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Jason Todd x reader (smut) Warning: Sexual stuff, cursing Topic: Fist time…

I was stressed out
I had really bad grades and your parents are gonna kill I if the find out after their vacation.
My boyfriend,Jason Todd, who was Gotham City’s vigilante Red Hood, and I were going out on a date tonight and I am stressed out bad.
“Hey babe, ready for our date?” Jason asked
“I dont know… maybe we shouldn’t? You know I have to study hard or I will die….” I said feeling guilty.
“What? How?” Jason asked
“My mom…” I said
“Ooohh” Jay said “but babe please just this time”
I looked away thinking.
“Go out with me, I’ll buy you some ice cream…” Jay was making those puppy eyes….omg no.
I wasnt in the mood for food now
“I dont like ice cream…” I said. Man the eyes THE EYES
“What who doesnt like ice cream?” Jay asked, even more puppy eyes stuff
“Your girlfriend dont” I said, sarcastically
“Sorry… well I guess its your choice….” Jay replied. The eyes got more…puppier I couldn’t resist.
“Fine” I said “But just-mmhh!!!” Jay cut me by kissing in my LIPS! I closed my eyes. His lips were soft, tasted like caramel. My favorite.
Not because he used chapstick or something. He ate all of my caramels…DAMMIT JASON IF IT WASNT FOR THOSE PUPPY EYES OF HIS HE WOULD HAVE BEEN DEAD BY NOW
He separated the kiss. I was still in shock. He was smilling. Smirking actually.
“Jay, were not going out” I said
“What?! Why?” Jason freaked out
“YOU TURNED ME ON THAT’S WHY” I almost screamed
Jay was cringing
“How about this?” Jay said
He then pushed me on my bed. He pulled off his shirt… DAMN he got ABS like THAT
“I think we should be even. Pull off your shirt!” He demanded
I didnt like demanding but this is JASON TODD I’m dating
I didnt even get to reach my bra when he got me pinned down and reaching for my bra
And ripped it off
He kissed me and continues running his hands down.He took off my jeans… He ripped THE FREAKING PANTY OFF AND IT WAS EXPENSIVE AS WELL. WTF JASON?
I can feel his warm tounge sucking my neck It left shivers down my spine
He said that I was all his and no one else’s. I AM his. I he said he’s gonna own me tonight. Forever.
I was lying on the bed naked infront of him
“You’re gonna pay for those underwear right?” I asked teasing
“Of course babe” he replied
“You’re lying” he was smirking and that’s how I know he’s lying
“Oh come on u know me too well” he said while nuzzling my neck
I let out a small moan and Jay was impressed. He can feel himself getting harder. He got out of his pants and damn, that thing was BIG. How? He got into me. The thing was hard… It hurts for the first time. I cried a bit.
“Babe, I’m sorry” He whispered
“No…it’s ok” I smiled…barely
He smiled back “Thank you, Y/N. You’re the best girl I’ve ever had”
He then moved slowly, gently
Making sure I was ok.
He did that for a few mins and got faster
The faster he gets, the better the night is
Jason pounded into me like a animal
I moaned loudly knowing that my parents are gone
“Say my name” he growled
“JA…JAY…JASON!!!” I screamed“HAh….Harder…PLEASE!!!”
He loved the way I moaned his name
I was coming close. REAL close
After one last thrust I felt waves of pleasure washing over me. I was cumming. So was Jason. The atmosphere was hot. We laid on the bed breathing heavily. The bed was sticky with cum
“Who owns you?” Jay said
“You” I said
“Good” he said looking at her with his green eyes
He was looking at his girl, me. HIS girl, no one else’s
His. Only

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