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Official Message From Crinkle Crate

It has come to our attention that several post and comments berating Crinkle Crate have been posted on Tumblr. We would like to fully and officially address these comments and issues in order for a more transparent outlook to be revealed. There are two sides to every story and we simply ask that you take a few minutes to listen to another side.

Past Crates & Refunds

These post first originated with a single individual who contacted our customer support on April 7th, 2017 requesting to cancel and refund their April crate stating: 

“I know [on] the website it states that it cannot be refunded once I pay, but I had a terrible experience with my first crate that I really don’t want to get another one. I just didn’t cancel in time.”

She went on to explain that she:

“got charged $60 for tax and brokerage (this plus shipping and the box price costed me $150, which is ridiculous).”

Our support staff first thanked the customer for contacting Crinkle Crate and then went on to address each of her request. First explaining that: 

“Unfortunately, as you saw stated on the website, we are not able to issue refunds once a recurring order has been placed.” 

(Please note we have now updated our our refunds policy in our Terms & Conditions) Our support member then went on to address the issue with the international taxes and brokerage fees by adjusting their account so our shipping department will now ship all her future orders via USPS and stated that:

“USPS typically does not charge as high of taxes and brokerage fees.”

Finishing off the response, our staff member told the customer that if they had any questions to “please don’t hesitate to ask!”

–As a business, we utilize UPS as our main shipping carrier due to negotiated rates which allows us to keep shipping cost as low as possible while also allowing us to feature the best items available for the crates. Duties and taxes are solely calculated by the shipping carriers and the only option we have as a business when a response like this is received is to manually request that their future orders be shipped using a different carrier.–

After several back and forth emails with the customer confused regarding when her April crate would be shipping and by which carrier (though we reiterated these details to her several times), she then simply stated that:

“Yeah there will be no April crate…and I’m gonna reject this package too. This is ridiculous, the items I got from my last crate isn’t even worth the discounted price of the crate alone. $60 for 4 diapers, a boring plain onesie, and a bunch of crap I can get from the dollar store? The point of subscription boxes is supposed to get things that are worth MORE than the price, but this doesn’t even come close. And by the way I have posted pictures of what I got and a summary of what has happened on Tumblr, and you’re gonna lose a lot of customers if you don’t do something about it.”

Since it was still part of our policy to not issue refunds for already placed recurring orders, and because of her disappointment with March’s crate, we offered to refund her for March’s crate:

“As long as nothing has been used or open, you can ship the package back to our shipping department and once we get it and verify the contents are intact, we will refund you the cost of that crate.”

Coming to the conclusion of the correspondences between us (Crinkle Crate) and this individual, she ignored our offer to refund March’s crate and once again requested that we refund her for April’s crate. In our last effort to accommodate this customer, we refunded her the full amount for her April crate and simply asked her to show a sign of good faith in return by removing her post which erroneously refer to these correspondences. 

In her retort she stated that:

“Even if I remove my tumblr post, it will still appear on all the blogs that reblogged from me.  I don’t think I said anything that was not true in my post so I don’t see why I should remove it.”

And then her final message she stated that she is filing a chargeback with her bank. Please let it be known, at the time of this last message from her we had already issued a full refund.

Although we do not state that we are perfect company by any means, in every situation we take the time and effort to communicate with our customers and try to resolve any issues. Every business has policies in place which safeguard the business and their customers. As with most subscription box businesses, our policy for refunds (at the time of the correspondences) was that refunds are not issued for a recurring order that has already been charged for. We have three very easy methods which allow ALL our customers the option to resolve payment issues, whether that be skipping their next crate, pausing their subscription for the foreseeable future, or finally canceling their full subscription before the next charge date. 

Other Erroneous Details 

In her first post she stated that:

“They charged me for my April crate before they shipped the March crate (my very first crate). Because of this, I did not cancel my April crate before I got charged.”

But she knowingly acknowledged in her first correspondence with us (on April 7, 2017) that:

I just didn’t cancel in time.

Furthermore, her March crate was shipped out on March 24th, 2017 and she was not charged for her April crate until March 30th, 2017 (the scheduled charge date for April’s crate.

International Shipping & Custom Declarations

All orders are shipped via UPS both domestically and internationally in the first place unless otherwise requested by the customer to ship via USPS. As stated above, UPS is our main shipping carrier and provides the best benefits for us as a business and for our customers. 

Custom declarations are a legal document required to ship and receive packages between countries. In order to protect our customers with regards to discreteness, we categorize the items into their simplest of terms such as “clothing” or “toys.” All items are priced at their “crate price” with the total cost equal or less then the price of the crate and NEVER higher.

Product Procurement & Pricing

We would like it to be known that no items featured in the Crinkle Crates have been or will ever be from the “Dollar Store.” The majority of the items that are featured are sourced from reputable ABDL companies, whether that be the diapers, clothing, or accessories. On top of this, Crinkle Crate designs and manufacturers many custom items for the crates as well, like the t-shirts, onesies, sleepers, adult baby bottles, adult pacifiers, and more. Finally, some smaller items are supplemented in which help further detail the theme. 

At the current time of this posting the crates are designed mostly as a “one-fits-most,” (we are working diligently to further expand the options we offer and hope to rollout a “custom, build-your-own-crate” option in the near future). We understand a “one-fits-most” option does not work for everyone especially in the ABDL community. Items that might appeal to one individual might not appeal to another. We simply want it to be understood that although a couple people had dissatisfaction with March’s crate, lots more were very happy with it.

Along with the “one-fits-most” design, each crate typically features 4-6 diapers. We are not a diaper company and are not trying to provide a full months use of diapers in a single crate. The crate is currently designed for two purposes, (1) to try new ABDL diapers and (2) to receive fun and unique items related to the months theme. The diapers are equal to the price, time, and effort an average consumer would spend to receive multiple diaper samples directly from the original manufacturer.

Crinkle Crate’s Affiliate Program

The Crinkle Crate Affiliate Program was a program that was originally designed to allow affiliates to receive Crinkle Crate’s at promotional pricing in return for reviews. Unfortunately, this program was short lived due to unforeseen events. Several incorrect comments have been made regarding this program and how we treated our Affiliates. The program was canceled due to low ROI and other hardships. We had worked for several months to finally launch the program and were very sad to have to close it. A detailed correspondence was emailed to ALL our affiliates which stated that the program was ending and what steps they should take next. Due to how our system is configured, once the affiliate program was turned off all the Affiliate accounts automatically became normal accounts (again, they were notified of this in the email and provided instructions on what to do if they wish to cancel their account). From simple error, some of the Affiliates did not provide their accurate email address and thus never received the email notifying them of the program being canceled and their account automatically getting switched to a normal account. A few Affiliates got charged the full price for the next crate and once they reached out to us we quickly resolved the issues.

We want to thank all of our Crinkle Crate Affiliates for joining the program and being a part of something special, even for the short amount of time it was.

Why Did We Publish This Response?

Our final thoughts.

We are NOT a large corporation. We are not a conglomerate company that only cares about profits. Yes we do care about profits, but every business has to (that’s what businesses are in the first place designed for). We are a small organization that is operated by a very small group of people. We first and foremost are members of this community providing a service that otherwise would not exist. 

We have several projects in the works and hope to expand how the crates are designed and allow more options to better fit our customers needs. We hope to allow both “girl” and “boy” options, as well as have the choices to include or exclude specific items as the customer wishes.

We strongly advise that consumers use common sense with regards to what they hear and choose to believe. We very much appreciate you taking the time to read this long post and hope you will give Crinkle Crate another chance!

TMGS3 Premium new CG - How to get them

So I received some asks asking me how to get them, and here’s some from what I gotten. (I haven’t gotten all, so once I got them, I will update this post!)

If anyone has any info or there’s any errors, feel free to reblog and add on.

Affection: :D and above (? possibly (: will work too)
Trigger: Use Student Council command a lot and it will trigger automatically
Time: Summer-Autumn (I think there might be a spring-winter version too)
I unlocked this CG on summer, after using the Student Council command a lot. It happens after school automatically so you don’t need to do much. I also have Tamao at XD when I unlocked this. (but i’m sure it can be lower than this)

Affection: :| and above
Trigger: Date him at the Karaoke
Time: I don’t think it matters
I got it by dating him at the Karaoke when he’s at :| and when he first appeared which would still be Spring. I don’t think it matters which season you date him.

Affection: :| and above
Trigger: You must had seen the conversation between Shitara & Ruka when you go out shopping alone (the one where Shitara tells Ruka that his mom is worried about him). A few days/weeks later, Oosako-sensei will say there’s extra lessons at the Zoo on the Sunday. Choose to go.
Time: Spring-Winter (I think there’s a Summer-Autumn version too)
This also gives you a new ADV for Shitara, where he talks about how he’s actually jealous of the Sakurai brothers relationship.

Affection: :) and above
Trigger: Automatic
Time: Sports festival
I got this CG when Arashi was at (:, and I wasn’t using the sports command or Judo command that much, so I assume this is automatic as long as you got the right affection.

Affection: :D and above (?)
Trigger: Choose to walk home with him (don’t go for tea)
Time: Summer-Autumn
I only triggered him when he’s at XD, and this event didn’t happened to me when I have him at (: at the other file, so I assume it has to be :D or higher. This also unlocks his new ADV which shows a more teenage side to Kouichi X3

Below the cut are the ones which I haven’t unlocked yet –

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(or at least how i make them…)

what you’ll need:

  • patience. seriously.
  • time
  • make sure you have QuickTime installed, it wont work without
  • i use photoshop cs 5 portable. (i dont know if theres a huge difference to the regular one sorry!)

Please like/reblog if you thought it was helpful!

oh btw in this tutorial i assume you dont know anything about photoshop so im also explaining where you find the adjustments, etc.

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Inconsistencies in AoS Season 3a: Arguments for and against them being significant

Let me start off by saying that I love AoS. In fact, I am passionate about it. I honestly have not loved a show this much in quite a while, and I never want to say anything negative about it. Even at the end of last season, I was feeling a little disappointed that there was no real resolution to Jemma’s story arc, but I was prepared to be patient and wait and see if that arc would be continued in Season 3. However, I have to say that I’ve been feeling very dissatisfied with the mid-season finale. It has taken me days to really put my finger on why.  I’ve come to the conclusion that my main problem is that there were so many things about the Maveth storyline which were left unexplained. So many things. My boyfriend is convinced that the story isn’t over yet and that there is more explanation to come. I really hope he’s right, because to be honest, right now my faith in the writers is a little shaken. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that we’re only half way through the the season, and there’s still time to explain all these things that are bothering me. But I’m worried that they are not actually significant at all, and I’ll never get any satisfactory explanation for them. I think I will be really disappointed if the inconsistencies in Jemma’s storyline this year turn out to be just plot holes and continuity errors. What I want to do is look at all of these and examine the evidence for and against them being a significant part of the plotline. However, there are so many of them, and I have so much to say about each of them, that the post would be far too long to include them all here, so I’m going to put them in separate posts. The first post deals with questions I have about Will Daniels. The second post deals with Jemma’s behaviour, and the third is miscellaneous things that are bothering me.

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