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One man tents aren’t meant for sharing

I wanted to write bed sharing. So I did. 

Smut ahoy.

3k words-ish

One man tents aren’t meant for sharing. Neither are sleeping bags. Too bad they don’t have any choice…

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Killian Jones’ rather bony elbow dug into Emma’s back. Wincing, she scowled then retaliated by shoving her icy cold right foot backwards until it was wedged between his bare legs, causing him to mutter profanities under his breath.

Today was such a fucking mess. She was cold, tired and mentally drained from an afternoon of drudging through the forest with… him .

“Swan…” he groaned, the low timbre of his voice cutting right through her body making her gut clench.

“Keep your arms to yourself, buddy,” she snapped, her frown growing deeper.

“Gladly,” he quipped, flopping dramatically onto his stomach. The extra-large sleeping bag that housed the pair lurched in his direction, spinning her onto her back and somehow wedging her arm beneath him.

“Urgh!” she cried, tugging herself free, thanking God and all the stars that the man was at least wearing an undershirt.

He turned his head. Though it was late, it was summer and the night sky still provided enough illumination to see his expression: a smug grin combined with raised eyebrows.

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What did you say?


B-day present for @snowbazmysons :) <3

Summary:  Baz has recently learnt Dutch and has decided to practice it, to Simon’s sorrow.

Note: I don’t speak Dutch, so I asked my friend Google for help. Please don’t cringe at the weird expressions. Also, I regret nothing


He’s done it again. Baz has found a new way to torment me.

Ik vind je heel mooi,” he says as I step into our room, which I guess means something like “I wish you were dead”.

“Yeah, you too,” I tell him. “Moron.”

I go to my bed and take my shirt off. It’s so hot in here, lately.

Lekker ding,” Baz continues with his insults.

“That would be you,” I reply, as I change into my pyjamas.

He lets out a short, mischievous laugh. “You don’t know what I said.”

“I don’t need to speak German to know that you’re insulting me.”

“Please, Snow, it’s Dutch.”

“Whatever,” I say, going into bed.

Slaap lekker schatje,” Baz says, and it must mean “may you never wake up again” or something similar.

“Same for you,” I retort. I have to learn Dutch.

Baz has taken it to the next level. A higher level of irritation. Now every time he insults me in Dutch his mouth quirks into a naughty smile and his eyes glint devilishly.

For example, today he bumped into me from behind in the corridor and said “lekker kontje”, right into my ear. He uses the word “lekker” a lot when insulting me. I guess it means “idiot” or “stupid” or “stupidly idiot”.

“Fuck you,” I said.

Ja, ik wil dat je doen precies dat,” he said back, with that stupid sparkle in his eyes. He stood there for a few seconds—terribly close—and then left me there, alone and confused.

Later, in class, he spent the whole hour looking at me from the other end of the classroom. Stormy grey eyes locked on mine. Plotting, for sure. So I stared back. When the lesson ended he approached me and whispered “mooie ogen”. Another insult, I guessed. So I snapped back “Are you describing yourself?”

Baz smirked and winked an eye at me. What the fuck. That’s when I realized that I really need to learn Dutch.

So now I’m with Anna, an exchange student from the Netherlands, and she’s going to teach me her language. I’ll be able to finally respond to Baz’s insults with a proper comeback.

We spend all night until I have a general grasp of the basics. Bless her patience.

The next day I come into our room as Baz emerges from the shower.

Ik heb je gemist,” he says, water dripping off his hair.  Okay I know that “ik” means “I” and “je” means “you”. No clue about the rest. It must be something like “I want you gone” or “I want you dead”.

“Likewise,” I retort.

His lips quirk mischievously and there’s that annoying glint in his eyes again.

I step towards his direction. There’s a drop of water falling down his face.

He looks at me enigmatically and says “Ik hou van je.” I something you . “I hate you”, I suppose. Or “I loathe you” or “I despise you” or “I’d spit on you”.

“Yeah, the feeling is mutual,” I reply.

I swear his eyes flicker to my lips.

Ik wil graag smijt je tegen de muur…” Baz starts. Fuck, I’m not understanding anything. I have to ask Anna to meet tonight again. “…en kus je.”

Wait. “What?” I ask him, inching closer. I follow the path of the water drop with my eyes. It’s now on his jawline.

“What.” He freezes.

“What did you say?” I step even nearer. Our faces are almost touching.

He doesn’t respond. I can feel his breath on my face. Hard and heavy. He’s nervous.

I’m actually pretty sure he said “kiss you”. I place a hand on his chest.

The drop is now on his neck. So I tilt my head down and, slowly, I touch the drop with my mouth. “You mean…” I say, tracing kisses up his neck and jawline. He moans softly. “Like…” I continue, lips now on his cheek. I spare a moment to look at him. Our lips are almost brushing. I can feel his heart beating fast against my hand. “This?” I say and I close the distance before he can answer.

Our mouths clash and move over one another. Fiercely. Baz parts his lips and my tongue finds his.

I wonder how long he’s wanted this. I wonder how long I’ve wanted this.

I’m kissing Baz. I kiss him until my lips are sore.

“We should probably go to class,” Baz says after a while.

“Mmhm,” I say against his mouth, but don’t move an inch. “I’d rather practice Dutch with you.”

I move my lips to his neck again and suck the skin in there.

Hup, Simon,” he says. “Werk aan de winkel.”

Somehow we make it to the second lesson.

I go to my usual seat with Penny, Agatha and Anna. Baz goes with Dev and Niall.

“Simon!” Penny cries. “What happened? Where were you?”

“Did Baz do anything to you?” Agatha asks, slightly worried.

“Yeah… he wouldn’t let me go,” I answer.

You wouldn’t let me go, Snow,” Baz says from the other end of the class.

Crowley, Baz, is that a hickey?”

“Shut up, Niall.” Baz’s face is burning red.

“Fuck a nine-toed-troll, Simon!” Penny shouts. Eyes big with surprise behind her pointy glasses.

“Wait,” Agatha follows. “You and Baz…?”

“Is that why you needed Dutch lessons?” Anna asks.

I look at Baz. He nods slightly at me and cracks a smile. I smile back at him.

“Yes,” I shrug at the girls. “We’re together.”

Baz decides to run from Dev and Niall’s questions and seat right next to me. “One kiss and you think we’re happy boyfriends?” he sneers.

“Two kisses,” I say and I kiss him again.


Translation of phrases:

Ik vind je heel mooi = I think you’re really beautiful

Lekker ding = yummy thing

Slaap lekker schatje = sleep well darling

lekker kontje = nice arse

lekker = yummy

Ja, ik wil dat je doen precies dat = yes, I want you to do precisely that

mooie ogen = beautiful eyes

Ik heb je gemist = I missed you

Ik hou van je = I love you

Ik wil graag smijt je tegen de muur en kus je = I want to throw you against the wall and kiss you

Hup, Simon. Werk aan de winkel = Go on, then. Carry on, Simon.

Ari: Okay, turns out I LOVE Dutch (sorry about any language inconsistencies) I had fun writing this. Hope you like it! :D

Charlie weasley x reader (Percy's friend)

Could you maybe do a Charlie Weasley X reader imagine where the reader is a friend of Percy’s who comes over for the holidays and they start to fall for each other? (PART 1) —————————————-


Percy told me a lot about his family, about his brother Charlie who works with dragons, about his mother who is apparently the most kind hearted person in the world with also amazing cooking skills, and his dad who is obsessed with muggle’s. And Bill ofcourse the husband of the glamour Fleur Delacour. Percy’s nice little brother ron told me full of enthusiasm about their house on the train. Ginny his little sister told me about the clock in their house that’s shows everyone where they are. Kind of awesome if you ask me. So I was really exited all the way to weasley residence. And luckily it was time to get off the train. I walked after Percy to his parents. “(Y/n) nice to meet you!” I immediately felt welcome by his parents. I shaked Percy’s mother her hand. “Hello! I’m (y/n).” After shaking his mothers hand I shaked his dads hand. The English manners ofcourse. “I’m molly and this is my husband Arthur! I really want you to feel welcome in our home. Bill wouldn’t be with us this vacation because he is being bizzy. But Charlie is waiting by the car.” I smiled at both of the parents. I felt warm, and loved. I walked after everyone and talked a bit to the twins about how exited I was. When I came to the car.. the chatterbox I became silence immediately after seeing the boy standing against the car. It was just like a movie. “This is my brother Charlie.” Said Percy. I shaked his hand and smiled shyly at him. “Hi, I’m (y/n).” I didn’t know what was happening.. “Nice to meet you, (y/n).” Charlie said smirking. I blushed and looked away quickly. “Nice to meet you to.” I looked at him again and we stood there just smirking at each other. Percy rolled his eyes at me. “Come on (y/n).” Charlie blushed heavily and jumped behind the wheel. “Why are you blushing (y/n)?” fred and George said to me smirking. “Shut up. I mean it.” I said whispering. All the way to the weasley residence I was looking out of the window, staring at the beautiful sky. I saw blue, pink and purple all mixed together to an outstanding sky full of beauty. “(Y/n) where here!!” Ginny shouted. I woke up from my thoughts and opened the car door. “It’s not much, but it’s home.” Ron said. Harry laughed. “I remember this sentence. I do not feel special anymore! You tell this to everyone who comes here don’t you!” Harry said joking. I laughed along with the boys. “It’s amazing! Ginny I would love to see that clock!” Fred hinted george and they both looked at Charlie. Fred walked over to Charlie. “Charlie please stop staring, she is 17 man.” I pretended I didn’t hear them and helped harry and ron with the suitcases. “Shut the fuck up fred. Get out of my face before I slap you.” Fred laughed really hard. “Phase one. Denial.” Fred started running While Charlie was chasing him angrily. I moved the trunks in the house and looked around me. “This is out the clock I was talking about.” Ginny said while pointing at the clock. “Awesome.” Fred stormed into the house with Charlie chasing him. “Stop it boys! Stop it!” Molly pulled fred by his collar. “Charlie I’m surprised that I even have to tell you this. You are a grown man!” Harry, ron, Arthur and George also walked into the house. “Ginny are you going to help me prepare the dinner? And fred, Charlie you have to clean everything afterwards. WITHOUT magic.” Fred sighed and walked upstairs after ron and Harry. “Molly, can I help you with the dinner?” Molly smiled. “No you are my guest!” I walked towards her. “I insist, I like to help.” Charlie walked towards the dishes. “Charlie! No magic.” Charlie sighed. “You can help charlie with the dishes, Ginny and I will start with the dinner preparations. You can always help us when you finish the dishes with charlie.” Ginny and molly walked over to the garden to get some ingredients for dinner. Charlie threw me a towel and started washing. “You don’t mind drying do you?” I grabbed a plate from probably yesterday and started drying it. “No I don’t mind, I don’t really care if I dry or wash.” Charlie started washing the dishes again. “I just can’t wrap my head around it.. how did you and Percy became friends? You look like an relaxed person.” I laughed. “Percy and I met in 4th year, we didn’t became friends until 5th year when he let me helped me study for the final tests of the year. Percy really is a good friend, it just takes him a lot of time to let down his strict walls. And it’s funny to troll him.” Charlie smiled. “I think it’s also great Percy found a great friend like you.” I couldn’t help but stare at his beautiful smile. “That’s nice of you, why do you think that?” Charlie put down the pan he was washing. “I can sense that by people. I just feel some kind of attraction to you.. and I..” molly walked in with Ginny walking behind her. Charlie grabbed the pan again and started washing everything twice as fast. I dried everything but after that I couldnt get Charlie’s words out of my head..

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Lili and Mads were live again! I think someone asked "are you dating Cole?" and then Lili passed the question to Mads, who said, "No, I'm the opposite of dating Cole. He's like my brother." Then Lili didn't say anything. If the asker didn't specify who the question was for, why did Lili refuse to answer for herself? 😏

Girlfriend had great dodging and deflecting powers. Contrary to what people think, Sprousehart enjoys trolling people about their relationship. They find it amusing that people are so curious. 🙄

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If it is really a pregnancy test, we know for sure now that Touka definitely not gonna join any fight lol. I have mixed feeling about this,I can't get rid the thoughts of the rotten womb poem. Do you think the pregnancy gonna have any chance surviving? What do you think Kaneki's respond to the issue?

“the child that was meant to be born, died” uhhh, i think that phrase says it all 😂 unless he’s trolling like he usually does and there’s a plot twist and the child survives. 

well, regarding Kaneki’s respond to this… his conversation with Tsukiyama in the spoilers it’s pretty much about Tsukiyama getting salty about Kaneki not killing the investigators but their quinques, and Kaneki says something about that if there comes a day he might not be there for them anymore the ghouls still need to be able to live on the surface again, and then Tsukiyama smiles and says that since when did Kaneki started thinking for the future of ghouls like that, and then the ring appears in the panel (kudos to my friend Irene who told me this), so I think that after 125+ring, he’s holding onto this desire of building up a better future for ghouls, a better world for him and Touka together, i think that if she’s pregnant, the whole idea of “fighting for a better place to live” will get stronger since he will want to give his child a safe future? or it could be the opposite, who knows. 

Wanted Ch.4

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Pervious Parts

Year 2002

John and a fifteen year old Mikayla sit in a small diner in Dunsmuir California eating breakfast drinking coffee. The waitress comes around refilling Johns mug.

 “I’ve never seen a teenage girl drink coffee and read the newspaper with her old man.” 

“Oh he’s not that old.” Mikayla teases getting a chuckle outta John. They sit there eating silently looking at the newspaper. “Found something.” Mikayla says sitting up tossing the paper to her dad. “Three people went missing in a week. All the victims are female and all seem to be a member of the local church possible case we should check it out.” He reads the news article as Mikayla finishes eating her pancakes doing research on her laptop. The waitress comes back getting the empty plates.

“Can I get you folks anything else?”

“How bout a slice of that apple pie.” Mikayla smiles and John looks her with furrowed brows.


“Ain’t it a bit early for pie?” 

“It’s never early for pie dad.” She smirks when the plate of pie is placed in front of her. She takes a bite and sits back happily chewing on the crumble pie. After a moment John chuckles to himself. “What’s so funny?” She ask. “Oh nothing, just you remind me of someone who also loves pie as much.” Mikayla shrugs her shoulders at this continues eating the slice. On their way to the motel they stop seeing a bunch of cop cars outside the church.

“Stay in the truck.” John orders pointing a warning finger at her. She raises her hands in defense shrugging her shoulders. Once he steps out the truck she slouches down in the seat putting her boots on the dashboard flicking the rubber band on her wrist something she does when she’s impatient. She sighs blowing her hair out her face looking lazily to her left and spots a strange man standing on the outside of the church on the far side away from the cops. Mikayla squints seeing he has blood on him. She quickly grabs the keys, locking the truck doors getting out. She ducks avoiding being seen by her father. Once he steps in the church Mikayla darts out from the bush she’s hiding behind and makes her way to the side of the church. She takes the knife she keeps in her left boot and grips it tight to her side.

She looks around the corner seeing the man enter the back of the church. “I don’t think that’s a good idea dude.” She murmurs to herself. She runs to the doors and stops not seeing him in the hallway. She opens the door on the side of the hallway to find it empty. She continues her search through the other doors. As she enters the second to last room and finds the dead victim from the crime scene. She steps over the police tape line and walks over the body. Not wanting to touch the body she she moves the girls head with the tip of her boot.

“Just what I thought, vamp.” She says examining her neck. As she’s about the leave the room she hears the sound of boots coming from the hallway. She hides behind the open door and waits for the person coming closer. When she sees the figures shadow she jumps out ready to slice and dice but they grab her wrist fast stopping her. She looks up to see it was her dad. “Didn’t I tell you to stay in the truck!” He scolds. “Yyyesss, but I saw a vamp walk in here so I took the chance in investigating.”

“How you know it was a vamp?”

“Cause there was blood all over him. He was standing on the other side of the church out of sight. The guy seemed scared I’m guessing he’s the one that killed the girl.”

“Alright well lets get outta here, you are staying out of this you’re not a hunter.” He grabs the collar of her jacket dragging her out the church. 

“I do all the research and stuff for you and uncle Bobby so close enough. I just don’t hunt cause you both won’t let me me.”

“Maybe because we don’t want you dead.”

“Dad I can protect myself, I almost had you back there.”

“Yeah, almost.” He says starting the truck up.

Mikayla sighs leaning back on the seat with arms crossed leaning her head on the window. The rest of the day they go around asking questions about the church and victims. Later on at night John is in restaurant picking up food inside since it was pouring out and just wanted to bring the food back to the motel. Mikayla is playing the air drums rocking out to the music in truck. She finishes her drum solo opening her eyes seeing a black figure in the distance from the restaurant. She leans over and turns the windshield wipers on and squinted seeing the same man from the church earlier.

She gasp thinking about going after him but she decides not to piss her dad off again so she leans over and flashes the head lights in the restaurant. It takes a moment for John to notice and he quickly gives the cashier the money grabbing the food running back to the truck. 

“What is it?” 

“Its the vamp I saw him over there he disappeared in the woods and it looked like he was in a hurry!” She rambles. John reverses outta the restaurant and in the direction Mikayla gives him. They drive with the headlights off to be unseen. After a few minutes they spot a barn in the distance.

 “Alright stay here I’m going in.”

“Are you crazy there can be a whole nest in there!”

“Mikayla I’ve got this.”

“Dad I can help.”

“No, you can’t. Your staying in truck and I mean it Mikayla.”


“No buts! Now don’t argue with me.” He raises he voice.

“Now pass me my knife in the glove compartment.” He asks. She gets it out and hands it to him and he suddenly handcuffs her to the steering wheel.

“Dad what the hell!”

“You’re not going anywhere. Stay in the truck! Now if I’m not back in ten you know what to do.”

“Go straight to Bobby’s.”

“Atta girl.” He nods closing the door. She sits there leaning against the bench seat of the truck and grunts out loud leaning her head on the steering wheel. She sits for ten minutes getting anxious he wasn’t back yet. “Come on dad where are you?” She whispers checking the time on her watch. She scratches her head stoping when she realizes she’s wearing a Bobby pin. She takes it out and after a minute she’s free. She quietly gets out the truck going to the back opening the case with his weapons grabbing a machete. She grips it tight holding it eye level walking to the side of the barn. It was quiet too quiet.

 She’s suddenly grabbed from behind across the chest the person covering her mouth to block screaming.

Mikayla braces herself and flips the guy forward over her knocking him down. She maybe small 5’4, but she was strong. John and Bobby had her take self defense classes and other material arts classes to be prepared for anything. He goes to get up but once he’s on his knees Mikayla swings the machete at his head slicing it off.

She continues her search about to turn a corner when she hears footsteps coming closer she stiffens immediately ducking behind one of the wheel barrels of hay. The footsteps get quiet and stop. She stands up which is a bad idea because she’s suddenly punched in the face by the man she saw a the church. She stumbles back and he charges at her tackling her down. He is way bigger then her so she gets the wind knocked out her when he takes her down. He inches his face close to her his fangs out ready to bite.

“I’m so hungry.” He growls. Mikayla gets him off guard when she punches him in the nose hard with her knuckles. He growls picking her head up and slamming it down hard. Her vision becomes blurry for moment. Her legs were somewhat free as he hovers over her. She raises her knee high hitting him in the sweet spot.

She chuckles at this flipping over to her stomach to grab the machete. Right when she did he gets ahold of her ankle dragging her to him she flips herself quickly but he knocks the knife out her hand and grabs it himself. Mikayla gets up quickly, he swings the knife side to side at her as she backs up. The last one he gets her good on her right bicep. She gasp immediately grabbing it. She takes her hand away seeing the blood. The man stands there staring at her in hunger. He charges at her again this time Mikayla manages to slip by him and he trips falling on the knife stabbing himself.

Mikayla runs to him quickly flipping him over taking it out his stomach and chops his head fast, it hit the wall and bounces off her. She streaks a little throwing it off. She gets up and sighs wiping the sweat and blood off her forehead. “Sorry tubby I’m not your dinner tonight.” She takes of her plaid shirt tying it around her bicep for pressure to stop the bleeding leaving her wearing her bloody white tank top. She suddenly hears laughter and snaps her head up seeing it was coming from the second floor from inside the barn. She steps quietly in hiding behind the stacks of hay. 

She looks around seeing dead vamps on floor through out the first floor of the barn. 

She hears her dads voice coming from upstairs this time. Mikayla steps over the dead bodies and heads to  to the ladder. She puts the machete on the loop of her jeans and climbs up slowly trying not to make noise. When she reaches the top she spots her dad tied against one of the post. In front of him was a blonde women in a leather jacket and black jeans. Mikayla figures she was the packs leader. “John Winchester, you think you can just get away with just trolling in here without a plan and just take down my pack by yourself. Don’t think so.” Mikayla walks closely behind her holding the machete up. John sees Mikayla, you can he was clearly pissed but still glad to see her.

“You’re not going anyway Winchester!” She spats at him. John just smiles at the vamp.

“What makes you think I won’t get outta here.” He says to her.

“Cause you were stupid enough to come to the nest alone.”

“Think again blood sucking bitch!” Mikayla says as the blonde turns around and gasp as Mikayla swings slicing her head off swiftly. Her body falls to the floor as her head rolls off to the first floor. John looks at Mikayla’s appearance looking like a true hunter with blood all over her holding the machete up high and a face with so much confidence. John knows she was natural. “I told you to stay in the truck.” He scolds at her. So much for a happy father daughter moment. She cuts the ropes from behind the post setting her dad free. “Your welcome.” She scolds backed walking away leaving John there. 

“Hey don’t you walk away from me young lady!” He yells. Mikayla ignores him jumping down to the first floor of the barn going back to the truck. The ride to the motel is quiet. When they make it there she just grabs the food and goes in the room and they eat quietly to themselves. John doesn’t say anything he knows giving Mikayla space was the way to let her calm down. She’s stubborn just like him. She stands by the mirror looking herself, blood all over her clothes and face.


“Come here, let me see your arm.” John says as he sits on the bed with the first aid kit. She doesn’t say thing she just plops down next to him. He unites her shirt from her arm and frowns at her wound. “How it happen?” 

“Vamp came at me with the machete when he knocked it out my hands.” 

“Pretty deep definitely gonna leave a scar.” He passes her a clean wash cloth to bite down on.

“This ain’t gon’ feel good.” He says holding the bottle of whiskey and her arm ready to pour. She places the cloth in her mouth and braces herself. John pours it on her arm as Mikayla curses are muffled. She exhales and spit the towel out as he was done. “Now you know how I feel when you patch me up.” She stays quiet as he stitches her up only noise she’ll make was a hiss from the needle going in sensitive areas.

“You know I’m proud of you today.” He says suddenly as he was finishing. Mikayla looks at him with a raised eyebrow not sure if those words really just came out his mouth. “You are?”

“Of course I am you were a true hunter today. You didn’t show fear once full confidence. You took out two vamps and their pack leader without breaking a nail.”

“Well I kinda did.” She chuckles lifting her hand up. 

“Alright go wash up careful with the stitches.”


The next morning after leaving the motel Mikayla goes back to sleep in the truck with one of Johns jackets over her face blocking the early morning sun. When she wakes up she stretches hitting her knuckle on the window. “Ouch!” John chuckles shaking his head. 

“How long I been out?”

“Four hours.”


“Didn’t get much sleep I presume.”

“Nope too much adrenaline from last night.” She smiles and looks around and is immediately confused seeing they were at a school. More like a college.

“Why are at… Stanford University?” 

“Just wanted to check something out.” Mikayla looks around trying to think on what he wanted to check out. 

“Why don’t you go get us some coffee and stuff.” He says handing her some cash.

“Yes sir.” She salutes and hops out the truck and makes her way across the street to one of the school cafés. She stands in line waiting humming to herself patiently.

When she gets her order she struggles to balance both coffee cups and the bag of donuts. Not paying attention to where she was going she trips bumping into someone and dropping the donut bag but someone catches it just in time before it can hit the floor. “Got it” she hears. She looks up to see a very tall boy definitely over 6 foot with a brown bowl cut that curves out the ends. A real cute smile and hazel eyes. “Sorry I’m such a klutz I should’ve been paying attention.” 

“Its no problem, names Sam.” He introduces handing her the bag. 

“Mikayla.” Sam looks at her with confusion.

“Have we met before?”

“Uh I- I don think so I don’t even go to school here.”

“Oh okay sorry you just.. you seem familiar like I know you from somewhere.” He confesses.

“No problem. My dad and I are just passing through town.”

“Thats a pretty gash you got there.” He says pointing to her arm.

“Oh yeah I got that uh from tripping and the wood fence got me good.” She nervously laughs.
John on the other hand was looking right out window watching his two kids talk to each other after many years. Brother and sister can’t even recognize each other. He smiles at this and was glad he came down to check up on Sam. Sam introduces Mikayla to Jessica his girlfriend and says their goodbyes. Mikayla climbs into the truck sees her dad grinning to himself. “What?” She ask her mouth full with the donut.


0.1, fifa rage and cute dimples

“I really need to win a game with this team, guys.”

“Go on, go on, go on!”

“Yes, yes, yes!”


“What even just happened?”

Those were only a few a few of the noises heard from Simon’s room during the filming of his FIFA videos. Needless to say, it could be a little distracting while you were trying to edit your newest video for your main channel. You had to hold in a laugh as you heard him yell a priceless, “OH, SUCK YOUR MUM!”

Before moving into the sidemen house, you’d never have known the thrilling lifestyle of living with four YouTube gamers.

As the yelling continued, you picked up your vlogging camera that was sat on the couch next to you, tuned it on, and turned it to face you. “Guys, he’s at it again.” You said quietly, a grin slipping onto your face when the camera picked up a, “Yes George, yes George, YES GEORGE, SCORE! FUCK YEAH!” from the other room. You shook your head jokingly and turned the camera toward the noises. “It’s getting out of hand, he even told someone to suck his mum. Please send help.” You laughed, turning the camera back to yourself.

“Oh man,” You sighed jokingly. “Do you guys think it’s time to troll? I think it’s time to troll.”


“Here ladies and gentlemen, we have a wild Miniminter in his natural habitat.” You whispered, peeking through the door to your boyfriends bedroom as you pointed your camera at his back. “Here, we have him playing a raucous match of FIFA 16.” You edged closer. “As you can see, he sucks dick at it.”

Simon kept his eyes on his screen as you talked, but a big grin appeared on his face, your favourite dimples appearing on his face. You could’ve sworn right then and there - those dimples could end any kind of war.

“You’re a dick.” He laughed, his fingers still working on the controller. You rested one arm against his swivelly chair. “He does indeed suck balls at FIFA, but ladies and gentlemen, his laugh is actually the epitome of sunshine and happiness. So we let it slide.” You grinned from behind the camera as you spoke. Simon’s smile grew and he took off his headphones, resting them around his neck. He swivelled around in his chair to face you, and he reached for your free hand and intwined his fingers with yours, his golden ring cold against your hand.

“Mate, you are such a loser.” He shook his head, using his hold on you hand to pull his chair closer to you.

“You and me both, Mr Suck Your Mum.” You teased, setting your vlogging camera down on his desk.

He grins again, moving his head to close the gap between you two and kissing you gently.

“You gonna edit this out?” You mumbled against his lips after a while.

“Are you?”

“Probably not.”

“Eh, me neither.”


aY YO, SO IM A NEW SIDEMEN/MINIMINTER BLOG AND THIS IS MY FIRST IMAGINE ON HERE YAY!!!1 it’s super cheesy and all that good stuff, so i hope you enjoy it. feedback would be vv much appreciated and feel free to leave me a request if you want <333

Super Spence II (The Schlong Reloaded)

A/N: You asked, I delivered.
Rating: M

Y/N had turned bright red when he’d originally suggested it but she was glad she’d agreed to it. Standing beside him in his cape with his pants on the outside, it was like there was a dirty inside joke that only the two of them understood. The party itself had been full of the usual characters that appeared at fancy dress parties but she and Spencer had gone all out, making sure they were the only Superman and Supergirl pair in the room.

Rossi, who was dressed extremely convincingly like the Godfather, had made comments about leaving things to the imagination when he first saw Spencer but he’d not fully understood. Instead, it had been Y/N who felt the pang of embarrassment before making a comment about being proud of it.

Derek had greatly enjoyed the sight of Spencer dressed how he was, sauntering over with his all black suit and his black shades. The pair laughed and joked for a while before Spencer had asked who exactly his colleague had come as.

“J, from ‘Men in Black’,” he chuckled. “I make this look good.”

“You certainly do,” came kitty Garcia’s voice, pulling Derek away. The couple watched as Derek and Garcia moved away, chuckling and giggling as though there was more to them than met the eye.

Y/N looked to Spencer with a devious grin growing on her lips as she again thought about the meaning behind his costume. Scanning the lycra, her eyes locked on to the prominent bulge that protruded from his lower regions.

“Super Spence,” she began. “I’ve been thinking a lot about the narratives of the comics and I feel like there’s something you and your ‘sidekick’ are missing.”

“Sidekick?” he asked before following her line of sight. “Oh, and what might that be?” The moment he realised what she meant, the superhero voice began but she had no intention of just explaining. Taking hold of his hand, she pulled him away from the others to find a secluded spot, finally finding refuge near the back of the garden.

Looking down once more, she could see that Spencer’s bulge had become a full on tent shape, forcing the tight lycra away from his crotch. She let her hand slide down his front till her fingers played gently with the tip of him. There was no need for an explanation but Y/N had begun to enjoy the silliness of the roleplay.

“Oh, Super Spence,” she began in a dramatic tone. “Won’t you and your sidekick let me join you?”

“Together, we could fight crimes against sexyness,” he replied, striking a heroic pose as she continued to stroke him through his costume. “but it’s not me you need to convince.”

Y/N slowly lowered to her knees, making sure that Spencer’s groin was head height to her as her fingers searched for the gap between the lycra top and lycra pants of his costume. Peeling back the lower layer slowly, she teased him, making him sigh with mild frustration but his grin remained. There was something he’d done that she was about to find out.

“Oh, Super Schlo… oh my God!” she exclaimed as she finally freed him from his costume. Tied just below the head of his cock was a miniature, red, silk cape, making it look like it too was a super hero. After a second of realisation, Y/N laughed, slapping her hand over her mouth to hold it in.

“Hey,” Spencer exclaimed. “It doesn’t matter how amusingly he’s dressed, it’s never good to laugh while you’re down there.”

“I’m sorry,” she chuckled, reaching forward and carefully wrapping her fingers around his shaft as she looked up to him. “Maybe I should make it up to him?”

“I… I think you should…” stuttered Spencer as she kissed his tip, her soft, warm lips sending shivers through his skin.

“Mmmmm,” she hummed. “Let me be the Batgirl to your Robin.”

Letting her lips slide slowly over him, she took his head in her mouth while her hand pushed down to the base of his cock. As she pulled away again she ran her hand up under the cape, causing it to flap as if his manhood were flying. Again, she laughed but this time, there were no complaints as the humming of her laughter vibrated on him.

It didn’t take long for her to begin picking up the pace, rolling her head back and forth to take his throbbing end in her hot, wet mouth. She could taste the dribble of pre-cum and feel his hands moving toward her hair from her shoulder. Fingers slide into the strands, gripping lightly as he began to thrust his hips in time with her.

Gripping a little tighter with her hand, Y/N began to work him hard, swirling her tongue around him as she took him in then flicking it against the tip as she pulled away. The other hand found its way, gradually inching up his leg till she could cup his balls, caressing them delicately.

Spencer’s head rolled back as he let out a deep breath, wondering just how he was able to stay standing while something that felt this good was happening. The softness, the warmth, the wetness, the friction, all of it combined together to draw him closer and closer to the edge while her hand made sure that she would be able to pump him of every last drop of the result.

“Fucking hell,” he gasped, shifting his footing to stop himself from tipping over. “Mmm, that feels so good…”

The sound of his voice was enough to drive her wild, wishing that she’d chosen an even more secluded place so that she could take his cock elsewhere but right now she would settle for a mouthful of his hot, salty cum.

Spencer did all he could to stifle himself, knowing full well that if he cried out then the rest of the guests would hear him from the house, but it was becoming increasingly more difficult. Each stifled whimper and moan drew him closer, adding the danger of being caught to what she was doing to him.

Finally, in a sudden rush, Y/N felt the fluid spurt from him as his body tensed and his features looked like they might explode from the pressure of his retained outcry. It took everything for Spencer not to stumble backward or sideways for a few moments while she swallowed his end result.

Using the back of her hand to wipe her mouth, Y/N rose from her knees, looking extremely pleased with herself as she did so. Spencer was panting lightly, his cheeks glowing red from the heat and his balance barely keeping him upright.

“I think… I think he agrees,” he managed after a few more seconds. “You’re on the team.”

“That,” she said, pointing down to the tiny cape on his fading erection. “That is brilliant. Where did you even find that?”

“Garcia had a ‘Troll Doll’ with a cape,” he explained. “I asked if I could borrow it.”

“Does she know what you did?” asked Y/N with a grin, to which he shook his head. “Do you intend to give it back?”

“I might give it to Derek,” he answered, causing the pair to laugh again as they moved closer to each other. Spencer quickly pulled up his lycra pants before wrapping his arm around the woman he cared so much for. “I’m pretty sure it was my turn to get him anyway.”

EXO Reaction #2 - You jump out at them in a mask and scare them

Xiumin: “I so can’t wait until Halloween is over so you stop doing this to me.”

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Suho: “I didn’t scream. That was you screaming at yourself….shut up.”

Originally posted by paperdawns

Yixing (Lay): *had his headphones in and was looking down so he missed you jumping out at him* “Oh, hey jagi how was your day? Why do you have that mask on?”

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Baekhyun: “Dammit y/n! I’m trying to show you how manly I am. I can’t do that if you scare me like this!!”

Originally posted by blondejongin

Chanyeol: “You’re lucky I realized it was you before I knocked your lights out jagi!!!!”

Originally posted by luderella

Chen: “Awww! You’re so cute when you think you can scare the mighty troll king!”

Originally posted by everybodyloveschen

Kyungsoo (D.O): “Look into my eyes. Do you see amusement there? No? Good. Don’t do it again.”

Originally posted by thehunthemaknae

Kai: *laughs it off* “Wow jagi~ You really got me! That was awesome!”

Originally posted by fy-kimkai

Sehun: “I absolutely can’t wait to get you back for that my love.” he looks so good in this gif

Originally posted by blondejongin

Tao: *crying* “Why would you do that to me? You scared me so badly Omo I think I’m having a heart attack!!”

Originally posted by lil-duckling

Luhan: *his reaction is literally like this gif…just a small jump and a little concerned noise coming from his throat*

Originally posted by luhanahs

Kris: *jumps and screeches, flinching back from you* “I just lost a little bit of my cool guy image there didn’t I…?”

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Day 8: Leave A Comment Below

I’m iffy about this one. I like the plot and some of the ideas I had, but don’t feel so great about the execution… Ah well, that’s why I get to come back to these in the future and try and make them better.

Bucky got in to YouTube just to give him a place to vent about the 21st Century. He never counted on getting popular. Or having Darcy use her own YouTube channel to start messing with him. Being messed with he could deal with, but being shipped

Word Count: 1595

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OUAT Imagine: Dark and Stormy Night


((Hi guys! Okay, so this is based off of a tiny imagine I made, the “Imagine cuddling with Pan when he finds out your scared of Neverland’s storms" one. I decided I really liked it so now you guys get a long imagine of it! I also added in a character! *smirks evily* FEELS!! Woohoo!))

Catagory: Peter Pan/reader and Felix/reader

“Alright, off to bed with you all, we have work to do tomorrow!” Pan hollered, sending everyone into a frenzy of “yays" and “finallys.”

You gave a sigh of relief, rolling the heavy axe from your shoulders and onto the ground. You had had a long day of cutting and chopping up wood for the campfire, and, boy, were you ready for bed.

You leaned backwards, hands on your waist, hoping to pop your back or possibly make it hurt less. 

“Ugggggghhhhh!” you groaned loudly as your back popped in several places, earning a few chuckles from the boys that were closest to you. A couple of them patted your back on their way to their tree houses, not really helping your problem.

They all knew that Pan had put you up to one of the hardest jobs on the island, and they all knew why. 

Pan didn’t like girls on his island; not since Wendy Darling. 

Apparently, from the stories the Lost Boys told you, she was very needy, and couldn’t defend herself worth crap. She would whine all the time, and always ask favors of the boys. This made Pan weary of girls and women. He thought that ALL of them were like that. 

So, when you appeared on the island, Pan decided he was not going to go through the trouble again, he’d rather have you dead. 

This whole island was new to you, it wasn’t like the fairytale in the slightest definition, so when this so called “Peter Pan” wanted to kill you for being a girl, you were outraged. You remembered screaming at him, things like, 

“I am a girl, I should be treated with respect and dignity! Not like some ugly troll that you think should be killed the second someone disapproves of it!”


"You are no man to kill a person just because you think they’ll ruin your fun!”

Anyway, back to the story. You didn’t want to be killed, of course, so you made a bet with him, a deal, that if you could prove yourself, you could stay, and live. Whether you could or couldn’t would decide your fate.

Therefore, to test your will to stay alive and on the island, Pan put you up to the hardest tasks he could find; chopping wood, cooking the meals, hunting the food, etc.

Let’s just say, you and Pan? Not on the best terms at the moment…

You were shaken out of your thoughts by a low growl from above. Something that was no growl of an animal or human, no. No, this was something much, much worse. Something you had been scared of since you were just a small child.

Your eyes widened as you jumped about ten feet in the air, your body turning itself on to extreme terror mode. A couple of the boys laughed again, thinking you had just been startled by the loud noise that shook the place.

External image

Little did they know that it was more than that. This was actual fear you were feeling. The feeling of having absolutely no control, what so ever, of something that could hurt you.

You nervously chuckled along with them, fast walking towards your tent, trying not to make your fearful face obvious.

You couldn’t let them see you with your guard down. No, that was a dangerous game to play. No matter how much you wanted to be hugged and cuddled, to have sweet nothings whispered comfortingly in your ear, that would never happened. You wouldn’t LET it ever happen. 

Why? Because you could actually be killed for it. No, you WOULD actually be killed for it.

You scurried along towards the tent Pan had so kindly offered for you to stay in while they finished building your own tree house.

By the time you were about to reach your tent, tears about to fall as they flooded the bottom of your eyes, a body fit itself between you and the door.

"Hi, (Y/N)…” Pan’s voice taunted, you wanting nothing more than to go inside your temporary home.

You ducked your head, trying to move around him. But, him being the annoying git he is, he just stepped the same direction, situating himself back in front of you.

Your blood boiled with anger and rage, but your heart bubbled with fear of the storm that was slowly making it’s way towards you.

You didn’t dare look up, scared that, if you did, he would see the pathetic tears forming in your eyes and your red face.

"How you feelin’ today? Are you, perhaps, feeling,” he paused to put his hands  on your aching shoulders, smirking, before pushing down just enough so that you could feel little prickles of harsh pain form at his fingers, “soar?”

A tiny noise escaped your tightly closed throat, the same time another growl came from the sky.

You were sure that he felt you jump.

You still didn’t look up, shoving him out of the way the hardest you could with your small arms that were tired from the hard work he had you doing.

It barely affected him, but he did stumble a bit, giving you a chance to run into your tent.

As soon as your foot hit the leafy floor of your tent, the tears fell from you eyes.

You pulled the animal fur blanket off of your bed, completely ignoring the small matress and walking over to the corner. You pulled your blanket around you, trembling furiously, and curled up into a tiny ball.

Of course, you had a valid reason to be this terrified of storms. 

After all, your own mother and father had been killed in one, taken hostage by the loud noises and strong wind.

 You could remember it like a vivid dream, or a wild hallucination.

One minute they were alive and thriving, taking on the world with strict confidence in what the future held for them. Young and crazy, they were happy and living life in the fast lane, having fun and adventuring the world; That’s what they did, they traveled as work.

They had their own successful magazine and travel blog. They traveled, and that’s how the fateful day happened. 

You see, they were on their way to some exotic island, the lucky couple,  heaving a strong hope of getting a good story for their blog with them. 

Before they left, they did, however, bid you a loving goodbye… that was, before abandoning you with your teenage babysitter, or as you called her, your nanny.

 Yeah, you might not have been their top priority, but they loved you, and you loved them. That was all that mattered at that age, so long as you were happy.

The moment you remember most clearly, though, was when they disappeared.


You were sitting at your kitchen table, playing a fun little board game with Annie, your nanny, when your heard the phone ring throughout the house.

"Oh, stay here, (Y/N), I’ll go get that real quick,” she told you, giving you a big smile,” Shame on them for interrupting our game, huh?”

You giggled and nodded you head, scooping the dice into your chubby hands, shaking it around, filling your plump cheeks up with air and blowing on it for luck. You released the cube, sending it flying towards the game board. 

You remember the number that you had rolled at the time, the number of dots on the cheap cube’s side. The number written out in dots was the number five.

"Woohoo!,” you whooped, counting off the spaces you moved, “One, two, free-”

“Oh my God,” you heard Annie gasp. You turned to face her just in time to see her hand fly to her gaping mouth. You just assumed she was just gossiping with a friend.

You didn’t think much of it, you were only seven then, and continued on with your game. 

What confused you a bit was that she kept whispering things like,

"No, no this can’t be true,”

"Please tell me this is a sick joke?”

"How do I tell her, she’ll be heart broken…”

You hopped from your seat, going to see who she was talking to.

‘She wouldn’t say those kinda things to her friends…’ you thought, wondering who she could be possibly talking to.

"Annie? Who are you talking to?” You whispered innocently, your round, doe eyes moving up to see tears falling off of your friend’s cheeks,” what’s da matter?”

She hung up the phone and it was silent. What could have happened that was so bad it made her cry? Was her friend mean to her? Did something happen to one of her friends?

She knelt down to look into your eyes as you stared back.

You were frightened. You didn’t know what was going on, but you weren’t a stupid girl, you knew SOMETHING was wrong. 

What you didn’t know was that it would change your life drastically.

"Sweety, I- your parents they-they’re-” she paused, chocking on her tears,


*End of flashback*

That was ten years ago, meaning you were seventeen when you came to Neverland, but you still hated the fact that you never even got to say goodbye, that you didn’t even know where they were when they went down, when they were plunged to the bottom of the sea, trapped in the relentless rain and wind, under the unforgiving puddle of blue.

“BA-BOOM, BOOM *crack*!!”

You jumped and let out a loud scream as thunder roared above you, covering Neverland in lightning strikes and wind, knocking the depressing thought out of your head in an instant.

You ducked you head, throwing your arms over it.

The wind made eerie noises through the trees, only making the whole thing more traumatizing; not to mention more loud.

You sobbed loudly, tears falling heavily down your face making everything blurred and watery. This was BY FAR the worst storm you had ever been in; your first storm in Neverland.

You got up to your hands and knees as more thunder rolled over the island, crawling your way towards the bed. 

You crawled under it, once again curling up on your side and shaking. You looked like a scared baby deer that had just been caught and thrown into the back of a small truck.

You wrapped your arms around your legs as the tent started to sway and rock back and forth, tightly pressing them to your chest and sobbing into your knees.

More thunder and wind came, and you were on the verge of a panic attack. Last time you were in a storm, it only lasted about five minutes. 

This one seemed to last hours.

Your breaths became short and desperate, seeming to pull at your lungs for air like a begger on the streets for money. You could hear your heartbeat almost as loud as the thunder outside your thin-walled tent.

You screamed again, this time much quieter due to lack of breath, as thunder sounded again. 

Just as the wind started to pick up again, you heard foot steps coming towards your bed. 

”(Y/N)!” The voice yelled over the storm,” Where are you!?”

You screamed again, knowing that if he found you he would surely kill you for all the trouble you had caused and the neediness you had presented.

“(Y/N), come out!” you heard another voice holler.

Your breathing had almost become unbearable, and you were on the verge of passing out as you saw a head peek under the bed.

External image

You screamed, scrambling to the other side of the floor under the bed. No way were you going out there with those two.

"I found 'er, Pan!” Felix yelled. “Help me get her!”

You sobbed louder as he said this: You were a goner. 

"Come here, (Y/N)!”

Suddenly you felt two hands grab you from your middle, dragging you out from your hiding place.

It was Pan.

"No!” you panted, fighting and squirming around in his arms desperately, “Please, no!”

He looked at down at you cautiously, flipping you around so that he was holding you like a baby in his arms and swaying a bit. 

"Please! Let me go! I’m sorry! I promise I’ll be tougher!” you slung your arms randomly, “I won’t bother you again! I’m not like her! Not like Wendy!”

"Hey, shh, it’s alright, your fine!” Pan cooed to you, trying to catch your arms in his big hands.

The thunder decided to join in the cooing, only making it worse, “BA-BOOM!!”

You screamed and your body jumped, terribly sad cries falling from your mouth as you wriggled around like a fish on land, trying to get away from your captor. After he finally decided that he’d had enough of your struggles, and threw you onto the bed. This freaked you out more than anything.

“Ahh! No!” You screamed, trying to roll away from him.

He sat on you, straddling your waist and grabbing your arms, pinning them above your head with one hand. His fingers dug into your wrists, sure to leave a red mark, as the other hand was struggling to stop your legs behind him from kicking.

"Felix! Help!” He yelled as you started to free yourself from his grasp by twisting your wrists.

'Must. Get. Free!’ your mind cried.

Your breathing was as fast as a dog panting on a summer day, and your wails were loud and desperate, “Please! Someone! Anyone! Help me!”

Felix came up from behind Pan, grabbing you by the ankles and holding down your legs so he could sit on them, pinning those down too.

”(Y/N), if you don’t stop screaming I’m going to lock you in the cage!” Pan yelled over your screams and the thunder outside.

Your screams ceased almost immediately, but your breathing and struggling didn’t. You had become weak and tired, but you hadn’t completely given up. You knew you weren’t going to win; you were against two boys who were significantly stronger than you. But, you didn’t give up. This was a life or death situation for you, and you wanted to live.

“Please! Don’t hurt me, or kill me! I promise, I’ll never disrupt you again! I’m not a burden! Please!”

You kicked you legs and wriggled your arms one last time, but it didn’t even affect them. 

'This is no use,” you thought, “ Maybe I should just give up…”

There was no hope left in you, and you were worn out, still breathing heavily due to your panic attack, which was, mind you, still going on.

"Please…” you begged, looking into Pan’s eyes with sadness and fear.

He looked back at you with a stern look on his face, but in his eyes you saw worry.

“(Y/N)…what happened…?” Felix asked.

Thunder groaned and wind blew again, making you let out an unintentional scream from the back of your aching throat.

"N-NO! P-P-Pan! I d-didn’t m-m-mean it!” your voice wavered, “P-Please don’t p-put me in t-t-the cage- I-”

You were in trouble now. You did exactly what he told you NOT to do…

Pan stood up from your waist, knowing you were too exhausted to continue swatting at him, and walked to where you layed, your legs pinned by FeIix, with your wide and scared eyes.

You flinched as he brought a hand down to you cheek, gently stroking it with his finger. This brought your breathing down a bit, but it only went back to panting again when more thunder roared.

You whimpered a bit, trying your best not to scream and get yourself in trouble.

“Felix…you can get up…I can assure you she’s much to tired to do anything now…” he said gently, trying not to startle you any more.

He slowly got up, looking at you with concern.

He stood at the other side of the bed, opposite from Pan, and looked down at your tiny, cowering, figure on the bed.

"Poor darling, panic attacks just take all the steam out of you, don’t they?” he continued, a look of pity filling his eyes.

Why was he being so sweet all of the sudden?

After a minute or so of them staring, and Pan petting your cheek, you started to get uncomfortable.

You looked Pan in the eyes,” Please d-d-don’t kill m-me, I-I-”

“Shh, it’s alright, calm down, you’re not in trouble-”

He was interrupted by a loud bang cutting through the sky; more thunder.

He and Felix both looked at each other as you jumped five feet out of your skin, beginning to silently cry again. You whimpered and sniffed lightly.

“Shhh, it’s alright, little dove…” Felix comforted, sitting down on the bed next to you. Pan followed his lead.

You were shaking like a leaf, still slightly panting. They both seemed to notice, but they didn’t say anything.

“Scared of storms, ay?” Pan asked.

You jumped again and cried out due to the thunder and lightning that decided to strike at just the right moment.

"I’m gonna take that as a yes…”

The two of them just blinked at each other, not really knowing how to comfort you; they had never dealt with anything like this.

“Alright, come here.” Felix sighed, grabbing you up by the hips and pulling you into a big bear hug. His hair tickled your ear as one arm wrapped around your neck, one behind your slumped shoulders. You gasped as he did this, surprised by the gesture. Though, it did make you feel a bit less scared-No. Not happening.

You growled, pushing him back with the energy you had left in you, then kicked him lightly with your bare foot. He only brought you back to his chest, earning a disapproving huff from you. He chuckled at your response, bringing a hand up to the back of your head and lightly petting your messy hair.

You smiled a bit more as Pan joined in, wrapping his long arms around you from behind and nuzzling his face into your neck, his breath tickling your collarbone. He gave you a little kiss on the shoulder, rubbing your arms with his hands.

That was very attract-NO!

'Where did this come from?!’ You though, a little freaked out about how drastically they had changed their attitude towards you. You couldn’t say you were upset, though. I mean, two handsome guys cuddling you? What more could you have asked-NOOO! How could you even think that?!

You blushed bright red, burying your face into Felix’s shoulder as they both laughed; they found it funny that they could make you blush, and a little cute.

"You feelin’ better?” Pan asked.

You nodded, mumbling a tired sounding,”Mmhhff…”

Pan looked towards Felix,”I guess we’re not as bad as we thought we were. It worked.”

“I think you just might be a little tired…” Felix concluded, unwrapping his arms from around you and standing up.

You wimpered, no longer as cozy, or warm, as you were when he was hugging you.

"No…” You groaned, lazily reaching out to grab him back to you, but you missed, only reaching at air.

Soon after, Pan let go and stood up too, leaving you without any warmth from either if them.

“NO!” You cried, reaching out again, “Come back!”

“Calm down, baby girl, just getting the blanket you left in the corner over here,” he reassured, gesturing towards the corner where he was picking up the blanket. You couldn’t help but notice the flirty nickname he gave you.

"I’m getting the pillows you knocked off the bed.” Felix piped in.

As soon as they had picked up the pillows and blanket, they returned to the bed. Felix threw on the pillows and hopped in, pushing you back so that you were laying down. He then wrapped his arms around you, his hands lazily playing with the tips of your hair, twirling and twisting it.

You closed your eyes peacefully as Pan sat down on the other side of you, laying the blanket over the three of you before laying down. He also wrapped his arms around you.

They both tangled their legs around and between yours, trapping you in an extreme three-person cuddle. Honestly, it was the most comfortable position ever. It made you feel like you were safe, protected from the storm.

You blushed a deep red as a small, nervous noise made it’s way out of your throat. 

They both smirked, finding it adorable and funny.

"Goodnight, (Y/N).” Pan muttered, laughing a little at how nervous and awkward you looked, then kissed your collar bone.

“Night…” Felix mumbled, giving you a tiny peck just below your jawline, as they both nuzzled their faces into either side of your neck.

To say your face was red was a HUGE understatement. You were as red as fire, and you could feel your face getting hotter by the second.

"Night, guys,” you replied, nuzzling yourself deeper into their warm arms, ”Thank you…”

anonymous asked:

So Soph's not in the states, tweeting and retweeting non-stop. So instead we have political tweets and retweets brought to us by Jess, whose been basically silent on SM, for months? Not bothered by it, cause I like that they both voice their beliefs, and stand for what's right. I'm just confused at the timing? Anyone else?

I think you’re thinking waaaaaaaaay too much into it. He’s finally getting comfortable being online again over the past month or so, whether it’s because he’s feeling free’er being on hiatus and because trolls and stuff have gone away for now or whatever. Soph’s still tweeting and stuff she’s only doing it less because she’s got other things to do with her time.

Regarding "Alibaba just wants a girl and not Morgiana"

I usually try my best not to join in any kind of war including shipping war, but it really annoys me that there’s always some people who use this same argument. Let’s see from another perspective, eh?

In Ship arc and even in the recent omake, Alibaba has been seen to say several lines which “indicated” that all he wants is a girl to love him. This always leads to some people argue, “He doesn’t love Morgiana. He just wants a girlfriend!” And then, “AliMor ship is just so forced and not natural and etc.”

But think of it this way, if Alibaba really, really just wants a girlfriend … if anybody is fine as long as it’s a girl … then why bother to choose Morgiana? Why her?

When Kouen and Koumei FORCED him to marry Kougyoku, Alibaba refused. Despite both Kou brothers said it’s ok to marry more than one girl. Despite the consequence if he refuses the offer is he will lose his most treasured kingdom; Balbad. Despite Ren Kougyoku is more than a decent woman; Kougyoku is beautiful, kind, loyal, so badass, and he knows her well too. Maybe it’s because of something other than love. Maybe because Alibaba didn’t want to hurt Morgiana, not because he loves her but because he has a kind heart afterall. But the point is, he refused.

When he explored the universe and lots of dimension for HUNDRED years, I’m pretty sure he has met all kind of women. I’m pretty sure as well that there are several women who fell in love with him. Afterall, Alibaba is a nice guy. If it’s not for comedy purpose, I bet Alibaba will be popular. He is kind, gentle, and as Aladdin has said numerous times, Alibaba is a cool person. Moreover he is the cool but uncool type, a person who is approachable, not like Sinbad who is so far in the sky. After getting even more badass and cooler, how many women do you think has fallen for his charm? But no. Alibaba waited. For many years. He waited for the time he would meet with Aladdin, Hakuryuu, and Morgiana. Even though he DIDN’T KNOW for sure whether Morgiana is still alive or Morgiana still keeps their promise to be together or not.

Alibaba has met a lot of fine women. At least one of them, Kougyoku, is very close to him. But there’s only one “wonderful girl” in his heart, and that one girl is Morgiana. No matter how many girls out there, no matter how many times has passed, it’s never changed.

I think his line in the recent omake, as well as how he seems to only think of Aladdin all this time, are just Ohtaka’s way to conceal the fact that AliMor will be together. To troll us, the readers, as usual. What do you think Toto’s ambiguous line is for?

I personally don’t mind about other people’s ship. I know how it feels when your OTP will never be canon (come on, my OTP in Noragami is the almost impossible YatoNora). But honestly it really makes me mad that people always say that Alibaba doesn’t love Morgiana, or Alibaba treats Morgiana badly, or anything like that. I suggest you guys to read Magi from the start again.

Another thing is, I believe that this ship is NOT rushed. Instead, the recent chapters ARE rushed. If you think of it chronologically, they have been together for many years. The hints are already all over the place. They have been separated for many years (3 years for Mor and God knows how many years it is for Ali). Yes, even I think that the proposal can be executed better. But then again I think of this for almost every chapter of the final arc.

anonymous asked:

I know that Hussie said about Vriska being fat, and other things like that, but are there any canon appearances for the trolls or kids, like from things they say to each other? ((Example: calling each other blonde vs brunette, tall vs short, ugly vs attractive...?)) or their voices (like was it ever confirmed that Sollux had a lisp, or is it just generally agreed because of his quirk?))

John mentions Dave’s bro being a white guy.

EB: that’s fine, you are entitled to your opinion, i am just saying that being a white guy who is a rapper with a ventriloquist doll is not cool by any stretch of the imagination or by any definition of word cool, ironic or otherwise. that’s all i’m saying.

He also mentions Dave being “attractive,” but in an entirely joking manner.

EB: yes, it is understandable because you are really attractive. i am attracted to you. 
TG: thank you 
EB: jk haha.

AR mentioned PM to be a “tall attractive female.

AR shows to find her attractive on more than one occasion.

WV also seems to think that she’s lovely. And both mention finding WQ pretty, as well. It seems that tallness is attractive to at least dersites, if not both dersites and prospitians.

Rose and Roxy are blonde, according to John. It can be assumed that Dave and Dirk are as well.

Karkat thinks that Terezi’s attractive.

Jake thinks Arenea is attractive.

Calliope does not consider herself attractive.

Calliborn says that Jane is “attractive in a very unpleasant way.“ He also tells her (in a horribly disgusting, pretty terrible way) that she’s started ”filling out.” He goes on to talk a lot about her being fat, and making gross comments about it, so uh. I guess just a warning to anyone who wants to read through the log again and didn’t remember that? Yeah.

I believe that he mentions somewhere in there that she’s bigger than Roxy is, but I don’t care to do more than skim the log since the whole thing makes me kind of uncomfortable? Apologies.

Mindfang mentions the Dolorosa’s horns making “attractive shapes.“ This implies that Kanaya’s, too, would be considered attractive.

Calliope thinks that trolls are beautiful.

Jake says this to Jane at one point.

GT: I consider you to be a lovely lady of the highest caliber and i really think any gent worth his salt would be a huge bozo to let the chance to go steady with you slip through his fingers.

That seems more talking about her personality than looks, though.

Roxy mentions that Fefeta “was beautiful and sweet and lovely

Tavros thinks that Vriska is beautiful.

Meenah thinks that her future/post-scratch self is beautiful.

Dad thinks that Mom is “enchanting and beautiful.

Mom also thinks that Dad is handsome. It also mentions him having a “proud, powerful nose” which I thought was just a little funny.

Caliborn calls Jane and Calliope ugly on many occasions. Along Roxy, as well. Though he describes her as “an ugly hot woman,” whatever that’s supposed to mean.

Terezi thinks that Gamzee is ugly.

Sollux says this to Karkat:

TA: the only thiing youre good at ii2 yelliing and makiing huge mii2take2. 

But that seems mostly like “angry lashing out” sort of thing than like he was serious. Especially because they both make jabs at each other about being horrible and/or unattractive.

But people do seem to think that Karkat’s horns are dumb. They’re usually mocked when mentioned, though some think they’re “adorable.”

Karkat refers to John as an “ugly pile of trash,” but his insults go to just about everyone, regardless of what he actually thinks of them.

Karkat also refers to himself being ugly/unattractive on different occasions, which I believe to be the only really notable instance of him calling someone ugly.

I do not recall anything being mentioned about heights, and a quick look through says just the same. It doesn’t look like anything was mentioned about that.

For your question about Sollux, this is in his introduction page:

Your trolltag is twinArmageddons and you tend two 2peak wiith a biit of a lii2p.

Although “a bit” is often completely exaggerated in fanworks, but still. He does in fact have a lisp.

I recall Vriska drawing out her words even in regular speech. I believe it was said somewhere that Karkat usually speaks loudly. Terezi definitely does. (Though this does not necessarily mean that they’re constantly screaming.)

Tavros seems to have a hard time speaking quietly, considering his terrible whispering skills.

Man, I Love DaveKat, But I Hate DaveKat

Ok. Wait. Lemme try to say this again. I really like DaveKat, but I get really pissed at how a lot of the fandom portrays DaveKat. This is gonna be a rant of colossal proportions, so strap in.

First things first, people make Karkat super feminine and, like, in denial of his emotions for Dave and I hate that. Firstly, where does the feminine thing even come from? It’s borderline fetishistic. They make him into this tsundere bombshell and I’m just like wtf. Like, yeah Karkat is in fact angry 99.999% of the time, but he’s not heartless. In fact, I think if anything, out of Dave and Karkat, Karkat would be the more affectionate one. After all, he’s the romance expert, and he’s the one that comes from a culture where guys dating guys is 100% normal and accepted. He is more comfortable with the mere idea of emotion. He just doesn’t want to push Dave’s boundaries, because Dave. Oh Dave. Firstly, internalized homophobia galore. Secondly, totally unaffectionate upbringing that Bro gave him. Thirdly, so many layers of irony that you’d drown in it. People make Dave into this suave womanizer and once again I’m just like wtf

Also, I personally headcanon Dave as transgender and pansexual, and I think that he figured out the first part of that when he was really, really little, and Bro was so passive about everything in Dave’s life that he just complied. He wasn’t cruel about it but also not supportive, if you know what I mean. And I think that meeting the trolls, and especially Karkat, and having conversation after conversation about the quadrant system, romance started to make more sense to Dave and he realized he had more in common with the trolls than he thought, sexuality-wise. I like to think that pre-SBURB, he didn’t think about his own romantic relationships at all. Sure, he would’ve had little crushes here and there, but nothing that he realized; Nothing that he put much thought into. So, yeah, he’s not romantic. He’s not smooth. He’s not anything that the fandom portrays him as and this is making me an angry panda.

Another thing - I’m surprised that so few people intersect the genius that is dahniwitchoflight’s blog with ships because I want to see more character interaction analyzed through the lens of classes and aspects. I mean, Dave and Karkat are both Knights and they both have the classic Knight inferiority complex and I want that aspect of their relationship to be explored. Like, even if you just scrape the surface…

  • Imagine Karkat, Knight of Blood, pacing around his respiteblock, thinking about whether or not he’s giving Dave enough space, or if he’s giving too much; whether their relationship is moving too quickly or too slowly; questioning what he did to deserve all that trust; worrying about ruining the bond they have. 
  • Imagine Dave doing the exact same thing Karkat’s doing with Blood, but with Time. He’s fated to fight Lord English, but he doesn’t believe himself to be strong or good enough to make it happen. He’s constantly underestimating his value as a member of the team. He’s underestimating his importance to Karkat.
  •  (Also, sidenote, the Time aspect is connected to “Masculine Instinct,” and that makes the trans Dave headcanon so much better)
  • Imagine Dave and Karkat admitting to one another that they never feel like they’re good enough for each other. 

The fandom talks about their relationship as something super physical and lustful and noooooooooo. They’re KIDS. Like, yes, I’m sure they think the other’s got a really nice face and interspecies makeouts, much to past Karkat’s dismay, will ensue, but that’s the tiniest, tiniest part of it. Karkat helped Dave understand his emotions so much. Dave gave Karkat a chance to open up and let his guard down. They get each other, but they’ve also got so much to teach one another too, in terms of their lives prior to SBURB.

One last thing: Remember Karkat’s “I gave your universe cancer” speech? Picture him and Dave having one of their movie nights, and Karkat just looks over at Dave and thinks, “Oh my god I’m so happy to have you in my life.” And his very next thought is, “I gave your universe cancer.”

Thank you for your time. *Bow*

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I want to ask you smt. You don't have to publish this, but there's been talks about JMo telling people she will be in more episodes in the second half. Do you think that's true? Or do you think those are CS trolls trying to trick fandom, again?

Well i’ve not seen the reports myself.  I wouldn’t be surprised if JMo did do more but honestly … what I do know is one of the sources is Mikey and he’s been known to make up spoilers and most recently gave an entirely inaccurate summary of the musical episode from the screening.

So while I wouldn’t be surprised if Jen did do more than the one episode but I’d want a better source.


These headcanons originally started out as a short Tumblr post, but as more people have begun to cast their opinions into the mix, I decided to create this page on my blog.

The original list was in order of importance within the show, but I’ve decided to put the characters in alphabetical order here, because there are so many of them!


Agravaine seemed to have had a thing for Morgana while they were conspiring together, and while that never came to fruition, it’s the closest thing Agravaine had to a relationship that we see in the show.


The show writers confirmed that Arthur and Merlin were a love story. Arthur was influenced by the Lamia, and was definitely romantically interested in Gwen, so he is definitely romantically and sexually attracted to women.


There really isn’t much to go on here, because we only know he loved Hunith, but here you are.


We don’t see much of Elena after the changeling leaves her body, but if there was one character in Merlin I would put down as possibly trans, it would be her. She has no interest in Arthur whatsoever, and you can tell she’s quite the rebel when it comes to femininity, and does everything to step out of that box. Then again, she could just be a tomboy. But it would be nice to have some trans representation nonetheless!

ELYAN: AROMANTIC ASEXUAL (thanks to this anon and this anon)

Elyan once said that Gwen was the only one he would ever love, and there doesn’t seem to be anything incestuous there.


We only ever see him with Alice, so I guess there’s not much to go on. Grunhilda was attracted to him, but he was totally repulsed by her, so one could technically argue that he’s demisexual. (Although I’m not sure anyone would be attracted to Grunhilda, with a tongue like that…) So really, there’s not much to go on. Unless you ship him with Uther.


Eoin Macken said himself that Gwaine had an “unrequited love” for Merlin. He also flirts with Gwen in the show. His overall character gives me the impression that he would be pan rather than bi.


She kissed Merlin, Arthur and Lancelot at different points in the show because she was sensually/romantically attracted to them, but only after having gotten to know them. She also graciously turned down Gwaine’s advances, and there was also a hint of something deeper going on between her and Morgana. However, we never see her with child, which may indicate that her comfort boundaries for sex do not extend to penetrative sex and/or becoming pregnant.


There’s not much to go on as she was only in an off-screen relationship with Balinor, but there you go.


He loved Gwen. Period.


We don’t really see Leon with anyone throughout the show, but in the finale it is implied he and Gwen are developing feelings for each other. (The show writers confirmed this in the commentary.)

MERLIN: PANROMANTIC HOMOSEXUAL (thanks to colinmorganshair’s ask for bringing up Merlin’s crushes)

It explains why he fell for Freya, but didn’t fall under the Lamia’s spell. The Lamia probably only works on people who are sexually attracted to women, but Merlin was probably only romantically attracted to Freya. Same goes for anyone he ever had an implicit crush on - Sefa, Cara (Nimueh in disguise), Will, Morgana, even Daegal. His sexual orientation does not need further explanation, because Merthur.


I may not have evidence to support this claim, but Mithian strikes me as an ace. Her affection for Arthur didn’t seem to go beyond romantic.


Mordred definitely fancied Kara in a romantic way. He helped her out of danger and the way he looked at her makes me think they had a history. It’s debatable whether he was attracted to Merlin in a more than platonic way, though, because his obsession could have been due to the fact that he had been brought up to worship Emrys.

MORGAUSE: AROMANTIC PANSEXUAL/BISEXUAL (thanks to this anon and colinmorganshair’s reblog)

I have to be careful with making assumptions about Morgause here, because I don’t want people to think that aromantics are evil. Morgause definitely had something sexual going on with Cenred and Morgana, so she’s probably bi/pan (and sexually preferenced towards men, if it’s the former), but it’s debatable whether her relationship with Morgana was a romantic one because they also had the sisterly thing going on, and theirs was more power-based than anything else.


At the start of the show, she is interested in Arthur, Valiant, and possibly Merlin in a more than platonic or romantic way, and we see her falling for a man at the druid camp, but the relationship between her and Morgause was described as “incestuous lesbianism” by the show writers.


Percival was affected by the Lamia and is therefore sexually attracted to women. (I know magic comes into play, but I’ve never really seen it as the reason for Merlin’s resistance.) In my opinion, his relationship with Gwaine - and some say Merlin, too - is pretty homoerotic as well.


I’m only saying this because Sophia never actually had any romantic feelings for Arthur and basically manipulated him with magic.


He started a tyranny against magic all because of his love (however twisted it was) for Ygraine. Also, he was attracted to Lady Catrina - I know she was the troll in disguise, but in his eyes she was a woman. Again, not much to go on, unless you ship Guther.


Valiant comes across as someone who would be a massive homophobe (as he often is, in fanfiction), so unless he’s incredibly repressed, he’s probably straight.


No explanation needed, I think. (Sorry, Elena/Vivian shippers, but I’m largely basing these headcanons off the show.)


Though we don’t see Will with any particular love interest, he gives off a pretty heterosexual vibe. Some may think that he had something going on with Merlin, but the anon who suggested this thinks that perhaps Merlin had a crush on Will at one point, maybe even kissed him, but Will brushed it off because he didn’t like him that way. Perhaps that’s why they’re such close friends.

REQUEST EXO REACTION when they find out you have a twin


He would be so jealous as he heard the news.”You are so lucky! I want to have twin too.” The pranks I could have played ..


Is totally freaking out.”Are you guys FBI-Agents? I swear that doppelganger shit won’t work on me!”


As Chanyeol asks if he could date your twin sister because he always found you hot, Chen is loosing it:”Bro, did you lost your mind?” I guess that’s a no.


The first time they met:“So all this time you told me about your sister you cound’t -at least once- tell me that she is your twin?”


As you two approach him with the same clothes: Oh shit, which one is (y/n) now..


As you tell him that you have a twin isister:”Yeah sure babe, and I can fly.”


He bought a cardboard cut-out of himself and takes it everywhere you go, so he won’t feel left out (or to simply troll you).


Am I seeing things now? Is is because of the glasses? Nope, they’re still there..


As you guys pull the prank he told you to do on his members.


“Suho, did you drink too much again?” “No hyung, I swear! There are two (y/n)’s in my living room!”


“But .. when did that happend? Like, do you guys think alike, do you finish each others sentences and most important do you also think that I act like a little girl?”


As he tells his hyungs the embarrassing story on how he met your sister and he thought it was you. They’ll make sure to never let him live it down.

When their gf dresses up nicely for them

Thank you for the ask:)

Of course anon I will try my best! Don’t worry ur English is fine :)!

Here I go~


*Walking up the stairs the moment he sees you he’s so shocked he trips and almost falls off the staircase*

Y/N: ‘’Are you alright?!’’

‘’No. Yes. I don’t k- Mayb- you’re gorgeous!’’


Y/N: ‘’Do you think this dress is okay? Is it too much?’’

*Only stares at you for a while*

Y/N: ‘’Oh my it’s too much I knew it.’’

‘’What are you talking about, it’s perfect! You’re perfect. Gorgeous. I-I mean. Ahhh you make my heart beat so fast I can’t even think straight any more.’’

Y/N: ‘’You’re so cheesy Chanyeol.’’


Y/N: ‘’What do you think Jongdae?’’

‘’Wooooh she’s finally wearing a dress!’’

Y/N: ‘’… ‘’ *Turns around to get changed again*

‘’Noooo! I was just trolling you! You’re beautiful Jagiya and you’re all mine too~’’


Y/N: *Comes out of the bedroom* ‘’Do you think I can go like this or is it maybe too much..?’’

*The moment he sees her he spits out his drink shocked at what she’s wearing*

What is this am I dreaming, are you really wearing a dress?

Y/N: ‘’I thought I should try something new.. is it not ok?’’

‘’No, not at all!! I’m just shocked.. I’ve never seen you like this.. You’re beautiful Y/N. You should wear dresses more often it suits you!’’


*Sehun as one of your friends*

Y/F/N:’’ We’ve been helping her all day with this you better say something nice’’

‘’What’s going on, what’s happening here, why are you dragging me along?’’  *Has no clue as to what he’s about to see*

*As he enters the room and see’s you*

‘’You dressed up like that just for me, eventhough you’re not that comfortable with this attire. You’re so gorgeous Jagi, I’m the luckiest man to have you.’’ *keeps on blushing*


‘’Let’s do this’’.* Doesn’t expect much, just the usual*

*After he enters the apartment and sees you in the living room, he keeps on bumping and running into things, too dazed by this change of events*


‘’Wait. What. Are you really Y/N? My Jagi doesn’t wear dresses.’’

Y/N: ‘’Lay it is me… I just wanted to try something different, since we’re going on a date’’

‘’You almost gave me a heart attack! I can’t say that I’m shocked in a bad way though! You look really stunning Jagi!’’


*Looks at you, thinking he’s dreaming*

Y/N: ‘’Luhan? Does it look good?’’

*Still shocked can only nod his head, because words can’t describe what he’s feeling*


‘’Well well looks who’s coming out of her den’’ *Thinking she’s wearing her casual stuff like always*

*Sees her then though*

What’s happening what is this, that’s Y/N right?’ * For once can’t come up with a sassy statement or sentence*


*The moment he lays his eyes on you he starts blushing not having expected this*

‘’What made you change your thoughts?’’

Y/N: ‘’I-I we-well, I just thought it would be nice to wear this for our date’’

‘’I got the most beautiful girl in the world!’’ * Probably going to show off as much as possible, signalizing everyone that you’re his*


*The moment he sees you he starts fangirling immediately*

*keeps grinning at you like that for the rest of the day*

Y/N: ‘’Tao, are you okay?’’

‘’Yeah, I’m just super happy right now.’’


*As he climbs up the steps to your apartment, you come out. Seeing you he starts whistling*

Y/N: ‘’Is this okay, Minseok? Our should I maybe ..change?’’

‘’You look hella fine today, babe.’’

I hope you liked it ^_^!! My request box is open til sunday~ I’ll try to do as many as possible~!

With the meta that Thorin was a private citizen I think it goes to show a little more into the characters of Fili and Kili. 

If Thorin were aprivate citizen and not of a higher ranking status in Ered Luin that would mean that all courtly manners and training would most likely be done in private for Fili and Kili. I do not think that it would be something that they would want to do out in the open nor something that that dwarves of Ered Luin would want to participate in. I think that perhaps other dwarves would not take it as seriously. Why would they need princely training when they do not have a kingdom? Other people would hold respect for Thorin but I do not think that raising his nephews to take the crown was something others would approve of. You can tell that the other dwarves and dwarf lords believe them to be holding onto a false hope, it is why no one initially sends help in the beginning of AUJ. Thorin is respected for his actions and what he has done for his people but his title is clearly nonexistent. It goes to show the difference between Thorin, son of Thrain, son of Thror who he wants to be and Thorin Oakenshield who he is, but this isn’t about him, this is about his nephews.

Fili- the lionheart. When watching AUJ you would not be able to tell which one is heir to the throne. Both Fili and Kili come off as charismatic and carefree. It is when they are camped out one night that you see Fili and Kili learn more about their uncle. “You think a night raid by orcs is a joke?” “We didn’t mean anything by it.” “No you didn’t, you know nothing of the world”  Most likely they have lived sheltered lives in Ered Luin, seeing very little action on patrols or caravan escorts. It is only until the telling of Azanulbizar that you see a change in Fili. 

I think there was a new found pride in him, in his lineage. Even his posture takes on more of a regal air to it.  He takes on more of a leadership role in the company. Consults with Thorin more, helps to lead most of the charges. You can see him in Goblin Town right behind Gandalf for most of the escape. The scene where they have to escape to the passage into Rivendell, Fili is the second to last to go, ensuring that Kili is going to make it safely with him. He always knew he was of royal decent and was raised to one day be king but until that moment I do not think he understood the importance nor the status to which Thorin actually held. While I’m sure Fili and Kili were regarded well in Ered Luin I am certain that the reality of them being royal was not a concept that they could actually grasp at the time. Move into DoS “I belong with my brother.” Fili’s iconic line. Most likely they are all the other one has had, relying on each other. While the prospect of reclaiming Erebor is what they set out for Fili has an understanding that he would be nothing without Kili, that it is the strength of others that will help him to be a king. What would Erebor be without Kili? It wouldn’t be home. This was something Thorin didn’t realize until he was out of the dragon sickness and on Raven Hill saying his last words to Bilbo.

Kili- the reckless son. I always thought that some of Kili’s recklessness came from being the younger brother of Fili. I’ve seen posts before where it is something along the lines of “younger brother syndrome” but I think that has very little to do with it and the more I watch the movies the more I realize how wrong I was in the beginning. Kili most likely received a lot of the same training as Fili. He was told all his life that he was a prince but if he had no home to show for it then why not have a little fun? There were no real repercussions to his actions, no kingdom to look up to him. He had no real princely title to uphold which creates some of this persona. I believe that Kili thinks he is just an average dwarf, and he’s still relatively young which would also contribute to some of his behavior. He even admits that he is reckless and doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. In DoS when he takes the arrow to the knee, I don’t think that he had shown much development. He was still the dwarf in AUJ who was the first to jump into battle(you remember the trolls?). Then again when he knows he is ill, that he still wishes to continue on, but at what cost? Kili steps more into his own in BotFA. It starts when they are destroying the statues outside to create a barricade do you see him stand up to Thorin for the first time. 

We grew up on tales of the mountain, tales you told us. I don’t think ever in their lives they would get to see it, especially not with Thorin as he was. It was not what they had imagined. Erebor was in shambles with their uncle sitting at the throne falling into dragon sickness, going back on his word. Now that they have reclaimed the mountain it is the younger prince who is stepping into his own. Fili steps aside seeing how Kili would become a great leader, standing up for what is right and let’s Kili grow by doing this. Fili isn’t just being a “good” prince and following Thorin in his madness, he’s letting Kili be the leader knowing that Kili knows what is right. 

Imagine if none of them had died and Erebor was rulled by the three of them? All of the other kingdoms would look to Erebor once more. They never had a kingdom to cherish or gold to covet so all they ever knew was each other. This would create most likely a very prosperous Kingdom. They would always put others before themselves and reach out to help others. If Thorin were to have survived I do not think he would be one to hold onto grudges any longer. If another Kingdom needed help he would be there. Maybe the dwarves would have survived longer.