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can I just tell u something random?!?!? I rlly want to tell somebody!! Ahhhh I'm new to Tumblr and someone just sent me a rlly sweet anon for the first time and like??? wth is going on I didn't think anyone noticed me?!?!?!?! Actually freaking out right now... and like I don't even post that much.... I'm so touched but idk what to say??????????? OH MY GOODNESS.... probably going to spend the next 5 hours deciding the best way to say thank you.. anyways ty noora if u have read this far ❤️❤️❤️❤️

omg you absolute cutie ;___; i’m so happy for you aaaa i’m smiling right now. you deserve the world. i hope they will keep sending you those sweet messages, you’re amazing xx

Some very important reasons as to why I’ve been screaming at everyone to stan Monsta X for the past few months.

1. The Kpop industry is not static, meaning it is constantly looking for fresh new faces. due to this, it is extremely important for a group to establish themselves and build a relatively strong fanbase in the first few years, because it is so easy to get replaced in status and star power. That is why its extremely EXTREMELY important for Monsta X to get their first win by next year because the first two years are extremely crucial to their careers as idols and it WILL determine how successful they’ll be. If they don’t start making a name for themselves now, then it will be close to impossible. People will lose interest after a while, and move on to more trending groups (sad reality) because of how fast and competitive the industry is, and its only going to get faster in the future.

2. The competition in the industry is at its very peak. (I’ve never seen it this high before) Rookie groups no longer seem like rookie groups, and every single group debuting is releasing solid content. If Monsta x doesn’t establish themselves now, then it will be extremely difficult to do so in the future. Fans move on quickly if a group doesn’t appeal to them anymore, but if the fanbase is somewhat established, and the group has gotten their first win (VERY VERY IMPORTANT), more people will stay because of the potential of success. 

3. Us fans actually have an advantage right now because Starship is investing decent amount of money in them, and they are actually promoting them properly for the time being, but it will not stay like this forever. Starship can’t keep promoting them like this for the long run because they’ll just end up losing money. If the results are not favourable, then they’ll move on to a different group, because what counts is profit. They need their first win in order for Starship to keep investing in them!! 

so please! Stan Monsta X. Don’t let a group as talented and hardworking as them flop. They have so much potential to make it huge in the industry, and us fans actually have so many means to support them, so please don’t ignore this precious gem of a group. #StanMonstaX. Lets make 2017 the year of Monsta X!!

Play it cool
  • Michele: *walks into kitchen* is something burning?
  • Emil: *leans seductively against counter* just my desire for you
  • Michele: Emil the toaster is on fire
Why I refuse to put the champion's tunic on Link

(At least early on in the game) 

Bro, homeboy doesn’t remember being the hero. He has no recollection (yet) of being this great guy everyone makes him out to be a 100 years ago. So when he’s presented the champion’s tunic from Impa per Zelda’s request, I feel like he’s so overcome with conflicting emotions?? He’s been told (and at this point only has remembered pieces) of how close he and Zelda were. That this is the tunic he used to protect her and Hyrule. 

Currently, all he knows is himself- that he’s a boy named Link who can kick ass and was in a coma for 100 years. So would he really feel worthy of putting on that tunic— an ordinary boy who’s playing at the hero he used to be? 

Nah. I’m saving that legendary tunic for the moment Link considers himself legendary. When he’s proved and acknowledged that he is the hero that everyone is bowing down to. 

Until Link recognizes himself as a champion, the champion’s tunic will stay in the inventory.

Classic Rock Fan Problem #1

When someone asks who your crush is and once you answer they reply with “who?” So you tell them to google them and once they do they’re like “ewwwww he’s a raisin”……ya kinda just sigh, take their phone, and type in ‘young’ after their name.

Not Like This

so like idek what this is. college has given me some inspo. it gets kinda ~sad and like ~:( but like i think it’s pretty okay?? maybe??? idk.

lemme know what you all thinkkkkkk<3 

     You weren’t necessarily the frat party type, but since your boyfriend was a Sigma Chi, you often found yourself at the frat house just about every Friday night. You were never a big fan of alcohol, but if there was one thing your boyfriend, Will, knew how to do it was get drunk. He and all of his buddies would stand on the coffee table in the living room and funnel as many beers as they could before they’d puke or see who could slap an entire wine bag by themselves, meanwhile you usually stayed put in the kitchen until you decided that it was time to cut Will off.

     Tonight was no different. Will and his brothers were all in the living room with a cooler full of Budweiser and you were comfortably sat on the counter occupied by your phone. It was only 11 pm, so you were going to give Will about another hour or so before calling it time to go, so you decided to pull out your book that you were almost done with. You always carried a book with you to these things, just in case you ever found a moment of peace to read. Most of the brothers in the frat have gotten used to it by now. At first they would tease you a little bit, but would stop when Will would come up and make a joke about how he “likes his women a little bit nerdy”. You never minded the teasing and eventually they got too drunk to notice.

     You were perched on the counter next to the fridge, since you liked the humming that it made—it drowned out the incessant trap music that you always hated. People would come and go, grabbing ice or more booze and the occasional snack. However, this time after a boy grabbed a beer from the fridge, he lingered longer than usual. You looked up at him, confused because you don’t recognize him as a frat brother but they usually don’t let outsider guys into their parties.

“I take it you aren’t really the party kind of girl,” the boy says to you after he closes the fridge door.

“Not really my thing, I suppose.” You reply, still trying to figure out if you’ve ever seen him here before.

“Mine either. I’m just here visiting one of my buddies. He’s giving me the ‘real college experience’ while I’m in town.” He explains to you, and you nod your head, finally figuring out where this mysterious guy came from.

“Is it everything you could’ve dreamed of?” You ask sarcastically, earning a chuckle from the boy.

“Oh yeah, totally. Sticky floors, sweaty dudes, beer being dumped on me. What else could a guy want?” He leans against the counter that you’re sitting on, obviously deciding that he’s gonna stick around you for a while.

“Welcome to the American FratBoy Dream.” You say, turning your eyes back to your book, not really wanting to start a conversation with this boy, especially since your very drunk boyfriend is in the next room.

“I’m Shawn, by the way.” He tells you. Props for his persistence, you think.

“Y/n, nice to meetchya.” You reply, closing your book. It’s obvious that this kid isn’t going to let you do your reading in peace, so there’s no point in having your book out anymore.

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Can you believe I had never drawn these four all together before

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