if you tell me u wanna be a math teacher

high school au! park woojin

summary: high school au! park woojin where he sits beside you in math class
a/n: requested; IDFKSJ i was writing the last few sentences to this when my computer crashed and everything disappeared AAAAAHDJFS my soul left my body and i had to rewrite the whole thing so apologies bc my original draft was probably better but sdkjfskjjksd nonetheless i hope you enjoy & as always please tell me what u think!!

  • so you first meet woojin in math class
  • the teacher assigns everyone partners and you two end up together
  • both of you are upset about it initially bc you wanna sit with your own friends lol
  • but it all turns out for the best
  • since both of you are pretty reserved around people you don’t know well, you guys don’t really talk at first 
  • but math is your ultimate weakness and half of the time you have no idea what the teacher is saying
  • so you have no choice but to ask woojin what’s going on
  • and he, being the genius that he is, explains everything to you nicely
  • tbh the teacher sucks, like no one understands what he’s saying and to make things worse, he goes at an incredibly slow pace so things get even more confusing

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