if you need me i'll be in my bunk

Roommate Starters
  • "Have you seen my stuff?"
  • "Oh my god, lock the door next time!"
  • "Clean up your things, you aren't the only one here."
  • "Have you taken out the trash yet?"
  • "I'll be doing the laundry today, so, give me all the dirty clothes."
  • "What did I say about putting the dishes in the sink?"
  • "Didn't I say you couldn't bring anyone here?"
  • "...We need a bigger dorm room."
  • "God, why am I stuck with you?"
  • "Oh shit it's you!"
  • "We are never going to last long here in this room together."
  • "I'm taking the top bunk!"
  • "Oh no, you're taking the bottom bunk!"
  • "Whoever wins gets the top bunk."
  • "Was... was this left by the older occupants of this dorm?"
  • "Oh god, ew, they didn't even bother to clean the room up!"
  • "Would you prefer to sleep together or do you want either the top or the bottom bunk?"

I am just beside myself how good Bellum’s drabble about Peridot with a bad chest cold came out. It’s perfect, it is so freaking perfect. I have this thing about weaker/more fragile characters being completely taken out by a bad cold, knocked flat and powerless against it. And the delicious vision of Peridot being wracked with a cough, shivering in the kitchen in her little footy pajamas outfit oh my GOD.

I thought about requesting that she’s stuffed up with a head cold too but that detail was magically present without my having to ask. I want to borrow a word from my British friends and just say PHWOAR.