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They wanted people to laugh in the scenes, they wanted people to enjoy it. They took it seriously to a certain extent, but I don’t think they were necessarily shying away from it being campy […] I knew it would go well if they were just like sniggering and laughing at the way Titus was being mischievous or this and that. They wanted that sense of fun within it.
—  Douglas Booth on the tone the Wachowskis were going for with Jupiter Ascending

Dear Tronnor fandom,


I guess I just wanted to tell you not to make the mistakes we made. We pushed Troye and Tyler apart with the continuous shipping. I feel like we went to far. And I don’t want the same thing to happen to all of you.

Troye and Connor’s relationship, whether platonic or romantic, is different than Troye and Tylers. There’s no denying that. But you could still end up the same way we have. While our fandom is still going, Tyler and Troye have stopped interacting as much online.

We can’t be sure of the cause of that, but it’s likely we pushed too much. We only see so much of their lives so we can’t be sure of anything, but please don’t push them apart.

The Troyler Fandom


“WHAT?!” Derek hollered into his phone.

“Yeah, I’m sorry, man, but I can’t make it tonight,” Sam’s voice said coming out of the receiver. “Apparently my sister had this fancy dinner planned for tonight so the whole fam can meet her new boyfriend.”

Derek rolled his eyes. “Which sister?”


Derek winced. Yeah, there wasn’t even a point in asking Sammy-boy to try and skip the meal. Katherine would castrate Sam if he missed something of hers and would probably come after Derek too if she knew he influenced the decision.

“What the hell am I going to do with this extra ticket then?” Derek asked, looking down at the two stubs he had laid out on his kitchen table.

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You got me feeling lost in myself, but I gotta keep my head up.


Here’s the thing Eun Bi and Tae Kwang help each other grow in so many ways like:  

  • He’s been that person she can always reveal everything to, and she feels comfortable with him
  • He’s helped her confront her enemy
  • He’s helped her lessen her own guilt and accept who she is
  • He’s always taking care of her, like making sure she eats and has someone that supports her while she supports others, like ep 10 the hospital scene
  • She’s been that person he’s been able to reveal everything to
  • She’s massively impacted his life in a positive way, he’s less upset now, he has a friend now and most of all he want’s to be a better person
  • She’s brought about a change in him, he’s less aggressive now, less self destructive
  • She makes him want to be better
  • And most of the time I’m pretty sure he gives her strength to be better too

i. at first, you will not understand what is going on. (but then, did you ever really understand anything about him?) 

ii. it starts like this:
there is something in his eyes like blood and brackish water. a thousand yard stare for a thousand year war. you don’t know what to say to comfort him. eventually, you stop talking about it. 
(i can’t fix us both, you rationalize. i can barely fix myself, and i’m only human.)

iii. the universe looks smaller. you stop looking at the stars. his halo looks dimmer.

iv. you spend more time worrying about passing the science class than you do thinking about his body. you pass your exam with a 100%. you can’t remember where all his scars are.

v. sometimes, after he disappears for a long time, you forget that he is coming back. when he does return, it is out of habit over loyalty. he is more a soldier than your lover. but, in his defense, you two have not been lovers for a very long time.

(the locals cannot stop talking about how volatile the thunderstorm season has been this year.)

vi. i am losing him, you think one night, lying haphazardly in his arms. the edges of the words do not sting against your tongue. you think this thought all night. when you wake, nothing in your mouth tastes like blood.

vii. towards the end, you cut your hand on his halo, trying to get him to look you in the eyes. he is gone seconds later. you wrap the cut in a rag and drive to the emergency room. the nurse asks you if it was a domestic dispute. she cannot figure out why you are laughing.

(feathers swept into corners, a scar on your palm, and an inability to enter churches– this is all he has left you with. you think you might finally understand.)

viii. when you fall out of love with an angel–oh, sweetheart. it was always meant to happen this way.

—  on falling out of love with an angel || m.m.c

Erlich didn’t like that new relationship between Jared and Richard and thought that the best way to finish it was shutting the door in Jared’s face | Silicon Valley - 1x02

(let’s pretend erlich didn’t take the bottle off of jared’s hand and he just stood there… alone… in the cold… with his heart broken)

“Moments” from Mchaleinski

*runs in waving around the paper* EXTRA EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT!

IT’S HERE!! Though ya’ll didn’t even have to wait a full day. So.

H’okay, so I wrote a thing, a not!fic thing that stars our favorite Teen Wolf fellas: Scott, Stiles and Derek. 

- This is unbated, but I did read over it three times to check for grammar and such.
- Who the hell knows what POV I even wrote in. I was shooting for a sort of outsider, author POV. Either way, hopefully it’s not jarring or distracting.
- I suppose it has some mature moments, but nothing explicit. 
- This is a polyamory pairing, so if this is not your jam, totally cool. Just don’t click the keep reading button and we’ll all be happy pandas.
- This is 1068 words… *let’s that soak in* For a not!fic, I impressed myself. In addition, I may add to this later on or even see if I can turn this into a proper story. We shall see.
- This takes place some time in the future, people are in like junior or senior year of college. Everyone is alive because I say so even though only Lydia is mentioned.

I would like to dedicate this not!fic to queerlyalex because she made me feel emotions for this trio of goobers. But my thanks can also go to shiftsideways and deleted-scenes because of their support for Alex and this pairing. PLUS, these beautiful people are going to do something special story wise at some point with sour skittles. YAY!


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I just made myself a dinner and the second I started eating an unknown girl walked into my dorm room, raised a radio microphone and asked:

“Can I make an interview with you about students’ eating habits? As, you know, you eat right now“.
“How did you find me?” I replied, mouthful of pasta and stew. “Did you check fire alarm or- “
“No, no! I just felt a most wonderful smell on a corridor and went after my nose. Now tell me everything about what are you eating.”

and that’s how I made a radio interview without leaving my room.

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