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New behind the scenes footage of a season 5 scene between Ellaria Sand, Doran Martell and Areo Hotah.
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I think that the reason that Sjin’s so wary about the dinosaurs escaping in Druidz

is that he’s been through a similar experience of capturing and caging dinosaurs before

and maybe he doesn’t want a jailbreak… another jailbreak, that is.


the root of all evil the possession people will work there whole lives for. some love this this so called currency that is nothing but a note and against the law which our founding fathers intended for us. this is grand deception. the greatest thief among us is our own goverment according to the coinage act of 1792.

“Constitution of the United States

Article 1; section 10:

No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post fact of Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.”

bills of credit is exactly what the dollar bill is. these federal notes are unlawful.

Benjamen Franklin wrote what he believes main reason why the revolution started. in this letter he wrote “ the refusal of king Jorge the 3rd to allow the colonies to operate in honest money system which freed any ordinary man from the clutches of a money manipulator was probably the main cause of what started the revolution”

Thomas Jefferson 1st charter was denied by James Madison and Andrew Jackson despised the thought of private bankers controlling the governments money both spoke against the unconstitutional banks that started to grow in young America. but both were denied by the congress.

Abraham Lincoln financed the war of northern aggression by printing UN-back paper money. an act that debased Americas money  which according to The Coinage Act of April 2, 1792 placed him in penalty of death.

Franklin d Roosevelt also placed himself in penalty of death according the coinage act. FDR demonetized gold, ending the production of gold coins, certificates, and silver dollars in order to stimulate the economy. He allowed the FED to print notes that were not redeemable for lawful money. after a year of this FDR releases an executive order 6102 that all persons under the threat of 10,000 dollars(180,000$ now) fine to deliver on or before may 1st 1933 there gold coins, gold certifications, and gold bullion to the bank of federal reserve. in exchange for 20 and 67 cents in federal reserve paper.

check out The Coinage Act of April 2, 1792 if you don’t believe me.

the money we die for is basically an i owe you to the goverment banks. never forget that during the stock market dropped and everyone was going bankrupt. the banks started taking peoples homes and possession.


aidan waite in every episode → addicted to love

"And when a monster sets sail for rock bottom, there’s no telling what destruction he’ll leave in his wake."

I’m caught up!!

Full Disclosure: I like that they took a shot at the whole ‘stoic male hero has to go it alone for the good of everyone’ trope. Ronaldo suggested it, and anything Ronaldo suggests is probably bad news.

(I just was looking through the Harry Potter books for quotes for that essay, and I found the bit where he goes ‘Ginny we can’t be together anymore’ and she’s like ‘this is some hero bullshit isn’t it’ like I’m sorry Ginny you’ve fallen prey to the Noble Lone Hero thing. It’s endemic among fictional males. But thankfully SU seems determined to get rid of most of that harmful masculinity crap.)

Joy Ride: It’s really cute that the teens enjoy Steven’s company so much. Everyone enjoys Steven! Except the villains and Lars, because Lars is a big ball of negativity for some reason.

That beacon looked like a yellow diamond and is probably not a good thing. Lapis and Jasper are underwater. Peridot is grounded. I don’t know whether they told anyone before they left, but that might have signaled other gems (or the possible second hand ship?) 

Steven is picking up on the gems blaming him for his mother’s death. Poor kid. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out later, though, although he usually tries to make them feel better and often conceals stuff when he’s upset with them.  

Donald is getting ready to leave for training and I’m getting ready for the day and he’s by the door and reaches out his arm like he wants a hug.
And I’m like woo hugs.
And he wraps his arms tight around me and I’m all happy snuggly….
And then he places his goddamn ice cold hands directly on my skin and holds on tight.
Son of a bitch. 😡😡😡😡😡

oh my god

he actually agreed to have coffee with me 

this is now exactly like when you ask a teacher for class outside and think, no, of course you’re not going to get it, that’s stupid, but then you do and now you’re like 

what do I even do 

elfyourmother replied to your post “littlellomerryn replied to your post “I actually totally understand…”

Seb having tea parties with the little ones though. Pouring tea for nug plushies and demonstrating proper manners.