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So this is the Bullshit

I don’t believe in call out posts. I think they’re unnecessary and usually create a tidal wave of drama over a misunderstanding or an issue that might have been resolved with a simple click of ‘unfollow’ or block’.

This is one of those instances where it is necessary. Where the actions of one person are genuinely harmful and quite likely malicious and it’s actually impossible to know the extent of everything they have done.

Before I proceed, I want to make it clear that I do not condone sending this person hateful asks-or, indeed, any- asks about their behaviour. If you wish to unfollow or block them-or not- then that is your business. But I did not make this post to encourage spiteful behaviour.

I want to thank everyone who contributed to this post, whether it was sending me data, good vibes, proofing or just cheering up my cranky butt at varying points between now and April. Without further ado:-

This is a callout post for user Vallanoble, for actions spanning back to February of this year.

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Freedom: Hot Seat

-warning: kidnap and rape mention-


Lance was fast asleep. It was the best sleep he had gotten in 10 years, on a couch no less. It was dreamless, just the way he liked it. Allura tried her best to wake Lance peacefully without startling him. “Lance. Lance wake up.”

Lance stirred and forced his eyes open enough to let light in. He reached over and behind his head to pull himself up but his arms fell, reminding him he was no longer chained to that disgusting bed.

But as if the feeling was still there he rubbed his wrists and sat up to rub his tires eyes.

Detectives Shirogane and Kogane sat in chairs across from Allura and Lance with poker faces that would fool no one. “What is it?” Allura asked.

“Now that you two are okay, we need to prep you.” Detective Shirogane said quietly.

“Prepare us for what?” Allura reached for Lances hand and squeezed it. Lance looked down when he felt Allura and stared at her. He didn’t realize how thin she had become now. It made him sick to his stomach— it made him sick to think about what Zarkon had done to her.

“Trial.” Detective Kogane answered. They watched Lance and Allura’s faces twist in shock and disgust. It made Detective Shirogane sick just to hear it aloud. It was safe to say everyone in the room was sick.

“But we know he did it. He kidnapped us, locked us in the house and did things to us!” Lance looked at the detectives for answers.

“We know. Everyone knows, but it’s his right to a fair and speedy trial.” Detective Shirogane tried to explain.

“Fair?! What does fair have anything to do with this?!” Lance stood up and moved to a corner of the room. “Do you have… any idea what it was like to have to predict what day it was? To guess what he would do to you today? To be chained to a bed and mattress at all hours of the day until it was time for a crappy bath?!”

Detective Kogane looked away. In his 5 years of special victim cases, he could never get used to the stories they told. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“Detective,” Allura began.

“Please, call us Takashi and Keith.”

“…Takashi… what we’re saying is that we’ve been through a lot so it’s hard for us to understand why he can’t just be thrown in prison. We’ve been missing for 10 years. Isn’t that enough?” Allura fidgeted with her clothes which caught Takashi’s attention.

“Yes, but the law is the law. A jury deserves to hear exactly what Zarkon did to you so he can spend the rest of his life, and the eternity of hell, behind bars.” Takashi looked between Lance and Allura.

“Will he be there?” Lance asked from the safety of his corner.


“Pshaw.” Lance sneered and moved back to the couch. “I’m supposed to be 17. He took a decade away from me. I want him gone.”

“Good.” Keith nodded. “We need to talk to our ADA and she can get you situated and ready for the trial. All you have to do is tell the truth.”

“Believe me, Detective.” Allura looked at him with fury behind her eyes. “The truth is the least we could do.”

A week later, after Lance and Allura had given their testimonies that lasted over an hour each, they sat together next to the detectives in the gallery and watched Zarkon plead his case.

He lied through his teeth about how Allura and Lance willingly went to his house and how they were treated like gods. He lied that he didn’t tell Lance he had killed Allura. He lied that he didn’t rape them. He lied.

And the whole time he looked at the two with this grin on his shaven face, and Lance felt like he was back in that house. Lance rubbed his wrists repeatedly as if he needed constant confirmation that he wasn’t chained up again.

Allura kept mumbling stuff under her breath and fidgeting with her clothes. Takashi placed a hand over her’s to try and calm her but she flinched away and clung to Lance who flinched too.

Zarkon’s grin grew wider.

“Mr. Galra.” His attorney said.

“Hm? Oh, I’m sorry, what was the question?”

“I asked if you would ever have reason to hurt a child if you had a son of your own who you see frequently and who has testified that you’re a good father.”

“No. I would never harm a child. Ever.” He said.

“Nothing further, your honor.” His attorney nodded and sat back down on the side of his desk.

Lance couldn’t take any more. He stood up and left the room rubbing his wrists harder.

Hours later, he was woken again to Allura shaking him gently. “Jury is back.” She gave a slight smile. Lance sighed and followed her back into the courtroom.

“Has the jury reached a verdict?” The judge asked.

“We have, your honor.” The standing juror nodded.

“What say you?”

“On the felony charge of kidnapping 1, we find the defendant… guilty.”

Those who were there as friends and family calmly rejoiced, but Lance, Allura, and the detectives knew it was not time to celebrate yet.

“On the felony charge of child endangerment, we find the defendant… guilty.”

I though I had unfollowed everyone who’d put hate on characters/show but I guess I was wrong.

Since it does kinda bother me how much people hate on Jaune I’m just gonna make my own post on him. I’m not trying to prove he’s a good or a bad person. I’m just gonna show that he’s a person. And I will be using the arguments on that other post I saw just to bring things in perspective.

Jaune: blatantly disrespects Weiss’s space on multiple occasions, ignores her when she asks him to go away or leave her alone, brushes Pyrrha off entirely when she says hello

And the sad truth is that that is an accurate representation of how most guys act.

Jaune: cares more about his pride than his and Pyrrha’s lives

I actually don’t see where this statement comes from?

Jaune: brushes off Cardin’s violent racism as him just being “a jerk to everyone”

If I remember correctly, he said that to brush off the bullying he himself was subjected to. As he made very clear, he doesn’t want to be saved. Jaune wanted to feel like he was strong enough to stand up for himself. The purpose of his statement was to take the other’s focus away from him.

Jaune: lied to get into a school he had neither the tactical skill, combat ability/experience, nor intellect to actually qualify for, all for the sake of his man pride

All I see is a boy who wanted to feel significant. From the little backstory we got on him, it seems clear that he was dragged along with whatever his 7 sisters wanted to play, and his parents had no faith in him. 
His methods might not be what we’d call “just” or “right”, but please don’t overlook the fact that he’s a teenage boy who wants to find out who he is, who he can be. He didn’t like the life he had ahead of him at home, so he did something stupid to get a start on the life he does want. And despite his disadvantage in skill and knowledge, despite coming to face firsthand the dangers of being a huntsman, he never gave up.

Jaune: refused to communicate with his teammates to any degree while being blackmailed by Cardin, for the same thing he had already openly told Pyrrha

Don’t we all go through a phase where we just want to do things ourselves? Plus, sometimes asking for or accepting help means admitting defeat. Sometimes being offered help can make you feel as if everyone thinks you can’t do it, like you’re weak and powerless.
No one wants to feel weak and powerless. So if that is what you perceive when someone offers you help, it is only natural that you’d reject it. And in the end Jaune did find the strength to fight back. That must have ended in a boost to his self-esteem, whereas accepting help from where he was would have destroyed it.

Jaune: almost outed Blake as a faunus, loudly, in the school library, and didn’t even apologize

Yes that is quite unthoughtful. But so was Weiss for sharing that fact with JNPR in the first place.

Jaune: continued to bother Weiss despite her disinterest, later expressed that he wasn’t surprised but went ahead and tried anyway

Once again, an accurate representation of how boys act in real life. (Seriously don’t get me started on this one, because Jaune is far from the worst I’ve seen)

Jaune: ignored Pyrrha’s obvious feelings of discomfort when he talked about Weiss in favor of wallowing in his own dejection, despite the effort Pyrrha put into caring about his feelings

I could probably point out some psychology and facts as to why it wasn’t obvious to him, but at this point it really sounds like you’re raking up dirt just for the sake of dragging Jaune through it.

Jaune: laughed off the thought of himself wearing a dress, assumed Pyrrha would only date guys, implied dancing was “girly” or “unmanly”

Where the hell did he imply that dancing was girly??? And he did end up wearing the dress. Plus he just assumed Pyrrha was so popular everyone would try to be her date. And sadly heteronormativity is still a thing, yes.

Jaune (and Neptune): casually discuss women as objects to be owned

Did you mean: like real life men do?

Jaune: went to combat school for almost a year, with lessons from a world renowned champion fighter on the side, and still is so useless as a fighter his own team had no faith in him

Considering these are in chronological order I’m guessing this is from the vital festival scene where they’re eating. Which I think means less than a year of training, and even if it were five full years, he’d still be no match for the other seven in that arena because they had many more years of training and experience. It’s becoming tiring to point out facts to points clearly written by someone who has no interest in facts. Just wanting to find more reasons and excuses to dip Jaune in shit for the hell of it.

Jaune: stops a fight, being viewed by an audience and broadcast to the world, to argue maneuver nicknames with his team, and gets angry when the opposing team calls him out on it

Ah, yes. RWBY’s comic relief. I still think it’s funny that the other team didn’t just attack them instead of calling them out. Guess they weren’t serious about it either.

Jaune: interrupts a moment between Ruby and Pyrrha, after Pyrrha had accidentally “killed” one of Ruby’s close friends, to say the same thing Ruby was saying

He was clearly worried about Pyrrha, having been calling out to her since before Ruby was there. He just wanted to help Pyrrha feel not so guilty about it.
Jeez, you really love picking on Jaune for literally anything.

Jaune: didn’t notice Pyrrha’s feelings for him until she kissed him, and instead of calling Glynda, whose number he had and after having been instructed to do so, called Weiss to cry and threw his scroll away

This is just in: men are still getting hated on for showing emotions.
Like, can you blame him for forgetting about a teacher when he knew Pyrrha was walking to her death? Honestly, what would you do? If the person you’ve been closest to for months sent you far from danger before walking to their death you’d lose your ability to think clearly too.

Jaune: is given the role of strategist despite his strategies amounting to “hit it harder” and “run in a circle”

Let’s not forget that he actually found how to kill the grimm, no time for long instructions in a fight, you know.

Jaune: calls a ponytail a “warrior’s wolftail” because it sounds manlier

That’s what happens when being raised in a male centered society.

Jaune: is the only one who whines about “losing everything” even though Ruby, Nora, and Ren have all lost more than him

Suffering is not a fucking competition and expressing your feelings is actually much better than holding it all in. At this point you sound like you don’t want Jaune to have emotions and that’s kinda fucked up.

Jaune: gets angry at Qrow for explaining everything he had wanted to know, is the only one who still gets to be upset about Pyrrha’s death even though Ruby was the only one who actually saw it

See my point above.

Jaune: still has not discovered his Semblance, despite over a year of combat training and actual battles and a number of experiences qualifying as traumatic

And we know nothing about how long it takes for others to discover their semblance, only that they started much earlier on it. Also, where was it said that traumatic experiences should help with discovering it? Because it sounds like you’re implying that.

Jaune: is, time and time again, a useless character with almost no fighting ability and annoying at best behavior, yet continues to take the spotlight as if he is the main character rather than Ruby and her team

The text in italics was written by someone who got annoyed by Jaune and decided that basically anything he does is bad, rather than seeing that he is meant to be a representation of very human feelings and behaviors. Basically, the person who wrote this does not want to see Jaune as a human being.

How many of us are just regular people who dream about being a hero, or dress up as our favorite characters? Is that not what he shows? Just a regular person trying to be a hero. With of course the difference that he actually does something other than dressing up or fantasizing. 

Maybe that’s why people hate him. He’s too damn relatable to the things we don’t like about life. We watch shows to forget about those things. We watch RWBY to see a world full of heroes, and anyone who isn’t a hero is just a background character to make sure the cities don’t look empty. And then there’s Jaune, a human being with flaws just like you and me, who dares to defy the fate of being a background character. And we just love to hate anyone who dares to make us question the way we see the world.

If we were to see Jaune as anything other than bad, it might mean having to see the risks we didn’t take, the courage we never had, the life we dream of but never pursue. Jaune pursued his dream, and is starting to get somewhere. So many of us rather have him die than face the fact that we don’t have the courage he does. We don’t want to believe it is possible to be of use with a background like his because it might mean that we have been making the wrong choices out of fear. So yeah, let’s hate on him instead.

-Just my view on things, please don’t start a fight-

homophobia in the ml fandom

hey guys. a couple days ago, there was a post i reblogged from @chatchevalier​ that caused some drama. this post came off in a bad way, which she later clarified wasn’t the message she meant to send at all. 

i also used some language in my response that i didn’t intend to, calling what [at the time] looked like blanket blame ‘aggressive’… this was a brainfart moment, where i couldn’t think of the word ‘excessive’, so i put ‘aggressive’ as a poor placeholder and then…forgot to fix it .-.;;; 

i apologize for this immensely.

i feel bad that my reblog might’ve made it seem like this is the message the queer content creators wanted to send. it’s not. not at all. 

in the original post, which said that they wished the ml fandom would stop with the homophobia, the first several responses were just like… 

“what homophobia?”

are y’all for real with this??? in a fandom where there is ship hate even within the lovesquare [i draw a lot of ladrien – it gets ship hate], you really think people aren’t talking shit and sending hate messages about queer ships? are y’all really that naive? 

all queer content creators really want is recognition – to recognize that, yes, this sort of hate exists. it’s everywhere in the world, and it’s even in a relatively nice fandom like ml.

and they want you to recognize that it’s not always obvious. often it is very subtle, especially when people are only deleting the hateful messages sent [which, admittedly, i am guilty of ;;;].

oh, and they would also like to stop receiving hateful comments, tags, and death threats. that’s all. it’s not that hard; just don’t be a dick.

and if you are one of the people who sends anonymous hate to queer content creators, please unfollow me. i don’t want you here. 

the rest of you… if you see something homophobic, don’t be afraid to politely call it out. even if i’m the one saying it [i am not perfect and i can be very tactless :’D;;;], please call me out on it. vagueposting is a great way to quietly express your dislike for something, but it’s also not really changing anything. it’s better to be direct about it, so the person knows they said something that wasn’t okay. be loud about it!

pls note tho: i am not recommending like, call out posts or anything, at least not for every single instance of homophobia you come cross. sometimes people don’t even realize they are doing it. sometimes they are well meaning people who are just ignorant or naive, and they can be taught to open their minds a little more just by having something explained to them. it’s good to react on a case by case basis, and fighting hate with hate, while really tempting, isn’t a great way to go about things… this is my approach to things, anyway. there are def times where these methods should be used, but if you can combat their hate with calm and kindness, it’s a good thing to try.

anyway, i think that’s all i have to say?  let’s look out for each other and try to be better, guys. ;n;/

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So, I stopped reading perhaps two posts ago, by the time I finish writing this maybe five posts ago, because I need to get this shit off my chest.

(Because Alas Going To Work does not mean someone actually stops the shit posting. It’s really just a convenient “Mic Dropped, I Am Out Bitches” ending to a shitty fucking post that shits all over the people who have been in the corner and you have been mistreating, while setting you up to be the victim of those bad people who will not stay around for you to shit on them after you already used them, got your back patted by and then ignored in favor of bemoaning how alone and victimized you are).

@poplitealqueen (because when you talk about someone you should do them the favor to @ them rather than just drop their names thus calling them out without immediately alerting them you called them out personally) how about you stop with this fucking woe-is-me bullshit?

Woe is not fucking you.

You are a decently known author. You are not deadcat-famous but you did not spend more ten years writing a fic through huge life changes, sticking by it and determinedly trudging on without unleashing a constant stream of Witness My Self-Victiminization posts. You are known enough in the circles of the people who like the kind of fics you write that people answer to your posts and send you asks, ask you thing and show you support, as well as reading and kudo-ing your fics. Maybe less than they once did, but fandom is fickle, always has been fickle and always will be.

People have their own lives and they move on and then sometimes they come back and sometimes they do not. Some fandoms get their heyday and then the more dedicated people stay on and then the show goes off the air, the comic stops publishing, the canon is completely erased in favor of a new one and people get interested in things that offer new content. That’s life and it might suck but hey, darling sweet little girl, IT SUCKS THE SAME FOR EVERYBODY.

You know how it feels to sit down with someone, give them complete support and try your damn all to make them see the good sides of things and comfort them by saying that people will be there for them, only to log on and look at their account and find them answering asks and having long convos with people and getting funny posts that get 7k notes (the Luke-in-the-tlj-trailer one) while your posts are big when they get over 80 notes in a few weeks of activity (and only when boosted by other people with more popularity than the OP) and when you publish memes no one gives a fuck about asking about your OCs?


Because you are the person moaning and bitching while having it better and I am the person who gave you support while being fully aware of my much less active and noticed blog. I am the person who sent you asks and reblogged your memes (you know, the ones I later on see you say SEND SOMETHING IF YOU REBLOG about but you never answer when it’s me blogging them?). You are the person who does not see reality as it is because it’s not convenient to them.

Yes, I said convenient.


Because you are the kind of person who likes to, as we say in Italy, bask in their own broth.

By which I mean: you are milking being the Depressed Artist Who Nobody Likes shtick for all it’s worth, hooking people up on your drama and using them (like you used my Lee, before you dropped her like hot coals once Senpai FlameThrower Noticed You) only to later on shit on them (like the bullshit you said about me not having reached out for you in weeks, which I can disproves with fucking screencaps of our chat, darling, so do not try to pull the “I Am Bad But She Abandoned Me [So Clearly I Am The Victim But You Are Supposed To Get That From Contest So I Can Be The Victim When The Other Party Gets Angry]” move).

I am pretty sure you are not aware of it and people have trouble either telling it to you (it is a brutal thing to say, made even more brutal by the fact that it’s true) or realizing what is going on, but you *are* doing it. Oh boy are you ever doing it.

It does not matter what other people do.

It does not matter that I was inspired for a few days straight to work on fanarts for you.

It does not matter how many people send you asks and support and take time out of their own lives to hold your hand and put their arm around your shoulders and support you.

You are still constantly posting that nobody likes you, nobody cares about you, nobody gives you notes on the posts you like, people do not answer to your posts.

Except that when I get around to seeing things (after I sleep, do my fucking job babysitting two kids I cannot take my eyes off of lest they kill themselves or each other and actually spend time with my mom and fiancee) I do but I get no answer back from you, I suppose because I am somewhat contractually obliged to do it with you but the opposite does not apply to you when you can spend your time posting depressing Mood Things rather than engaging into further interaction.

Except that when I get around to checking your blogs (after the same things as above), I like all the stuff I can look at without being spoiled for things I want to see.

Except that I kept reaching out in the chat and being met with silence for days on your end.

And, again, all of that does not matter at all, not to you, because being Mood Depressed Unloved Artist is more important than actually getting off your ass and making the changes you need to make.

You say “I have resolved to be positive” and then it’s day after day after day of depressing Mood Posts and NOBODY LOVES ME.

People love you, you just make it hard for some of that love to prosper, given how you do not nurture it, you do not work with the other person, you prefer to shitpost about being unloved.

You know why people unfollow you?

Because you are a negative fucking person to be around and because even after they have given you time, attention, support, the notes you wants, the kudos you want, you still make shitty call out posts that allow you to play the victim and react to them cutting your negativity out of your life with the classic Fandom Shit Move of “Way To Abandon The Person Having a Breakdown.”

Darling, I know you told me you have maybe one breakdown per month but I need you to sit down and listen to this.

You have a breakdown per week, sometimes twice per week.

Many of these breakdowns lead you to shit even more than your usual on the people who are there for you.

Having any kind of mental illness does not excuse the behavior you have been exhibiting or making your actions acceptable.

I am also not contractually obliged to let you spew bullshit about me and still stick by you. I signed no piece of paper or clicked ok on any internet document that said “I have to put up with you whining about notes and Patreon not expanding fast enough and people not giving your due for the work you do, when my Patreon never went past three people and 15 dollars and you get a little bit more than 100 dollars per month”.

I am not trying for sainthood here, I am not going to just stand by and smile and nod and pat your back while you spew things that hurt me in public rather than reach out to me and talk about it.

Like I said we could and should do? Like I encouraged you to do? Like I told you that you could do at any point and we would talk things out and resolve them? You remember that chat or has it been conveniently removed from your memories so you can justify your behavior to yourself? In that case, please dear, do scroll up our chat and check it for yourself. It’s a conversation we actually did have.

You are 21, not 11 and the kind of call post you did today was uncalled for and very primary school of you. Shitting over people on public while setting you up as Poor Victim Miss Pops unless people haste to run at your side and declare their friendship to you is not how friendships get mended, it’s petty emotional manipulation meant to make other people feel guilty and force them to come to you in a way that puts you in a position of power and (fake) superior moral ground.

You do not have the superior moral ground and I am not giving you that power.

You can either get your head out of your ass, stop being someone who is constantly negative and reach out to me on your own, ready to meet on equal ground to mend what could have been the beginning or an actual friendship or you can play the victim further, keep down the road you are on and enjoy basking in your broth.

I will not unfollow you, I will keep reading your posts and liking the ones I like, I will keep enjoying your writing, I will keep being happy when new fic from you shows up in my inbox, I will keep giving you kudos and I will keep supporting you as an artist on Patreon and both my email and my chat on tumbrl will always be open to you (with the understanding that I will answer you when I get around to have the time for it depending on the day I am having). If inspiration strikes again, I will make more fanarts.

Have a good work day.


I’ve been planning this post for the past two weeks, and I just haven’t gotten around to actually typing it up until today. Over the past half year on tumblr, I’ve seen a spike in self-depreciation. There’s so much glorification of negativity, it makes me physically ill to see it. This post, although originally planned to be another rant, is going to be (more or less) a guide instead, on what I did to be more confident in myself.

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