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I'm a slightly aggressive smol who wants friends. Pls reblog if you like..

Ed Sheeran*


All Time Low

Panic! At The Disco

Troye Sivan

Jack’s Mannequin

Melanie Martinez


My Chemical Romance

5 Seconds of Summer

Twenty One Pilots

Blue October




Full House

Fuller House








Daniel Howell

Shane Dawson









Literally any animal


* if you like this ill love you forever

let’s play a game called “hock just got a drawing program and likes to pretend they’re good at art”

princessdan’s positivity posts !

ok so i just hit 3k and i have ,,, no talents. so i decided that the only thing i can do is be nice !!! so here we go :)

what heck is this mo?

~you can send me an ask with an emoji or a song rec or anything and i will give you at least two compliments and a word that represents you !! is this lame !! oh well !

why are you doing this? why dont u do something cool??

well like i said i have no talents and blogrates take forever and i feel like sometimes theyre too impersonal ?? for this, i want to make all of you feel special by giving you compliments that are unique to you !

is sending the ask all i need to do?

no ! here is the list of criteria:

  • must be following me
  • reblog this post
  • send the ask !
  • do something nice for someone today :)

ill be tagging these as “mo loves her friends” if u wanna blacklist it :) 

also i will be taking breaks in between to actually reblog dnp stuff but i do kind of want to dedicate this day to you guys ! so i apologize for lack of content today but i want to get to as many people as possible !!! i love you all :))


commissions are open!!! 

anything you want ill draw it!! ocs? fanart? SHIPS?? you got it!!!

if you have any questions feel free to message me!! and if you want more examples of my art check out my art tag!!!!

examples of my speedpaint videos are here and here!!!!!

if interested please email me at liliumlief@gmail.com!! all payment is through paypal

please reblog if you can!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Yall: Yaaaaaaas give me that CONTENT kween!! Yessssssss i love it!!! Amazing !!!

Me: Hey id appreciate you guys sending in asks and questions about my characters bc they help me think of stuff to draw because my inbox is empty and maybe reblog my art because while likes are nice it doesnt help me all that much because reblogs get my posts out to other people so they can see it and be interested in following me or telling their followers to check out my blog

Yall: I cant read. What’s an ib nox?? Never heard of it. Rebagling? No idea.

Hiya! I’m looking to follow some new blogs for the new year! Like or Reblog this if you post any of the following! *Note: Please don’t like or reblog if you do not tag your NSFW content. Thank you!*




-Princess Jellyfish


-Cute Things like animals and stuff

-Art (Including your ocs and stuff! I really wanna see it!)


-Fire Emblem

-Smash Bros

-Pretty much anything Nintendo

-Pastel Aesthetic posts

-Light/gentle/kawaii guro

-ART (I really wanna follow some artists on here but I don’t know where to look)

-Quotes and stuff

-Funny things in general

-Cute outfits





-EdWin? Edward and Winry, you feel?



-Tips for dealing with anxiety too

-Lame pickup lines and love quotes

-Disney Movie Content (Not the shows, please!)


-If you’ll tell me about your ocs I’ll love you forever

-There’s more but I can’t think of any

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