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officialreject  asked:

AMY BABE ok i have a request - do you think you could maybe write a story about the reader dating harry and spending time with him and his brothers? and the reader is good at basketball so she helps paddy, and harry thinks it's really cute, please i'd die

a/n: hehe you would request this, wouldn’t you 😉 this gets heated at the end, i accidentally couldn’t help myself sorry lol but EMMA! i love you, my fave harry gal ;-) hope you enjoy this babe x

she’s a baller - harry holland x reader

pairing: harry holland x reader with appearances from sam & paddy

requested?: yes, by my girl @officialreject !

word count: 1570

warnings: cussing lmao and it gets steamy at the end oops

summary: you teach paddy some basketball moves out by the hollands’ backyard hoop and your boyfriend harry is extremely impressed.


you slid open the door and walked outside, handing harry a mug filled with hot chocolate.

“thanks love.”

“welcome,” you rubbed his shoulder and turned to his brother, sitting on the steps. “you sure you don’t want one sam?”

“i’m good thanks.” sam smiled gratefully up at you, squinting in the bright daylight. “i got a date at the pub this afternoon and i need my bladder empty.”

“oooh, a date!”

paddy skipped across the grass to join everyone, holding his basketball under one arm. he crouched down and picked up the cup of hot chocolate you’d brought out earlier for him, taking a sip and wiggling his eyebrows at sam from over the cup.

“sam’s gonna get a girlfriend and then i’ll be the only one left without one.”

“gotta catch up pads.”

harry laughed and wrapped an arm around your waist, gently pulling you down so you were sitting in his lap. he intertwined your hands together, skin warm from the english sunshine. afternoons like this, just hanging around and being lazy at harry’s house with his family - these were the best.

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i think have truely accepted the fact that this fandom is just too big and has too many deserving people in it for tay to meet that it will ultimately be impossible for me to meet her. I know she’s trying her best but i think i’m okay with others meeting her over me, i’m just here for a good time and to appreciate my idol like I was before i even knew that she tried to meet people. I’ve come full circle and I gotta tell you it feels good a lot less stressful

lifejvsthappened  asked:

Gasp I just started following your blog and I would like to personally thank you for drawing nyotalia my babies don't get enough recognition and I absolutely love your art!! Could I ask you to draw Nyo Spain with long hair? I love my smiling sunshine she's my favorite 💞💞 thanks again for existing

I am floored by her beauty. ;u;

ichigo married his stalker, ew!

hey remember when ichigo promised his stalker to protect her? remember when ichigo was devastated when his stalker was kidnapped and thought dead? remember when ichigo lashed out at ulquiorra because he mentioned his stalker was taken by force? remember when ichigo told grimmjow he couldn’t get hurt because his stalker said so??? remember ichigo CARING about his stalker, asking her if he could walk her home??? no??? yeah me nei–


Taylors Poem.

Taylor. I hope you know I only know how to look at you like you light up the night sky. I don’t know how not to. I’ve only ever seen you for who you really are. When your hands are tied behind your back and everyone is painting you to be something you’re not, I’ll be by your side fighting for you. I’ll never stop.

Taylor. You have brought a new definition to what it means to be happy. I see this magic you’ve created in all of my friends faces. I see it in myself. I feel it on the days where it feels like it’s more than just gravity pulling me down and just hearing your words is enough to make me feel calm again. You have created this enchanting world that just belongs to us. For that, I thank you.

Taylor. You planted stability at my feet and wrapped a safety net all around me so you’re guaranteed to catch me if I fall. When all else fails and fades away, you will always be the one thing that remains. I’m doing my best to create that kind of security for you too.

Taylor. You’ve had your fair share of broken hearts and encounters with people who didn’t know how to handle you with care. This has never been and will never be your fault. You can’t blame yourself for others not knowing how to love you, for not knowing what to do with such a genuine heart.

Taylor. Words have always been my strongest suit but there never seems to be enough to tell you how much you mean to me, how much I love you. But I will spend my entire life showing you.

Taylor. You brave, creative, magical gal. Thank you.

Normani is so beautiful that the one time I got to meet her and she turned to look at me I said something but I don’t know what I said because her beauty turned my brain into mush and anytime I remember that experience I want to kill myself

i keep planning to do lots of inktobers in a day so i can catch up
and i tell myself “ok moon…today…just draw…a fU C K IN G BUST”

and everyday i answer (to myself)

“hey how about a fucking half body of a character who’s anatomy im not very familiar with so it should take a few tries to get right instead yeah?? YEAH!!!”

so this is my way of saying im nearly 10 days behind on inktober bc i keep insisting on making myself draw characters w trickier anatomies than im used to haha


also im tired so felicia from darkstalkers this inktober will be the last thing i finish tonight haha xwx

but i’ll be posting tomorrow morning bc better photo light uwu