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Steps for Letting Go of Painful Memories

Experiences can leave us with some painful memories. They tie us to the past and prevent us moving on. And the only way to freedom is to work on letting go – so these memories don’t haunt us or keep us trapped in pain. Below are some guidelines to help you work on this.

1. Before you can let go, you must face whatever happened and accept that it is part of your past experiences. Suppression doesn’t work as a long-term solution. It can only be a band aid that brings temporary relief. Talk to someone you trust, or write about it in your journal. You need to share what happened, in order to move on.

2. Identify the lessons you have learned from what has happened. There’s always a lesson – so look for what you’ve learned. It doesn’t make it better – but it does lessen its power.

3. Write the lesson down on a piece of paper and repeat it to yourself when you’re hit by old, painful memories. For example, if you’ve been scarred by abuse, then you might write something like: “My experience of abuse does not determine who I am. I’m a stronger person now, and that is not my destiny. I’m choosing my own future, and the person I will be.”

4. Repeat this mantra often so it takes root in your mind. Allow it to be stronger than the bad experience. Say it often, till you mean it, then you’ll start to feel you’re freer. Persevere and keep on fighting when those old memories return.

5. Seek to be a person who’s at peace with themselves. When peace is your focus, old thoughts and memories have much less power over how you think and feel. However, seeking after peace must be a conscious, constant choice.

6. When the past tries to intrude, focus firmly on the present. Ground yourself in what’s happening around you in the room, and try to breathe deeply - and deliberately relax. You are here in this moment; you’re not living in the past.

7. Forgive – for your own sake. Try to heal from what happened – then let resentments go. You don’t want them in your life for they’ll just tie you to the past. It’s not an ease process; it takes work and discipline. But it is worth the daily struggle - as one day you’ll be free.

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Rachel has a hoodie. ADC Chara has a hoodie. cLEARLY THEY'RE THE SAME PERSON Yeah, no. That anon's crazy. Stop trying to inject Undertale and ADC into an original thing, people! This kind of thing is why I'm nervous about uploading my own original comic on another site; most of my followers know me for Undertale so I'm afraid of people doing this exact thing. I've already had someone tell me one character looks like what they think the Green SOUL to look, which is kinda ":/"

And the green Soul doesn’t even have a canon design, i swear these people…

But yeah, remember that “tumblr you’re killing art” I reblogged a few days ago? It’s exactly what I’m talking about, people need to support new ideas, and not bash them as soon as someone wants to come up with something else.

 It’s really nerve wrecking trying to stand out as an artist just with  fanart alone. :/  

One thing is to know that you can’t please everyone and accept criticism, but it doesn’t mean that you should sit back and not get the chance to show your ideas entirely, or having people shove their ideas down your throat. Like the only reason I’m not going to stop it’s because at least a large amount of people do seem to care, but a good amount are just being like this and it’s quite discouraring. 

All I say is, don’t be afraid to show the world what you want! And please, people be more considerate. 

Possible scenarios for tonights clip
  • okay but what if Sana is about to snake and hack into Isak’s phone but instead Isak notices something is wrong and they end up having a big heart to heart and she talks to him about boys and frienship and how she feels out of place in this world and like she can’t be herself anymore and then Isak gives her advice and is there for her and he tells her he will tell Vilde about Sara himself and it’s just wonderful <3
  • Or how about Sana and Isak study and talk longer than they planned and then the boy squad comes over to hang out because it’s friday and Sana goes to leave and all the boys are like “SANA where are you going? stay we need someone to beat Jonas at Fifa come one” and so she stays and hangs with boy squad and she actually…..has an amazing time and it’s just beautiful and she talks to Jonas about consumerism, and roasts magnus which makes all the boys laugh and her and Mahdi end up discussing the best place to get waffles and it’s just amazing <3
  • or evak catches her hacking into Isak’s messages but instead of getting mad Isak is just all “oh honey this ain’t how you snake…I’ll show you how to snake” and helps her come up with a whole plan for revenge mwahaha

Michael x Reader

Requested by Anon

“I don’t see why i have to go for you.” You said with a sighed as you watched you mother pack your bags.

“Because your father and I have to go to London and we need someone to talk to the men in Birmingham… you’ll remember to phone us once you’ve had the meeting won’t you?” She asked you nodded.

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How would UT, UF, US and FT Skelebros react to a S/O who is always happy but one day the skele gets home early to see their s/o crying? (Turns out their actually super depressed and just hide it under smiles)

~Mod Feral

UT Sans

He’ll calmly sit down next to you and talk to you about it. He’s faking a smile a lot himself because of depression and such, but he also knows how important it is to have someone, anyone to talk to about it. He doesn’t expect you to be happy 24/7, so don’t strain yourself.

UT Papyrus

He’s more upset you felt the need to hide something from him more than anything. He’ll look into this depression and do literally everything in his power to help you feel better. Even if it means dragging you out of the house.

UF Sans

“stop fucking hiding it.” Honestly he knows how it is to have depression, you’ve seen him, you’ve been with him, him having depression is no secret. But, the thing is, no one can help if they can’t even identify the times when one’s at their lowest. Heck, maybe helping you can also help himself.

UF Papyrus

“AND YOU DIDN’T TELL ME BECAUSE?” He’s angry at your lack of trust. He’ll demand answers, and expects you to deliver.

US Sans

“WE CAN’T BOTH BE DOING THAT!” He’ll blurt out before covering his mouth and changing what he says to a “I MEAN, THAT’S NOT GOOD FOR YOU, DON’T BOTTLE UP YOUR FEELINGS!” Yeah, it turns out Blueberry has the same thing going on.

US Papyrus

He’ll hold you close and try to reassure you on how you don’t need to do that. He doesn’t quite know what else to do.

FT Sans

He’ll hug you lightly, whispering positive words in English, little calm growls, and even Wingdings. He’s not thinking completely, so he’s covering all the languages he knows. A few words that he’s aware of in other languages that are positive come out to. Whatever may get through to you.

FT Papyrus

He’s hugging you tight. He’ll be trying to fight his own tears. Once you both calm down is when he’ll remind you of good things and how you don’t need to pretend to be happier than you are.

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Hey hey! Look, I know you're trying to be helpful and you have every right to be angry with extilia, but being aggressive or rude rarely helps. It would probably be better to address them in a more calm and polite manner. I do a lot of social working and people respond best when someone is calm when talking to them and they are more likely to listen. They do need to take down the leaks, but remember not to be aggressive about it. Hope you have a nice day. :)

I have a huge problem with people like you. How was I being aggressive? @extilia (who blocked me) is exactly as childish as I said before. I never made any threats, I never told anyone to harrass her. People like you tell people it’s not okay to be angry. And this isn’t a huge deal. But peoples jobs are on the line. I think the original poster should be held accountable, too.

But it’s people like @extilia who make situations so much worse because they are immature and thrive in drama. Talking to people like them rationally doesn’t do anything, because they can only think for themselves. So making them lose followers, and exerting pressure on them socially is the only way it works.

Now you, people like you really get my goat. Because you say that all nice but you hide your face. So you don’t really believe what you’re saying to “be nice” because you can’t say it to my face. But more than that your passive stance, while in this case is nothing more than annoying, is so dangerous. Your the kind of person who tells someone to “be kind” in the face of injustice. People are allowed to be angry. What they do with that anger can be deemed right or wrong.

But don’t come into my inbox with your fake little smile and your “be kind.” Why don’t you go and tell @extilia to be kind since their actions could literally cost someone their job. And do me a favor. The next time you tell someone to stop being angry and to be kind instead, I want you to stop and really think if that is really necessary. Because this time it wasn’t that big of a deal, but you seem like the type of person to tell someone to be kind in the face of oppression.


Ella tried to continue. “As I was saying. We need to-”

“Join forces and declare ourselves the best looking couple in school. I agree.”

“No!” She yelled agitatedly.

“But we are most likely the hottest ones in school. I’m definitely the hottest vampire and you’re the hottest fairy. As for witches then it’s kinda hard to pick.”

“Oh please. I’d win that one too.” She had been staring at Ibis with amusement as he talked. Yes, he made good true point. He was also one annoying motherfucker. The nerve to even imply that there could be someone hotter than her. “Now. The point of why you’re here is that… I’m sure you’ve heard about Eden, right?”

He was caught off guard. Why would she mention Eden? Wait -WAS the baby HIS? “Yes…”

“First off. It’s not yours.”

He would’ve let out a big breath if he’d been breathing at all. “Whoa. Whose’-”

“An even worst asshole.”

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I'm not that anon from before, but I thought having multiple partners was open? Or are your partners more of a commune, making it a poly situation? Sorry for asking I've just been confused about these type of labels and you seem in the know.

-Nope, multiple partners does not necessarily mean an open relationship.
-Living with other partners is also not the ONLY way to be Poly.

An open relationship means* you can fuck/be with who you want, when you want it, regardless of what other relationships you have in your life. No communication required. Your other partners probably have a ‘dont ask dont tell’ kind of policy. That type of thing.

What I have is a committed polyamorous relationship between two people, who are not romantic/sexual with each other. That’s it. I am not involved with anyone else in any other way. But that doesn’t mean its off the table. I’m constantly talking to my partners about our relationship-specific needs and desires. If someone’s needs and/or desires change, we all communicate at length about our expectations and levels of comfort before acting upon anything. 

In addition, my partners also have other romantically committed relationships outside of me, but I know about all of them and give them my blessings because it makes me happy to see them happy. I am not involved romantically/sexually with their other partners. Everyone knows about everyone else and are happy with the level of commitment we share.

Should I or any of my partners become romantic/sleep around without prior knowledge and consent that would be cheating and that’s not fucking okay.

I can’t speak for all open relationships tbh lmao everyone has their own rules and that’s not for me to decide or define

*****NOTE: There are SO MANY TYPES of poly relationship styles so I cannot speak on behalf of everyone else. You can’t assume that one style works or applies to everyone else who falls under the umbrella of Poly. My definition and style is what works for me right now and is subject to change. People are constantly evolving and there is no one way of doing any relationship forever. So yah. *****

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Michael, I know it seems Jeremy doesnt want you but thats the squip talking. He needs someone-- that someone is you, Michael. Snap out of it! I know its painful but think about the situation Jeremy's in! He's forced to do stuff against his will right now-- its not him!

M: I’m not going to let the SQUIP take control of him again.
M: More importantly, I’m not going to let him put me through this bullshit again.

  • Me: *is quietly upset*
  • Friend: Are you upset? You know you can always talk to me if you need to
  • Later
  • Me: *is upset and goes to talk to them*
  • Friend: Oh yeah that sucks. *precedes to talk about themself and disregard my problems*

Oh good grief…

Aspyn: “Hi, Malachai is it? You’re friends with my sister Harley, right?”

Malachai: “Uh…uhmm…yeah. You’re Aspyn right? I’ve seen some of your simstagram posts. You’re…a really talented photographer.”

Aspyn: “OMG No way! Well, Malachai, my sister never told me that you aged up to be such a cute guy!”

Malachai: “Oh…uh…uh…thanks. I see a coffee stand over there. Would you like to -”

Malachai gets cut off as he sees that Aspyn is frowning over his shoulder like she has spotted something. He turns around and follows her gaze, but doesn’t know what she is looking at.

Aspyn: “On second thoughts, there’s someone I need to talk to quickly. Wait here. I’ll be back.”

Malachai: “Oh…uhh…ok then…”

@halespecterwinchester avert your eyes because we’re doing it again, teasing you with stories we’re probably never gonna write!

So I walked by a building site on my way to work this morning and I suddenly felt the need for a construction worker Sterek fic because hello Tyler Hoechlin working up a sweat in a hard hat (and I’ve googled it and there are such fics in existence which I’ve added to the to-read list).

And then @loyalty2waystreet and I were talking about how she needs someone to write her a Marvey house flippers fic and then I thought what about construction worker Mike? Because when he didn’t get into Harvard he had to look for work and this is what he fell into.

And maybe he’s working on a site near the coffee cart or food van outside PSL and one of his colleagues catcalls Donna or Jessica in front of Harvey (or, hey, maybe one of them catcalls Harvey himself because hello hot guy in a suit!) and Harvey marches over all ready to confront the guy and Mike has to play peacemaker, while also calling his co-worker out on their behaviour.

And then he and Harvey keep bumping into each other at the coffee cart (and if Harvey is suddenly drinking a lot more coffee these days, well, that’s just because he’s tired and needs the caffeine, Donna, no other reason! It’s definitely not because he’s hoping to run into the cute guy in the hard hat that’s been making regular appearances in his dreams lately or anything…) and Harvey discovers Mike knows a hell of a lot about the law for your average construction worker (that’s not a slight on construction workers before anyone thinks I’m being elitist, but Mike’s knowledge of the law is more expansive than you would expect of most people who don’t work in the legal world) and wonders why and eventually he gets the whole story out of him.

And then I remembered Patrick J. Adams’ guest role in ‘Numb3rs’ back in the day and that’s where the image of Patrick in a hard hat comes from. @loyalty2waystreet also mentioned that isn’t there a scene in 'Suits’ where Harvey actually visits a building site and so that raised the possibility of them meeting there, Harvey visiting a client who Mike works for.

I’ve also harboured ideas about Mike as an architect, working on a home Harvey is building. And Harvey thinks he knows what he wants, but this young guy in the cheap suit and skinny tie keeps making these little suggestions, and, goddamn it, if he isn’t always right and now Harvey realises he doesn’t just want a house, he wants a home. And somehow this kid has helped him design his dream one, but it won’t mean anything if he hasn’t got Mike there to share it with.

But it turns out the house Mike has been designing is his dream home too. And there’s no one he’d rather share it with than Harvey, because from the moment they met, every time he’s sat down to draw up plans for the house, he’s been envisaging him and Harvey living there together.

Annnnnnd I really need to start writing some of the fics I’ve already committed to instead of constantly dreaming up ideas for new ones.👷🏼😉

Youtuber Starship!AU : Welcome to the S.S. Asshole


Chief Medical Officer Marzia Bisognin↣ I heard you managed to talk to Felix. Of course I’ll come along. Why wouldn’t I? You guys need someone to watch out for you, and i wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“…Thank you, Marzia. There’s just one problem…”

“What, Mark?”

“They haven’t lifted the ban yet.”

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Did you know Henrik's mom liked one of your metas (the one about the internet thing being reversed and Isak exposing Sara) that someone posted on Instagram? (They gave you credit btw)


Can you SHOW ME???

OH MY GAWD are you serious???? can you please please please please please show me? PLEASE



are you kiddding? ahhhh pls pls pls show me my angel pls I need to see this 

d e a d 


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so if Maggie says no because floriana is not a series regular anymore then why will she returning for multiple episode?!! is this a way to say that she will in only two episodes to say no and break up with alex? or i’m being way to optimistic and she will say yes and will only appear in a few episodes? Sorry to send you this, i needed to talk/tell this to someone

Honestly, at this point I don’t even care about Maggie’s answer. All I care about is the fact that we won’t get much Maggie Sawyer and Sanvers in the next season. When I imagine how many screen time James had as a regular? I’m sad. A lot.

First, try to ignore this Chemistry teacher. Really. I know it’s hard but…people like that are rarely convinced. Just do you best at school and try to stay away from her. Of course you’re not an infection, you should be respected, like everyone else and be called by the pronoun of your choice. Just…don’t give a shit if someone keeps saying garbage. I mean it. Just think about it, ask yourself, how many people in your class think your homophobic teacher is an idiot. I think many, but no one says it out loud. If you somehow make friends and talk to them about what’s going on, maybe they could stand and go sit with you even if the teacher says the opposite. I don’t know, it would be an huge defence, but you would need to talk to your friends first, I mean, tell them how frustrated you are, just like you’re telling me. Friends can help a lot when it comes to social strength.

About your good teacher. Well, if the bad teacher reported the teacher that was trying to help you, that means there must be a specific person responsible for all the investigation and stuff, like a headmaster. You could search for this person and explain what’s happening, maybe they’ll understand what’s going on. The good teacher could be left alone and the bad teacher could be reported. What this bad teacher has been doing to you, that’s harassment, public exclusion and sexism. I’m quite sure that’s worth a few reports.
Good luck, friend. Feel free to send asks anytime.

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how would the us uf and sf skeles handle someone coming up to them (while on a date with their s/o) and randomly flirting with them? s/o is being pretty much completely ignored by the random flirter and starts to get discouraged- they maybe even sneak away to let them have fun/talk if the flirter is still there for long enough- i hope this makes sense?? idk i just get really insecure sometimes and i need reassurance that if somebody better comes along that i wont get ditched at the drop of a hat

(Ahhh, I feel you.)

US Papyrus: You two are taking a stroll trough town, he isn’t one for fancy dates, when suddenly sombody comes up to Papyrus and throws a few compliments his way. He kind of awkwardly grins at the person, but  his grin flaters sligthly, when the flirter becomes more persitante. Not wanting to cause a scene he tries to stay friendly and rush them off. The flirter doesn’t seem to get it, and keeps on pestering him, pushing himself between you two. You are about to slowly walk away, when Papyrus had enough. Putting a firm hand on the flirters shoulder, maybe squeezing a bit harder then neccecery, he tells them in a serious, no-fun-here, voice that they really should stop this. His face comes close enough to the other person, that they can feel the heat of his cigarret. Papyrus straigthens up again “capiche?”. After that the flirter backs aways awkwardly. Papyrus puts an arm around your shoulder and teleports you away. He has to cheer you up after all.

US Sans: He…probably won’t notice at first. He will brush the flirting off, withouth even looking at the person. After he does notice, that this person is not only not going away, but also making you uncomfortable, he will grab them by the arms.  “I AM VERY FLATTERED HUMAN, BUT MY DATEFRIEND AND I ARE ON A DATE, SO I MUST INSIST THAT YOU GIVE YOUR ATTENTION TO SOMEBODY ELSE!” If the flirter keeps on bothering you two, he will take your date to his house so you two can have fun without beeing interrupted.

UF Sans: Yeah, no he deosn’t like this one bit. He is just completly offput by the flirter. What the fuck is wrong with them? He pulls you a bit closer, before you try to run away and actually growls at the flirter. Such an edgy boy. If they don’t back off, they will be smashed against a wall, bones impaled trough their clothes, inches away from hitting skin. He won’t let some weirdo ruine your date.

UF Papyrus: He doesn’t even try to be friendly, telling the flirter to back off. If they are masochstic, and keep pestering him, he will send a wall of bones at them, letting them dissappear just millimeters before the persons face, scaring them off for good. He will notice that you are trying to sneak away and swoop you up by your waist, carrying you back while giving you little pecks on the cheeks.

SF Sans: He gets pissed pretty fast. At first, he likes the attention that somebody notoced how terible and magnifiant he is. But then the flirter continues and continues, even daring to push himself closer to Sans. He is having non of that. Expect manical cackling and the flirter beeing grabbed and thrown away in one quick motion. Then he resumes your date like nothing happened, but there is a new glint in his eyes. 

SF Papyrus: He will calmly brush the flirter off. Then calmly tell them to go away. Then calmly tell them to fuck off. Then calmly point a sharp bone directly at their face and repeat himself. There will be no more repeating necessary. The date continues like nothing happened, but Papyrus makes sure to conpliment you to make up for the little..incident.

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Rust with a crush headcanons

•Okay, for Rust to have a crush on someone, they have to have known each other for a while.
•Once he gets a crush. Omg this bab
•He’ll try to talk more around them and hell actually go out to meet them.
•He gets flustered really easily.
•However, he also starts to doubt himself
•He thinks he’s ugly, and broken, and useless, and why would someone like you ever want to be with someone like him….

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(Non-sims alert!) Sooo I know that probably no-one will care about this but I was in class today and I received a text, so I unlocked my phone to check what it was. Instead, I pressed the "play" button on the music widget and I had the volume set at max EVERYONE HEARD THAT TRASHY SONG AND UUUUGH I feel so bad about that! Sorry for the non-sims ask, I just needed to tell someone and I know you are open to any kind of asks and are always willing to talk. Thank you ♡

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Maddy what do I do, I'm on my period but I want some dick. My face is breaking out like a mofo and I've got a crime scene in my pants but my "need sex" level is at an all time high and all the guys I'm talking to are fuckboys who probably hate period sex.

get a tinder. 500% change you can find someone who ain’t gonna care. probably gonna have to be someone who’s mature and understands anatomy lmao not an ignorant person