if you made this let me know cus i cant find anything on this

eyyy to celebrate fear 2X01 here’s a hsau!lexark drabble b/c everyone would’ve rathered fuckboy jack be elyza. also i really like sickfluff, sorry guys i’m a sucker for cutesy tropes. this was much longer than i intended

summary: alicia pays even less attention in class b/c she would rather send sappy texts to her gf. they’re kind of domestic for teenagers in modern america.

Smitten didn’t begin to describe what Alicia felt.

Smitten seemed so general of a term. Maybe whipped? Nah, that wasn’t it either. Though she was, not that she’d admit it. Whatever, so was Elyza. It was a mutually whipped relationship.

What would you call a person whose day just felt wrong because their girlfriend wasn’t at school?

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