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Honestly tho, wtf is bellamy doing in that promo??? He looks at clarke for less than a second and i stg his “thrown by the intamcy face” is on and he can’t do anything but take a deep breath just after LOOKING at her. Seriously. She shows one sign of distress and it’s like this boy is ready to punch the death wave itself if it would get her to smile again

After the opening scene of the clip where we learn about Sana’s past bullying experience this is a scene that hurt the most during the clip.

You realize how alone Sana must feel, how powerless over her life that she even decides to isolate herself from Isak, with who she shares one of the most close and incredible bonds than with anyone else on the show. She is so hurt that she needs to feel like she has some control over the situation, and that she has to put all these walls around her to make sure she will never hurt anyone and she will never get hurt again. When we see her distancing herself from the girl squad we think they hurt her (some even without realising they did so) and thus, she is isolating herself from them to not get hurt again. But with Isak it’s different. She feels guilty about Isak getting hurt, that was apparent in the clip right before the hiatus, she believes she is to blame for the balloon squad fight and so believes she hurt Isak. So she pushes him away too, because even though he didn’t hurt her, she feels like she hurt him and that brings a lot more pain to her than the other way round.

And then we have the sentence “Du er alene” which can be viewed from more than one perspective.

-She feels alone and so projects those feelings on Isak and tells him that he is alone too, much like Even would say “everybody is alone anyways”.

-It’s also a cut-out sign of her distancing herself from him, she basically tells him that she won’t help him with the biology course, which translates to her attempting to remove herself from their bond.

-Last but not least, it is a low blow for Isak who told Even last season “Du er ikke alene” only to now be told by Sana the excact opposite. His mind definetely made that connection the minute he heard that, and i’m interested to see how he interprets it.

Let’s hope Isak will see through Sana, approach her and help her with what she’s going through just like Sana did for Isak last season. She deserves it that’s for sure.

I found a queen lost within a girl who has a tendency to lose things a lot. No wonder she lost her crown and then lost herself trying to find it.

I found a rebel hiding behind a girl who hates to disappoint. She says she’s gonna leave this place and only look back once it changes.

I found a girl with wanderlust but her wings have been clipped and she’s learning how to walk on her own. But I’m sure once she figures it out she’ll go somewhere new, somewhere better.

I found half my soul residing in half of hers, and I’ve never found a safer place to put my thoughts to bed.

—  I found a best friend within a stranger. And I know for sure I’ll never lose her, never let her down and never let her fall.

This moment is now pure heat

It is two souls interlocked in a primal dance of each others lust

My lips last longer upon each place they land

My hands search your body for a place for them to sit but they want everything

Our breathing begins to match as my lips linger on the base of your neck

With your hands through my hair my name falls from your lips

As the pressure builds between intertwined fingers

Pleasure shakes from your body as it moves against mine

What was once whispers now rolls off your tongue in moans of ecstasy

They cause earthquakes through my bones as our bodies begins to move without question

As blood rushes to skin

There is no proof of our moment in eternity but the blushing marks of my passion I have left on your body

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Yurio and Minami don’t have anything in common–except for their big gay crush on Yuuri Katsuki. After watching their idol marry his idiot fiancé, Yurio and Minami fuck each other. Bonus if their dirty talk is all about what they’d like to do to Yuuri rather than each other…

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Why did Lee infect herself?

I’ve seen the word stupid being thrown around as far as Lee’s decision to inject herself with the Tetch virus. Jervis clearly got in her head when she visited him and made her think it was her fault Mario died. Plus she had that line to Jim about being willing to pay for what she’s done. She injected herself as a way of punishing herself. She also had a line when she was with Jervis where she asked him why he didn’t just infect her instead of Mario. In her mind it was always supposed to be her, so I also think this is her way of just setting it right.

Also, she punched Ed, she hates Barbara, and had no problem sassing Jerome, but suddenly with Jervis it’s ‘Why blame the lunatic?’ She’s been through so much trauma she can’t even think straight. Not to mention the fact that she’s completely alone and the ones you’d think she could turn to have been lying to her face for weeks and showed her no sympathy at all in her time of grief.

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