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So, I just got finished rewatching Shadowhunters in its entirety and I realized something. How much Magnus has always understood Alec like from the very day that they met just by simply observing his actions and being in his presence blows my mind, in episode 4 of season 1 when they met they have that scene at the end where Magnus tells Alec that he has nothing to be ashamed of and Alec is like idk what you’re talking about and Magnus is like but you will. That scene is so underrated like how do you just meet someone and know exactly what they’re hiding and who they’re hiding from, Magnus knew in a matter of hours what his family or his parents I should say didn’t notice at all in all the years of his life and even if Alec didn’t seem like it at the time he knew that Alec needed to hear the words “You have nothing to be ashamed of.” And then fast forward to season 2, there’s that whole fight in episode 1 and again Magnus knows what Alec is doing he’s pushing him away because that’s what he does in conflict or when things get hard and Magnus tells him like “Dont push me away when things get crazy”. Then fast forward to episode 5 on Magnus’ fire escape when Alec is there and he’s really hurting and Magnus reads him like a gosh damn book with his not healing his physical injuries to try and make the mental/ emotional pain subside and the “you’ll blow up the very ground you stand on to make something right” and how fucking accurate that is, he will demolish himself to make sure the people around him are safe and happy, he’s been doing it his whole life. and you think like Magnus knows Alec, like really really knows him for such a short amount of time that they’ve known eachother. Magnus knows and understands Alec better then people who have known him his whole life and I will stand by that. In episode 9 when Alec left Magnus knew that he had to follow him to Raphaels because he knew Alec and he knows that he will protect the people he loves and sometimes not in the most effective ways. The point is watching it in full you really see how much Magnus has come to know Alec in such a short time, it’s sort of super beautiful how much of a difference Magnus made just by noticing. And you think what if we erased these scenes. What if Magnus did just disappear into thin air at that club and never did notice…..where would Alec be? It’s cliche as fuck but I love it, it’s a fate story about two men who are in alot of ways entirely different, but they defy the odds because in ways that not many people notice if you’re not paying close enough attention, they can be the same. Anyways I’m really just happy that Magnus noticed and i’m happy this story exist on a bigger platform it really is such a huge thing.

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Why do people ship Klaus & Hayley as a couple? Don't people see that it's never going to be canon? These two are a great BROTP at best, but they're never going to love each other THAT way so klayley shippers just need to let it go and stop hoping for the impossible. I know that sounds mean, but some people just need to hear it. Besides, why would people want klayley after Hayley has been in love with Elijah anyway?

OK, hey, nonnie, first of all: Chill. Second of all: also chill. Why are you so offended that some people ship Klayley as an OTP. If like you said they’re never gonna happen why does that offend you? Personally, I love their dynamics in all capacity. I love their banter, their chemistry, their partnership. They’re just such a delight to watch in any capacity. Their dynamic feels so natural. So no wonder people ship it as an OTP, too, if they’re so beautiful on-screen. Some people genuinely enjoy them simply as a BROTP others love them as an OTP, where is the harm in that?


A nosy old man at the grocery store stopped me to point out that I wasn’t smiling and that I would be happier if I smiled more. 

How do you think I responded? How do you think I wish I’d responded?

  • “Do you think this line of conversation has ever made anyone happier?”
  • “I wasn’t smiling because I’m psychic and knew we’d have this conversation. I’ve been dreading it all day.”
  • “I’ll smile when you’re in your grave.”
  • “You’re a miserable old fool who thinks the world needs to hear his opinions.”
  • “[indistinct muttering that may have included an apology]”

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Hi! I've been going to a psychologist for 2 years but I'm still the same?? I still hate myself and I've considered suicide a few times, Idk what to do and I haven't been diagnosed with anything. How can I know if I have something serious?

first and foremost you absolutely are struggling with mental illness and if you’ve been as honest as possible then you definitely should have at the very least been told this by now?????…..Please look into going to a psychiatrist (to get officially and professionally diagnosed plus put on medication) and finding a different therapist. You deserve to not only get diagnosed, you deserve the actual support and guidance you need. I’m really sorry to hear how extremely rough things still are for you and in the meantime my chat box is always open if you want a listener

Saying this because you may need to hear it.

If you are haunted by a relationship, if it’s negatively affected you, if you cannot function as well or are struggling to function as well as you did before the relationship,

it was abusive.

It doesn’t matter if at some point it was a good relationship. It doesn’t matter if the other person/side did not mean to act that way.

It was still abusive.

It’s okay to not feel comfortable labeling it as such publicly.

But even if it was a friendship or a minor relationship.

If you were negatively impacted from it to the point that you have flashbacks and get into panic attacks about it, if you have triggers due to it,

it was abusive.

No matter how much that person meant to you.

-Mod D [RL]

becoming a fag...part 3

I am not racist at all.  It makes me sick to say or do anything that might offend someone because of their race.  I wound up with a very steady, black client, who was only interested in me verbally abusing him while calling him racist names.  I stammered the first few times and he called a “time out”.  He said “Sir, it is not hurting me when you say these things, as I NEED to hear them.  The fact that you are having trouble doing it makes me trust you more.  I beg of you, please call me n&gger, n&gger bitch, and n%gger slave boy.  I crave it, and you are the one I want to do it.  No one else will know but us Sir.”  

After that he became my most steady. Sometimes 2x a day.  He was the first I allowed to rim me.  He was handsome and well built.  He smelled so good all of the time.  I still think of him when someone wears his cologne or oil, and I get a whiff of it.  He must have had some money, because the way he threw it at me, made my life a lot easier.  As a surprise for him, i bought a Joyrider.  A real rimchair.  It was pretty expensive for me, but I figured it would make him come back even more.  When he saw it set up the first time, he dropped to his knees and kissed my boots.  Literally a tear rolled down his cheek.  I don’t like tears as he knew from when I hit him with his belt several times, so he assured me this was a tear of happiness. 

  He asked if he could lay under it for a while before we began.  I thought this was weird but he wanted to just reflect on the kindness I was showing him.  I agreed and let him meditate under it for about 20 minutes.  I went to the buildings pool and swam a bit.  I trusted him completely because,  A-he had cleaned for me before while I went out, and B- I had NOTHING of value that he could steal.  The way he tossed cash at me I knew he didn’t need a thing from me but my time.  We had a long session that day as I sat on the chair he gently kissed my hole and told me what an amazing straight guy I was, and that he hadn’t met one like me before.  When he was leaving he remarked on how expensive the joyriders are.  (I think I paid like $500 or $600 but I honestly can’t remember.)  He gave me like $300 and we said our goodbye’s.  Less than 25 minutes later the manager of my building called me and said someone had dropped off an envelope for me, and it was in the office.  I had no clue what it was or who it was from.  I went down, and got it.  I came back up  to my small studio apartment (that i loved) and opened it.  It was a business size envelope.  A note and $700 was in it.  

The note said “For your kindness and consideration of me by getting the joyrider, I want to pay for it and for your time putting it together”.  Sincerely Your N&GGER.  I smirked as I thought to myself how crazy to be so excited about something that isn’t even yours.  

This rimchair has served me well.  These days it is not called a Joyrider or rimchair.  It is my Sirs throne and that is how He refers to it.  “Fag set my throne up, my ass will need soothing tonight”.  

The tables have turned.  #fag #sir #joyrider #rim #black #cash #money #race #straight #throne #owned #belt #boot #tear #faggot #lick #kiss #ass #asshole #smell #scent 

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Listen to me. You're the cunt who ships daryl with some old grey haired bitch. Who has done NOTHING for them. You're also the cunt who defends asshole NR constantly and praises him when he's dating while his fan girls are all heartbroken and he doesn't even give a shit. He doesn't even like Melissa so go ahead and ship the ship where daryl should date a woman who's much older than him and have her elder bones break with little activity. Stupid bitch.

WOAH. You brought the shade today!

This is just what I needed! I love hearing about how much of a terrible person I am while I’m already struggling right now. Thanks so much for your message!

First of all, your use of “ grey haired bitch ” is incredibly offensive. Having grey hair isn’t a sin, it’s part of growing up. She’s done nothing for them? She’s saved them all at Terminus! She was badass at Alexandria with the wolves. She’s done a lot for them.

Norman isn’t an asshole. YOU’RE an asshole. Why the fuck should he care that fangirls are “ heartbroken ”? Because he’s dating? Because he’s happy with someone? They claim to be fans but attack him for making his own decisions and being happy with someone.
Get over it.

And from what I recall, Norman said Melissa was one of his best friend’s but okay then.

Carol isn’t “ much older ”. She’s three years older. Chill out and get a grip. I’m not even going to comment on the rest.

I’ve been told to kill myself just because I’m a fan of Norman. That’s insane. The amount of messages I delete about him is insane.

Go away.

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I feel so lonely right now. I feel like no one wants me around. I'm not doing anything don't worry, I just feel like I don't exist so I'm venting I guess. I just don't know how to make it all better and feel like I actually matter.

It’s okay, you can always vent to me if you need to! I’m sorry to hear that you feel lonely :3 I’m sure people do want you around, and you definitely do matter! If you want someone to talk to, I’m here <3

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Chapsticks or Lipsticks: I like cherry chapstick :) 
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"hear me heartbeat? focus on that." actual trash B]

“Hear my heartbeat?” Sarah murmurs, pulling Cosima in closer to her chest with a gentle yet firm grip. The way she has always been interacting with Cosima over these past few weeks. Or has it been months? Cosima whimpers in Sarah’s hold as she struggles to overcome the trigger of the running water from the sink. Sarah kisses her forehead, slowly, gently, and whispers against her dreads, “Just focus on that, yeah?”

Absently, habitually, Cosima lifts her nautilus necklace to her mouth and begins to gnaw on it, the action focusing her out-of-control mind onto something more simplistic and giving it a chance to stop spinning for a moment. Just above her head, Sarah starts humming the tune of a gentle Ukranian lullaby that Helena had taught her to use when Cosima was triggered. Cosima settles against Sarah’s chest, her muscles unclenching as she chews and listens and breathes.

Sarah keeps humming, and Cosima, whose ear is pressed against Sarah’s chest, hears the deep reverberation and the inflow and outflow of Sarah’s breathing and the steady thudding of Sarah’s constant heart and suddenly wishes she wasn’t so weak. “Mrs. S must think I’m so stupid.”

Statements like that once would’ve caused a knee-jerk reaction of defense, a quick, almost harsh refusal followed by her trademark gruff reassurance. But it hadn’t taken Sarah long to realize that that kind of response was far from what Cosima needed in her fragile, traumatized state. And so she adapted. Because that’s who Sarah Manning was. A chameleon. A survivor. But this time, not at all for herself. This time, it was for Cosima. Though, if Sarah paused to think about it for more than a minute, she would admit to herself that it had always been for Cosima.

“No, love. Not at all,” Sarah kisses her head again, keeping her lips pressed against her rough dreads. “She knows you’re getting better. And she’s so proud of how far you’ve come.” Like I am, Sarah thinks, but the affirmation sticks in her throat. Because there’s more to that statement than just gentle pride and Sarah knows it. Which is why she keeps her lips pressed shut.

“She… she ran w-water… for d-dishes a-and I j-just s-saw her standing over me and I… I c-can’t.. I…” The nautilus necklace falls out of her hands as her fingers go to her opposite wrist and start to tear at the slowly healing scars there.

“Cos,” Sarah calls gently, hoping to bring her out of the past. When Cosima’s eyes seem to unfocus, Sarah brings her arm down to gently pull apart Cosima’s hands, to prevent her from further physically damaging herself. “Just breathe for me, love. Okay?”

“I d-don’t want t-to… to f-feel like th-this, S-Sarah,” Cosima stumbles, the stutters a result of her trauma and the breaking emotion rising to the surface.

“You wont,” Sarah assures her gently, “Not forever, yeah? Until then, I’ve got you, Cos. I’ve got you.” She encourages Cosima to settle back down onto her chest and starts humming a melody in time with her heartbeat.

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Don't be sorry we're hear for you when you need it the most. Think of us as your second family!!!!!!! We will love and cherish and give you tons of love when you need it the most!!!! We love you so don't be sorry!!!!💜💜💜💜- memecook anon

thank you my love!!!! you guys mean a lot to me because i don’t have people to talk to hahahah  but i love you guys!!!!

i hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!! :)

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Mun Meme

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Top 3 Characters: Jim Lake Jr, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III., Jughead Jones III. (omfg he’s the third too)
Top 3 Ships: Jlaire, Hiccstrid, Bughead

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heya Rae!! I just heard the song you wrote and oh my gosh I can't stop crying???? It's just what I needed to hear, thank you so so much <3 Also have you heard the city and colours song take care? I listened to it and I thought you might like it if you haven't heard it already <333 hope you've had a good day!

im glad you liked it, scout! 😭💕

and yes, i have. dallas green’s voice HURTS MY SOUL. you should hear his cover of kimbra’s “settle down”. in my honest opinion, its better than the original and man, I CRY.

have a wonderful day, love!

the thing is, somebody cares. i know your best friend seems really busy all the time and is shit at texting but she still loves you and she talks to you more than she talks to anyone else and you’re the only breath of calm she has on this planet. the boy in your science class loves seeing what music you’re listening to on your headphones - he has the same taste and wishes he had the nerve to ask you about it. your english teacher loves the insight you have on your papers. somebody cares. the person who lives down the street from you notices when you are sick because they don’t see you stomping your way to the schoolbus - it’s how they know it’s time to get their breakfast ready. somebody is looking for you at the party, even if they don’t know they’re really looking for you - but when you don’t show up, some part of them is disappointed. somebody is looking for you in the library, in the spot where you eat lunch, in front of that one step you always seem to trip on. i know your parents are a complicated mess and there’s drama between your friends and your love life is sort of shaped like a constant question and everybody seems all caught up in their own lives and their own happiness and nobody really notices: but somebody always does. every face in your dreams is someone you have met, and that means that you are in a million’s stranger’s heads. they see you when they go to bed. and somebody cares. somebody still thinks about you even though you were just a person with a nice outfit or good eyeliner or a great smile or because you were having one of those moments that are so charmingly human in nature or because they regret not asking if you needed help when you fell or because they wonder what you were thinking about or drawing or writing or just because you’re alive, and that makes you fascinating. somebody cares. when you were on break from work and saw a dog hanging his head out of the car and suddenly broke into a smile: there was a girl in the back of that car, and I was her, and I still think about you, and i hope you get more chances to smile like that. and there is you, sitting here reading this, and by some small extension, meeting me, and i am telling you, I care. somebody always does. i promise. i promise. you are loved.