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Collection One


    Safe for work, yandere
    Kanato, Laito and Ayato, Subaru and Shuu

         You had caught his attention, as he found himself maddened and addicted to you. There could be no other substitute to satisfy that which he craved, as he determined he would own you.

         A suggestion was placed on you, his words trapped within your mind, as it played over and over, and laced itself around you. Whilst your stood frozen, his words had wound an invisible thread around your body, as it left it in a state of paralysis that frightened you. As your body felt like lead, and your words got caught in your throat.
   Kanato chuckled behind you, a soft, low and sinister sound that had a cold shiver that ran down your spine. And yet your body remained still as you shivered within and your senses grew painfully acute. As you listened to Kanato walk closer; his foot steps sounded hollowly throughout the classroom. He taunted you, has he put emphasis on your helplessness against him, as you felt his cold fingertips run just underneath the hem of your uniform skirt.
    A whimper of protest got stuck in your throat, as you wondered why, why did Kanato take this sudden and dark turn.
   "Your eyes are wide with such fear and tears, it’s a rather adorable sight.“ He took pleasure in the trapped torment contained in your eyes, which now served as a window into your emotions. Which you were unable to convey through your voice or actions,
    "It’s just so delightful isn’t it? To be my doll, so helpless and silently unable to flee from me.” He stood in front of you, his pastel violet eyes peered deep into your own, as that drank in the sight of your tears as they gathered and slowly ran down the curve of your cheeks to your chin. Where they dropped onto the floor, as he drew closer and his breath brushed up against your skin, as it gave you chills.
    Kanato’s tongue was wet and soft against your flesh as he licked up a salty tear and caused you to internally squirm and whimper. You had become a prisoner within your own body at the mercy of Kanato’s whims. And as he pulled away and your eyes met his, you pleaded as more tears rapidly ran down your cheeks for him to release you.
    “They got to close to you, everyone has, I can smell their scent lingering on your skin, in your hair and clothes.” The corners of Kanato’s lips pulled down into a frown, before they quickly turned back up, as he reached out his small and slender hand. Which he rested on your cheek, his touch unnaturally cold, as spoke, his voice held a mocked innocence whilst his words delivered something sinister,
     "I’ll dirty you, and mark you everywhere so that the only scent which remains is my own. That’s what want isn’t it? I can see the way your eyes plead for such things.“ Kanato mistook the beg for mercy in your eyes as a plead for him, as his hand ran down unhurried along your jaw to your chin, wet with fresh tears. And ran his hand back towards your throat, where his hand lingered, as he felt your quicker pulse throb beneath his fingertips.
      The thoughts of your blood as it pumped throughout your body, so warm and sweet made his mouth water, as his fangs ached and yearn to pierce your skin. As his threat grew dry and his stomach felt empty,
     "Shall I begin?” He rhetorically questioned, has his fingertips ran down to the bow of your uniform, his thimble fingers undid it with ease as he pulled it away. The silk material ran over your skin, as it taunted you, and you inwardly shuttered, as your breath hitched. As the sharp intake of air created a soft and subtle sound Kanato’s ears picked up on.
    “Your getting just as excited as I am aren’t you? Don’t fret I’ll break you, and I’ll love you, till you so hauntingly, beautiful broken.” So sickly sweet, his words were like poison honey that they seemed to drape onto you and sunk down into your core. As his hand ran down to your shirt, which he begun to unbutton.

Laito and Ayato
         "Little Bitch, Your the one to blame, tempting me with such false innocence. I yearn to see the desired stained woman which is your true nature.“ Laito’s words echoed in the empty school hallway as you bolted, as your legs became weaker with each step. And the blood rushed in your ears has you heard the own painful pound of your heart within your chest. As your breaths pasted your parted, dry lips in short, uneven raspy pants, that your lungs were already starved for. Whilst the air you were able to inhale burned, and your body became overcome by quivers, till your knees locked up and the ground rushed to meet you. As the world around you spun and shook, as images split into two and darkness danced on the edge of your vision,
    "It doesn’t matter where you run, Yours Truly will always find you, your blood calls to me.” Ayato sounded close, as his cocky and rough voice contrasted Laito’s own smooth and playful tone. As you laid on the ground, as their taunts became louder with each seconds that passed, unable to make another move.
   "Nfu, just look at our Bitch-chan, what an erotic look it is for her.“ Laito purred to his brother, his angular green eyes remained fixated on you where you lay collapsed on the floor. With your clothes ripped close to shreds as they barely hung on your frame and exposed the bite marks that decorated your breasts and thighs. As blood still trickled from it and seeped into the shreds of your uniform,
    "Oi she belongs to Yours Truly!” Ayato snapped as he drew closer, and reached down to wrap his hand around your throats so that he could left you from the ground, as he crushed your neck. As your already air starved lungs began to scream as the last bit of air within you pasted your lips in a meek whimper.
    “That’s the face, show me more of it.” Ayato commanded, as his smirk grew to expose his fangs, and your hands twitched to weak to be able to reach yo and claw at Ayato’s grasp. As your eyes began to roll back into your eyes and the darkness closed in, when two arms wrapped tightly around your waist.
     "Carful, brother otherwise our Bitch-chan can’t tell us who she prefers.“ As Ayato’s grasp on your throat loosened at Laito’s words and you gasped, as you took in gulps of air which burned your chest. As a slew of pleads and whispers poured past your lips, which caused Laito to click his tongue in disapproval, when Ayato’s snarled out,
    "What the hell do you mean hentai?!” The sight of you slumped in Laito’s arms enraged Ayato,
    “I mean let’s find out through talking to the Little Bitch’s body to see who she wants more. Nfu~ I can assure you that I can give you so much love.” Laito moaned in your ear, as Ayato pressed himself against you, as he grabbed onto your hips and smirked down at you,
    “I’m the very best so your goi to belong to me, I’ll teach your body to desire only me!” Ayato bragged against your lips which he roughly claimed with his own, and groaned against them as he forced your lips open and tasted you. As you heard Laito’s voice drop, his his hands ran lower,
    “I wouldn’t be so sure about that, now tell us who do you desire the most, Bitch-chan?”

Subaru and Shuu
         Trapped between Shuu and Subaru, drenched in blood that wasn’t your own or theirs, as the memory replayed in your mind. Of the male classmate who had stood to close, their words too suggestive, but it had all been harmless till Subaru snapped the neck of the pour classmate. As their friend walked in to witness the her horrendous act has they heard your scream from within the music room. When Shuu acted quickly and ripped out their jugular, and blood poured and sprayed onto Shuu.
     Subaru quickly snapped,
     "Keep quiet or I’ll snap your neck.“ You placed your hands over your mouth, and muffled your cries, as you took several steps away from the two brothers and tripped over your own two feet. As you stumbled backwards and felt a chair at it pressed against the backs of your knees. When Shuu turned towards you, as his long legs ate up the distance between him and you, his blue eyes fixated on you. As you feel back onto the chair behind you,
     "We warned you to stay away.” Shuu muttered tiredly as he reached out to you and grabbed your wrist. Which he used to pull your body to his, as his arm encircled your waist and kept you pinned to him. Whilst the blood that soaked Shuu’s clothes seemed into yours, as you felt Subaru press against you from behind, his hands found your hips. His grasp tight on your hips as he slipped his hands into your skirt and made it fall down to your feet.
      Shuu’s hands contrasted Subaru’s actions as his hands ran under your bloodied stop, and ripped it, the buttons popped off as the cloth gave away. And fell to the floor, useless, as you became bare, trapped between Shuu and Subaru. Whilst their hands clawed at your tender skin, as they left behind red long marks, that made you yelp and whimper out their name. As you felt them strain against their pants whilst they pressed into you.
     "Now we will destroy everyone that gets too close to you.“ Subaru growled in your ear as he ensnared the outer shell between his fangs, as you shivered and writhed against them, bare and vulnerable. As Shuu groaned has his fingers ran along and snapped down to your hips and between your legs, where he parted them and lifted them up and around his waist. Whilst Subaru pulled away, and Shuu dipped you back, as he lavishly exposed you to his younger brother.
     "You’ll never escape from us ever again.” Subaru smirked down at you as Shuu mumbled,
     "Let’s see how quickly it takes for you to learn who is who.“ As Subaru pulled out a tie from his pocket and placed it over your eyes and blinded you as he lowly growled. His voice heavy with lust as he reminded you, as Shuu lifted your body back up to his own. And you felt Subaru chest against your backside,
    "Don’t you dare utter a single sound.” As his fangs grazed your shoulder, as he taunted you before he sunk his fangs deep into your flesh. Whilst Shuu claimed your lips and muffled your yelp of pain, as he took the chance to taste the inside of your mouth. Shuu moans poured into your mouth as Subaru groaned against your skin and the battle between the two over who would properly claim you first begun.


Taste Me
    Safe for work, expect Shuu, vampire reader
    Shuu, Reiji, and Subaru

    “You mine understand slut?” Shuu growled possessively, his voice rough with pain, as he let go of your waist and reached up to grab you by your hair and pull you away as you whimpered. Whilst his blood dropped from your soft lips and onto his bare chest, as he sat up pushing you onto himself, as your eyes widen and your body quivered at the feeling of him inside of suddenly.
    “No matter where you go, who you play with, you’ll always find yourself back here, tangled up and bloodied with me.” His words echoed in your mind as he pushed you onto your back, separating himself from you just as suddenly has he had joined with you. And whilst Shuu loomed over you with a smirk that showed his bloodied fangs, with the blood that you craved ran down his neck, cover his collar bone. As it reached his toned chest and trickled down before it dripped off of him and onto you. Who was just was bloodied, bruised and bitten that decorated your whole body, as you soft panted beneath him, your eyes darkened by blood thirst and lust that had yet t be quelled as he thrusted inside.
   Shuu filled you, stretched you as his hands found your hips and his drove his fingernails deep into flesh at it set the bite marks that littered your hips aflame. As you reached up and wrapped you arms around him and dug you nails into his backside as you closed your eyes. Whilst your pushed against him meeting his ever thrust deep within, and pushed against your inner wall and making you stomach bulge slightly with each powerful thrust inside of you. As your stomach clenched and you felt yourself tightening around him as his thrusts became more and more erratic, and he tossed his head back and let out a guttural groan of you name. Before he looked down at you, his darkened and hazy eyes meeting yours when his sights wondered down to your bounding breasts.
  “Blood and body, all of it, it belongs to me now, and you will not drink from another person or allow someone else to touch you.” Shuu darkly chuckled as he leaned down, pressing his body against yours, some of his weight causing you to sink into the bed just a little more. As you wrapped your legs around his waist, and racked you nails down Shuu’s backside as he shuttered and gasp.
   "Your my little slut.“ Shuu rasped, as you felt the coil inside of you clench into a tight ball that was minutes away from unraveling into a wave that would drown you.
   "Go ahead, loose yourself only for me.” He urged you, his voice heavy whilst his breath tickled your ear, as it brushed against your skin and made you squirm and it overcame you as Shuu stilled and let out a garbled groan on you name and he fulfilled you furthering your pleasure as it filled you in ways that you could never forget. As Shuu wrapped his arms around you and pulled you up as he fell backwards, pulling you on top of him, whilst the moon had already begun its path lower in the sky and this blood thirst that had driven Shuu and you into a state of madness. Which had been quelled at least as Shuu and you parted roughly, sweat and blood coating your bodies and as you  tried to pulled away, when Shuu’s arms that had wrapped around you waist tightened.
   "I meant what I said, never before have I made these claims and they aren’t false, your my slut.“

         Dark crimson droplets pooled, its color contrasted the pale skin of its host, as it sparkled under the bright light of Reiji’s study. Which gave it the appearance of a glistening jewel, whilst the scent that only Reiji had filled the room and threatened to drive you to the brink of madnesses. As you took in deep quivering breaths, savoring Reiji’s scent as much as his flavor which lingered in your mouth.
    Running your tongue along your bottom lip, as you collected the drops before they could fall, whilst his hazy pink eyes followed its movements, and his breaths became shallow, rough pants. The pleasure of your fangs as they pierced his skin brought him at the edge as he felt that at any moment he would be washed away by an addicting current that coursed throughout his body. It was those fangs which appeared so delicate within your mouth as the tips pressed lightly against your bottom lip whilst you took in the sight of your husband below you, that he found himself yearning for most disgracefully; but his self control was slipping away. As pleads sat on the tip of his tongue, as Reiji no longer trusted himself to speak, but instead involuntary tilted his head back further into the pillow that rested beneath his head.
    Offering himself to you, this was his silent plead for more; that was the only conversation that pasted between him and you; desperate silent communication through ones own body language. As you leaned down over the small blood of blood, dipping your tongue into it as a shiver of delight raced down your spine to between your legs.
    Feeling the torn flesh as the source, as your cold tongue ran over the burning hot skin you felt Reiji shiver beneath you. As you pictured that face of primal pleasure, of his eyes hazed over and unfocused, his lips parted as he panted and he cheeks flushed heavily with heat. And you wondered about the look of desperate desire in his hazy eyes, as you felt his hands grip your hips harshly as he rolled his into yours. Whilst he parted your legs, bringing them high on his waist before he dug his harden length into you.
    Groans, which were both his and yours slipped past your lips as Reiji sought a release whilst your chased the end to the hunger which burned in the pit of your stomach. As you cleaned up the last drop of blood which had pool in that hallow spot just above his collar bone. Whilst every bit of blood that trickled down your throat soothed the ache as you felt Reiji tense up beneath you, his body clenched as he retained any sound and both of you found the prize you sought after. As you pulled away and stared at Reiji who laid beneath you,
    "Have you had your fill yet?” Reiji struggled to compose his voice and keep it steady against the lack of control he felt among the pleasure that filled him. As he watched the corner of your lips curl into a smile, something he would do anything to see, not that he would ever allow you to know that.
     Reiji sat up as he reached up and grabbed your chin and held it still,
     "I believe it’s my turn to devour you.“ Composed, his voice came out smooth and cool, as he watched the control you held moment ago drain as he chuckled,
     "Did you believe you withheld any control over me, I’ll have to train you better to know your place.”

     Driven into madness as the full moon rose higher into the night’s sky, where it would soon reach it’s peek. In which it would deliver Subaru and you into a truest state of vampiric being. As your throat burned and your stomach felt painfully empty, whilst the scent of Subaru’s blood beckoned you. And even though he and you lacked the warmth of human prey both had become addicted to the intoxicating and unique flavor of each other. So on this night you formed a connection with him that was formed from blood and fangs whilst hands caressed, clawed and grasped each other’s sweat covered bodies.
     Sinking your fangs into Subaru’s soft skin just beneath his collar bone and it burned him, giving him a dull ache that had him groaning as his eyelids slipped shut and he tilted his head to the side, exposing his neck. Which was already riddled with bite marks that had blood which had trickled from them creating a rather macabre sight, as the blood had soaked into his blood curls and stained the pillow beneath Subaru’s head. While you dug your nails into his sides, creating crescent moon shapes as you began to rack your nails down to his hips while in the depths of your carnal bloodlust. As Subaru’s hips arched into yours from the pain and he quivered beneath you, and his own grasp on your hips came close to bone crushing. And blood seeped through his finger from the bite marks he had given you with animistic hunger that had only be slightly slated.
  Letting go of your hips with one hand, he reached for the wrist of one of your hands that’s him grasped painfully as he growled and groaned. As he lift your hand up to his lips whilst you pulled away, running your tongue along your bottom lip collecting drops of blood. As your cheeks flamed with a soft muted heat that felt strange to you as you felt his cool blood trickle down your throat soothing it as it filled your stomach.
   Groaning his name softly as Subaru had lifted your hand to his lips, which were lush and soft as he brushed against an old and fading mark. His fangs scraping over the mark taunting you as you body tensed and your lips parted with a soft stuttered gasp as your bottom lip quivered and your eyes fluttered shut. As he sunk his fang in, ripping through the old and nearly healed wound, the sensation of your flesh giving away and breaking from the tips of his fangs as they plunged into your skin was agonizing with a sweet undercurrent of pleasure.
   You heard Subaru moan heavily as your cool blood flooded his mouth, and coated his tongue as it ran down his throat and soothed the ache. As he drove his fang in deeper growling as he did, whilst you lean down your breath fanned against his bloodied neck as you lightly breathed on his neck. Before you sunk your fang in which were already a light shade of pink from his blood, which now slowly filled your mouth as you drunk a mouthful whilst he lightly tended beneath you as he pulled away from you hand which he let go. As you reached up to run your hand through his blood matted white locks. Whilst he ran his hand down to your butt which he roughly gripped, his nails digging into your soft skin before he ran his hand down to your thigh which he lifted up to his waist, parting your legs. When you pulled away, and ran your tongue along the bite marks making them sting as Subaru grunted and you picked up the blood as you pulled on his soft locks.
    “Damn it, I want more of you.” Subaru growled


Wash Room
    Not safe for work
    Ruki, Yuma, and Azusa

         A moment spend with in the bathroom had turned naughty.

         Leaning over the sink, spatting the foamy toothpaste into the sink, the running water washing it away.
    “Livestock, your giving your Master a lovely view.” Ruki spoke from behind, his voice a low and predatory purr, perfectly design to calm his prey till it was too late and he was already devouring it, bit by bit. Stalking closer, till he stood pressing up against you, his hands finding your hips and slipping his finger into your waist band. As chills spread throughout you as your froze, unsure before hesitantly standing up. Feeling his chest pressing against your backside, his cold temperature contrasting pleasurably your warm one, which was growing increasingly hotter. As your thoughts became a slew of jumbling ideas of where Ruki was leading this too, but by the thick ad harden length of him resting against your backside, it’s becoming clear.
    “For that I’ll reward you, remember always please your Master.” Breathing into your ear, his words low and raspy, as your heart became to throb, and the heat boiling between your thighs became nearly unbearable.
   "Your becoming so warm so quickly, your body already knows and desires me so well.“ Slipping your pajama bottoms and panties slowly down over you, the material running down causing your breath to hitch. Instinctively leaning forward, whilst Ruki gave a gentle and soft moan, as your panties and bottoms resting just between your butt
    "Livestock,” Ruki ran his hands slowly up your butt, grasping it softly and watching as it spill between the parting of his fingers. “Your so soft and warm in my hands.” Teasing you, before pulling his hand away, your body growing tense waiting for the incoming slap.
   Chuckling and reaching down to the part between your thighs, his cool fingers brushing lightly against your wet warmth. Grasping in surprise, and pushing against Ruki fingers making them slip between your wet fold. Collecting your honey his fingers before moving his fingers up and ghosting gently over your bundle of nerves. Your body relaxing and melting in his hand, whilst slowly rolling your nub in circles, as the pressure became greater with each passing second.
    “Is this all it’s going to take to make you come undone?” Taunting you as the warmth of your body growing in embarrassment and lust. Light protests slipping past your lips, with a mixture of pleas for more, when a sharp and sudden stinging pain came coursing throughout your body. Riki’s hand coming in contact with you, pleasure instantly joining it with Ruki thrusting his fingers deep into you. Sending you on a crashing course making you come undone so suddenly.
    Your body locking up from the sudden onslaught, Ruki’s name falling from your lips as a loud moan. A smirk playing with Ruki’s lips,
    “Do you want more?”

           The shower wall is cold against your chest, as it’s shocking temperature teasing your nipples as the became hard. Their sensitivity growing with ever brush against the cool tile from every harsh jerk your body gave forward and against the wall. From Yuma’s rough pounds inside of your warmth, the sight of your smaller body jerking and pressing into the wall, jolting with his thrusts spurring him. Causing him to become rougher, Yuma’s hips flexing shoving himself erratically, his stomach becoming tease and taunt while coming closer. This is his greatest turn on, your body helpless and meek on his length.
    “Ya growing so tight around me, as I pound deeper into you. Do you like being my toy, huh?” Grunting and reaching out to grasp your hair, pulling you back toward him and forcing your back into an arch. Whilst wrapping an arm around your waist, before running his hand up to your bouncing breasts and grasping them, his nails digging into the soft flesh. As he let go of you hip, placing his hand on the shower wall which he was pushing you on.
    “Sow ya going to cum again on my cock.” Ordering brashly and crudely, before gasping out, “I’m going to fill ya up, but ya going to like that aren’t ya, to have my cum deep inside of you and dripping out of you. Ya a dirty sow aren’t you?” Squirming on him because of his words whilst begging for it, and light pushing against him.
    Groaning at the feeling of you clenching around him and writhing, Yuma let go of your hair, grasping your tight, which is tight enough that it is going to bruise within a short matter of time. Lifting your leg and nearly crushing you against the wall, and groaning loudly, while finding his end and triggering yours. Both and you froze, the warm shower water beating down on his and your’s body.
    Pulling away, the cum that mixed inside of you spelling out and dripping past your lips, trickling down your leg and mixing with the water.
    “I’m not nearly close to being done with ya yet, sow.” Warning you, as you worn body had already slumped in his arms, your chest expanding and contrasting with panting short breaths. The warning and lust in his voice sending a soft shiver throughout your body even under the warm water.

         Running your hand up and down Azusa’s length, his pre-cum washing away with the shower water cascading over him and you.
   "Eve….faster please.“ Begging, his voice trembling, your fingers lightly grazing his balls, causing Azusa’s cock to twitch in your hand. A tremor running through his body, and a moan filling the air along with a whimpering plea.
   Running your hand up to his tip and squeezing him lightly, forcing a white pearl of cum forming on Azusa’s tip. Tempting, your mouth watering eager for his flavor; getting down on your knees, just outside the spray of the water. His body shielding your his eyes focusing on you, peering up and meeting his eyes from under your eyelashes. The sight before him inviting, reaching out and tangling his fingers in your hair.
    "Please.” Whimpering whilst remaining at your mercy, your hot tongue running over his tip and sending another tremor through his body. Causing him to toss his head back, as another brazen groan of pleasure of,
    “More…take more of me into…your mouth.” Sliding Azusa in slowly, taking him bit by bit and enveloping how cool length inside of you as he writhed at how hot it is in your that.
     "I’m burning…inside your mouth.“ Pulling at your hair and thrusting himself deeper into your mouth, feeling you choke and gag on him. And staring down at you, as he was deep within down to his balls, the sight becoming overwhelming.
     Pulling out and thrusting back inside of you, slowly and gentle going down to the very hilt. Groaning at the feeling of your throat clenching in a gag around his tip; his thrusts remaining slow, lavishly pleasuring himself with your mouth. One of your hands resting on his hips, feeling it flex and tightening beneath him, while cupping and softly squeezing his sensitive balls, bringing him closer to his release.
     "I’m going…to cum inside…of your mouth.” Warning you moments before he tensing up, and tossing his head back once more, whilst burying himself in your mouth. Thick cum shooting down your throat, as soft gasps filling the air, his gasp on your hair growing loose.
     "Thank you…eve.“


Innocence Lost
  Angst, warning: the brother’s pasts
  {Child} Shuu, Reiji, Ayato and Kou

         There were times when the nights became too long, their black expands stretching on into forever; never ending. And thoughts which have been hidden behind barriers within his mind came crumbling down as a trickle became an out pour flooding his mind. Seizing and consuming him, as it spread throughout his body like poison; bringing with it all his demons that he could no longer outrun.
    Everything came crashing down.

         The blazing fire surrounds him, their flames arching towards the pitch black and starless sky, blocking it out and creating a roof of fire which threatens to come crashing down at any giving moment. As the heat builds and Shuu’s skin begins to bead with droplets of sweat the slowly trickle down his forehead and into his wide blue eyes. Which reflect the dancing flames before him, as the sweat stings his eyes. While blinking against it, his body tensing with the fear coiling in his belly like a cool heavy stone, as every part of him grew immobile and heavy. When every came crashing down, the fire taking a plunging drive towards him. Cause his frail small body to collapse onto the charred and blackened earth below.
  Curling into a shivering ball, his small thin arms wrapping around his legs, his slender fingers clutching at his pants in await of the steering agony of the fire. As it would eat away at him till he gave away to death; trickling tears became blinding till Shuu could no longer bare it, closing his eyes against the sight before himself. Then everything grew cold, the roaring of the flames fading away, the grass beneath him becoming soft and lush. And the scent of smoke filling his nose became nothing as Shuu breathe clear crisp air.
  "Shuu!” The voice calling out to him filled with panic and agony, seeping down into Shuu’s core and bringing with it a dreadful cold. Which is as frightening as the searing hot flames licking at him from all round.
  Opening his eyes, his breath catching and knotting in his throat painfully, his attempt to swallow it down futile. As the sight the before his large, rough, deep blue eyes burning into his young mind of Edgar’s charred blacken corpse. Of just bits of meat clinging to red and black bones, Edgar’s head facing Shuu, his empty sockets accusing him. The words dancing in his mind in a vicious and mocking chat.
  “You didn’t save me.” The first chat, “You are too weak, too worthless.” These words following sharply on the first chat’s trail, “You watched me suffer.” These words jumbling up with “You watched me die.” The words becoming interchangeable with one another, as the chats grew in volume and speed, tripping over one another turning into a pounding scream within Shuu’s skull. While driving deeper with a sharp stab of pain to his chest.
  Sitting up panting, Shuu’s face sticky with tears, his blonde curls damp and clinging to his neck, forehead and the side of his face. Lifting up a hand to his aching throat, while his scream echoed in his mind, the words from his nightmare a whisper at the back. Ones that will forever haunt him, lingering waiting for the chance to attack him once more with an even greater vengeance than before.
  No one is coming to comfort him, because no one cared. The dawning realization carving deep within Shuu, that he is truly all alone. But that it is better this way, to distance himself and stop caring this way he could never feel the pain of their absent, or the gnawing guilt that it’s his fault their gone.

         The hallway is dark and cold, seeming to stretch on forever in front of him as his light footsteps softly echoing throughout the corridor. Reiji’s breath hanging in the air as a tangible fog in the air lingering before fading away, only to return with his next breath. As the looming walls breathed with him, their mass expanding and contrasting around him. With their eyes fixed into the elaborate pattern looking down at him, with their soft whispered taunting and teasing him with words he couldn’t decipher.
    Reiji’s feet shuffling unwillingly with a strong compulsion from fear propelling him forward. The darkness cascading behind him, consuming everything. Threatening to consume him if he didn’t keep moving forward. As the hallway finally came to a stop, with a door that was cracked open, light pouring out from it. Giving a soft and light glow, as laughter, musical and warm, came drifting out with the light.
     A chill reaching out towards towards Reiji, breathing down his neck and slipping under his nightwear shirt. Chills spreading down his backside, creating goosebumps along his back making Reiji shiver. Wrapping his arms around himself, an attempt to fend against the pressing heavy chill consuming him whole. As black goo came dripping from the ceiling, it’s touch sending an sharp, ice cold pain throughout his body. While Reiji’s chest grew tight from the pain, as the black goo welled up around his feet becoming a thick and sticky pool that only growing higher and higher on his legs. Causing the panic and fear to bubble up within a Reiji mixing in with a choking desperation. Bring stinging tears to his eyes, welling up and spilling over in despite of his rapid blinking to clear them away.
  ‘I shouldn’t break, I must not break.’ Think desperately to himself, his chest expanding and contrasting with short gasping pants. As the goo around him grew even higher and the rapid dribble of the goo from the roof became an heavy outpour.
   Swinging open at the end of the hallway, the door is open wide before Reiji whose eyes grew wide at the sight of his Mother cuddling Shuu to her chest. Her hand running through his blonde hair which was like her own, with her bright blue eyes which she shared with Shuu staring down at her her treasure. As the whispering around Reiji became a harsh, thunderous cackle.
     "They don’t want you, they don’t need you.“ Singing among the rasp of laughter, adding as a cruel punchline, "Your nothing more than a mistake.” The words clean and crisp, throbbing inside his head; opening his mouth to call out to his Mother and Shuu his cries falling on deaf ears.
    Clawing wildly at the blankets surround him and smothering Reiji, kicking them off himself and sitting up. His vision blurry without his glasses, but he could still see an image suiting of himself in the vanity on his dress across from his bed. The blurry image of himself reflecting to his large eyes the imperfections keeping him from not only his Mother’s but everyone’s attention. From everyone’s affection and love, he is fading into the back ground soon to be forgotten if he makes one mistake, he knows he is going to slip into worthlessness.
   "I’ll prove my worth, becoming someone perfect who never makes a single mistake.“ Whispering to himself softly, his words hanging in the air of his room. This way he will always have worth.

         Sinking deeper under the water’s surface, the eyes of his Mother and two younger brothers staring down at him. Then eyes cold and unfeeling as the corner of their lips pull into a scowl of disappointment in Ayato. Before they turn around and walk away leaving Ayato behind drifting, falling to the bottom of the lake. Whose cold water sends a sharp and agonizing needle point pain piercing his entire body. With his Mother’s words echoing in his mind, twisting and fizzling out into one repeating word,
    'Useless, useless, useless…useless.’ Ayato’s body growing heavy as the horror sinking down heavy in the pit of his stomach. Whilst he began trashing, his limbs displacing and splashing the water around him as he breaks the surface for only a moment. His mouth opening up for a greedy and gasping breath of air, his cries rushing out garbled as his green eyes growing at the sight of his family’s backside, walking away from him. Leaving him to the mercy of the murky and muddy water’s whose arms grasping at his ankles pulling him down and under. The water crashing down on him filling up his mouth and rushing into his nose into his throats and lungs. His small body convulsing in his suffering, as the dawning realization that this is now his grave.
    Filling up with water, the murky darkness surrounding him as his trashing came to a stop and his body became paralyzed. As the growing darkness around him began to press closer and closer, wrapping cold fingers around him. His body finding it’s place at the bottom among all the other boys and girls who are as useless just like he is.
    Panting and gasping out pleas for help as while laying immobile under the thick covers of the blanket. Two wide purple eyes peering curiously down at him, Kanato clutch in his Teddy growing tighter. And upon sitting up, his eyes scanning the bed behind Kanato, taking note of Laito’s absence just as is has been most nights, tonight was no exception.
     His brothers they have value according to their Mother, while he is worthless, failing at every task she has given him. It is not enough, he needs to be better, to prove himself, to be number one and perhaps even earn the his place to live. So everything he did from this day forth will be the best, and no one will be able to deny his worth, and he would not find himself at the bottom of the lake cold and unloved.
    "I will be number one.” Declaring aloud, his words falling deaf on Kanato’s ears who was tending to his bear. Causing anger to bubble within Ayato, “Do you hear that Kanato I will become the best!” Snapping, and thinking to himself of ever way he could come out on top forever more, as a small sense of pride swelled within his chest, but even right then Ayato knew it was false. But it wouldn’t matter if he became the very best.

         Screams ripping his throat only to turn into a pitiful gargle at the rising bile filling his threat and spilling past his lips, splashing onto the floor. His chest heaving and convulsing, his body giving into trembles and cold sweat tickling down his back, seeping into his shirt. Which is composed of rags stitched together, with rips and tears reveling cuts and bruises that marked his flesh.
   Laughter from the shadows arose around Kou, their voices a vicious mockery in the delight at his torment. The urge to run compelling his fragile body to move and rip out of the surrounding mass of darkness composing of shadows and jabbing laughter. With its hand reaching out at him ripping at the clothes and exposing skin, their nails skin and ripping. Sending another spasm of agony racking his already withering body.
     Ripping away, taking another step sharpened needles which blanketed the floor piercing into the soles of his feet, tearing the flesh to shreds. His knees locking at the new type of pain crashing into him like a wrathful wave of the ocean, sweeping him away and down into it’s depths.
      Falling to the ground, the needles piercing through his clothing, and spears throughout him. As the darkness came crashing down on him, wet and slimy wrapping around him. It’s fingers poking prodding, ripping and degrading, plunging into his stomach; meet ripping away from meet, his body offering little resistance.
    Kou could feel it wrapping around his heart, soul, and his very will crushing it, their laughter growing in volume, threatening to bust his ear drums. While worming and imprinting itself into his mind, which he could feel breaking apart at the seams. With only one thought remaining before he broke away,
   'Nightmare, or reality?’ He could no longer tell, the two fusing into a never ending mass of terror, always remaining like rocks inside his stomach, and dancing inside his mind, with a pointless wondering of what new horrors are waiting. With every day bringing a new fear and pain, piling into the day before, promising to crush Kou under its weight. With eyes peering out at him, watching, waiting, enjoying the life fading from the one eyes he had left. It’s a never ending dance closer and closer to death, with the rules being giving and receiving, and giving the only thing he could ever keep, his body.
    “Kou, Kou.” Over and over a voice calling his name out to him, the gentle shaking stirring and taking him away from the plaguing nightmare of sleep and into the nightmare of reality. With light grey, stormy eyes, peering down at him, Ruki and behind him standing are Yuma and Azura. Their eyes on him, their lips set in a firm line, and their body tense with worry. As tears came rushing to his one eyes, trickling down his cheek.
     Bolting out of bed and wrapping his arms around all three of them, who have become his brothers, a family he never thought he would have. This is what the world gave to him for the pain he is paying in, because that is how this world around everyone works, giving and receiving.


Subway Trains

Pairing: Lin X Reader
Word Count: 2,112 
Warnings: Little to no Angst!

A/N: *Pokes head out of clutter* “Hey guys! Uh, give me a sec…” *Shoves paperwork off of desk, throws textbooks out the window, crashes into pile of responsibilities, trips over projects, finally reaches laptop and sits down* “Whew!” I exclaim out of breath. “Hey! So it took me a while to write this story I’ve… *Looks back at the mess* …been busy. Hope you enjoy!

A young man stepped onto the platform you were waiting on. He teetered on his feet, holding a coffee cup in his hand. His hair was tied back into a dark bun that matched his black coat. He turned his dark eyes towards you. You looked down immediately at your feet. Hearing the hiss of the train coming to a stop pulled you out of embarrassment.

He watched you get onto the train car and sit down. You pulled out your laptop and began typing away at a report you had to complete. The man watched you type, thinking you didn’t notice. In your peripheral vision, you could tell the man was debating something. You had ridden this train a multitude of times, almost every day. Occasionally he would show up and always seemed to be captivated by you.

You saw him stand up, the train hasn’t come to a stop. He walked over to you. Oh no. You looked up from your laptop, acknowledging his existence. He gave a nervous smile.

“Hi, I-uh-I’m Lin, Lin-Manuel Miranda,” he quickly took his hand out of his pocket and extended it to you.

You smiled at him reassuringly and took his hand. “Y/N L/N,” you said.

“Can I sit?” He asked gesturing to the empty seat next to you.

“Of course,” you nodded.

He took the seat next to you and shoved his hands in his pockets again, his feet tapped excitedly against the bottom of the subway. “What are you working on if you don’t mind me asking?”

You looked at your laptop screen. “Oh! Of course, I was just finishing up a report on the ‘Ten most influential people on broadway’” you said smiling at him and turning your laptop to him.

“You’re a reporter? That’s awesome!” He exclaimed looking at the screen before him.

“Yeah, it’s pretty fun. What do you do?” You questioned.

“Oh I’m a writer too, but like I write music and songs, like for musicals and stuff,” he explained his eyes lighting up as he talked about his passion.

“Well Mr. Miranda you may just be on here one day,” you told him typing the last few sentences on the last candidate.

He smiled hopefully at you. He reached into his bag and pulled out a notebook and showed it to you. “Uh, I’m writing songs for a musical about a founding father that I think represents rap.”

You looked at him, curiosity and confusion painted on your face. “What?”

He laughed at you and handed you the journal. The page he had it turned to was titled “Dear Theodosia”. You looked at Lin and he was pulling out a book, “Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow”.

“What’s that?” You asked.

“The biography I’m using to write it,” he explained.

He handed you the book and you flipped through a couple of pages, skimming over them. “Interesting,” you mumbled.

You listened to him go on about the musical he named “Hamilton” he still needed casting and to write more songs. You eventually the train came to a stop, you looked up at the doors. You began packing your stuff away, as did Lin. The two of you walked out of the train, and onto the platform.

Lin grabbed your arm before you left. “Uh, can I um, do you wanna, well,” he breathed out in frustration.

“Exchange numbers?” You finished his question, offering an amused grin.

“Yeah, that,” he smiled nervously.

“Sure,” you shrugged and began pulling out your phone.

He did the same thing and excitedly handed you his phone, you smiled at his excitement and handed him yours. You clicked in the ten digit number and handed it back to him.

“Thanks,” he said.

“No problem,” you waved goodbye and began walking home.

As you opened the door to your New York apartment you smiled to yourself. Lin seemed like a great guy, speaking of Lin. Your phone buzzed from your pocket. You pulled it out and set your bag on the couch.

Lin: It’s Lin, I hope this is not too early to text you?

You: Nope, you can text me whenever you want.

Lin: Okay cool. Wanna meet up for coffee sometime?

You: I’d love to.

Lin: Great! Any idea of when? I basically work for myself so I’m pretty much open whenever.

You: Tomorrow at noon?

Lin: See you then!

You locked your phone and headed for the shower. After you were clean you laid in bed and watched Netflix.

You sat in the quaint little coffee shop Lin agreed to meet you in. You tapped your fingers against the cup of coffee and waited. You checked your watch, he was about 20 minutes late. You sighed, perhaps you were being stood up. You got up and threw away your cup, breathing in the cool air as you headed down the sidewalk. You opened your phone for the 12th time to see if Lin had texted you. Nothing.

“Not the first time,” you muttered.

Someone rushed past, bumping into your shoulder. “S-Sorry,” he said quickly looking at you.

You rolled your eyes and continued walking until you were spun around and met a familiar face. Except this time it looked frazzled and disoriented. Hair was everywhere half of his coat was off his shoulder.

“What!” You expression softened. “Lin?”

“Y/N! I’m so sorry I was late, well really late I didn’t mean to, I hope you didn’t think I would stand you up. You’re amazing and I was really trying to get here as fast as I could–” he explained, running his hands through his messy hair.

You pulled him into a hug, he froze. “It’s okay. At least you showed up and apologized,” you told him.

The tension in his shoulders dropped like a weight to the floor. He let out a breath and hugged you back. “Thanks.”

You backed away from him and laughed, your hands on his shoulders. “What?” He asked.

“Your hair, your coats hanging off, it’s quite funny.” You told him.

He pulled his coat up and you brought your hand up to smooth his hair down. “Can I make that coffee up to you now?” He asked.

You laughed again. “Sure.”

Together you walked back to the coffee shop and grabbed two cups and walked outside. You strolled the New York streets, talking, sightseeing, and enjoying each other’s company.

He ended up walking you home, you climbed the stairs to your apartment and pulled out your keys. You shivered and your hand shook as you tried to insert it into the keyhole. Lin came behind you, with his hand on the small of your back and the other on your hand, he helped you unlock and open your door.

“Thanks,” you chattered.

He nodded, “Anytime.”

“Do you wanna, I mean I guess, maybe,” you mumbled looking for the words.

“Come inside?” He asked finishing your question.

You smiled warmly, little did you know that your smile made the butterflies flutter. “Y-Yeah,” you stuttered.

He accepted and walked inside, closing the door behind him. He hung his coat on the rack, same as you. He grabbed your hand as you walked around the couch.

He looked like he was going to say something else but instead, he said, “God! Your hands are freezing!”

He took the other and wrapped them both in his. You smiled at him, he looked up at you and shared it. You plopped down on the couch and curled your knees to your chest and pulled a blanket over you. Lin sat next to you and nervously put an arm around your shoulders.

“Gonna share that blanket?” He asked, grabbing the remote and turning the TV on.

You lifted the blanket and leaned into him. He pulled the blanket over him as well and you stared at the TV. He stroked your hair and you slipped into the calming darkness.

You snapped awake, a tight pressure around your waist brought you to your senses. Panic washed over your body, you looked around, you were in your living room. You noticed the warmth under you. Looking back you sighed in relief, Lin was mumbling something in his sleep. His grip tightened around your waist again causing you to jerk forward slightly.

“Lin!” You whispered, pushing against his chest softly.

He woke up in a cold sweat and buried his head in your hair. “Lin?” You questioned. “Are you alright?”

He breathed in the scent of your hair and held you as if clarifying you were alive. He chuckled softly, “Ha, the first date and we already fell asleep together…” he trailed off.

You smiled at him, “It was perfectly fine till you squeezed the breath out of me,” you laughed.

“Sorry,” he looked down.

You reached for his hand and squeezed it. “What was the nightmare about?”

“N-Nothing.” He laid back down pulling you with him. “What time is it?”

You grabbed your phone off the side table. “2:37 am” you said.

“Looks like I’m not going anywhere.” He stated.

“I’m alright with that,” you said quietly. He hummed in agreement. You rested against his chest and fell back asleep.

The next couple of weeks went amazing, he stayed over occasionally, falling asleep together again. You didn’t mind it, it was comforting. Eventually after about two months or so he moved in with you. He continued to write Hamilton and you continued to report.

You had just come home from the writing the most boring article in all of New York. Lin poked his head out of your bedroom. “Long day?” he observed.

You groaned and walked to him after dropping your bag on the couch. You leaned against him and let him wrap you in his arms. “Go take a shower and we can go to bed early tonight.”

You offered him a tired smile and trudged past him and into the bathroom. You cleaned yourself and pulled on some pajamas. Lin was on his phone in the bedroom, he put it away when you plopped down on the bed next to him. He laughed softly and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you close to his chest. Almost immediately your brain sputtered its last thought and fell into sleep.

Waking up you noticed it was still dark outside. You heard Lin mumbling something in his sleep, he kept saying your name repeatedly. “Lin,” you whispered.

His grip tightened around your waist and you gasped for breath. You tried to wiggle out of his arms which only led to him shooting straight up, in a cold sweat. “Y/N!” He screamed.

Quickly you sat up next to him and began rubbing his back in an attempt to sooth him. “Hey, Lin, I’m right here it’s okay,” He had been having nightmares occasionally and he always told you it was nothing, you didn’t believe him.

He pulled you to him, holding you tightly in his lap. He rested his head on your shoulder and played with your hair. “Y/N,” he said quieter.

“Tell me what the nightmare was about, please? I don’t believe you when you say you’re fine.” You stated.

He looked at you. “Okay, it’s been going on since I met you. Nothing wrong with meeting you, your the best thing that’s ever happened to me!”

“Lin tell what the nightmare is about.”

“It’s about you…”

You looked at him. “W–What about me?”

He rubbed the back of your hand with his thumb. “Well, you see we’re on a train, and it’s so vivid. Next thing I know you disappear. The train collides with something on the tracks and I can’t find you anywhere! I worry so much and I just want to find you and make sure you’re okay and then I see you. Or at least I think I do, who I think to be you is face down and motionless,” tears began to cloud his eyes.

“Shh, shh” you soothed. “Hey it’s okay, I’m alive aren’t I?”

He gripped you harder like his life depended on it. “I–I don’t k–know what I’d do with–out you.” He sobbed.

You kissed his forehead. “I don’t know what I’d do without you either. Shh, lay back down,” you coaxed.

You moved out of his lap and into your spot on the bed. He laid down next to you and held you firmly. His tears diminished eventually, you played with the top of his shirt as he relaxed on the bed.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you more, and I’ll always be there for you, no matter what,” you said.

He kissed your head and rubbed your shoulder. “I know.”

When stars align

Happy x reader

Requested by @homicidalteenagedream

Song: My Heart I Surrender By: I Prevail

Warning: Talk of sex. 

I looked out the window of my car. Seeing the Charming sign pass as I left. I ignored all his calls. All of his texts for weeks. Happy.. Happy was the man that I loved.. when things where good between us, they where heaven.. when things where bad.. I would rather be in hell. Our chemistry was so off and on.. the sex, always amazing… when we hung out and acted like friends… amazing.. but when one of us where in a bad mood it went down hill.. down hill so fucking quickly.

My heart I surrender

And I can’t count the times
I stayed awake pretending you were mine
Now I’m left here with this emptiness inside,
Why can’t I make you mine?

Will our stars ever align?
Will two hearts, beat in time?
These words you should always remember,
To you, my heart I surrender
Chasing love that can never be mine
Maybe one day you’ll realize
These words you should always remember,
To you, my heart I surrender

IT had been three weeks. I sat on my roof, looking at the stars. Something we would do often. Sit and talk about our places in life.. his slight smile as he stared at me when I spoke.. it would often end with me and him making out and cuddling… but.. our timing was never right.. we were on two different wave lengths. I closed my eyes falling asleep on the roof the condos. My phone kept buzzing. I looked at the caller i.d. It read -Happy- as a picture I took of us let up on the screen. The club knew about us.. but since he never put a crow on me.. he never made it known I was his.. I thought leaving was the best.. I was chasing a dream that could never be. I seen my phone go dark again. I closed my eyes feeling a breeze come across the lawn chair I was laying on. I re-opened my eyes to my phone going off again. It was 2am in the morning.. he must be drunk.. I stood up and went to the roof top pool. Stripping my clothes and getting in. I liked coming here in the middle of the night to think these past few weeks. The lanterns lit the pool area, and not one person up there. I got in the water swimming around. I laid on my back, the thought of his arms wrapped around me crossed my mind, I shook my head a bit floating in the water. “If you do not get your fucking ass out of that pool I am coming in after you.” The voice was familiar. I had to of fallen asleep.. I had to be dreaming. I opened my eyes, standing in the water to see no one other than Happy Lowman standing at the edge of the pool. His eyes so intense he put holes in my head. “Leave.. Happy.” I dove underwater swimming around. I loved to swim, and knowing Happy he was seething right now. I went up for water, hoping he was gone. “You asked for it little girl.” Happy took off his shirt showing his defined abs. My throat choked a bit looking away. He slid of his boots and socks then his pants. He went to the stairs getting in the water. “Leave!” I yelled at him, swimming to the other end of the pool like a child. He was pissed, I could see it, I was his prey, he was stalking me slowly, wading in the water, coming deeper. “I am not leaving till you tell me why you left!” “Because! You broke my heart… It has been three weeks and I ca not get you out of my fucking mind.. Maybe because you call so much.. who knows! I left my heart with you in Charming.. but I cannot be some side bitch.. you will always be busy, or call me when you want sex… Or your bored… you wanted nothing more!” Happy stopped stunned. “If I didn’t call would you have thought of me? Obviously I care and miss you… I was unsure if you were kidnapped or what! I was scared I lost you! Instead you ran away! You usually are so fucking head strong and tell me what was wrong but you ran!” Happy cornered me in the deep end of the pool. The only way out of this was diving under him and he would catch me. “I surrender…” I whisper. “I gave you my heart, without knowing I did..” “Same here… Look at those Stars.. They will align for us… just give it time.. please.. I need you y/n. The demons leave when you are here..” “That is why you want me around?” “No y/n… because I love you.. once you take or took my crow… it puts you in dan..” “Happy.. you met me killing a man who was three times my fucking size..” Hap laughed a bit.. “I know.. I worry..” “I worry about you too.. danger.. other croweaters… even though we were never a honest thing..” “Well that is news to me.. did you fuck another guy?” “No! You?” “I do not fuck guys y/n.  Nothing against it, I prefer pussy.. Your pussy to be exact. No, no other woman..” “So if I take or took your crow huh?” I smirked at him slightly. “Come back to charming.. move in with me.. just be clean, I like cleanliness.” “Shut the fuck up and kiss me.” I felt Happys lips against mine, a few weeks away had done us good. “You have my heart.. be careful with it..” “Same..” Happy said pulling the string to the top of my bikini off.


Not A Bad Thing ~ Part Three

Originally posted by wooyoung

Fairy-tale & AU Series Index

Previous Part || Next Part

Word Count: 4.3K

Please ignores & excuse any errors. 

I was laying on something soft, with something draped over me. As I slowly woke up, I began to hear the sounds around me. I heard someone typing on a keyboard, while papers were being shuffled around. My eyes snapped opened as the previous events made their way into my mind.

I was staring up at a light gray ceiling. The room was dimly lit on my side of the room, but a far corner was lit a bit brighter. I slowly turned on my side but it didn’t serve as a distract the man that sat at the desk. I knew right away that it was Sehun. His broad shoulders and manly frame.

I laid there staring at his back for a moment. That’s when I began to realize where I was.

Am I at his house?

I quickly sat up, gasping as my eyes shot around the room. Sehun spun around in the swivel chair he resided in. He was holding some papers in his hand. His eyes met mine, and I felt like my body froze for a moment. His eyes stayed on me as if he was waiting for me to say something. He set the papers on the desk beside him but didn’t make any move to come closer to me.

“Where am I?” I asked, pushing the soft blanket off my body.

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Originally posted by ohparkjimin

(A/N): I’ve wanted to write a Gang AU for Hobi since 5ever!!! I may turn this into a series of drabbles, or maybe even a chaptered series one day! One thing for sure, I still need to pass my finals first.. T _ T

Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Trigger Warnings: Brief mention of blood, just in case that doesn’t float your boat :>

Word Count: 1538

Hoseok paced in the apartment soundlessly, years of experience of breaking into countless tightly secured rooms and hallways turning his steps featherlight by reflex- he had nearly forgotten that he was standing in the confines of his own home.

He shrugged his black trench coat off and threw it over the wooden stool near the kitchen counter. The dark color of the material had thankfully disguised the now dry, coppery crimson that soaked through its fibers, going as far as to stain the white dress shirt he wore underneath. He clicked his tongue in slight irritation, catching his reflection in the full body mirror as he stalked across the living room, making a mental note to burn the ruined articles of expensive designer clothing. At the very least, he thought, the blood wasn’t his.

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The Wolf and The Fox (Robb x Reader)

Originally posted by concacaf

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Character: Robb Stark

Persona: Female

Word Count: 1,228

Request:  You should write more fics about Game of Thrones, really, they are sooooooo goooooooood. Can you do something with robb stark? Where he don’t want to marry the “frey girl” because he is in love with the reader? And they win the war? Thats a lot, I know. Thanks love XXX

A/N - For bessieoofiotaurothings, for this to work I had to make up my own House so hopefully it’s still understandable.

“Mother-” Robb started to reason again with the Lady of Winterfell but she was not going to hear it, “Robb you must marry into House Frey, it is the only way we will win the war. They have the Twins. We need them to win”. Robb growled, turning away from his mother he ignored her advice once again, “I cannot and will not marry some girl whom I’ve never met, I will never love her”. Cateyln Stark reached out and touched his shoulder gently, this time she pleaded with him to hear sense, “You’re making a mistake Robb”.

“Then I shall have to bear the consequences, I’m sorry mother” Robb sighed, he had always been stubborn. With that he gripped the back of his cloaked, he pulled it against his chest and left his tent. He needed to think and he needed advice on what to do, right now he was torn.

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amazingteddy  asked:

So I want to make a request I never heard and saw in my entire life where Vanoss steals Delly's teddy and hides it then delirious gets mad and Ohm and CaRtOoNz help Delly make Evan jealous/mad and you can take it from there.

I read this wrong and started writing right away so I put a little twist on it by adding multiple teddy bears, but I hope this meets your expectations! Thanks for requesting this to me :)

Since Delirious moved in, Evan’s apartment have started looking more and more like a 2 year old’s bedroom. Every corner and every shelf had a teddy bear sitting on it. He wasn’t too bothered by it at first until he realized two months in that Delirious was getting rather busy having them dusted every so often and eventually playing or talking to them. Why would he talk to them when Evan was always around? He could talk to him, couldn’t he?

“Is there a reason to why you’re talking to them instead of me?” Evan quickly wished he hadn’t said a word as he saw Delirious’ surprised reaction.

“You’re just jealous that he’s getting more attention than you.” Delirious shows him the tongue and hugs his teddy tightly.

“Oh, yeah? What do I have to do to get your attention then?” It wasn’t meant to sound flirty but he couldn’t help but give him a smirk as he leaned into him on the couch.

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anonymous asked:

(The last one was perfect!) How about Hanzo, Lucio and 76 get into a relationship with a talon member s/o and they know but are trying to convince them to switch sides. And they succeed but don't know wether or not to show they have a relationship or keep it hidden till the s/o is trusted enough by the others?

(you continue to bring me suffering in the best of ways)


“You are happy?” Hanzo’s words are more of a statement than a question. The two of you are outside the base at sunset, your legs dangling off the balcony. The air is pleasant and crisp, the taste of sea salt and lavender on the wind. There’s an oppressive quietness at Gibraltar, the kind that only occasional bird calls and gunshots can interrupt. Hanzo’s words seem to cut through the air like a sharpened knife.

“I am,” you reply, rather unconvincingly. “I just… I don’t like keeping us a secret. Our relationship is one of the main reasons why I left Talon.” Hanzo sits down next to you and you immediately shift yourself to lean against him. He gives you a concerned look before moving a few inches away. You sigh, he’d been distant ever since you arrived. Not even this tryst outside should be happening, according to him.

“They do not trust you much as it is. My word is what allowed you to stay, and if they knew we were together they would not be able to trust my judgement. For now it is best that they are not aware of our situation.” Hanzo is ever the diplomat. You frown, wanting nothing more than to wrap your arms around him.

“I understand, but… I miss you,” you reply, your words more like a pout than a lament. You look over at Hanzo, the long fabric ties in his hair dancing in the breeze. His face is as poised as ever, but his eyes remain filled with a warmth.

He had seen something in you, almost a year ago now. During one particularly vicious combat mission he could have shot an arrow through your throat… but he withdrew instead. His act of mercy piqued your curiosity, and you spent weeks researching the mysterious archer. He was a new recruit for the reestablished Overwatch squad, as it turned out. And there was no reason for your sworn enemy to spare your life.

The next time you saw him, a combat mission in Greece, you completely froze. He noticed you too and slowly made his way over, bow relaxed. Your own weapons hung down by your side, and you holstered your gun as he drew closer. “Hanzo Shimada,” you had called, his eyes had narrowed in response. “You’ve had two opportunities to shoot me so far, yet I find myself unscathed.”

His face was unreadable. “It seems you have returned the favor,” he replied, gesturing towards the guns at your side. That had made you smile.

You started to ‘run into each other’ from then on, each fight between you intricately choreographed in case someone was watching. Finally, he had offered you a way out. Talon had consumed your life for years, but yet he wanted to offer you freedom. “A shot at redemption” he had solemnly dubbed it. You both had things in your past you wanted to wipe clean. You had accepted.

The relationship between you two was murky and undefined for months. Your best attempts at flirting seemed to fall short at the archer’s stoic personality. Yet at one secretive meetup there was a stolen kiss (never spoken of). As you planned your escape from Talon, you couldn’t handle the obscurity any more and you had declared your feelings for him. Hanzo hadn’t appeared too shocked, he merely took your hand and gave it a gentle kiss.

The two of you had been through so much together, yet the rest of Overwatch could never know of it. “Hanzo persuaded a Talon agent to switch sides” was the extent of their knowledge. You had been walking on thin ice ever since you arrived on Gibraltar, not to mention the steely looks the other agents gave you.

Hanzo knew what was best, but that didn’t make his decision any harder to bare. “How long?” You sigh, imaging his hand holding yours.

“I’m not sure,” he replies evenly. “Once they trust you.”

“Can they ever trust me?”

He gives you a faint smile, “I did. I’m sure they’ll come around soon.”


You had first met him online. Not in a chat room or dating website, far from it. You had been hunched over your laptop for hours, systematically hacking into one of Overwatch’s servers. Sombra’s condescending voice occasionally gave you pointers through your earpiece, but you were stubborn and usually just muted her.

You finally had reached a breakthrough when a face popped up on your screen. A familiar face… Lucio, infamous radio star, frowned at you through his grainy video feed. “I don’t know who you are, but you are not hacking into my system on my watch,” he challenged. You grinned, ready for a bit of a fight. For every move you made, he had a counter, putting up wall after wall. Little did you know, Sombra had been watching the feed as well, and (after growing considerably bored with the whole affair) sent you a file with a new program. She was the best in Talon for a reason, and you soon won the battle.

Sure, you had a reason for hacking in their systems in the first place, but you immediately directed your sights to Lucio’s monitor. You typed up a quick victory message and even added a taunting “<3″ to the end.

A few days later, the favor was returned. You were thankful your laptop was a personal one, and not connected to the larger Talon network (or else you certainly would have been dead meat). He had left you a virtual photo and autograph… and he had added your name.

While you were a trained agent and assassin, you couldn’t help but be curious about him. A few back-to-back hacking challenges later, you wanted to meet him in person. While you may have had a concealed weapon the whole time, he had seemed excited to meet you as well. The two of you had, well, hit it off.

“Why do you even work for them? You can’t seriously like this whole terrorism stuff.” He had drawled at one late-night meeting (your fifth time together in person).

“Look, it’s complicated,” you sighed, not really wanting to go into the details.

“No, it’s really not. Either you want to cause irreparable harm to the innocent people in this world or you don’t. I know Talon’s an impossible group to shake, but I could help you get out!” For some reason, you believed him. You didn’t want to be a bad person, but you had gotten stuck working for them a long time ago.

“Why do you care so much?” It was a stupid question, but it’d buy you time to think things over, at least. The mocha in front of you was growing cold.

“Because I care about you. I don’t think you’re a bad person. I don’t want to love someone who loves destruction,” his words hit you like a truck. Love. He cared because he loved you.

“Get me out.”

It was almost entirely fueled by adrenaline and impulse, but you got out of Talon, now protected by a handful of Overwatch agents. Winston probably trusted you the least out of all of them (he was possessive over Athena and you had been… less than delicate with her in the past), but overall you were welcomed. They had been struggling with cyber-security ever since they restarted, and someone who had inner knowledge of how Sombra worked was desperately needed.

You and Lucio had grown even closer since you joined Overwatch, and he wasn’t exactly hiding his feelings for you either. The two of you were almost inseparable (he loved to play ‘intense hacking music’ on his media player for you while you worked). While your close relationship had garnered some distrust, most agents seemed happy to see Lucio happy. That being said, you received a number of threats of what would happen to you if you should ever break his heart.

Even with all of that, you felt happier here than you had ever felt before.


Your first meeting with Jack Morrison occurred with you facing the business end of a heavy pulse rifle. Your leg had been injured earlier in the fight and your own weapon was at least five feet away on the floor. You shouldn’t have honestly even been involved in this fight to begin with, you were primarily a scout- you never stuck around for the serious battles. When the infamous Soldier:76 had shown up, you had hurriedly started to call in the intel, but before you could escape you had been shot in the leg.

He leveled his gun at you, face obscured by a mask and visor. He hadn’t shot you yet, which struck you as strange. This vigilante was notorious for his lack of mercy towards those he deemed criminals. And well, as an agent of Talon, you were certainly a criminal in his eyes. Yet… he lowered his gun.

“Are others on the way? Do they know I’m here?” He growled at you.

Eyes-wide, you replied, “I started to call in the intel but never finished the report. They might send in a few more just to see what happened to me.”

“Come with me.” The soldier had grabbed your arm and started to pull you away out of the area. Your leg was burning with pain and you were barely able to limp at his pace. He finally pulled you away to a jeep hiding behind a warehouse. He leaned you up against its side and started to examine the gunshot wound in your leg. “It’s not too serious, you’ll be fine,” he muttered.

“W-Why have you let me live?” You asked, holding down your leg as Soldier:76 started to wrap gauze around the wound.

He paused and lowered his visor. You saw the face of a grizzled warrior, a large scar running across his face. He explained that you didn’t seem like the typical Talon grunt, he saw something in your eyes. “Potential to do good,” he had named it.

You were dubious, all you had heard of 76 was his bloodthirsty desire for justice, but he didn’t seem as horrible as they had made him out to be. He offered you a way out of Talon, if you wanted it. He couldn’t promise that you’d ever work for Overwatch, but he said he’d be willing to see if you’d make a good match for it.

It was worth a shot, at the very least.

Morrison took you to a safe house where you were able to properly get your leg taken care of. You told him all about your experiences at Talon, and while he still lived at Gibraltar, he stopped by as much as he could to check up on you. Over time you gained the impression his visits were more social than obligatory. When you insinuated as much one visit, he didn’t deny it.

One night you took it upon yourself to cook a relatively fancy dinner when you knew he would be visiting. There was no use hiding your affection from then on, and the two of you solidified your relationship. Even so, you almost missed the action you experienced as a Talon agent. And well, Jack understood exactly what you felt.

He was able to persuade the other Overwatch agents to let you join their ranks and you finally moved on to the base. Jack revealed you as the source of his recent Talon intelligence, and your presence was appreciated (though you still felt suspicious eyes on you when your back was turned).

“I’m not sure it’s the best idea to reveal us to the others,” you frowned at Jack one evening, the two of you sitting together in the computer lab. “They already look at me with suspicion, I don’t want them to think I seduced you or something to get here.”

“I’m tired of lies,” he sighed. “The old Overwatch was destroyed by internal forces. I don’t want secrets to bring it down again.”

“You know I can’t win an argument against you,” you laugh softly. “You’ve always had more experience with these politics than me.” Your hand searches for his and the two of you are temporarily connected. “I’m with you, no matter what you do, alright?”

joelhole  asked:

im trash but heres a #fosterdadlin prompt if youre willing??? lin & v's reaction when alex brings home his bf john for the first time !! 🐢❤️🐢❤️

alex introducing john to fosterdad!llin

fr the fosterdadlin au: since its an au of RU is alex still into john? how does alex tell the fam abt that?? (I love this au I am living)

Idk if lams exists in fosterdadLin but could you imagine Lin seeing that Alex likes John and he starts shipping it. Aggressively.


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Miracle Part 3 (Avengers+Bucky x Reader)

A/N: It has been forever, I know, I am sorry! 

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Bucky slowy opened his eyes, adjusting to the light. He looked down at (Y/N), who was deeply asleep in his arms. He didn’t move, not wanting her to wake up. She looked peaceful even though her nightmare. He took her hair out of her face, looked at her beautiful face.

He didn’t know how he felt about her, but he was pretty sure that he trusted her. That was a really unfamilier feeling for him, but there was just something diffrent about her. Bucky could calm down looking at her, he loved the way she smiled, he loved how cheerful she was. He felt better around her. She didn’t feel any diffrent about him. She could see underneath his guard, he was broken, lost. That feelings made him really quiet, introvert. She was happy she could help him with that.  She wanted to make him smile, laugh. She didn’t know how he saw him; a friend? She didn’t know. All she knew was that she wanted to be around him, and she trusted him. It was really weird for her that she did, considering she never has with anyone.

Bucky watched (Y/N) breath, relaxing. He didn’t know the last time he felt that safe, relaxed.

(Y/N) woke up slowly, took a deep breath, rubbed her eyes. She looked up at Bucky, who was looking at her. She smiled softly.

“Good mornin’ soldier.”

“Good morning.” He said, his voice happy.

“Thank you. I owe you now.” She said seriously, looking at him.

“You don’t owe me. You don’t have to thank me.” He said, remembering how she was there for him when he had nightmares, even though she could get hurt.

“Did you even sleep comfortable like this, me almost on top of you?” She asked.

“I don’t remember the last time I had a long sleep without nightmares.” He answered, still holding her.

She layed her head back on his chest, enjoying how warm his body was. He shut his eyes too, enjoying her company.

Unfortunately, Bucky’s phone started to ring. He sighed before taking his hand off (Y/N) and reaching his phone. It was Steve, he accepted the call.

“Hey Buck.”

“Hi Punk.”

“Are you still sleeping? Me and Sam are going for a run. Want to join?”

“No-uh, I’ll-” He stopped talking when he saw the look (Y/N) was giving him. She took the phone from him.

“Hi Steve. This is (Y/N). Both of us are coming to run. Get ready to lose, byee.” She said and hung up.

Bucky raised his eyebrows at her.

“You know how fast he is right?” He asked.

“You know how fast I can be right? You boys aren’t the only ones serum-ed. Well, mine is a diffrent kind of serum but still.” She said as she got up.

She is serum-ed?

, Bucky thought, wondering why.

“Come on!” She said as she pulled him up.

He walked towards the wardrobe as she got out of the room to change. She came back 5 minutes later, after Bucky pulled his hair into pony tail and wore a new pair of sweat pants and a black t-shirt.

They both got out and met Sam and Steve down at the lobby.

“Hey idiots.” She said, smiling.

“You seem you got over the hangover. How you doin’?” Sam asked, smiling back.

“I had a good sleep. And I wasn’t that wasted anyway.” She answered.

“You sure? I couldn’t count your drinks.” Steve said.

“Well, I need more alcohol to get drunk then normal people.”

“Are you-” She knew what was he is going to ask, he problebly was wanting to ask since she threw him over her shoulder like he was a paper ball.

“I uh- My mother had a diffrent version of the super soldier serum that she injected me. I am not a super soldier, but I am pretty much stronger than an average person.” She explained.

“I hope that doesn’t mean you can beat me at running. I am sick of hearing ‘on your left’s.” Sam said, Steve chuckled.

“You better get used to it.” Steve said as they got out of the building. They walked over to Central Park, it was a better running place.

When they arrived, they looked at eachother.

“You grandpas ready?” She asked, smirking. Steve and Bucky raised their eyebrows at her, at the same time.

“That seems like a yes. So come on! Catch me!” She cheered as she turned her back, started to run. Bucky crooked a smile that no one noticed before running as Steve chuckled.

Sam, Steve and Bucky ran after (Y/N), who was running pretty fast.

“ON YOUR LEFT!” Bucky said as Steve shouted: “ON YOUR RIGHT!” to Sam.

Sam shouted in anger as two supersoldiers ran past him. (Y/N) heard it from the distance and she let out a laugh.

Bucky and Steve speed-ed up a little, running right next to each other to catch (Y/N).

(Y/N) was running as fast as she could, but that didn’t really stop the supersoldiers from catching her after a while.


“ON YOUR RIGHT!” They both shouted before running past her.

“Ugh.” She mumbled before speeding up, but that didn’t help her catching them. She stopped to catch her breath for a moment, sitting on a bank.

She saw a blue blur coming towards her, and the next thing she knows, Pietro is right in front of her, her back is pressed against a wall.

“Jesus!” (Y/N) said as she took a deep breath.

“Nope, just me.” Pietro said with a grin. She gave him an are-you-serious look.

“I am sorry printsessa.” He said, chuckling.

“You just looked like you could use a ride.” He added. 

“I am that slow, huh?”

“Unfortunetly.” He said, smirking.

She answered after rolling her eyes. 

“Time to bug the grandpas.” He said, smirking. He picked her up and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Luckily (Y/N) was now used to his speed. Pietro ran towards the supersoldiers, and he slowed down to their level, only so they could both yell: “BEEP BEEP!”

Then Pietro zoomed away, as both of the supersoldiers whined. Pietro ran another round, then stopped next to Sam.

(Y/N) and Pietro yelled again at the same time: “BEEP BEEP!”

It was really annoying.

Sam shouted after them as they laughed.

After few more rounds of running and messing with the super soldiers, they all met at the entrance of the park.

(Y/N) and Pietro laughed at their impressions.

“I hate you guys.” Sam said, wiping his forehead.

“That is cheating.” Steve said, looking like a golden retriever puppy.

“It is fun.” Pietro said, smirking as he let (Y/N) down. Steve rolled his eyes as Bucky watched him, amused.

“I am really hungry. Let’s get breakfest.” (Y/N) said, and before even she could take a breath, Pietro picked her back up and shouted, “KEEP UP LOSERS.” then zoomed to the tower.

* I laughed as Pietro let me down, we were in the kitchen.

“That was amazing!” I said turning to him.

“I know. Their faces were priceless!” He said and joined laughing with me.

“You know how much more we can make this morning amazing?” He said with a deep voice after a moment, took a step towards me.

“Enlighten me.” I said playfully as I took a step back. He took a step towards me again, and I took another step back for fun. That continued ‘till he had me pressed to the counter. He placed each hand on the counter, trapping me. I looked at him with playful eyes.

I couldn’t deny the connection between us, neither could he. He leaned in a little, making my heart beat go faster. I held my breath, waiting for him to do something. Our bodies were too close, I


him to do something.

“Mornin’.” Natasha walked in with Bruce. Pietro pulled away immediatly, before they could even see our position. I let out my breath, trying to pull myself together. I could see that Pietro loved the affect he had on me.

“Oh look! The love birds are awake.” I cheered as they took a seat.

“Good morning losers, (Y/N).” Tony said as he walked in. I chuckled.

“Good morning.” I said. He took a seat too.

“What do we eat?” Pietro said as he walked over to the fridge.

“I’ll make pancakes!” I said, my voice happy. They all went 'yaay’ as a joke like little kids. Pietro took a seat as I got the frying pan.

“Good morning, friends.” Thor said as he walked in.

“Hey.” Everyone greeted him as he took a seat too. I made pop-tarts before he could ask. I started whistling as I kept making pancakes.

“Someone, help.” I called out. Natasha walked up to me.

“Nutella, cheese.” I said and she took them out and put them on the table.

“Gentlemen, get your asses up. Someone make a coffe. And I want latte.” I said and they got up, everyone got to work.

“Why don’t we have maids again?” Pietro asked, whining.

“Not safe for 'em.” Tony answered.

“You guys don’t look like having a hangover?” I said, more like a question.

“We didn’t drink that much. And Tony is used to it.” Natasha answered for all of them.

“Hey.” Steve, Sam and Bucy got in, greeting everyone.

“Took you boys long enaugh.” I said, smirking.

“Oh come on. You wouldn’t be here if Sonic didn’t carry you.” Sam said, taking a seat.

“Hey! I beat your ass Wilson.” I said as I took the plate full of pancakes I made and walked over to the table. He rolled his eyes.

“You guys went for a run?” Bruce asked, taking a huge bite from his pancake.

“Yup.” Pietro answered.

“Take a picture next time. I want to see their faces.” Natasha said.

“Yeah me too.” Tony said as he high-fived Natasha.

“Where is Peter? I thought he would stay in the tower.” Bruce asked.

“I sent him home.” I answered.

“Where are the others?”

“Pepper and Rhodey had to took off early for work. Bartons did too.”

“So, about last night, anything happend after we left?” Natasha asked, looking at us.

“Well, uh-“I didn’t know how to answer.

"Nothing besides the son of a bitch you sat (Y/N) up with trying to take an advantage of her.” Pietro answered sarcasticly.

Everyone looked up, eyes widened.

“What?” Natasha, Bruce and Tony asked at the same time with a harsh tone.

“Nothing. Just a—” Sam cut me off.

“No worries. Bucky beat the shit out of the guy.” Everyone went quiet for a moment, I saw Tony looking at Bucky, Steve looked pretty uncomfortable, Sam looked pissed off, Bruce was looking at us like waiting for us to tell more, Thor was obviously angry remembering the thing, Natasha was looking at the ground, not saying anything. I knew she would problebly feel guilty. And oh god, she looked like she could murder someone with her eyes.

I saw Bucky’s jaw clenching and Pietro’s hands turning into fists with the corner of my eye.

“Even if they weren’t there, I could handle it. Yes-uh I was kind of drunk but I could still handle it.” I said, earning glares from everyone.

“I am fine!” I said, they still kept glaring. Wanda and Vision walked in that moment.

“Good morning.” They said before taking a seat.

Everyone was still quiet.

We just ate the pancakes.


“NO. None of you boys are going to beat him, again.” I said, pointing my finger at them.

“Beating him? I was meaning to break his hand, tell me, which one did he use, right or left?” Tony asked, and he wasn’t kidding.

I gave him a serious look.

“You are all overreacting.” I said as I sat back.

“Overreacting? The only reason we pulled Bucky off the guy is that we were worried he could kill him.” Steve said and Sam nodded.

“He couldn’t do anything worse. I am fine. Now all of you will leave it.” I said with a serious voice. All of them mumbled something, whined.

“I’ll go check on Natasha.” I said before getting up, walking to the terrace. I figured she might be there.

She was in the terrace, alone, sitting on the couch.

“Hey Red.” I said and she turned to me, I could see that she felt guilty.

“I am tru-”

“No you don’t have to be sorry. Shut up.” She looked away.

“Come on Red! It is okay.” I said as I jumped next to Natasha.


“No! Don’t be sorry. Shit happens.” I said and she just looked at me.

I smiled at her.

“That fucking asshole if I fi-”

“Hey hey! Let’s go outside, okay? Let’s take Wanda out. We’ll have a girls night out.” I said.

“We’ve never had a girls night out.”

“I know. Good time to do right? Let’s go shopping, like normal chicks do.” I said as I pulled her up on her feet.

“I think we should take the grandpas too. We can do girls night other time. They need some good clothes.” She said.

“Didn’t they go do that with Tony?”

“They need a woman’s touch.” I smirked.


“So you guys are saying that we will go shopping?” Steve asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Yes Cap.” I said as I took Tony’s car keys.

“What for?” Pietro asked.

“We will get you people some good clothes.” Natasha said, smiling.

“Yup! We will.” I said as I stood next to her, smiling just like she is.

“(Y/N) I already told you I don’t want Victoria’s—” Wanda started to speak, only to be cut off by me and Natasha.

“Shut it Maximoff.” We both said at the same time, which was clearly weird for them. But me and Natasha were used to it by now.

Wanda rolled her eyes as we dragged her to the car.

I threw Natasha one of the keys, she caught it.

“You take Maximoff’s. I take grandpas.” She said and I nodded. Natasha walked over to the black Lamborghini as I took the twins to a red Ferrari. We were only 6, but we problebly couldn’t fit into one car.

I sat on the driver’s seat as Pietro sat on the front seat. I turned on the car and drove out of the garage.

“We need to get you some nice sneakers.” I said, looking at Pietro’s damaged sneakers.

“I bought these a month ago.”

“Why don’t we ask Tony to build you something? Like some sneakers that can handle your speed?” I asked.

“He would do that?” He asked, surprised.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t he?”

It took about five minutes to arrive at the mall.

“What do we start with?” I asked Natasha, who parked next to me as I got out of the car.

“Calvin Klein.” She said showing us a credit card.

“Tony said we could spend 'how much we damn want’.” She said. I smirked, this was going to be fun.


I popped my bubble gum as I picked boxers for the guys. Steve was kind of uncomfortable, Bucky wasn’t showing any emotion and Pietro was obviously amused.

“Are you guys sure about the size?” I asked, they were pretty huge.

“No.” That was the answer I was expecting. I took a look at their waists, then the private area, I chose the sizes I guessed.

Grandpas looked uncomfortable, but Pietro was enjoying it.

“Then you are gonna have to try them on.” I said as I passed the three the pairs I chose.

“We will try on boxers?” Steve asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Yeah Spangles. Go.” I said, pushing him to the trying rooms.

“This is awkward.” Wanda said, standing next to me, watching the boys walk to the trying rooms.

I chuckled. “I know.”

“It is fun.” Natasha said, I high-fived her.

We waited boys to come out, then Natasha bought the boxers with the creadit card.

Me and Natasha dragged them to another store afterwards. We both started to search as they stood next to us like we are their mothers or something. I chose some nice shirts and some jeans for Bucky.

“Let’s go try these on!” I said and held his hand, dragged him towards the trying rooms. He didn’t complain.

“Okay, try the white shirt first!” I said cheerfully, then handed him the things I chose. I could see that he didn’t really like trying on, but he didn’t say anything. He shut the door behind him.

“And I want to see it!” I said, loud enugh for him to hear. And for a moment, I thought he chuckled. Maybe he did, I wasn’t sure. He got out seconds later.

The shirt I chose for him suited perfectly. It looked perfect with the black jeans. He looked amazing.

“Woah Barnes.” I said, checking him out.

“You really liked it?” He asked.

“Yes! Let me help you with that.” I said and walked over to him, he didn’t button his shirt correctly.

I un-buttoned them, not realizing how close we were standing. I did my best not to stare at his abs. I could feel him looking down at me, I didn’t mind.

“Okay, it is perfect. Are you comfortable in it?” I asked, checking the shirt.


“Okay, then try on the next thing. We are buying this one.”

He tried on everything I gave him, and it all suited him perfectly except a few t-shirts that were clearly small for him.

After 20 minutes, we got out of that place with many bags. Pietro now had a v-neck black tight t-shirt that made him look so hot, and a few other t-shirts, some jeans, Natasha got Steve a tone of new clothes, and I got Bucky about 10 piece of clothing.

“One more round for boys, then Wanda.” I nodded to Natasha.


“Fury should have got her in the team sooner.” Pietro said to Steve and Bucky nodded.

“I know.” Steve answered. They were watching Natasha, (Y/N) and Wanda picking clothes for them.

“She is full of life, isn’t she?” Steve said, smiling at (Y/N) who is currently making Wanda laugh with a stupid joke.

“She is.” Bucky said. After a few minutes later, (Y/N) came to them and handed Steve some tight-shirts which she thought he would look 'hot’ in them.

“Didn’t we get enaugh?” Steve asked, smiling.

“Nope.” She answered, smiling back.

“Now go try them on. I am waiting.” She said as she pushing to the trying rooms. Steve chuckled.

Then she made Pietro try on some leather jackets, picked a beautiful watch for Bucky.

After half an hour later, they were finally done shopping for the boys. They went into another store for Wanda.

Like any other men, Bucky, Steve and Pietro found a place to sit to wait for them.

“This is boring.”

“I know.”

“I don’t know how can they do that all day.”

“Me too.”


“Wanda!” I called out to her and she turned to me, I showed her a red dress.

“(Y/N)- I don’t-”

“Uh shut it.” Natasha said as she pulled her to the trying rooms.

At least an hour has passed while we were looking clothes for Wanda, we went to lots of diffrent stores, dragging the boys with us to every single one of them. They weren’t really happy but they acted like gentlemen and didn’t complain. When we were finally done, I took them to an Italian restaurant. We all ate pizza then drove back home.

When we walked in to the common room with full of bags in our hands, all the eyes turned to us.

“Look, mean girls are back from shopping!” Tony cheered and I rolled my eyes.

I threw myself on the couch, next to Thor.

“Hey shellhead.” Natasha said as she took a seat too.

“What did you guys buy?” Peter asked.

“We got the twins and grandpas some good clothes.”

“By 'some’ she means a tone of 'em.” Steve said sarcasticly.

“We are awesome. We chose the best stuff.” I said to Natasha and we high-fived.

“So you guys had fun while Tony forced us to guess how many fingers he was holding up behind him?” Bruce asked, raising eye-brows.

We chuckled.

“You should have come.”

“So what do we do now?” Tony asked, he was clearly bored.

“We can pla-” I started to speak, only to be cut off by Steve.

“We are not playing any drinking games.” He said. I whined.

“What about-” Sam started to speak, only to be cut off by Steve again.

“We are not playing Strip Poker either.” Sam rolled his eyes.

Peter chuckled.

“We can-”

“We are not playing cards Spangles.” Tony cut him off. I couldn’t help but laugh at Steve’s expression.

“Let’s just watch Netflix.” Thor said and got the remoter.

“Good idea. What are we gonna watch?” Pietro asked.

“Friends!” Me and Peter answered at the same time. Everyone looked at us as we did a bro-fist.

I got the remoter from Thor and opened Friends.

Then we started binge-watching. Everybody loved the show, especially Thor. He laughed at every single joke, I was surprised when he got the references. There were parts where we all laughed, well unfortunately except Bucky. He was watching it, he seemed to enjoy it but I didn’t even catch a chuckle.

After half an hour later, I had to switch positions because I couldn’t feel my ass. I walked over to Bucky and layed down, put my head on his lap.

His human hand went automaticly to my hair, and he started to play with them. I didn’t know how much we stayed like that.

“Okay I am done. I can’t feel my legs.” Sam said and we didn’t click 'the next episode’ this time. I got up like others did.

“What time is it?”


“Holy shit. We’ve been watching this for 5 hours?” I chuckled.

“Good show, huh?” I asked.

“Yeah.” They all mumbled.

“I can’t believe none of you seen it before.” Peter said.

“We all saw an episode or two.”

“Oh my god is that a Nintendo WII?” I asked as I saw the Nintendo WII. I immediatly walked towards it.

“Yupp.” Tony said proudly.

“How come I haven’t seen it before?” I went through the games Tony had, I smirked when I saw Mario Kart.

I raised it to the others.

“Who wants to go a few rounds?” I asked, still smirking.

“I’ll take that smirk as a challenge.” Tony said, pointing his finger at me.

“Bring it on Stark.”

Natasha chuckled. “This will be fun to watch.”

“Wanna make a bet?” Sam asked, smiling. “I really need some cash.” He added.

Natasha raised her eyebrows at him. “Okay Wilson. I’ll have my money on (Y/N).”

“Okay, I was going to say Stark anyways.” He answered.

“How much?” Natasha asked.

“I really like where this is going.” Pietro said as he took a seat, watching the others. Everyone else sat back except me, Tony, Sam and Natasha.


“DAMN IT! I DEMAND A REMATCH! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!” Tony shouted as he threw the controller away.

“HAHAHA! YEAH! I WON! I WON!” I jumped, cheering.

“I DEMAND A REMATCH!” Tony shouted again.

“WE ALREADY HAD A REMATCH! I WON! HAHA!” I kept cheering. Natasha ran and hugged me, then shouted: “YOU KNOW OWE ME 150 BIRDy 2.0!”

Wanda laughed at Sam’s expression.

“You shouldn’t have raised the bet.” She said to Sam, smiling. He shot her a glare as she kept laughing with Pietro.

“Clint is going to love this.” Peter said as he looked at his phone.

“I took a video.” He explained.

“Really? Can I watch? I would like to see myself beating Tony’s ass.” I said before walking over to him, Steve chuckled.

“There is finally someone who can beat Tony at video games.” He said, I smiled to him.

Peter played the video. The video inclueded me and Tony jumping on our seats and shouting at each other, and my laughter every time I won.

“Delete this.” Tony said harshly.



I kissed Tony’s cheek.

“Let’s get you some ice cream. It may help you with the feeling of defeat.” I said as I held his hand, pulling him towards the kitchen.

I made him take a seat, then took the chocolate ice cream out from the fridge, I didn’t take bowls or anything I was too lazy for it. I got two spoons and the ice cream box and sat in front of Tony.

“We should have got you sooner on the team.” He said as he took the spoon and opened the box.

“Why is that?” I asked as I got my spoon and filled my mouth with ice-cream.

“You are like a glue, keeping everyone together. We did hang out before you too of course, but not like this.” He said, smiling.

“I am glad about that.” I said, my mouth filled with ice cream. He chuckled at my voice.

“I want some too.” Steve said as he walked in, followed by Bucky. He took a spoon for himself and Bucky and they sat down.

I heard Natasha’s scream and turned to Steve.

“Is she-”

“Playing mario kart with Sam? Yes.” Steve answered chuckling. Then 3 of us, me, Steve and Tony ate lots of ice cream and chatted, Bucky just watched us.

“Hey, have some ice cream.” I said to Bucky, pushing the box a little closer to him.

He looked at me, surprised. Then he took his spoon from the table and ate some.

“This is really good.” He said, making me smile.

“Of course it is Robocop. Want some oreos with them?” Tony said as he got up, took the oreos out of the cupboard.

He passed Bucky the oreos, then sat back. Bucky thanked him seconds later, I could see that he felt kind of weird. I didn’t think he got used to being offered things yet.

“Oh food!” Peter cheered as he ran to the table, sat next to me. Bruce walked in a moment later as we all heard Sam’s and Natasha’s screams.

“Someone should stop them.” He said as he sat down, took an oreo.

“No, someone should take a video.” I said, earning a smirk from Tony.

“Pietro is. They look ridiculous screaming at each other.” Peter said.

“I hope they won’t kill each other.”

“Do we have more ice cream?” Steve asked.

“Yeah. I’ll get some.” I said as I walked to the fridge, got the ice cream.

“Thank you.” He said as he opened the box. I smiled watching Bucky and Steve eating like animals together.  Who knew Captain America couldn’t eat ice cream without having it all over his face? I took out my phone to take a picture, I just couldn’t help it. I needed it in my phone. I chuckled as I took the photo.

“(Y/N)! Delete it.” He whined.

“No way chocolate face.” Tony answered for me as I showed him and Bruce the picture I just took.

“Wow. Captain America can’t eat ice cream without having it all over his face.” Bruce said, joking.

“Well the Hulk has oreo crunches all over his shirt.” I said, pointing his shirt.

“I kicked your ass Wilson.”

“You cheated!” I heard their voices again, they were walking towards the kitchen.

“Ooh ice cream.” Sam seemed to forget everything when he saw the ice cream. He took 5 spoons and passed one to Natasha, the twins ad Thor.

“Couldn’t you guys just get a bowl?” Natasha said as she pulled the ice cream box towards her.

“Who needs a bowl?” Peter asked, his voice not so clear because of all the oreos he had in his mouth.

Sam pulled the ice cream box, and Pietro pulled it away from him. A little argument happend between them, then Thor just got it.

I took my phone again, the Avengers sharing an ice cream box and fighting over it had to be pictured. I didn’t even try to do it secretly, they weren’t realizing I was, they were too busy fighting about it.

Who knew The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were actually hooligans living in a tower together.

“It can just stay in the middle!”

“The place you are calling 'middle’ isn’t even the middle!”

After we ate all the ice-cream, we went back to the common room, and I forced everyone to do a lip sync battle with me. I was actually wanting karaoke, but my voice wasn’t so great.

I finally convinced Natasha and Tony, others were harder to convince.

Me and Natasha forced Tony to go first. He took a hair-brush to use it like a mic, and we all took seats. He stood right in front of the couch all of us were sitting on.

“I can’t believe you guys are doing this.” Steve said.

“Hush Capsicle.” Tony said. Then he used the hair-brush as a mic and spoke: “Now, ladies and gentlemen, my first song’s name is Bitch Better Have My Money, by Rihanna.”

“Let’s go F.R.I.D.A.Y.!” Tony cheered and F.R.I.D.A.Y. started to play the song.

Bitch better have my money!
Y'all should know me well enough
Bitch better have my money!
Please don’t call me on my bluff
Pay me what you owe me!”

We all bursted into laughter, and I caught a really small smile from Bucky, which made me happier than I was.

Louis 13 and it’s all on me, you just bought a shot
Kamikaze if you think that you gon’ knock me off the top
Shit, your wife in the backseat of my brand new foreign car
Don’t act like you forgot, I call the shots, shots, shots
Like blah, brrap, brrap”

Pay me what you owe me, don’t act like you forgot!“

Tony kept lip syncing with his dance, my cheeks started to hurt from smiling. His dance was awesome, and the way he lip synced…It was going to be hard to beat.

He dropped the hair-brush when he was finished.

"That was amazing!” I managed to say between my laughter.

“Well played Stark!” Natasha said, chuckling.

After we all cheered for Tony, I picked the hair-brush from the ground and acted all serious.

“My first song is called Uma Thurman, by Fallout Boy.” I said and they all clapped as a joke, whistling for me.

I started lip syncing as F.R.I.D.A.Y. played the song, dancing slowly, shaking my hips.

She wants to dance like Uma Thurman
Bury me 'til I confess
She wants to dance like Uma Thurman
And I can’t get you out of my head”

I kept doing my stupid dance, earning laughter from all of them, and again a smile from Bucky.

I dropped the mic and took a bow when I was finished, everyone was cheering and clapping for me.

I laughed as I sat back to my seat.

“Good performance sweet cheeks!” Tony high-fived me as Peter kept cheering.

“Clint will love this.” Natasha said, smirking.

“You took a video?” I asked, judging.

“Of course! And Tony’s too.” She said, chuckling.

“Okay Romanoff. Your turn.” Tony said.

“You really didn’t think I was going to, did you?” She asked, smiling.

“Oh come on!”

“Thats not fair!”

“Can someone else go? Come on!” I looked at others. It looked impossible to get them up. After a few minutes, I finally convinced Natasha to duet with me.

F.R.I.D.A.Y. played Hey Mama by Nicki Minaj.

We both started to lip sync at the same time as the song started.

Yes I be your woman
Yes I be your baby
Yes I be whatever that you tell me when you ready
Yes I be your girl, forever your lady
You ain’t never gotta worry, I’m down for you baby..

.” We both started to shake our hips slowly to the music, then started to silly dance as a joke.

Our team-mates started to cheer and whistle.

Best believe that when you need that
I’ll provide that you will always have it
I’ll be on deck keep it in check
When you need that I'mma let you have it

” We slowed our dance and smirked at each other.  We shook our hips slowly, then started to dirty dance. It was time to tease the boys. Actually Natasha just wanted to play with Bruce, but why wouldn’t I join her?

You beatin’ drum like dum di di dey
I love the dirty rhythm you play
I wanna hear you calling my name
Like hey mama mama hey mama mama (Hey)
Banging the drum like dum di di dey
I know you want it in the worst way
I wanna hear you calling my name
Like hey mama mama hey mama mama (Hey)”
Bruce’s eyes were on Natasha, he looked like he just lost his shit. Pietro’s eyes were all over my body, Bucky had a look on his face that I couldn’t solve. Others didn’t seem to be bothered, they just kept whistling.

“Be my woman, girl, I'mma
Be your man
Be my woman, girl, I’ll
Be your man…”

We kept doing our dance as we lip synced.

Natasha backed away a little when the rap part came.

Whole crew got the juice
Your dick game the truth
My screams is the proof
Them other dudes get the deuce
I might speed in the coupe
Leaving this interview
It ain’t nothin’ new, I been fuckin’ with you
None of them bitches ain’t taking you,
Just tell them to make a U (Make a U)
Huh, that how it be, I come first like debuts, huh
So baby when you need that, give me that word
I’m no good, I’ll be bad for my baby”

I lip synced the rap part as others cheered for me.

After the song was finished, we dropped our hair-brushes and posed as a joke, trying hard not to laugh.

“Cap, sorry you had to hear all that swearing and the dirty lyrics.” Peter said to Steve, teasing him. Steve rolled his eyes.

“Yeah Stevie, we are sorry.” I said.

“Will you guys let that go?”



“Never.” I chuckled at their talk before sitting back on my seat.

“Liked my dance Speedy?” I asked, smirking.

“Oh he loved it.” Tony answered for Pietro, earning a glare from him.


(Y/N) kept murmuring Pink Floyd as she shut her eyes, hugging her pillow. She couldn’t sleep, which was really weird for her because she was deeply asleep last night, even though she had a nightmare. Is Bucky the reason I could sleep? Of course he is idiot, don’t you remember how safe you felt in his arms?, she thought to herself.

Then she kicked her blanket off her, she had been trying to sleep for at least an hour. She tried to think of someone else to sleep with, but she thought Bucky might have need someone too, so she just got out of her room, shut the door and knocked his.

He opened the door seconds later, guessing it was (Y/N).

“Hey Barnes.” She said, smiling a little. He stepped aside, let her in.

“Hi doll.” He answered, shutting the door behind her.

“I am sorry if I woke you up. I couldn’t sleep without you.” (Y/N) confessed, taking a deep breath.

Bucky was relieved she felt the same way. He couldn’t sleep either.

“I can’t sleep without you too.” He said.

“Okay soldier, then let’s sleep shall we?” She said, jumping on his bed. Bucky smiled, even though she couldn’t see it.

Bucky turned off the light and walked back to his bed, layed next to (Y/N).

Now what they were going to do? Cuddle again? They didn’t know.

(Y/N) got close to him, she felt better that way, Bucky took that as a sign and pulled her to his arms. Her back was against his front, his arms were wrapped around her, she could feel his breath at the back of her neck. They were so close, she could feel his chest rising and coming back to normal as he breathed.

“Thank you.” She said, her voice really low.

“I already told you that you don’t have to thank me.”

“No I ha-”

“No you don’t.” He said.

“How is your neck?” He asked.

“It is nothing Buck. I already told you it doesn’t hurt.”

“Don’t lie.”

“I am not.” She feared that he would feel guilty, he had no reason too.

“I am sorr-”

“I already told you that you don’t have to apologise.” She repeated his words, changing into her version.

“Can I see it?” He asked a moment later, he turned on the lamp that was on his night stand.

“No.” She answered, not turning to him. He knew what she was doing.


“Can’t we just sleep?” Bucky turned her to him gently then he tilted her head to get a better look at the wound he caused.

He took a deep breath. He felt awful. How could he hurt her?

“Bucky it is okay.”

Bucky took her right hand, and looked at the other wound The Winter Soldier caused before.

“You didn’t do these.” She pulled her hand away.

“The Winter Soldier did.” She added, sitting up straight like he was.

He was looking down, he looked sad, broken.

“Hey.” She forced him to look at her.

“We already talked about this Buck.” She said, looking at his gorgeus blue eyes.

“I know, I just, uh-”

“I understand. You don’t have to explain.” She gave him a small smile.

“Now let’s just sleep, okay?” She layed back down, turning to him. He turned off the light and layed back down like she did. She layed her head on his bare chest, wrapped her arm around his waist as he held her.

“You like sleeping shirtless, soldier?” She said as a joke, making him chuckle. She was happy she finally caught a chuckle from him.

“And you like sleeping with your pink pajama shorts, doll?” He answered with the same playful tone she used.

She chuckled like he did.

“Good night Bucky.”

“Good night (Y/N).”


I had a night without nightmares, and full of sleep. It was amazing and pretty shocking.

“G'Mornin’."I mumbled, shutting my eyes back.

"Good morning.” His voice was a lot more clear than mine. I looked up at him.

“How long have you been awake?”

“A few minutes.” He answered and I got out of his arms, strecthed.

“What time is it?” He checked his phone.

“9am.” It wasn’t that late, so I decided to lay down a bit longer. I layed back next to him.

“Had a good sleep?” I asked, turning to him.

“Yeah.” He answered.

“Were you comfortable? I mean I was techinicly laying on top of you.” I said.

“I already told you that I am.” He answered.

“I know, just checking.” I said as I pushed the hair out of his face. I could see he was relaxing under my touch. I played with his hair as he shut his eyes.

I could see that he enjoyed me playing with his hair, so I got  closer to him to get a better position.

He fell asleep after a while. I smiled. He looked so cute, peaceful.

I couldn’t believe I made him fall asleep.

I slowly got up, trying not to wake him up. I walked towards the door and got out, head towards my room. I took a  shower, did my washing up then dressed up, went back to his room. I


Bucky woke back up, he felt cold, so his hand went directly to the other side of the bed, checking for (Y/N). His hand met the cold sheets, he felt…bad? He didn’t like laying on his bed alone, he needed her.

Fortunetly she walked back into his room that moment. She smiled at him when she saw that he was up.

“I can’t believe I fell asleep.” He said, getting up.

“You were so peaceful. I should play with your hair more often.” She answered, smiling. He smiled a little, twisting her stomach. Then he walked over to his wardrobe, got a clean t-shirt and put it on.

Back To Reader’s POV

“Let’s get some breakfest. ” I said when he put his shirt on and got out of his bed, walked over to the door, got out of his room. I waited for himto pull his hair in a bun, then I held his hand and dragged him out of the room. We walked towards the kitchen, me still holding his hand.

I liked hugging him, holding his hand, being close to him. It made me feel safe, it felt like home. I didn’t know if I had feelings for him or anything, I just knew that I wanted him around.

All eyes turned to us when we entered.

“Good morning.” I said as I let go of Bucky and walked over to the fridge.

“Nice dress.” Pietro said, looking at my floral dress.

“Thank you.” I said, giving him a cute smile.

“Pink looks good on you sweet cheeks.” I smirked at Tony. I took out the milk from the fridge, got a bowl, got some cereal from the cupboard and a spoon, then sat took a seat like the others. I saw Bucky got an apple from Steve.

“What plans do we have for today?” I asked as I started to eat my cereal.


“Okay, we have now.” I answered, smiling.

“No, we are not playing Mario Kart.” Tony said, looking offened.

“Oh, don’t worry sweetie I wouldn’t want you too get more sad anyway.” I said, squeezing his cheek.

He glared at me as others chuckled.

“What is our plan?” Wanda asked.

“We can watch Friends. Then we’ll do phone-jokes. To Clint of course, and Fury.”

“I like it.” Sam said, giving me a thumbs up.

“I am in.”

“What happend to being adults?” Natasha asked, smirking.

“We have been adults for long enaugh.” I answered.

“Oh and I’ll show you guys how to use Snapchat.”


“If I had a boy, I would name him Luke so I could make DarthVader jokes.” Sam said, making me chuckle.

“Good one!” I said as others mumbled how crappy it was.

“I don’t understand, why wou-” I cut Thor off.

“Nevermind Thor.” Bruce said, smiling.

“I understood!” Steve cheered.

“Me too. (Y/N) made me watch it.” Bucky said and I smiled at them.

“Okay I got one.” Tony said and we all turned to him. We were in the common room, sitting/laying on the couches, just chatting.

“I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.” He said and we all went silent for a moment, then laughed.

“That was gross.”

“It was funny.”

“Awesome!” I high-fived Tony, then put my hand back in Pietro’s hair, who was laying on the couch, his head on my lap. I played with his silver hair.

“We should phone prank Clint.” Peter suggested.

“Oh I like it.” Natasha said as she took out her phone.

“Make sure it is on as unknown number.” Tony said before walking over to her.

“Okay, okay. I got this. Everyone quiet.” Natasha sushed everyone and dialed Clint, then put it on speaker so we could hear it.

“Alo?” Clint answered the phone.

“Hii, do you guys have any toilet paper?” She said, her voice coming out just like an old lady.

“What?” Clint asked, confused.

“Toilet paper, I need some right now.” Natasha answered, I covered my mouth so I wouldn’t laugh. She was doing an amazing job.

“I am sorry ma'am–”

“I am just asking you to bring some over.” She cut him off, acting like she was offened.

“Wait isn’t this Danny?” She added.

“No ma'am, wrong number.”

“Oh, lord I am soo sorry. It is just I haven’t spoken to anyone in such a long time. Please stay in line with me I don’t want to lose anyone else, since my husband passed away it is just soo hard.” She said, her voice like she was crying.

“Could you come over and take care of me?” She added.

“No, I-uh I am sorry- Wha-?”

“How can you say that to an old lady?” She said, her voice angry this time.

I did my best not to laugh.

“Could you at least tell me your story or a joke I haven’t laughed in years.” She added, her voice back to crying.

There was a moment of silence before he spoke again.

“I’ll tell you a story, once upon a time a few losers decided to disturb people with stupid phone pranks! Some of us have things to do!”

Then we all bursted into laughter, and Bucky smiled!

“No, I-uh I am sorry- Wha-?” Tony did an impression of him, and I started to laugh even harder.

Clint sighed before hanging up.

When we were all done laughing and doing impressions of him, I got up from the couch and head towards the kitchen.

I checked the fridge to see if there is any food, there was nothing. And I really felt like having a pizza.

“CAN WE ORDER PIZZA?” I shouted so they could hear me from the common room.



“YEAH LET’S ORDER IN.” They said so I just had a glass of water than went back to the common room.

“It is not healthy we are always having pizza.” Steve said.

“We love pizza.” Tony answered.

“Me too, but it is not healthy.”

“Shut up Rogers.” Natasha said as Tony dialed the number.

“What do you guys want?”

“Anything that is pizza.” I answered and everyone else nodded.

“(Y/N), I believe I still haven’t understood this app thing you called 'Snapchat’.” Thor said, and I walked towards him. I got his iphone Tony got for him, and opened Snapchat to tell him again. I told him how to use it, what is it for and it will be fun and etc.


“We seriously have to  get back to work.” Sam said, looking around.

“Yeah we do.” Natasha said, streching on her seat.

We were still in the common room, pizza boxes and plastic cups everywhere, chatting.

“When do we get back to work?” I asked, looking at Steve.

“How about now?” I heard a familier voice from the back of the room, the door step. Nick.

We all turned to that direction, saw Nick, all in black.

“Well, let the fun begin.” I said, smirking.


I love writing silly Avengers, haha :) I hope you guys enjoyed this, please tell me what you think& if you want me to continue writing. 

1. Time of Day

Genre: Fluffly fluff

Summary: Sugamon based off of this post 

Authors note: Okay lol so this is my first time writing a oneshot but idk i really needed this au and i didn’t feel like requesting it so i just wrote it myself ://

The past few weeks have honestly been hell for Yoongi, from the weight of countless assignments on his shoulders, to the crippling feeling of having to go to work on week ends and serve less than deserving customers. To be honest Yoongi already has a hard enough time dealing with people at school but in order to pay for his next meal he has to force a smile on his face and pretend like the old lady in front of him doesn’t cause his skin to crawl. But even though he would rather fall down the nearest flight of stairs than utter another ‘paper or plastic’, the customers are still eons better than dealing with that buffoon Kim Namjoon. 

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Running From Myself (4/?)

Pairing: Reader X Father Tony X Avengers

Warnings: None

Rating: General

Part 3


You could hear you alarm going off and the curtains drawing up, but all you needed was sleep. You looked over at the clock. 4 hours was all the sleep you would get today. Your mission last night went later than expected. Nat had promised that you would be home by eleven, but eleven turned into twelve then one, until you finally got home at the reasonable hour of 5 in the morning.
  You slowly lifted yourself out of bed trying to ignore the pain. New bruises were beginning to emerge from last night’s mission. You knew Clint would say that maybe if you trained more people wouldn’t be able to throw in as many punches. You slowly changed into your workout clothes and headed towards the kitchen. Your stomach rumbled when it was met with the smell of food. When you finally managed to get to the table, you put your head down trying to get as much sleep as possible. You heard someone coming from the kitchen but didn’t bother to see who.

“Kid what are you doing. I just had that washed, and I don’t need your gross face all over it.”

  “Wow good morning to you too dad.” You mumbled into the table. You looked up to see Tony grinning at you. He always teased you but did it out of love. He took a seat next to you setting down his plate with waffles and bacon. You quickly stole the food on his plate because one, you were too lazy to get your own and two, Tony himself being lazy wouldn’t get up again to get you any. Tony began to whine as you took bite from the waffle you had just stolen    

  “What are you doing! Those are mine!”

“I had a long night. The least you can do is let me steal food from you.” Tony got up from his seat to grab more waffles and make you a cup of coffee.

“I thought you were supposed to get home by eleven.” You shook your head no while Tony walked back over giving you the cup. You took the beverage from his hand. Chugging the drink, you looked back to your father.

“We didn’t get back till 5.” Tony, sitting a little further away so you couldn’t steal any more food, looked at you with a stern look.

“(Y/n) you are supposed to call me when you are going to get home late, even if you think I’m not awake. You know the deal. If you are going to work with the Avengers, then I get to know when you leave for missions and get back. Also, where you are at all times on a mission. If you’re going to be late your supposed to, at the very least, text me.” Tony looked over at you with a concerned look in his eyes.

“I know but between fighting bad guys and trying to save hostages I couldn’t find a moment to text you.”

“Just don’t let it happen again okay?” Tony let out a deep sigh. You always got a little annoyed when he was like this, but you knew it was because he cared. He was your dad, and he would always worry about you in one way or another.

“I won’t dad, promise.” You both continued to eat but in silence. Once you were both finished, you began to get up.

“What do you have on the agenda today?” Your father looked up from his phone calendar noticing there was nothing on there with information about your schedule. “You forgot to update your schedule on here, again.”

 “Crap I was going to do that when I got home. Well, I was supposed to be training with the Hawk about thirty minutes ago, but I’m going to be late, no surprise there. After him I have lunch, then I’m supposed to train and go running with Spangles to build up my stamina, but it will just build up my hatred of how fast Steve can run and pass me on my left even more. I’m free after that. Maybe you and I could do movie night? We haven’t hung out in awhile. We could order some shawarma and eat in the screening room?” Tony got up to clear his dish and smiled at you.

“Sounds good to me. And don’t forget to update your schedule please.” You continued towards the elevator to get down to the gym.

“You’re turning into Capsicle more and more dad. I hope you know that. With all this nagging maybe you will become him.” When waiting for the elevator, you could hear Tony laugh to himself.

“You are definitely my daughter.”


Once on the training floor, you headed towards your personal gym. You hated to use it because it was so secluded from the other Avengers but when you needed to focus it was the perfect place to train. You had hoped that by some miracle Clint had forgotten about your training session. You opened the door and low and behold there was an angry Clint perched on top of the pull-up bars. You silently shuffled in and grabbed your towel and water. You walked over to where Clint was and put on your best innocent face.

“Look I know I’m late, but my mission went a lot later than I was expecting and I was going to text you to move up the training but then I forgot and then I fell asleep before I could remember to text you and well here I am thirty minutes late.” Clint laughed and jumped down from the bars.

“Don’t care, you know the punishment for being late.”

“Anything but that. I will do your laundry, clean your room, anything but that.”

“A 5 mile run with Steve will do you good (y/n).”

“But I’m already supposed to train with him today!” Suddenly the door opened, and none other than Captain Rogers himself walked through.

“Just in time Steve, unlike someone else I know.” Clint walked past the Captain and walked out the door but not before shouting back at you. “When you’re done get ready for the hardest training session of your life. And you still have to train with Steve later!” You groaned to yourself and walked over to the cubby to put your stuff back.

“So Rogers how many times do you think you’re gonna pass me today?” You grabbed your running shoes and plopped down on the mat. You laced up your shoes and could already hear your feet begging for mercy.

“Well Stark, today I’m going to go for my record of passing you. So eight? But no helping me out.” You rolled your eyes and stood up heading towards the elevator.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” Running with Steve wasn’t always bad it was just the running part that made it crap. Steve would actually tell some interesting stories about the war when he decided not to out run you. Bruce thought it would be good for Steve to talk about his glory days.  He thought it would help with Steve’s transition to the new world. And for the most part, it had. Steve loved to talk about life before the war and the experiments, but he always seemed to have a hard time talking about Bucky. Steve would sometimes be talking about something from the past and bring up how Bucky did this or loved that. But once he realized who he was talking about he would always stop the conversation and switch subjects.
  Once you reached the lobby, you stepped outside and felt the heat swarm your body. You looked up to see a cloudless sky with the sun out in full force burning your skin. Running in the summer was by far your least favorite thing to do. Honestly, you would rather be getting punched at then having to go for a run.    

“Come on (y/n) I said no help!” You looked in front of you only to realize the Steve was already across the street running. Under your breath, you mumbled,

“I swear Steve if you say on my left once, I’m going to hit you where the sun doesn’t shine.”

Part 5

End Up Here - Punk.Nerd Niall

Word Count:5.1K
Warnings’s: Smut, language.
Only based on end up here I have not done word for word, lyric for lyric like I normally do with song inspired one shots but the first two parts are effort close enough. 

How did we end up talking in the first place?// You said you liked my Cobain shirt// Now we’re walking back to your place // You’re telling me how you love that song //About living on a prayer // I’m pretty sure that we’re halfway there

Niall’s P.O.V throughout - the smut didn't turn out to good

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You’re Beautiful Baby (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Request: Hello! I have a cute lil request for you. I’ve been feeling very out of it and self conscious of literally everything about myself and just wanted to know if you could maybe write a fluffy imagine where Draco kisses away the insecurities and it turns to fluffy smut. c: (I’m super insecure about my fast metabolism, my voice, the way I look and just everything,,) Thanks, love! Love your work

Didn’t give a name or anything so it will be a Draco x Reader. And you’re perfect.❤

I stayed up till fucking 2:30 am to finish this lmao.  Hope you like it though.

Prompt: none.


Warning: Strong Language, Smut, I am in no way supporting self harm or anything like that, however I am embracing flaws. Everyone has them, learn to love.

3rd Person P.O.V

Y/N L/N, from Ravenclaw, had always been insecure about herself. She’d never tell her boyfriend that though. Although Draco had noticed, for quite some time now, may I add, that she was always just her robes, or speaking quietly, and that she hardly ever ate at meals. Draco was beginning to worry.

Y/N’s P.O.V

I woke up two hours earlier than I should have. I couldn’t sleep, so I used the time to my advantage and carefully picked out my outfit. I decided to wear a royal blue dress with black thigh high socks with a lace trim. The shoes I paired with dress were my black Doc Martens. I hoped in the shower, due to the fact that in the past I’d wake up in the middle of the night, I’d try to relapse, I asked for a single dorm with an added bathroom.

After my shower and fixing myself up, it was time to head to the great hall for breakfast. I met up with Draco on the way. “Hey baby.” His voice sent shivers down my spine. I spun around and saw him smirking. I smiled and ran to him and gave him a hug “Hi, Draco.” “You look great.” I blushed and mumbled a small thank not exactly believing him but I still appreciated it.

I kissed his cheek and sat at my table. I looked at everything on the table. Pancakes, waffles, sausages. I sighed and grabbed an apple. Not wanting to eat much. I got up and left.

Draco’s P.O.V
I watched Y/N with sad eyes. She needed to eat more. I was scared for her health. I didn’t want her starving herself. I’ve had enough so I got up and followed Y/N.

Y/N’s P.O.V
I felt like someone was following me, I turned around to see who was there and the hall was vacant except for me. I chuckled and called out “Draco baby, you can come out from hiding now!” He came out from behind a suit of armor with his head hung low. “Are you staving yourself?”

I sent him an incredulous look, “What are you getting at?” “Y/N don’t avoid the question. Tell me what’s bothering you.”

I sighed and began “I have fast metabolism and I hate it. I’m so fucking insecure about the way look and scared of becoming obese. So I don’t eat much. I hate the way my voice sounds. I’m just insecure and it affects everything. How I feel, how much I eat, how I talk. Everything.”

He looked at me sadly and pulled me into an empty classroom. “Draco what are you doing?” He smiled at me and started peppering kisses all over my face and said “I’m gonna show you how much I love you and make love to you.”

I gasped. Draco and I have been intimate quite a lot but this, this was special. Even if it was in an empty classroom.

He captured my lips in a sweet and passionate kiss. I locked my arms around his neck as our lips molded into one. Moving in and out of perfect synchronization. “I love you so much Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N.” He said as left a trail of kisses along my jaw and finally he attached his lips to my sweet spot. The desperation behind my moaning is what pushed him to take off our clothes. With a flick of his wand, he was naked and my eyes landed upon his erect cock.

He picked me up and placed me on the desks, which he somehow covered in a blanket. Sneaky wordless and wandless  magic.

He wasted no time. He placed the tip just barely in my entrance and I growled impatiently. He slowly slid in and I felt the pleasurable and familiar  sting return. “God Y/N, you’re beyond beautiful. Absolutely stunning. You have to voice of an angle.” He murmured along with other sweet nothings into my ear as he rolled his hips against mine, hitting the perfect spot with each, slow and amazing thrust. “I don’t want you starving yourself anymore. I want you to treat yourself properly. You’re beautiful baby.”

I rocked my hips to meet his thrust and build the pleasure. “FUCK Draco!” I cried out as I felt the familiar knot of pleasure build up in the pit of my stomach. “Baby I’m gonna cum.” “Me too Y/N. Cum with me.” And after a few, harsh yet euphoric thrust Draco and I simultaneously came.

As I let the euphoria take over, Draco cleaned up and flicked his wand and once again, in the blink of an eye, my clothes were back on. “Draco?” I inquired as we walked to the Slytherin common room. “Yes love?” “How’d I get so lucky?” He smiled at me and intertwined our fingers “I don’t know but I’m just as fucking lucky as you are. You’re beautiful baby and never ever forget that.” He said. I, for once in my entire life believed him when he complimented. Maybe I could learn to love myself over time, I just need Draco by my side and I’ll be alright.

Poison and Wine: A Sherlock x Reader Fanfic

Chapter 10: Seven Devils

When he heard the news, he shut down. He stood, staring at John with a blank look on his face. That was when John knew that you and the detective had a thing going on. Sherlock only shut down when he was given information he had never thought of (much like when John had asked him to be his best man). Sherlock never thought that anything would happen to you, and now he was dealing with it the only way he how – running off to his mind palace.

Before telling him the news, John knew that Lestrade had phoned Sherlock, telling him that (Y/N) had yet to arrive to the scene. Sherlock didn’t think anything of it, scolding the detective-inspector for waking him. When another hour passed with no sign of (Y/N), Greg phoned John, and John’s thoughts immediately leapt to the conclusion you had been kidnapped. John told him to check the cameras outside the building, and to call him back if he saw anything that suggested kidnapping. John told Mary of the situation, apologized for leaving, and then went straight over to Baker’s Street to talk with Sherlock. On his way over, John received a call from Lestrade informing him that his suspicions were correct – you had been kidnapped nearly two hours ago now.

John sprinted into the flat, taking the stairs two at a time in order to get to the detective quicker. As he entered the flat, Sherlock began to question why he was there, why he wasn’t with his family. That was when John broke the news, and that was when Sherlock broke.

As John watched Sherlock’s face stay the same, he realized that Sherlock really had no idea what to do. John muttered a curse word, quickly dialing Lestrade’s number into his mobile to figure out what they were to do next. Sherlock was too far-gone in his mind palace to register what John was saying, what he was doing, what was to be done. He tried to picture your face, but that just made him recoil further into his mind. He couldn’t think, couldn’t do anything.

Then he thought about what could be happening to you. He thought about the kidnappers, the ways that they could be torturing you. And that flicked a switch. John noticed the darkness clouding his friend’s eyes, and, without realizing it, took a step away. Sherlock’s posture became more poised, and his hands buttoned his jacket quickly. He picked up his phone, ringing Mycroft.

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