if you think about it

Imagine if Maria agreed to hide the kids out w/ Hades though. They managed to actually get there safely and Hades being Hades and how much he was just obsessed with Maria and her kids he would make it so as long as they were there, they didn’t age. He tries making it as homey and “lively” as possible to because he knows Maria is still kinda against this but doesn’t want her kids hurt obviously.

So imagine demi gods and others just being terrified that they have to walk through the underworld and just all of sudden seeing these two random kids playing hopscotch in a random patch of park type area next to a lake of fire completely unfazed. Or better yet, Bianca and Nico are the type to go ahead and make a game out of creeping people out as much as possible. So throughout the entire visit, they just follow the demigods completely silent in like masks or something saying nothing

Or being completely intimidated by Hades and just mid rant Nico and Bianca come running in. Pulling on his robes like:

Bianca: “Dad! Dad, can we have the cake that’s on the counter!”

Nico: “Pleeeeease!”

Hades: “Oh my Gods–Go ask your mother!

Nico: “She said to ask you.”

Hades: “UuuuUUUGH, well did you eat dinner yet?”

Bianca: “Yes.”

Hades: “Did you eat your vegetables?”

Bianca: “…Y…Yes?”

Hades: “….Go, but if she asks I said no.”

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...loving you...

With every breath I take, I think about you
I see you every where. The love and care with which you entered into my life.
Sweetheart I want to say that I have started loving you.

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Sorry to ask, but could you explain the basics of your racer dads au I've seen quite a bit of it around, and it looked super cute? I just wanted to learn more about it if possible. Hope that you have a great day! 💙

Oh it’s just a humanformers AU where the autobot guardians take care of the kids:
Smokescreen,Arcee and Jack.
Bulkhead, Wheeljack and Miko.
Bumblebee,Knock Out and Raf.
And Bee and KO are the racer dads cause they both are really big racers and they take care of lil Raf together! It’s super sweet, cute and happy bot world

Dost was also a HUGE gossip. Like, seriously, we would gossip about a lot of things together, back in the Cry days. In the later days, we didn’t gossip together because we were never in the same fandom. But boy, if you saw our convos when we were both into Cry, WOOO you’d get some juicy stuff. Like they’d tell me all this crap and I’d tell them all this crap cause I’m a HUGE gossip too. Like literally, all my crap I know is probably from Dost.

Conversations would always start like “Okay, you can’t tell ANYBODY this but I heard…” or “SO TODAY, I HEARD” or something like that.

And it wasn’t about people on tumblr, it was just about “famous” people *cough* mostly stuff about Cry *cough*.

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Favorite Anime/Manga

MAN I either have 1 true fave or 500….. so to name a few: the fates series, Fullmetal alchemist, Beyond the boundary, Inuyasha, Mushishi, attack on titan, ffxv: brotherhood (does this even count LOL), noragami, death parade, miraculous ladybug….. I could prob go on f o r e v e r

Favorite Video Games

 OHO, I’m mostly the type to get super invested in one video game9 for a few weeks-months and I can’t play any other game while until I finish!!! (go hard or go home amiright) The fire emblem series will forever have a special place in my heart, specifically fire emblem 7/rekka no ken, fire emblem awakening and now fire emblem fates!!! I also grew up with pokemon, so of course i have to include that. After that we have literally all of the Kingdom Hearts series (i love it so much :’), bravely default (i haven’t played bravely second since i wanted to finish FE:F Revelation first…), ffxiii, ffxiii-2, AND ffxiv of course!!!!! I’m probably missing some game that was vital to my development as a person but anywho~

Favorite Books

Honestly i haven’t read many books (excluding scientific journals and textbooks) since i started university, but one that does come to mind (and that i still love a lot!!!) is the Lunar Chronicles.

Favorite TV Shows

This is also difficult, but off the top of my head I really love Game of Thrones, the Walking Dead, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, the 100, Agent Carter, Voltron (i’m not sure if this would’ve fit better in the anime category but ah well)… I did really love Agents of Shield but lost interest halfway through the last season. I also do like Marco Polo but the second season didn’t really do it for me either.

Last Song I Listened to

Too much is Never Enough - Florence + the Machine!!! It’s not like I’m excited for ffxv or anything.

First Language


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What do you mean "Guns for hands for my blog?"

ever since i’ve joined tumblr, and especially as my blog has grown, i’ve become hyper-aware of how much suffering and pain and fear there is. i receive. A lot of messages daily about how people think and feel and want to end their own lives and it honestly breaks my heart. thinking about people going through the same things i am and questioning why they’re alive is part of what keeps me up for nights at a time. i think of my worries and fears and doubts and suffering, amplified by thousands of people, and it’s So Much. i can’t sleep. but i know a lot of you guys can’t either. which is why if you have those thoughts i want you to tell me about it, vent to me, let me be your ears. i encourage you to let it out, and don’t hurt yourselves, because a momentary pain cannot compare to ending your future. and when i say that i care, i really mean it. i really want and need you guys to stay alive for me.

remember how game of thrones had no problem showing a pregnant woman getting stabbed in the uterus to her death (talisa) or a child burning (shireen) or a child being hung (olly)  and yet had to cut away from Stannis’ death because showing it on screen was “gratuitous” (X)?

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Why do ppl insist on continually asking you space things after you've repeatedly pointed out how very not interested in space you are?

idk idk

I assume some of it has to do with the punch the moon stuff and like some of it is that people are new follows who don’t know yet about how little I care about space

and like maybe people think I’m joking when I say I don’t care about space? 

Mostly I don’t care but it does get tedious