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you nearly gave me a heart attack! Lol- i'm like "whos tagging me-" this isn't annoylord who- Oh! OH NO! As i roll into a ball because you read my tag. But like neptuna (heh) could drown me tho. Drown me in those thighs ayyyy~


I Can’t Remember (Part 3)

Summary: A frat!calum fic about frat boy Calum and sorority girl Y/N who are bitter rivals but end up waking up next to each other one morning after a drunken night of shenanigans and have to figure out what happened before anyone finds out.

Okay so y'all did a really magical and wonderful thing and got part 2 to 100 notes in less than 12 hours (how idk) so here’s part 3 for y'all! 

You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here!

Once again, the 4th and final part will be posted when this post reaches 100 notes! Hope you guys like it! I think this was my favorite section to write btw 

Words: 2414

Warnings: just language!


“So you’re positive this is the right place?” you asked Calum. You had received a text from him saying he knew where you guys went after the party so you had rushed to meet up with him and were now standing in front of Uncle Bob’s Family Diner.

“For the hundredth time, yes Y/N.” Calum replied annoyed.

“Well, I’m just checking.” you countered.

“This isn’t the only diner downtown you know.” you said.

“I know, but it is the only diner that the fraternity ever goes to so it would only make sense if this is the one we went to last night.” Calum explained as he walked through the diner doors, walking in first and letting the door partially close in front of your face. You scoffed at his actions and followed him in. You were immediately greeted by the amazing smell of burgers being grilled and a friendly waitress behind the counter.

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do you read a lot of jikook fics? kdldkk ive been binging a lot of them lately (THANKS FOR GETTING ME INTO BTS DAVE) (stares at you dead inside) if you do what are your favorites? I just finished one called the good doctor and (shivers) if you havent read her works yet, i recommend that writer c:

hey nonnie!!! i do read a lot of fic lol (p much every fic in the tag, i check a couple times a day bc i’m, bad and terrible) when i’m not writing or drawing im probably reading! you can always check my ao3 bookmarks for my top fics but heres three of my favorite (recent) works:

the eyes are the window to the soul (and to the heart) by cygnus (lucid_wisteria)

WOOP MEARIIES NEWEST FIC IM IN LOV W IT… its so sweet its about jeongguks eyes turning different colors according to mood and jimin wondering about what the color pink means!! makes me tear up :”) (sfw)

set in oil paints by flitter

a rlly interesting fic where jimin is da vinci and jeongguk is salai– intriguing for anyone who’s taken art history or also anyone in general pff– y’know what i want to see though? fucken isaac newton and fatio but w jikook that’d be wild (nsfw)

were not broken just bent by melanic

WOOOO RAVENCLAW JEONGGUK AND SLYTHERIN JIMIN… THE WAY ITS S’POSED TO BE…. absolutely brilliant writing, excellent characterization! its nsfw and jimin bottoms but the good kind? like, everything is still in character and he isnt some whiny sub, which i dont rlly care if thats ur thing, it just REALLY isnt mine, so im a big fan of this fic!!! its so rare for me to find a bottom jimin fic that i can actually enjoy hfhghdf (nsfw)

and uh, heres a little personal note and some writers i would recommend:

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I’m going to type out the chat first so you can reference back to it while reading-

I: KJ, what flavor of milkshake do you think would bring the most boys to the yard

K: [laughs] my fav… [laughs] what? who said that?

-they then figure out who asked the question-

K: banana probably

I: [starts laughing]

K: banana is my favorite 

I: [laughing] okay

K: banana is my favorite…uh…milkshake

I: I’m gonna let the fans read into that whatever they want-

Okay, this interview has been discussed before, so I’ll keep this part brief. Once the interviewer asks the question, KJ becomes visibly nervous and starts to laugh. We’ve all seen KJ laugh and this one seems to be a pretty fake and nervous one. 

KJ goes on to ask who wrote that question and works out how to pronounce her name. Seems like he’s trying to distract from the question. Then he answers “banana”. As I wrote above, he repeats his answer (not asked to, just did) and pauses for a moment between “favorite” and “milkshake”. 

His second time saying it had more of a “no I’m serious it’s just the fruit” vibe. Which, didn’t work out for him when he started to stumble on his words. Why the pause? I don’t think he was even going to say milkshake. 

End of that. Now, we all know a new promo for Riverdale 2x02 just came out x. It features The Pussycats singing “Milkshake” while Kevin, Archie, Ronnie, Jughead, and Betty were in the crowd. There’s one part I want to focus on. 

The lyrics at this time in the promo are “what the guys go crazy for”

Jughead looks over at Archie with a big grin on his face. I can’t imagine that this was scripted. Archie did not look back. It was not a moment they shared showing how happy they were to be with their girlfriends. Archie was focused on Ronnie and Jughead was more focused on Archie than he was his own girlfriend. Riverdale would not skip out on BH time to tell Jughead to look over fondly at Archie. 

This seems like Cole, not Jughead. KJ’s interview happened well before the filming of season 2 began. Cole looks like he remembered what KJ had said and looked over at him to catch his eyes, but when KJ stayed in character and went to kiss Ronnie, Cole looked back to the Pussycats. 

I guess some shared jokes stick with you no matter how much time has passed. I’d say Cole probably teases KJ about it all the time. It’s nice to finally have content showing that this part of the ET interview really was about him and Cole. 

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Hey! I just finished reading oculus and just wanted to say,,,,holy shit. It was definitely one of the best fanfics I’ve read since joining the fandom and I cried....a lot. I can’t wait to read some of your other fics!!!

Ahhh thank you so much ! I’m glad you liked oculus, it’s my favorite fic I’ve written so far. I do have lots more you ca read tho ;)

I just hit 900…

I am honestly speechless. I’m still confused how 900 of you like me and my content enough to follow me and read my fics. I’m eternally greatful to all of you. Since I started writing for DEH and posting it, my confidence as a writer has increased so much. I’m more confident in my ability to tell a story, which was a major contributor to starting to write my musical, which is now my favorite pastime. So, thank you all so much for giving me not only new confidence but for paving the way to a new adventure in composing and writing my musical.

I also can’t even begin to describe the extent to which the people I’ve met in this community have affected me. I’ve made so many friends on here that are the most amazing people I have ever known. @mkfstcnnrmrph was my first friend who I adore so much, @a-lil-reinvention is my favorite bean ever, @watch-the-whole-world-disappear is so amazingly sweet and I love her so much. @sincerely-insanely-me , @mm-aureen and so many others that I can’t even begin to tag are so so so amazing, and I love every single one of you to death. You’ve made my life so much better in the short time I’ve known you.

I can’t even begin to repay you all for what you’ve done for me, and for the patience and kindness you all have shown. Just thank you- a million times thank you- for every thing that you all do. I’m proud to be in this fandom, and am happier than I’ve been in a long time. Thank you! 💕❤️

The New World - Part 7

Here is the FULL chapter for part 7! As always, thank you for reading it, this series is easily becoming one of my favorites to write!!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Daryl x Reader, Maggie X Glen, Ezekiel x everyone, Rick x Michonne x Carl

Warnings: Language, Canon-divergence, Character death, Comic storyline crossover

Word Count: 4268

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Dunno if we're allowed to throw out our own headcanons, but after reading your Cole and Les Miserables headcanons I thought of how funny it would be if despite Eponine being his favorite he was named after Colette.

heck yeah you are!! I love this so much oh my goodness

Cole: screw you, Cosette, Eponine didn’t deserve this >://
Lou: Cole you do realise you were actually named after Cosette
Cole: what
Lou: yeah we were told you were gonna be a girl, so we were gonna call you Colette after Cosette
Cole: I’m changing my name.

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Are you still working on Cor et Cerebrum? I understand if you aren't working on it anymore, it's just one of my favorite things I have read in a long time.

In theory yes! I hope to have another chapter of the latest longfic up within the next few weeks!

Catch Me By Surprise, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction
Somewhere Leia had found happiness. It felt a little unreal, to be perfectly honest.

This fic was written for me one year ago today when I was going through a really hard time. It helped me get back to sleep after laying awake for hours, and since then, it has been my number one go-to favorite for adorable, loving fluff that just makes you melt inside.

Thank you to the one and only @knightedrogue for writing this beautiful piece of literature for me and all of us to enjoy. I can probably quote most of it from memory now, and I have no doubt that this will continue to be my favorite story for so many reasons <3

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Hello once again. I absolutely love your stories, you are one of the writers I turn to when I need a lift . When I need my heart to filled with warmth and joy . You would not believe how many times I read “ a what happens in AC “ and “ echoed on your skin “. Stories I am loving your stories of them with Lily , I would love a story of them finding out they are expecting again and then them finding out it is twins . The the shock of twins and boys , the twins need stories too please :))

Gah, thank you so much, Anon! I can’t tell you what it means to me to hear that, to know that those stories are some of your favorites (they’re so special to me, too). 

I will absolutely try to work on that prompt for you - I love the boys, and you’re absolutely right: they need their stories told, too! Thank you! (And if you have any other twin-specific prompts, please send them my way!)

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the language of flowers by vanessa diffenbaugh! (I'm reading it rn and like it so far!)

you changed your url back! and i did actually already look into the book when i saw you were reading it on goodreads. (i’m such a snoop). it looks really interesting. and i’ve always been interested in flower meanings. i think the writing style incorporating that will be really great too. sooo…

added to TBR | on my TBR | couldn’t finish it | did not enjoy | it was OK | liked it | loved it | favorite | not interested

send me book titles!

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You are honestly my favorite person/writer on Tumblr. I rarely come on here anymore other than to read your new fics. Seriously. Sometimes I’ll for a week without going on Tumblr and then all of a sudden I’ll be like, “Oh my gosh! She’s probably posted new imagines and fics! Ahh!” And I jump right onto your profile and read everything. I love your writing so much, I read it on Quotev. Yeah. I got so sad when you stopped updating, then I found you on here and I think I actually died. So thanks :)

Oh dear, this is honestly such a beautiful message you made me smile so widely, honey! I am honestly at a loss for words at the moment! You have no idea how honored and happy I truly feel!

Oh Quotev, yes, it was one of the very first account I opened when I got into writing and then I opened tumblr and got more active here and I slowly let go of that and other because I didn’t have much time! I want to be able to update that and another one I have on deviantArt because it’s been about a year, ever since I actually finished Friends After All to be honest!

Once more, thank you honey for such a beautiful message!

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I'm currently reading (re-reading? I already read a boyfriend is a privilege as a stand alone lol) your simple acts series on ao3 and I'm in LOVE with everything you write (on tumblr as well ahh) And I just feel like I have to keep sending you asks just saying that I really do love the way you write drarry- reading something from you just always makes my day so much better wow!!! 🌸🌸🌸

Ooo! Ooo! ‘A Boyfriend is a Privilege’ is one of my favorites! That one is where the series really takes off. Was that the only one you read of the series? I think you might like the one after it or even ‘Senses are Essential’. 

No worries! I like your asks. You always make me smile. :) Oh, and before I forget, I am going to write the next part of ‘Beautiful’ right now, so that should be done soon-ish. :P I know you wanted me to continue that and I will! 

for @thenewbard who loves the hell out of this rarepair