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Blog Dedication
   ➥ Cherry {littlemissfoy}

This is completely dedicated to my one and only bestfriend on here, Miss Cherry. You must follow her due to the fact that she is a sparkly, amazing editor, sweetheart princess. Cherry: I know you love Nessie so I hope you like this because I adore everything you do. I tried really hard on this! Did I do well? Anyways, I love you with everything I have. You’re incredible. Bless your kind heart. 

Velvetmoos is looking for a new admin to help out with Mamamoo updates!
This job with entail having to alternate with admin aditi and admin anna, and having to do Mamamoo updates every other day or so.

Link to Application (it’s very short, check it out! It closes 21st July 2016 at 00:00am PST)

What the job entails:

  • at least 1hr a day of updating both fansites and mamamoo fancafe/instagram/facebook/twitter updates
  • being able to communicate with me and other admins about posting, events, etc.
  • Being ready to learn how to run an fy blog with tagging, posting, etc.
  • having fun and making new Moomoo friends!!!!


  • Please reblog this post! you can delete it later
  • Dedication! please be available to update when asked to (as per our worked out schedule)
  • able to talk with me and the other admins freely!
  • kakaotalk (needed to be in our group chat)
  • a basic understanding of how to fansites’ twitters/tistory (if you don’t know this and would still like to apply, please do. This can be learned quickly.)
  • a love for Mamamoo!