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so i made a gif of mike :-) these are all drawings this took 67786186381 years to make and if you steal it i will personally kILL YOU

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my other mikey drawing

[SORRY FOR BEING LATE!] Here comes my 2nd follow forever!!!

I’ve joined the kpop fandom for 2years and I’ve met so many beautiful people. Some of you I’ve had a good chat with,some of you I’ve only greet once,some of you I didn’t even dare to disturb senpai; some of you write hilarious posts/tags,some of you make amazing gifs/edits/fics/arts…,some of you simply reblog high quality posts; and some of you might not be that active on tumblr than before… But ALL OF YOU,no matter I’ve mentioned you here or not,is important to this tumblr kpop family and I just wanna say…

I’m a multi-fandom blogger, so I follow both single fandom blogs and multi-fandom blogs, including BAP, BigBang, BTS, EXO, SHINee, Super Junior, and VIXX. I’ll put my follow forever in alphabetical order

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i hate those like relationship ask memes because they always start out pretty innocent like “are you dating someone right now?” and “do you believe in love?” and usually ill just read the first 15 questions & reblog it then someone will send me “76?” and ill scroll down and 76 says something like “if the love of your life wanted you to lick greek yogurt off their feet would you do it or jeopardize the dynamic of your relationship forever?” and it was not what I signed up for


I couldn’t get work off to go to the concert TODAY. But my sister, whoistswiftanyways-eww and her friends are going and as jealous as I would be if they met taylorswift it would still be amazing! I’ve been helping her (moral support) with making costumes bc I’m not very creative! So here’s their Starbucks lovers costumes and the sign(:

If you could reblog this so Taylor can see that they’re going to the DETROIT concert RIGHT NOW (section334 row11 seats11,12,13) I’ll love you forever. ❤️


"Yes what?"

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Here’s the part two. Part three. Part Four

It had been a long day. I walked into my apartment and dropped my keys on the table. I sighed as I took off my shoes and headed towards my bedroom. The only thing on my mind right now was to change into something comfortable and binge watch Netflix. I changed into my sweats and a tank top and wiped off my makeup. I was craving a cup of tea all day so that’s what I proceeded to make next.

I was so focused on my tea that when the front door opened, it startled me a bit. I wasn’t expecting anyone, plus it was late. I heard my name being called and asking where I was. Instantly recognizing the voice as Justin’s, I responded letting him know to find me in the kitchen. I had no idea why Justin was here at this time of the night, we had no plans.

I held my mug of tea with both of my hands, close to my face. As he entered the kitchen, I eyed him up. He was in his casual attire, a hoodie with some sweats and a beanie. I couldn’t decipher his facial expression, because that wasn’t something normal. He looked…awfully nervous if I’m not wrong. His eyes were frantically looking around and his breathing was erratic. This fuelled my curiousness. He awkwardly placed this hands in the pocket of hoodie and it seemed as if he was toying with something.

I raised an eyebrow at him questioningly. “Hey,” I whispered,“what’s up?” His eyes finally met mine and I could see the restlessness.

He scratched his neck, something he’d do when he’s nervous or stressed out. He clearly didn’t know what to say because he’d always be the one to start the conversation. He averted his eyes to the ground and sighed. He walked closer towards me. “Are you okay Justin? Why are you being weird?” I voiced out. Still, all I got was silence. He looked up from the ground and sighed again. “You know what, I’ll just…”

He trailed off as he took out a little box from his pocket. I’m assuming that’s what he was toying with. He brought it towards me and I sat my cup on the counter. “I…I-I just…uhhhh I don’t know,” he was stuttering. Justin Bieber never stutters. He shook his head as if to get rid of the nerves and built up the courage to open the box.

As my eyes fell upon the object in the box my jaw dropped and my breath hitched. I was at a loss of words as I examined the diamond before me. It sparkled in the light, it was the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen. My hand flew to my mouth as I realized what was happening and before I could stop myself I uttered a yes without thinking. I panicked immediately.

His face contorted with confusion,“Yes what?”

I choked on my words,“I uhh, I-I mean yes she-she’s going to love it,” I got out hoping he didn’t realize what had just happened. His face lit a little as the words escaped my mouth,“You think so?” Of course the ring was for her. My brain obviously stopped working for a while when I thought he was proposing to me, he would never. He loved her and I was just the best friend. I mentally slapped myself for embarrassing myself.

“You said she loved you right?”

“Yeah,” he was so confident, it hurt me.

“Then of course she’s going to love it,” I smiled sadly.

He broke out into a full blown smile. He looked so damn happy. “So you’re finally proposing huh?” I tried my best to sound as happy as he was. I grabbed my mug again to distract myself from the heartache. He couldn’t contain his cheerfulness,“Yessss finally! Do you think she’ll say yes?” And he was back to his nervous self. He loved her too much. Probably more than she loved him.

“Yeah, I think she’ll say yes,” those were the hardest words to get out of my mouth because I knew for sure she’d say no. She didn’t love him enough to be his wife. She was only with him because the last time she broke up with, he literally begged her to take him back. I didn’t talk to him for a whole month, but he didn’t care, she was all that mattered to him. So now, when he’s going to ask her to marry him, I won’t stop him because that’ll only lead to him labelling me as jealous or unsupportive like he’s done in the past.

“Yeah I’m hoping she will. I’ve been up these past nights trying to figure out how I’m going to do this. I’m just so nervous it’s crazy.”

“You’ll be fine Jay. C'mere,” I pulled him in a hug and he wrapped his arms around my shoulders,“good luck,” I whispered into his ear.

He pulled away and had the biggest smile on his face. He muttered a quick goodbye and he was out the door. Just as the door slammed shut, my heart shattered.

-Would anyone like a part 2?