if you read it that is

BTS reaction to their taller boyfriend teasing them about their height


Jimin is kinda self conscious about his height so when ever you started teasing him. He’d be somewhat bitter about it teasing you right back.

“Well at least I can find pants that cover my ankles”


Jin wouldn’t mind to much when you started teasing him but being as extra as he is. He’ll act like the world is ending and pretend to be hurt.

“How could you hurt me like this?”


Jungkook and you would tease and roast each other all the time so it wasn’t anything new. He always manages to have some smartass come back.

“Me short…come on you’re a walking lamp post”


When ever you started teasing him about being shorter than you. He wouldn’t actually mind but he’ll pout and be whiney.

“And I thought you loved me”


Taehung isn’t all hugs and kisses, he has a rather sharp tongue. So when you started playing around teasing him. He’d get sassy and tease you back.

“Shhh you’re talking nonsense again”


Yoongi wouldn’t care at all when you teased him for his height. When you started he’d just sit there and roll his eyes.

“Are you done yet?”


Joon didn’t mind that you teased him about his height. He’d probably pout a bit and act like you hurt his feelings only problem was there would be a smile plastered across his face the whole time.

“You’re so mean to me”


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Writing Problem #999

Ok, I’m sure plenty of people have this problem, but honestly, I just need to say that I am TERRIBLE at maintaining a reasonable word count. Like. Really bad.

I’ll fastidiously plan out what I want to occur in each chapter, and suddenly—bam, I’ve written over 3000 words and I haven’t even gotten through 10% of what I want to say. Even in the editing process I struggle to cut down (if anything, I just add even more stuff on).

I suppose having a longer word count isn’t always a bad thing, but sometimes I worry that I’ve left in too many unnecessary details or descriptions, and that people will get bored reading it.

So…. yep. Basically, this post was inspired by the very likely possibility that the next chapter of Sixteen Rules is going to surpass the 7k word milestone (which isn’t even a record for me). Uh. Yeah. That’s pretty much it. Thank you for listening to my rambling.

((This kind of reminds me of a post @itsladykit​ made a while ago when she did her Drabble Night Short Story Weekend. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who suffers (sorry Kit).))

i don’t think it’s fair for people (non-artists especially) to point out an artist and say “wow i hate their art they suck they haven’t progressed in years, the way they draw _____ is pathetic”. yes, it’s okay for you to not like an art style but don’t put someone down for their progress. development in art is something that doesn’t move upwards consistently in a smooth path, it’s different for everyone and it’s not fair to compare and judge. even the most popular artists can get stuck drawing the same thing for a long time and i think that’s okay? some people get really comfortable with the way they draw a certain thing and may choose to stick with that for a long time because it looks right to them, they’re fearful of trying a new thing and the new thing looks like trash in their eyes so it might take them a while to get comfortable with exploring. everyone is different and develops in their own way, art is frustrating and really hard and no one is harder on the artist than themselves. 


Heraclitus | One must know that war is common and right is strife and that all things are happening by strife and necessity (DK B80)

inspired by this post by @queenstarksansa

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could u recommend some of your favourite vmin fics? :) i love yours btw, you’re so very talented :))

lmao thank you so much! yeah i can recommend some! i’m not great at keeping track so this is hardly comprehensive

our sinking friendships (we drown them all) by skateboardsound
i’ll be your shelter by lissome
The Incident (and all that came after) by taetae_s
just to get a taste by vastlyunknown
The Usual by CheekyBrunette
first love (i call out to you) by sirradel
baby i’m the one (and you’re the only one) by causeitsred
at least our hearts weren’t young by hammersandstrings

Thank You

A Trev Corner recently hit 100 followers, and I had been wanting to make a post as a ‘thank you’ for all the people who have shared my little colors, and all the people who decided to stick around afterwards. I originally wanted to do a short few paragraphs just listing the people whom I need to think for getting me this far.

But I felt like it needed more, and aside from a few known exceptions, I know most people don’t read the lengthy exposition I post along side my colors. But the people I’ve met who dislike reading usually enjoy listening.

This is why I’ve decided to record my thanks instead.

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I think I’ve probably said before how Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, well… today was interesting.  Mainly I always love how it’s the one holiday we can usually have all the kids here, but that didn’t happen this time.  Jason called yesterday and said that he, Roy, and Lian were going to be at Ollie’s, since Roy and Ollie are working on their relationship.  We understood of course, but were disappointed.  Then this morning Kara texted that too much was going on for her to leave National City.  Lois has a bad cold, so she, Diana, and Jon stayed home.  So things were already a little different, but we tried to make the best of it.  But Bruce and I were both on edge and had a dumb argument this morning, and two of my pies burnt because I didn’t realize the oven timer was broken.  But in the spirit of being thankful for what you have, I decided to be happy that most of the kids were there.  I decided to be thankful for the tons of other food we had (and the fact that my Ma brought a couple of pies, and hers are way better than mine anyways!).  Bruce and I made up, of course, because there was no point in staying upset about something silly.  I’m working on accepting that even when things aren’t PERFECT they can still be GOOD.  And now, as we’re all sitting in the home theater watching a movie, my husband’s arm is around me.  Most of my children are around me.  A lot of love and a lot of happiness are around me, and I’m still so thankful! 💗

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You should really read All For The Game. I know you said before that you didn’t want to, but I think if you started it you would get into it.

If you saw my post from before then you would know why I don’t want to read it. I still, consistently get about ten asks a week about this series and the answers always going to be the same. If you enjoy it, that’s fine and dandy, but stop asking me.

I feel like everyone missed the point of my post… Sure, Yuu has issues, but that doesn’t take the responsibility of his actions away from him.

The biggest threat towards his safety isn’t Guren, or Ferid, or the JIDA, or vampires, or even God.

It’s himself. His recklessness. His trauma that renders him incapable of listening to the voice of reason in favor of obeying Guren over all else. His obsession with his unhealthy definition of family, as if it meant ignoring your own well being and how your beloved family feels about your actions.

That’s not cute. It’s annoying.

look, i’ve been unremittingly negative so far about the crossover, and have about 20 posts as to why that is. it’s gotten to the point where my headspace about it became really toxic even within myself because i was delving into the worst aspects of something i disagreed with from the start, and a constantly negative internal space can really wear on a person. my emotional energy started to spill over into this entire thing in ways i lost control of.

but the truth is also that all media is flawed. the media on the CW is often especially flawed because the go for maximum drama because of the audience demographics they target. the truth is that the intent was no doubt good even though the premise was bad, and the delivery will probably be incredibly flawed and these shows have had and do have a terrible track record on issues of racism, sexism / misogyny, ableism, antisemitism, and a lot more. it’s a theme for them. and it’s a particularly bad premise and idea this time, and we can and should criticize it. 

but the truth is also i’ve made myself crazy over this thing in the past week and it’s not helping anything or anyone at this point, i don’t think.

so. i also want to add to everything else i’ve said so far:

i love these characters and their stories. i love westallen and i’m excited for them to get married. i think it’s monumental. i love cisco and think he looks fantastic in the shots of the wedding. i miss leonard snart like air and i’m frustrated he’s back as a hero but still aching to see him on my screen again and i’m probably going to scream when i do. i’m excited for sara and alex to meet. i can’t believe mick got sat next to singh and i 100% now believe that barry did that just to spite david over the fact that he got suspending for stalking clifford and marlize devoe. 

i haven’t even watched any of the promos yet because some of the gifs from them get my back up but if i did, i might find other small things that i would be excited about. 

i wasn’t going to talk about any of this because i didn’t want to promote the crossover. a friend pointed out that discussing the controversy and sharing about it does more to promote it than almost anything else i could have done. i’ve already shot myself in the foot if that was ever my intent.

i’m not excited for any of the nazi bullshit and i still wish they’d done this crossover differently, with an evil elseworld that wasn’t in any way related to nazism. i won’t be reblogging any gifs or images that invoke any nazi symbolism, or any images of the evil heroes in any capacity.

but what i’ll be doing is most likely reblogging gifs some of my favorite heroes, and of leonard. they’ll all be tagged with the usual tags “the crossover clusterfuck” “crossover episodes” and “crisis on earth x” and the individual episode numbers so anyone who doesn’t want to see any of that can blacklist.

i probably won’t write meta about any of it, though i suppose it remains to be seen. i feel like anything i could write would likely spiral me into a negative space if i tried, so i’ll probably just leave it. 

i’ll continue to be critical, but i’m only one person, and there’s only so much i can say, or do. so i’m going to suck the poison out of my own perspective here, and move on toward focusing my emotional energy into more productive things.

and at the end of the day, i know some people are boycotting, some are quitting the shows (all of them have numerous problems, do what’s right for you), some are watching, some are reblogging, some are excited for some parts of it (e.g., the wedding), some are not. everyone has to figure out for themselves how to interact with any given media and what that’s going to mean to them.

I’m bleeding out of my uterus but it’s thanksgiving and gosh I am thankful for so many things this year I don’t even know where to begin… except I do bc there’s one thing that brought all of those changes in my life and that’s yuri on ice. I began watching the anime with the biggest chill glasses on bc I know sports series. I’ve seen enough over the years. and they always fuck up somehow. but not this one! sure, there’s things that could be improved and my boys were robbed, I will stand by that till the day I die, but from ep to ep yoi kept surprising us all and keeping us at the edge of our seats, making the impossible possible right before our eyes, so I just want to take this moment to say:

thank you, yuri on ice, for this past year and here’s to hoping for another just as great!