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Age Plays A Part *IMAGINE* #SehunEdition Pt. 2 {Requested}

“Please, please, please, tell me you are going to do a part 2 for the suho daughter liking sehun, like god, I don’t knew I needed this in my life till I read your story”

Here you go anon! :) and here’s part 1 for anyone who missed it.

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This was all your fault.

Baekhyun was sitting in front of you, a grave expression in his usual cheery eyes as you fought the urge to bolt from the room.

He sighed before speaking.

“Okay so explain to us exactly why YOU’RE the reason we had to cancel our last two tour dates.”

“Um…” You trailed off and began looking at the wall just behind him. Faintly you could see a diagonal indention where his chair had rolled back and made a permanent mark on the wall.  You wondered if maybe another coat of paint could hide it or if the damage was too great.

“Y/N, Wake up!” Kyungsoo yelled, snapping you back to a reality you wanted no part of.


“I got this.” Sehun said walking in and taking a seat beside you on the couch. The seven other members in the room opened their eyes wide in surprise and shock when Sehun, took your hand in his and held it firmly.

“We’re dating.” He said matter of factly. “We have for a few weeks now.”

“What the hell dude?!!” Chanyeol asked, “Why in the world would you date her?? She’s like 20 years younger than you!!”

“Christ, Hun! Don’t you know better than that? We never mess with family” Chen scolded. “It makes sense now why Suho isn’t returning any of our calls! I wouldn’t either.”

“I didn’t mean for this to happen!” You interjected but was swiftly given a death look by Baekhyun and decided it would be best to let the adults in the room continue talking.

Baekhyun stood up from his chair and you watched as it rolled perfectly into the wall’s indention. Even though that was strangely satisfying, you were scared of what he was going to say.

“Y/N…” He began slowly. “ You are a young and very beautiful girl, you’re down to earth but you’re also very smart and bright. Your father loves you more than anyone else in the world and what you’re doing right now is not what you ne–”

“Stop it!” Sehun interrupted “Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean that it’s not right, or that what we feel for each other is invalid!”

Xiumin walked over and put a hand on Sehun’s shoulder. “We just want the best for you, her, Suho and the group. We aren’t trying to hurt you we ju–”

Sehun stood up suddenly yanking your hand and pulling you up as well.

“We’re leaving.” Was all he said as he whisked you out of the room.

“Sehun, I don’t know…all of this is getting so wild.” You told him as you both got into his black lamborghini. “Are we really sure that we want to deal with all of this opposition?”

Sehun turned to you in his chair.

His eyes were darker than usual. One strand of hair had fall from his perfect poof and you struggled to resist the urge to push it back into place.

“Y/N, do you trust me?”

His words hung in the air and you found it hard to look him straight in the eye.

“I do, but I just don’t know, things are getting so complicated and my dad jus–”

“Just what?!” His tone caught you off guard and you jumped a little in your seat.

You didn’t like when he got like this.

He sighed loudly and put the car into drive before peeling out off the parking garage and into the traffic.

You both sat silently as he drove. A heavy uneasiness in the air.

You were so confused.

This had all started out so innocently.

Just a crush on older man.

A typical kind of teenage fantasy.

But then next thing you know, Sehun had actually reciprocated those feelings and your father, Suho had found out.

He had banned you from seeing Sehun but that didn’t stop you from sneaking out and going to his place.

Night after night laying in each other’s arms creating your own dream world where your love could be accepted and open.

But Suho wasn’t a fool.

When Sehun had come up and apologized to him and promised that he would never actually touch you.


And that he was wasn’t really interested in you.

(more lies)

Suho had taken the apology with a grain of salt. Little did you know that he followed you one night and saw you go into Sehun’s secret loft in the city.

Then things started going down quickly.

When you returned home, you found your things at the door and the locks changed. Your dad did not return any of your phone calls and the only thing that you could do was return back to Sehun and explain the situation.

While this all was going on, Exo was nearing the dates to a few concerts they had planned for the beginning of the year. Suho who was initially in charge of all the concert plans had gone off the radar and no one had been able to get in touch with him.

Two concerts had been cancelled, and the way that things were going it looked like the third would be tonight.

You looked over at Sehun while he drove. He had his window rolled down and you passed a taco vendor in the street.

The quick smell hit your nose and a sudden wave of nausea ran through you.

“Pull over! I think I’m gonna be sick!” You cried grabbing your stomach and lowering your window.

“What??!” Sehun asked giving you a crazy look as he edged to the side of the road.

You quickly opened your door and ran far away until you doubled over and hurled for what felt like forever.

“Y/N, Y/N!” Sehun cried running out of the car and after you. “Are you okay? Why are you throwing up? Do you need something?”

You shook your head and used the back of your hand to wipe your mouth.

“I don’t know what’s wrong” You said weakly. “I just feel really badly all of a sudden.”

Sehun came up and rubbed your back.

You both stood in the grass as the cars sped by.

You felt terrible.

“Ugh, can we stop at a drug store before we go home?” You asked. “I need something to calm my stomach.”

“Sure” He replied looking out in the distance, distracted like usual.

“Okay, I’m ready.” You announced straightening up and taking a deep breath.

That’s when it happened.

You phone vibrated in your back pocket.

You swiftly reached and answered all in one motion.

It was your father.

“Dad! Dad! Where are you? I’m so sorry! Dad come back!” You said, your words a jumble and mumble.

His voice was firm but quiet as he spoke.

“I can’t come back right now. But i did want to know if you were okay–”

“What do you mean you can’t come back??” You asked your voice becoming high and hysterical.

“Tell him, I’m sorry.” Sehun said from behind but you just ignored him and pressed the phone closer to your ear.

“Dad, why can’t you come back home?”

There was a long pause before your dad breathed a weary sigh.

“Because I’m at your sister’s wedding.”

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Hey Tumblr fam 👋🏼
These are 10 snapshots of my current sketchbook that I love to spend time on. I have this constant thought about what direction I want to pursue through college and beyond, and I thought, with all the amazing art on here and incredibly decent people I figured I could throw a question out there and see what responses I get? Essentially, I want to know about career choices that involving this kind of stuff all the time, if there are any. Thanks for reading till here, if you reached this far. Much love 💗✨

andperset  asked:

I tried resisting the urge to read SISY till you were done writing it, but here I stand, a complete mess. Your writing is beautiful and I truly sway between both Zico & Mino. Wow, I love how you're able to do that /so well/ like damn. I am now a slave to your updates, but a happy one, bc it's SO FUCKING GOOD.

You’re always so damn sweet!!! Thank you so much for being you and being so kind!! I’m sorry you’re a slave to the updates lol but I can promise you, I’ve started chapter 9 and it’s…prepare your soul. It’s vicious.

Imagine having a really bad day. As soon as you stood up you felt somehow sad, you looked in the mirror and found yourself the worst. In hope of feeling better afterwards you dressed up and went out to get yourself a chocolate donut and a café. Of course it is raining, and of course you forgot your umbrella. To top that all as you rush trough the streets you fall down when running into a man. “Damn it! Fuck!” You hear yourself say, suddenly you hear a deep,manly voice, like a cello so soft and melodious:“I’m sorry!” As you look up you see a mam, beautiful as fuck and with eyes like heaven. He offers you his hand to help you stand up: “may I offer you a coffee in the café over there? As apologize! And hey, you look really nice today!” He smiles as you just nod: “oh, by the way, my name is sherlock Holmes, what’s yours?”

Eijun’s birthday event hasn’t over yet…

From Terajima-sensei’s tweets.

“On top of that, it’s how it would be in magazine’s story.”

Koushuu : Today is your birthday? I see…

Eijun : That’s right, so why!? Of course I won’t bother you. And it’s only one day in a year for everyone!! You should release your profile soon! I…It’s the first time I became 17 years old!! So I can be happy, right!!?

Koushuu : How many time has everyone celebrated your birthday till now…

“Here is an addition. You can read about Sawamura as a senpai only from the second part!! The story is being published in Magazine now!”

Kanemaru : Right!? Many people eventually from many sides celebrated his birthday at the end!! And he is a main character!! While I haven’t had a chance to appear!!

Toujou : Well, Shinji. Because Sawamura is a very popular person! You should think it’s a good thing. I also want to see too!

Kuki : Those two’s conversation reminds me of the good old days.


Please don’t break a fourth wall, Koushuu…

Imagine Woozi looking at you in awe because you’ve managed to prepare a delicious Christmas feast for 14 people.

Things Others Learn About Them : #51 - #60

Since this series which started for MTV got such a warm response for the continuation till 100, continue it shall. You can read the series here on AO3 if you haven’t. Hope you enjoy.  

Things Others Learn About Them #51

Every week on one night, the ladies all went out for drinks and bonding for hours.

And in those hours, Laurel saw Felicity never drink more than two glasses. She would nurse her glass for long, long minutes while Thea and Lyla downed them like water.

Laurel did not touch alcohol for obvious reasons, but she did not understand why Felicity did not. The lawyer in her got more and more curious every time. So one night, she asked her.

Thea and Lyla stopped too, curious to know.

Felicity laughed, “I’m not an alcoholic, no offense Laurel.”

Laurel saw her smile softly, remembering something good obviously, and then shrug. “I just get drunk with Oliver.”

It told Laurel nothing but it told her everything.

Things Others Learn About Them #52

Ollie called Felicity without fail at least twice when they were out.

On ladies night each week, Thea relaxed completely, enjoying her life, grateful for the different women who had become her friends.

She also saw the same appreciation in all of their faces. And then Ollie called Felicity and that appreciation flew out the window to be replaced with a sigh and an exasperated smile.

Thea knew how much Felicity hated having to answer to someone. She understood it. But the fact that Felicity took the call every time with a sassy but sweet remark, slayed her. They never spoke for more than a minute, but for that one minute, Felicity let go of her independent streak and Ollie let go of his need to never bend.

For a minute like that, so would Thea.

Things Others Learn About Them #53

At the end of every ladies’ night, Laurel dropped Thea home since she would be sober, and Oliver came to pick up both Lyla and Felicity since Johnny would be home with Sara.

Lyla would just observe them, slightly tipsy, as he would simply take Felicity’s hand and smile at her in a way she had never seen him smile, and lead her to the car. He would open the door for her and then for Lyla before getting in and driving off.

And the entire time Lyla would be there, Felicity would be talking and telling him about the night and Oliver would smile and speak sometimes and keep his eyes on the road. He would also take a hold of Felicity’s hand and squeeze.

He did nothing romantic at all, per se. In fact it was very general.

But coming from him, and the way he did it, made Lyla sigh like a 15 year old girl on the inside.

Things Others Learn About Them #54

Laurel would not have believed it if she hadn’t seen it herself.

There were times when Ollie would sit quietly, staring at one spot, completely lost in his own mind, so, so quiet. And people would be talking and arguing around him and he would sit, completely uncaring of the place and the voices, just staring at the spot, somewhere else entirely.

And then Felicity would speak, not even addressing him, just speak generally in her normal voice, and Oliver’s gaze would swing to her without blinking. He would stare at her for a few seconds before blinking and joining them.

It happened every single time. And Laurel could still not believe it.

Felicity brought him back from the brink. Without even trying.

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