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I’ve had some really great feedback here and on AO3 about this fic so I wanted to make sure I updated it today, as it has in fact been a while. So far, there’s the potential that my weekends will be free enough for me to continue with my writing but I’m touching wood. I don’t want to promise anything. Wish me luck!

Prompt[s]: I sometimes literally get angry at “myself” while reading the Tower 😂😂😂

Dang it, ya frickin’ little #$!@, why’d ya have to fall asleep? It was getting good.

I hate myself in the tower. I just want them to have a full blown make out session. I also want to see more Thor.

‘The Tower’ (Part 20)

All Chapters // Part 19

When you awoke the next morning, you realised quickly that you were not in your bed where you remembered falling asleep. Why… Why were you in the window seat? Where was–

“Good morning,” Loki chuckled, noting the entertaining expression of confusion written on your face. He was sat at the writing desk and slowly slid the topmost drawer shut. It looked as though he was trying to be sly – and failing.
“Good…” You wiped a little drool from the side of your mouth and groaned. Gross. “Good morning.”
“You heard me muttering to myself last night,” Loki explained and everything came back in spades. “I… I confessed a thing or two to you, though I don’t know what of it you remember.”

You counted the topics on your finger.
“You’re a war criminal, you need to regret it to get out of here, and you’re madly in love with me.”

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Hey fam! Idk how this works amd I hope I do it right but can I get Swapfell (red and gold) Papyrus with the prompt "Dont freak out, theres a rational explanation for this"

Read it on Ao3

It all began when you tripped over a stray sock in your bedroom. In some sort of universal foreshadowing, that one trip predicted the end of your day.

Let’s start over. It had been a pretty ordinary day (barring the sock incident). You had gone to work, jogged around the neighborhood, and got back home with time to spare. That night you were invited over to your skeletal boyfriend’s house for some dinner and good company. Luckily for the both of you, Sans was down with something and was unable to cook, so Russ told you he’d pick up some pizza on the way home from his own job.

After getting on some more comfortable clothing, you drove across town to their home and parked right in front. Both Russ and Sans were home, judging by the shouting going on inside, so you knocked once you got to the front door.

Sans made it to the door before his brother and ripped it open to drag you inside. “Get in here you fool! You’ll let out the warm air!”

The inside of the home was indeed warm, likely from their heater. Sans was looking rather pathetic with dark bags under his eyes and magical purple sweat dripping from his skull. Poor guy must’ve felt terrible.

“Here, I got you some Sea Tea while I was out,” you said, producing the magical food from your bag as you spoke. Sans snatched it out of your hands and rushed to the kitchen soon afterward without a word spoken. You didn’t know why you were expecting some kind of thanks.

“thanks for that, sweetheart. sea tea’s really good for the magic.” Oh yeah, that was why.

Papyrus stood just to your right, his signature jacket off in exchange for some comfortable home-body clothes. You gave him a small smile. Pulling down his skull, you gave him a quick peck on the teeth before bouncing to the kitchen yourself. The smell of pizza was making you drool.

Fast forward to later that night and Sans was already in bed, trying to sleep off his magic-cold. With his brother sleeping, Russ and you were a bit more loose with the PDA and were moving to his room for a light make-out session. You two, of course, couldn’t make too much noise with Sans sick in the other room.

Playfully you tugged Papyrus into his room and walked back toward the bed. What you had forgotten in your state of mind, however, was that Russ had a bit of a problem putting his clothes away.

Foot met sock. You tumbled backward to the ground, your head only saved by Russ as he lunged forward to cushion your fall. For a moment your eyes met, and there was a rising of tension as your eyes flickered from his teeth back to his eye-sockets. You both leaned forward when-

“What the hell-!”

Sans was standing in the doorway, looking at the two of you on the ground with a mixture of shock and horror.

You attempted to sit up but Papyrus’s stiff form proved to be quite the obstacle. “Don’t freak out, there’s a rational explanation for this. We weren’t-”

“What-no! I don’t want to know just-keep it down!” Sans shouted, his face prune purple as he slammed the door shut.

There was a beat of silence.

“i don’t think he fell for it.”

You had to stifle your loud giggles for fear of the embarrassed rage of Sans. God knows you had scared him enough.

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How can I feel more confident about my work?

Whenever I think my work sucks, or that it’s shit (which is a lot) I simply tell myself: NOBODY IS GOING TO SEE WRITING THAT YOU THINK IS BAD.

Feeling insecure about your writing is directly caused by a fear of someone reading it and telling you it’s garbage. But the thing is, most of the stuff you write that you feel insecure about isn’t out there for the world to see. That means that you have all the time in the world to revise and get better.

You should also consider getting a beta reader. Even though they can be harsh at times, you still know that your writing is getting fixed and getting better as they revise it for you, and if a beta reader is good they will probably tell you what they like about it, too.

Don’t be afraid to share your work because people’s feedback is what helps you get better, and even if the feedback critiques you you know that you’ve become a better writer because of it.

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hey i know this might be somewhat of a blast from the past but i was wondering if you're still planning on going back to asunder? it was so good you're really very talented! i can understand if you don't though

Ohhhh, Anon.

Originally posted by yespolkadotkitty

You have perfect timing. I’ve been planning for updates to all my stories – including Asunder. I’ve just spent the last few days re-reading it. I started writing an update a few weeks ago, I’ve just had no time to sit down and finish it.

Sufficed to say, I’ve never stopped thinking about it, or improving on the plot here and there. It’s all plotted out, I just need to write the bitch.

And I will.

I know this is all empty promises until you see a post update, just know that my mind is like a bag of cats. Asunder is in there, fighting for space with all my Richonne stuff, audible fanfiction, a side blog, work, moving, gaaaaaaaah!!!

I’m a mess. But I’ll get there!

Thank you so much for reaching out and your incredible patience with me!!!


But it doesn’t do no good to spurn generosity from a beautiful and deadly woman.

True dat.

See, you tell the boss this is his problem. He’s too blunt about his ambitions. Don’t get you wrong. It’s all well and good for a man to keep his eyes on the prize. But he doesn’t always need to step over a thousand corpses and swim across rivers of blood to get there.

I take it you have something more subtle in mind?

Hands - Merlin

Request: i’ll love you forever if you can write something about being in a relationship with merlin, who’s probably gentle af with the people he loves, but having to fight a flinch reflex you developed because a past boyfriend wasn’t very kind. because i just feel like there’d be so much opportunity for fluff/angst there & Hello! Can you please write more Merlin/Reader goodness?

Word count: 712

Warnings:  mentions of abuse

Merlin knew everything about you. Not in a creepy way, but in a caring way? He had read your kingsman files many a times and was always hurt when he read what happened to you.

An ex boyfriend of yours wasn’t very gentle, let’s say - well he wasn’t gentle at all. Just like many relationships you started off absolutely fine - he liked you and you liked him - however as time progressed the relationship started to break down. Hands were raised many times, but they were never yours, always his. You got away from him once you got into kingsman, you were offered a fresh new start however mental and physical scars were left with you.

Merlin was always gentle with you. He would always be there when you were scared or if you had just woken up from a nightmare, he was always there. But one thing that just couldn’t leave you was that you flinched anytime someone would move their hand; you couldn’t help flinching, it was just a habit - a reflex. You would think that being a Kingsman agent it would’ve passed by now and you would’ve gone strong and pushed passed it but anytime someone moved their hand somewhere in your mind thought that you were about to be hit. It especially didn’t help when you were fighting someone.

You sat at the conference table alongside Eggsy, Harry and Roxy, listening to Merlin talk about a small mission but you weren’t listening, your eyes just kept looking at everyone’s hands. Anytime someone moved their finger or moved in their seat, you flinched ever so slightly; today was one of your very bad days - they were usually very rare. You hid your hands under the table, not even being able to look at your own hands was not a good sign at all. Merlin knew something was off when he briefly looked at you and noticed you weren’t paying any attention to what he was saying - usually you were very focused but when you weren’t he knew you were not okay.

Once the day was over and you got home, you sat on yours and Merlin’s bed looking at the wall. Merlin usually came home later than you as he normally had to finish some left over work but you really wished he would come home earlier on this day because you really needed him. The hours passed when Merlin finally came home, he ran up the stairs when you didn’t respond to him calling his name; he frowned when he opened the door and saw tears on your cheeks.

“y/n, are you okay?” Merlin said as he took tentative steps towards you. “Can I sit next to you?” he asked, you nodded. Merlin carefully sat down by you, watching you look down at your hands.

“I’m sorry” you whispered looking at Merlin, your hands laying flat in front of you.

“Oh, no, sweetheart you don’t need to be sorry” Merlin said, “it’s okay” Merlin went to move closer to you but you flinched, causing him to stop moving. The two of you sat in silence for a while, him giving you some time.

“I hate it” you mumbled, “I hate it so much” You looked at your trembling hands, holding back a sob.

“Sweetheart, can i do something? But you have to trust me, alright?” Merlin asked, you nodded slowly confused. You flinched as Merlin reached over and held your hands very gently; you looked up at him wondering what he was doing. Merlin held your hands in his calloused ones, stroking the back of them softly with his thumbs; his actions were strangely comforting. “See, I’m not going to hurt you” Merlin whispered, you watched as he brought your hands to his lips and he kissed them gently.

Minutes of Merlin just holding your hands and stroking them gently passed and you watched with a small smile on your face.

“I love you” you whispered looking up at Merlin.

“I love you so much, sweetheart” Merlin whispered back, letting go of your hands and pulling you close to him; he pressed a kiss to the side of your head as you lent on him, intertwining your fingers with his. “You don’t need to be scared” he whispered.

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I dunno what Bible you and all your followers are reading, but it sure ain’t the Bible I’m reading. It’s a tragedy that you all seem to believe Jesus ignores sin and that being a good person will get you to heaven. You will surely be disappointed when you stand before God and he says depart because he never knew you.

Lmao. Bro. My Christian friends are not saying that being a good person is what gets you into heaven or anything like that. They firmly believe that it is by following Jesus and putting their faith in him etc. is what gets them into heaven. They probably even agree that I should wait until marriage and I’m sure they have opinions on that.

But they aren’t forcing what they believe in on me. They aren’t making me feel crappy for these things I want to try. They aren’t looking down on me and judging me and my decisions. They aren’t sending rude and disgusting anonymous messages to me saying shit like what I’m doing isn’t holy or that I’m going to be turned away from God and going to hell. They aren’t shaming me or anything gross like you’re doing.

They are trying to be supportive of me as I try to figure out what I do believe in. They are continually encouraging me through this time in my life. They are standing with me even though we may now have different beliefs. They are loving me without judgement as I vocalize my thoughts and struggles. No one is saying that Jesus ignores sin. But they also know that sometimes people need to live their lives and do their own thing as they try to figure out their beliefs and that isn’t a bad thing. They are amazing friends and they’re loving me how I need to be loved.

Also idk what bible you’re reading but I bet Jesus saw you type this and thought wow bro, that’s not loving or kind or understanding at all. That’s not how Jesus would approach someone who is figuring all this stuff out. So honestly he’s probably more disappointed in you than in me. ✌🏼

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I have just read your 'Splash of Colour' story from beginning to the end and it's amazing. I've never read anything like it and it's just so gorgeous. I'm totally in love with Lace, Merlot and Cherry Blossom and I'm so happy that the story still continues. You really make me want to try the 'Berry Pastel Rainbowcy' challenge even though I'm sure mine would be nowhere near as good as yours.

Aasfhjkl aww sweetie thank you for taking the time to read my little story. It really delights the heck out of me ♡

Please dont feel discouraged to try. All BPR are so different and fun. It’s really lovely to read them all.

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I was wondering if you could possibly help me. I'm and intp who seems to have lost purpose or something. I feel like i'm just floating through life, unattached and powerless. I have aspirations and dreams, but they all feel so distant. I don't feel like i'm good at anything. I feel like i'm failing school even though i'm not, I've stopped reading and drawing, and it's all but impossible for me to study. It so hard for me to accomplish my goals, but when I don't I feel horrible. What should I do?

Well, I generally find that people get into this sort of mindset when they aren’t around others enough. Remember that, as an INTP, you have auxiliary Ne for a reason. When you shut yourself off with just your brain for company, you aren’t getting enough outside information to grow. At this point, you start stagnating, or getting into a Ti-Si loop. That’s what your description of how you feel sounds like.

How to get out of a loop? Well, you need to force yourself to get an outside perspective. One of the hard things about getting out of a loop is that it makes you feel lethargic, and you don’t really want to exert yourself. What you must do, then, is ignore that lethargy and force yourself to talk to others, to gather more information, and to focus on the needs of others. I actually find that my brain is most active and creative when I’m hearing new things and even talking to new people. If we always keep to ourselves we don’t have room to grow. 

I think that socialization will help you quite a bit. As a human, you are a social being, and you need other people. Without them, you’ll begin to find your own company just a tad bit dull.

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by, and also thank you for being patient since I took forever to answer this question. 

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Having a day of laziness with Bucky, Sam, Jamie, and Riley. All of you in your PJs, eating sweets and watching either cute movies or reading books the kids love. Riley babbling and putting stickers on Bucky's arm as Jamie feeds you and Sam pieces of cookies. You share sweet kisses with your husbands, all of your fingers lovingly entwined together. When the kids fall asleep for a nap, you place their hands on your belly and say number 3 is officially a-go.

hell yes, lazy day sounds so good right now 

Everything Day™

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the fic you're working on with them being roomates sounds. so good I would read the heck™ out of that fic tbh

!!!!!! i actually have a tiny bit saved in my drafts if you wanna see. it’s like…. first first sketch i haven’t touched it for a while so Pls Forgive but the first meeting between keith and lance is so funny imo adshosuas like HEKC I LOVE THEM.

“Show yourself!” Keith declared with all the confidence he could muster. 

Great. First night in the new place and he was being robbed. Or murdered. Maybe both. Keith was grateful for the darkness which hid the slight stumble he made across the floor. He wasn’t used to this new place, yet. That was his excuse. The figure by the door froze, seeming to have heard him. But there was still no reply. No sign of a response. Inching closer, Keith reached into the box he should’ve unpacked hours ago and pulled out whatever he could find to bluff his way through this.

“I’m armed.”

The crack in his voice was audible. Nice job Keith, very convincing. Nobody was going to believe-

“Please don’t kill me! I have so much of my life left to waste-

Okay, that was a ridiculous and unexpected response. Talk about hyperbole. 

“-I-” What. “I uh - I’m not-?” God. “I’m not going to kill you!” Keith fumbled for the lightswitch. As the room became illuminated, so did the mysterious intruder. Huh. They were about the same age. It took a moment to register why the intruder looked so on edge. 

“You’re holding a knife!”

A butterknife,” Keith clarified flatly, brandishing it out of frustration. It made a difference, the distinction was important. The intruder leapt back a fraction despite it being nowhere near them. “Besides, wow much damage do you think I could really do with this thing anyway?”

I don’t know, man! You look like you could be a secret knife enthusiast.”

Keith refused to comment. 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he asked instead, butterknife set down on the table. Okay maybe he did like knives, but it didn’t mean he was going to hurt anyone with them. No, no - this was the wrong question. There was an intruder in his house. An intruder had broken into Keith’s apartment. Narrowing his eyes, Keith tried again. “Who are you?”

“Dude, I’m your flatmate!”

Wait what.

“I don’t… have a flatmate.”

Please let this be a weird dream.

“Yeah well that’s only because I just got here.”

Processing the information - that he wasn’t alone here anymore, that this guy was moving in, that he should probably move the one box of his belongings into his room because now this was a shared space, that he was wearing his godzilla pyjamas and this guy was now bearing witness to one of his biggest secrets - Keith blinked. Heavy eyes drifted to the modest clock on the table.

“It’s 2am,” he pointed out, because he felt that was an important piece of information. This whole situation felt surreal, Keith hadn’t even cracked open the congratulations-on-your-new-place vodka from Shiro in the cupboard yet.

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Sorry to disturb you..... but do you know any good Gabriel X reader stories???

Oh man. You’re not disturbing or bothering me at all! I just - um… how do I put this. I don’t really like Gabriel??? Oops. Yeah, so I think I’ve written one or two little Gabe pieces by request, and I actually have another one coming up here shortly. But I can recommend you go check out @feelmyroarrrr and browse through her Garbiel x Reader tag because she is an expert at reblogging and tagging the things she reads. Also @riversong-sam writes so Gabriel as well! If anyone else knows of any Gabriel-centric fics or blogs, feel free to rec them here!

“You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!” (Gabriel x Reader) - my only Gabriel drabble so far. 

first stony bingo fill yay!! this one’s for the prompt: all’s well that ends well

on ao3: you got me feeling high, and i can’t step off the cloud [~600, rated G]

No need to worry about sleepless nights when you have a good friend like Iron Man.

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ulnusilmukka  asked:

For wings fic are you going to give like a flashback of how they have found Tony, and what the others think about they all dating Tony and being his mate? I'm excited to read this fic when you start posting it

I am not going to spend much time dealing with how they all came to take Tony as their alpha. Most of it will be talked about as they talk with or about Bucky. For example theres a scene where Nat is all pissed off about Bucky even being there since he was trying to kill them all like a few months ago?

And Clint is basically like, Suck it up, Nat. Remember when you were breaking your conditioning? And Tony did whatever it took for you to have good days. Why wouldnt we give Bucky the same thing.” 

I try very hard to make it obvious that everyone is fine with everyone. They are all “with” Tony, and all very physcially affectionate with each other to different levels, so its just not a problem within the team. Bucky is the only one who is confused by it and the team (especially bruce) spends quite a bit of time explaining it to him. 

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You asked for more hc's then I will deliver more hc's/Michael has dyslexia so Jeremy reads the character dialogue when they play games/Jeremy can eat a entire bag of sugar without going nuts and Michael is in awe about it/Jeremy can play the piano and Michael can sing so they do that a lot/Jeremy is Very Affectionate on his period so its oftentimes that you see Jeremy flopped over Michael and they're chilling/Rich does the 'two bros in a hot tub' thing - Rich🔥

YELLS THESE ARE ALL SO GOOD ,, rich coming through with the best headcanons :’) 

first of all that dyslexic michael hc is BLESSED and it’s actually canon now i don’t make the rules sorry

jeremy eating an entire bag of sugar is actually something i can see happening tbh like he’s just emotional eating all these sweet things and michaels like …’dude are u gonna die or get hyperactive or something’ and jeremys like …. shrugs ‘i’m chill’    and it confuses the hell out of michael who will bounce around and become a Hyper Boy after having one (1) slushy from 7-11


okay im yellin about the jeremy being affectionate on his period hc because i’m like that too ohmygosh ??? he kinda just. drapes himself over michael or climbs into michaels lap and just chills there while they play video games or whatever ALSO michael always plays with jerms hair when that happens bc jeremy loves it sm 

and oh DUDE the last hc is the best thing its just like 

jeremy and michael: [sitting at the lunch table]

rich: [zooming in on snapchat] two broooos…. chillin at the table.. five feet apart cause they’re NOT GAY

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Believe it or not, I started watching hunter x hunter just so I can read your fanfictions ( I mean, I'm really glad I did because I'm loving the anime but you were the one that inspired me to do it so thanks)


Ah. Yes. You’re watching Hunter x Hunter! 


It’s incredible, Anon! So glad that you’re watching it and enjoying it and it gives me weird, gross fuzzy feelings inside that you wanted to watch it to read my silly work. 

Hunter x Hunter is a masterpiece and I’m so glad that you’re watching it now and experiencing it for yourself! There’s nothing quite like watching it for the very first time.

Ah, thank you so much for the kind, humbling words, and I’m so happy and giddy for you that you’re watching it now!