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Jared talking about Sam in S13, after he stepped up to more of a leadership role at the end of S12. I just really like this perspective on what I think has been a trait of later-seasons Sam, a tendency to defer and step back and let Dean lead from the front (SDCC 2017)

a list of good things:

  • derek hale
  • derek hale getting a well deserved backrub
  • derek hale wearing clothes that are comfy and make him feel relaxed
  • derek hale sleeping and sleeping deeply
  • derek hale having nice dreams
  • derek hale smiling just because
  • derek hale being the little spoon, wrapped in the arms of his boyfriend whom he loves and trusts and who he knows loves and trusts him back
  • derek hale having a solid and permanent home, a roof over his head and rooms that are decorated in the way he wants them to be
  • derek hale treating himself to nice things because he deserves it and he knows he does
  • derek hale being happy and safe and away from all the bullshit

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What are your theories on Hide's identity? :D

I think Hide’s got a thicc, juicy–

Anon, you almost got something you did not even ask for because of my inability to read things properly. I have so many theories on his identity tbh! But, for your sake, I’ll keep it strictly to things that could become canon.

1) Hide the V Agent/from the Sunlit Garden

This one’s my favorite. Especially since I saw this picture

(Can you tell I love this art?)

Hide has always been hinted to have something more going on with him than what meets the eye. The first instance of this was shown when he took that kick from Nishiki and lived.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 7

For reference, this is what his kick can do.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 4

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 8

For Hide to have survived that without needing more medical care than what was available at Anteiku was the reason I suspected that Hide was more than human. It was also the moment I suspected that he’d been involved with Yoshimura in some way, as Yoshimura didn’t consider taking Hide to a hospital at all, from what we’ve seen. It was as if he knew Hide was going to recover fine.

Another thing that made me suspicious of Hide’s background were Kaneki’s and Nishiki’s thoughts about him.

On Kaneki’s part, he thought Hide was scary when they first met.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 8

This point is reiterated as we are further introduced to Hide’s incredible ability to analyze the Ryouko’s murder at the hands of Mado and deduce that Rabbit (aka Touka) was acting out of vengeance for Ryouko and Hinami when she murdered the investigator.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 30

On Nishiki’s part, he’s sensible enough to recognize that Hide is dangerous to be acquainted with.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 8

Hide finding out enough about Aogiri’s stronghold to be able to inform the CCG of its whereabouts and know that Kaneki was being held captive there was what really tipped me off, though. Why would a mere human civilian know so much? Even Marude was suspicious of how he knew so much. Even if Hide did only catch the name “Aogiri Tree” eavesdropping on an investigator at the CCG cafeteria, how did he know who to track and how to find the stronghold? 

That’s a feat for a college student and part-timer to accomplish. Even more so, the majority of the Aogiri Tree Ghouls relocated and raided Cochlea while the CCG investigators were concentrated on their base. Very convenient timing, on Hide’s part, and mutually beneficial for him and Eto. Kaneki was able to escape in part due to his intervention, and Eto broke out the Ghouls she wanted from Cochlea.

Not to mention Marude’s and Akira’s suspicions concerning Hide, who by all means is just a part-timer.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 84

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 90

They both are questioning his motives. They both know there’s something else going on. And Akira’s reaction to his plain statement struck me as very hostile, and it reminded me tremendously of her father. The way he let his intuition guide him, and how his intuition never failed him. 

Mado was an amazing investigator with an uncanny knack for uncovering dangerous Ghouls and people, and his daughter surely inherited that ability. And it led her to suspecting something off with Hide.

That being said, Hide’s own words have often led me to think there’s more than what meets the eye.

“My interest would be piqued even if I hated it.”

That sounded as though Hide didn’t want to be involved in any of what’s happening around him. That would tie back into the carving of V on his forearm in the first picture. He doesn’t want to be involved, but he doesn’t have a choice.

Then there’s this scene.

It seemed so out of place to have him there that it surprised me at the end, but I get the sense he was commenting on something more than coffee. His expression, his body language, it struck me as someone who felt very sad. Like he was slowly losing control of his life alongside Kaneki.

That’s what made that meeting in the sewers so poignant for me. It was like he was just so fed up of all the secrets, both his own and Kaneki’s, and just wanted to go back to how things were before Rize.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 136

Then there’s Kishou Arima. Arima had no reason to be involved with Kaneki, much less recognize him. They’d never met. He hadn’t even recognized Yomo when they fought back when the raw wounds of his sister’s death painfully plagued him, but rather recognized his kagune, and calmly determined how to deal with him in order to kill him.

So why then didn’t he kill Kaneki just as he’d killed so many Ghouls before, like every other Ghoul who’d been unfortunate enough to encounter him in V14 and were rendered unable to escape?

Because there was someone with whom he possibly had a relationship significant enough that they could convince him to spare Kaneki’s life. Someone with enough personal information on Kaneki that would allow Arima to be able to recognize him. And the only person I could think of is Hide.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 136

Hide said that as though he was preparing Kaneki for what was to come. Because he knew who was waiting for Kaneki to either help him or end him.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 139

It’s like he had a lightbulb moment. Oh, it’s you. You’re the one I’m supposed to meet. If this is the case, then Arima cared enough about Hide’s input to at least consider it, and - ultimately - spare Kaneki’s life, even if it meant reforming him into Haise. And for him to care about Hide’s input means that their might be a hidden relationship between Arima and Hide yet to be revealed. And that relationship may just correlate to the two of them being half-human V agents from the Sunlit Garden.

I do highly suspect that these two are involved with each other in some way, even outside the narrative, there is one thing that particularly holds my attention. The fact that Hide’s birthday is exactly half of both Kaneki’s and Arima’s. The birthdays show the significant bond between Kaneki and Arima, most likely, it’s no coincidence that it could relate to Hide as well.

2) Hide the human who got caught up in a whirlwind of Ghoul crap and became the Witch’s servant

I do strongly hc that Hide could just be human. Simply because of how he’s always been depicted as Kaneki’s link to his human side. Hide was his place to belong to, the person that made him feel safest in all of his despair.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 6

Hide was just a regular guy who cared immensely for his best friend, and that he was so highly intelligent that he was able to deduce Aogiri’s whereabouts and their abduction of Kaneki.

In which, during this time, he became associated with Eto, and struck a deal concerning Kaneki and his status as a One-Eyed Ghoul. Getting her interested enough in Kaneki to at least give him a 50/50 chance of surviving in the Anteiku Raid and when battling against Arima. That he could play the part of the OEK she and Arima were seeking.

And since Kaneki is currently fulfilling that role, who better than Hide to be the witch’s servant?

If he was purely human, the scene in the sewers would remain as poignant as before. He loves Kaneki, his best friend, no matter what, and will accept him regardless of what he is. The same way Ukina accepted Kuzen, and the way Kimi accepted Nishiki. And would show that the human-Ghoul dynamic can transcend the prey-predator relationship and show that there can be an understanding between the two species. That they’re not very different from each other.

(Can you tell I love this scene?)

OH! What a lot I’ve written! Well, I think that’s enough for my main theories. Hope that answered your question, anon! And sorry for the long wait! I’ve been wanting to write about this for some time, and I’m really glad I got the chance to do so! So, hope you enjoy!


Day 11: Favorite Quote -  “It’s funny, the day you lose someone isn’t the worst. At least you’ve got something to do. It’s all the days they stay dead.”

Animals don’t care what they think about each other; they just simply focus on existing. Why must we care so much about what others think about us?
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

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hey mom!!!! any art tips?

  • Watch your sketch layers when you’re linearting, if the program allows lock that layer you are sketching over. (I can’t tell you how many times I finished linearting only to realize the sketch and lines had merged)
  • Never use black to shade skin/hair/etc, it’ll look ugly don’t even.
  • And don’t use airbrush to shade if you’re beginning either, that will make it look ugly as well depending on how it’s used and you’ll cringe way later on and want to burn it after believe me.
  • Hands are naturally your worst enemy, you’ll get better with time and random on and off drawings of them.
  • If you’re really good at painting traditionally/using markers/ coloredpencils and you want to transition to digital but you’re scared you won’t be any good shut the fuck up you will, believe me. Works vice versa too.
  • Flipping your canvas if available is vital to your survival, use it whenever you can.
  • You don’t need a cool backstory for why your character’s other eyes is missing, we all know it was too hard to draw and frustrated you, it’s not a secret everyone has ocs like that.

honestly… some of y'all aren’t aren’t bothered when it comes to relationships and love and that’s awesome for you. but at the same time… some people do wanna be with someone. it’s a completely natural human desire and allah literally made us to feel this way, he created us in pairs and all that. everyone’s hearts are different and some people don’t care about that kinda thing but others do feel lonely and yearn for a companion. there’s no need to shame or mock people for wanting something just because you personally don’t want it! you aren’t superior or more mature because you don’t care about marriage. it’s something that is halal and is even encouraged in islam, jus let people be mushy in peace lool

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In celebration of your almost 1K can you tell us a few blogs to follow if we like yours? Congrats beaut!

ahh, there are so many!! here are the ones off the top of my head, you can also look at who I reblog from 😍 Ily all!!

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thank you, sugar 🙈🙈

hey you

only 8 away to 600? thank you so much. this blog can be shitty at times, and i have my ocd to blame, but i still love this space a lot.

ps: drink lots of water, try lo sleep at least 8 hours, don’t hurt yourself thinking too much, anxiety sucks but doesn’t define you, somebody cares about you a whole lot, do something that makes you feel alive, go outside, help someone, your sexuality is fucking valid (they don’t know shit), bee happy!

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Beacon Hills is a liminal space/town. 

It doesn’t actually exist on maps or in any kind of text books. 

It shows up when it wants to, lets people in an out when it wants to, and generally can only be found when it wants to be. 

Anyone regular person driving through that part of California would never actually see Beacon Hills… unless the town wanted them to. 

In a sense the magic inside Beacon Hills makes the town sentient and able to pick and choose who can and cannot inhabit it. 

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Hello! I have a question :) When people talk about Shakespeare's "major tragedies", which plays are they referring to?

Hello! Usually, they mean Hamlet, Othello, King Lear and Macbeth, which are also known as the ‘four great tragedies’.