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I can’t believe we’ve made it here already guys.. 

Ok so here’s how it’s gonna go down. It’ll be a fusion giveaway, and I will be picking six winners, so there will be two winners for that type of fusion. 

The fusions ofc will be two with dragonair, tyrunt, and cranidos. One being shiny, and one not. The fusions will be randomized. So you can even get a legendary, who knows?


- Reblog = entry (but boosting is ok, just specify) 

- You can only win one ofc 

- Also be nice if you don’t win, play fair all that.

 - This will end the 4th of July. So you have about a week.

Thank you all for staying with me this far. I love you all, and good luck! <3

occasional-flydreigon  asked:

Hey there!!! You out there!! *runs into the water* you're a Deino mix like Fluph! Fluph brought you some Leppa berries!


New friend like Bay?

She loves the berries, thanks so much!

*various happy squealing noises*


kimurasato  asked:

Who is your favorite character to draw (oc or fanart or both XD)? What kind of music do like listening to when you write/draw? What are your favorite kind of AU settings you like seeing your OCs in? What are your favorite video games? What movie would you love to see right now?

My bee daughter of course.

I just learned yesterday that Pikachu, my favorite Pokemon, was originally designed not by Ken Sugimori (he only finalized the design), but by a female graphic designer named Atsuko Nishida. 

Also after googling her, I found out that she’s also designed Sylveon–another favorite PKMN of mine. She’s also illustrated some very pretty Pokemon cards!!

Thank you Ms. Nishida! :-) May you get more credit and love for your contribution to the Pokemon franchise.


I’ve seen that neopets brush art challenge going around (I wish I could link it but they seem to have changed url/deactivated) and it was missing the newer brushes, so here’s the full list from the Rainbow Pool ! 

I also added some “brushes” for the other colours that are only obtainable through other methods. Have fun!

Want a pokemon egg?

Every person who reblogs this will have a Pokémon egg in their submissions and a Pokémon will hatch from the egg later.

The egg will be randomly hatched. It may be evolved, shiny, or even a legendary. (Only reblogs get eggs, not likes) ~~~~~~~~~ Update: Once this post hits 8000 reblogs it stops. At this point if it hits 8000 it will take me about 22-30ish weeks to finish because of work and college. I’m glad seeing people still love Pokemon. I thought I could keep up with you all. Yeah, nope, but it’s fun. 8000 reblogs though then please let this post die please. Since I’ve done it for a few and I’m stopping at 8000, if you want more than one egg please reblog and say so and you’ll be randomized with more than one egg. Thank you for reading this and I hope you all can continue to love Pokemon.

Reblog If...
  • If you’re a fan of something but the fandom is problemaitc 
  • If you love a series but are unable or too lazy to follow every detail of it 
  • If you love a series but are sick the fuck tired of discourse 
  • If you’ve had to step away from a series due to the fandom sucking ass 
  • If you’re tired of seeing inappropriate fanart of underaged characters
  • If you’re tired of the creators of a series being bullied by members of a fandom
  • If you’re so late into a fandom there’s no one your age who likes it
  • If you’ve ever felt like the only person in the world who loves a series
  • If you love an abandoned series
  • If you’ve ever made an OC(original character) for a series but not include anything of the main cast/plot. 
  • If you have a self insert character and you’re not ashamed of it
  • If you’re fed up with shipping being more important than story

If you think fandoms should calm the fuck down and just enjoy a series instead of feeling as though they’re entitled to it or own it

yumeyumepastel  asked:

Henry makes Mimikyu cry tears of joy because he actually LOVES it's horrifying appearance underneath it's cloth. :O

Henry would totally love mimikyu and mimikyu deserves all the love in the world!! It’s amazing and needs more friends!! ;u; 

On a side note this ask coldn’t have come on a better time as I’m getting back into pokémon go right now with the spring weather! ᕦ໒( ՞ ◡ ՞ )७ᕤ

Dorm/Apartment Safe Spells from My Grimoire

Here are some spells from my current online Grimiore that are safe to do in dorms and most apartments with if needed simple replacements in parenthesis by them.







Cosmic Witchcraft:


Dream Work:





Love and Self-Love:








Witch Tip: