if you order it i hope you know japanese

galactic-purple  asked:

do you know where I can order that book of atlantic ciel figure? my sister pre-ordered the sebastian one and I really want it!!

You mean this one, right?

Here’s the Japanese website but you might not be able to buy it if you’re not in Japan. So maybe better try it here. I think you can pre-order it but it seems like it will only be released in July. 

I hope that helps. :)

Alright, so request number 2 done! I know this is a little out of order haha. Next up was suppose to be Eskimo kisses, but I ran into a problem finishing that one up that led to me having to restart it. SO in order to calm my nerves I took on the next request which was “awkward hand holding” for maybe-qchan“ hmm, I guess this is more so awkward depending on the situation you imagine for it. Another funny thing about this is that my love for Japanese culture is present in this haha. Anyways, hope you like it