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Okay so I know people said I didn’t have to do this but I’m doing a giveaway!

I was intending to do the giveaway as a celebration for the blogs one year birthday (which is tomorrow) but for those who celebrate it, they can consider this also a Christmas give away as well as a one year celebration give away.

What am I giving away?

A blindbag star wars ship, a Leia pin and a Darth Vader figure.

The last item hasn’t arrived yet unfortunate but I took the picture of the one I ordered for you all to see and the blindbag and pin I am already in possession off as featured below that again.

Rules of the game?

1. You have to be a follower.

2. You have to reblog this post to be counted among those who want to win.

3. Well you’ll have to give me your address if you’re picked so I can send it to you of course!

So well… happy one year celebration and lets get cracking! ^^

Love Moddy

Ps: Btw, I’ll be picking out the winners on December the 24th

no matter what you celebrate in december, the holidays are getting closer! 

and I thought about sending holiday cards to my followers

you don’t need to pay for anything, it’s completely for free, and shipping is worldwide. 

you need to be comfortable enough to give me your address though, otherwise it won’t work. if you give me your first name I can make it more personal.

if you’re interested in getting a holiday card from garrus, just send me a message! 

Deerholdfurb 200 follower giveaway!

I finally reached 200 followers! Yay~! Big fun!

So I’m hosting a giveaway that is not in any way affiliated with Tumblr.

What you will receive, should you win, is the furby in the photo above! 

He’s a nonworking frog furby, very clean. His eyes are broken so he’s constantly looking at the floor like he’s nervous about something. Very sweet! I love him and would keep him but I bought him specifically to give to someone on here!

So the rules are:

1. You must be following me!
2. Reblog only 5 times!
3. Likes count!
4. If you are under the age of 18, please make sure that you have permission to have something shipped to you!
5. If you have more than 20 furbies, I’m not going to exclude you from the giveaway, but please think about giving other people who don’t have as many a chance to win! <3
6. Have fun!

The giveaway will end January 1st, 2018, New Year’s Day! An old furby for the new year!

If you have any questions about the furby, please feel free to send them my way!

Again, this giveaway is not affiliated with Tumblr in any way, shape, or form.

I’m celebrating 5 years on my SkarsJoy account on Tumblr & Twitter and am having my first ever Holiday Giveaway! 🎄😃

If you see anything you like in the pics above, just REBLOG this post and put in the tag what you want. You can choose between 2018 calendar, ornament, Pop! Eric or a stocking. For my Twitter followers, you can reply to any tweet I have about the giveaway but you’ll have to tell me which item you want.

I’ll pick the winners on Friday, December 1, 2017 and will post the winners. You’ll have to message me your name & address so I can get them in the mail ASAP in time for the holidays. They will come gift wrapped and I’ll ship anywhere!

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spidergirlwanab’s 500 celebration

Hello my darlings, it’s your girl Dan here again :) I can’t believe I hit 500 spiderlings so fast!

I know it isn’t as much as hitting a thousand but, I just want you to know that I love everyone of you so I’m going to be doing:

  • headcanons
  • moodboards
  • playlists
  • ships

they can be as personalized as you want and with any of the Holland boys, the Spiderman Homecoming characters and cast.

If you want to participate:

  • it would be nice if you were following me
  • reblog+like this post
  • send me an ask or a message specifying which one you want
  • for the headcanons send me a situation, your name and a short description of yourself (if you want them with a specific person, please say so)
  • for the moodboards send in the theme you would like, the person to feature it and various selfies (that last part is optional)
  • for the playlists send me your name+the person you want it with and i’ll create the playlist under your shipname with your fav
  • for the ships, send me a description of yourself including physical features, personality traits, likes/dislikes and other things you want included (specify if you want to be shipped with the Holland boys, the Spiderman Homecoming characters or the SM:H cast)

I hope you guys want to participate, I love all of you! I’ll only be taking these requests until midnight Friday (central standard time)

Tags for attention under the cut

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hello! Its official!!! my etsy shop is NOW OPEN! You can follow the link to it here ( ROSYISH) and I will be back later tonight to upload my photos and descriptions of items that are now available!

PLEASE send me a message if you plan on ordering $30 or more worth of products because I will make a special post for you with FREE shipping

send me a message if you have any questions, concerns, requests!!!

since I am obsessed with flowers and plants ALL of my products will have a floral / plant theme! so keep that in mind if you have any special requests!! since its the grand opening stay tuned tonight for the discount code!!!!! Thank you so much to everyone who has been patient with me and has rooted me on! Thank you to Adam @kyleraynxr for making my Logo!!!

New additions are coming to the shop (more bath bombs, bath teas, FACE MASKS, SOAPS, and bracelets)

Thank you thank you thank you! And as previously stayed stay tuned for a discount code!!!

The thing about being a multi shipper in Voltron is that, while most of the non multis hate each other, I can happily follow people liking a specific ship and then turn around and find a new blog with a different ship.

Shaladin? My kinda jam!

Polyamory? The best stuff for my lonely soul!

Shallura? Space parents!!!!

Crack ships? They make me laugh but they’re amazing as well!!!!

And everyone has separate blogs! It’s great!

Unless the person is an anti. Then I’m not going near that pile of drama waiting to explode. No thank you.

Person: So, tell me how much you love Hamlet.

Me: *Seen three productions, one seen live in a theatre, can pinpoint what happens in the play by referring them by Acts and Scenes, follows an actor on Twitter who played my favorite Hamlet, has a tattoo of Hamlet holding Yorick, did two major papers on Hamlet for my Shakespeare and Adaptation class, ships Hamratio with an aching passion, gets really sad when I can’t see a nearby production of Hamlet, has this blog where I can be flithy Shakespearean weeb trash*


anonymous asked:

Hey there. I’m super new to the HP tumblr fandom I’m a recent transplant from the Johnlock fandom, so I’ve been away from tumblr for a while. I’ve always been a Harry Potter fan, ever since I read the first book in second grade. I just never got deep into the online piece of the fandom, but now that I’m renewing my obsession with it, I’m hoping you can help me! I’m a Hinny&Romione purist, very into canon ships. Any blogs I should follow, or any I should avoid? Your blog is great btw. Thanks!!

Hey! :) Welcome to the fandom, it is seriously the best but then again I may be slightly biased ;)
I was kind of the same, I was a little late to the HP fandom party but when it gets you it gets you!
Thanks so much that means a lot and I’m glad you like it!

There are sooo many blogs I love but a couple of ones I would recommend to follow would firstly be @blvnk-art as her fanart is aaaahmazing! (Her Hinny drawings are perfect and there was a time a few weeks back when the majority of her posts were Hinny. She also has a nsfw HP art blog as well @blvnk-nsfw) Another great Hinny blog is @sunlitfirewhisky

Some of my favourite Romione loving blogs would be @callieskye @remedial-potions @trademarkblue @azaleablueme

Some other great HP blogs are @accio-shitpost @deer-evans @disneyprinceronweasley @incorrect-harry-potter-quotes @harrypottersource @ginniewheezie @dailywizardwheezes

If you are into Jily as well then check out @elanev91 she writes some ridiculously awesome Jily fanfics (some of my favs ever) and also posts some class Jily and HP related stuff.

There are soooo many more blogs that I follow and love but would be here forever trying to list them all so hope that gets your started off!  :)


so!!!! i seen that post about buying a binder and passing it off as a gift. i’m not too educated on binders, but i seen a website selling them. the ones i seen are on gc2b.co

if you’d like me to purchase you one, and send it to you and make it look like it was from etsy or something, i’ll do it! it may take a little while to get to you, since i’d have to wait a lil while for it to come in, and then ship it out to you, but i’ll do it! you can easily say you waited last minute to get something hand made for one of your friends, and that’s why it took so long.

i can only buy maybe one or two (from that site, I seen a couple that were like $9 and i could buy more of those. just specify which one you’d like!!), but if you’d like to purchase it with your own money, and have it sent to me so i can decorate it like an etsy thing, go ahead!!

i’m so excited for you all to finally be who you were born to be. you are valid, and you are so beautiful. my best wishes to you all!!

I wasn’t planning on doing a writing contest until I reached another follower milestone but if I were to do a mini one just for Riverdale fanfic, would people be interested?

Please like, comment, reblog this post, send me an ask/message (basically anything!) if you would be up for taking part. Also if you know of anybody who you think would be interested, direct them this way too!

The prize would probably be an extra long fic with character/ship of your choice (:

Originally posted by inthemoodforchaos

Winter/Holiday Mini-Fic Extravaganza

I had a ton of fun last year writing all those winter/holiday themed fics, so I thought I’d do it again this year! 

(and this time it comes with a super cool graphic that I made)

I’ll start posting on December 1st, and the fics will be 500-1000 words.


  • Send your prompt here to my ask
  • Read my prompt info page before you do, so you know what I won’t write
  • Prompts can be for romantic ships, but also for friends, families, or focusing on one person
  • I’ll write for any holiday I can research 
  • Or no holiday at all! (hence the “winter” part in the title)
  • Make sure to mention that the prompt is for this extravaganza, or it’ll go on my normal prompts list
  • You don’t have to follow me, and you can send the prompts either on or off anon, that’s totally up to you
  • You can send as many prompts as you want!
  • You can send prompts from now, all through December. Yes, even on December 31st!


  • I’m a human person with only one brain, two hands, limited time, and a family. I’ll try to finish all the prompts before January 1st, but I can’t promise that I will
  • I reserve the right to refuse any prompt

And now for the ships!!! (they’re below the “keep reading”. if you can’t find your ship on here, feel free to ask. these are just the ships that I definitely will write for)

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hiya! im looking for some more blogs to follow on my main! (this is my anime/seiyuu side blog so i have to follow from my main)

pls like/reply/reblog (tagging what you post) if you post the following:

  • fukigen na mononokean
  • ballroom e youkoso

  • bnha

  • yu yu hakusho

  • devilman

  • one punch man

  • mob psycho 100

  • seiyuu

or anime in general but mostly those listed above

i will NOT follow you if you post pedophillic or incestuous ships. i will block you if you try to fight me on this. i do not want any discomfort for myself.

Just in case it’s not clear: I do not like S/himadacest. Actually I HATE it. Like I’m getting frustrated because for some reason these people that ship it are trying to follow me. You will be blocked right away. A friend of mine also sent me a list of blogs that ship them so I can block ahead of time. I don’t joke around when it comes to that nasty shit so please back off.

ratatatatatatatatatatataytcha: Considering you blocked me so I couldn’t respond on the post only to follow me, which, by the way, I find very childish because it seems like an attempt to silence any views that conflict with your own, I’m going to answer here.

The whole “Quality control issues doesn’t mean low quality” argument only works when there’s only one or two faulty products. I’m not stupid nor unreasonable, I know things happen and there’s always going to be a faulty product here and there. Hell, I know some brands where the part that ships to one country is faulty but the rest is fine and while it’s in no way right, I can half understand that. But when it’s almost everyone I know and plenty of I’ve seen online who has brought products over several continents, it’s no longer “I’m sorry people have had issues” cases, it’s an inherit flaw of the products. Oh and by the way, I’m in a privileged enough spot that yes, I know and have brought clothes at retail places for the same price Taylor is charging, but 1. They’re not hoodies that had it not had Taylor’s brand attached to it could be brought for $20 at Target or the like and 2. They have lasted years, which, once again, cannot be said for anything I brought off Taylor’s shop. Like that’s the thing, I know I’m in a privileged state to be able to say this but I do not mind spending extra for clothing if the value is there, but unfortunately for Taylor’s stuff, it is not.

“It’s only $50USD for shipping to Australia” You do realise that is about $70AUD right? Which is what I was saying. I’m sorry if that wasn’t clear, but I meant I pay $70AUD for standard shipping to where I am. That’s double what I pay for anything else to ship from the US, including other artist’s merchandise. If you don’t find that ridiculous, I don’t know what to tell you because it is. Literally paying more for shipping than the actual product is stupid and a large part of the reason that, while not the choice I make, I don’t blame others for going to flippers because like I said, all up, it still ends up cheaper than buying it straight from the source.

As for the sellout when she had sale, I also paid attention. She did sellout straight off HOWEVER, she restocked every two days or so. I literally brought my stuff from the site the day before the sale ended. So scalpers buying the stuff when cheap doesn’t really make a difference unless she was flat out no longer going to sell those items, which, at the time wasn’t what happened and once again goes back to accessibility as opposed to price. Tickets is a slightly different topic because flat out there is only 80,000 max and once again, I agree that changes need to be made for everyone, not just Taylor. Merchandise doesn’t have that issue however because it is made according to demand. 5 people buy something? They’re probably going to stop making it. Another product sells out? Clearly they’re going to make more. That’s why quite honestly, despite understanding the whole “New Taylor” concept, I was surprised she took down some of her 1989 and even RED merchandise because it was still selling quite well. Obviously not as well as when those eras first started, but that’s to be expected.

Also, I know you said that we’ll have to wait and see with tour tickets but I find it hilarious that your argument about merchandise scalpers shows exactly why this system won’t work. Because like what has been said, if scalpers are buying stuff to resell, it’s them getting the boosts, not the fans. And the argument could be made that the price being high doesn’t change that, but once again, if the accessibility both location and financial wise was there for the fans, they would not have to go to scalpers to get the merchandise because they’d be able to get it straight from Taylor’s shop.

As for not ‘Whining”, I’m not. Whining would be “Boo hoo, poor me. Taylor should live to my expectations” which is not what this is. Also you saying that me putting out my reasons for why this isn’t a good idea isn’t intelligent or useful is just plain wrong because it’s been made clear over the years that Taylor has listened more to posts online than written letters her team received, so chances are this is the best way to get Taylor to see it. Oh, and by the way, I’m not planning on getting any of the merchandise because personally none of it is to my taste, but that doesn’t mean that it automatically makes it right that this is happening just because it’s not going to be affecting me. But yeah, either way, what myself and other people have said is a critique and you trying to dismiss it and act like we’re just being children throwing a hissy fit because you disagree as opposed to even attempting to understand what we’re saying is honestly quite upsetting and frustrating.

anonymous asked:

I’ve been following you over a year and within this last 6 months you have been like a lot of other blogs where you don’t post Karlie much (because of the josh thing) and you have clearly said you are not a kaylor shipper, yet lately you have been posting A LOT of kaylor. What’s the deal?

I love Taylor. She’s the reason I created this blog. If you followed me at any point last year you would know I was up Kaylors ass.

Post election, I don’t have as much respect for Karlie as I once did, but I find the PR game the girls are playing to be extremely interesting. They cover things up in the most strategic yet obvious ways. I think that in itself keeps me into kaylor, but also I am able to recognize that Taylor and Karlie are in an adult relationship and I respect that relationship because, well, it seems to make Taylor extremely happy. That’s all that matters.

bewareoftrips  asked:

Haven't been on much today because it's a holiday over here, but I'm really outraged. The fact that people woukd unfollow you or send you hate just for shipping something they don't makes me sick. Not to mention that you're also a huge Bughead shipper... I really hate that people in this fandom feel that if it's not THIS it must be ANTI THIS. Why can't it be both? If I unfollowed everyone who shipped something I didn't, I wouldn't be following anyone. 😞 And I swear I'll read it soon! Been busy.

Thanks for the love Kim ❤️ it’s pretty frustrating because they mention I must be anti (I’m not) I’ve “liked” posts and that antis have posted (if I see something that makes me laugh or whatever I’ll like it, I don’t necessarily look to see who’s posted, I’m not actively seeking anti stuff. 😒😒. Ah well, at least my blog is getting a good cleanse! As for hating Jopaz? Well, I like writing stuff for unpopular ships because I enjoy it 🤷🏽‍♀️ thanks for always being my cheerleader, you’re amazing and worth your weight in gold!

since these get around faster, & i cannot do graphics for the life of me. please like or re-blog if you wish to interact with Ritsuka Fujimaru from Fate Grand Order. multi ship & multi verse. penned by malibu. & i’ll check out your blog! or it’s easier if you throw a follow my way & re-blog. either way works! every re-blog helps a bunch. & if you like cinnamon rolls, who look like they could kill you & really couldn’t but has a god like affinity for gaining everyone’s loyalty then you’ll love this dork!  (´。• ω •。`)