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Types of SD Messages; A Comprehensive Study

The Level One Starter: Heyyy there sexy lady ;) how u doing tonight? Got plans for the weekend? Loved your profile, was hoping we could chat more xxx

The Midlife Crisis: Hey beautiful :p I am a professional man living in a city who is looking for a naughty partner in crime. I give generous gifts and dinners as well as tickling and kisses :p I can spoil you any way you like if you can spoil me :p I have a place in XXX and you can CUM by and we can have some adult fun :p :p message me back, I don’t bite…unless you want me to :p

The Scrapbooker: Got any more pics? X

The Google Translate: hello there sexy, i can spoil and am gentle man. can give kisses and lots of spoils. message back with sexy pics in bikinis xxxxxxxxx

 The Dad of Three: Hi :) I’m David and I already know I’m a bit old for you. I guess I’m wondering what a nice girl like you is doing on a site like this?

 The Straight To The Point: Hi, I love your lovely round breasts I can’t wait to squeeze and lick them and stimulate you in every way you’ve ever dreamed. I’m looking for someone very fun and naughty!!! I like anal and various roleplays. Have you ever used toys? xxx

The Chicks Dig Doctors: Hi, I’m Sam :) I’m a medical professional living in the city and I went to university to study medicine, I am working in my medical practice, seeing to my many patients, and that’s why I can’t meet during the day.

The Done This Before: Hello, I’m Michael. I’m 52 years old and run a successful firm in the city. I read your profile and have to say I’m intrigued. I am currently staying at the XXX and wondered if we could get together during my stay. I will compensate you for your time.

The Didn’t Read Your Profile: Me and my wife are looking for a young hot thing to spice up our sex lives ;) Must be sexually submissive, into rape fantasy and costumes xoxo

The Definitely Not A Rapist: Hi there :) I liked your profile, was wondering if you’re free tonight? I have a nice place overlooking the river and could wine and dine you, and also some lovely gifts to spoil you with :) I love making ladies smile. Let me know if you’re free, I could buy you dinner and we could go back to mine xxx

The Conversationalist: Hey ;) x

The Talking Clock: Hello my fair lady :) I loved your profile and have messaged you once before but you didn’t seem to reply! If you’re going to take this seriously, you should reply PROMPTLY to the messages that people send you. I sent you a message on the 4th at 6.30pm and even though you were online you didn’t reply so I am trying again today on the 6th. I hope to receive a warm and friendly and PROMPT response as soon as you see this!!! xxx

The College Student Who Wandered In: Hey, you’re pretty hot :) wanna grab a drink tonight?

The Mother Didn’t Hug Me Enough: Hello, Mistress- i am looking for a beautiful woman like you to dominate me. i want for You to choke me with your high heels and stick huge black dildos up my asshole until i cum over your boots and You have me lick it all up

The One In A Million: Hi, how are you? I’m looking for a young lady to spoil and am prepared to negotiate a pay per meet fee or a monthly allowance, dependant on whether we like each other or not. My email is XXX and please let me know if you’re interested after reading my profile. I’m staying at the XXX until the 10th and we can talk about it over champagne if you’re free this weekend?

Selfcare tips for smart cookies who are sad

If you want to feel a little better mon amour, i gathered some things i like to do in hopes that it’ll help you!

🌸 go ahead and hop into the shower. take a few minutes to really massage that schampoo into your hair. clean and fresh YAS

🌸 use a body lotion and use one that smells good(i recommend “very sexy” by Victorias Secret) (because it’s very sexy hihi)

🌸 put on a nice parfume, if you don’t have one you can borrow from a family member/friend or you can buy one(i recommend “viva la juicy” by juicy couture and “eternity aqua” by calvin clein) (somewhat expensive but sooo good y'all can come here and i’ll give u you get juicy couture and you get juicy couture and you get juicy couture everyone gets juicy couture

🌸 take a few moments and write a list about things that make you happy(for example: coffee, holding hands with your grandma, all the relationships you’re gonna have in the future, re-reading your favourite book, family dinners, when the leaves turn orange in autumn)

🌸 make yourself or buy your comfort food(s), mine being tortellini, vegan pizza and coffee mmmmmmm coffee

🌸 send out a few sincere compliments to people. tell your friend what you love about her/him/hen, tell your mom you’re thankful for everything she does. alot of times giving love means getting love and nothing bad about good karma am i right

🌸 write down everything that bothers you on a piece of paper, start with “dear maya..” or “dear paul..” write it for a person thats never gonna read it (or if you feel like you want too you can always message me and rant about your whole life I’m all yours)

🌸 if you don’t wanna think about something you can always try to learn a new language via duolingo, it really gets you focused on something else(advice from your coach-my self- i think you should learn swedish or french because they’re both equally hard and beautiful) if thats not something you find intresting you can always pick up a feel-good book, my favourite being “Anna and the french kiss” by Stephanie Perkins! light up some candles, make yourself some tea and cuddle down somewhere

🌸 watch a movie or tv-show!! i was really unhappy at one point but then i somehow started watching Jane The Virgin and it was sooooo funny and soooo good(the hype is real, watch) and it made me feel better

🌸 look up some nice quotes, my faves are
• “And then there’s light, It just takes time”
• “Pleure: les larmes sont les pétales du cœur.” (which is French for “Cry: tears are the heart’s petals.”)
• “Choose to be happy, It feels better”

🌸 listen to happy songs
• Classic by MKTO
• Price Tag by Jessie J(old but always get’s me dancing)
• Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake
• Forget You by CeeLo Green(forreal this is sooo good hahah)

🌸 before you go to bed, moisturize your face with a tiny bit of coconut oil - also put on some chapstick because you’ll wake up with a smooth face and soft lips and you’ll feel like a queen mon chérie

🌸 if you ever feel worthless, read this
• i am so happy you’re here
• i think you’re the cutest person that has ever read this
• i believe that you will reach your dream, whatever it may be, and you will be awesome
• relax, drop your shoulders, breath
• dogs everywhere love you and they get so excited when they see you because they wanna say Hello so badly
• with every breath you take, you help plants and flowers live
• you’re making a difference
• you’re stronger than you think
• you have a great sense of humour that people enjoy
• everything is better when you’re around

Almond Joy (Suprise Dogsitting)

Summary: You take care of Bucky’s dog and find out who he really is

Word count:1851

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: none

A/N: Clearly I’m not the best at choosing titles, but I hope that doesn’t deter anyone from reading this! Hope you enjoy :) Oh and there will be multiple parts!

Next Part

It had only been a few days into the spring. Spring excited you because it meant a new beginning of life, which comes along with new goals and new experiences. You checked your list of goals for the year. At the top was the typical “get in shape”. 

Since most people’s resolutions were too broad, they usually did not last. So, you listed that you would go for a jog for at least half an hour every morning and substitute unhealthy food for healthier ones, such as eating wheat bread instead of white bread or granola bars instead of chips. This was supposed to start at the beginning of the year, but you had forgotten to and ended up putting it off towards spring time.

You were on spring break, so you did not have to worry about school interfering with your schedule. With the free time that you had, you got up whenever you woke up to exercise. Had it been the school year, you would have jogged 6 am every morning since you had a class that started at 8. You jogged into the city and returned to your apartment afterwards to continue with the rest of your day. It became a routine that you were fond of. Exercise may not be your strongest suit, but the feeling of satisfaction afterwards was well worth it.

You grabbed your running shoes by the door and headed outside. A few steps down your driveway you realized you had not grabbed a water bottle nor locked the door. You returned inside and took a water bottle from the fridge and locked your front door. It was cold outside. Although you hated the cold, the weather was in your favor; it’s a lot better than running when it’s hot out.

The cold air at first brought goosebumps but then your skin started to release sweat a few minutes into your jogging. Music was blasting through your ears and you imagined yourself in a music video, and the scenery around you played a role in it.

Once you reached the end of the sidewalk, you clicked the pedestrian crossing button. The breeze hit against you as you waited for the red hand to change into a walking person sign. You took a swig of your water and gulped it down.

When the light changed, you continued jog. The hardest part about exercising was getting yourself to begin. Once you began, you pushed yourself until you got tired. The nature got nicer as you kept jogging. Your thoughts were clouded with what you’ll be doing for the rest of the day. After you jog and shower, you had nothing planned for the rest of the day. The idea of messaging a friend popped in your head so you mentally noted to do so when you got back home.

You glanced down at your timer. It had been seventeen minutes out of the thirty. Time flew by. Transitioning from a slow jog to a fast walk, you tried to keep your breathing even. It was time for you to head back towards home. In the corner of your eye, you spotted a large brown dog. It was sniffing the ground. The dog had a dog tag on it, so you figured it had escaped from someone’s house.

The music was still playing in your headphones so you paused it. You called it over and it looked at you, but it continued to sniff the sidewalk. Noticing that you were cutting time into your walk, you went back to your exercise.

The path became bumpier as you moved and you slowed down so you wouldn’t fall. Over your headphones, the sound of barking intensified. You gasped and stopped in your tracks. With a swift turn, you faced the dog you saw earlier.

“Oh my gosh doggy, you nearly scared me,” you looked around to see if the dog was truly alone, and it was. There were no homes around for you to take the dog to “Want to come home with me?”

It just stood there, wagging its tail. In order to see if the dog planned on following you, you took a few slow steps. It followed you.

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SugarDaddy!Cal Pt.9

A/N: Hello everyone! Sorry about the delay last night, but I hope you all enjoy part 9. As always I need 100 notes and feedback, but y'all know the drill. And I know I the ending is a bit shitty, but it was getting long so I had to cut it off.Hope y'all enjoy💕 I’m starting to think these two pink hearts are like my signature here on tumblr lmaoo

 **WARNING** : Smut ;) I feel awfully dirty about writing this, but I really don’t mind.

Parts: One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/  Nine/Ten/Eleven/Twelve/Thirteen/Fourteen/Fifteen

Five days. 

 It had been five long, awfully boring days since Calum had spoke to you. The morning after you ran off he sent you a good morning text like every morning, but the only response he got was the read receipt on the bottom. It was the same for his annual goodnight text as well. He had been texting and calling you non stop since then, but you didn’t give him the time of day. Whenever you actually did respond it was just to tell him to stop texting your phone. 

 “Cal do you wanna go-”

 “I don’t really want to do anything with you at the moment, Ashton.” Calum spat and the curly blonde stopped in his tracks at his doorway. 

 “I haven’t done anything wrong.”

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Loner - Veronica Lodge

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hi i was wondering if you could do a riverdale imagine where the (girl) reader is best friends with jughead and she has a huge crush on veronica? i know it’s kind of vague, but you can take it anywhere!! oh and maybe tag me in it? pretty please? ok love you bye💕

I’m sorry if it’s not what you’re looking for @ffremontt , if you want a different one feel free to message me.

Being associated with Jughead Jones had it’s ups and downs. While you were able to connect with a fellow intellectual, you never imagined the whispers that would come about. You dealt with it because, Jughead was a good friend and you couldn’t imagine your life without him; but there came a time when you wished you and your loner friend would get noticed.

That time was the first day of school after an eventful summer. You and Jughead had stayed close over summer, especially after the disappearance of Jason Blossom. Neither of you really cared for the Blossom twins, but the mystery of his disappearance, or death, interested  both of you. You found Jughead organizing his locker in the morning and rushed over.

“Hey Jug! Any updates?” He turned his head and gave you a grin. “The novel is coming along fine. I’m caught up so far, now we wait for whatever comes next.” You nodded at our friend, “Hopefully it’ll come soon,” you leaned closer to him, “I heard we have a new student.” His eyebrows quirked up in interest. You gaze was caught by the door at the end of the hall opening and a girl, who you had never seen before, walked in. Your jaw dropped as she strutted her way past where you and your friend were standing. Her dark hair rested perfectly on her shoulders and framed her face beautifully as she gave you a smile. You turned to watch her walk away and your face felt hot as she walked into the Dean’s Office. You heard Jug laugh and say, “And so the plot thickens.”

Jughead made sure that you didn’t forget about the morning and the beauty known as Veronica Lodge. “Skipping class with you isn’t going to worth it anymore if you’re just going to be annoying.” You said as you settled on the bleachers next to your friend. He just laughed, “Me, annoying?” You rolled your eyes and opened a bag of chips. You ate one and held the bag out to Jug who took one as well. You helped him polish up the draft of his novel, or what he had so far and you started on your homework.

“You have Journalism homework?” Asked Jughead as he ate another chip/. You groaned and nodded. “I didn’t do too well on my last assignment, so to keep up my grade, I have to go to the dance and write up an article about it.” He nodded, “Will it be published in the school newspaper?” You looked at the note your teacher gave you as a rubric for the article. “Yeah, it’ll be in next week’s copy.”

“Sounds cool,” he said taking another chip, “I won’t read it.”  You grabbed one of your folders and hit him the shoulder with it jokingly. “Jerk.” You muttered and his smiled dumbly. “Wait, did school end?” You asked upon seeing the football practice and some cheerleaders walking along the track. Jughead nodded and got back to typing away, but suddenly lifted his head and laughed. “What?!” You asked, leaning towards him. “Look who’s a cheerleader already!” You squinted and saw that it was Betty Cooper and Veronica walking the track. You almost fell off your seat in embarrassment. She looked adorable in the cheerleading uniform and it was just too much. “You should ask her to the dance, Y/N.”

You turned to face Jughead, your face beet red. “Why!?” You yelled, drawing the attention of the people below. You blushed harder when you saw Veronica looking up into the bleacher to where you were sitting. She gave you a wave, which you shyly return. “You’re going to the dance so you might as well go with someone.” You nodded at his words but turned back to him. “She’s hanging out with Archie though, and I don’t want that to-”

Jughead lifted a finger to silence you. “That doesn’t change anything. Just because I’m a reject doesn’t mean you have to be one too.” He gave to a happy look, “We will still be friends.” You smiled at him, which he tried to return. “Now go get the girl Y/N L/N.”

You made your way down the bleachers and to the track. You ran after the two girls who were still walking. When you finally made it to them, you felt the blush on your face deepen and the butterflies in your stomach start to storm. What if she didn’t even like girls? Maybe this was a mistake, but it was too late now. “Hi.” You said, you sounded so dumb.

“Hello there. You’re Y/N right?” Veronica asked, giving you the brightest smile you had ever seen. You nodded, “Yeah, and I was wondering if you would like to attend the back to school dance with me.” Betty looked at you then at Veronica, and slowly made her way towards one of the football players. “Oh?” Veronica asked, her eyebrows raised. Your heart sank, “Sorry if I weirded you out, I’ll just-” You were cut off by a warm pair of lips on your cheek. “You’ll see me at seven.” She said with a flirty tone, that her large brown eyes seemed to mimic. “I’ll see you at seven.” You repeated and with a sweet smile, she walked away.

You ran back up the bleachers to Jughead, with a stupid grin on your face. The moment you sat down, you let out a large breath you didn’t know you had been holding in. “She said yes!” You squealed excitedly. Jughead let out a laugh, “You have a little something right there.” He pointed at your cheek and you opened your front camera and saw the lipstick stain. You just smiled at your loner friend who, for the first time in a while, felt like maybe people weren’t so bad after all.

Let Me Warm Your Heart Part 1

Word Count : 2,200

 Warnings : None 

 Summary: Y/N is tasked with a mission to keep the weird Barebone family in check. But things don’t always go as they are planned. After all, love always chooses those paths which are the least predictable. 


The balmy weather was nice enough to warrant a visit to Central Park, a picnic would have been the ideal activity for this breezy summer day. The flowers were in full bloom and the air hung heavy with the smell of food, probably wafting from the hot-dog vendor standing nearby. Ignoring her growling stomach, Y/N glanced up at the clear skies before shrugging away thoughts of an imagined holiday. Vacations were a luxury Aurors couldn’t afford, especially not in such turbulent times. 

She refocused her attention on the gathering crowd ahead of her, as the New Salem Philanthropic Society commenced another of its infamous rallies. Y/N effectively merged within the crowd, nonchalantly staring at the flyer she had been handed. The Barebone woman continued spewing vitriol against witches and magic, assuring them that the threat was very really. Y/N’s watchful eyes swept across the crowd once, before settling on the leader of the Second Salemers as she urged the gathered people to watch out for the lurking darkness that hid so cleverly among ‘us’! Mentally, Y/N scoffed wondering how many actually believed this supposed gibberish. But disbelief was good, disbelief kept her kind safe. And above all, it was her job to keep that disbelief unwaveringly constant. 

She shifted a few paces ahead, before blocking herself from Mary Lou’s line of vision behind a man wearing a rather outlandish top hat. She continued her observation, staring at the two daughters standing beside the woman. The elder one, Chastity stood primly, projecting an image of trained etiquette and polite interest. The younger one Modesty, meanwhile, shuffled onto the steps of the bank where the rally was being held, mumbling a song and fidgeting to its tune. 

 Y/N gaze then shifted to the eldest of the Barebone children, Credence. He stood amongst the crowd, handing out flyers with shouty capitals, blaring the NSPS anti-witch propaganda. He must be quite tall, Y/N mused, as her eyes assessed the lanky boy. But he seemed shorter with the pronounced hunch with which he carried himself. Almost as if he could disappear into nothingness if he tried hard enough. 

 It had come as a surprise to Y/N when her fellow colleague Tina Goldstein had been removed from Auror services. For jeopardising their safety by violating the International Statute of Secrecy’s provisions nonetheless! Tina was a stickler for rules and for the number of cases that they had partnered together, Y/N knew her to be thorough and efficient. How she ended up losing her steam over the Barebones and subsequently losing her job as well, was a mystery. 

 What came as a greater surprise however, was when Director Graves summoned her in his office. He assigned her the responsibility of keeping an eye over the Barebones, ensuring that the safety of the wizarding community was not threatened by the enflamed speeches of an overenthusiastic zealot. While she was of the opinion that there was no harm in keeping a watchful eye over this fanatic, there was something in the way the Barebone boy carried himself that kept drawing Y/N’s attention. 

 Not one for distractions, she changed places again, this time edging towards the back of the crowd. Her gaze trained itself on the speaker again as she withdrew from the dense crowd, making sure that Mary Lou didn’t notice her. In her effort to appear inconspicuous, she didn’t realise until it was too late as she stumbled across someone’s feet. Though the force was not near enough to knock the person down, it did displace the dozens of sheets that the person was carrying. No, not sheets, flyers to be exact. 

 When had Credence slipped to the back, Y/N wondered, as they both crouched down to gather the scattered flyers. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t realise you were standing here. I was in a rush to get back to work. I hope I didn’t hurt you?” she gave an apologetic smile having managed to collect a few of the papers, handing them to the gaping boy. He stared at her for a moment as their fingers brushed each other, before swallowing audibly and said, “N-no. It was, m-my fault. I shouldn’t have been…standing here. Y-you didn’t hurt me. S-s-sorry!” he stuttered nervously as tingles surged from his fingers where they had accidentally touched Y/N’s.

 She waved away his apology before smiling brightly and said, “No worries. I do hope you are alright though”, glancing at her watch she muttered under breath before continuing, “I have to go now, lunch time is almost over. I’ll see you later then! Have a good day!” she waved breezily before crossing the road and disappearing in the bustling crowd. He turned around to face the rally once more, warmth enveloping his being at the possibility of meeting the kind and pretty woman again. But the sight in front of him made his stomach fill with dread and he paled visibly. His mother was staring at him, malice dripping from her gaze; it would suffice to say that she was not at all happy with him.


 Y/N cursed herself as she hurried towards her cabin in the MACUSA. That interaction should not have happened. It was vital for the assignment that the Barebones remain unaware of her, as much as possible. It was a lapse of judgement on her part when she struck up a conversation with the boy. It would have been easier, wiser even, had she just walked away without stopping. People tended to forget faces of rude strangers stumbling across their toes as opposed to polite strangers helping them out. But on seeing him she couldn’t bring it in herself to act the part. 

 Y/N cursed herself again as she stumbled in her cabin, sinking wearily into the chair as she pulled the nearest sheaf of papers towards her. She would have to lie low for a while, make sure that her absence and the flow of time did away any traces of recognition from the boy’s mind. Sighing loudly, she read through the paperwork before signing a few and tearing away one or two. A head popped into her cabin, followed by the appearance of a smiling brunette. “Hello Miss Workaholic! Having a long day?” Y/N spared a glance from her work before giving up the day as one of the worse ones. “Abernathy”, she acknowledged his presence but that didn’t mean she had to have a conversation with him. 

 She continued staring at the application for an early release from detainment, not grasping a single letter of the 700 word document, hoping against hope that the man would just let her be. “Tough case?” Apparently not. “Not really.” Curtness and a calm demeanour was the key in such scenarios. “Care to join me for lunch? I was just about to pop out and was hoping you could join me. It’s a lovely day and you shouldn’t waste it cooped up in….” She cut him abruptly, “I’m sorry I can’t. As you can see I’m a bit busy at the moment. Paperwork does make the day long and it won’t complete by itself however much I charm my quills. They haven’t invented the artificial intelligence ones yet I’m afraid.” To hell with calmness, today was just not her day! 

 Abernathy gave her a disappointed look before saying, “Well another time I suppose. Oh by the way, Director Graves wanted to see you.” He casually mentioned that as if they were discussing the weather, the oaf! “And you are telling me now! I better see what he wants…” Y/N closed the file before exiting the cabin, Abernathy in tow. “I thought you were popping out for lunch?” She questioned her unwanted companion as he tagged along. He came to a stop as if remembering it suddenly, “Why yes. I..I shall be going then?” He questioned as if seeking permission. But Y/N had long since disappeared, his question echoing emptily across the hallway. 

 Y/N hurried towards the upper echelons of MACUSA hoping against hope that she hadn’t made the Director of Magical Security wait for too long. She wondered whether she had unwittingly jinxed herself in the morning or got up on the wrong side of the bed. Or perhaps it was the neighbour’s pet Kneazle crossing her path with a pinpointed hiss. Mr Smith had always envied her for bagging the road side apartment (something about better natural light) and she wouldn’t put it past him to rub some bad luck potion on his pet in the off chance that it stumbled across her. All in all, the day was going down in the dumps by the looks of it.

 When she knocked and entered Percival Graves’ posh cabin, this theory was further bolstered. He was staring at her with a stormy expression, rubbing his temples in a weary manner. “I had hoped you would reach here the moment I called upon you. Tardiness is unbefitting of an Auror of your stature.” His voice was low and razor sharp, cutting the air with the accuracy of a newly sharpened blade. Donning her best professional visage, Y/N answered in a voice smooth as silk, “My apologies Director Graves. I just returned from observing the targets you had assigned me and when I received the message from Mr Abernathy, I came immediately.”

 Her boss stared at her, taking her words in and making her uncomfortable under his intense scrutiny before saying in a voice that seemed louder as well as distant from the room they were occupying, “Ms Y/L/N I presume that you are not keeping any written accounts of this assignment?” This had been one of the conditions of the case and had made Y/N’s spine tingle with unease. Undocumented missions ensured the highest amount of confidentiality, but at the same time there was a danger of increased responsibility on the Auror. The Director could very well wash his hands off in case things went awry and Y/N would be stuck in inquiries faster than you could say Protego, with no real means of an escape. 

 "Yes sir" she answered him, maintaining the façade of calmness. “Good. Though it isn’t a matter of grave concern at the moment, it is imperative on your part that you keep a close eye on them without anyone knowing what you are up to.” She nodded once, showing her acquiescence. “Y/N” he called out. She was thrown off guard by the casual manner in which he addressed her. So very unlike the strict, non nonsense man known as Percival Graves. “You are a valued part of the MACUSA, your skills are unparalleled even amongst our best on field Aurors. You were top of your class and it is a privilege that you chose to work with us instead of your native Ministry of Magic. You will definitely go places.”

 Y/N swelled with pride at the praise but a tingle of worry skittered across her conscious. There was something wrong with this. “Thank you, Sir. It’s an honour…” “However, you should be careful of the path upon which you tread. A careless mistake and it could cost you your career. I would be sorry if you followed into the footsteps of Ms Goldstein.” His eyes bore into her, considering her the way a hunter may look upon his prey. The nerve of this man! He was openly threatening her as if she were in the wrong! Steeling herself Y/N replied, “I assure you Sir that something like that will never happen as long as I’m on this case.” She stared into brown eyes, a challenge in her gaze. “Very well. I will expect the usual verbal report the next time you find anything of note.” Noting the unspoken dismissal, Y/N gave a curt nod before excusing herself out of the room.

 She hurried towards the sanctuary of her cabin. The moment she entered it, she locked the door, put a muffling charm on the room and extracted the tiny pair floral earrings from her ears. Setting them carefully on her desk, she waved her wand in the air carefully but nothing happened. She gave a sigh of relief, atleast she was free from worrying about any external unwanted snooping. She then tapped the earrings carefully, a muttered incantation under her breath. The earrings sputtered for a moment before echoing in a voice frighteningly similar to the Director of Magical Security, “I would be sorry if you followed into the footsteps of Ms Goldstein.“ 

 Y/N let out a breath that she didn’t know she was holding. Who knew learning to enchant everyday items that could record her magical lectures would one day help her in this manner? Graves may have thought himself too brilliant to hoodwink, but she had a few tricks up her sleeve. Slipping on the earrings again, Y/N’s mind went over the conversation once again. Her intuition had been correct. Something about the Barebones was making Graves anxious, so much that he went to the length of threatening her to ensure that the case went smoothly. The picture was too hazy to discern any meaning from currently. But Y/N vowed that she wouldn’t rest till she got to the bottom of this.

 A/N: Hah, this was supposed to be a one shot. Though turning it into a series doesn’t seem that bad of an idea. This is a filler chapter, where I’m setting the scene for the oncoming plot. Hope you guys liked my first venture into the fbawtft universe. Please excuse any typos and let me know how you found it. Gif credits to the owner. ~mystical reading nerd

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17 on Tumblr (Jun)

hohoho here is the requested Jun on Tumblr! can you believe I actually got around to continuing this series lmaO

  • *cracks knuckles* *rubs hands*
  • let’s get started hohoho
  • okay so we all know Jun reads novels online and what not right
  • and seventeen has shamelessly, on a few occasions, admitted to searching themselves up online
  • so one day, Jun, being, well, JUN, searches up a fanfic about himself and he’s casually scrolling through naver when a title catches his eye
  • and it’s a posted on tumblr fic
  • at first he’s all like “????????” and innocently wonders what tumblr is, but then he asks vernon who then widens his eyes because yknow tumblr is mainly known for porn
  • he decides to venture into the unknown anyway
  • he starts off by reading the fic that got him there in the first place, and wow is he hooked
  • he kinda forgets that he’s the main character because it feels so surreal and different but at the same time similar to his own personality
  • but damn! he’s enjoying this fanfic way more than he should be
  • (don’t imagine an emo wen junhui staring at his phone intently at 3am about to internally explode because fic-him and the oc are giving each other the cold shoulder)
  • (and don’t imagine him stifling his laughs with a pillow to avoid waking up the other members)
  • yeah 
  • don’t
  • and let’s face it, he probably didn’t realise tumblr existed as a mobile app until he finished reading the entire fic
  • when he realises it is a mobile app he’s so excited and literally falls over himself downloading it
  • his username is probably some shit like “wjhui179696″
  • he searches up the fanfic that he read by the title, and finds the blog that posted it
  • and he’s awestruck
  • the blog is so pretty and the theme is so warm and the description is so nice and!!!!!!!
  • he falls in love instantly
  • guess who owns that blog
  • that’s right
  • you
  • and you don’t just post 17 fanfics, you also post a great deal of other writings and poems and short stories, but your svt stuff always seemed like the only things that got reblogs so you stopped writing your poems and stuff for a while and focused more on the fics
  • and wen junhui is so enamored he finds himself scrolling through your entire blog and looking through all your pre-svt stuff and he’s like
  • shit not only are they a seventeen fan, they’re also generally just a really good author and poet who puts out really meaningful things!
  • and you have this one poem written in chinese for a module you took a long time ago and it’s so beautiful 
  • that jun took a quote from that poem and used it as his kkt status
  • obsession?? noOooOoOOooo what psh
  • anyways
  • he notices you don’t write such stuff anymore and he gets kinda sad 
  • so he sends you an anon ask that goes “Hello I’m a new follower but I realised that you stopped posting your original poems and short stories after a while, is it okay if you let me know why?”
  • and you receive the ask and !!! you didn’t actually think anyone would notice that you stopped putting out those poems and stories because they never got many notes anyways
  • you’re kinda touched and a small grin forms on your face because someone actually noticed? 
  • and you reply with 
  • “nah it’s nothing I just thought people would rather read my 17 fics instead. but thank you so much for sending this ask in”
  • jun reads it an d lmao guess what he says
  • “Oh if that’s the reason then just send those poems to me! I’d be more than happy to be your only audience ;-)”
  • and you’re at this point giggling and smiling to yourself because THIS ANON IS SO GREASY AND THEY’RE ONLY ON ANON but they’re also really cute so you reply with 
  • “sure but first reveal your username ;-)”
  • so he messages you with a “wassup i’m the ;-) anon”
  • and from then on blooms a beautiful beautiful mutual friendship thing
  • like it’s super cute because the both of you tag each other in 17 shit and other funny stuff and while jun always knows the 17 stuff beforehand (because, he’s well, part of seventeen), he always finds himself chuckling at the stuff you tag him in
  • not to forget you keep by your agreement and send him a bunch of your poems and stuff, and he’s always so happy and ! to read them
  • plus he’s always really excited to check the message you leave him, especially if svt had a really grueling schedule and he was dead tired and exhausted
  • and he finds himself being more drawn to your personality as y’all talked more and more??
  • you’re also under the impression that his name is wendy because when you first asked for his name he typed wen and then regretted it immediately so he did a Save and now he’s wendy
  • ok fast forward a few months
  • jun just had a comeback and he’s dead tired
  • you still don’t know he’s The Wen Junhui
  • (also he has a habit of referring to himself as The Handsome One)
  • (and Hot Boy 101)
  • (and Sizzling Shenzhen Babe)
  • the list goes on
  • but one day you message him and you’re kinda curious about how he looks like so you’re all like
  • “hey Muscle Man shouldn’t you at least show me your face once and let me see for myself how hot you actually are?”  
  • “sorry y/n i’m really tired now, another time maybe?”
  • but you don’t think he’s being serious so you say “lmao then what bout a skype call? you can just sleep and i’ll just stare at your face, we both win”
  • when jun reads your message he gets upset and disappointed because! he’d just gone through a day of shit from everyone
  • he had to deal with recording for an hour because woozi wasn’t pleased with his one line
  • and he had to suffer through hoshi’s relentless nagging and tiring choreography
  • and he thought maybe opening up tumblr would make him happier but instead he came on to see you asking for a pic and not even taking no for an answer???
  • so he’s just like 
  • you know what fuck it i’m just going to stop replying them
  • anyway it’s not like they can know i’m wen junhui
  • so boom
  • jun ignores you for a good whole week
  • but then !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • in that week you actually manage to get tickets for seventeen’s fansign !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • you’re so pumped and hyped because YOU FINALLY GET TO MEET JUN AND !!!
  • he’s the literal love of your life how can you not get really excited
  • except, you still feel kinda shit because wendy (jun) hasn’t replied you for ages
  • okay maybe it’s just a week but still
  • so before you go for the fansign you drop wendy (jun) a message telling him that you finally get to meet your idols and that you’re sad he can’t be with you :’)
  • and then right before he gets onto the fansign stage, jun reads the message
  • he panics for a while but manages to stay calm because lmao its not like they know i’m their online friend psh it’s all aight
  • but when he gets up there he sees a person sitting in a corner alone, with no fancy dslr but a small iphone camera, eagerly waiting for him to come out and 
  • he knows that’s you
  • you look so happy yet slightly :( and he can’t help but feel slightly guilty
  • so when it comes to your turn with jun,
  • you tell him how much you adore and love him (at this, jun blushes and eye smiles) but then you ask him for advice on how to apologise to a friend
  • and he goes from :-D to :-( real quick
  • because although that confirmed his suspicions about you being his amazing author memey mutual, he felt really really bad about making you feel shitty
  • so he’s like “wait let me show you a magic trick”
  • “take out your phone”
  • “you wanna apologise through text right?”
  • at this you nod your head fervently 
  • jun takes out his phone too
  • and he’s like “okay go to your chat, and on 1,2,3…”
  • a new message bubble pops up and 
  • “why use facetime when the real deal’s in front of you?” 
  • he shows you his phone screen with the exact same chat log as yours
  • and you’re just like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • he smirks and puts a finger to his lips
  • “sh’’
  • when the fansign ends, you’re so certain that it’s all a dream that you check your phone again
  • at this point another message pops up 
  • it’s an selfie of jun at the fansign location with his finger poking a far off image of you in the background
  • “how’s this for a picture? get home safely ah my dear carat! ;-)”
  • and that’s when you realise your mutual’s name isn’t wendy, but wen jun hui

!!!!!!! finally done with 3/13 of this series! i’ll finish the rest and update the masterlist in my free time so please be patient!

requests are open!

love, jyn

Sins of the Father: Communion

Pairing: Finn Balor x Reader

Warnings: very brief sexual reference (fantasy), mild language

Word Count: 1081

A/N: Hello hello! Quick reminder: normally, I write fics for Supernatural. However, I’m also a huge fan of WWE and love reading the works of that community as well. After reading some brilliant pieces from - and chatting with - the amazing @devitt-club, I got inspired to write a fic featuring one of my current favorites: Finn Balor. This fic is starting to grow a bit beyond my control and, quite frankly, I couldn’t be happier.

Apologies in advance because, this being my first foray into WWE fanfic (and alternate universe at that), this will probably suck. Still, it’s worth the risk. ^_^

Tag: @yourr-anger-your-anchor @motleymoose

Originally posted by finnfuckingbalor

Because context - even of the sacrilegious kind - is everything, first read Sins of the Father and its Interlude before you proceed. 

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anonymous asked:

Shiro's S/O finds out that Shiro is cheating on her with another women.

This is a pre- Kerberos mission Shiro.

It was a peaceful night, you and Shiro were lying in bed together.  You love these moments and you knew they will soon be gone for a while. Shiro was going to be one of the astronauts to fly to Kerberos in a couple months. You knew he would be gone awhile, but once he comes back, you two are getting married. You quickly gave a glance to your engagement ring and then you turn to face Shiro, to try and talk to him, but he was already asleep. You smiled and laid there watching him. You stared at him for a couple minutes and realize you could not sleep. You went downstairs to try and make some tea. You made it down to the kitchen, but then a cell phone vibrated. You notice it was Shiro’s, he is always leaving his phone on the kitchen counter. Without even thinking twice, you picked up his phone. He had received a text message for someone named Ivy. The text message read “Can’t wait to see you again. You always know how to cheer me up”. You look at the phone screen for a moment, but then you notice Shiro came down stairs. “Hey babe, what are you doing up,” Shiro said with Smile. “I was going to make some tea, but then you phone vibrated. Who is Ivy” you asked with a slight concerning voice. He looked at the text message and then he spoke. “Ivy is one of the pilots at the Garrison. Her mother just dead.  So, I bring her coffee in the morning to try to make it easier for her dealing with her mother death”. You then smiled at Shiro. “Hey, why don’t you go upstairs and I make you tea and bring it to you,” he asked with a big smile. You nodded and went upstairs. Shiro then put the teapot on the stove and waited for the water to boil. He then checked to make sure you were not downstairs. He grabbed his phone and texted Ivy “How about I meet you tomorrow morning at our usual spot”. Shiro made a face after he sent the text message. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but he was still going to go see Ivy at her quarters at the Garrison

The morning had arrived and you were getting dressed and brushing your hair. Shiro was not home, but he is never home in the morning because he must go to the Garrison very early. He told you that he goes there early to use their track. You got to sleep in this morning today because today you did not have work, but you wanted to complete some errands today. So, you still had to get up somewhat early. You were about to leave, but then you noticed Shiro left his lunch. “That man would forget his head if it was not attached to his body,” you said to yourself. You needed to go give him his lunch because you guys always pack lunches to save money. Besides, you thought it would be a great idea to go surprise Shiro at the Garrison.

Shiro was in Ivy’s room and he was just sitting on her bed with his hand on his forehead. He is regretting what he just did. Ivy noticed Shiro looking upset. “Come on, I know it is not our best, but it was still pretty good,” Ivy said with a smile. Ivy was putting on her shirt and then she quickly passed Shiro his clothes. “You should get dressed before my boyfriend comes back, he will be here in an hour and I need to clean up,” she said with a smile. Shiro frowned even more after hearing Ivy’s comment. “What we are doing is wrong and we need to stop,” Shiro said when he took his clothes. Ivy looked at him and laugh at that comment. “You say that every time we sleep together, but you still come back,” she said with a smirk.

You were at the Garrison, you first headed to the track to see if Shiro was there. He wasn’t, but it was late in the morning and Shiro could be out doing something else. You walked around the Garrison looking for Shiro and saying hello to all the familiar faces. You then ran into Commander Holt and his son, Matt. “Y/n, what are doing here,” Commander Holt asked you with a slight smile. “I am looking for Shiro because he left his lunch. Do you know where I can find him” You said with a smile and slightly lifting up the lunch. You could tell by Commander Holt’s face, that he did not know where Shiro was, but Matt knew. “I saw him heading to the west quarters about an hour ago. He might still be there” Matt said. You then thanked both the Holts and then you headed to the west quarters. You walked through the hallway and you were coming around the corner, but then you noticed Shiro coming out of a room. He was fixing his uniform and his hair. Then another woman came out of the room. Both did not notice your presence, but you noticed something. The woman had a name tag on her uniform and it read “Ivy”. You hide a little bit more around the corner and just watched them. Ivy began to speak “Thank you for the quick pick me up,” she said with a smile. “Welcome babe,” Shiro said and then Shiro gave the woman a kiss. You knew now, that Shiro had been sleeping with Ivy. Your heart was broken and you needed to get away from Shiro fast.

Today you will not be dealing with any of your errands because you will be dealing with another task at hand. You grabbed trash bags and boxes. You then grabbed a beer and began to shove anything that belongs to Shiro in the bags and boxes. You were not careful and did not give a damn if something broke. All pictures of Shiro was taken down and shoved in a shoe box and you are planning to burn the shoe box later. It took you a couple of hours, but everything of his was packed.  You then started to throw all the boxes and bags into the front yard. You were putting the last bag in the front yard when Shiro was pulling up in his car. Matt was in the car also, but you did not notice and will not care. “What the hell are you doing,” Shiro said with an angry and scared look as he got out of his car and started to run toward you. “Throwing out all your shit, because we are breaking up,” You said with an evil smile. He had a shocked look on his face and he then noticed you were not wearing your engagement ring. “Babe, can we talk about this,” Shiro said trying to calm you down. Him calling you babe made you even more pissed. “Don’t call me babe. That is the stupid nickname you told that tramp you slept with today” you yelled at him with tears running down your cheeks. Shiro was speechless and Matt had his mouth wide open when you said that.  Shiro did not speak and minutes had passed. So, you started to speak again. “I was being a great girlfriend today and was bringing your lunch that you forgot. I wanted to surprise you but, of course, I caught you with another woman”. Shiro quickly grabbed your hand and tried to apologize, but you swiped it away from him. “How long have you been cheating on me,” you said crying. A tear ran down his cheek and he started to look at the ground. You then demanded him to tell you. “I have been seeing her for about three months now. Y/n please it was a mistake” Shiro said walking toward you. “Mistake my ass, you knew what you were doing” you yelled even louder than before. “Why would you do this to me? Why would you do this to us,” you did not yell that time, but you still said it with anger in your voice. “She was just there and I was very weak” Shiro answered you with a tear running down his cheek to the ground.  You then picked up a small box and handed it to him. In the box were your engagement ring and all the love letters he wrote you. “Find a new place to sleep because I never want to see you again,” you said before walking into your house and slamming the door.

Shiro stood there motionless but then he started putting bags and boxes in the back of his car. Each time he had to close a door, he would slam it. Matt came out of the car and started to help Shiro pack up. The two guys did it in silent and quickly. They both got in the car and Shiro then started to drive. He wanted to go anywhere far from your house. Matt was the first to break the silence “you are the biggest idiot and jackass I know” Matt said with anger in his tone. “I know,” Shiro said as he stared at the engagement ring in his hand. The car was silenced once more and Matt had to break the silence again “you can stay on my couch tonight” Matt said trying to help Shiro. Matt knew what Shiro did was wrong, but Shiro is still Matt’s best friend and Shiro was punished enough because he just lost the perfect girl. “It’s fine, I can stay in a hotel tonight,” Shiro said with an emotionless voice. Matt then had to ask Shiro questions. “Was Ivy worth losing y/n?” Matt asked. Shiro gave a quick look at Matt. Shiro was not angry at Matt at all for asking, but he was truly furious at himself. Shiro answered “no” to the question with a tear running down his cheek. “Are you going to break up with Ivy?” Matt asked. That question made Shiro even more angry at himself. “We were never dating, we just slept together and that makes me an even bigger Jackass, but trust me, I am breaking off my affair with Ivy” Shiro said. The rest of the car ride was silent.

Finally: Part 6

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.2K
Warnings: Angst

A/N: YAY! I’m finally starting to write again! If I haven’t tagged you, please let me know (I’ve tried to get everyone!)

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

A buzz sounds from your bedside table, and you roll over with a long sigh. You’ve been sulking in bed for almost a week now, telling work you were terribly sick and avoiding leaving your apartment all together. You hadn’t been eating or sleeping properly for days now; every time you closed your eyes the events from last week replayed in your mind, not able to get the sound of Bucky’s bedfellow out of your mind.

Your heart sinks as you read the 5th unanswered text message from Lee:

Hey, are you okay? I haven’t heard from you in a while… I miss you

You let another long sigh, pinching the bridge of your nose as you consider not replying. But you can’t avoid it any longer. You’d hoped that Lee would get the hint, you thought that being ignored for a week straight would be clear enough. But you needed to face the music; the very thing you’ve been avoiding.

Hi. I’m sorry, I’ve just got a lot going on right now. You’re great, it’s just I’m not in a good place right now… I’m sorry

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anonymous asked:

Your thoughts on negativity in fandom?

Hello nonnie 😊 Soooo… You probably sent this message thinking you’d get a nice quick “it’s bad” answer, but what you didnt know is that I have a tendency to rant, and I have a lot of thoughts about this….. So buckle your seatbelts kiddos here comes a tangent! (Also this on mobile lol what is formatting) 1. The thing with fandom that is both awesome and hard is that everyone has different opinions on stuff. If a portion of the fandom reads a certain book in a series and hates it, then that is fine! And I think they should be able to be vocal about that for the purpose being able to talk to other people about it. But. I prefer people tag things, and maybe put it under the cut, or maybe say something like “hey I hated the book/ this part, if you didn’t then maybe unfollow me” because you don’t want to be that person that shits on someone’s birthday cake you know? 2. With all that being said… Negativity is a poison. Lord knows I can be salty, and I am of the opinion that you can criticize and poke at things you love and still love them. But negativity begets negativity. So when thats all you focus on and all you spread around… That’s just not my vibe man. 3. I have realized that I read acowar differently than… Any other book I’ve read? I read all of tog before joining the fandom and so therefore missed all the drama. Then I read Acotar, again without fandom interpretation beside “Tamlin=bad”. But with acowar… I let the fact that we had so many headcanons (which is NOT a bad thing) and the fact that the prereleased copies sent up a fandom shit storm (a super annoying thing) taint my entire reading. I was subconsciously looking for things to be wrong/bad the entire time. And the fact that I let fandom very obviously hurt my reading experience… Sucks? But it’s hard because how much of that is fandom and how much of that is up to me to just ignore the negative vibes? I don’t know. 4. I think there comes a point when you need to decide to either wash you hands… Or just tone it down maybe. You either read the books for the fun distraction of Hot Fae Drama™ or you are looking for Dickinson level literary genius… In which case you may be disappointed, that’s life man. And it’s totally your prerogative, just be mindful that fandom means… You know… You’re a fan. 5. I will say this, there have been waves of negativity for sure… But I’ve been in fandoms before that… You guys… Just- bad. Real bad. So I learned how to scroll past, how to officially decide to unfollow a bunch of people, etc. So I will say that I am proud of this fandom for taking up the cause (somewhat, relatively) quickly to take a step back and reevaluate. Obviously we aren’t quite there yet but, you know. 6. Lastly (lol you made it this far, congrats) the most harmful is obviously anon hate. Which… there isn’t any way to slice it. If you are the type of immature 9 year old that spends their day being a cunt to real life people on the internet over fictional characters…. Especially a ship??? No. You and I are not friends. Frankly I think you have a laughable lack of social intelligence and I dont feel bad saying so. come at me. That is the biggest source of negativity I have seen and I’m actually fully in favor of the toddler rule. When a toddler throws a tantrum, don’t indulge them. They just want attention. Don’t feed the trolls. Or you know… Some other metaphor

I’m Back!

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Hello everyone!  I’m so happy to be back!  I’ve missed all of you so much, but I really needed the time away.  Things had gotten so overwhelming and I think I was just pushing myself too hard trying to write four fics a week plus reading all of the fics everyone else was writing.  I was going to wait until school was finished to come back, but I think if I just limit myself to writing one fic a week, I should be fine.  

I posted a Bucky Oneshot a few minutes ago just so everyone would know that I’m back.  Starting next Sunday, I’ll be posting the first part to In the Heart of the Storm.  It will post every Sunday at 2pm.  I’m not going to do a tag list since I’ll be posting regularly and I’m trying to keep things simple and stress free.

I’m going to be trying something new with my reblogs as well.  There’ll be more about that on Saturday.  Once school is finished (May 25), I might start posting two fics a week during the summer, but we’ll see how things go.  I’m already so overwhelmed with messages and new fics to read, I’m trying not to stress out about it all.  I’m going to take it slow and ease my way back in.

I also want to take a moment to say thank you to all of you for being so understanding of my hiatus.  I was a little nervous to come back and check my messages, and I’m happy to say that I didn’t have a single nasty anon!  I truly have the best followers on this site!  Knowing that I have your support really makes me excited to be back and to catch up with you all.

I love you all! 


Fridays are for Facetimes (Tom Holland Drabble)

for all those college students who dream of having Tom Holland as a boyfriend….a.k.a i wrote this because i want tom holland to call me lovebug???

Surrounded by open books, your laptop, and disheveled notecards; you laid on your stomach on the floor by your bed. It was only a few days into the semester but your course load had grown quite large since you were finishing up your general education classes before moving on to ones for your specialized major. Even though it was a Friday night, you found that your apartment was quietest at this hour. Your three other roommates were out on the town, leaving you alone in the small apartment. You debated going out with them but a text from your boyfriend alerted you to the possibility of a facetime, so you decided to spend the night with your books.

Your clock read 12:34 when his picture flashed up on your laptop and phone, both chorusing your ringtone. Moving your mouse from your chemistry homework over to the answer button, you could feel yourself smile. 

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Discussion on Recent Post on PJ

AKA Answering Ask Time

Ah man sorry for just suddenly disappearing like that guys. Just I had to take a sudden break from tumblr. Anyway – I got several asks over the hours I was not on there… though I did turn it off at one point due to some hate being sent to me, which I will address below. I decided to go ahead and answer all of the asks that are surrounding the situation that happened and the events that happened due to it in this post. Any other questions that are specifically asking about something else (though mentioning a bit of what happened Monday) I’ll answer on their own and appropriately tag them, since I know a few of you were wondering about PJ a bit.

Anyway! On with the show! I hope that with this I can clear up a bit of things as well as give my thoughts on what you have to say about it! And I’ll be going in a random order with the asks… so bear with me! ^^

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Sad Song-Michael Clifford

I heard this song and knew I had to put it in something…gotta love We The Kings…This is the Mikey version of the 4/4 where management makes you pr date one of the guys….so ya….enjoy!

You were in desperate need of new guitar picks. You were hopeless at being able to keep anything, honestly if your head wasn’t attached to your body you might loose it. You headed to your favorite music store, to get some new picks and see what new guitars they had. You were eyeing this Yamaha acoustic guitar, when you heard a familiar melody. Someone was playing on one of the pianos. It was “Sad Song” by We The Kings, one of your favorites…actually one you used to listen to quite often after you broke up with someone very special to you. Whoever was playing was good. Really good. You decided to find this mystery player. You headed to where the pianos, where a boy with longer blond hair in a red flannel shirt was playing. You were standing behind him, so you couldn’t see his face. But when he started singing, you instantly knew who this boy was.

“You and I, We’re like fireworks and symphonies exploding in the sky.

With you, I’m alive, Like all the missing pieces of my heart, they finally collide.

So stop time right here in the moonlight, ‘Cause I don’t ever wanna close my eyes.”

He sang in a deep, raspy voice. Then he proceeded to sing the chorus.

“Without you, I feel broke. Like I’m half of a whole.

Without you, I’ve got no hand to hold.

Without you, I feel torn. Like a sail in a storm.

Without you, I’m just a sad song. I’m just a sad song…”

He continued to play, and the sight of this boy who used to mean so much of you pulled at your heart. He hadn’t noticed you were there, so it made it easy for you to join in on the next part.

“With you I fall. It’s like I’m leaving all my past in silhouettes upon the wall.

With you I’m a beautiful mess. It’s like we’re standing hand in hand with all our fears upon the edge.

So stop time right here in the moonlight, ‘Cause I don’t ever wanna close my eyes.”

He didn’t stop playing, and you saw him smile even before he looked at you. He knew your voice just as well as you knew his, and would recognize it anywhere. You finished the rest of the song together.

“Without you, I feel broke. Like I’m half of a whole.

Without you, I’ve got no hand to hold.

Without you, I feel torn. Like a sail in a storm.

Without you, I’m just a sad song.

You’re the perfect melody, The only harmony I wanna hear.

You’re my favorite part of me,

With you standing next to me, I’ve got nothing to fear.”

“Without you, I feel broke. Like I’m half of a whole.”

“Without you, I’ve got no hand to hold.”

“Without you, I feel torn. Like a sail in a storm.

Without you, I’m just a sad song.

Without you, I feel broke. Like I’m half of a whole.

Without you, I’ve got no hand to hold.

Without you, I feel torn. Like a sail in a storm.

Without you, I’m just a sad song. I’m just a sad song…”

Despite the years apart, you still knew each other well, especially when it came to music. This was probably the best cover the two of you had ever done together. When you finished, there was applause filling the shop.

“Looks like the audience loves us Y/n” The blond boy said.

“They always have Michael” You smiled.

“How’ve you been? It’s been what?”

“Too long. I’m doing good. I’m guessing you are too, from the way your band has took off”

“Yes. It’s been amazing,”

“How are the guys?”

“They’re great. They’d love to see you…I’d like to spend some time with you too…”


“Just dinner or something?”

“Sorry…I just can't…”


“Look Michael. It took me a long time to get over you…I understand why we had to break things off, I mean you had so many people expecting things from you, and management thought I’d be a distraction…but that doesn’t mean that years later, you can just walk into my life again Michael”

“I’m sorry…” Michael said, a pained expression on his face.

“I know Mikey” You said, tears in your eyes. “Take care of yourself ok?”

Before you could turn to go, he pulled your arm to bring you into a tight embrace. You stayed like that for awhile, wrapped in his arms. It felt so nice, brought back so many good memories. But then you pulled away, kissing his cheek.

“Bye Mikey”

“Bye Y/n”

Then you left the store, refusing to loo back. So much for the guitar picks.


Later when you got home, you opened twitter, needing a distraction so you wouldn’t dwell on what just happened.

However the internet was cruel.

As soon as you opened the app you saw that you had gotten over 100 new followers. You were flattered, but knew something had to be up. Sure enough, all over your feed there was a video of you and Michael singing. There were even pictures of you guys hugging and you kissing his cheek. Of course this was all the 5sos fam was talking about.

Who is she?

Oh my gosh its Y/n! Remember when they used to date?

So cute!

Think they’re back together?

These were some of many comments you read. Weird how some fans literally knew everything, you just hoped they were just really old fans who were there from the beginning.

So that was why so many people were following you, and why you were tagged by all these people.

So much for forgetting what happened. You turned off your phone and decided to call it a night, even if it was only 8. You didn’t want to deal with anything now.


The next morning you were woken up by the sound of your phone ringing. You weren’t able to resist last night, and scrolled though everything everyone was saying about you, luckily mostly nice things.

“Hello?” You said groggily. You looked at the clock. 7:30. Who calls so early?

“Miss Y/n?”

“Yes…who is this?”

“My name is Joan. I’m part of the 5sos management?”

This woke you up.

“What? Um…what do you guys want with me?”

“We’d like you to come down and meet with us. We’ll send you the address. Be here in one hour. Believe me, you should come” Then she hung up.

What the hell? Sure enough you received a text message with an address seconds later.

Feeling as though you had no choice, you quickly got dressed and headed down to meet with that goddamn management that you still couldn’t bring yourself to particularly like.


The address was one of those fancy hotels that held a lot of business meetings. Sure enough, the room given to you was a conference room. There was a lady already there, who you were assuming was Joan, and another man you didn’t recognize. Of course management would change, maybe this was a good thing.

“Y/n. So glad you could make it. I’m Joan.” Joan said, standing up to shake your hand then leading you to the table.

“Hello. My name is Mark.” The man shook your hand.

“Hi…so what is this about?” You asked.

“All will be explained in just a bit Y/n. We’re waiting on one more person” Mark smiled.

“Yes and in the meantime, tell us about your former relationship with Michael?” Joan asked calmly, as if she was asking about the weather and not something very personal.

“Me and Michael? Um…we dated for about a year. Then his band started to take off. And people not to different from you thought it would be a good idea for us to break things off. End of story”

Before they could answer, the door burst open and Michael came running in.

“Sorry I’m late! I was-Y/n? What are you doing here?”

“That’s what I’m waiting to find out”

“Michael. Finally. Aright now that we have the both of you together, I’ll get straight to the point. We want the both of you to date”

“Isn’t that our decision” You said while Michael said “Woah”

“For PR purposes of course. We don’t expect you guys to be in a committed relationship based off our request. Listen it will be great for the  both of you. You both used to date before, so news of you guys getting back together will be huge. Already, those pictures from yesterday are all over the place. It will give you both some positive attention. Y/n, you are releasing an album soon are you not? This could give you the perfect opportunity to  gets some publicity-”

“Wait, you’re trying to bribe her? That’s ridiculous! I mean she’d-” Michael practically yelled, but you interrupted him.

“Might just agree. I’m not as famous as you Mikey, and my music is going well, but any attention is kind of needed right now…”

“Very good Y/n-” You also cut Joan off

“Of course I would need to know what exactly this whole “PR relationship” entitle? What do you expect us to do?“

"Everything will be set up of course. Paparazzi sent to the restaurant, they take a few photos. Then of course you guys post some things on social media, make it seem as though you guys are dating. That’s really all there is to it” Mark said.

“So do we have an agreement?” Joan added

You looked at Michael.

“You’re not actually considering this are you?” Michael asked you, completely frazzled.

“Well you wanted to do dinner right? And how bad could it be? I really need this Mikey…”

Michael sighed. “Fine. For you.”

You gave him a hug and he held you tightly.

“Alright. We’ll let you guys know the time and place of your guy’s 'first date’” Joan smiled, seeming pleased.


“Laser tag?” You asked Michael. When they said date, you expected dinner, maybe even a movie, but laser tag? That was the last thing you’d think of

“They may have gave me a say into what we do…” Michael grinned

“You don’t say?” You laughed

“Alright, ready for some fun?” Michael asked while buckling you into one of those heavy jackets.

“I don’t know, ready to get your ass kicked?” You teased

“You wish” Michael said, giving you a wink.

Several hours later, he had two games on you. You couldn’t believe this. And of course, Michael didn’t let you forget it.

“Not so easy to beat am I?” Michael laughed.

“Whatever Mikey…fuck you”

“Why so salty?”

“Shut up. You won, got it. End of story, may we move on?”

“Well I won, so I get a prize don’t I?”

“Prize? What on earth could you-”

You were interrupted when he suddenly smashed his lips against yours, wrapping his arms around your waist to pull you close to him as he continued to kiss you so tenderly and passionately…

“That” He said when you both had pulled away. “I think that’s reward enough. I’m starved, you want some pizza?”

You just smiled, grabbing his hand, as you headed towards the food court.


Author’s Note: That was long and ended terribly, I’m sorry. Nevertheless hope you liked it!! -Lydia

The Call

(Jimin drabble #4)

W: implied smut - sort of

It was a long busy day for Park Jimin.

The day had started early, filled with continuous long hours of business meetings and gatherings that only ended just before the sun retreated for the night, when he left the last meeting location and decided to let Yoongi dragged him to a certain bar downtown.

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Hitch a Ride Part 2. (Katlaska) - Vixen

So Im not sure if anyone other than me really wanted a sequel to Hitch a Ride (which you can find here) but  I really love this fic tbh, its one of my favourites. Id like to give a shout-out to Boleyn, who sent me the loveliest message which completely inspired me and brought me out my little funk. You prompted me to write a fic for Vixen, and this is it really. As always, let me know what you think either here or on my sideblog. Hope you enjoy reading as much as I did writing it -Vixen.

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anonymous asked:

It's me, Lush anon! I also thought - what if Harry and Merls are going in to get some natural massage bars (Harry loves expensive stuff but merlin's skin is sensitive) and they can't stop thinking about the super cute peppy lush employee (eggsy obvvvvvvs) and keep returning before inviting him on a date as their third..... (Sorry for more prompts, I was excited I saw your reblogged lush post and I just love your writing)

Hello again Lush Anon! Since I don’t want you to worry I didn’t get either of you message, I’ll use today’s #agegapapril ficlet to answer to this one ;) The next ficlets will be tagged with agegapapril and lush verse if you want to keep up with the series ;)

For today’s ficlet, we have Merlin and Eggsy meeting for the first time, let’s see how that goes!

Huge thank you to @injureddreams for listening to my ramblings about it earlier today and agreeing to read it before I posted (and not yelling at me for neglecting our bang :P)

Day Two - Ink

Back before he got the job, Eggsy hadn’t really believed Roxy when she had told him they really get all sorts of customers at Lush. A single day of work had been enough to set him straight.

Sure, the core of their clientele are young women, but not everyone let stereotypes keep them away from good products. And even Eggsy from his very limited experience can honestly say that they are good and it isn’t just because he has been brainwashed into thinking it.

He is sufficiently self-aware to know there has been a bit of brainwashing involved since his hiring, but with his employee discount, he can more than afford the bathbombs that litters his bathroom. He even has the ready excuse that Daisy loves taking glittery baths whenever she stays over and that his purchase has nothing to do with the name, no matter how cool Dragon’s Egg sounds.

But yes, their regular clientele is diverse enough that Eggsy doesn’t think anything of it when the tall bald man steps into the shop. He wouldn’t even have taken note of it in fact, since Chantelle os currently on greeting duty while he is manning the cash, but even from back behind the counter, he can see the sleeves tattoo and the ink looks sick in the best possible way.

For once, Chantelle doesn’t insist after being dismissed and sure the man looks severe enough, but had it been Eggsy, he would have been all over him, because the man ks hot, to hell with reading your customer’s body language.

It’s a while before he’s done with the little rush at the cash, enough that he would have thought the man long gone, but he’s still there, idly looking at the products. Since she’s the one who greeted him, he’d leave Chantelle deal with him, no matter how much he’d like to have a closer look to those tattoos, but she’s still giving the man a wide berth.

He can’t understand why, since he really doesn’t look that bad, but he guesses severe-looking man covered in tattoos (or so he guesses) aren’t everyone’s type.

“Hello, can I help you with anything?”

The man looks him up and down with something like appreciation in his gaze and it takes everything for him not to preen like a peacock.

“Are you Eggsy?”

The man’s words has the effects of a cold shower on him. He doesn’t care if not a minute ago he thought the man didn’t look scary at all, in his experience, a stranger knowing his name is never a good thing.

“That depends on who’s asking?” If his manager heard him talk that way to a client, he could get written up or suspended, but really, he’d rather lose his job than have to start looking over his shoulder everywhere he goes again. He’d thought with Dean gone for good he’d be safe but clearly he had been wrong.

The stranger obviously sensed something wasn’t quite right however, because he takes a couple of steps back and offers him a weak smile.

“Sorry, I should have started with that. My name is Merlin.” He doesn’t try to offer his hand for a shake and before Eggsy can ask what kind of name ‘Merlin’ is, he goes on. “I’m not sure if you remember, but a short while back you’ve help my partner choose some massage bar. A gentleman in a suit named Harry?”

“Oh,” just like that, all the tension leaves him, “sure I remember him.” It would have been a bit hard to forget him since he had starred in quite a few of his fantasies since then. Not that his partner needs to know that.

“Good. Would you also remember what’s the one you sold him? I’d ask him, but he’s on a plane right now and I was hoping to surprise him…”

He hopes his eyes doesn’t glaze over for the short seconds he imagines it, both men naked in bed, their skin made glistening by the oil. He stops before he can decide what would be better between Harry being inked as well under his suit or not and leads Merlin over to the massage bars stand.

“You’ll want Shades of Earl Grey, except if you want to try something else?”

It’s a near thing, but he manages not to moan out loud when he notices that Merlin’s got ink all the way down to his fingers on his left hand as he reach out for one of the bar.

“No, I’d rather keep to what we know for now…” But there is a clear hesitation to his words that makes Eggsy push him a bit.

“You sure there’s nothing else you’d want to try out?” It’s kind of funny to see him so hesitant, because really besides the massage bars, there’s not much to blush over here.

“Maybe something more… specific for feet? Harry is always complaining that his feet are sore after having to travel.”

He might have only talked to either of them for less than five minutes, but it’s enough for him to feel rather envious of the relationship they seem to have. First Harry was concerned about Merlin’s sensitive skin and now Merlin wants something for Harry’s feet because he knows they’ll be sore. It might sound stupid, but his bar for a perfect relationship has just been set higher.

“I have just the thing for you, if you’ll follow me. It’s called Pink Peppermint and it’s heavenly I swear.” And Eggsy would know. He might not have anyone to rub his feet for him, but that stuff has made working long hours standing up way easier since Roxy’s shown it to him.

Merlin raises an eyebrow at the name, but says nothing as he follows him to the other side of the shop, obviously trusting him to advise him correctly.

“SIBLING WAR!” Headcanons.

Hello! im so so sorry for not updating this series! I’ve been busy with college work and these weeks i have the final tests.In the first week of June i’ll finish writting the next part of this series. I also need to catch up on the next chapters!

I got so many prompst regarding DC LOT, I’m so sorry for not be able to write them! as i said before, this summer i’ll write them all. Sooner than you think!

I’ve got a lot of prompst to continuate this series, i will do them all once im free of college in June. until then, i’ve let some easter eggs in these headcanons.

What happens in them can maybe happen in the official Part4!

So enjoy these hc, that way the wait for the much wanted part4 will be shorter.

Tags: @hamsterforlive ( she wanted to be tagged in all my imagines, if you want to be tagged, be free to message me!)

“Sibling war!” (Waverider crew x reader) Part1  Part2   Part3  HC (Here we are!)

  • Well, we all know they’re overprotective assholes.
  • So after Savage and your last heart….they don’t let you out of the ship
  • Like, really. They don’t.
  • You try to sneak out
  • “(Y/n) Where do you think you are going?” Len appeared in front of you, as you felt Mick behind you.
  • S*it
  • “huh,…I was getting-getting a glass of water? Yes water!”
  • “bulls*it, go back to your room” Mick said.
  • You pout but do as you were told
  • You’ll sneak out after they go on a mission.
  • When they got away, you successfully escaped.
  • You made new friends!
  • There was this superboy fellow…he was nice.
  • …Until they cached you
  • “(Y/n) (y/l)! what the FUCK?”
  • “Sara, errr this isn’t what it looks like?”
  • “you are coming with us, NOW!” Rip hands grabbed yours.
  • “But, Con and I-“
  • “WHOS CON???”
  • “Me”
  • Your fam glared at superboy, who stood there.
  • “Let’s get going, we are needed elsewhere” Kendra eyes never left superboy’s as she was threatening him to back off.
  • “You and I are going to have a talk” Len said
  • “oh no”
  • “oh yes” said Mick
  • You were grounded
  • Again
  • Srly, you ain’t 5 anymore.
  • Well
  • That was until a crazy woman hit you with her so called “GREATES WEPON IN THE 52 UNIVERSES….THE REGRESIVE GUN! THE AWESOME GUN THAT TURNS YOU IN A YOUNGER VERSION OF YOURSELF!!!!!!!OH SO GREAT!!!OH SO USEFUL!!!!” (Her words, not mines)
  • Now you were 2
  • And the Waverider couldn’t get enough of you
  • “Are you sure she can’t stay like this??” Ray coed “SHES SO CUTE!”
  • “No, now stop hogging her!” Mick said as he swooped you up. “She’s my little wildfire” Mick’s beard ticked you and you let an adorable laugh escape.
  • “AWWWWWW!” Coed everyone.
  • Kendra and Sara stole you from Mick and ran to their room.
  • “YOU-“
  • “There are kids present, Mick” Len put one of those horrible cereal bars.
  • “UAGH!” Mick coughed.
  • Hours passed before the guy could see you again
  • Kendra and Sara got out of your room with a white fluffy onesie with bunny ears and a lil tail.
  • The guys looked at your cuteness
  • They were cuteness overload
  • The first to come back was Ray, who hugged you tightly
  • “OMG, SHE’S SO FLUFFY IM GONNA DIE!” ray’s hair tickled your nose and made you sneeze like a kitten.
  • “Give her to me” said Len.
  • “no” ray answered.
  • “to bad” Len hit Ray in the shoulder and grabbed you.”gonna take MY little sister” And ran to their room
  • “SNART! GIVE ME MY DAUGHTER!” Rip yelled, running behind snart.
  • “NO”
  • “Sh-sh-shhhhip!!!” you laughed
  • AAAAWWWWWWWed everyone
  • Rip glared at Len.
  • “Give”
  • “no”
  • The next day, you were still a lil bundle of joy
  • The crew was so enamored with you
  • ……AAnd the  JSA kidnapped you
  • Yep
  • The crew went bonkers
  • So bonkers that they got kidnapped too, (or would it be adultnapped?)
  • You rescued them
  • Yep
  • How? Would you ask
  • Easy, this lil cute chubby face*squishes (y/n)’s cheeks* so cute
  • You had the JSA tied around your lil finger.
  • “Can i hold her, now???” stargirl says
  • “No.” Mid-nite says
  • “Awww,please?” Courtney insists
  • “….”
  • “let us hold her!” Vixen insists.
  • In the end they got to hold you.
  • “You ain’t going back with them, you’re ours now.” Mid.nite said
  • You started crying
  • No one could make you stop
  • “If you release me, I’ll calm her” Len said
  • “….release him”
  • “but-“
  • They did
  • And Len shushed you and sang you a song his mom used to sing to him
  • Then everyone got free and flied with you back to the ship
  • “MA BABIEEEH!!!” Cried Stargirl
  • “We’ll get her back” Said Vixen
  • Once in the Waverider
  • Everyone was fighting to get a hold of your tiny form
  • Like flying horrible cereal bars
  • A fight fight
  • Then Jax and Stein got a hold of you.
  • “she looks sleepy, we should read her a bedtime story” Jax said.
  • “Well, I got the Quantum vortex theory of the ultimate black hole, it’s a good thesis.”
  • “….” Jax looked dumfounded at Stein. He didn’t have any more books.
  • “…well If that can’t make her sleep, nothing will.” Jax said
  • A page in the book and Jax and you were soundly asleep.
  • Your soft breaths made everyone come to see your cute, peaceful expression.
  • …. Until Jax snored
  • That broke the moment
  • “…Do we have to return her to normal?” Ray whined.
  • “Yes, even though she’s the cutest thing ever” Kendra said.
  • Rip looked at you, grabbed your tiny form and went to your room.
  • He laid you on your bed, and caressed your hair like he did before.
  • You  looked at him and smiled, he smiled back
  • “Go to sleep, darling”
  • “p-pa-pa-paaaa-a-PAPA!” You smiled and raised your arms to Rip
  • His eyes clouded with tears.
  • He grabbed your hands and kissed them, making you giggle.
  • “Yes, darling. I’m here, you are safe. Papa is here.”
  • You yawned cutely, and feel asleep with Rip’s hand in you.
  • “My darling princess” He kissed your hairline.
  • In the end, they turned you back to normal
  • Much to Ray’s, Kendra’s and Sara’s sadness for losing their lil’ bunny.
  • “You can still dress her in fluffy thing you know?” Jax said
  • “Don’t give them ideas? Grumbled Mick.
  • Ken, Sara and Ray’s eyes twinkled
  • “Great, now you gave them ideas.”
  • “It’s all your fault” Mick said as he slapped Jax’s shoulder as he leaved the kitchen. Jax saw the face of revenge in your eyes
  • “s*it” thought jax
  • In the end the Waverider got a pretty lil bunny and an angry lil kitty.
  • Oh so much photos
  • Oh so much blackmail.

yes-mclennon  asked:

hello marco! love your blog a lot! i don't want to hurt you or anything, but I was looking at that quote you posted about Paul that sometimes say 'we' instead of 'I' and I read a couple of blogs saying that you stole that quote from another blog? is it true? I love your blog and it hurts me to read some blogs saying bad things about you, that's all, answer privately if you want!

hello honey! don’ worry, I’ll answer publicly, so that everyone, included these blogs will read my answer.

I know who you’re talking about, these blogs love to spend their time talking shit about me, quite..everyday? Other people send me messages now and then saying that these blogs write bad stuff about me, saying that I write fake facts, and blocking them wasn’t enough. Now, I even steal quotes from other blogs. I didn’t know about it, you made me notice that they wrote this:

and this:

At first I didn’t want to answer cause it’s like showing them something and I hate it. I never replied in the past, and I believe these people should be ignored, cause they just want to get attention, that’s it, they don’t care about mclennon. They just like to throw shit. It’s their hobby. So, since I’ve been accused to ‘steal’ quotes, I’m going to show you where I took this quote from, just to let these people know that YES, I buy books!! Even if you prefer to believe I don’t. I don’t even get why it sounds so strange to you?

This is my kindle, and as you can see there’s the Mark Lewisohn book “The Beatles: Tune In”. (i don’t even know why i’m doing this it’s so ridiculous lmao)

Do you see it?? I BOUGHT IT!! WOWOWWW

and look at this^ up on the last part of the books, in the notes.

Let’s get it closer, it’s the quote I posted!

My main interest here, on Tumblr, is to share what I read with other people who have the same interests I have, not to be the envious dick who throw shit at other blogs just because I can’t share anything interesting with them.

I suggest these people to spend their time wisely, like actually buying these books, or maybe why not, having fun on this website? Grow up? 

Thanks for letting me know about it honey, but this is the first and last time that I’ll reply. And you know why? Cause I don’t want to waste my precious time with stupid people who like to spend their time writing on their blogs and tags how fake I am and how I like to steal stuff from other blogs, cause that’s the best thing they can do on this website. I’m too busy having fun with lovely and interesting mclennon fans talking and discussing about John and Paul.