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Isn’t it funny how straight cis people make all the “rules” to be a true, real life, certified gay™. Like if you’re lgbt, you have to know that you’re lgbt your whole life & you have to come out around maybe your early 20’s because if you come out before that you’re “too young to know” and if you come out after that you’re “too old, you should’ve known before”. You have to make sure you’re a “gold star” but also you have to have sampled every type of person because if you haven’t then, how could you know like for sure, right? Once they’ve accepted you as lgbt, you must uphold all lgbt stereotypes for their benefit (so they can laugh at the silly lil gays in movies or have gay bff’s). And girl, don’t even mention sexualities and gender identities like “non binary” or “asexual” or “pansexual”, they can’t even accept bisexual as a legitimate orientation so you must DEFINITELY be a special snowflake if you identify with any of those. 

Now that you’ve made it through all of the check points of gayness™, you may have your true, real life, certified gay™ badge. Be careful though, once you pick a label you must stick with it. If you came out as a lesbian but now feel pansexual? Well that’s too bad, you’re a lesbian now hunty otherwise you lose you gay™ status and return to straightness. Game over.

I’ve wanted to talk for So Long about the portrayal of anxiety in YOI but I’ve been having so much trouble putting together what I want to say in the most effective manner. I kept trying to come at this in a more analytical fashion, but considering that this is such a personally important topic to me, I’m going to try a more emotional approach. Something I don’t normally do.

So really, to start off, I wanna say that I’m so damn thankful for the way Yuuri is written. Really, seriously. I don’t think I’ve ever had the ability to relate more to character; Yuuri is close to a mirror of my own experiences with anxiety and it’s so fantastic to have a model of development and growth for me and people like me. I found the portrayal to be frighteningly accurate, from types of thoughts, behaviors, mannerisms… I think the episode that stood out to me the most in terms of Yuuri’s anxiety was ep7, aka Yuuri’s on-screen panic attack episode. 

The first thing I noticed was this: 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself in that exact position. I bounce my legs when I panic, just like Yuuri is doing here. Head in his hands, breathing heavily, bouncing and jostling limbs. This isn’t the Mary-Sue cutesy portrayal of anxiety–this is a real anxiety disorder. It’s not pretty. It’s not easy. It can’t be fixed with a single word or a touch or a person. Quite frankly, it’s ugly and you lose control of your body. 

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let me tell you, i was having a really REALLY bad day like a month ago and i was scrolling through tumblr and someone had reblogged one of your Keith fanarts and it made me feel all giddy and wonderful bc it was so adorable ? and now every time i have a bad day i just scroll through your art tag and just stare for hours at like all of your Keith and Klance posts, so i just want to thank you for making me feel better and for being a wonderful artist and person ♥ hope you have a wonderful day!

oh my gosh that’s such a nice thing to say?? i’m gonna cry???

by all means, have more cute keiths as thanks for seriously making my whole week, anon

hope you enjoy!


Community + text posts: the best of Annie Edison 

Understanding Elizabeth Midford

So. I don’t usually involve myself in petty fandom feuds but HOLY. SHIT. This is pissing me off. We’ve gone through 100+ chapters and people STILL don’t understand Lizzy’s character? They manage to rationalize Kuroshitsuji enough that they give Sebastian feelings even though he’s a hungry demon who made a pact with a 10 year old boy because he sensed his soul was broken, desperate, and malleable to more further corruption. They manage to do all this for a DEMON but can’t find it in their hearts to apply that analytical mindset to a darling 14 year old girl whose human emotions drive her every decision?

“She’s selfish! She only wants to make Ciel smile so things can go back to the way they were!”

“She doesn’t understand him! She’s always trying to change him, that bitch!”

“She’s so ANNOYING. Like, her voice!”

“Oh my god, did you see her standing there in the third panel? Like who does that! RUDE.”

So in an attempt to bring some basic level of cognition into these…“arguments” I’m going to go through them one by one and you can disagree if you like. But please refrain from using derogatory terms, unsubstantiated arguments, and referrals to “proofs” that are nothing more than blog posts made from those who wish to paint Kuroshitsuji in terms more favorable to them and whatever else they ship. 

1. “She’s selfish! She only wants to make Ciel smile so things can go back to the way they were!”

Elizabeth Midford is, by far, the LEAST selfish person in the whole damn manga. This girl spent most of her childhood loathing the physical strength she possessed because the person she loved didn’t like it. She chose to shoulder her anguish by HERSELF because she didn’t want to burden Ciel (or her brother or her mother or her father) with her personal worries.

Lizzy is also incredibly aware that things can NEVER go back to the way they were. She expresses this concern to Sebastian when she admits that she wishes Ciel would talk to her more and that the only reason she overdoes her cuteness is because she wants to see Ciel smile. Why are comedians so outlandish and over-the-top? Because they want to see their audience laugh. Lizzy took that mindset and applied it to her goal of cheering Ciel up. Furthermore, the Easter egg chapter proved ONCE AND FOR ALL that Lizzy is perfectly aware of the change that’s occurred within Ciel—that he’s no longer the happy, smiling boy of years past.

Lizzy KNEW Ciel didn’t remember why the egg was nostalgic and if she was really selfish, she would’ve thrown a fit—had a full on temper tantrum then and there but instead, what does she do? She outwits the game master himself. Lizzy sets up an Easter egg hunt that she made up completely off the cuff, wears a happy smile throughout the entire event, and when Ciel hands her the egg what does Lizzy do? She laughs and wishes that the egg would bring CIEL lots of happiness. HOW IS SHE SELFISH? HOW. Selfish would be throwing a tantrum because Ciel didn’t remember the way things used to be. Selfish would be bringing up the past EVERY FRIGGIN SECOND. Selfish would be forcing Ciel to comply to the shared etiquette of their past.

Instead, Lizzy is SELFLESS. Instead of throwing a tantrum, Lizzy wishes Ciel happiness. Instead of bringing up the past, Lizzy tries to ignore it because she knows it makes Ciel uncomfortable—that’s why she’s never asked him about “that month” even though she desperately wants to know what’s happened to the boy she loves. And instead of forcing Ciel to behave the way he used to (sweet, sympathetic, loving), Lizzy is learning to accept him for who he is now—how many times has Ciel ignored her? How many times has Ciel left the country without telling her? How many times has Ciel purposely hidden things from Lizzy and then disregarded her concern with a wave of his hand? Lizzy is learning to accept this new Ciel—this closed off, distant Ciel because she KNOWS something terrible must have happened to him. Because instead of crying and whining like she did at the beginning of Black Butler when Ciel refused to take off his ring, Lizzy has learned to ACCEPT. And that, my dears, is called character development—something Ciel hasn’t undergone since the beginning of this manga.

2. “She doesn’t understand him! She’s always trying to change him, that bitch!”

There is NOTHING about Ciel that Lizzy is trying to change. If anything, it’s Sebastian who’s always prodding and provoking Ciel to become darker—more cruel, less empathetic, and more focused on getting his revenge. She threw a party for Ciel at the beginning of the manga because she thought that might make him smile—fun colors, fine music, seeing Bard and Finny crossdressing…heck, even Ciel took a page from Lizzy’s book when he dressed the F5! It probably took Lizzy HOURS to choose Ciel’s outfit, decorate the mansion, coordinate the whole event and it probably hurt like hell to see Ciel dismiss all her hard work so casually.

As a reader, it’s easy for us to say “HELLO. Doesn’t she know? He was abused and tortured by the cultists! He made a deal with the devil to escape that wretched place, how could this dumb broad think a simple party would cheer him up?!”

And the answer is…Lizzy has NO IDEA what happened to Ciel. (Hindsight is a gift, ain’t it?) She has no idea that he became so desperate to escape the cult that he sold his soul to a starving demon. Lizzy is does not know what Ciel went through and this boy is doing his damnedest to make sure Lizzy never knows. Because he wants to keep her pure, ignorant, and encased in light.

People always point to the party chapter as Lizzy trying to “change” Ciel but all she wanted was to put a smile on his face. She even admits that she overdoes it at times but everything she’s done comes from a good place. Everyone wants to see their loved ones happy and Ciel is the boy Lizzy loves best of all—of course she’s going to try everything under the sun to try and put a little smile on his face.

And Lizzy DOES understand Ciel, to the best of her ability. She’s never once asked Ciel (or Sebastian) about his time in the cult. She uses games to figure out Ciel’s secrets. (Ex: Easter egg hunt—this is where Lizzy knew Ciel was only pretending to remember their Easter tradition and where Lizzy’s suspicions were confirmed—something life changing and drastic DID happen to Ciel during “that month.”) She doesn’t force Ciel to take her to public events because, let’s face it—as the only daughter to a high ranking marquess that serves directly under the queen, Lizzy’s bound to be invited to dozens of soirees a week. And as a gentlewoman of the aristocracy, Lizzy’s going to need an escort. In Victorian times, it was typical that the fiancé escort his bride-to-be but here is Lizzy—sweet, traditional Lizzy—ignoring precedent because she KNOWS Ciel dislikes social events. (Keep in mind, this is information being pieced together by a 14 year old girl who’s been taught to be an “unknowing angel.”)

Elizabeth understands the change that’s come over Ciel, knows that he won’t be interested in the same things he was interested in before. But in spite of Ciel shutting her out, in spite of Sebastian’s constant presence, Lizzy is still working her hardest to try and bring some happiness to Ciel’s life because she loves him. She loves him so much that Bravat was able to take Lizzy’s desperation and devotion and use it against her.

Let’s not forget—the reason Lizzy continued seeing Bravat was because she thought he could help her make Ciel happy.

3. “She’s so ANNOYING. Like, her voice!”

I think this is the most common excuse people use to not like Lizzy. They critique her high levels of energy (even though Finny and Soma are equally vivacious), her love for beautiful things (even though Ciel is probably the vainest little boy in the whole of London, England), and the fact that she “doesn’t understand” Ciel (counterargument already presented above).

You know, in a lot of ways I see Lizzy as a Scarlett O’Hara figure—strong, determined, unflinching in the face of danger. But also very, very misunderstood. Lizzy only behaves with an exorbitant amount of energy because she wants to make Ciel happy —to bring some sunlight into his gloomy, pessimistic world. The end results are not always successful but the intention behind Lizzy’s every action is pure—as pure as Soma’s decision to help Ciel simply because he saw him as a friend. Lizzy puts on a vaudeville for Ciel in a misguided attempt to help him heal and move on from whatever is tormenting him.

4. “Oh my god, did you see her standing there in the third panel? Like who doesn’t that! RUDE.”

Black Butler is told from the perspectives of Ciel and Sebastian. We only get brief glimpses into Lizzy’s psyche so it’s impossible for us to codify her completely. What I do know is that some people out there will always hate on Lizzy—whether it’s because they dislike her voice (well that’s her VA’s fault, not Lizzy’s) or because Lizzy “gets in the way” of someone’s ship. I’m not here to reason with those who refuse to be reasoned with. This is me expressing my adoration for a flawed, misguided, but pure of heart character whose unconditional love for a changed, callous boy makes me admire her all the more.

Oddly enough, people seem to relate “understanding” a person to “knowing exactly what happened to them to make them this way.” And to me, this is really giving Lizzy an unfair shake. By this definition, Lizzy could never understand Ciel because she doesn’t know what happened to him in that one month that’s made him the way he is (reason: he flat out didn’t tell her and uses every opportunity to prevent her from finding out. Ciel is so concerned about protecting Elizabeth’s goodness/light/purity that on the Campania, when Sebastian was slaughtering all those Bizarre Dolls, Ciel shielded Lizzy from seeing the carnage because he wants her to remain innocent and unaware). To quote Albert Einstein, “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.

I think Lizzy understands Ciel—she can sense the pain, the resignation, the drive towards something greater that Ciel is working towards. This is best exemplified in an early chapter (after Ciel’s fallen asleep and Sebastian is serving her tea) where Lizzy expresses sorrow that Ciel won’t tell her anything. Sebastian comforts Lizzy by telling her that while “It’s a difficult question for me as a butler…[I can tell you] one thing…He [Ciel] was able to spend a nice, free day with everyone.” To which Lizzy retorts that she wishes she could believe that. Elizabeth may not know what happened to Ciel during that month, but she understands.

This then brings me to my next and final point—people wanting Lizzy to “accept” the situation by stepping aside and leaving the manga. Well, to quote Michael J. Fox: “Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation; it means understanding that something is what it is and that there’s got to be a way through it.” — And this is exactly what Lizzy’s doing. She’s fighting for a way to help Ciel, to help him move on, to do anything that might benefit it. Lizzy’s accepted the situation but she’s certainly not resigned for it—Lizzy’s a fighter, and she’ll continue fighting for the boy she loves until the very end.

Further discussion is encouraged. But, please remember: refrain from using derogatory terms, unsubstantiated arguments, and referrals to “proofs” that are nothing more than blog posts made from those who wish to paint Kuroshitsuji in terms more favorable to them and whatever else they ship. I am not disparaging other characters or ships—I merely ask that you don’t refer to those “did you know” blog posts that’s caused so much strife in the Black Butler fandom. Thank you.


Today is a very special day to me! It happens to be my birthday! I love you guys all so much and appreciate all the love and support that is always thrown my way! Without you guys I would be nothing.

Today I would also like to celebrate #28DaysOfBlackCosplay‬ with me. As a black cosplayer in the community I face the troubles others face as well. Not feeling good enough, not feeling talented enough, not able to express myself or my love for certain characters as much as I’d like all due to the hindrance of my skin, but with recent years I feel like I’ve come to love and appreciate my roots! With each new cosplay I can see a clear improvement.I am able to look beyond my skin and fight off all the negativity and shade. I’ve made so many lasting bonds and friendships through the cosplay community as a whole and I simply cannot thank you guys enough! If you have a passion I say always strive for it! Work hard and try your best and success will always be around the corner! Dont let skin color, gender, race, or anything hinder you from cosplay who you want to when you want to! Lets keep creating beautiful art together!

Please post some other cool cosplayer that you know and love! I would love to see their cosplay pages!



this was an anonymous request, hope you like it love!

Word Count: 1000+

Rating: PG

You couldn’t help but chuckle as you scrolled through your Instagram. 

“What’s funny?” Joe asked, looking down at you. You were on your back on the couch, your head on his lap, his fingers running through your hair. You passed your phone to him, showing him Caspar’s Instagram post with Maddie. 

“They’re so cute,” you said, reaching up to toy with the strings of Joe’s hoodie. 

“We’re cuter,” Joe smiled at you.

“I know,” was all you said, but Joe knew you well enough to read what you didn’t say. He took your hand, kissing the back of it gently. 

The two of you were a very open couple when it came to each other, but not when it came to the rest of the world. Joe wasn’t really one to share his personal life, and that included you. You understood it, of course. After seeing all the hate on Maddie’s profile, or any girl who could possibly have any connection with any of the boys for that matter, you didn’t have to question why Joe wanted to keep your relationship a secret. 

That didn’t mean it didn’t suck though. From no PDA in the vlogs to no social media posts, it was hard to keep up with sometimes. Joe was Joe, but Joe was also thatcherjoe, and not being a part of that side of his life was almost like missing a big part of him. Sometimes, you just wanted to post a cute picture of your boyfriend. All the thoughts made you feel selfish, so you never brought them up, but Joe saw right through you anyways.

“I wish we didn’t have to hide either,” he murmured to you. “I’d show you off to the whole world if I could.”

“You can you know. I’m sure I’ll develop a tough skin,” you replied.

“You shouldn’t have to.” His voice was sharp, and you tread carefully.

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So I’m playing Ib for the trillionth time, and each time I play, I notice something new that occurs if you backtrack quite often.

Not sure if a post has been done on this before, but I mean… Why not?

If you go back through the whole museum as soon as Garry is added to your party:

Added dialogue for Liars Room, hide and seek room, and you can now get sassed out by that friggen ant. He will also be slapped by the naked lady painting. It made me laugh, and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s just the thought of Garry being like “lol bewbs.”

Also, read all of the artwork in case you get the black key during the second playthrough. (I highly recommend it. More Garry action!) Most paintings have extra Garry dialogue. Psst more Garry = win/win situation.

If you go back as far as possible as soon as Mary joins your party:

You now cannot look through the mirror.  As if Mary didn’t mess up enough, now she cuts you off from Garrys’ face. I was so pissedu. 

New conversation about the porno book. This also made me laugh. Probably because such similar situations have happened to me in the past. Cries.

If you also backtrack after the lights turn off on Mary and Ib right before “Separation”, you get new descriptions for what is inside the art boxes. It makes it all nice’n creepy. 

Yey well that’s just what I found tonight, and I felt the need to make a post about it. XD But really, the little details added here and there in games like this, are what makes them so enjoyable to play again and again. 

*Flashes Luigi death stare*

Peace outu.


Talking To You

Alrighty! Since this is a new blog and I want some #attention, I’m going to post my favorite tarot spread that I made. I use this to communicate with spirit. You direct this message at spirit, or perhaps a deity you’re working with, and you help to work through a situation. 

1. Who are you? 

This card will tell you who this spirit is. Sometimes it’s straightforward, sometimes it’s not. All a part of the whole picture. 

2. How are you? 

This is pretty straightforward, but this will give you a general mood of the spirit for the day. Potentially a foreshadowing for the tone of the topic to follow.

3. What must we discuss?

Let’s get down to business here. This is where you get past the handshake and the small talk and be like, okay, but why are we really here. It’s probably gonna get Real. 

4. Why must we discuss it?

This card will probably talk about the negative effects that the topic of discussion is having on your life - or if it’s exciting and spirit is excited, the positive effects. 

5. What can you see that I can’t see? 

Obviously this card is going to talk about one or more of the missing puzzle pieces in the whole picture. You don’t know everything and your perception warps the picture even if you did, so this is a clarifying piece. 

6. What do I see?

This is another clarifying piece, sort of telling you what you already know, but again, playing into the whole picture. 

7. How do I resolve this?

This card tells you the method of resolution for #3. In a later post, I’ll give an example, but this will tell you what needs to be done to achieve #8.

8. The outcome.

And lastly, #8, the outcome. The fog is cleared, the situation is resolved (or maybe not so… darn that upside down Earth). This may be a present or future card, technically. Either way, it will explain how the situation ended/will potentially end up.

That’s all for tonight. Just remember that nothing is set in stone!

regarding my absence from this blog & my personal account

So, some of you may have noticed my sudden disappearance. I wasn’t going to make a post about it for various reasons, but now that my friend Kat (@but-call-me-kat) has come forward with her story I thought I may as well confront it.

If you haven’t heard, my friend Kat was involved in a rather horrific situation in which someone used her personal details to make a blog filled with bestiality images in an attempt to take advantage of the way people on tumblr report such things, to ruin Kat’s reputation. You can read her posts about it here: x, x, x (last link is a brief summary). I made a post about it a while ago, here: x, without naming Kat.

Anyway. I have also interacted with the person who made the blog, over five years ago. A couple of months ago, Kat informed me that said person had posted my full name and University on their blog, with accusations that I have been repeatedly visiting their blog. This came absolutely out of nowhere to me – the last thing that came close to me interacting with this person or their blog was when I made the post about Kat months before.

I have never posted my full name on tumblr. To get it, they must have had to search. I reported the posts to tumblr, but they weren’t removed and I received no response regarding it. Since then, the user has made a vague threat aimed at me. Because of what happened to Kat, I contacted the police, and my University, as well as informing my employer that this individual is targeting me after stealing the identity of one of my friends. Thankfully, everyone I know is understanding. If this person tries anything like they did with Kat, at least it would be easier to resolve.

But anyway, because of all this, and because of some unusual statcounter activity (someone went through by blog searching for references to ‘self harm’ and ‘homophobia’, for instance; it may have not been the same person but nonetheless freaked me out) I deleted most of the posts I made before this year on my personal blog and have taken a break from this tumblr.

Sorry if I have missed any messages from you guys, I miss you all. But while this is ongoing I do not want to make personal posts where the individual concerned will see them. I have a huge queue lined up so you won’t be short of tips.

Anyway, things to take from this whole, awful situation:

- Be careful of what you post online;

- If you come across a blog with illegal content under someone’s apparent real name, think critically – would someone be posting these things under their real name, especially if they have a wider online presence where these views are not present?

- and although often well-meaning, teenagers on tumblr are generally completely unequipped to deal with cybercrime, and call-out blogs can be massively harmful because of this.

Thanks for reading. Please share Kat’s posts and make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

I love imagining cute Nygmobblepot moments that could totally be canon even though they’re not “canon.” Just think about how much time they’ve spent alone together and the small fraction of these scenes we actually got to see. They probably have a stronger bond and connection than we even realize.

Like when Oswald was hiding out in Ed’s apartment, was Ed actually happy to leave work for once, knowing that he would have someone to come home to? Would Oswald spend his day counting down the minutes until his new friend would be back, missing him after what felt like days then realizing that it had only been 15 minutes? At nights would they just talk for hours, enjoying learning more and more about the other’s life?

We know that Oswald was making visits to Ed in Arkham for months, and we also know that, whatever those conversations might’ve been, Oswald doesn’t feel like he would’ve made it through without them.

It’s also likely that, post-Arkham and pre-Isabella, they were constantly attached at the hip. This might’ve included Oswald taking Ed to all of his mayoral events/banquets/galas, having breakfast, lunch, and dinner together, press photoshoots that made the whole city start to think they were dating and sparked rumors of them being romantically involved, etc.

I mean, really, guys. The possibilities…


7.5.16+3:30pm // journal unfiltered + comments behind each spread! // wanted to show you guys what my bujo spreads look like with no filters/editing involved. i feel like this would give you a better perspective of the colors and washi tapes i’m using. just click for a bigger view and for commentary. :D 

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In 8X1 when Dean tells Sam that Cas is dead, Sam tells him "I'm sorry" but it does not sound like normal condolences when a friend dies, it sounds more profound than that. Just puttining it out there 😉

Yep… like the time Sam accidentally put on a love song all about missing someone who left right after Cas died in season 7 and apologised kindly and with compassion rather than joking or being confused when Dean seems upset.

Or the fact that every time they have to contact Cas it’s Dean who does it, it’s now just agiven that it’s weird if Sam calls Cas by season 11. 

That Sam doesn’t even speak to Cas before he leaves in season 9 (I’m not saying he doesn’t care, it’s just set up like that, but they’re super cute bros in 9x09 and it warms my heart, while Dean and Cas are disgustingly flirty as well as Dean trying to keep his distance and failing) or that Sam and Cas barely have any moments alone and when they do its pretty much all about Dean (in the Gadreel extraction episode they still end up talking about Dean, in s10 they basically only interact to talk about Dean and both know they can rely on the other to do anything to save him - I mean brother in law trope 101!).

Dean is the one who is most upset by Cas nearly dying while Sam is upset of course but focuses on Wally’s actual death in 12x14, that Mary turns to Dean every time Cas comes up in conversation or says something meaningful to them as a group (albeit whilst starring at Dean).

Or all the times Dean worries about Cas and Sam tells him he will be ok or when Dean is upset and Sam consoles Dean like a brother about his brother in law and reacts like Dean had lost his partner when Cas is gone or missing…. I think I made a whole post just about that, it’s so brilliant, how Sam is framed as the supportive brother and brother in law to their relationship through these small little moments in the bunker, in the open or close of the MotW episodes especially throughout season 11 and 12… 

It’s basically 2 seasons of opening and closing episodes with Dean being like “But what about CAS?! I’m worried about CAS” and Sam saying “we’ll get him back I promise! He’ll be ok!”

7x01, 7x02, 8x01, 8x07, 8x22, 11x15, 11x17, 11x19, 12x04, 12x15, 12x17, 12x18, 12x19, 12x20, 12x22, 12x23… you know, just off the top of my head…

But you know…

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Glad You Came (Jake Portman x reader)

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Summary: you and Jake find the loop together, but you separate after he goes to talk with Emma. He gets jealous when he realises that you were with Enoch. When you get home, he decides to show his true feelings for you.


When Jake asked you to come to Wales with him, you never expected to find the children’s home in such a disastrous state. Nevertheless, after you prodded around, you found more than you bargained for. A loop. Your grandmother had told you about these things called loops for years. You never took them seriously until now, as you stood in Cairnholm, Wales on September 3, 1943.


You watched the garden from your spot on the couch. You hadn’t had the need to go outside, though the weather was quite nice. You had met all the children, but you were rather shy around new people and preferred to be alone as you took in everything. Jake was spending his time with Emma, so you had no one to talk to. You silently sulked as you watched them in the garden. You’d been his primary friend for the last few years, and even more so after his falling out with Ricky not too long ago. You hated to admit it, but you were in love with him, but with the weight of everything happening, it would be less than good to bring up now.


Miss Peregrine was delighted to see both you and Jacob, although it was strange that she knew your name. Your grandmother never mentioned Miss Peregrine or her loop in Wales, even when you mentioned the trip to her not long ago.


“You prefer to be inside?” asked a dark-haired boy, who had his hands full of jars with small and large contents suspended in translucent liquid. You hadn’t seen him before, but he seemed to know of your presence.


You nodded, playing with your hands.


“Okay,” he said, beginning to walk away.


“What are you doing with those?” you asked, as he exited the room.


“Come and find out.”


Following the boy, you made your way up the stairs to a bedroom, which looked like something straight out of Amityville. Dolls were torn apart on the desk, and small fragments random utensils and parts littered the floor. You tried your best to maneuver yourself around them as you walked to a seat. He seemed to be making dolls, although they looked immensely grotesque and unappealing to anyone, except maybe him.


“Enoch, do you want some company?” Olive asked, walking into the room. She stopped as she saw you.


“You already have company, never mind then,” she said, quickly turning away. You could hear the hurt and jealousy in her voice. You rubbed the back of your neck, awkwardly.


“It’s alright Olive,” you said, standing up. “I just wanted to know what he was doing with these. I get the idea.”


“You haven’t even seen anything yet,” Enoch said.


You gave him a look. You knew that Olive had a thing for him, and if he was going to do anything about it, you knew that you were best kept out of it.


“We have forever, don’t we?” you said, quick smile plastered on your face as you made your way out of the room, leaving them alone.


As you walked down the stairs, you couldn’t help but realise that they were stuck in here forever. If any of them stepped out, they would age significantly. You were lucky enough to be able to leave and go elsewhere without Miss Peregrine. Even then, you felt a little intimidated by the other peculiars. They had all these amazing peculiarities and you were just normal, nothing special.


“Where have you been?” you heard Jake called to you as you stepped off the stairs.


“I went up to see Enoch. I wasn’t up for long,” you said, nonchalantly walking up to him, glancing at your watch. “7 minutes at most.”


He let out a sigh. “This is so cool, right?” he asked, looking around the old home.


You nodded. “Absolutely amazing.”


“I’m glad you like it,” you quickly looked over to see Miss Peregrine by study door. “Y/n, can I have a word with you?”


You looked over at Jake, who shrugged.


“Okay,” you said, unsure. You walked into the study and Miss Peregrine closed the door behind you.


“Take a seat,” she said, referring to a chair that you were precariously close to.


You sat down, the cushions making you stumble a bit as they shrunk under your weight. You sat quietly as Miss Peregrine observed you. You were slightly uncomfortable, not knowing what this was even about. Were you in trouble? Did you accidentally break something? You glanced at your watch out of habit. You’d been here for 5 minutes now.


Miss Peregrine’s expression went excited as you looked up from your watch.


“Miss Peregrine, I don’t mean to be rude,” you said, carefully. “But why did you call me in? Am I in trouble?”


She shook her head. “Oh no! Absolutely not!”


“Oh,” you said, nodding.


“I just wanted to hear about your grandmother,” she said.


You raised an eyebrow. “There’s nothing much about her. She lives in Florida with my family, she’s maybe 89, right now? Her name’s Lucille.”


“Do you know what her maiden name was?” Miss Peregrine asked, leaning a little closer.


You thought about it. You’d never heard her talk about her life before she met your grandfather; maybe snippets of things, but nothing of interest. You racked your brain for the answer, you’d seen it before on a medical record, or something.


“Forktail,” you said, the memory coming to mind. “Her last name was Forktail.” You furrowed your brows. You’d never realised how strange it was.


Miss Peregrine smiled. “I know her.”


Your face dropped. “You know my grandmother?”


Miss Peregrine chuckled to herself, nodding. “We went to school a while back. We were the best of friends, we kept in touch for so long. She sent me a letter, telling me that you were coming.”


“She did?”


She handed you a letter, and the familiar handwriting caught your eye immediately. There was no doubt that this from your grandmother. As you flipped the envelope around in your hands, you immediately recognised it. You had put it in the mailbox for you grandmother on your way to school one morning. You never paid attention to it as you were in a rush to get to school that morning.


“I posted this,” you said, smiling to yourself.


Miss Peregrine smiled.


“Have you found out what your peculiarity is?” she asked, sipping at a cup of tea.


You shook your head. “I don’t think I’m peculiar Miss Peregrine,” you told her, saddened. “I’m just ordinary.”


“Ordinary people can’t come into loops,” Miss Peregrine said.


“I’m peculiar?” you asked, surprised. “I can’t do anything.”


“On the contrary, darling,” she said, “You are part of the most important group in the peculiar world.”


You raised an eyebrow.


“I think that you’ve inherited your grandmother’s peculiarity,” Miss Peregrine said, standing up and walking over to the tall bookshelf behind her.


“What is my grandmother’s peculiarity?” you asked, watching Miss Peregrine as she pulled out a book.


“She is what we would call an ymbryne.”


“An ymbryne?” you asked, confused. That was the strangest name you’d ever heard.


“An ymbyrne is a female Syndrigast who is able to manipulate time, as well as turn into a bird.”


“So you’re saying that I can turn into a bird?” you asked, slowly.


“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying,” she said.


You shook your head in disbelief. “I’m sorry Miss Peregrine, but that’s where I have to draw the line. This is officially too much,” you said, standing up. “I’m going to have to head out, it’s getting late.”


“Please come back around, our kind is needed in such a dangerous world,” she said, following you as you grabbed onto the door handle.


You looked back her, unsure of what to say. “Sure.”


Walking back to the hotel with Jake, you couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed at everything that had happened. This whole new peculiar world that you never knew even existed was suddenly a reality.


You reached into your pocket, pulling out your cell phone. You quickly dialled your home phone number. Your grandmother answered, like always.


“Hey Ma,” you said, a smile growing on your face as you made it back to the Priest’s Hole.


“Y/n! How’s Cairnholm? Still wet?” she asked.


“Very,” you chuckled. “I see where the letter went.”


“What letter?” she asked. You could hear her shuffling through a few papers.


“The one you had me post last week to Miss Peregrine,” you reminded. Your grandmother laughed.


“I’m glad it got to her. I suppose that you’ve found the loop then,” she said.


You nodded, although you knew she couldn’t see you. “I did.”


“And did she tell you about who we are?”


“Yeah,” you replied, quietly. “She said you can turn into a bird and manipulate time.”


“That I can,” your grandmother said, proudly.


“Why didn’t you tell me about it?” you asked, sitting on yours and Jake’s shared bed.


“I started to, but your mother thought that I was feeding you nonsense, so she asked me to stop. For your sake.”


You bit your lip, now irritated at your mother.


“When you get home, I’ll teach you how to be a proper ymbryne.”


“Thanks Ma,” you said, smiling.


“Anything for you y/n. Now get some sleep,” she said.


“Good night.”


As you tossed the phone onto a nearby chair, you laid back into the bed. Everything has changed. This morning, you regretted even coming to Cairnholm as you had SAT prep to do, but now, you knew more about yourself than you ever had before. You were peculiar, as was Jake. As were all the children in the children’s home.


Jake walked into the room, smiling at you as he flopped on the bed next to you.


“Today was fun,” he said, looking out the window.


“Yeah,” you said. “It was.”


“What were you doing with Enoch?” he asked, suddenly.


You looked over at him. “What were you doing with Emma?”


“I asked you first!” he exclaimed.


“We’re not 6 Jake,” you said, rolling your eyes.

“Tell me!”


“He brought me up to his room to show me his peculiarity, that’s all,” you told him, playing with the ends of your hair.




“What’d you expect? Just met them all today,” you said, running a hand through your hair.


He shrugged, pulling you to him.


“Jake, what are you doing?” you asked, your voice slightly muffled by the fact that your face was in his shirt.


“I’m cold,” he said, bluntly. You rolled your eyes, but wrapped your arms around him.


“You and Emma got along well,” you said, after a few minutes of silence.


“Yeah. She’s great,” he said.


You nudged his chest, looking at him with your eyebrow raised. “Do you have a thing for her?”


He shook his head. “She dated my grandfather!”


Your face scrunched up at the thought of Jake dating his grandfather’s ex-girlfriend. “Ew.”


“Anyway, I already like someone else.”


“Is it Jamie from Horvich’s class?” you asked, “Because she’s had a thing for you for a while.”

He chuckled. “It’s not Jamie.”




“It’s not Maya.”






“You could be in the closet for all I know!” you exclaimed, laughing a little bit at his reaction. He raised an eyebrow when he realised that you were serious.


“I’m not in the closet, y/n,” he said.


“Prove it,” you said, smugly.




He pressed his lips to yours and you froze in shock. You slowly kissed back, and you could feel Jake smile against your lips as he pulled you closer. You pulled away after a few short moments, your foreheads pressed together.


“That was… nice,” you said, quietly.


“Yeah,” Jake said, awkwardly.


“Does this make us…” you trailed off. “A thing?”


“Do you want to?” he asked. 

You shrugged. “I never really thought we’d get to this point.”

“What’s the worst that can happen?” he asked, laying back on the bed.


“Oh, you’d be surprised what can happen Portman.”


That was how you fell asleep, entangled in each other’s arms. And it was in this moment that you were glad that you came to Cairnholm; there was so much more to your life to discover and it was all because of Jake.

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Zombie Au Fic is Now Posted! (Featuring my bad gun drawing!) 

Running is hard. But, hey, Lance can deal with running. He’s great at running! He’s done it his whole life! But sometimes, things-situations- just aren’t made for running. Sometimes…sometimes you gotta walk through things. Sometimes you gotta crawl, or limp, or not move at all.

Lance isn’t good at those things.”

@nd tumblr

I think it really needs to be said in a more formal way why mental illness Tumblr seriously needs to evaluate what they’re doing. Before I get into this, I wanna say that I know this is just a website and I have a choice in what communities I interact with, but when you are living in an abusive environment and you have nobody to look to but your abusers you usually go to social media. I went to Tumblr because it is the most accepting when it comes to mental illness to some extent, because people didn’t immediately judge me or hate me for my symptoms.

Note: sorry for the strange school-esque organization, i just did headings to make it easier to read for people

Anti-recovery and promoting unhealthy mindsets

For the most part, mental illness Tumblr barely promotes recovery or healthy coping mechanisms. Mi Tumblr (mental illness Tumblr) is mostly talking about symptoms in a unhealthy way and are just saying that suffering is a good thing. I completely understand that being mentally ill comes with a ton of negativity within yourself. It is healthy to talk about your problems, it’s good to be open and to reach out to others, but never promoting good vibes or good coping mechanisms in return is not helping. When someone is having any type of episode, they need help, maybe not immediately for some people because they are in too bad of a state to immediately recover from the episode (just listen to what they need), but they should get support and comfort sometime soon. It’s absolutely ideal to recover and/or get in the habit of healthy coping mechanisms. I feel that mi Tumblr isn’t helping us recover or creating a safe environment for nd folk by not normalizing healthy mindsets and healthy coping mechanisms, they are normalizing the suffering and unhealthy ways to deal with your symptoms. Most posts are just talking about our awful experiences and then ending it there. There is literally no support or comfort afterwards. I understand wanting to relate with others when talking about your mental health. It’s great to know that others are going through the same and you’re not alone, but just do not end it there, for your own health. Try to make a support system for each other with this person since they relate with you. Talk about it with people and try to help each other out. One more example I want to bring into light, is when people reblog others personal posts. Personal posts are for venting and it’s not made for others to spread, but people reblog it anyway for the aesthetic and are not taking the op’s feelings seriously.

I want to get this through with a lot of people that recovering or improving in controlling or coping with your symptoms does not make you invalid. It is okay to recover, it does not make you obsolete to the mental illness community.

Memes within the community 

I want to speak about the whole meme thing going on about mental illness. I can understand that joking about stuff can help you cope, but making mi this huge meme isn’t good for a lot of people. For nd folk, making these memes within the community makes them feel like it’s okay to suffer, like it’s okay and a laughing matter to be depressed or that “lmao i wanna kill yourself everyday.” People make all of these jokes and then say nothing about help and don’t express care for those who are suffering afterwards, it’s just a joke to them. It just promotes more anti-recovery for people. My boyfriend has had actual problems within the community where he would be feeling down and terrible and say “I feel depressed,” and people would actually laugh at him, because it’s a meme within the community to say “I’m so depressed,” or like i said earlier, “I wanna kill myself everyday.” I’ve had similar experiences where I would say “I want to fucking die,” or that “I hate living,” and I am actually entirely genuine and I feel suicidal as hell and people just laugh. People laugh, because they think it’s just a funny meme that everyone parrots in the mi community. It makes me feel disheartened and I regret being open about it because people just laugh within the community because they think i’m just making a meme. All of our feelings aren’t a joke and every nd person knows that, so don’t create these mi memes that we laugh at when they’re an actual serious matter. I understand venting with making jokes, I really do, but do not post it and make it go viral, just keep it personal if you need a way to say something without all of the heavy feelings carried with it. Saying a joke about your mi to avoid talking about the heavy feelings and just mentioning it in a not serious tone is not the best way to tell someone about your problems though. It should be normalized to talk about the heavy emotions when it comes to your feelings, you shouldn’t repress it with making a meme to mask what you’re really feeling. I can understand being afraid of disclosing something that personal to people and saying a joke instead, to sort of say something but not really be serious. Even though this makes sense, try your best to sit down with someone and really talk about your issues to avoid the awkwardness that the jokes could create and also avoid repressing your feelings. These memes about mi to me are just a way of repressing what we truly feel and I don’t think it’s healthy to do that. It should be communnity-wide to feel safe when talking about the heavy stuff and not ignore your feelings, bottling it all up.

Peer pressure

Mi Tumblr makes people feel like they should experience constant negative symptoms to fit in. (”You have to be this negative and upset to be mentally ill”) Having this pressure to be in a perpetuating negative state expressed so often in the community can make us not want to recover because they want to maintain their bad habits to fit in. If you end up recovering or noticing you’re getting better you’ll feel invalid and self conscious about this and want to get back to the unhealthy mindset that Tumblr promotes. I can absolutely vouch for this, absolutely. I have a bunch of mental problems and when I started to date my boyfriend I got a whole lot better about my mental health and I felt I was really starting recovery finally. I looked back at mi Tumblr and I started to get afraid I wasn’t valid as being mentally ill anymore and I started to get back to square 1 because of the lack of talk about recovery in the community. My boyfriend has had same experiences and I also talked to one of my friends about this and she said Tumblr has made her feel mentally worse ever since she joined.

Age groups

The majority of the mi community are minors and are really young in general, and I feel having all of the above normalized in this community is awful to teach these kids at such a young age. The friend I mentioned in the “Peer pressure” paragraph at the ending when I said “I also talked to one of my friends about this and she said Tumblr has made her feel mentally worse ever since she joined,” she is 14 y.o. 

Overall, just learning all of the crap from mi Tumblr is honestly really bad for the minors in the community. For those of you who cannot turn to anything but social media: try to find someone with the same problems as you and create a support system. Try to share coping mechanisms that could help or be there for each other whenever. Make support groups and try to steer away from mi Tumblr, it’s unhealthy as fuck. I could sit and talk about all of the awful coping mechanisms I have seen on this site, but that would be a whole new post. Don’t listen to that stuff, if it involves triggering you or making you upset or lying to yourself in the slightest, just don’t do it. Be safe and treat yourselves right and try to recover together and help each other out. Enough of this perpetuating negativity in the community.

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At last the Star Power Sampler is done! So so so so soooo happy with how it turned out considering I took so many creative liberties with picking out every last piece of floss and adding in the pearlescents into the originally empty spaces on the stars! Thanks go out to @novacainedoll for a pattern that allowed such an amount of creativity and interpretation, which you can purchase here! It IS on pink canvas, but when it’s not up against something white it’s very hard to tell because my lighting stinks, but if you think it looks fine through pictures, then I wish you could see it in person! An official stats post will be made once I can get it framed! If anyone would like to recreate my version, simply message me for the LONG list of colors used and please don’t forget to give novacainedoll credit for the pattern and myself credit for flosses used! If I can get permission (just to be safe) I would love to offer these for commissions when they’re opened, selling both the whole piece and pieces individually or even the whole sampler in pieces, as well! I hope you all really like this as much as I had fun stitching it, now onto finishing an older project!

hello, it’s me kyra :] okay soooo, i’ve been meaning to do that for a long time, a mutual appreciation post, but i guess now i finally have a real reason to do it: i’m gonna leave jimintensify behind me soon and move to @jjeonguk honestly there is not big reason behind it, just me wanting my bts/kpop blog to be my main blog instead of my side, like jimintensify is/was. with this i am leaving behind 45k+ posts 3.5k+ of beautiful and sweet followers which almost makes my heart ache because.. you are the sweetest? not really talkative but when, then you always made me smile. other than that i hope i will gain some of you back on my new blog @jjeonguk :]

but anyways, with this post i just wanna .. kinda thank my mutuals for sticking around with me? even though i didn’t talk to all of you, you are all in my heart and honestly at some point i might thought about approaching you but i just didn’t build up the courage because i’m a whole shy. :/ of course, i also want to thank all of my non-mutual followers!! i love you all lots n lots, thanks for being with me through these two years :)

anyways, let’s get this on with:
bolded - lovliest bubs
💌 - my inspiration

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Hey guys! 

My friend @dice963 makes these really cool icons in a similar style as the artwork for the confidants in Persona 5 and I commissioned one from her and it’s really super great! Like, it’s one of my first commissions (I’ve only ever done two) and I just really wanted to share as a little signal boost because I mean, just look at them! 

She does have commissions currently open if you wanted one too! She made it super quickly and kept in contact with me the whole process! I’m just making a post here as a bit of signal boost because I know a lot of you like Persona! 

She takes Paypal as payment and they cost 15$ each! If you wanna contact her you can do so through Twitter or Tumblr! The first one is of me and the second one is Dice herself so you’ve got an idea of how both male and female styles look!

Even if you aren’t interested in commissioning just spreading this post around would help a ton too! (Plus. I mean they’re really neat regardless!!) I plan on getting them for a couple of my friends since we’ve got our own “phantom theives” chat on line, haha.

You can also check out her portfolio over here!