if you think i am tagging everyone you are crazy


It’s time for another cameo!

I am looking for a female sim, the requirements are:

  • Can look human/elf/nymph/satyr/deer etc. Non human is okay, just no vampires/werewolves. Use your judgement in what you think would fit into my story.
  • Must be YA

That’s it really, go crazy! I am looking for a beautiful and ethereal fantasy sim to add to the story for a siginificant role. I don’t have a limit to entries at the moment, everyone is free to enter! Take a screenshot and upload, please tag @neversayenevermore and I will reblog. Deadline is May 15th and the poll will be put up that night. So you have two weeks from today!

Please don’t send me any sims until you have gotten the cameo.

Reblog to get the word out!


Justin Bieber Dancers .. Your Flight Is Cancelled !

So our flight got cancelled in atlanta and Johnny said imagine if we just started dancing in the terminal…So i pulled out my camera and BOOM this happened!!!

this is so flawless.

littlerunnergurl tagged me for the stop drop and selfie - which I’m assuming means stop what you’re doing and take a selfie, because there’s no way I’m dropping anywhere near the floor in a hospital ew.

So here I am working at 3am. It’s been a crazy night. I’m pooped. But I haven’t been pooped on. Yet.

I think everyone has been tagged but if you haven’t been, I tag you. You’re it!

Even if I’ve never spoken to you, I would protect any one of you guys, even if you’re just a yearly acquaintance or a constant tag browser, and you could message me about anything and I would answer honestly and truthfully. I like to think that as a fandom, us europals are all crazy and friendly enough to appreciate everyone and try to be inclusive!