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So I reached 400 followers why do you even follow me I’m not amazing! I’ve legit only had this blog a month and I shouldn’t even be here (someone failed to warn me about EXO being clingy)… I hope this graphic is adequate because I’m not even a graphics blog. :3 Thanks for following my sometimes random ways and high outbursts of laughter and torturous scenarios.. And my followers, I see you and I read your tags and you make me laugh, you’re amazing! I don’t have a lot of words because I suck at expressing my feelings and it just makes me feel weird but, ugh, I love you all and everything!

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INTP Problem: Just... FEELINGS

Fe Person: *Thinks INTP dislikes them*

INTP: *Doesn’t dislike them; simply prefers to keep a straight face*

INTP: *Tries to convince Fe Person that they don’t dislike them by using logic*

Fe Person: *Isn’t convinced*

INTP: *Tries to use Fe to communicate better*

INTP: *Ends up sounding fake / forced*

Fe Person: *Is beginning to think that INTP dislikes them more than they originally thought because INTP doesn’t even sound emotionally passionate about the situation*

INTP: *Is logically passionate about the situation because Fe Person should know the truth – that INTP does not, in fact, dislike them*

INTP: *Makes the situation worse by trying to make it better*


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It’s hard roleplaying on tumblr. Especially if there are multiples of your same muse.  And, unless you’re the most secure person in the universe (for which I applaud you), I don’t think anyone is ever going to fully get comfortable with not being the only one.  

It used to upset me when muses or muns I wanted to write with seemed very attached to a different interpretation of my muse. Sometimes I’d just log out of tumblr when multiples were on my dash because I’d see all their great interactions and feel like no one liked mine.  I’d feel like no one wanted to write with me, or that I was doing something wrong.  

But you know what? I realized that’s not true. And I think everyone should realize that it isn’t true. 

For every person who was exclusive with another muse, I had a partner who wanted to write with mine.  For every person with whom my muse or writing style didn’t click, I had a partner who did. 

And so do you. 

It’s okay for someone not to like your interpretation of your muse.
It’s okay for someone’s writing style not to click with yours.
It’s okay for someone’s muse not to click with yours.
It’s okay for someone to be exclusive with a muse that isn’t yours.
It’s okay.

And guess what?
It’s okay for you not to like someone else’s interpretation of a muse.
It’s okay for your writing style not to click with someone else’s.
It’s okay for your muse not to click with someone else’s.
It’s okay for you to be exclusive with anyone you want.
It’s okay.

So what do you do about it, when you want to write with someone but they don’t want to write with your muse?
You accept their decision, for their reasons.
You remind yourself that you have other partners who love writing with you.
You remind yourself that you love your muse, and you have other partners who love your muse, too.
You let yourself be hurt, but then get over it.
If you really want to write with that mun, and you have multiple muses or they have multiple muses, see if they’d like to write with a different muse. 

What do you not do?
You don’t make them feel bad for their decision.
You don’t make them feel bad for their muse not clicking with yours.
You don’t make them feel bad for their writing style not clicking with yours.
You don’t send them hate. 
You don’t send them guilt-tripping messages.
You don’t make them feel bad in any way.

Why not? 
Because it’s not a nice thing to do.
Because if you want to write with this person so much that you’re upset they don’t want to write with you, then you probably admire their writing. And you shouldn’t want to kill their muse by being nasty.
Because they’re allowed to have their own preferences just like you are.

And on the flip side, you’re allowed to be exclusive with someone, you’re allowed to prefer writing with someone.  But don’t be rude about it.  Be polite, because you should know how hard it is to put yourself out there and ask for threads or plots.  If you aren’t feeling it, your muse isn’t feeling it, or your styles aren’t clicking? That’s fine. Just be polite about telling that to someone else. 

Be polite to each other.  Respect each other.  

Based on one of my favorite HCs for The Hounds of Baskerville.

Molly, I’m going to Dartmoor for a few days. Don’t throw out those bacterial specimens you were saving for me! I’ll need them when I get back. -SH

Dartmoor? It’s beautiful there! I went camping there with some friends in uni. Is it for a case? -MH

And don’t worry your bacteria is (are?) safe with me. -MH

Yes, it’s for a case. Have to find a big dog with glowing eyes. - SH

Does this have to do with Baskerville? I saw something about that on the news. Sounds spooky. Keep me updated. - MH

Don’t tell me you believe in this foolishness too, Molly! I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for what’s going on. Getting on the train now but I’ll e-mail you the details when we arrive. Might need your assistance later. - SH

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shadlay asked:

Pssst Caca, if someone were to make a Shikamaru Hiden anime opening thingy what song would you deem appropriate?


Fantastic Tune by -wait for it- Kenshou Ono. Yes. The song by Shikadai’s seiyuu and I know it was used in the ED for Kuroko no Basuke bUT IT’S JUST SO PERFECT! The lyrics about waking up and heading forward perfectly fit Shikamaru’s mentality during the hiden and the song is sung by his kid’s seiyuu, I mean, come on, I couldn’t not pick it in good conscience.

i just wanna love you, like deeply; you don’t need to know me, i’d just learn all your habits, make you coffee in the morning, randomly make your favorite dishes, take you out for a walk in the hot summer nights when it’s impossible to sleep, make a marathon of your favorites shows, i just wanna love you but i realised that, if i’m not even comfortable talking to you, how could i love you
but i do

Some people are so upset over the confederacy shit that they want to change some of the military bases names because they’re named after confederate generals. That’s some major bullshit oh my god people are literally trying to sanitize that time of American history

Sorry, but that’s unrealistic and unnecessary

Today on My Language Is Bonkers:

nevěsta - bride

nevěstka (technically a diminutive of the former) - whore

Honestly, with the insane amount of hype with beforeharry and the fact that at least 70-80 people applied, a lot of people are going to realize the roleplay is a direct copy. Things like that happen a lot especially with how much of a quick success beforeharry is already. No one would be able to deny they’re stealing– it’s the same theme, format, app, everything as bhrp.

Momma Nikki & fam, don’t let it sweat you.