if you squint and look sideways

As It Happens - TheOtherOdinson
By Organization for Transformative Works

Being stuck in the middle of nowhere while hiding from HYDRA can have unexpected consequences.


“Come on, Balthazar. Don’t be a dick.” Dean grumbled, his hands clenching up into fists. “Cas won’t help us; you’re the only one who can.”

Balthazar crossed his arms, a smug smirk lining his lips. With an arch of an eyebrow, the angel slowly started walking toward you, Dean, and Sam. “Why should I? Nothing ever has gone my way whenever I lend you a helping hand. What’s so different this time?”

Sam sighed softly and glanced sideways at you, his eyebrows squinting together and his lips forming a straight line. Dean looked at you, as well, though a lot more discreetly before looking back at Balthazar. You rolled your eyes and looked down. You knew what those looks meant; for you to talk to Balthazar. The angel has never said no to you. The only reason why he helped as much as he did was because you were in danger.

You stepped forward and tilted your head, not fearing to keep back your puppy-dog eyes. “So you won’t help us?” You asked in a small voice.

Balthazar’s eyes narrowed on you, and you saw his Adam’s Apple bob as he swallowed. His features grew slightly softer than when he was looked at Dean. His head gave a small tilt to match yours. “Of course I want to help you.” He stated, then looked at Sam and Dean. “It’s them I’m not so happy to help.”

Dean frowned and looked at Sam, who’s eyebrow was arched in offense. You looked back at the brothers with an apologetic shrug, then rested your gaze on Balthazar once more. “It’s mostly for me.” You replied with a small smile.

The angel sighed and looked around the room, his hands rested behind his back boredly. “Fine. I’ll help. But only because Y/N asked me; not you two.” And with that, Balthazar vanished, leaving you smiling at Sam and Dean’s offended looks.

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Imagine steve didnt get picked for project rebirth

He keeps applying for the army, needs something to do besides work and read about the war he can’t help with in the papers. Steve knows he’s skirting dangerously close to being caught, but he needs to do this, he needs to help, and then he’s been to every recruiting station in the area, a few of the outer area ones too, and it’s all he can do not to shout in the face of the man who stamps 4F over his file. Again.

So Steve gets a job in a factory, makes friends with the girls who work there, and they chat about their boyfriends and husbands who are off fighting, and Steve feels the burn of kind-of jealousy in his gut because that’s where he should be, fighting and protecting his country, instead of making munitions. He doesn’t tell the other workers this, though, knows that factory work is just as important, but it’s hard to keep reminding himself when Bucky is out there and Steve’s still in Brooklyn.

And then there’s a telegram, the post man catches Steve on his way up to the small apartment Steve used to share with Bucky. Now he shares it with a woman from the factory, Judy, in the same situation as Steve’s in - unable to afford rent on her own, a bit too desperate to care about what people will think of the two of them living together.

The man passes it over and it gone with a solemn nod, and Steve’s left staring down at,

The Secretary of War wishes to inform you that your husband, Sgt James Barnes is a Prisoner of War of the German government…

Bucky’d laughed when he’d told Steve he’d put him down as his next of kin, ‘Stephanie Barnes,’ he’d chortled, thrown a cheap ring at Steves head and they didn’t talk about it more than that, about the possibility that Bucky mightn’t come home. Steve feels sick thinking about it, now, looking at the ring he’d put on as a joke but never quite taken off. Has to sit on the steps leading up to their flat before his knees give out at the thought that he has to let Mr. and Mrs. Barnes know, has to tell his sisters…

Steve feels like he can’t breathe, spends the next few months as if his asthma is wreaking havoc even when his chest feels clear.

The war ends, eventually, people cheering in the streets and Steve breathes for the first time in what feels like months, celebrating with Judy and the other girls, and Steve waits for word of prisoner of war releases. He gets a telegram, instead -

The Secretary of War desires me to express his deep regret that your husband, Sgt. James Barnes…

And it feels like Steve never breathes again.