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Also, thank you so much for all the likes and reblogs, and for the kind words in the tags! And yes, I do read them! Thank you everyone! :)

@sassan-lady-love said: “What if Kaneki had Todoroki’s hair style?” and oh boi.

May dark father ishida bless her soul.

I H A D to do it

Imagine bestfriend!Woozi showing you lots of support and love when you decide to pursue your passion.

Thank you

My friends, i have something to share with you.

Through out of the year 2016 i came here to tumblr, in not knowing what to expect, in this place of art, opinions, but most importanly people. It was like jumping into a sea without really knowing how to swim.

Over the months i spended here i was able to trully be myself and speak out, do things, and being allowed by many magnificent artist to learn from them, to study under theyre wing in order too improve myself as an artist. I have been gifted with many beautifull drawings and even more warm moments that i was able to share with you all.

And believe me, this feeling that you guys gaved me, this connection that i can always relate too and i always know off, is something i never dreamed of being possible.

Two days ago, i turned 25 and i can, after all of those years tell you, that this year was the first that i could honestly call a birthday i enjoyed. It maybe doesnt really make sense, and i am sorry if i dont explain properly.

My birthday was for most of my life a day of depression or nervous discomfort. I always had problems with joining my family during these times, for i never felt as if the people that surrounded me trully made me feel like i wished to spend my birthday with them. Always filled the house with many members of my family, only to spend around fifty minutes at the table, before hidding back in my room. Starting as a kid, and saldy continuing till adulthood, when all i have left at this moment is my dear mother, and my older, beloved sister, who sadly is always busy and away on travelling around the world.

What i am trying to say, is that you guys allowed me throughout the year to be happy with myself, and because of that you got me into a position where i can stand and honestly say that i loved the day of my birthday.

I never ask for gifts, for a hug is more then enough for me. I dont ask for money, for a message and a simple wish from someone i call friend is more precious then that.

Today after i returned from the con, where i broke my record in playing DnD for two groups of people around 8 players for one group, for 32 hours straight, i tasted the cake my mother made for me. 

It was the first cake i really felt the taste off. Even if my mother said she didnt add any sugar, it was the best cake i ever ate. 

And you guys made such a cake as well. For you allowed me to enjoy the taste of my life, and true happiness.

Many of you sended me amazing gifts, and some of you even sended me a dear wish to my birthday. I thank you all.

And i thank especially @xxmileikaivanaxx for not only being the love of my life, not only being the person on whom i wont give up no matter what fate tries to throw in my way, but most importanly for being the person that touched my heart and healed me where i hurt the most. You are my beloved snuggle-bun, honey bun and many, many more wonderfull names that belong only to you ! 

Thank you.

@keru-the-green - Dude, i never thought i would get to know a badass buddy manga-comic-artist from Malaysia, but you are the best buddy a guy can wish in this land of madness and chaos :D

@azy-arty - Azy, you have been my friend for only a short time, but in that time i grew a deep respect for you as a person and a artist. You are a dear and lovely friend to me and i thank you for everything you did for me.

@neofox67 - Pepper lady, lovely friend, outstanding artist, outstanding nerd and a incredibly supporting monna-mi !. :) You are the greatest Neo :) Thank you as well for being in my life. Really hope i can meet ya one day, and get you that bottle of Dr.Pepper i promised :D

@ravnicawatchwolf - My bestest mate from Greece, Wolf has been with me from the beggining i showed my butt here on Tumblr, and he has always been an undefeated bookworm and theory-maker i ever met. Thank you as well dude :)

@chronictale - Ali i often dont know what to say, when i see your art, but i can proudly say that to me, you are a dear friend and i am filled with joy, whenever i think i can call you a close friend of mine. Thank you for being here :)

@kiacii - Havent really talked in a while Kiacii, but you are still my lovely chicken-baby and i will always call you that :D I think in 2016, back in september you were the person that really got me into art and tumblr as much as i did till this day. Thank you so much for also being part of my life.

@moonphyr + @firereddragon - Guys thank you both, incredibly for being my friends that have always had my back, when i had a hard time and i had to deal with a lot of my depressions and stuff, back in 2016. I quess you were the first really lovely and nice people i met here on tumblr, and i wont ever forget what you did for me :) Thanks a lot guys. Love ya both !

@psukho - Im always pretty shy to talk to you Psukho, but it doesnt change the fact, that you are absolutely lovely and an awesome person ! Thank you so much for hanging around and answering whenever i decide to send you another text-bomb.

Lastly…this is this kind of artist-to-i-look-up-to-you-no-matter-what-you-say-you-are-awesome-artist-sorry-for-tagging-you thinge.

@yoralim - Through out the few message bubbles i had the privilage to send to you and recieve from you, i learned trully very much not only about myself as artist, but also as a person. You have always been very generous with your time, even though i imagine you have quite a lot on your own mind as well. 

Thank you for your time and for your words of advice Yoralim. I wont ever forget.


@blinddetermination - Blind you and your art has been my goal since i ever came to the UT community and tumblr. Your tenacity and will  with which you deal with everything in your life has been more than a backlash and motivation to me. You are like this shining person right in front of my eyes, i always try to run behind, inspiring me to give everything my all, pushing myself to a point where i one day may trully look at my progress and say that it was worth it. 

I never really talked with you, for multiple reasons honestly, which is pretty bad, i know. But at this point, i can only promise i will try to change that, and thank you, for being who you are not only to me, but to all of your other fans and supporters out there. You are absolutely amazing, not because of your skill with art. But for “who” you are. Thank you.

And to all of you that have made it till here, thank you for reading and staying on this blog, reading my stuff and listening to my unending venting, complaining, sobbing, yelling and burping in your general direction.

You my dear reader are awesome as well, even if you might not believe it, and i thank you very much for being here.

And to those who wanted to draw something for me, but did decide to respect my wish for not drawing anything for me, i thank you guys as well.

With love and  a flaming high-five, while praising the sun and hailing the Emperor,



Hey Tumblr fam 👋🏼
These are 10 snapshots of my current sketchbook that I love to spend time on. I have this constant thought about what direction I want to pursue through college and beyond, and I thought, with all the amazing art on here and incredibly decent people I figured I could throw a question out there and see what responses I get? Essentially, I want to know about career choices that involving this kind of stuff all the time, if there are any. Thanks for reading till here, if you reached this far. Much love 💗✨


Oh boi. Studying and working at the same time was sure a great idea. F*cking love sleeping 5 hours a day :^] and then fall asleep at classes. Ah what a jolly time indeed. 

Thanks guys. LIke literaly…i never done anything like this before. Tried youtube but man, it takes lot’s of effort without recoil, no matter how much i kept on, but tumblr. It touches my soul. Post with Mae’s dad got 722 notes, i was like -DAFUG. Got all hyped, and promise i will do something else, it’s just two days of weekends sometimes not enough for making a comic\edit\my shitdrawing. I also wanted to say HI for new ones :D our little i could say family hit 156 people. I hope you all patient :) I love you all guys, you keep me going, keep me do something. And you, yes you, the one who have read it all till here, smile ;) you are special.

P.S: I know i can’t fucking draw fire, at least it looks like it D:<

Everything We Learned on the Set of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’: New Looks, Potential Spinoffs and Lots of Laughs

To film the god of thunder’s latest intergalactic adventure, Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel only had to go as far as Australia. ET paid a visit to the massive sets – the largest soundstage in the southern hemisphere, for the record – which had been transformed into a bold, colorful, Jack Kirby-inspired planet named Sakaar. What follows is everything we learned from the key cast members on set – Chris Hemsworth, naturally, as well as Tessa Thompson and Jeff Goldblum – and director Taika Waititi.

“This is the scene in which Thor and everyone dies,” Waititi joked to ET, before setting the actual scene: “This is when Thor arrives in Sakaar and meets the Grandmaster, and he’s introduced to this whole crazy world that’s at the end of the end of a big bunch of wormholes. So, all the lost things in the universe all fall out of the sky into this place, this is where they’re collected and turned into other things and sold, traded or bartered. Any living thing that falls out of the sky is put into the Contest of Champions, which is what happens to Thor and that’s directly from Planet Hulk. It’s really a wild, outlaw kind of world where there are very few rules. It couldn’t be further from what Thor’s used to in Asgard.”

Re-Introducing Thor

A brand new Thor: Despite appearing in two of his own films (the original Thor and its sequel, The Dark World) as well as both installments of The Avengers, Waititi claims that Thor is “a brand new character” in Ragnarok.

“We’ve kept all the best parts of the old character, but he’s a new guy,” the director notes. “He’s spent two years on Earth with the Avengers…It’s a lot of reboot, but it’s [also] a reinvigoration.”

For his part, Hemsworth says, “We ended Age of Ultron with Thor basically leaving Earth and going on a quest to figure out what’s going on in the larger picture and how his world and his universe is connected and so on.” (He’s referencing the still somewhat confusing scene in which Thor traveled to a mystic cave and had an apocalyptic vision about the fall of Asgard.) "That’s certainly relevant here, but it’s also its own story, without sort of getting bogged down with the Infinity Stones and the several other stories interconnecting. It’s all there, but this really is his own journey.“

A brand new look: While Thor doesn’t get a complete makeover, he does sport a shorter haircut for a significant portion of the film. “There’s not a huge explanation, really. It was me going, ‘I don’t want to wear the wig every day. It takes two hours to put on,’” Hemsworth says with a laugh before breaking down the plotting around the cut: “There’s a sort of gladiatorial setting and a bit of a processing, a cleansing– kind of like prison. There’s a bit of that feel to it.”

A brand new love interest: marks the first Thor movie without Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster, but though she may be gone, she is not forgotten. “We mention it, politely,” Hemsworth says. “We have a nice little– I wouldn’t say a joke at her expense, by any means, but at the two of them [and] how Thor viewed the separation. He thinks it was mutual. [Laughs.] Y'know, long-distance relationships are tough and this is as long as they get. So, they parted ways.”

Enter a new romantic interest, Valkyrie (played by Thompson), albeit one with a very different dynamic. “Valkyrie is certainly an equal, as far as [she is] physically imposing or threatening and her fighting skill set,” Hemsworth teases. “And Thor is in awe of the Valkyrie ever since he was a young boy, so he’s meeting his idol. He’s meeting his hero. He used to want to be one till he found out they were women.”

Meet Valkyrie

Who is she? "She’s a world-class warrior,“ Thompson, who starred in Creed and Westworld before joining Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, tells us. “When we find her in this film, she’s a reluctant hero. She’s someone that really gets back into the game with Thor and with the Hulk. And she’s just a badass…She’s really hardcore. I kick a lot of a**. If fact, I kick a lot of a** on this bridge.” (The bridge in question is a set piece glimpsed in the trailer, during a pre-battle standoff featuring Valkyrie, Thor, Loki and Hulk.)

The Valkyrie of the comic books is a swordsmith and leader of the fierce, all-female, winged horse-riding Valkyrior. That Valkyrie, known as Brunnhilde, also happens to be a white woman with blonde hair. “We want to make films that reflect the world that we live in,” Thompson states matter-of-factly. “And there are plenty of women that look like Valkyrie, but there are plenty of women that look like me. What was more important for Taika – and for Marvel in general – was that they found someone that captured the spirit of Valkyrie. In this case, she happens to look like me.”

Will they or won’t they? Thompson played far coyer when addressing her character’s potential romance with Thor. “You’ll just have to watch and see… They definitely have a ton in common: They both come from Asgard. They are people that are trying to figure out their moral compass, what their responsibility is to their homeland. They’re fighters. They’re tough,” she ponders. “So, I think there’s a spark. And Thor is actually a big fan of Valkyrie. He’s, like, a fanboy. If there were Valkyrie posters, Thor would have had them in his [bedroom growing up.] Like, probably right over his bed, he would have had me and dreamt about me. So, there definitely is something between them, but whether it’s romantic, who knows?”

As for the possibility of Thompson as an actress playing out an onscreen romance with Hemsworth, she jokes, “It was the biggest reason why I didn’t think I wanted to take the part, initially. I was like, ‘I don’t know if I can act that well. Like, finding him attractive would be–I’d have to dig really deep in my soul to find the honesty in that.’ So, I just superimpose other people’s faces on him and other people’s bodies.”

The Black Panther One of Thompson’s friends and former Creed co-stars, Michael B. Jordan, also recently joined the MCU – as Erik Killmonger in 2018's Black Panther – and she says they are hoping to cross superhero paths someday.

“What’s so fun about the next phase of the Marvel Universe is that the worlds are colliding more and more,” she points out. “I’m also friends with Chadwick Boseman, so I think we’re constantly going to just pitch to Marvel how to get all of the characters in one movie and see what happens.”

That said, Thompson has a different Valkyrie spinoff in mind. “I’m really into Valkyrie when she’s a part of The Fearless Defenders,” the actress explains, referencing a run in which Valkyrie teamed up with, for one, Misty Knight. (Currently on Netflix's The Defenders.) “I think it would be fantastic to have an all-star female team which includes Brie Larson. Let’s get Tilda Swinton. Lupita [Nyong'o] is in there. Just a really badass group of women that fights, maybe, all men. Like a boys versus girls. But it could be a musical, so Jeff Goldblum would be in it as well.”

Meet Director Taika Waititi

Who is he? Waititi is a New Zealand-born writer-director who has helmed wonderful films like What We Do in the Shadows and Hunt for the Wilderpeople. (Both of which should be required viewing, pre-Ragnarok.) You’ve already seen some of his work, surely, as Waititi made the short, “Team Thor,” which explained where Thor was during the events of Captain America: Civil War. (He was living with an office worker named Darryl.)

Waititi acts as well and cast himself in the role of Korg the Kronan in Ragnarok. (When ETcaught up with him earlier this year in the edit bays at Marvel Studios, he referred to Korg as an 8-foot tall rock creature in “a 2017 metal bikini.”) One character you won’t see is Darryl. “OK, so far that’s a rumor. I think maybe I started that rumor inadvertently, when I said there was more footage from the thing that we made and that we were planning to put out more footage…I just can’t see where he’d go in this…”

How is he making Thor his own? Thor is funny now, for one. “Sometimes I wonder how many takes I’ve ruined with just my voice and my laughter,” Waititi says. The glut of Waititi’s past work is comedic, with a heavy emphasis on improvisation, and Thompson praises her director’s ability to bring that to Marvel, crafting a lighter tone that wasn’t present for the Shakespearian Thor or brooding Thor: The Dark World.

“The exciting thing is, Marvel took [Waititi] on and instead of trying to have him fit into a mold, it really expanded the mold to include his kind of filmmaking,” she praises, with a promise that fans of the first two Thor films will still be satisfied. “It is at once funny and touching.”

“That’s definitely my background,” Waititi agrees. “I felt I should embrace that side and breathe a little bit more life into this franchise. in that sense, in the way that you don’t need to shy away from how fun these kind of adventures and these stories and these characters can be, while also retaining that epic, very dark sense that comes through from a lot of the comic stories as well. Especially with a character like Thor, it is an opportunity to see, y'know, a god, a cosmic being on a cosmic adventure, with Bruce Banner aka the Incredible Hulk. It has to be fun!”

Thor vs. Hulk

A brand new Hulk: If you’ve read everything up till here, you should hardly be surprised that Waititi is putting his own spin on the green guy and his puny, scientist counterpart. “Bruce Banner in this film is way more exciting and fun and interesting than I think we’ve ever seen him in any of the other films,” Waititi promises. And if Hulk wasn’t the first Avenger you’d think of to pair with Thor, that’s the point.

“It’s a pretty odd pairing. I don’t even think we’ve spoken onscreen before,” Hemsworth acknowledges. “We had an opportunity to kind of do whatever we wanted, and it brought out something very different in both of our characters. Both our characters are in a bit of a wacky state when they meet, because they’ve sort of both lost everything and they’re at the end of their rope, so there’s a wackiness to it.”

Civil War 2.0(ish): "It’s been something that everybody’s been waiting for a long time, to see those two face off,” Waititi says of the centerpiece battle between Thor and Hulk in The Grandmaster’s arena. “In the comic books, they’ve been doing it for years. There’s this eternal question, Who would win in a fight, Thor or Hulk? And if you go on the blog sites, people still argue that to this day.”

Seeing as both characters sat out the Avengers vs. Avengers airport battle in last year’s Captain America movie, this may feel a bit like their own version of Civil War – with less players involved, sure, but which Hemsworth argues is just as epic. He explains, “Any time we go through the choreography or talk about how this is going to happen, it was like, More! More! What else can we throw in? How different can it look? What can we do that we haven’t done before and visually up the stakes?”

Marvel fans have been clamoring to see Planet Hulk on the big screen for years and, asked to describe the battle in three words, Waititi counts off on his fingers: “Long. Time. Coming.” The director appears confident that his take will deliver, too. “We really test both of the characters in this fight. They get put through their paces,” he says. “There are certain shots that we’re planning to do in this fight, which I think are going to become very memorable in cinematic history.”

Who is she? A kickass warrior, an eccentric game maker, a cosmic road trip for Thor and Hulk and a haircut do not a Marvel movie make. Enter the big bad of the film and the MCU’s first female villain: Hela, the goddess of death, played by Cate Blanchett.

“She is someone people have been wanting to see for a long time,” Waititi wagers of the classic comic book character. “And there’s no one better than Cate, in my opinion…Obviously, she’s a great actor, but she’s also really funny. She brings something to this character that, I think, makes this probably the most interesting of all the Marvel villains that I’ve seen so far…The character is evil, then also there’s layers to that. It’s not just someone who wants to take over the world. There’s a lot more going on for her.”

Blanchett had already wrapped by the time ET arrived on set, which Waititi also lamented, saying, “You just love watching her. I was really sad when she left, because I just wanted to figure out how we could write more scenes for her.”

What about Loki? Tom Hiddleston’s beloved baddie, who has attempted to wreak havoc in each of the Thor films and more beyond that, was last seen in The Dark World masquerading as King Odin (Anthony Hopkins) and assuming his father’s throne on Asgard. (“What we don’t know is what has happened to Odin,” Waititi notes. “Which is what we find out in this film.”)

Loki’s loyalties are far from truly loyal, though – in various stills from the film, he is pictured fraternizing with Thor, The Grandmaster and Hela – so how exactly he factors into Ragnarok remains to be seen. Waititi wants to keep it that way. “Loki has been in Asgard, ruling in his own way,” he says coyly. “There’s a really fun scene where we find him in the film and start unmasking Loki and his whole journey.”

Thor: Ragnarok arrives in theaters on Nov. 3.

Hmm…I don’t know if I like everything I’ve read. I was really looking forward to Lokyrie.
important!1!1!1!!! esp @ mutuals

hello my lovely followers! it’s ace aka tumblr user parkkwoojin aka a loser aka your resident jinseob enthusiast ✺◟(∗❛ัᴗ❛ั∗)◞✺ dont tell me jinseob is dead DONt ok let’s move on  it’s been about 2 months since i’ve joined tumblr and i’ve met so many amazing people and learned so much about creating content (which im still not that good in tbh) that im hesitant to say this bUT,,, what needs to be done has to be done ( -̩̩̩-̩̩̩_-̩̩̩-̩̩̩) 

i’ll be going on hiatus from now all the way till the 16th of november since that’s when my major exams finally end! (literally 3 months later???? IM SORRY THE EDUCATION SYSTEM HERE DRAGS EXAMS OUT FOR SO LONG ) my prelims are starting on the 25th this month and i’m starting to have no time to create content for ya’ll so i’ve decided to go on hiatus ( ˃ ⌑ ˂ഃ ) i’ve gained so much more followers than i deserve in these 2 months and i hope ya’ll will still be here when i come back *cries*

 if any of ya’ll want to talk to me you can just message me for my username on telegram or kkt! i’ll be dragging deleting tumblr for the next 2 days so hmu before i actually delete tumblr lmao if you’ve read till here, wow thank you you’re amazing *hugs* i hope ya’ll have a good day ahead and i’ll defs be back from time to time because my wannable ass is too hesitant to let go so catch ya’ll when im back (♡´ ˘ `♡)

An Update - Playertale, new AU, weekend from 20-21.5

So hello guys !

Its finally time for a good old Update on the blog, me as an artist and stuff i have been working on.

After thinking about it for the last week i am officially ending the project and AU of Playertale. The reasons for this decision are simple, yet for me very important. Over the last months i have been really loosing my inspiration to work upon it, yet i managed to do something much more important. Playertale has been already from the start taken as a “tutorial project” for me personally. To help me understand the intricacies of a comic, to help me work with it, find out how long a page takes to be drawn, learn a few techniques about the background and well…everything around it.

Yet, i always knew that Playertale would not be my BIG PROJECT, something with which i could move and leave a mark in the UT community. Just a few info for you that you know what it took me through through out the months.

- The scrips has been rewritten 8 times, around 20 A4 of text, ideas, plots, explanations, very sensitive changes in the canon and so on

- The characters have been redrawd three times, with small changes to theyre look, yet i never could have gotten something i was comfortable with, and knowing that, i never could place my finger on the point

- Playertale was planned to have 5 ARC´s with 30 pages each (and i am even taking a lot pages and ideas, sub-plots and fights out of it)

- Characters like Gerson, Metaton and Undyne were supposed to actually have very important roles in the progress of the story. There were all together 2 MAJOR OC´s ( me and @moonphyr ) with 6 OC´s for the human souls, and 1 VIllain OC for the story

- The plan of the AU was planning to be a dramatical, fight based, cool adventure, that started from point A, The Ruins, and ended up at the big finish and climax, in the Kings Hall of Asgore.

Those are just some of the most important things of the whole AU. Yet working on this AU has lead me to a whole different way of thinking and dealing with the troubles of comics. Right as of now, i know much more how to deal with comics and to make them work. I want to especially thank for this to these four people. @keru-the-green @xxmileikaivanaxx @neofox67 and @yugogeer12 Because they helped me the most out of all the people.

Right now i will be gone till the end of the week on a Fantasy Larp, on which i will in my free time (cause i will be away from my PC, and my internet, apartment, just being surrounded by deep woods) finish the details and present you with the new AU. 

As of right now, all i am willing to share with you is that its going to be in a much more fantasy setting, with lots of magic, curses, legends and most importanly folklore inspired setting, i also intend to add some new monsters aaaaand…it will be a bit a far goner from the initial canon. There will be many major time-line changes, character meetings and background stuff (but i will probably scratch that so i dont end up again with 20 pages of text, and just will draw stuff).


Also a big thanks to all the wonderfull friends, mutuals and crusader-brothers i have met through the UT community. I am not leaving it, nor will i in the near future. But who knows where my steps will take me. I am an artist after all. Our kind doesnt stay in one place for a too much long time.

Thank you all for reading it till here. Now go take a break and eat some chocolate, or burn some heretics of negativity. And since i will be gone for three days, do me a favor and please stay safe.

Your humble friend Deusn


THEORY TIME with Lord of Shadows spoilers, read with caution.

First, I would like to say English isn’t my first language, so I apologize in advantage for any errors. I still suck at writing long texts. Second, I would like to thank @annaeatonprior for share the second screenshot with me, and also helped me come up with these theories! You’re an angel.

Now, let’s go: As you can see in the first screenshot, Cassie said a while ago (really long while ago) that Kieran’s mother was dead, and completely out of the picture. But then more recently she gave Ann that answer, opening the possibility that maybe she has changed her mind about it. So let’s assume she in fact did, and Kieran’s mother is alive. Wow! (Also, it may have been bc of that that she mentioned the woman in Stars to Burn letting us know that Kieran probably was raised by her for a little while? If he remembers her face…)

So, if she is alive, where is she now? Well, there’s a pin on Cassie’s pinterest of a boy with the caption “hidden prince” and we know Kieran was sent to the Hunt because of “political reasons”. He was a threat, the Court liked him, okay, but was that the full reason? Cassie mentioned once that one person was still “looking for him” in the courts. What if this person is his mother? What if she knew some secret of the King, something that he feared being out, so he tried to kill her, but she scaped, and then he - knowing that she would come back for her son - sent him to the Wild Hunt, and that’s why he is “hidden”*?

Also, Ann mentioned she may be now one of the Seelie Queen’s ally, and thinking about that, what if that’s the reason why the Seelie Queen wanted to use Kieran in her plans in the first place? What if Kieran’s mother knew he was going to be killed, so she offered help to the Seelie Queen if she helped save her son? Gwyn was waiting in the Seelie Court with the horses, so it was obviously something combined previously. And why couldn’t the Seelie Queen ask directly for Adaon’s help instead of try using Kieran first? Or even one of his other brothers? Ok, Kieran was an easy help, but the Queen is a very manipulative woman, she could obviously find a way without him.

There’s a very real possibility of Kieran becoming the new Unseelie King in QOAAD, so maybe his mother will find him, and help him by telling what she knows about the King. (His name?) I don’t think Cassie would change her mind about her being dead if wasn’t for her to become important to the plot.

Anyway, this could be just a whole lot of crazyness, maybe just because I really want my baby to have a family (a real one!) but who knows… If you read it till here, let me know what you think :)

* I know the “hidden prince” could be Ash, but the boy in the picture has dark hair, so I don’t think so.

studyblr intro!

first of all sorry about the nasty header graphic i just wanted to whip something up quickly ahaha

hi! i’m nicole (she/her), and i finally decided to join the studyblr community for the usual reasons (to get motivated/find new frens/stalk The Aesthetic :’) so here’s an intro though i feel awkward even introducing myself virtually

basic stuff:

  • i’m 15 years old and currently on summer break
  • and a rising high school sophomore [co’ 2020]
  • mbti type: intp / taurus / slytherin 
  • i’m an abc (american born chinese!)
  • i speak english and mandarin fluently, and am currently learning spanish (and attempting to learn korean)

classes i’ll be taking next year:

  • english 10
  • advanced pre-calculus
  • biology (our school does physics/chem in 9th grade idk why lol)
  • AP US history
  • spanish 3
  • 2d/3d design

extra stuff:

  • i have no idea what i want to be in the future aaaah leaning towards humanities though
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a rant about Mikaela's happiness

(I tried to shorten this rant as much as possible but he’s been through so much it was hard to keep it short)
ok so…Mika deserves better he just deserves better okay?? He was abused by his father and craved his love and put on an act of happiness, a smile, and even so he was still abused and still smiling just to be accepted…He constantly felt like he wasn’t enough and his mother did nothing to prove otherwise:( After he was thrown out of the car it was proven to him that he wasn’t needed and then he reached the orphanage…he was experimented on (who knows how much pain that caused although he doesn’t remember) and after being abused he finally reached a place he could he happy in…The few years he spent there as an orphan were the best of his life and that says smth…After that the world was destroyed when he was 8 and was taken by the vampires…He did his best to protect his family and gave his blood to Ferid feeling really weak and guilty afterwards so his family would have everything they needed. He always smiled, even to Ferid ‘cause he learnt how to fake smile from a young age when abused by his family although that’s not how he felt (and Ferid himself said that he’s faking the smile even if the act was really good)….Despite his best efforts to protect his family they all died, he lost an arm and he almost died when he was just 12 years old! Then he was forced to become a vampire, one of the things he hated although he preferred death and stay with the man who slaughtered his whole family for 4 years while constantly fighting the urge to drink blood so he didn’t become a monster until he sees Yuu-chan again, his only family…Rn it’s important to note that even b4 he turned into a vampire he told some vampire guards that now that Yuu-chan escaped he didn’t care if he died so that means HE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT HIS LIFE:(((( Every day he loathed himself, felt disgusted at his desire for blood and hated himself more than anything (even Ferid)..He felt guilty for the death of his family and blames himself not Ferid and saw terrible experiments that scarred him forever in the age of 14….He had almost no one to talk to and the only thing that kept him going was the thought of saving his only family so obviously he is clingy to Yuuichirou he doesn’t have anything else left!!! after Shinjuku he lost his family AGAIN and in Nagoya he killed a woman although he didn’t want to (note that we never saw him kill someone b4 so that might as well have been his first kill,even though he didn’t hesitate to kill people to get to Yuu-chan)
Ok so in Nagoya they meet and he becomes what he hates most so imagine the self loathing NOW (another note that through all these he had to fight the urge to drink blood and that hurts like hell)….So now he is losing his emotions and doesn’t feel much seeing akane’s body…idk but if he does feel guilt anymore that’s the emotion he’d feel…..Hes staying with people he thought were using Yuu for years so obviously he’s not gonna trust them immediately but I believe he’s lonely even with Yuu-chan so I hope at least Shinoa can get though to him….HE DESERVES HAPPINESS AND I HOPE HE GETS IT B4 HE LOSES HIS EMOTIONS AND I’M GONNA CRY BC HE’S BEEN THROUGH SO MUCH (I could make this a Mikayuu rant but it would be like way too long) (maybe if I make a part 2 to this about Mikayuu idk) (also thanks if you read till here wow😂)

Magi coming to an end

I got the news while I was working….which almost makes me unable to continue working lol.
It’s weird because I did feel it was ending. Last week’s chapter looked like it, but I gave it at least 6 more chapters….or 8….
So I’m still in shock.

I mean…this is the end of an era for me….the past 4 years came to my mind in slow motion….I was able not to cry at least.

Last year when a couple of friends were already writing about Magi and them, thanking everyone, saying goodbye and having nostalgia as last arc progressed, I told myself I was gonna do the same when the time came.

The time came….NOW…to my disbelief.

So, I’ll try to be brief (spoiler: I failed) and tell the story of Magi and I first.

2013 was probably the worst year I had had in many years. I didn’t have cash to study, and that year was supposed to be the last year of my career. All my friends almost finished their careers back then while I stayed behind and was doomed to study my last year, the hardest year, with a bunch of nobodies. You see, I value much more experiences when I live them with my friends also all my potential is forced to come out when I’m with them, however meeting new people in a career like graphic design in which you have to work in groups and not seeing any of my friends….I was sure the future was gonna be a nightmare (and it was tbh lol in 2015). The thought was enough to give me anxiety like never in my life. Also got some panic attacks: couldn’t breath, couldn’t stop crying and my whole body felt agitated). My friends were so busy in their last year that I couldn’t see them much, my neighborhood friends were already hard to reach before I signed up to uni, my bf was still in Germany (I had a distance relationship with him for almost 4 years, 2013 happened to be his last year there).In short: I felt so lonely, because I WAS LONELY.
I also got two jobs: both of them sucked, both of them were low pay, both of them were hard. I distanced from internet friends because of some issues. Lost my passion for fanart and my OCs. Everything was shit. There was nothing to be excited of, no one to pass time with, not even enough money to have fun. 
BUT I could do something, which I couldnt do ever since I started my career, which was: watching anime. So I watched a lot of anime, A LOT. AND ofc one of those ended up being: Magi. It was around august or september, second season was airing and me and bf caught up with it and started to watch it weekly. I became impatient tho (which is weird) so I began reading the manga and caught up before season 2 was over.

I FELL ENTIRELY FOR IT. Especially after reading Magnostasdt arc (still my fave arc). It had a weird effect on me, it did not only made me happy, but it also brought back my passion for drawing fanart, it brought back my interest for reading fanfics (hadn’t read one since I was 16), it made me excited for every single week: oh here come the spoilers, the backstage, the translations, wow ♥!! And the people were the kindest people I’ve ever met in my life (can’t say the same about now sadly). It looked like paradise and it was paradise tbh. Almost all the years I spent here were amazing, which leads me to:

Thank you, srsly, all my friends, all the people I met, especially those I met 4 years ago. My followers, everyone who doesn’t talk to me but likes me and has supported me.
One of the few reasons I cling to this site even if a lot of people are making it impossible for me to exist here (and my friends have left it), is because I love sharing Magi stuff in general and my art, and how you guys like it ofc. I have never felt so loved in a fandom and I have never felt important in a fandom. Some of you really made me feel too many great things I had never experienced. Thank you so so much. I hope you are blessed a million times more for all the kindness you have given to me.

I feel Ohtaka saved me with Magi. Falling in love with it made all the horrible times that came after 2013 better. It got me out of my hole of self-hate and put me back to work. I srsly wish I could thank Ohtaka in person, for saving me with her art and tell her how much her work means to me… (omg omg omg don’t cry pls).

I can’t believe this is the end. I will cherish all these memories forever and cling some more to my friends, cling some more to this blog, to Magi itself and to sinja ofc. I will not stop just yet B). 
Thank you a million times again AND hope we keep enjoying ourselves in both our happiness, sadness, disapopintment, fear, excitement, whatever you are feeling right now.
For me it’s the actual ending of an era and I will celebrate it somehow.

This post  kinda ends here, but right….AFTER I TELL THE STORY OF ME AND SINJA. ♥♥♥♥

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[Mastermind Mondo - Act 18] [The rest here]

Aaand I finished it! Yayy~ \(;;u;;)/

Omg thank you so much for those who had stuck with me from the start and are still reading till here! ;;A;; It’s finished now. If you want to read everything again from the start in one go, go ahead ^^ [You might probably bump into plot holes here and there but well… *is shot* >u>;;]

[More of this AU here: Story components, Related Things, Comments ✿]

This is how we met Trianna

I didn’t remember that when Trianna and Eragon met she was fiercely flirting with him and that my sweet dumbassy didn’t notice. You can’t even imagine how much i love this moment. And then jealous Saphira just growled and it was over and I died of laugh even I had already read this another 7 times.

Originally posted by pilou-pilouuu

(i’m going to start using this giff for everything new I discover rereading)

And, well, here you have the scene, but I added Saphira’s possible comments before exploding at the end. They in bold and cursive. It’s a bit long, but I leave you this to entertain you for a while because I’m on my exams period and I’m quite vanished, I know. So here it is:

“Argetlam” She curtsied gracefully

He inclined his head in return. “Can I help you?”

“I hope so. I’m Trianna, sorceress of Du Vrangr Gata.”

“Really? A sorceress? he asked, intrigued.

“And battle mage and spy and anything else the Varden deem necessary. There aren’t enough magic users, so we each end up with a half-dozen tasks.” She smiled, displaying even, white teeth. (oh, I’m noticing what you are doing woman) “That’s why I came today. We would be honored to have you take charge of our group. You’re the only one who can replace the Twins.”

Almost without realizing it, he smiled back. She was so friendly and charming, he hated to say no. “I’m afraid I can’t; Saphira and I are leaving Tronjheim soon. Besides, I’d have to consult with Nasuada first anyway.” And I don’t want to be entangled in any more politics… especially not where the Twins used to lead.

Trianna bit her lip. “I’m sorry to her that.” She moved a step closer. “Perhaps we can spend some time together before you have to go. I could show you how to summon and control spirits… It would be educational for both of us.” (HA, what a pittyful aproaching that was)

Eragon felt a hot flush warm his face. (of course you do dumby Little One) “I appreciate the offer, bu I’m really too busy at the moment.” (that’s my boy. Deal with it human)

A spark of anger flared within Trianna’s eyes, then vanished so quickly, he wondered whether he had seen it at all. (oh, I have seen it. She deserved it) She sighed delicately. “I understand.”

She sounded so disappointed -and looked so forlorn -Eragon felt guilty for rebuffing her. It can’t hurt to talk with her for a few minutes, he told himself. “I’m curious; how did you learn magic?” (wait, what?)

Trianna brightened. “My mother was a healer in Surda. She had a bit of power and was able to instruct me in the old ways. Of course, I’m nowhere near as powerful as a Rider. None of Du Vrangr Gata could have defeated Durza alone, like you did. That was a heroic deed.” (shut up for Gods sake)

Embarrassed, Eragon scuffed his boots against the ground. “I wouldn’t have survived if not for Arya.”

“You are too modest, Argetlam,” she admonished. “It was you who struck the final blow. You should be proud of your accomplishment. It’s a feat worthy of Vrael himself.” She leaned toward him. (okey I’m getting mad) His heart quickened as he smelled her perfume, which was rich and musky, with a hint of an exotic spice. “Have you heard of the songs composed about you? The Varden sing them every night around the fires. They say you’ve come to take the throne from Galbatorix!”

“No,” said Eragon, quick and sharp. That was one rumor he would not tolerate. (see, “sorceress”? He’s too good for you). “They might, but I don’t. Whatever my fate may be, I don’t aspire to rule.”

“And it’s wise of you not to. What is a king, after all, but a man imprisoned by his duties?” (okay that is something I would say, I must give her that…) “That would be a poor reward indeed for the last free Rider and his dragon. No, for you the ability to go and do what you will and, by extension, to shape the future of Alagäesia”. She paused. “Do you have any family left in the Empire?” (shut. it. DOWN)

What? “Only a cousin.” (seriously Eragon how can you not be seeing it?)

“Then you’re you’re not betrothed?” (there it is now you see it!?)

The question caught him off guard. He had never been asked that before. (aw God. I’m gonna leave your mind). “No, I’m not betrothed.”

“Surely there must be someon you care about.” She came another step closer, and her ribboned sleeve brushed his arm. (back off. Back off right now. He cares about someone, and that someone is ME)

“I wasn’t close to anyone in Carvahall,” he faltered, “and I’ve been traveling since then.” (oh Trianna you are so lucky he is a baby because you would be missing a body part by now otherwise)

Trianna drew back slightly, (great) then lifted her wrist so the serpent bracelet was at eye level. “Do you like hiim?” she inquired. Eragon blinked and nodded, though it was actually rather disconcerting. “I call him Lorga. He’s my familiar and protector.” Bending forward, she blew upon the bracelet, then murmured, “Sé orúm thornessa hávr sharjalví lífs.”

With a dty rustle, the snake stirred to life. Eragon watched, fascinated, as the creature writhed around Trianna’s pale arm, then lifted itself and fixed its whirling ruby eyes upon him, wire tongue whipping in and out. Its eyes eemed to expand until they were each as large as Eragon’s fist. He felt as if he were tumbling into their fiery dephts; he could not look away no matter how he tried. (oh please)

Then at a short command, the serpent stiffened and resumed its former position. With a tired sigh, Trianna leaned against the wall. “Not many people understand what we magic users do. But I wanted you to know that there are others like you, and we will help if we can.”

Impulsivelky, Eragon put his hand on hers. (oh no no no no no) He had never attempted to approach a woman this way before, but instinct urged him onward, daring him to take the chance. It was frightening, exhiliarating (ERAGON WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH YOU). “If you want, we could go and eat. There’s a kitchen not far from here.” (well, you can try yes)

SHe slipped her other hand over his, fingers smooth and cool, so different from the rough grips he was accustomed to. “I’d like that. Shall we…” (that’s enough!)

Trianna stumbled forward as the door burst open behind her. The sorceress whirled around, only to yelp as she found herself face to face with Saphira.

Saphira remained motionless, except for one lip that slowly liften to reveal a line of jagged teeth. Then she growled. It was a marvelous growl -richly layered with scorn and menace -that rose and fell through the hall for more than a minute. Listening to it was like enduring a blistering, hackle-raising tirade.

Eragon glared at her the whole time.

When it was over, Trianna was clenching her derrss with fisrt, twisting the fabric. Her face was white and scared. She quickly curtsied to Saphira, then, with a barely controlled motion, turned and fled (that’s so much better, human). Acting as if nothing had happened, Saphira lifted a leg and licked a claw. It was nearly impossible to get the door open, she sniffed.

Eragon could not contain himself any longer. Why did you do that? He exploded. You had no reason to interfere!

(Okey, here we go)

Well, guys, if you have read till here, can you stop your lives for a second? Yeah yo did? And now can you take a moment to appreciate Saphira? And her mother-like caring? And how such a great badass she is? Yeah? Okey. You can continue with your lives now. Cheers!

Grandmaster | Levin Sword

also the proud mama of this boy here


Hi, guys! 

It’s me - DanSpb writing to you from St.-Petersburg, Russia. I really appreciate your attention to my pics. Actually it makes me get off my ass and go for shooting. 

It’s very pleasant to see that the quantity of newcomers rises every month. But there are some people who are here from the first posts and it’s so great! I also follow you and you became close to me. It’s so amazing i’ve never meet you in real life but I know you for years and see the world through your eyes and follow twists and turns of your lives. I feel thankful for having you in my reality.

You may think why i’m writing all of this. The matter is that my blog celebrates 3 years anniversary in December. 3 years of everyday sharing of fotos. As i hate anniversaries i’ve decided to share my thoughts a little bit in advance. 

If you want to know how it all began. So, in 2013 i had a challenging period in my life, my camera got broken and i feel frustrated because of all that. One day i’ve read a quote of one the worlds famous photographers that the person makes the photo not the camera. It touched me. I take my mobile Nokia E72 and get out to the city. At that very moment i decided to take a challenge of one year photo marathon - to post 1 colour and 1 b&w foto every day. And things got rolling so that i can’t stop. This blog became a very important thing for me even if it may seem intangible. The reason why it goes like that is that I’m lucky to be born in a city of my dreams. It may seem strange to you but i percept the city as a living organism and i communicate to him via my fotos and long walking. I’m having a long-lasting never ending dialog with this city. And i really glad that many of you feel the same to this strange place. 

So, if one day you’re here in St.-Petersburg and you need a company to have a  cup of coffee or stroll along quite streets give me a message. You have a friend here. Thanks a lot that you’ve read till the end and see you soon in tumbler content feed!