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You know how much I love your writing. :) I just saw the list of prompts you posted and was hoping you'd please do 'Meet Me' with Bucky?

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Meet Me: My character is meeting yours either for the first time or just causally.

You hear him before you see him. 

It’s the sound of pounding boots against the pavement, the lumbering shuffle of a man whose bones are tired but whose body knows he cannot give up just yet. You’ve watched him trawl the city for corners to sleep in, for places where he can be invisible. 

He never stays anywhere for more than a handful of hours. 

You know this because you’ve been tracking him. Ever since he pulled Steve Rogers from the river, following a rather spectacular battle between the two old friends, you’ve been waiting. 

He would know your face, that was a given. He knew everyone who had been part of his programme at HYDRA. You hoped, briefly, that he wouldn’t try to kill you. You’d been trying to implant into his damaged psyche that you were one of the good people, that you could help him free himself. 

Another pounding of feet brings you out of your reverie, and you press your gun a little closer to your body. Like a predator, you stand and you wait for the world to come to a standstill. 

Bucky stumbles into the room, clutching at his chest. He wheezes uncontrollably, breath escaping him, lungs unable to expand fast enough to drag oxygen into his system. You allow him his moment to breathe. He’ll need strength when you make yourself known. 

‘I didn’t know you were a late night jogger, Barnes,’ you say clearly, in English, stepping out from the shadows. 

His body freezes at the sound of your voice. It takes him a moment to pull himself up to full height, but when he does, you can’t help but notice the softness of him. He’s gaunt, having rapidly lost weight from lack of food, with plum coloured circles dropping from his eyes.

Te rog nu-mi face rău,’ he pleads softly, dropping to his knees and holding up his arms as though you have the place surrounded. His palms are quivering. 

After a moment, you put the gun away, louder than usual in order to catch his attention. Then, with a few steps forward, you hold out a hand to him. 

‘We don’t have a lot of time, but I’m here to help you,’ you explain gently, wanting to smile when he visibly relaxes with you. 

‘I’m not going back.’

‘I know. And I’m not sending you back.’

‘Then what are you doing?’ he murmurs, suddenly getting a little confidence back, ‘I know who you are. You’re with HYDRA.’

You had planned ahead for such accusations. Rifling through your coat pocket, you withdraw a badge you’ve held in safe keeping since the moment you stepped into the HYDRA base. You hold it out to Bucky, who stares at it suspiciously. 

‘I’m an Agent with SHIELD, Bucky, i have been for the last two years. I’m the world’s formative expert on the Winter Soldier programme. I stole information from HYDRA right under their noses and now- I’m here to help you.’ 

In the corner of the room sits a small suitcase. It was filled with a change of clothes, some non-perishable food, a plane ticket and around three hundred thousand dollars in cash. 

‘In this is everything you need. I’ve set you up with a safe house in Bucharest- you stay there until I can figure things out. I’ll be there in two weeks, just to watch over you.’

‘And do what?’

‘Well, for one, make sure they don’t turn you back,’ you say, allowing yourself to press a hand to Bucky’s human shoulder. He flinches at the contact. After a moment’s thought, you remove the gun from your waist and hand it to him. 

‘Come on. Car’s waiting.’ 

You start to walk, leading the way out of the small garage, when the broken chords of his small voice stop you. 

‘Why are you helping me?’ 

With a soft sigh, you turn to look at him. In the pale light of the garage, he seems so small and helpless. You want nothing more than to hide him from the world. 

‘Because you need a friend,’ you reply quietly, ‘And someday I might need you.’

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your post about princess mechanic opened my eyes to some things i didnt even see in their relationship before. and now, thinking about raven's line 'of course you would, i'm awesome' it is, as you said, a line that is extremely layered and one that says so much more than she actually let's on. the emotional aspect of her character is so interesting!

i know right? i didn’t even really get into detail in my post, because there is actually so much to say and how all of that connects to clarke and raven and the day they first saw each other (i wanna keep most of it for my character study so don’t expect this to be too long lol). the idea that ‘of course’ someone would pick raven first sounds natural when you look at the line from the surface, because raven is a force of nature that people need in their life - the ‘hands’ of survival! but, no, over the course of the season raven gets lost in the eye of the one person she initially came down for - finn (with the rest of the mission in mind, of course) and it hurts. when i think of raven’s line i always think about how clarke once told raven that she didn’t even know that raven ‘existed’, hence that finn never even bothered telling anyone about raven reyes, this girl who is too big for this world. but clarke becomes aware of raven’s existence right off the bat. even before raven makes it to earth. the ‘star’ the clarke focuses on during the night she spent with finn? it’s not a star, it’s raven, the physical embodiment of clarke’s needs, the ‘hope’ that she is looking for right now.

and it’s so interesting because its not just in that moment that clarke sees raven first (without being aware of it yet, mind you). in both cases it’s clarke who sees raven first. when she looks up into the sky and sees ‘the shooting star’ and when she finds the pod that crashed the earth with raven inside, alive.

so basically, clarke was literally head over heels for raven since the beginning. raven being all casual and just going ‘hi… i made it?’ and clarke with that big smile on her face ‘you made it!!!!!!! i cant fucking believe it!!!!’

tell me how this isn’t the best thing? and now connect these events to 1x13 and clarke and raven’s lines ‘i’d pick you first’ and ‘of course you would, i’m awesome’. yes, raven. it is because you are awesome. but not only that, essentially the meaning behind it is so much bigger because raven has done these great things ever since she arrived on this planet. from surviving the crash and fixing the radio to blowing up the bridge. it’s raven’s strength that gets slapped in everyones faces, that should make people aware of who she truly is and it’s clarke who sees raven and her strength from the beginning. the acknowledgment that raven is the force, the hand of the team, the energy that is tied the most to this world, the person who creates and builds and blows things up while saving their people, working and surviving on the run, because damn she cares and loves and when raven loves she REALLY LOVES. it’s the combination between humanity/nature + science, the scientist who is now limited when she needs the body the most - in space she didn’t, on the ground she does. the fact that she cannot move herself, but still is the one who gives voice to the plan, puts her last remaining energy into surviving. she leads with clarke and puts so much into action, to help make it happen. it’s an immense act.

and it’s clarke who makes this real for herself and for raven as well - when she says ‘I’d pick you first’ - because not only did clarke pick raven first when she landed, she kept picking raven first over and over again. it never changed. and she would continue to do so in the future - ‘i’d’. clarke puts so much hope into raven that her line makes everything about their interaction in that moment special. they are equals. and raven knows that. even if she downplays her feelings a bit, because reality hits hard (she got shot) and truths sometimes hurt (finn) - she is aware of the honesty and specialness of clarke’s words, that clarke has always acknowledged who raven is, that she needs raven, that she is such a vital part of this team that they could never make it without her. it shows in everything that happens in that episode, that clarke can’t do it without her because yes. yes, raven is right, clarke is not good at this, it’s not her field, something completely out of her realm, which is why she wants raven by her side, because she believes in raven and knows that she can do this. raven isn’t even surprised, because 1. she knows how much of a galvanic force she is, how much people need her since she represents one of the big chess pieces that need to do something to win the game and 2. she has always felt the same way, deep down, has always known that clarke feels that way about her and that that feeling is mutual, because at the end of the day, it all bottles down to loyalty. and raven is loyal and so so forgiving. she is more than her brain and feels with all her heart too - she cares about clarke, she cares about this camp and she cares about their people, so really, it’s not just about the actions, it’s about what these two really feel for one another and that is what makes their relationship so beautiful. yes, it’s heart-wrenching when you get the love from the one person you never even expected it from, but it’s also so rich in it’s nature because raven truly has a place in this ‘home’.

the love triangle was ultimately never about finn. it was about them - clarke and raven.

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just wanted to say that i really appreciate all the voltron stuff you reblog. i had never even heard of it before but then i saw a lot of really cool artwork you posted and reblogged and i started watching it and oh gosh, now i'm hooked! thank you so much! xD also, i absolutely love your art style!!!

oh my gosh, honestly thank you so much. I’ve been really insecure about my art for a while now, it’s so nice to hear things like this. I’m so glad you got into voltron! I hope the fandom has been safe and enjoyable for you! 


NEW VIDEO: “Go Deep Throat a Hog Dog

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like before yeah it could get obnoxious if you saw a post with a chain of reblogs (but its 2015 and with each passing year those get less and less tbh) but now the reblogs just look like a bunch of random, unrelated comments in one post. there is no flow and it makes it really difficult for my eyes to see it as /one/ conversation, and adding the icons next to the urls adds unnecessary clutter which contributes to the messiness and incomprehensibility.

// The Red Room //

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I used to run a fake Homestuck screenshots blog but today I deleted it today because I haven’t posted there in months (years?) and it just felt really cluttered keeping it around.  

So here’s everything I made for it plus a couple extras I’ve posted on here before that are also panel redraw gifs.  I made most of them a long time ago and could do a lot better now, but there it is.  Sorry if you saw that first title picture and got excited, haha…

My roommate pets my cheek until I wake up.
She has skin as white as shaved ice
and unplucked eyebrows that furrow as she whispers:
“I’m sorry for your loss.”
It’s seven a.m.  I haven’t lost anything except sleep.
She says, “The way they just killed him at a traffic stop.
It isn’t right, it isn’t right.
I’m sorry.
If you need anything, please let me know.
It’s heartbreaking.”
Her eyes, which have been scanning my room,
land on mine as she cracks the word heartbreaking, 
as if to emphasize
I wonder if she followed the shootings
before she started living with a black girl.
I wonder if she looked up the article herself
or saw a headline in a Facebook post.
I wonder if she marched.
I wonder if, like me,
her only form of activism is rescue dogs.
Oh honey, I wanted to say.  I’ve stopped counting my dead.
I’ve woken up with a pit in my stomach so many days
that the pit is my stomach.
If she asks me – and I know that she will ask me,
earnestly, with wide eyes that soak up every word
and shoulders hunched forward in forced sympathy –
how it feels to live with a target on my back
in America,
I won’t know what to say.
I could give her books.
But no, she needs to hear it from me,
a black person with hair she can touch and a heartbeat she can feel:
She can prove I am human.
I am today’s porcelain doll picked from her careful collection
of black friends,
asked to educate.
But it is seven a.m.,
and another black man is dead,
and I have not figured out whether this new death has
cracked through my numbness.
I have not decided whether to sit vigil or light a funeral pyre.
And there she is, with her lower lip poked out,
and she wants to know what she can do.
I have run out of things to tell her.
When I pull the blankets over my head and fill my eyes with darkness,
she thinks it’s because I am in mourning.
—  Morning, Again.


Seriously someone help me.


Today is the Transgender day of visibility and I know a lot of people are making these posts, but that’s kind of the point. If this post makes you uncomfortable then you shouldn’t be following my blog because this is a big part of who I am, and is not going away. 

The first picture was taken on New Years Eve of 2014, some time before that I learned what transgender really was, I watched videos and began questioning shortly after. I was scared and thought I was just feeling this way because I liked the people I saw doing it, I wasn’t convinced and wrote off the thoughts as me just being annoying. My tenth grade year of high school I met my now best friend and boyfriend slint (Jackie) who had been identifying as trans since middle school. Jackie helped me and continues to help me find myself and be comfortable both in my skin and my mind, I can never thank him enough for all he’s done for me. The second pictures shows me in February 2014 when I cut all my hair off and asked only my ex significant other and Jackie to refer to me with male pronouns. I started going by Beck and was scratching the surface of being happy. The third picture is on my 16th birthday which was the first time I had been comfortable enough to wear shorts out in public since the 6th grade, which may not seem like much but it meant the world to me. In October of 2014 I dressed as a handsome normal boy to my first Homecoming Dance, I went out and bought a tie and fancy dress pants and dress shirt, I looked fucking great and danced all night with Jackie. The last two pictures are of me now, 2015, I am only out to select friends and not at all to my family nor do I take any hormone treatments. I comfortably identify as male and express myself through the internet and gain courage every day to be completely me. I will be 17 in July and I will be happy. There is so much more for me to see and to do, the same goes for every other person out there, especially for young transgender teens. I want to make it and I want to see everyone else make it with me. 


Hey guys, before I dive head first into the main issue here, I have to tell you that despite my strong dislike towards callout posts, I really need to write this. I just can’t stand the sight of it and think that: this should be stopped. Before it escalates further. 

You know how Armys are now starting to catch up with the recent #WooziFansWantYoongiDead tag on twitter? Well, the thing is, a user by the name of @nogicunty was the first to post said tag. I scrolled through his/her twitter and saw that he/she criticised BTS a lot, specifically Suga aka Min Yoongi. There are several disrespectful tweets too and it seems that he/she is trying to fuel something unnecessary in the fandom itself.

The reason why I disclose the twitter account is not for you to bash him/her, or even harass the user. No. Please don’t. Remember, harassment or violence is never the solution. Instead, please do report him/her for their act. To stop him/her from doing more and additional damage. 

However, the most important thing is: PLEASE STOP TAGGING #WooziFansWantYoongiDead  IN YOUR TWEETS.

Although you may simply want to call out the person who created the tag, it’ll actually help to further trend it (as it will increase the frequency usage of the hashtag) and makes it easier for both Jihoon/Woozi and Yoongi/Suga to see the tag on Twitter.So whatever you do, please don’t use said hashtag, neither include it in your tweets. Avoid using it at all cost.

Just report him/her and stay away from using the tag. Don’t bash, don’t send death treats, don’t discuss this on twitter and further increases the coverage. Of course, don’t create unnecessary fanwars too.

Thank you.

Saw someone online telling a friend it is okay to take some time for their own health and self care.

You know how airline safety talks always tell you to put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping someone else put theirs on? That’s what you’re doing. You’re putting your own oxygen mask on first.

I really liked that analogy.

Fresh Prince Of Denmark

Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute; to me shall you mark
I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a place called Denmark

In West Copenhagen, born and raised,
In the graveyard is where I spent most of my days
Freaking out max about the misrule
Playing with my swords and learning to duel
When a couple guys said “your dad is a ghost”
“I saw him last night when I was at my post"
I got super freaked out, and started to unhinge

I couldn’t believe what my dad said to me
It had me questioning, to be or not to be?
You see my dad was dead, but before he went cold
My uncle had swooped in and took up his throne
And if it the whole thing weren’t an infinite jest
Mother married Uncle; such a bed of incest!
But the thing about his death, his end, so it were
He said it was a foul, most unnatural murder.

Words, words, words, ran around in my head
I wasn’t very nice, there were stupid things I said.
Ophelia, my lady, saw the worst part of me
I yelled out loud, “Get thee to a nunnery”
Ay there’s the rub, she’s a sensitive soul
And she drowned herself down at the watering hole.
I couldn’t believe it, and neither could her brother
He wanted revenge, we were gonna fight each other.

I challenged her brother, “At dawn, we duel!”
I figured if nothing, to thine own self be true.
We slashed and fought, but he got in a hit
And I was a goner, he had poisoned the tip
Mom drinks a cup that was meant for me
And I stab two others, four deaths including me!
I looked at my kingdom, I had one more remark
“The rest is silence”, said the Prince of Denmark


I’ll show that I can save you  [full res]