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Ed Sheeran*


All Time Low

Panic! At The Disco

Troye Sivan

Jack’s Mannequin

Melanie Martinez


My Chemical Romance

5 Seconds of Summer

Twenty One Pilots

Blue October




Full House

Fuller House








Daniel Howell

Shane Dawson









Literally any animal


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let’s play a game called “hock just got a drawing program and likes to pretend they’re good at art”

open for business!

hey, its vel, and ive very glad to say that commissions are finally open! everythings pretty minimal at the moment, but theres a first for everything! just as a general disclaimer, yes, i know most of this is vriska, but shes not the only thing ill draw. that being said, i just want to make it very clear that theres still a lot i dont know or am in the process of learning how to do! things will change, of course, but as for right now, this is what ive got! just to keep this short, the rest of the more pertinent info will be down below.

theres a lot to see here, but one thing i definitely wanted to make sure to mention was backgrounds! single colors, simple gradients, and plain borders are free, anything more than that starts at $5 USD and will increase based on complexity!

as for things i will and wont draw, i ASBOLUTELY WILL NOT DRAW VRIS//REZI, VRIS//KAN, DOLO//FANG, or MIND//GLARE, and anything nsfw will cost extra! you can contact me here on tumblr or at toreabell@yahoo.com, and we can work something out!

please keep in mind:
-i reserve the right to refuse any request

thank you for reading, hope to hear from you soon!

hii everyone

I’m franki and I’m 19 years old. My parents lost their jobs at the same time and because of this they have to make an abrupt move out of state to follow the best job offer my mom got. Its hard for them to support me living with them so I’m trying to find an apartment with my partner and support myself. If you’ve followed me on my old blog you’re probably aware of the fact that I’ve been diagnosed with autism and it’s very hard for me to function because I’m, well, slow. Thankfully I managed to find employment recently but its hard to make ends meet, so I’m selling some things. Currently just my living dead dolls are up for sale but I’m going to put up some clothes soon too. So if you all could spread this post with my ebay and paypal links that would mean the world to me♡♡ I may make a gofundme if I lose my health insurance but for now its just this. Thank you again٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶



princessdan’s positivity posts !

ok so i just hit 3k and i have ,,, no talents. so i decided that the only thing i can do is be nice !!! so here we go :)

what heck is this mo?

~you can send me an ask with an emoji or a song rec or anything and i will give you at least two compliments and a word that represents you !! is this lame !! oh well !

why are you doing this? why dont u do something cool??

well like i said i have no talents and blogrates take forever and i feel like sometimes theyre too impersonal ?? for this, i want to make all of you feel special by giving you compliments that are unique to you !

is sending the ask all i need to do?

no ! here is the list of criteria:

  • must be following me
  • reblog this post
  • send the ask !
  • do something nice for someone today :)

ill be tagging these as “mo loves her friends” if u wanna blacklist it :) 

also i will be taking breaks in between to actually reblog dnp stuff but i do kind of want to dedicate this day to you guys ! so i apologize for lack of content today but i want to get to as many people as possible !!! i love you all :))


basically this GC is gonna be where scenario writers can:

  • share fic ideas
  • asking opinions or help with fic ideas
  • ask how to do certain requests
  • talking about your writing
  • ranting about hate anons
  • ranting about writing in general (ex: like getting stuck in the middle of your scenario)
  • being supportive of each other when you don’t get a lot of likes on something you worked on really hard
  • helping with writers block
  • and just being able to relate with a whole bunch of people with the same problems as you lol
  • BUT NOT JUST SPECIFICALLY THIS free to talk about whatever just wanted to say you can talk about everything above without getting judged 

only rule for joining: don’t let it die.

this group chat will be on kkt also for questions please just message me i’ll happily answer them

if you’re interested please either reblog, message me, or comment down below


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(let us be as cool as these idiots amazing guys that we all write stuff for)

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Jungkook's beautiful, he's so beautiful and he deserves all the love in the world. That's all~

I sent this to myself.

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Jungkook is the most precious boy in the world and there’s no point in trying to tell me otherwise.

I JUST REACHED 300 FOLLOWERS! I want to thank each and every one of you for following me and for making me smile all the time. I love all of you guys, so to commemorate this, I will be doing blogrates!


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This has no structure, I just need to talk about how much I love Freddie

So, I have so many images of Freddie that I love, but I’m pretty sure this is my absolute favourite. I just think he’s so breathtakingly beautiful, and I can’t even begin to describe what he means to me. Freddie, you’ve changed my life, despite not actually sharing this world with me. 

You died before I was born and yet you will be alive long after I’m gone. Through your music. Through the gift that was your voice. You once said that if you could bring a smile to a sour face then it was all worth it, and you’ve made me happy so many times, your music has comforted me through break ups, through fights, after anxiety attacks, during illnesses and helped me survive the nights when I just wanted to die. I stopped cutting when I first discovered Queen, and I like to think that that would have made you very happy to hear.

I speak for all of us here when I say that we will love you forever, and we keep you alive everyday through fandom discourse, through making jokes, and most importantly - through listening to your music.

we miss you x

Holy crap, I actually got up to 500 followers :O I never would’ve guessed my anime trash blog would get this many followers :D I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH

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"Yes what?"

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Here’s the part two. Part three. Part Four

It had been a long day. I walked into my apartment and dropped my keys on the table. I sighed as I took off my shoes and headed towards my bedroom. The only thing on my mind right now was to change into something comfortable and binge watch Netflix. I changed into my sweats and a tank top and wiped off my makeup. I was craving a cup of tea all day so that’s what I proceeded to make next.

I was so focused on my tea that when the front door opened, it startled me a bit. I wasn’t expecting anyone, plus it was late. I heard my name being called and asking where I was. Instantly recognizing the voice as Justin’s, I responded letting him know to find me in the kitchen. I had no idea why Justin was here at this time of the night, we had no plans.

I held my mug of tea with both of my hands, close to my face. As he entered the kitchen, I eyed him up. He was in his casual attire, a hoodie with some sweats and a beanie. I couldn’t decipher his facial expression, because that wasn’t something normal. He looked…awfully nervous if I’m not wrong. His eyes were frantically looking around and his breathing was erratic. This fuelled my curiousness. He awkwardly placed this hands in the pocket of hoodie and it seemed as if he was toying with something.

I raised an eyebrow at him questioningly. “Hey,” I whispered,“what’s up?” His eyes finally met mine and I could see the restlessness.

He scratched his neck, something he’d do when he’s nervous or stressed out. He clearly didn’t know what to say because he’d always be the one to start the conversation. He averted his eyes to the ground and sighed. He walked closer towards me. “Are you okay Justin? Why are you being weird?” I voiced out. Still, all I got was silence. He looked up from the ground and sighed again. “You know what, I’ll just…”

He trailed off as he took out a little box from his pocket. I’m assuming that’s what he was toying with. He brought it towards me and I sat my cup on the counter. “I…I-I just…uhhhh I don’t know,” he was stuttering. Justin Bieber never stutters. He shook his head as if to get rid of the nerves and built up the courage to open the box.

As my eyes fell upon the object in the box my jaw dropped and my breath hitched. I was at a loss of words as I examined the diamond before me. It sparkled in the light, it was the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen. My hand flew to my mouth as I realized what was happening and before I could stop myself I uttered a yes without thinking. I panicked immediately.

His face contorted with confusion,“Yes what?”

I choked on my words,“I uhh, I-I mean yes she-she’s going to love it,” I got out hoping he didn’t realize what had just happened. His face lit a little as the words escaped my mouth,“You think so?” Of course the ring was for her. My brain obviously stopped working for a while when I thought he was proposing to me, he would never. He loved her and I was just the best friend. I mentally slapped myself for embarrassing myself.

“You said she loved you right?”

“Yeah,” he was so confident, it hurt me.

“Then of course she’s going to love it,” I smiled sadly.

He broke out into a full blown smile. He looked so damn happy. “So you’re finally proposing huh?” I tried my best to sound as happy as he was. I grabbed my mug again to distract myself from the heartache. He couldn’t contain his cheerfulness,“Yessss finally! Do you think she’ll say yes?” And he was back to his nervous self. He loved her too much. Probably more than she loved him.

“Yeah, I think she’ll say yes,” those were the hardest words to get out of my mouth because I knew for sure she’d say no. She didn’t love him enough to be his wife. She was only with him because the last time she broke up with, he literally begged her to take him back. I didn’t talk to him for a whole month, but he didn’t care, she was all that mattered to him. So now, when he’s going to ask her to marry him, I won’t stop him because that’ll only lead to him labelling me as jealous or unsupportive like he’s done in the past.

“Yeah I’m hoping she will. I’ve been up these past nights trying to figure out how I’m going to do this. I’m just so nervous it’s crazy.”

“You’ll be fine Jay. C'mere,” I pulled him in a hug and he wrapped his arms around my shoulders,“good luck,” I whispered into his ear.

He pulled away and had the biggest smile on his face. He muttered a quick goodbye and he was out the door. Just as the door slammed shut, my heart shattered.

-Would anyone like a part 2?

☆ Some of my goals for 2018 ☆

♡ start speaking you mind!!! You have beautiful thoughts, share them with the world!

♡ try smiling more! You are beautiful!!

♡ take more pictures! It can be of anything!!! Yourself, family, animals, food, it can be anything!!

♡ laugh more. You haven’t laughed much this year. Let’s try and change that.

♡ maybe start loving yourself more. You can’t hate yourself forever. Good things will happen only if you let them.

♡ ease off being so pessimistic.. the world does not hate you!!

♡ make some new friends! Talk to all kinds of people. I’m sure you’ll find your best friends soon.

♡ Take good care of your health!! Workout and eat better! Drink more water too!!

♡ tell the people you care about how much you love them!

♡ learn more! Witchcraft, school, languages, anything. Just learn!

♡ go out and see the world this year! There are so many things you haven’t experienced yet!! Go out and experience them!!!