if you recognise this font ;)


1. Download the font from here- http://worshippedlove.tumblr.com/post/140760309005/ive-decided-to-upload-my-louis-own-font-for-free
2. I did it all in my phone. I didn’t use my pc. Anyway. So you download the font in .ttf format.
3. Download HiFont from PlayStore. Here comes the tricky part. HiFont requires the .ttf file to be stored in the HiFont folder in the SD CARD. Initially, it will be saved to the Download folder.
4. You simply download another third party app like a taskmanager which helps you move your files from folder to folder.
5. Move the file to HiFont in SDCARD.
6. Open HiFont. They'l recognise the .ttf file and just click on it and press install and follow their instructions! TA DA BITCHES.

If you use your pc, connect your phone to pc, download the file directly to the HIFONT folder cause you can choose the destination there. Enjoy. And be cute. x.
Also, send LOADS OF LOVE to @claudiyah and @worshippedlove. They put a lot into this and this wouldn’t happen if the file was not available for direct phone download. AAH.