if you really don't wanna know about anything at all

|| Ah haha hello everyone, I am sorry to announce too that I am taking a small break from here because ya know how it is, if the Mika is not there I kind of feel like there’s something huge missing here so imma just follow Nia to kick her butt and take care of stuff. I will save all of the replies and threads, I am sorry to those I didn’t get to reply to, but the muse is kinda down if that makes sense. I always check this blog anyways because it’s hella important to me and for those who wanna still talk to me, you can contact me through IM or ask for my Skype (only mutals sorry!)

Have a great time, stay always safe and see ya soon properly again!!

AJ’s “Ask me about Dadswap” Spring Break event!

HEY GUYS! So listen:

My work is gonna be taking up a lot of my time this week during spring break (I’m talking 18+hours which is a lot hours to work at my job), but you guys know how much I like writing or talking about this AU

so here’s the deal:

All during spring break you can ask me any question about Dadswap you want. Anything at all (except for NSFW things). Any little tiny question that’s been buzzing around in your head can be answered! 

This way if I can’t get a new part written out, there is still content about it posted daily like I like to do!

So lay em on me, homeslice! 

Wanna know more about Angor Rot and Aarghamount’s past? Ask me! Wanna know why Vendel really doesn’t trust Strickler all that much? ASK ME! Wanna know what’s so important about Heimdrel giving the Witch his eye? ASK ME!

Let’s do this!