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I haven’t drawn much south park stuff for my main blog, it’s always my ask blog, sense kyman isn’t happening there it’s happening here. Delicious. Also it was brought to my attention that some people have been reposting my art, most of it being for rps- which is fine. But I would appreciate it if you could credit me somewhere, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t I’m pretty lenient about it. And you don’t have to ask to use my art just go ahead (sense people use it without asking anyway) just please credit, and that goes for any art you post anywhere for anything. yeah.

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If you had time, could you answer that survey for kyman that that person who clearly hates kyman answered (the one you reblogged a few days ago)?

Who was the one to propose: 

Kyle being the romantic guy that he is was the one who asked Cartman to tie the knot. Cartman would have done it but he dislikes coming off as clingy or moving too fast.

Who stressed more over wedding planning: 

Cartman, because after he knows he’s having the wedding he wants to go all out. Kyle thinks a traditional wedding is enough, but Cartman wants it to be the most grandiose wedding of all time, with both a priest and a rabbi and symbolism and a symphony,  and a water fountain and an ice sculpture and a wedding cake custom made specifically for them. Oh and he wants to sing at his own wedding. Important note.

Who decorated the house:

Cartman, because he believes Kyle has no taste. Kyle after some resistance admits he likes Cartman’s sense of decorating better.

Who does the cooking: 

They both do their fair share of cooking, since for a long while the two of them work a full time job each.

Who is more organized:

Kyle. He is very anal about everything being organized and easy to find. Even though Cartman hates when Kyle harps on him for being lazy he appreciates it.

Who suggested kids first: 

Kyle – Cartman initially didn’t want kids, but hearing Kyle talk about raising one made him interested.

Who’s the cuddler: 

Kyle. Cartman is very cuddly. 

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: 

Cartman spoons Kyle ;3

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity:

 Cartman creating ridiculous hypothetical situations for Kyle to solve, and Kyle rationalizing all the little details so hard that the hypothetical situation sounds exponentially more ridiculous to anyone who might walk in on the conversation. 

Who comes home drunk at 3am:

Nobody. They’re day drinkers.

Who kills the spiders:

Cartman because whenever he sees any pests in his perfect house, he becomes personally offended.

Who falls asleep first:

Cartman. Anyone would fall asleep in Kyle’s soft forest of hair.

A head canon:

Before the two of them decided to have a child, they had a big debate about the idea of one of them staying home. They come to the conclusion that Kyle will convert to part time in his Therapist job while investing in the stock market until they have enough gains to have a child and have Kyle stay home. Kyle manages to be a stay at home Dad while Cartman is out on police duty. Kyle manages to make decent money doing online therapy whenever his son is napping anyway.

Do they have any “rituals”

It’s become pretty common for the two to duet songs in the morning whenever they’re waking up, since Cartman always hypes himself up to go to work by belting whatever song is on the radio, even if he hates the song. 

Who has the most patience?

Kyle has exceptional patience. He’s married to Cartman, after all.

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