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hello, my beauties. i would like to talk with you about something. yep, it’s the girl in joe’s snapchat.

so long story short, there was a girl in joe’s snapchat who was very ~close~ to joe, let’s say, and well the fandom, or some people in it, freaked out and have no idea what’s going on. some people are messaging me calling the girl bad names and saying like what a slut she is or something.

i don’t need to and/or am not obligated too but i feel like standing up for her. many people are calling her clingy and whatever and to be very honest, i feel like that’s completely wrong. ofc you are obligated to have your own opinion, but i feel like before you make up your mind you should maybe consider some facts.

1. i’d like to take this time to tell you that that beautiful girl’s name is Julia Kelly. she is an actress and has done youtube for a bit. she is not a random girl.

2. she is probably joe’s friend and even if not, knows him much more than we know him.

3. personally, i don’t feel like she was doing anything ‘sluttish’ or ‘clinging’ to him in any manner. whatever it was, it was definitely not one-sided.

4. we are in no position to tell joe what to do, who to date and how to behave with girls that are his friends or more. that’s strictly between him and his friends.

so let’s stop judging his life or that girl whom we do not know personally. it hurts me that we would slut-shame our own kind based on nothing but a few snapchats where they messed with filters. what this is, is disempowering womankind and if continue to do this all the ‘feminism’ and 'women empowerment’ we talk about are just meaningless words. so let’s just stop.

stop judging a beautiful girl who may or may not be some man’s girlfriend. especially when we don’t know her.

i might get hate for this, i might. but i really don’t care because honestly it is disturbing. in the world right now where we are desperately trying to make a change, such conventional, traditional views where we slut-shame a girl for being close with a person who is her friend, is unacceptable.

this is not meant to hurt anyone or anyone’s sentiments but to being about a change.

let’s stop judging unnecessarily and bring about a change in our mindsets. because lord knows, we need change.

thank you for reading.

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