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my favorite fics [41/?]

Adore You by @isthatyoularry​; 66k, read on ao3

Summary: “We invited our new acquaintances from uptown. You’ve simply got to meet their oldest son!” said his mother with a flourish, and suddenly it became abundantly clear as to why his parents had so adamantly demanded he join them in Deansville for the entirety of the summer.

Against his wishes, Harry spends the holidays at his family’s summer estate, and is reluctantly pulled into a courtship he didn’t ask for. Harry doesn’t want to get married, but Louis does. They don’t fit, but then again they really, really do.

Vaguely set in the 1920’s. Headpieces, jazz, fashionable canes, and flapper dresses, and that.


Hi friends. I put out a fic rec list a while back, and since then I’ve read a lot more, cried a lot more, laughed a lot more. So here’s another fic rec list for YOI! Most of these are different authors, in an attempt to spread the love. 

As before, it goes fewer bookmarks -> more bookmarks, in a very blatant attempt to give exposure.


Resting pulse by cafecliche: I’m crying all the time, when I read this fic. It’s amusing and witty, while capturing the Victuuri characterizations perfectly, and also THERE IS PINING. This author’s other fic also address anxiety beautifully, so go forth. Go read all of the cafecliche. Do it for your wellbeing.

Kiss, You’re On Camera by Ashida: THIS IS SO SWEET. They’re at a baseball game, and Yuuri’s neighboring seat gets taken by an attractive stranger. God, it’s cute. Please check it out.

Stay the Night by Shadow_sensei: Your heart won’t be ready for the twist at the end of this. You could never be ready. This story is haunting and I mean that pun in all the best ways—it’s also got a beautiful dreamlike, fairytale (more like scary story) feel to most of it.

Shall We Skate (Through Time) by counterheist: counterheist has written MANY quality fics (also see BREAKING NEWS: Local Man Would Like to Date Other Local Man), most of which have me laughing. God, counterheist is great. This time travel AU also INVOLVES PHICHIT, my man, deals with consequences and, finally, provides great plot.

Yuri Plisetsky Saves the (Figure Skating) World by Dawn on ICE (Dawn_Blossom): Yuri Plisetsky’s interpretation of Viktor running off to “coach” Yuuri. It’s so canon compliant it HURTS—like hurts your stomach, because you’ll be laughing. Also the author is a darling.

A Heart of Paper Cranes by missmichellebelle: Besides being a fantastic human being, this author handles fluff, first time meetings, and anything your heart could desire with aplomb. I love this fic to pieces, and I love the sweet honesty of the Victuuri in it. *swoons*

Meet me halfway (in the future) by MissSpock:  I LOVE THIS FIC?? I love MissSpock, who I discovered and promptly blazed through all the fic of. This excellent time travel fic explores jealousy in a ironic but honest way.

Nuclear Hearts Club by butterbeerbitch:  The best of mutual pining and high school. I think I recc’d butterbeerbitch on my last list too, but I need you to listen to me. This fic has beautiful musings on childhood, which are giving me nostalgia in ways nothing else I’ve read has, and it is heartbreakingly gorgeous. This is poetry, it is prose, I cannot believe this is a real human being writing this. While they have stunning imagery, they also aren’t scared to make gross, hilarious comparisons. Please read this. Do it for me.

Like a design by jinlian: Canon-verse, and very sweet and humorous.

Life Unwoven by rougeandtonic:  TIME TRAVEL AU. WHERE YUURI TIME TRAVELS… BOTH WAYS. You get double the Victuuri, all of the pining, all of the miscommunication being healed, and just… oh. I love this fic. I think about it constantly. I’ve totally already screamed a lot about rougeandtonic on my Tumblr, but I. Do Not. Care. Like, this author probably hates me at this point, but I can’t help it.  Please read their work: kokoro no kaze is another of my favorites.

Lullaby of Birdland by Orchids_and_Fictional_Cities: Yuuri is a figure skater and Viktor is a jazz pianist. It doesn’t hesitate to deal with heavy topics, and the author knows. Their. Jazz. I’m drooling over this fic as we speak. Listen. I don’t understand how this has only 142 bookmarks at 7 chapters. I DON’T UNDERSTAND.

Meet Me by the River by c0rnfl0wer: do you want Slavic mythology and traditions handled masterfully and presented along with high quality love and pining? Then read this fic! Also, check out c0rnfl0wer’s other works, I can’t imagine how much research and effort he puts into his writing.

The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through His Stomach by futuresoon: I can’t figure this mystery fic out for the life of me. IT DOESN’T MATTER. Do you like mythical creatures? Do you like mysterious and handsome men? Do you like food? Check this out. This quirky, supernatural fic leaves you curious, and ironically hungry for more. Might be on a hiatus, as a warning, but word on the street is that it’s not abandoned.

I see the universe in your eyes by fangirlandiknowit: Oh god. From Yuuri’s POV, and it’s so descriptive, so emotional. This was written a while back, but I just discovered it and it is quality.

(offer me) that Deathless Death by melonbug: VIKTOR IS DEATH in this beautiful and moving fic that’s wrapped up in mystery and prose, but which I want to continue reading forever. There’s some phenomenal life observations in here, too.

Shut up and let me hold you by shysweetthing: I’ll never be over shysweething’s writing. I KNOW I recc’d this author on the last list, but you have to understand that it has brilliant dialogue, clearly understands YOI and episodes 11 and 12, and presents what was absent/only hinted at from them in a way that simultaneously soothes and breaks your heart.

These Frozen Nights by viciously: GEEZ so Yuuri can see ghosts, and Viktor doesn’t know… This fic is just ethereal and shocking, but still domestic and the Victuuri is sweet.

Taking the long way home by thankyouforexisting: Vicchan doesn’t die (so you already know this is gonna be good) and Yuuri doesn’t get drunk, so this fic explores how things change. It’s just… lovely. The dialogue is hilarious and magnificent, the AU is a great idea, and I’m loving this slow build.  NO, THANK YOU for existing, thankyouforexisting.

cover story by fan_nerd: Every frickin time I think back to my pre-AO3 account days, I remember a great fic and have to search for it. Every time I do, IT IS BY FAN_NERD. I love fan_nerd. This is a roommates AU, and is top notch.

Just Like a Stranger With the Weeds in Your Heart by MooseFeels: This ABO fic is just. Just. I tend to obsess over rhythm in my writing, and this fic has rhythm in excess. It just slides smoothly into your head, and astounds you.

Prove Me Wrong by homsantoft (tofsla): I started reading this and thought, oh, another soulmate AU, it could be decent. BUT I WAS A FOOL. This is not any old soulmate fic—it is beautifully handled, and I am unworthy of this and the one other fic by this author for YOI. PLEASE READ IT.

America goals by magnetic wave: Phichit is probably my favorite YOI character that isn’t Viktor or Yuuri, and this fic captures him so well. It also is a fic where you can see a perfect Phichit and Yuuri dynamic, without having to rely on Victuuri at all. I am in love.

Singularity by springsoldier (ladydaredevil):  I think I also recc’d this author on the last list. Do you care? I don’t care. You have to see this. It’s a STAR WARS AU. It’s so understated, and glorious, and hilarious. The Yurio is excellent, and the storyline is handled realistically. Finally, a Star Wars fic that shows you how a good Jedi deals with love.

A Lesson in Wanting by awesometinyhumanbeing:  I AM FANNING MYSELF. I love this fic! I love the trope of being in love with someone you’re married to, but being unable to deal with it. Reading the lines here just make me want to cry, and by the time things are finally resolved you will be incredibly invested in their happy ending.

Butt Stuff by Plumpie:  Yuuri gets an invasive… butt procedure. And Viktor is his nurse. Every moment in this is amusing.

At Home by SuggestiveScribe: SuggestiveScribe is pretty prolific, or was back a few months ago, and all of their works are breathtaking. Please check them out. This one’s fluffy, domestic despite the travel, and fun.

Katsuki Yuuri: Ascended Fanboy by Defiant-Dreams (DefiantDreams):  I’M LAUGHING SO HARD. Yuuri is a commentator, Viktor is still a skater, and everyone is exposed to their mutual and very obvious crushes in this great comedy.

Blackbird by sixpences: If you read nothing else I’ve recced to you but you still read this fic, I will be happy. This extremely well thought-out and planned fic showcases Yuuri and Viktor as intelligence operatives during WWII and the Cold War, and is brilliant in its complex portrayal of the issues at the time. Also, they’re ridiculously cute together even in heartbreaking circumstances. There is homophobia in-universe, but the handling of it is sublime and it’s there for a reason. I JUST UM. DEEP BREATHS EVERYBODY. THIS FIC IS SO GOOD.

Aria: Stammi Vicino, Non Te Ne Andare by exile_wrath:  Okay so listen. I am a very sensitive kid. This fic made me have a LOT OF FEELINGS, and is sublime. I will say there is definitely some violence, but it’s handled as well as this author handles everything, and the story as a whole transports you to this whole other Beauty-And-The-Beast but darker world! It’s very imaginative.

Constellations (Things You Left Unsaid) by DasWarSchonKaputt: I love Yuuko, and anytime she shows up in this fic I scream. This fic is just hilarious and deals with Yuuri’s feelings of inadequacy quite well. A+ role reversal AU!

Take Hold by Lavender Prose: Have I ever mentioned that I’m a complete sucker for soulmate AUs? I am, and this one is stunning and thorough in its worldbuilding. Also, check out the author’s tumblr for short but effective drabbles.

Kings in Couture by slightlied: I think a lot of people have also heard of this one, but I don’t care. The first two chapters are excellent, and accompanying drabbles for this universe can be found on the author’s tumblr, and they are also engaging. Just visit the author’s tumblr—it’s a lot of quality content of all kinds, and she’s bursting with ideas.

Now When Arrows Don’t Penetrate, Cupid Grabs the Pistol by ken_ichijjouji (dommific): AHAHAHA this fic, it’s funny. Also, it stars Phichit and almost every possible couple in YOI, so you know it’s going to be an exciting ride!

Worthwhile by surveycorpsjean: People like to watch Viktor suffer, but it’s always from pining. This fic handles the concept that Viktor can have major insecurities and struggles too, showing through heart-rending metaphor. And of course, it shows that Viktor can still deal with these things while having and deserving a loving relationship. Ah, homophobia warning here, but it’s a fic dealing with a lot of real world issues.

Twenty-Five Hours by 0lizzybennet0: Listen here. This is my favorite identity reveal fic. Somehow this author takes a plane ride (normally a terrible experience for all) and makes it into a rollercoaster of good times and cuddles and wrenching revelations. I love this Viktor, and this Yuuri, and the pacing is just right, as well as the Viktor/Yurio dynamic.

Beside the Dancing Sea by lily_winterwood and MapleTreeway: probably a fic that everybody knows, but it’s so well planned and such a great take on selkies that I can’t help but recommend it. There’s actual poetry in here, folks, as well as great prose—dream scenes, sweet romantic getaways in bays, CUTE SEALS. And, for a time, a mystery! Just… read this fic, if you’ve somehow missed it.

Centripetal force by braveten: Braveten is pretty well known, so you’re probably like “kiaronna why are you showing us this, of course we all know this fic” but this is my FAVORITE OF HER FICS and it’s going to get recommended, dang it. If you somehow missed this adorable masterpiece and like college fic, check it out. One of the chapters also made me hide in a bathroom for a while to deal with my freakout about emotions.

Unfortunately, because of life, I haven’t had as much time to explore the tag… or much time in general. so if you’re one of the works I love but I missed you, I’m sorry! 

Hopefully you readers will share my enjoyment of these amazing works!

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Favorite supercorp fics? I want to read some tonight.

i’ve got a bunch more if you want but these were the ones on the first page of my bookmarks

prindianite  asked:

Hi Mama! How have you been today? I hope you have been well and good! Well, I'm here to ask a question about my favorite ship ever... If MikexNanaba was canon, what would be some facts about it? Also, do you ship it too? Love you mama! <3

Would ;) anyway, they’d always go to bed together and sit for an hour and read like an old couple. Also Mike would always want to frick in weird places and nanaba would be like “wtf dude” and then do it anyway

favorite scenes: andreil {1/?}

“Don’t say you are, because you and I both know you take shit care of yourself.“
     "You have a hearing problem,” Andrew deduced. “Too many balls to the helmet, perhaps. Can you read lips?” Andrew pointed at his mouth as he spoke. “The next time someone comes for you, stand down and let me deal with it. Do you understand? 

     “If it means losing you, then no,” Neil said.

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I'm reading Moby Dick right now (because you've recommended it so thoroughly in the past) and so far I'm really enjoying it! They're just about to set off on their voyage. :) Anyway, Queequeg just mentioned that people from his land don't have ottomans or settes -- which made me think fondly of our favorite betailed heroine. Aside from the comic title, has Moby Dick influenced your storytelling in other notable ways?

I’m so glad you’re reading it, it’s my favourite novel :)

Melville’s my patron saint. On dark days when I feel like a total hack, I remember how miserable he must have felt after Moby-Dick flopped and how he kept writing regardless. He wrote exactly what he wanted, even when he was trying to be more commercially viable. He was fearlessly weird, scandalous, overwrought, and naked in his prose.

After his initial burst of success, he never really succeeded again. There’s no happy ending to his story, not that he ever personally saw. That’s very real and honest to me. We just have to keep pressing on and not expect the world to reward us. You have to write and work for yourself. The ocean’s going to stretch emptily around your coffin regardless.

There are some silly Melville references in Unsounded. Jivi’s last name is Flask - Flask is a mate in Moby-Dick. There’s a character named Claggart later who’s an homage to a Claggart from Billy Budd and Duane himself has echoes of Billy Budd in him.

The idea of the waterwomen and stormbringers was born from this passage in Moby-Dick:

Hither, and thither, on high, glided the snow-white wings of small, unspeckled birds; these were the gentle thoughts of the feminine air; but to and fro in the deeps, far down in the bottomless blue, rushed mighty leviathans, sword-fish, and sharks; and these were the strong, troubled, murderous thinkings of the masculine sea.

But though thus contrasting within, the contrast was only in shades and shadows without; those two seemed one; it was only the sex, as it were, that distinguished them.

Girdling: surroundingAloft, like a royal czar and king, the sun seemed giving this gentle air to this bold and rolling sea; even as bride to groom. And at the girdling line of the horizon, a soft and tremulous motion—most seen here at the Equator—denoted the fond, throbbing trust, the loving alarms, with which the poor bride gave her bosom away.


So, word around the block is, some of you wanted more. TADA!!! You guys, seriously, it means so much you like my writing. I read every little comment even if I don’t reply. My face has been read the entire night. Thank you so much! As always, spelling and grammar mistakes are my own.

Keep reading

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Now you've finished reading Deltora Quest's first series can I ask for your overall thoughts? What you liked and didn't like, your favorite book, etc,ecta.

Jasmine will be queen in my heart forever. I love her. 

I think City of Rats or Dread Mountain is probably my favorite book. I liked the way Noradz was written a lot, very clever. 

cold-heart-warm-hands  asked:

Are there any books you like to see made into miniseries or movies that haven't already had/are getting that treatment? Also, if you had to pick one book to read for the rest of eternity which would it be?

Interesting questions. So many of my favorite books have been made into terrible movies (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, The Unbearable Lightness of Being). But… since I love the movie version of The English Patient so much, I’d love to see a big screen adaptation of another Ondaatje book, In the Skin of a Lion. I think The Awakening could make a beautiful movie, too. 

Regarding one book to read for the rest of eternity, I’d have to choose The English Patient. I’ve already read it seven times, and I get something new from it each time. That book is my literary soul mate. :) 

I’d love to hear everyone else’s answers to these questions. 

I’m going to respond to the rest of the ask meme messages tomorrow because I don’t want to flood people’s dashes further. I have read them all though and oh my fucking god every single one of you deserves a hug and for your favorite character to come to life long enough to kiss you, and this includes everyone I have already responded to as well ♡ I love all of you. Thank you so much!

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I honestly found your blog though the Underworld series on Wattpad by rotxinxpieces. Some good shit you should read it if you haven't. (Cain is my freaken favorite)

lmao i found the underworld series through this blog. out of hades’ children charon and theo r my fave

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Okay! I read through your blog and I love it cause the writing is awesome and all the skeles are my favorite. And speaking of the spooky sexy skeletons, how would the US, UT, and UF bros deal with eating a s'more for the first time? Have an awesome day! <3

Spooky Sexy Skeletons. I love that.

And I Love you, you’re so sweet!

Also, this ask is so innocent? Kinda adorable.

Now I want a S'more.

UT! Sans: at first he doesn’t really get food combinations, but he ends up really liking s’mores. Makes a another one, puts ketchup on it and ruins it, but hey, it makes him happy, so let him have it. Try not to cringe because he will get self conscious and never eat in front of you again.

UT! Paps: is reluctant to eat it, because it is so messy and also it isn’t spaghetti. But he ends up enjoying it, and makes like 20. Now he always makes Spaghetti and S’mores for dessert. He’s a skeleton, he does what he wants.

UF! Sans: he doesn’t have a huge sweet tooth. He enjoys having one, but he can’t handle any more. Likes the idea of food combinations, just isn’t that big on sweets.

UF! Paps: opposite of his brother; huge sweet tooth. Is skeptical at first, why are you combining foods, human? But when he tries it, he immediately wants more because damn, s’mores are good. Makes a lot, eats them all. Don’t judge him, he’ll make you cry.

US! Sans: please don’t feed him sweets oh no. But you did. He loved it so much, and now Papyrus is glaring at you because Sans is a hyper cinnabon. He tries to make more so you better hide the chocolate and marshmallows!

US! Paps: is the one person who eats the things separately. To lazy to wait, eats the crackers and chocolate while the marshmallow is roasting. Never gets a legit s’more unless you make it for him. If you do, he eats it, no big deal. It’s the same thing to him. He’s a simple skele-man.

when you look at how many things i write for jack, i mean every single word i say. and when he replied to me one day with “this means a lot to read and put a big smile on my face :) thank you!” i always look back at that moment and just smile so much. it means so much to me that one of my most favorite people saw what i wrote for him and even replied to it. he never fails to make me smile or laugh. he doesn’t even have to like or reply, him being able to read what i wrote for him means a lot to me already. i mean, he replies to so many of his fans on a daily basis. he replies to tweets, posts, fan art, messages, etc. since jack had a huge impact on my life, it’s going to be really hard for me to ever forget him. i could write this paragraph all day long, but, just to make things short, he makes us so happy and we make him so happy. all the messages we write him, all the fan art we draw for him, all the edits we make of him, all make him happy. his videos make us happy. we care so much about him and he cares so much about us that he’s willing to do anything possible to make sure that we’re happy and okay. thank you jack (i know you said that we shouldn’t thank you, but you deserve every single thank you) 💚

tag games: top 10

Rules: Tell us your favorite character from 10 different fandoms and tag around 10 people. I was tagged by @mockingjaykatniss2 THANK YOU💖     

1) Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Trones): She’s my baby and I will protect her with my life <3. She’s so strong. Let her be happy!!! 

2) Chandler Bing (Friends): How can he not be loved??? He’s so funny!!! I love him!!! idk what to say. Thank you Matthew Perry <3

3) Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson and The Olympians): MY FIRST LOVE!!!!!! omg I loved Percy when I was 13 and was reading the books but I forgot about him for awhile. BUT HE WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PLACE IN MY HEART, WATER BOY <3

4) Ben Wyatt (Parks and Recreation): MY DAD!!!! He’s so awkward in a lovable way (??) I just love him sooo much.

5) Peter Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia): DIDN’T. DESERVED. TO. DIE. I wish I had a big brother like him :(((( love u king peter <3

6) Sakura Kinomoto (Card Captor Sakura): AAAAA I remember watching this with my cousins when I was like 7, love every moment of it. Sakura x Sayaoran <33333 

7) Gregory House (House M.D.): Sassy dad with drug issues but secretly is a cinnamon roll WHO JUST WANTS TO BE LOVED<3

8) Charles Boyle (Brooklyn Nine-Nine): CINNAMON ROLL. I love Charles, he just wants to take care of his friends ugh so cuteeeeee. His friendship with Jake is the most pure thing in that show.

9) Neal Caffrey (White Collar): sneaky little shit <3 HE’S GORGEOUS AND HE KNOWS IT!!!!! the best thief in NY <33

10) Jim Halpert (The Office): I LOVE THE PRANKS!!!!! His weird friendship with Dwight and Michael is my fav and him and Pam are goals.

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Do you have any favorite Villainous fan fictions to help tide us over until the next chapter of Irresistible?

I’m sorry but I can’t help you there!

I’ve never read another Villainous fanfic other than my own because I tend to take a little too much inspiration from what I read so I’m going cold turkey until Irresistible is done.

My recommendation though is to go through AO3 and look for the fics with the most kudos and read those! I’m sure there are some great fics out there!

Also, not to worry, if everything goes according to plan, I should have the next chapter out by tonight!

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Here! Here's another riddle! I talk, but I do not speak my mind I hear words, but I do not listen to thoughts When I wake, all see me When I sleep, all hear me Many heads are on my shoulders Many hands are at my feet The strongest steel cannot break my visage But the softest whisper can destroy me The quietest whimper can be heard. What am I? Apparently it was Teddy Roosevelt's favorite. I know you're not in the U.S. but still!

Guys 👀

Head hurts 👀👀

I cant even read the riddles properly bc of it👀👀👀👀

Why you do this to me


It’s not until I’m putting on lipstick
And wonder how it would look
Patterned over your mouth and cheeks;
Until I get out your picture to see if it would match your skin tone,
then look up which lipsticks match which skin tones,
That I realized I might like you.

I have a cool complexion by the way,
And you probably have a warm one,
I can’t know for sure unless I see
The inside of your wrist,
Maybe I can read your palm
Maybe I can hold your hand

And maybe we can dance to your favorite song
And eat your favorite food, even though I don’t know who
Thinks carrots and cake should go together,
They must love alliteration

And I love you, and I don’t know the
Undertones of my affection,
But I know the moon’s dolloped over my head like
Cream cheese frosting,
Look how you make her glow,
Look how she is inconstant and intoxicating,
Sometimes swallowed in darkness but always bright again,
She wants to become you,
But me,
I want to become your favorite flower, favorite girl.