if you read the spinoff u get me

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Red&Toby: Just read art. by Uprising director sayin if this grosses, already have talked plot for 3rd film. Also if make 3rd it will lead to "universal franchise" of movies, spinoffs, one offs, comics & animated. We will take a Newt & Gottlieb spinoff PLEASE Thank You Very Much--o course assuming they both survive uprising!!! Also thanks for casual Eddie Hew by Idara. Found some on Twitter & her Instagram but not this one. U win Sleuth o the Week Award. Even animated Gottlieb w/BG voice over!!

Yessss, give me ALL the K-Sci spin-offs!! …Or at the very least please please let Newt and Hermann both emerge from Uprising happy and alive and safe, because boy howdy am I stressed about that!

I can’t take credit for finding Idara’s Casual Eddie pic, though – @obsessingoverdownton is the super sleuth who shared that here. For which I think we are all appreciative. :)