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I had a dude get offended because I didn't know what his usual order was. He was complaining because 'you see me everyday!'. Boy, was that a hilarious shade of red he turned when I told him I was covering from the store across town and I had never worked there before.... how you gonna expect someone behind a counter who sees 500+ people in a day to remember you if you can't even recognize the handful of regular employees who work here


for the record he told me his wife knew about our weekend together but she didn’t even know who I was.
DONT get involved with him he is a manipulative, lying son of a bitch.
He was going to let me uproot my life and move 3000 miles away based on a lie.
I’m sure you’re reading this and I want you to know I’m still fucking pissed.
Reap what you fucking sow.

You’re WORSE than the fucking rba guys. You’re selfish in ways I can’t even comprehend. You say you don’t want control you want influence? How I didn’t see that as a red flag is beyond me. Stay away from this guy. I hope you get the fuck off of tumblr and quit preying on vulnerable girls. Pay attention to your wife and daughter. (Who I didn’t know you had)

what the heck is a bed

so I was chitchattin’ it up with @whatisthisnonsense again about the Bendys and we came up with this AU.  in a nutshell: Good Ending where Bendy realizes Henry isn’t to blame for his situation, works together with Henry to take down a corrupted Final Boss Joey, and then Henry decides to offer Bendy the chance to leave that horrible studio for good and, y’know, come home with him to have a better shot at life in the real world

so he goes home with Henry, and Henry introduces this Real Life Cartoon to his niece Susan and his sister Darlene.  Darlene, aware of Henry’s roll-with-it attitude (his voice clips in-game are WAY too chill) but exasperated at the fact that “HOOOWWWWW IS THERE A REAL LIFE CARTOON HERE,” throws her hands up and decides to roll with it as best she can, too.



Fallout OC Questionnaire

Whether your OC is a Lone Wanderer or Sole Survivor, these questions can be asked by others to know more about them! Or simply be used as a guide to further develop your character. Ask away, luv!

  1. Which Fallout game are they from?
  2. Which faction(s) did they join and which did they destroy? Why?
  3. What is their S.P.E.C.I.A.L.?
  4. Give us a summary of their backstory.
  5. What’s their full name and does it have a meaning? Do they have any nicknames and how did they get em?
  6. What’s their sexual, romantic, and gender orientation? Do they feel comfortable telling other people?
  7. Do they have any mental illnesses? How do they cope?
  8. Do they have any medical conditions? Is medicine/ treatment available for them?
  9. How much do they care about their outer appearance? What’s their “beauty routine”? How often do they shower/ bathe?
  10. What do they fear the most?
  11. They’re biggest flaw? Do they recognize it as a flaw?
  12. What are they most insecure about?
  13. What Wasteland threat do they fear the most? (ex. Deathclaws, super mutants, raiders)
  14. What’s their zodiac sign or which one do you think they relate to the most? What are their placements (if you know them)? (ex. Aries sun, Taurus moon, Aquarius Venus)
  15. What’s their Myers–Briggs Type? (ex. ENTP, ISFJ)
  16. What Harry Potter house would they be in? (ex. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw)
  17. Which Pokemon Go team would they choose? (ex. Instinct, Valor, Mystic)
  18. Out of the nine forms of intelligence (rhythmic, spatial, linguistic, mathematical, kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic, and existential) which one(s) are they really good at and which one(s) is(are) their weakest?
  19. What natural alignment are they? (ex. Lawful Good, Chaotic Evil)
  20. Do they have any hobbies? What are they?
  21. Do they have a favorite holiday? How do they celebrate it?
  22. What’s their favorite season?
  23. Do they have a temper or are they level headed?
  24. Do they express their emotions freely or hide their true feelings?
  25. Are they a leader or a follower?
  26. How do they come off to others? What first impression do they usually make?
  27. Do they prefer to travel alone or with company? Who have they traveled with if any? Current companion if any?
  28. Would you describe them as selfless or selfish? Does it depend on the situation?
  29. What do they find most attractive in others? Name at least one psychological and physical trait. (doesn’t have to be romantic attraction)
  30. Do they flirt often? How easily do they fall in love?
  31. What’s their love life like? Are they interested in anyone or in a relationship?
  32. Do they prefer to solve things diplomatically or using violence?
  33. What is their combat style? What range do they prefer? Do they sneak?
  34. What weapon(s) do they always carry with them?
  35. Their most prized possession?
  36. Their thoughts on power armor?
  37. Favorite armor/ outfit?
  38. How’s their aim? Do their hands shake while pointing a gun?
  39. What are their thoughts on having to kill on a daily bases in order to survive? Does it take a toll on them? Or do they shake it off rather easily?
  40. Thoughts on death if any? (ex. Fear it, accept it)
  41. Do they move around a lot or prefer to have a place to call home?
  42. What’s their favorite location?
  43. Their opinions on ghouls, feral and not feral?
  44. Do they scavenge for their supplies or simply buy them?
  45. Are they the type to get distracted and go off to an unknown nearby location or do they stay on track?
  46. How do they sleep? Are they picky about where and how or can they sleep basically anywhere?
  47. What’s their favorite radio station and song? (post-apocalypse)
  48. What’s their favorite post-apocalyptic food? Are they a picky eater? Do they know how to cook?
  49. What’s their favorite beverage? Do they drink alcohol?
  50. Do they have any tag skills?
  51. Anything they like to collect? (ex. Unique weapons, Bobbleheads)
  52. Are they good at disarming traps or do they constantly miss them?

(Add other questions you want to be asked if I missed any)

*Something anti black happens in Kpop*

Black fans rightfully voice their concerns

non blacks: they didn’t do anything wrong uwu, leave our faves alone

random ass black fan: actually i’m black and this doesn’t bother me

non blacks: see, this 1 black fan isn’t bothered so this proves our fave did nothing wrong


Favorite moments from Drunk History with Impractical Jokers Q and Sal.