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An Update - Playertale, new AU, weekend from 20-21.5

So hello guys !

Its finally time for a good old Update on the blog, me as an artist and stuff i have been working on.

After thinking about it for the last week i am officially ending the project and AU of Playertale. The reasons for this decision are simple, yet for me very important. Over the last months i have been really loosing my inspiration to work upon it, yet i managed to do something much more important. Playertale has been already from the start taken as a “tutorial project” for me personally. To help me understand the intricacies of a comic, to help me work with it, find out how long a page takes to be drawn, learn a few techniques about the background and well…everything around it.

Yet, i always knew that Playertale would not be my BIG PROJECT, something with which i could move and leave a mark in the UT community. Just a few info for you that you know what it took me through through out the months.

- The scrips has been rewritten 8 times, around 20 A4 of text, ideas, plots, explanations, very sensitive changes in the canon and so on

- The characters have been redrawd three times, with small changes to theyre look, yet i never could have gotten something i was comfortable with, and knowing that, i never could place my finger on the point

- Playertale was planned to have 5 ARC´s with 30 pages each (and i am even taking a lot pages and ideas, sub-plots and fights out of it)

- Characters like Gerson, Metaton and Undyne were supposed to actually have very important roles in the progress of the story. There were all together 2 MAJOR OC´s ( me and @moonphyr ) with 6 OC´s for the human souls, and 1 VIllain OC for the story

- The plan of the AU was planning to be a dramatical, fight based, cool adventure, that started from point A, The Ruins, and ended up at the big finish and climax, in the Kings Hall of Asgore.

Those are just some of the most important things of the whole AU. Yet working on this AU has lead me to a whole different way of thinking and dealing with the troubles of comics. Right as of now, i know much more how to deal with comics and to make them work. I want to especially thank for this to these four people. @keru-the-green @xxmileikaivanaxx @neofox67 and @yugogeer12 Because they helped me the most out of all the people.

Right now i will be gone till the end of the week on a Fantasy Larp, on which i will in my free time (cause i will be away from my PC, and my internet, apartment, just being surrounded by deep woods) finish the details and present you with the new AU. 

As of right now, all i am willing to share with you is that its going to be in a much more fantasy setting, with lots of magic, curses, legends and most importanly folklore inspired setting, i also intend to add some new monsters aaaaand…it will be a bit a far goner from the initial canon. There will be many major time-line changes, character meetings and background stuff (but i will probably scratch that so i dont end up again with 20 pages of text, and just will draw stuff).


Also a big thanks to all the wonderfull friends, mutuals and crusader-brothers i have met through the UT community. I am not leaving it, nor will i in the near future. But who knows where my steps will take me. I am an artist after all. Our kind doesnt stay in one place for a too much long time.

Thank you all for reading it till here. Now go take a break and eat some chocolate, or burn some heretics of negativity. And since i will be gone for three days, do me a favor and please stay safe.

Your humble friend Deusn

This is how we met Trianna

I didn’t remember that when Trianna and Eragon met she was fiercely flirting with him and that my sweet dumbassy didn’t notice. You can’t even imagine how much i love this moment. And then jealous Saphira just growled and it was over and I died of laugh even I had already read this another 7 times.

Originally posted by pilou-pilouuu

(i’m going to start using this giff for everything new I discover rereading)

And, well, here you have the scene, but I added Saphira’s possible comments before exploding at the end. They in bold and cursive. It’s a bit long, but I leave you this to entertain you for a while because I’m on my exams period and I’m quite vanished, I know. So here it is:

“Argetlam” She curtsied gracefully

He inclined his head in return. “Can I help you?”

“I hope so. I’m Trianna, sorceress of Du Vrangr Gata.”

“Really? A sorceress? he asked, intrigued.

“And battle mage and spy and anything else the Varden deem necessary. There aren’t enough magic users, so we each end up with a half-dozen tasks.” She smiled, displaying even, white teeth. (oh, I’m noticing what you are doing woman) “That’s why I came today. We would be honored to have you take charge of our group. You’re the only one who can replace the Twins.”

Almost without realizing it, he smiled back. She was so friendly and charming, he hated to say no. “I’m afraid I can’t; Saphira and I are leaving Tronjheim soon. Besides, I’d have to consult with Nasuada first anyway.” And I don’t want to be entangled in any more politics… especially not where the Twins used to lead.

Trianna bit her lip. “I’m sorry to her that.” She moved a step closer. “Perhaps we can spend some time together before you have to go. I could show you how to summon and control spirits… It would be educational for both of us.” (HA, what a pittyful aproaching that was)

Eragon felt a hot flush warm his face. (of course you do dumby Little One) “I appreciate the offer, bu I’m really too busy at the moment.” (that’s my boy. Deal with it human)

A spark of anger flared within Trianna’s eyes, then vanished so quickly, he wondered whether he had seen it at all. (oh, I have seen it. She deserved it) She sighed delicately. “I understand.”

She sounded so disappointed -and looked so forlorn -Eragon felt guilty for rebuffing her. It can’t hurt to talk with her for a few minutes, he told himself. “I’m curious; how did you learn magic?” (wait, what?)

Trianna brightened. “My mother was a healer in Surda. She had a bit of power and was able to instruct me in the old ways. Of course, I’m nowhere near as powerful as a Rider. None of Du Vrangr Gata could have defeated Durza alone, like you did. That was a heroic deed.” (shut up for Gods sake)

Embarrassed, Eragon scuffed his boots against the ground. “I wouldn’t have survived if not for Arya.”

“You are too modest, Argetlam,” she admonished. “It was you who struck the final blow. You should be proud of your accomplishment. It’s a feat worthy of Vrael himself.” She leaned toward him. (okey I’m getting mad) His heart quickened as he smelled her perfume, which was rich and musky, with a hint of an exotic spice. “Have you heard of the songs composed about you? The Varden sing them every night around the fires. They say you’ve come to take the throne from Galbatorix!”

“No,” said Eragon, quick and sharp. That was one rumor he would not tolerate. (see, “sorceress”? He’s too good for you). “They might, but I don’t. Whatever my fate may be, I don’t aspire to rule.”

“And it’s wise of you not to. What is a king, after all, but a man imprisoned by his duties?” (okay that is something I would say, I must give her that…) “That would be a poor reward indeed for the last free Rider and his dragon. No, for you the ability to go and do what you will and, by extension, to shape the future of Alagäesia”. She paused. “Do you have any family left in the Empire?” (shut. it. DOWN)

What? “Only a cousin.” (seriously Eragon how can you not be seeing it?)

“Then you’re you’re not betrothed?” (there it is now you see it!?)

The question caught him off guard. He had never been asked that before. (aw God. I’m gonna leave your mind). “No, I’m not betrothed.”

“Surely there must be someon you care about.” She came another step closer, and her ribboned sleeve brushed his arm. (back off. Back off right now. He cares about someone, and that someone is ME)

“I wasn’t close to anyone in Carvahall,” he faltered, “and I’ve been traveling since then.” (oh Trianna you are so lucky he is a baby because you would be missing a body part by now otherwise)

Trianna drew back slightly, (great) then lifted her wrist so the serpent bracelet was at eye level. “Do you like hiim?” she inquired. Eragon blinked and nodded, though it was actually rather disconcerting. “I call him Lorga. He’s my familiar and protector.” Bending forward, she blew upon the bracelet, then murmured, “Sé orúm thornessa hávr sharjalví lífs.”

With a dty rustle, the snake stirred to life. Eragon watched, fascinated, as the creature writhed around Trianna’s pale arm, then lifted itself and fixed its whirling ruby eyes upon him, wire tongue whipping in and out. Its eyes eemed to expand until they were each as large as Eragon’s fist. He felt as if he were tumbling into their fiery dephts; he could not look away no matter how he tried. (oh please)

Then at a short command, the serpent stiffened and resumed its former position. With a tired sigh, Trianna leaned against the wall. “Not many people understand what we magic users do. But I wanted you to know that there are others like you, and we will help if we can.”

Impulsivelky, Eragon put his hand on hers. (oh no no no no no) He had never attempted to approach a woman this way before, but instinct urged him onward, daring him to take the chance. It was frightening, exhiliarating (ERAGON WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH YOU). “If you want, we could go and eat. There’s a kitchen not far from here.” (well, you can try yes)

SHe slipped her other hand over his, fingers smooth and cool, so different from the rough grips he was accustomed to. “I’d like that. Shall we…” (that’s enough!)

Trianna stumbled forward as the door burst open behind her. The sorceress whirled around, only to yelp as she found herself face to face with Saphira.

Saphira remained motionless, except for one lip that slowly liften to reveal a line of jagged teeth. Then she growled. It was a marvelous growl -richly layered with scorn and menace -that rose and fell through the hall for more than a minute. Listening to it was like enduring a blistering, hackle-raising tirade.

Eragon glared at her the whole time.

When it was over, Trianna was clenching her derrss with fisrt, twisting the fabric. Her face was white and scared. She quickly curtsied to Saphira, then, with a barely controlled motion, turned and fled (that’s so much better, human). Acting as if nothing had happened, Saphira lifted a leg and licked a claw. It was nearly impossible to get the door open, she sniffed.

Eragon could not contain himself any longer. Why did you do that? He exploded. You had no reason to interfere!

(Okey, here we go)

Well, guys, if you have read till here, can you stop your lives for a second? Yeah yo did? And now can you take a moment to appreciate Saphira? And her mother-like caring? And how such a great badass she is? Yeah? Okey. You can continue with your lives now. Cheers!


[Mastermind Mondo - Act 18] [The rest here]

Aaand I finished it! Yayy~ \(;;u;;)/

Omg thank you so much for those who had stuck with me from the start and are still reading till here! ;;A;; It’s finished now. If you want to read everything again from the start in one go, go ahead ^^ [You might probably bump into plot holes here and there but well… *is shot* >u>;;]

[More of this AU here: Story components, Related Things, Comments ✿]


Hey Tumblr fam 👋🏼
These are 10 snapshots of my current sketchbook that I love to spend time on. I have this constant thought about what direction I want to pursue through college and beyond, and I thought, with all the amazing art on here and incredibly decent people I figured I could throw a question out there and see what responses I get? Essentially, I want to know about career choices that involving this kind of stuff all the time, if there are any. Thanks for reading till here, if you reached this far. Much love 💗✨


Hi, guys! 

It’s me - DanSpb writing to you from St.-Petersburg, Russia. I really appreciate your attention to my pics. Actually it makes me get off my ass and go for shooting. 

It’s very pleasant to see that the quantity of newcomers rises every month. But there are some people who are here from the first posts and it’s so great! I also follow you and you became close to me. It’s so amazing i’ve never meet you in real life but I know you for years and see the world through your eyes and follow twists and turns of your lives. I feel thankful for having you in my reality.

You may think why i’m writing all of this. The matter is that my blog celebrates 3 years anniversary in December. 3 years of everyday sharing of fotos. As i hate anniversaries i’ve decided to share my thoughts a little bit in advance. 

If you want to know how it all began. So, in 2013 i had a challenging period in my life, my camera got broken and i feel frustrated because of all that. One day i’ve read a quote of one the worlds famous photographers that the person makes the photo not the camera. It touched me. I take my mobile Nokia E72 and get out to the city. At that very moment i decided to take a challenge of one year photo marathon - to post 1 colour and 1 b&w foto every day. And things got rolling so that i can’t stop. This blog became a very important thing for me even if it may seem intangible. The reason why it goes like that is that I’m lucky to be born in a city of my dreams. It may seem strange to you but i percept the city as a living organism and i communicate to him via my fotos and long walking. I’m having a long-lasting never ending dialog with this city. And i really glad that many of you feel the same to this strange place. 

So, if one day you’re here in St.-Petersburg and you need a company to have a  cup of coffee or stroll along quite streets give me a message. You have a friend here. Thanks a lot that you’ve read till the end and see you soon in tumbler content feed! 


Imagine Woozi looking at you in awe because you’ve managed to prepare a delicious Christmas feast for 14 people.

Imagine having a really bad day. As soon as you stood up you felt somehow sad, you looked in the mirror and found yourself the worst. In hope of feeling better afterwards you dressed up and went out to get yourself a chocolate donut and a café. Of course it is raining, and of course you forgot your umbrella. To top that all as you rush trough the streets you fall down when running into a man. “Damn it! Fuck!” You hear yourself say, suddenly you hear a deep,manly voice, like a cello so soft and melodious:“I’m sorry!” As you look up you see a mam, beautiful as fuck and with eyes like heaven. He offers you his hand to help you stand up: “may I offer you a coffee in the café over there? As apologize! And hey, you look really nice today!” He smiles as you just nod: “oh, by the way, my name is sherlock Holmes, what’s yours?”

Eijun’s birthday event hasn’t over yet…

From Terajima-sensei’s tweets.

“On top of that, it’s how it would be in magazine’s story.”

Koushuu : Today is your birthday? I see…

Eijun : That’s right, so why!? Of course I won’t bother you. And it’s only one day in a year for everyone!! You should release your profile soon! I…It’s the first time I became 17 years old!! So I can be happy, right!!?

Koushuu : How many time has everyone celebrated your birthday till now…

“Here is an addition. You can read about Sawamura as a senpai only from the second part!! The story is being published in Magazine now!”

Kanemaru : Right!? Many people eventually from many sides celebrated his birthday at the end!! And he is a main character!! While I haven’t had a chance to appear!!

Toujou : Well, Shinji. Because Sawamura is a very popular person! You should think it’s a good thing. I also want to see too!

Kuki : Those two’s conversation reminds me of the good old days.


Please don’t break a fourth wall, Koushuu…

Age Plays A Part *IMAGINE* #SehunEdition Pt. 2 {Requested}

“Please, please, please, tell me you are going to do a part 2 for the suho daughter liking sehun, like god, I don’t knew I needed this in my life till I read your story”

Here you go anon! :) and here’s part 1 for anyone who missed it.

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This was all your fault.

Baekhyun was sitting in front of you, a grave expression in his usual cheery eyes as you fought the urge to bolt from the room.

He sighed before speaking.

“Okay so explain to us exactly why YOU’RE the reason we had to cancel our last two tour dates.”

“Um…” You trailed off and began looking at the wall just behind him. Faintly you could see a diagonal indention where his chair had rolled back and made a permanent mark on the wall.  You wondered if maybe another coat of paint could hide it or if the damage was too great.

“Y/N, Wake up!” Kyungsoo yelled, snapping you back to a reality you wanted no part of.


“I got this.” Sehun said walking in and taking a seat beside you on the couch. The seven other members in the room opened their eyes wide in surprise and shock when Sehun, took your hand in his and held it firmly.

“We’re dating.” He said matter of factly. “We have for a few weeks now.”

“What the hell dude?!!” Chanyeol asked, “Why in the world would you date her?? She’s like 20 years younger than you!!”

“Christ, Hun! Don’t you know better than that? We never mess with family” Chen scolded. “It makes sense now why Suho isn’t returning any of our calls! I wouldn’t either.”

“I didn’t mean for this to happen!” You interjected but was swiftly given a death look by Baekhyun and decided it would be best to let the adults in the room continue talking.

Baekhyun stood up from his chair and you watched as it rolled perfectly into the wall’s indention. Even though that was strangely satisfying, you were scared of what he was going to say.

“Y/N…” He began slowly. “ You are a young and very beautiful girl, you’re down to earth but you’re also very smart and bright. Your father loves you more than anyone else in the world and what you’re doing right now is not what you ne–”

“Stop it!” Sehun interrupted “Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean that it’s not right, or that what we feel for each other is invalid!”

Xiumin walked over and put a hand on Sehun’s shoulder. “We just want the best for you, her, Suho and the group. We aren’t trying to hurt you we ju–”

Sehun stood up suddenly yanking your hand and pulling you up as well.

“We’re leaving.” Was all he said as he whisked you out of the room.

“Sehun, I don’t know…all of this is getting so wild.” You told him as you both got into his black lamborghini. “Are we really sure that we want to deal with all of this opposition?”

Sehun turned to you in his chair.

His eyes were darker than usual. One strand of hair had fall from his perfect poof and you struggled to resist the urge to push it back into place.

“Y/N, do you trust me?”

His words hung in the air and you found it hard to look him straight in the eye.

“I do, but I just don’t know, things are getting so complicated and my dad jus–”

“Just what?!” His tone caught you off guard and you jumped a little in your seat.

You didn’t like when he got like this.

He sighed loudly and put the car into drive before peeling out off the parking garage and into the traffic.

You both sat silently as he drove. A heavy uneasiness in the air.

You were so confused.

This had all started out so innocently.

Just a crush on older man.

A typical kind of teenage fantasy.

But then next thing you know, Sehun had actually reciprocated those feelings and your father, Suho had found out.

He had banned you from seeing Sehun but that didn’t stop you from sneaking out and going to his place.

Night after night laying in each other’s arms creating your own dream world where your love could be accepted and open.

But Suho wasn’t a fool.

When Sehun had come up and apologized to him and promised that he would never actually touch you.


And that he was wasn’t really interested in you.

(more lies)

Suho had taken the apology with a grain of salt. Little did you know that he followed you one night and saw you go into Sehun’s secret loft in the city.

Then things started going down quickly.

When you returned home, you found your things at the door and the locks changed. Your dad did not return any of your phone calls and the only thing that you could do was return back to Sehun and explain the situation.

While this all was going on, Exo was nearing the dates to a few concerts they had planned for the beginning of the year. Suho who was initially in charge of all the concert plans had gone off the radar and no one had been able to get in touch with him.

Two concerts had been cancelled, and the way that things were going it looked like the third would be tonight.

You looked over at Sehun while he drove. He had his window rolled down and you passed a taco vendor in the street.

The quick smell hit your nose and a sudden wave of nausea ran through you.

“Pull over! I think I’m gonna be sick!” You cried grabbing your stomach and lowering your window.

“What??!” Sehun asked giving you a crazy look as he edged to the side of the road.

You quickly opened your door and ran far away until you doubled over and hurled for what felt like forever.

“Y/N, Y/N!” Sehun cried running out of the car and after you. “Are you okay? Why are you throwing up? Do you need something?”

You shook your head and used the back of your hand to wipe your mouth.

“I don’t know what’s wrong” You said weakly. “I just feel really badly all of a sudden.”

Sehun came up and rubbed your back.

You both stood in the grass as the cars sped by.

You felt terrible.

“Ugh, can we stop at a drug store before we go home?” You asked. “I need something to calm my stomach.”

“Sure” He replied looking out in the distance, distracted like usual.

“Okay, I’m ready.” You announced straightening up and taking a deep breath.

That’s when it happened.

You phone vibrated in your back pocket.

You swiftly reached and answered all in one motion.

It was your father.

“Dad! Dad! Where are you? I’m so sorry! Dad come back!” You said, your words a jumble and mumble.

His voice was firm but quiet as he spoke.

“I can’t come back right now. But i did want to know if you were okay–”

“What do you mean you can’t come back??” You asked your voice becoming high and hysterical.

“Tell him, I’m sorry.” Sehun said from behind but you just ignored him and pressed the phone closer to your ear.

“Dad, why can’t you come back home?”

There was a long pause before your dad breathed a weary sigh.

“Because I’m at your sister’s wedding.”

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Who IS this monster?!

I think Aria is A.

I’ve finally finished my theory and it’s kinda long so stick with me.

Originally posted by babyboypratt

So let’s start at the beginning, her ‘shh’.

-Why was she the only one who got to do the ‘shh’? Because it sure as hell wasn’t because she was the best at it, I mean look it’s all lop sided.

Maybe it’s because she has the biggest secret, she’s Big A.

-The A messages started when she came back from ‘Iceland’. And how do we even know that she actually went to Iceland?

Is Iceland just code for Radley?

Maybe Ella and Byron didn’t want anyone to know Aria was in Radley because what people think in Rosewood matter, and people might think she killed Alison.

Also, if my friend disappeared and people thought she was murdered the last thing I’d do is leave town… Unless I was the one who did it.

(Obviously we know now that Alison is still alive, but maybe Aria was the one who hit her… Or Wren?)

-Which brings me to the cousin theory. I’ve seen a lot of people think this and I personally love this idea. I think Aria is Wren and Bethany’s cousin.

-Aria is the only liar who hasn’t had a one-on-one conversation with Wren. Or an actual conversation at all for that matter. Maybe because she’d recognise him?

And without even knowing what he looked like she managed to spot him, before Spencer.

-As we know Byron’s brother had a mental illness and so did Wren’s dad. Mike, Aria’s brother, also had a mental illness during the fetus seasons of PLL.

Mental illness could run in the family. Wren and Aria could both suffer from one, Aria may have MPD* and Wren could have BPD*.

MPD is multiple personality disorder.

BPD is borderline personality disorder.

-A common sign on MPD is looking in mirrors. We all know who seems to be always looking in the mirror.

Norman Buckley said that he uses mirror shots for a reason… To show multiple personality’s maybe?

-Aria’s clothes are very alternative compared to literally everybody else on this planet.

Sometimes they’re clues.

For example the masquerade ball, we all know ‘A’ was dressed as the black swan. Aria’s dress was almost exactly the same as an old black swan poster.

The dress is kind of perfect for the episode, isn’t it Marlene?

-Also in that episode it was said that A was to be unmasked but the only person who was physically unmasked was Aria.

-I’m not saying Aria is Charles/Charlie/Freddie/whatever it’s name is, because that A is a guy, I’m saying that Aria is Big A and Wren is Uber A.

They kind of boss Charles around and make them do all their dirty work. I think that they, Aria and Wren, sent him that birthday gift from ‘Your friend and Ally’ I felt like that was trying to torment him after what happened at his ‘birthday party’.

-Also Mona’s nickname for Aria is a bit suspicious.

Bit annoyed there, ay Aria.

Then again if someone who worked for me shouted my alias in a place people could hear it, I’d be pretty annoyed too.

-Aria has had the fewest messages from A out of the liars, and sometimes A even helped her…

-She has cheated on every single one of her boyfriends and not once has she been exposed by A.

-As Big A, Aria doesn’t normally have to do any dirty work for herself, normally all she does is steal things from the girls. For example, things from their bedrooms for the doll house which she has easy access to.

So things like killing people isn’t normally on the to-do-list for Aria. That’s why when she killed Shana she was upset and started hallucinating (which is actually a sign of a mental illness).

-Aria claims in Shadow Play that she used to be tomboy until she fell in love. She said that she spent more time climbing tress than she did in her bedroom.

In 6x6 A was in a tree, I got the feeling there was more than one person there, maybe Aria? We never saw where she went once she saw Ezra in the brew with Nicole.

Maybe A Team meeting?

-In 6x7 when talking about removing the chips Aria suggested they should “leave them in”.

-Emily called Aria Arlene when the girls found her at Alison’s dug up grave in season 3, Arlene is a feminine version of Charles. Maybe Aria was there with Charles when the grave was dug up.

-Which brings me to this… In 1x1 and 3x1 Aria is always first to wake up on screen (off screen Spencer is but who knows what’s going on then). Why? To make sure her everything goes to plan.

-Aria’s outfits come into a clue once again.

-She literally says she’s A.

-Her A is exactly like the infamous A that A does.

(Way too many A’s there, let me rephrase)

She did the second A of her name exactly like the infamous written trademark A.

Is that better?

-A lot of people have pointed it out, she was handcuffs around her ankles, strange don’t you think?

-And finally her fence instalment, just before the whole doll house thing. Strange?


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Their Motives

Aria’s motive for wanting Alison dead could be about Alison’s constant mention of Byron’s affair and Alison wanting her to expose it. The daily reminder of it led Aria to dislike or even hate Alison.

Plus, unlike the rest of the girls, Aria didn’t seem as close to Ali.

Emily was in love with Alison.

Hanna admired Alison.

Spencer had a love/hate relationship with Alison.

But Aria? Even she admitted she didn’t know why Ali ‘chose her’.

We all know Alison knew everybody’s secrets, maybe Aria got tired of her knowing her secrets so she created one that nobody would find out… That she was A.

I think that The Jenna Thing was the thing that fueled Aria’s anger, and Wren’s, the most.

Bethany and Wren both knew about Jenna, probably heard about her through Aria, and it was Wren who was looking through the window with Bethany.

When Alison saw him Wren got nervous and ran to the shed and told Jenna that Alison would be looking for them. Wren had already got out of the shed when Bethany got there and Jenna explained they needed to leave.

Alison through the firecracker into the shed just as they was about to leave. Jenna got blinded and pulled out by a doctor, Bethany got her face burnt and pulled out by Wren.

Ever since then Bethany became obsessed with Alison, so badly that her mum sent her to Radley where she met Charles and the plan begun. Jessica, who was originally visiting Charles, grew close to Bethany and Bethany even told her what Alison did.

(Hence Shana saying “your own mother was afraid of you”)

Jessica felt bad for what Ali did so she began taking her on days out, unknowingly getting her own son jealous and mad.

When Labour Day came the plan took place, Aria was drugged so she couldn’t help but she had done everything that she needed to do anyway.

Wren sneaked Bethany and Charles out of Radley, and gave them the things they needed.

Bethany hit Alison on the head with the rock and Mrs D buried her, Bethany was scared so afterwards she ran… Only to be stopped by Charles bashing her on the head with a shovel, he heard a voice and ran. Melissa saw the body, assumed it was Ali and buried her where Alison had been pulled out minutes before.

Wren woke up the next day with a missing sister, but he just assumed she had gone to her live with her dad in England because of a guilty conscience.

Aria woke up to a missing friend, who she thought was dead.

Aria’s parents woke up to the fear that Aria might have killed her so she was shipped off to Radley.

Mrs D woke up to the ‘shock’ of a missing daughter.

The other three girls woke up to a missing friend.

Mona woke up to Alison leaving, and a new found appeal of being A.

And Charles… Charles woke up to a life on the run. Until Mona got sent to Radley and Aria became Big A and hired her A team.

So I think that pretty much covers it.. If you’ve read till here you are like my new best friend!!

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Analysis of the new hq chap ;;.. /warning long post, skip if u don't to read 😘\

this is just me ranting bout haikyuu.. ;; In the new chapter of haikyuu , there is this page and BLESS THIS PAGE



ASAHI REMEMBERING HIS OLD PAST oh boi dos days and OUR ALWAYS SMILEY SUGA I S LIKE “mmm, here come the hood, oh god, no” . AND THE WE HAVE YACHI ALMOST FAINTING, someone save that girl. Hina whispers: Get a grip of yourself yachi-san!

and then, Wall boy and baby crow greeting each other , if you tell me this isnt the most sweet and pure thing in the world , you are on the wrong page, my friend.

Tsookie: Yams chill . Yams: but TsookiEE

“A Real Portrait of Hinata by Kags”. Does it looks like a 3 year old drawing? Yes. Does it have a tree and sun behind that? Yes. Does the anatomy matter on this one? No. Is kags the next Picasso-DaVinci? Yes. Kags: NAAf- NIF-, NICE!

tsookie: no, pls. 
run, koganegawa, run

Thank you very much for reading till here, I hope that some people understand , this chapter was so funny, omg.. xD

Im not sorry for this post, maybe, maybe not.


Then I realize what it is. It’s him. Something about him makes me feel like I am about to fall. Or turn to liquid. Or burst into flames.― Veronica Roth, Divergent (requested by felicitysmoak-theojames-addict)


“waddup, I got a big ice-pop...”

“I’ve been awake for 58 hours straight- every press in my country is calling me I just drank a full bottle of really crappy wine and I’m wearing jeans” she said throwing herself back into the floor “jeans!” 


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141001 That Day.

[141001 TTS Fanmeet Fanacc] by @BooMilk9

For those who had not personally witnessed the tears which they have shed
You will have no way of understanding how deep they are hurting

The schedule for that day was changed
Only a lucky 100 fans were allowed to enter
That venue which revealed a stage
The atmosphere was extremely heavy
Apart from the few lights which where pointed towards us
There was also the soft glow from the stars in the sky

No one made a single sound
Everyone were all well aware about the situation
During the signing
It could be felt that the three of them were trying their best to smile (to force a smile)
That caused me to hold their hand even tighter as we shaked hands
Even just a little bit of strength would be good
Also wishing that it could be transferred to them

Till one Sone went up stage
and said a few words to Taeyeon
Taeyeon’s eyes welled up with tears…
Tiffany and Seohyun then also reacted as Taeyeon did afterwards
Crying for a long time and being unable to recollect themselves
(based on other fanaccs - should be referring to Taeyeon)

At this moment, it was so quiet that
Only the sounds of their crying could be heard throughout the entire place
No one knew how we should comfort them
I felt that letting them cry it out
Would be the best

Seohyun asked if we could believe and trust in them once again
Taeyeon said that in the beginning all she had wanted was to protect SNSD
Yet she was unable to do it
And was very sorry to everyone and to those who have always loved them

Only one day had passed since
They are now stepping on their home gound
Wondering how they should face these Sones
There were people below the stage who had loved them since the beginning till now
There were also fans who had travelled from very distant places to come support them
Who should they tell how difficult and sad/upsetting it was?
Perhaps the memories from that day
Can only remain in the hearts of the hundred people who were there

But the story from that day, I will share it
The tears which had been shed
After wiping them dry, continue to move forwards
Don’t worry
You still have us staying by your sides

Chinese fanacc: @BooMilk9

Some fans questioned if the FM Date that day was live or pre-recorded.

I will say that I believe it was live, because although the original schedule was for the radio broadcast to have BoRa + Garden Studio, it was changed to a different studio in the MBC building which she has not held BoRa in before. They also had scheduled guests (YeonGene and Big Baby Driver) on that day - which was why Garden Studio originally planned for that broadcast.

In the end they made a last minute change and carried on with only BoRa without Garden Studio.

I believe it was because of the incident which had happened the day before, in order to protect Sunny from any fans who would appear outside Garden Studio, they changed it last minute to remove Garden Studio.

NOTE: Though it may have felt saddening reading through all these past incidents from 10/1, my intention of sharing this was not to pour salt on old wounds, nor to make any comparison between parties. My intention of having made this, first is to share the fanaccount above by @BooMilk9/Twitter, second in hopes to remind fans of the sincerity of our girls and clear any doubts which may have surfaced in the fandom towards them during this period where old wounds have been opened again.

I have heard from fans who have attended SNSD’s Tokyo Dome concert, that it was a farewell stage where fans were able to receive the girl’s sincere heartfelt sentiments they have worked hard to convey to fans.

Those fans can tell you better themselves, how that concert had allowed them to feel the girl’s sincerity and heart, helping them have a renewed heart as a fan helping them to continue move forwards together with SNSD.

I leave you with this :)

Thank you if you have read all the way till here. My hope is that you may continue to have confidence in SNSD as they make their comeback soon. More than ever they need our renewed and stronger than ever support.

오래가자” (Let’s go on for a long time) - Sunny to fans at FM Date Garden Studio

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