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accent/audio challenge
accent/audio challenge

okay so first of all, as I said I did kind of loose my voice in my drama lesson today so I sound all weird and deep

secondly, sorry for reading a kids poem for my paragraph its just the only book I had around me. 

I am kind of scared to release this kind of because I hate my voice- but oh well..!

thanks for @iillusive for the tag, tbh everyone under the sun has done this so I’m not tagging anyone, but just do it if you want to! thankyou all so mucj for listening and have a great evening

oh and sorry for coughing!


[ 20 • 3 ] science ft. slightly dead succulents!

I know AO3 has no app (AO3 NEEDS NO APP!) but I was thinking if I was an app designer I would create an AO3 filtration app that wouldn’t require your login, it would have its OWN login and it would act like your own personal fanfic butler. We could call it JAO3VIS.

Here are the questions it would ask you:
What fandoms do you want to read?
What tags and ratings within each of those fandoms do you want to read?
What tags, generally, do you never ever want to read? 
What tags will you read regardless of fandom if they’re well done?

Most of this stuff is programmable through AO3’s search function if you know how, but also you could set up a program that would pull all fics uploaded every day and make a set:

Fandom(s) > filtered by tag(s)/ratings you want > filtered by tags you don’t want

Deduping stuff in multiple tags would be a pain but probably a “hide duplicates” function you could run on the title/author fields would solve it. Also you could institute a “prime tag” function where, if a fic was tagged with something you’ve designated “prime”, it would override any “do not want” tags but warn you that there’s a Do Not Want tag on the fic. So if you don’t like pie, but you really love tentacles, it would say “Look, here’s a tentacle fic! Uh, but it also contains pie.” I would absolutely call this the TentaclePie Object. 

The app could also, on a weekly basis, pull the previous week’s “tag(s) you’ll read regardless of fandom” and filter it by number of hits or kudos or some amalgam of the two that could estimate, if not precisely calculate, how well fandom received it (yes I know there are issues with both hits and kudos, if you have a better idea I’m happy to hear it).

So basically you would fill out a survey, and then every day just after midnight you’d get an update with the tags in the fandoms you wanted, with stuff you don’t want pre-filtered out, and once a week you’d get a surprise “This is your trope” package of other fandoms doing your favorite tropes or kinks especially well. And the links would take you to Actual AO3, which is mobile-optimized anyway, so that you could read on AO3, your hits would get registered, and you could login to kudo/comment/bookmark. 

The problem is that I work with databases so I know how to structure the filters, I just don’t know how to code or the best way to pull the fics off AO3 (probably the RSS feed? Maybe you can pull them into Excel?) so I don’t know how to actually make them manifest. Alas. 

(The stats you could gather from this kind of thing would be amazing – most in-demand tag, most popular prime tag, fandom with the most Do Not Want tags….real quantitative stuff.)

The Sexual Awakening of An Innocent Pureblood, Dating The Randy Prat Who Lived Ch.8

Aaaand thsi weekend’s final post, where I (attempt to) play Ron and Hermione and @bixgirl1​ continues to portray the randy prat with perfection; although in this chapter ‘randy’ seems like an understatement of epic proportions.because… well, you’ll see. xD

For those of you who’ve only just stumbled upon this, welcome, we hope you’ll stay, and if you like, please go catch up with the previous few chapters, all of which you can find under the tag #virgin draco on @bixgirl1​‘s or my blog! ❤️

We’ll hopefully share another teaser for next weekend’s first post in a couple of days, and fuck but we cannot wait for you guys to read the next chapter omgggg!

Chapter 8: In Which Ron Questions His Friendship With the Randy Prat and Hermione Is Done With the Both of Them

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anonymous asked:

hello! correct me if i'm wrong but i think you're the jikook lover i follow who recently said they love reading fics?? so i was wondering if you know of fics/scenarios that build on that iconic hotel vlive when jimin may have been hiding in the bathroom? 👀 i thought about that last night and my imagination went kinda wild lol if not, any jikook recs will do! please and thanks! JIKOOK FO LYFEEEE💞

Hi Anon!! Sorry this was so late, the past week has been pretty wild for me. But anyways to answer the first part, no unfortunately I dont know of any fics that build off of that iconic vlive :( im sorry.

BUT that recent vlive came out right? With Jimin in the bath robe and that Jikook stare….ah yes. I know theres a couple of fics that build off or are just based off of that.

 A Private Conversation by ambers

 the jimin effect by euphoriae

I read these two recently and they were 👌👌 A++ would read again. As for my other Jikook recs, oh boi *cracks knuckles* here we go:

Blow Me Like Your French Horn by ohdizzy Chapters:8/8 >>> Ahhh! I love this fic!! Its so hilarious and adorable and such a great read honestly. I highly recommend this fic!!

Constraint by Harlot Chapters:1/1 >>> Basically Jungkooks journey from str8 to gay but oh, oh m a n, Its so beautifully done. Right from the beginning, all the emotions that Jungkook goes through are very real and the Jikook was developed so well. Please give this one a read.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (Seven Days) by jeonify Chapters:2/2 >>> God, this really is a tear jerker this one. Its very sweet and fluffy and angsty and just so perfect. You can never go wrong with soft!Jimin and internationalplayboy!Jungkook 😊

Dream Maker by graesun and Polkari Seuta (VeritasEtVita) Chapters:12/12 >>> okokokok guys, read this fic. You will not regret it omg. The perfect mix of fluff, angst, smut and more fluff, this fic is a snipet into the lives of Jikook, who are just barely getting by with what little money they have, but theres lots of kisses, laughs, some angst and cute domestic shit™ This fic made me feel so many things and I loved it so much!! Give this one a try guys.

Don’t Think, Don’t Speak, Just Smile for Me by Ragi Chapters:27/27 >>> This fic left me shook for a solid week man, good god. So soft, so sad, so real. I loved the realism regarding homophobia and idols in Korea. Everything in this fic is written with care, and handled very well, plus the Jikook is beyond soft. I enjoyed this fic sooo much.

Glass Diamonds by GinForInk Chapters:1/1 >>> Skater Jungkook, Dance teacher Jimin, A+ smut and fluff, read this fic.

Well Done! by annafeu Chapters:1/1 >>> Okay, I suggest giving the tags a thorough peek through before reading this one because its twisted as fuck, but so damn amazing. This one features Bunny!Jimin, Wolf!Jungkook lots of filthy smut and grade A Jikook. Really great read, however do please read tag warnings before starting if you think you might be uncomfortable!

The Hook series by miskeen >>> Cute as fuck, domestic as fuck, hot as fuck, fuck. Read all the stories in this series please, theyre all 10/10 amazing.

The Good Doctor by snarcsics Chapters:1/1 >>> Frick doods, this was some of the hottest, well written Jikook fics ive ever read. Featuring sex addict Kook psychologist Jimin, and some excellent office sex, yes.

two sides; same story by namjoone Chapters:4/4 >>> Basically Jikook are neighbors and they both secretly think each other are hot as fuck and they rly wanna bang but they wont actually admit it to each other, typical jikook lmao. Anyways, this is sooo good!! Super steamy and super cute 👌

I Know I Can’t Have Him (but I want him anyways) by Shealezz Chapters:4/4 >>> ft fuckboy!Jimin and innocent!Jungkook (also fwb v/min) man this is filthy lmao, but a fantastic read!! God bless innocent bottom Jungkook honestly. Amen.

A Touch of Sin by pettey Chapters:10/10 >>> One word. Beautiful. Absolutely, beautiful. Right from the start to the finish, this fic had me feeling things in every chapter. Its graphic and raw but so beautiful. Highly recommend this one!

Okay last one before I get too carried away….

Relax, Dont Do It by yoongidontdoit (sammyinnerdglasses) Chapters:4/4 >>> Funny, adorable, smutty (extreme switching™) and overall so so good. Wild party animal Jungkook swearing to go at least 90 days without partying, late nights, or sex. But then he meets Park Jimin and that last part becomes slightly extremely hard not to do… *lenny face* Pls read this lmao.

Okay!! Thats all I got for now. I hope you enjoy 😊

Unnoticed [Jason Scott x Reader]

Request: Could you do something like the reader thought Jason never noticed her and then during the battle the red ranger saves her and once the battle is done and everything, he goes to check on her and asks her out?

Word Count: 1,952

A/N: I’m not sure how much I like certain parts of this. I haven’t actually written in about a month, so I’m a little rusty. I have read over it a couple times, and had another pair of eyes read it as well, but there might still be mistakes. Hope you all enjoy this though, and also, if you would like to be tagged in future writings let me know! My requests are OPEN! Also, if you are looking for another Power Ranger blog to follow, go check out my sister @zacktxylor! Her requests are also open!

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hey folks just to apologise for no new doodles lately but I been kind mad busy with the kickstarter and getting TPoH done on time (and I figure that last doodle comic would tide you over for a while!) maybe I’ll get something new done this next week or something, but I love you! thanks for all the kind messages I really appreciate all the cool tags as well :’D

yoongi: what was up with jimin last night?

jungkook: he was really upset, he was feeling insecure again… i wrapped him in a warm blanket and sat with him til he stopped crying… afterwards we just talked for a bit til we fell asleep. i hope you didn’t mind me staying over for the night hyung

yoongi: it’s nothing, don’t worry bout it, i’m sure jimin appreciated you staying with him..

jungkook: i just don’t understand how he cannot see how perfect he is?? everytime he’s sad i just want to tell him how amazing he is and how much i like him but.. it’d probably make things worse..

yoongi: ???? wtf how????

jungkook: he probably doesn’t like me back an-

yoongi: ?????? are you blind ?????? Jimin is literally all over you most of the time???

jungkook: i don’t know hyung…

yoongi: *done af with jk at this point*


(((Honestly, thank you so much for supporting my weirdness ahahah!<33 I’ve always just enjoyed drawing guys in girl’s clothes, idky but I will not question it! I’m so happy people are enjoying or at least getting a kick out of this blog as well, it’s not dead btw, I’m just busy with work and with having to come up with an idea for each ask, sketch it out, outline, color and edit; it takes time! But I really enjoy it all and I really hope everyone else does too<33 I also read the fuck out of tags, THEY REALLY MOTIVATE ME AND MAKE ME REALLY HAPPY SO THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU~!!!! Although I really miss getting new asks, I’m still keeping the askbox closed until I can get some more done ‘cause I get overwhelmed easily ;w; please bear with me heheh, thank you again everyone, hope you like this one<333)))

Showering You With Love

Summary: When the two years anniversary is celebrated a little more… different that it was supposed to be. But still so much hot and…wet?

Word count: 2933

Pairing: Scott McCall x Reader

Warning: contains shower sex (obviously) and all the stuff coming along

A/N: I’m FINALLY done with this! Damn it took so long I’m sorry but smut is so hard to write! I can’t write one sentence without doubting! Whatever, it’s here. Thanks to @maddie110201 who’s always there for me to check and read my stuff you’re the best! This is my participation to Posey week hosted by @sincerelystiles and @thelittlestkitsune! Because Tyler Posey and Scott and all his other characters deserve so much more love. Give him the love. (Amazing and well researched title found by @firefang96 thank you dude)

Forever tag list: @rosecoloredshawn @multilovee (you can still ask to be in this tag list!)

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anonymous asked:

Got any stuckony recs?

YES! Absolutely yes!

My apologies this took until today. I had a busy weekend and had to rest a lot, but I’m here now. :) Also, I don’t have my old bookmarks list (long story) so I’m having to go through and look for my favorites, old and new. Long process! (This took me over four hours, though I was doing a few other things as well. Still, I’m a bit of a slowpoke.)

See below the cut for some of my favorites, and don’t forget to leave kudos and comments (even just an “I liked this!”) for the authors, to let them know their hard work is appreciated!

(If someone knows an author’s Tumblr handle, let me know or tag them so that I can edit this rec list and tag them appropriately!)

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anonymous asked:

do you have any critrole fic author recs? i'll read anything tbh

oh gosh ok so this would be a really long list but im just gonna throw out a handful and let you go from there???

  • @curriebelle is lovely and is writing what’s considered percy/vex’s flagship fic and i suggest you take a look at her work, even the shorter stuff, because it’s gorgeous and worth it [ao3]
  • @griffables has some of the most memorable fics i’ve read in a LONG time and sometimes i go back to reread them just because i can. mostly percy/vex [ao3]
  • @teammompike i would give up an arm and leg to be able to channel even half of ari’s prose like it’s so good. she writes a variety of things so you can probably find a fic you like! [ao3] [writing tag]
  • @mischief7manager i can read nearly anything mischief writes regardless of whether or not i ship what she’s writing like her fic is THAT good and also?? she wrote the very first fic for percy/vex i ever read so rlly she’s to blame for how much i love them [ao3]
  • @buckysleftarm i love kris i love everything kris writes i would die for kris her darker fic is especially good 10/10 [ao3]
  • @infanttreenotebook cara writes mostly shorter things on her writing blog/stuff from out discord that show up there after and they’re all very very very good [ao3] [writing tag]
  • @pagerunner-j does mostly percy/vex and i’ve loved everything i’ve read!! [ao3]
  • @inadistantworld does explicit percy/vex Very Well and i love his dialogue and i suggest you check out his college au trilogy because it is Good [ao3]
  • @shukitasoftboys asia doesn’t write for cr much anymore but her backlog of fics for it is Good she’s done some really nice perc/vex stuff but her shining stars are her perc/vax fics [ao3]

im literally missing so many good writers but these were some of the people that came to mind right away so aklfjlasjfl YEAH

momoejaku  asked:

KOMA HERE. I hear you need distraction.... and seeing as I am a master of distraction and Reader of All The Tags, if you feel up for writing, please consider doing the Tim and Damian flash fic with Damian planning on scaring Tim and being so confused when Tim firmly grasps his hand. I beg of you....

Hehe thank you for the distraction! And for reading my rambling tags :D

This exists in an imaginary universe where all the Batboys love each other and aren’t allergic to affection (except maybe Dami).

Damian vows to get revenge against Drake. For what is irrelevant. He has surely done something deserving of Damian’s contempt, and if not he surely will.

That’s why he’s here. Hiding under Drake’s bed in his apartment. Waiting for the older boy to stumble in from patrol and collapse onto the soft mattress and fall asleep. Well, Drake had done that first bit; he’s back from patrol, had fallen through the living room window almost an hour ago. But since then all Damian has heard is the gurgle of the coffee percolator and the tapping of computer keys.

He almost falls asleep waiting, but finally Drake shuffles into the room and crawls into bed. Damian makes sure to wait until he’s asleep. Drake is both a light and a restless sleeper; always shifting and turning as he acts out whatever ridiculous dream is playing behind his eyelids. He will fall asleep in the middle of the bed but roll over to the side. And that is what Damian is counting on.

He almost dozes off two more times before there’s a soft sigh and the mattress squeaks under Drake’s movement. Then a limp hand flops over the edge of the bed. Carefully, Damian slides further out from his position hidden under the middle of the bed, until just his arm sticks out into the faintly-moonlit room. Small fingers inch up the side of the bed until they find warm flesh and he grasps Drake’s hand with a soft tug - just enough to startle him into full wakefulness.

There’s no reaction for several seconds, then Drake’s grip tightens suddenly and it surprises Damian so much he jerks, bumping his head against the wooden slats beneath the bed.

There’s a soft laugh from above him. Then he’s being pulled out by his hand.

“Come ‘ere, gremlin,” Drake says, still sounding half-asleep.

Damian scowls and crawls the rest of the way out from under the bed. He tries to tug his hand free but Drake’s grip just becomes firmer and when he tugs back, Damian goes tumbling into the bed. Drake’s other hand grabs him around the waist and then he’s being wrestled under the blankets until he’s chest-to-chest with an amused Tim Drake.

“I’m going to kill you,” Damian promises.

Drake just hums sleepily and pulls him closer. “’S’at what you were tryin’ to do? Thought you were ‘n assassin or somethin’.” And then, utilising his superpower of napping wherever and whenever he wants, he’s asleep again before Damian can growl threateningly, arms locked tightly around Damian so he can’t escape no matter how much he wiggles. So Damian just sighs and resigns himself to his fate.

He knew Drake would inevitably do something deserving of his revenge, but he didn’t think it would be this.


In which our beloved monster ambassador fends off the attacks of the well-intentioned but misguided gym teacher.

I can’t seem to stop drawing them in stupid situations sorry X’D Also, I decided to give D-bag #3 a face–


BTW Frisk senpai’s popularity shot up even higher due to this incident–


I was tagged by @squaddreamcourt to do my top 10 OTPs of all time, and I am about to be a huge disappointment because I know I won’t be able to come up with 10. 

I feel like I should be choosy because of the “Of All Time” thing but the thing is I didn’t discover what fandom was until like 6 years ago. (which sounds like a long time but I’m 27) and SJM is the first fandom I have really joined so I didn’t really dwell on couples for a long time. 


**Edit: I realize now how much I am exposing my nerd side. Don’t you judge me

**This is in no particular order, also, several of these ships are D E A D. 

Exhibit A

1. Rumbelle- Once Upon a Time

I am obligated to put them as number one because they got me into Fandom™. First time I read smut. Actual reason why I joined Tumblr. Problem. This show grew steadily… into an actual dumpster fire from which there is no return. (Sorry everyone who likes it still, lol where are y’all)  Also this ship evolved from Beauty and the Beast to “RUN BELLE, RUN” thanks to the actual worst TV writers ever and that’s a hard list to crack. Moffat exists. BUT this ship had… the best…. smut you guys. I can’t even. Describe. When this fandom is like “wow guys maybe tone down the sex” I just sort of… smile. This fandom is so tame and vanilla you have no idea. //end rant. (Disclaimer: everyone has a right to whatever fandom experience they would like. You do you, friends)

2. Doctor x Rose- Doctor Who

Remember when Davies wrote Who and the world was good? Remember when Moffat didn’t annihilate any and all concern for the characters by having every single episode end in a Deus Ex Machina? Remember when I wasn’t salty? I mean honestly, when even Matt Smith and my love for Eleven are not enough to save me from rolling my eyes towards the end of his season, there’s a problem. Anyways that had nothing at all to do with this ship but they were great. (you know, for the most part. Shipped them before I knew what shipping was)

3. Cullen x Inquisitor- Dragon Age: Inquisition

(can’t find a smaller pic lol I ain’t even mad)

Yeah, yeah, yeah. He’s got a problematic history and he’s the golden boy blah blah blah. But would you look at this face? I’m not kicking him out of bed. And, me, someone who started this series by playing DAI (and was wayyyy confused let me tell you), walked up to this Loaf and flirted and he was like “ uh-uh.. I- uh.. gotta go! *cannot compute pretty girl flirting with me*” and I was like… well I’m sold. Haters gonna hate this boy is so sweet. 11/10 would romance 3 more times (She says, as she currently romances him, again) Also, quality fic. And quality nsfw art. Like 👌 👌 👌

4. Alarkling- The Grisha Trilogy

This is a prime example of a pairing that I can’t get over even though I thought the series as a whole was mehhhhhhhhh. Catch me complaining about the deus ex machina at the end here too. Their dynamic was just too much for words. And the Darkling was so effing awful while also being a painfully real examination of what immortality would actually look like. I cried a L O T when he died. Also can we talk about the startling lack of fic out there for these two?? The slow burn fic in which Mal stays dead and Alina keeps her powers like we all wanted and these two develop a fucked up, problematic, but ultimately heart wrenching and angst filled love is waiting to be written and here I am, waiting.

5. Helnik AND Kanej- Six of Crows. No, I can’t pick. And no, you can’t make me 😝

Both of these ships are just… so pure. The purest. Leigh if you think I will ever forgive you for the end of Crooked Kingdom, you are dreaming. I, admittedly, haven’t read a whole lot of fic for either of these two. But, I haven’t encountered much fic that really falls under my purview. I want to know what kanej are up to now. And what awesome things helnik is doing TOGETHER. AS A HAPPILY MARRIED COUPLE. 

6. Rowaelin AND Elorcan….and Manorian- Throne of Glass. Second verse, same as the first.

These three are tied and you can fight me. “Why don’t you just make them 6, 7, and 8, respectively?” Because fuck you, that’s why. I read the exact same proportion of fic for each and they are all my babies. No one better kill my babies. Sarah.

7. Nessian- Acotar

I mean, hello. I will say, I have been trying to dial it back a little on these two because I am worried that by the time their novel comes out that I will have read so much fic that I’ll doom myself. But it’s Cassian (AKA husband) and Nesta (AKA problematic fave), I don’t need to explain this to you.

Honorable mention: 

Mal x Inara- Firefly

“Why didn’t you put them as number 8? You clearly had room” Well the thing is, I thought of them last minute and I loved them back when but I also haven’t done a whole lot about it. Well, I think I may have read part of one fic. Really, this makes me want to go look them up on AO3 because I was really damn sad at the way that Serenity ended. Damn you, Fox.

I’m tagging @catastrophicallyinlovewithbooks @paperbacktrash @rowaelinsmut @aedicn @nessiansmut @readinglikewildfire if you would like! obviously you don’t have to get as into it as I did, It’s late and I was bored lol

Fandom Fic Rec Days: Bagginshield WIP Edition

Let’s begin with @stasiaonline’s “Unexpected Music", even though it’s not going to be a WIP much longer - two chapters to go!!!! *sobs* It’s a rockstar!Thorin/chemistry professor!Bilbo AU with an complex and enjoyable storyline, wonderful characters, trauma, drama, romance, smut, humor, international intrigue, and a whole lot of FANTASTIC cooking. Seriously, I’ve gotten some great recipes from the notes on this thing! Most impressive of all is how Stasia updates this beast (over 118 easy-to-absorb-length chapters so far) EVERY. SINGLE. SATURDAY. I’ve been following this story for over a year now and she hasn’t missed ONE WEEKEND. So if you are looking for a great story that is heading down the homestretch towards its finale, head on over to AO3 and hit that “subscribe” button, baby.

Next up, another nearly-finished-WIP - @determamfidd’s epic “Sansûkh” (and I’m not throwing the term “epic” around lightly here). It’s not exactly a fix-it, since the events of “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings” are not so much altered as enlarged upon, but OH LORD it fixes so much. While at the same time breaking your heart into a thousand, thousand pieces. I have never cried over any fic as hard as I have over this one. (That’s a selling point, btw.) This is the fic that sold me on Gigolas, but the agony and ecstasy of Bilbo and Thorin’s relationship is what holds my heart in thrall. So many people have been moved to create art, music, costumes, and more by this story, and for good reason - it’s in a class by itself. AND it’s got a chapter count now! 45 down, 5 to go!

Another modern AU now - “Dust in the Road,” the sequel to the amazing “A Remover of Obstacles”, by MistakenMagic (alas I do not think she has a tumblr). You should definitely read “Obstacle” first - Thorin doing yoga! Genderbent Fili! Incredibly well-done and therefore harrowing portrayals of PTSD! Unicorn footie PJs! Service dogs! Phone sex! AND MORE. Just…read the tags carefully, there are some potentially triggering scenes in later chapters (well-flagged though). Anyway “Dust in the Road” is The Continuing Saga, missing scenes, that sort of thing.

Finally, @bilboo‘s “Where Have All the Flowers Gone” - a WWII AU. The AO3 summary says it best: At the eve of the second World War, Lieutenant Colonel Thorin Durin sends his young nephews - his only remaining family - to live safely in the countryside. Fili and Kili end up staying with Bilbo Baggins, in his cozy little house virtually in the middle of nowhere. The boys and their Uncle exchange letters, the soldier understandably worried about how they’re being treated, and soon, Bilbo sees it fit to start adding little messages of his own - unbeknownst to him, Thorin begins cherishing those almost as much as his nephews’ words. Epistolary fiction! Long-distance pining! GREAT STUFF.

And that’s it for the Bagginshield WIPs that are currently lighting up my life! Next up: Johnsquared WIPs.

This is Part Three in “Together”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader x Jared
Words:  1084

Read “Needy”
Read “Deserving”

A/N: The “Our Girl” series will be back after the first 6 parts of “Together,” so feel free to continue submitting ideas for it.
A/N2: If you want to be tagged in anything, just let me know.

         You were sitting in Jared’s trailer while the guys were doing late scenes. You had filmed all that you were needed for, but didn’t want to go home without the guys. So, you were waiting for the guys to get finished.

           “Well, that is the most beautiful thing to see when I get done working,” Jared said, coming into the trailer and seeing you curled up in his recliner while the TV played some random show.

           You smiled up at him, “Hi.”

           “Hey,” he leaned down and kissed you, “What are you doing?”

           “Watching TV. Trying not to fall asleep. You guys done filming?” you asked, not moving from where you were lounging.

           “Yeah. You wanna go home? Get some sleep?” he asked.

           You nodded, “Yeah. J too,” you said.

           Jared smiled, “I’ll call him. Tell him to meet us at your place for a sleepover,” he smirked.

           “Don’t make it weird, Jare,” you said.

           “Sorry, Babe,” he chuckled, getting his phone and hitting the button to call Jensen, “Hey, Man,” he said, “Meet us at Y/N’s. We’re leaving my trailer now. K. See ya then.”

           You stood up from the recliner, “Guess I should actually move then, huh?” you smirked at him.

           “I mean, if you just wanna stay here, we can,” he grinned.

           You shook your head, “Nah. I like sleeping in my bed. With my guys.”

           “Then who am I to disappoint?” 

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Some Favorite Fics /Ever/

August 21, Fanfiction Writer Appreciation Day (kinda yesterday for me but…)! So I’mma go ahead and appreciate some writers by listing as many of my favorite fics as I can find and remember. I’ll be linking them, as well as tagging the author (if they have a masterlist, I will also try to link that) so it’s easy for those of you who like to read fics to find some awesome ones. Here we go!

Rafael Casal x Reader

Ughhhh this is such an amazing series! All the characterization is done so well, the writing is absolutely beautiful in style and I especially loved the volume and placement of good descriptive sentences makes your heart flutter, man. It’s good stuff. (Arnica has a ton of good fics and I highly recommend you check out their masterlist!)

Okay so I know the title of this is ‘Some Favorite Fics /Ever/’, but I’m still going to say, this is one of my favorite fics /ever/. I have reread it more times than I could ever keep track of. It is my go-to fic when I feel like rereading a good one. Rachel is amazing, and I highkey fangirled when I once received a message from them. Had a little dance party. Don’t tell. Anyway. Ranch’s got some amazing work and you should definitely check it all out.

Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Alright, I have a pretty long post about this one… BUT I CAN SAY MORE. This fic is so good, guys. I could seriously go on about it for paragraphs. First of all, I have to say, I love it when authors who tend to write x reader fics will add original characters to their stories. Especially when those characters actually have significant roles in the story. The character’s Veronica and Marge were so beautifully well developed and amazing to read about. I absolutely loved how Ell wrote them and incorporated them into the story and no, I will never shut up about it. I don’t want to, but I’ll stop here. It was really hard to pick just one of Ell’s fics to put on here. They are all amazing and highly recommended.

Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Two great minds create something great together. Yo, this fic is such a well done pile of words. I look at it and think ‘wow, how can two people take only twenty six letters in the English alphabet and create something this beautiful’ and to this day, I do not know the answer. This fic is funny, it’s cute, it’s fun to read and it’s super well written. Definitely worth a read… or two… or three…

John Laurens x Reader

You’ve probably seen this recommended many a time. If you haven’t, I’m here. If you have, you get to see it again. Seriously, this one’s so good. It was actually really tough to pick just one from Jo’s collection of works for this list. Everything on that masterlist is gold. If you haven’t read That Awkward Moment When, you’re missing out. It’s extremely well executed, it’s hella fun to read and enjoy and it’s worth a reread.

Daveed Diggs x Reader

No joke, I reread this every time I wake up in the middle of the night with cramps. It’s extremely cute. One of my favorite things about Steph’s writing is that it’s the kind of writing I read when I want to be a part of the story, rather than feeling like I’m watching the story from the outside. Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes enjoy reading stories that I can watch from the outside. But Steph’s specific style always has me reeling on how her wording and structure and voice always makes you feel like you’re a part of the story. Good stuff.

That’s it! I know that’s only six, I have read a huge number of amazing fics on this website. I try to comment on every fic I read but I wish I could write a paragraph for each fic writer on tumblr, you all deserve one. Please continue to work hard, don’t give up on writing, even if your blog never becomes popular or whatever. Keep going. Even if you get nothing else from your experiences writing fanfic, your writing will improve. A ton. I notice it in my own writing and I notice it in other people’s writing. Keep going, you rock!

Before You Get a Tarot Reading

As many of you know, I offer tarot readings to anyone who wants one (prices are listed in the blog description.) I love doing readings for other people. I feel a great connection to helping others understand themselves, their situations or their place in the world through divination. You can see examples of some of my readings under the ‘tarot readings’ tag. I put a lot of energy and time into each reading I do and really like to form a relationship with each querent so that I can give the most accurate and detailed reading. 

This post is all about what you should know before I do a reading for you. It might be a little long, but I can assure you that you’ll know how to word your questions for the deck, what I will and won’t answer as well as more info about me as a reader and you’ll be all set to get your reading done. 

How long have you been reading? 

  • About a year, though I studied tarot and have had an active interest in it for much longer. 

How wold you describe your reading style? 

  • Intuitive and in-depth, though the focus will always be on what you, the querent, can do or focus on, and less about giving yes or no answers or predicting your future.  I’ve never been really comfortable with prediction readings since there are so many variables in life. 

What decks do you have available to do readings with? 

  • I have The Wild Unknown and The Ostara Tarot. Both are tagged as their titles so you can see what each looks like and if you feel a connection to one over the other. 

What sort of personality or styles do your decks have? 

  • The Wild Unknown tends to be a bit blunt, sassy, very wise, and I get an ‘older’ energy from it. If it were a person, it would be your sassy grandma who knows her stuff, tells it like it is and isn’t afraid to ask what the heck you’re doing. Great for if you’re feeling stuck , unmotivated and need a kick in the butt, or completely lost about direction. 
  • The Ostara Tarot is more whimsical, intuitive and is generally a little more gentle with it’s delivery. Less literal and with a younger energy. If it was a person, it’d be that beautiful, super enigmatic person that’s in your art class with a ton of talent and seems to know everything, but is also on the shy and empathetic side, so they’re not going to give unsolicited advice or be rude about anything they’re saying. Great for when you’re hurting, when you need reassurance or when you’re not up for a kick to the butt.

I saw a spread I really like on your blog or somewhere else online. Can you do that spread for me? 

  • It depends. Some creators of spread do not like the spreads that they’ve crafted to be monetized (i.e. I wouldn’t be able to charge for them.) But many spread are free to use however I see fit as a reader. I would also want to know what you’re looking to get out of the reading so that I can see if this spread fits what you want to know well. So as long as the creator is okay with people monetizing their spreads, and we’ve worked out a price (since most are more than 3 cards) then I’ll definitely do that spread for you! 

How to word your questions for my decks: 

Questions that begin with ‘what’ or ‘how’ are generally best. And always ask things that focus on you, as the querent. So instead of asking ‘How does this person feel about me?’ instead ask ‘How can I improve my relationship with this person?’ 

Some examples of common questions that are good: 

  • What should I focus on today (or in whatever time period) to be successful? - How can I stop hurting/hurt less? (from a breakup, mental illness, career related hardships, etc) 
  • What is the potential for this relationship? 
  • What can I do to keep this good financial luck coming?
  • How can I bring new people into my life who will be good for me? 
  • How can I distance myself from this person? 
  • How can I achieve success in this endeavour?
  • What can I do to bring some financial gain my way? 

Thing not to ask:

  •  Yes/no questions are not great. My decks don’t like them and tend to give overly vague responses to them. Same goes for questions beginning with ‘Should I..’ as they generally are yes/no answers. 
  • Any question that you could easily get the answer to by asking the person it involves is a no go. I don’t feel comfortable prying into someone else’s thoughts and feelings without their consent and involvement in the reading. If you want to know what someone will do or how they feel, just ask them yourself. 
  • My decks aren’t great at giving ‘when’ answers. Timeframes can vary greatly depending on your own actions in the situation. 
  • Health  related readings that start with ‘will I’ or ‘do I.’ I’m not a doctor, my cards are not doctors and while they may be able to guide you on how best to care for your body, they cannot diagnose you or anyone else. 

Some examples that I will not answer, and alternatives that work instead:

  •  Does this person love me? 
    • Instead try ‘What is the potential of my relationship with this person and how can I reach it?‘ 
  •  Will this person leave me?    
    • Instead try ‘How can I improve my relationship with this person?’ or ‘How can I help this person feel appreciated?' 
  • How does this person feel about me?  
    • Instead try ‘What can I do to help this person feel comfortable enough to tell me how they feel?’ 
  • What kind of health problem do I have?    
    • Instead try ‘What can I do to improve my health?’ 

And a couple with really no alternative question that I could ask:

  • Will I win the lottery? 
  • When will I die? 
  • Am I pregnant?


You can send payment through paypal.me/therestlesswitch

I prefer it when my clients send payment after we’ve talked a bit, but before I do the actual reading. This way, you can feel comfortable knowing I’ve put in a little time to get to know your situation, and I can feel comfortable knowingI haven’t put a lot of energy into helping someone who isn’t going to show me the same kindness. Though I prefer payment before, I’m fine with payment after the reading, just tell me ahead of time so I’m not waiting to do your reading until I see your payment come through.

However, non payment will result in blocking, me telling my fellow readers that you didn’t follow through on the agreed payment, and if I feel particularly cheated, possibly a curse. 

That’s about it for what you need to know before getting a reading! Please, if you have anything I should add to this list, let me know!



(I mean, you can look a little further. I’ve got three fic rec lists.)

But maybe you’ve read all of those stories and you’re looking for something else?

Well, I’d like to welcome y’all to the demon we’ve kept locked up for over two years: Past Is Prologue!!! 

It’s a childhood AU. The Krew grows up together. It’s gonna be long. It’s gonna be cute. It’s gonna be stupid. And a little angsty probably. @golarisa is writing too. @osmriceu is helping us both.

So come on over and read it! Or, if you don’t like reading things until they’re done, check out some of golarisa and I’s old stuff here and here. We’ve also got tumblr prompts if you check out our prompts tags, as well as osmriceu’s art at @lushdudu. Or or check out those fic rec lists I mentioned and linked above. I hope to god all these links work!!!

Whichever fic you pick—happy reading!