same is true for nude/partially nude protections for men, but I know for a fact that
  • 7: Don't believe everything you read, even if it's presented with pretty pictures and fancy graphics. It's easy to lie with statistics (like, crazy easy). Please exercise caution and discernment, within reason. Check sources to see if they're fishy before you believe claims that set off your BS alarm.
  • 8: Sometimes it's okay if you offend someone, because they're basically just a bundle of nerve endings instead of a reasonable person, and almost no matter what you do it'll be offensive to them. That being said, never go out of your way to harass or offend someone. Come on. Be the better person. Ignore them if they're just egging you on.
  • 9: Being racist is never okay. It really isn't. It has never been okay, despite social norms through the ages. Discriminating against people and harassing them due to immutable facts of their biology (the color of their skin, their gender, their sexuality, disabilities or proclivities, etc.), where they were born, or their deeply held spiritual/religious beliefs is not just uncool, it's wrong. Reevaluate your life and your worldview if you think it's okay to do those things.
  • 10: Beware nightblogging. Do not fall into that trap. It is a slippery slope. This site is wonderful and beautiful and terrifying and terrible, but it is not worth losing a wink of sleep over. Nightblogging doesn't just hurt you, it hurts those who love you.
  • 11: Sexuality is a fluid and confusing thing for most people. (Like, a majority, not just a plurality.) If you don't think so, you're probably new to this site. You will name your blog and follow your first blog and think you're the straightest guy or gal that ever was or will be. A few months of scrolling through hot people of all sexes and genders later, someone will ask you what your sexuality is, and you'll be like "??????" You like what you like, that's cool. Don't feel ashamed for not falling perfectly into some silly, rigidly defined Sexuality, and certainly don't let it define you. You're gay? Cool! You're straight? Good for you! You're bisexual? You're not confused or greedy, everyone else just fears what they cannot understand! You're pansexual? My god, he's having sex with our pans! You're asexual? Awesome, I respect that about you! (The "A" in LGBTQA+ doesn't stand for "Allies", ya dingus.) You don't know what your sexuality is called? Doesn't matter. It's yours. It changes and evolves and morphs and probably involves more kinks than you'll admit to having or even know you have yet. (Yet.)
  • 12: LGBTQA+ is kind of long and cumbersome and seems like a mouthful at first, but it's better for everyone if you spend 5-10 minutes familiarizing yourself with it and coming to accept it. (Didn't make a dick joke here, but I definitely thought about it.)
  • 13: Sex gifs are going to happen to you. They are going to happen to you in the safety of your own room in the dark in the middle of the night, and they are going to happen to you in broad daylight out in public. "Puppies to porn in seconds" is not a joke, it's a fact of life on this site. That's not necessarily bad, it's just something you should keep in mind if you're going to scroll through your dash in your place of worship or on the bus or in the middle of a family reunion, etc.
  • 14: Superwholock is a thing. Consider yourself warned. Steel yourself. No one is safe.
  • 15: The memes. Oh God, the memes.
  • 16: Subcultures are cool. Or scary. Instead of bashing a subculture for no reason, why not spend that time doing something constructive (like your homework) or invest it in a subculture that you do enjoy.
  • 17: Don't ask me what Homestuck is, I have literally no idea.
  • 18: For you to understand that referential all humor is, I need. I need this because of reasons.
  • 19: Don't be afraid to make friends on Tumblr. Yes, they can be real friends, who you will love and cherish. You will develop inside jokes with them, you will take truly, horrifyingly ugly selfies and share them with each other. You will cry on each other's shoulders (probably over a beloved fictional character experiencing difficulties, but also because of life and how much it sucks sometimes). Maybe you'll skype with them. Maybe you'll get drunk and maybe send them some texts that you shouldn't have. Or pictures. Or videos. Or large sums of cash. But you're real friends and you'll laugh it off (maybe in a forced, awkward sort of way, but you'll still laugh it off). Unfortunately, they probably live 1,000 miles away. And you'll both get busy and maybe not talk with each other as much anymore and fall out of touch for a little. That's okay. Everything's going to be okay, buddy. Drop them a message in their ask box, even if it's 4AM and you just remembered how much you love your stupid perfect useless beautiful derpy tumblr friend, and say hi. The beauty of the internet is that people can get in touch anywhere, any time (even if you have to wait for their time to be right for them). And maybe they ignore your message, or it's lost in the shuffle and they never see it. You'll lose friends too, and that's hard (like, really fucking hard), but learning how best to cope with that is extremely important for living a successful life. You can take something away from any experience. You'll be okay.
  • 20: There's plenty more, but I can't think of anything at the moment.