if you see a picture that is yours tell me and i will credit you


[note: pictures are meant to be read left to right, top to bottom]

i am so PISSED. i dislike when my photos are reposted without credit but what i hate even more than that is when people try to defend themselves and claim they’re not doing anything wrong when they’re called out. just own up to your mistakes and do better in the future, jfc.

this girl blocked me before i could post that last comment and now i can’t see her IG page (but ya gurl still kept her receipts and took screenshots tho HAH) and i would really appreciate it if you all either reported her account or commented on her pictures telling her to cite her posts from now on! (or even just scroll through her account and tell her where a certain picture is from if you recognize it? honestly, anything at this point to get her to acknowledge this problem)

it’s not even like i asked her to delete all of her posts or go through each one and back search it to find the source?! like literally what i said is “cite FROM NOW ON”. that’s a completely reasonable request. i didn’t even report her right away - i offered her the chance to stop doing what she’s currently doing. like!!! i am being so fucking reasonable!!! and she’s just blowing me off!!! what the fuck!!!

so yeah. please tell her to start citing her pictures otherwise you’ll report her. she doesn’t fucking understand why what she’s doing is wrong and this is NOT okay. (like really though. go tell her. don’t just like this post. that won’t help anything.)

Sometimes it’s hard telling if a POT is rich when looking at his photos online.
I wish they posted just 4 good photos
•One clear photo of them not looking creepy.
•A photo of them in there car, so you can see if he drives a nice car.
•A photo of him standing next to his house, so you can tell if he lives in a mansion
•A clear picture of his credit card

Is that too much to ask for?


Suga haircolor apreciation post.

This boi has been through alot with his hair to the point it almost fell out omg. I miss this hair but if he would continue doing this his scalp would almost burn of and we would see Yoongi without hair.

Hope you guys liked this one. I love all of his haircolors, from black to silver to pink to every single one of them. If you guys want me to do this in your bias’s version (or your bias fanfiction, texts or literally anything) tell me.

(If one of these photos is yours and you feel uncomfortable with me using it, tell me and I will get it off or credit it you, I sadly don’t know whose pictures those are)

oh wow, i used someone’s stage on a mmd picture and they said “don’t @ mention me in yuri pictures” because they “don’t want to see something I don’t like”


why does lesbians bother this person so much? i don’t understand

the picture wasn’t even explicit or anything…

and they even said to someone on the comments that “the author understood and wasn’t offended like you are” excuse me, sweetie? just because i said “oh okay” doesn’t mean that i’m not offended. You tell someone that you don’t want to see their picture because it’s lesbian, while that person IS a lesbian, and you don’t expect that it’s going to upset them?

sorry for rambling like this but i’m talking about this here instead of dA because I don’t want to create drama and stuff, but that really upset me, you know

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Cropping a picture doesn't make it yours to add a water mark. Putting a watermark would imply you took the photo and own it

Tell me, do you think that people that make gifs shouldn’t add a watermark to them either bc it isn’t their video that they took? People shouldn’t upload covers to YouTube because they aren’t singing their own songs? People shouldn’t draw Brads photos exactly as they were taken bc that’s copying?

We put a watermark on our edits to show who made them. You’re basically saying that no one should put a watermark on anything unless it’s a photograph that they took. I take pride in the edits that I make & people like them. You’re complaining about the simplest edits that I make & I don’t see what the big deal is. I also have NEVER claimed that the photos used are mine & I ALWAYS add credit to the post linking the original photos. If I wasn’t giving him credit at all, I’d see the issue.

In reply to your comment about Tyler & Josh not being proud of me adding a watermark : I think they’d have more of a problem with someone telling someone else how to create. But that’s just my opinion.


There was some matsus in a window above us when we were at otafest and we communicated through the window for a picture and this is the results. I don’t think we ever did meet all those matsus but this was probably the best part of the con and I would like to thank all of these matsus very much and if you see this I’m sorry we didn’t do anything cool for you guys. If you happen to be one of these matsus PLEASE tell me and I will put your credit in or if you want it taken down please tell me

Osomatsu- @explosivess
90 Day LDR Challenge!

<i>I’m gonna start this on Saturday and try to post as regularly as possible.
If you started this challenge, message me and I’ll add credit. I couldn’t find the original :)


Day 1: Introduce yourselves! What are your names, and ages and what do you both look like?
Day 2: Where do you both live, how many miles apart are you, and what’s the time difference?
Day 3: How long have you two been together?
Day 4: What was your first impression of him?
Day 5: How did you meet? Tell us your story!
Day 6: How often do you see each other in person? What about over video chats?
Day 7: What was it like the first time you two talked?
Day 8: Do you two have a song, or a song that reminds of you of them right now?
Day 9: What are your favorite pictures of each other?
Day 10: What do you hope for your relationships in the future?
Day 11: Name 5 random things about your partner!
Day 12: How did you tell your family and friends about your relationship? We’re they supportive? What about your partner?
Day 13: What are some things you two have in common?
Day 14: What was your first kiss like? If you haven’t kissed yet, what do you think/hope it will be like?
Day 15: What are your favorite things to do together when you’re apart?
Day 16: Name something your partner dislikes about themselves but you love!
Day 17: Have you ever watched a movie together? Which one(s)? Which ones would you like to watch together?
Day 18: If you started your relationship online and then met, what is one thing you noticed that was different that you hadn’t noticed before you met?
Day 19: Have you ever given them something of yours? What was it?
Day 20: Post a .gif that you feel represents your relationship!
Day 21: If you haven’t met yet, what’s the first thing you’re going to do together?
Day 22: What do you think are important qualities for two people to have in a long distance relationship?
Day 23: What is your favorite memory together?
Day 24: What are both your dream careers?
Day 25: What is something he/she does to purposely annoy you (regardless that it makes you smile)?
Day 26: Do you have any nicknames for each other?
Day 27: How long was the longest time you’ve ever not been in contact for? Why did that happen?
Day 28: Describe the look of your dream apartment/house together!
Day 29: Do you remember what you were both wearing the first time you video chatted (or saw each other)?
Day 30: If you two could go anywhere in the world together where would it be and why?
Day 31: Describe his/her personality in 6 words!
Day 32: How are you able to afford trips to see each other? Do you find this aspect of the relationship challenging?
Day 33: Post a photo of something sweet they’ve messaged you/mailed you!
Day 34: What are some negative impacts you feel distance has made on your relationship?
Day 35: What is your favorite thing to hear him/her say to you?
Day 36: Share the story behind one of your inside jokes!
Day 37: What do you think your first meeting will be like?
Day 38: What is the most romantic thing they have done for you, and what’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for them?
Day 39: Plan on getting any pets together? Which ones?
Day 40: Have you ever broken up? Why? How long did it last?
Day 41: What do you both mostly argue about?
Day 42: If you’ve been together in-person for an anniversary how did you two celebrate the day? If not how would you want to celebrate it?
Day 43: What is your favorite physical feature of theirs?
Day 44: What are your partners turn on/offs?
Day 45: When did you two first say “I love you”? If you haven’t said it yet, how do you think it will happen?
Day 46: Post of photo of you together (if you don’t have one physically together post one from a video chat)!
Day 47: What is the reason you and your partner aren’t physically together right now?
Day 48: What are the most common means of communication that you two use?
Day 49: What are some positive impacts you feel distance has made on your relationship?
Day 50: What is your and his/her favorite movie?
Day 51: What are your biggest fears in this relationship?
Day 52: What’s the longest phone/video call you’ve ever had?
Day 53: Have you ever talked about your past together? How did that go?
Day 54: Is there anything you regret in this relationship?
Day 55: What is the most interesting thing your partner has ever told you?
Day 56: Do you watch the same television shows? Which ones? Have you watched them together, or would you like to?
Day 57: What is the most important thing in a relationship to you?
Day 58: What makes you feel better about the distance when you’re down about it?
Day 59: What do you think are the biggest obstacles in your relationship?
Day 60: Where do you see your relationship in 5 years?
Day 61: Describe your dream date!
Day 62: Does your partner still give you butterflies?
Day 63: Do you play any games together? If so, which ones? If not, why?
Day 64: Do you think your partner has a good sense of style? Would you change anything about how he/she dresses?
Day 65: What is something you two always say to each other?
Day 66: Have either of you ever made dinner together (in person or over video chat)? What was it? If not, would you ever? What do you think you would cook?
Day 67: Share a cute story!!
Day 68: What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve ever had together?
Day 69: What are you most excited to experience together?
Day 70: Do you have high expectations for your next or first visit with him/her?
Day 71: How do you cheer him/her up when his/she is sad?
Day 72: What are some gifts you’ve given your partner, and what has he/she given you?
Day 73: What would be the breaking point that wold make you end your relationship?
Day 74: What do you like most about them?
Day 75: Do you believe in soul mates? Do you think your partner is/could be your soul mate?
Day 76: Has being with your partner made you a better person?
Day 77: How does he/she cheer you up when you’re sad?
Day 78: List 6 things you absolutely adore about your partner?
Day 79: What are some things you see in your everyday life that reminds you of your partner?
Day 80: What do you think is the most important quality for two people to have in a long distance relationship?
Day 81: What was the most emotional moment for the two of you?
Day 82: Do you know any stories from his/her childhood? Share one?
Day 83: What do you enjoy about being in a long distance relationship?
Day 84: If suddenly, you could be with your partner for the next three hours, what would you do together?
Day 85: If you had to describe to someone what being in this type of relationship is like, what would you tell them?
Day 86: What do you hope the future holds for the both of you?
Day 87: What are at least five things you really want to do together when you see each other in person?!
Day 88: If you had to promise one thing to your significant other right now, what would that be?
Day 89: Have you guys ever talked about your future together? What was the conversation like?
Day 90: Congratulations for completing this thing for 90 days!! Good on you. For the last question, what advice would you give to other couples?

BTS as teachers

Jin: Today I will be teaching you how to be good looking. I can see some of you guys need this.

~I feel like just picture perfectly describes Jin as a teacher~

Jungkook: Why the fuck did I become a math teacher? Can anybody tell me what the fuck this means.

Rapmonster: Why don’t you guys understand? Shouldn’t you of learned this in the 11th grade? Oh you guys are in 5th grade? 


Student: What are we doing today?

Jimin: How the fuck am I suppose know?

J-hope: *Class won’t stop talking* *Screams*

Suga: Okay everyone put your head down.

Student: But the bell just rang 


~Suga will be looking around at the kids his class room all like~

V: *half the time acts like a student to find out what the kids think of him* *Is actually a good teacher*

~Credit to gif owners~


Today I decided to unfollow all the tags, in an effort to not see any more stupid blogs like pictures-of-luxury or fuckyeahinterirodesign on my dash because even if they don’t give credit or source any of their posts @staff seems intent on recommending them for me. There are many good blogs to recommend why do you waste our time with these!

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What blogs do you NOT want to see again in your recommendations (I am assuming everyone will answer archatlas, tell me something I don’t know)?

I saw this and couldn’t resist WolfStar based off of benkling.tumblr post of uncomfortable HP pick up lines. All picture credit goes to Benkling.tumblr and if they wish for me to remove this post I will. 

“Hey Moony! Are you a howler? I hope so.”

“Padfoot, I will leave you if you ever say that again”

“Yeah, you’re right, I already know you are,”

“Padfoot, we’re breaking up.”

“Wait no, Moons I was only kidding!”


“Moons? Moony? Remus? Babe?” 

“Prongs make him leave, he’s your boyfriend too.”

“Wait, Moony, come back ily boo”


“Wait Moony, I have something serious to tell you.”

“I swear to Merlin, Padfoot-”

“Are you the Mirror of Erised, because when I look at you I can kinda see you naked,”


“Hey, wait where are you going?”

“Away from you.”

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Apparently, I cannot login with my tumblr. I am SihaVakarian and I have found a picture of your Cullen and Inquisitor tarot card used in a magazine. I can send you pictures if you want.

Hello! I’d like to see it but I’m a bit confused because no one asked me to post it in a magazine, did they credit me? I really hope they did at least credit me….

Anyway, please send me the pics and thank you for telling me! 

Dean Winchester Imagine- I Will

Prompt- Dean tells Cas to blow him, you say you will

A/N- i’m sorry, but im enjoying this one xD Credit to gif owner, although you can’t see it bc my laptop saved it as a picture

      You and Sam were doing research while Cas and Dean bickered at each other. All the sudden, Dean yells behind him “Blow me, Cas!” and you look up from your laptop . “Why ask Cas when you know I’ll give it to you whenever?” you say to your boyfriend, everyone’s eyes now glued on you. Dean walked up to you and grabbed your wrist, taking you to your shared room.