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Wow i can’t believe this :O Thank you guys so much for following me and for loving my blog! It means a lot to me ^_^ I made this blog like 1 month ago just because i wanted to fangirl the hell out of me without being judged, so making BTS dedicated blog was my only option ^_^ I started my blog with this post, that actually happened and i found it hilarious and wanted to share it with people who liked BTS and would find it funny too, i never thought that so many people would like and follow my blog. I’m really happy and thankful! ^_^ 

So since i reached 1K i decided to do my first follow forever! *-* I found so many amazing blogs, so many amazing people who really love and appreciate that bunch of “boyfriend material” boys that we call BTS ^_^

So here are my favourite blogs *-*

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Shout out to my mutuals <3

So I haven’t been very active and peoples’ urls have changed and I really don’t talk to anyone anymore which is really sad because I used to love chatting to my mutuals. I’m making a conscious effort to remember I have this blog because I love it and I love being able to come back from work and scroll through all the fandoms and aesthetics and selfies and generally awesomeness that is my dash. So Thank you so much for following me and to those I follow back thanks for brightening up my dash! So here we go! Let’s rediscover some old friends.

In no particular order because I don’t want anyone to feel left out (I did leave little messages for irl friends though). My mutuals! I love you <3

@captainfiath (Pizza loving hug monster you), @pawtal (You’re adorable and we need to meet up soon because you’re awesome), @qrowravenbranwen, @firesofthefae (We need to actually meet properly when I’m not at work! You seemed super cool and your tag for Ruth is the cutest), @buckbrn, @viktuurnikiforov, @stucky-is-evanstan, @biscuit-barnes, @the-star-spangled-bucky, @space-boii, @hipstersteve, @sansasandorshipper, @grenedae, @undercovercarter, @purebloodblack, @batchofbarnes, @fizz-y-fizz, @avtomedon, @jacksonsjimin, @bornunderabluemoonbaby, @whatthefoucault, @timeandstars, @bluelightpietro, @molstere, @switcharoonamjoon, @captaindonna, @cptjakejensen, @nopebucky, @eowyyyn, @cannonusername, @the-punisherr, @really-bloody-tired, @afroallura, @jotunheim-asgard, @redviolet45, @splodie-arrow, @its-the-new-broken-scene, @rodgersteves, @walkmanquill207, @hosgmeade, @bromanov, @grumpyseb, @jeqngreys, @blackestcanary, @hawkinsbyers, @spacedanae, @gazingattheskyy, @cutiepieparrish, @sleepysmolandsapphic, @falconwings, @seb-had-a-crisis, @ximenalightwood, @myurlisbucky, @ms-danvrs, @buckandsam, @beatenbucky, @buffycuddlespigs, @siewmai, @alonelyseptember, @a-silentguardian, @johnlockogie, @moriartysteagirl, @books-fandoms-cocoa, @sophisticated-narwhal, @sarcasticlittleshite, @ibelieveinomero, @friendwithdragons, @thewinchesterboys, @agentpeggyromanoff, @rednorth3, @welovefreddie, @pleasebemyparabatai, @stcvcroger, @thorinarkenstoned, @do-not-call-it-art (Don’t know you irl but saw your blog recently turned 2 so congrats!), @yysiaa, @tumbling-downhill-pandas, @turbochargedhysterics (We haven’t spoken since Uni but I hope life is awesome!), @tonystarkdefencesquad, @thehufflepuffinourstars (Guess who’s awful at keeping in contact… me! I miss our woodland walks!), @thesuperlambanana, @fernmypreciousboy, @damnitpippin, @queerzaza, @kinggalahad, @octoberobserver, @sgt-peppers-blog, @lennonsstarr, @gethin-moriarty, @amy-in-the-sky-with-amethysts, @keats-and-yeats, @sherlockian-cymraeg, @damon-owlbarn, @abreak, @ijustwantedtobeclever, @hedwigisforever, @captainbadasswatson, @helgatrush, @lau0214 (I miss our crazy times in Aber and I’m so sorry I forget to reply!), @johnwutson, @boredarmydoctor, @milleniumfallcon, @vitruvianwatson, @the-sixtyfifth-rose, @spacenerdjoshdun, @shorlock, @lesbiansloveabanner, @seducemymindyouidiot, @alxanderham, @peachylips, @sallyskellington18, @chiltonsbutt, @aparselmouthspatronous, @thelordofstarsanddreams, @villain-lover, @moriartysgrave, @paysage-moralise, @erikthatsenough, @discardeddishrag, @dollmonsters, @gunsand-ships, @lilbasthet, @thegayvengeance, @delreylock, @terriblebeastie, @roosevault, @llitaa, @the-best-of-the-geeks, @fairytaletiger, @plushenko, @imwithloser, @hushwatson, @credence-lives, @rememberclaraoswald, @captaindrwatson, @orwells, @minminyard, @victorianbride, @autumneven, @fxckyeahmarkashton, @rousmari, @alexhamleton, @stupidmundane, @ethlena (hey sis! <3) @pluckyfandomer (running theme of me forgetting to keep in contact! I hope post uni life has treated you well!) @maggielovesotters

NCT 127 + Ten + Hansol Reaction To You Wearing Something Sexy

Taeil: Would be shy, finding it hard to look you in the eye at first. He wouldn’t know what to say and his cheeks would blush lightly. Don’t get me wrong, he’d love the way you looked, but he didn’t want anyone else to see you like this, except himself. He’d laugh nervously and smile at you, his hands gripping the bottom of his sleeves, “Do you have to wear something so tight fitting?”

Originally posted by taei

Hansol: Would love it when you dressed up for him, especially when it was something sexy as it would remind him that you are his and no one else’s. He won’t mind you dressing like this in front of someone else as he knows that you are loyal to him, however, he’d much prefer, after seeing you like this, to skip the date you had planned and to stay at home as he had something else in mind.

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Johnny: After walking out of your bedroom wearing a short dress ready for you date, Johnny being Johnny would probably tease you all night, “Is that a shirt, Y/N?”. The relationship between the both of you would contain its fair share of joking around, however, even though Johnny teases you, at the end of the night he does admit that you look beautiful.

Originally posted by withsuh

Taeyong: Would love you no matter what you wore, however, would be rather protective when it came to you wearing something sexy. Whenever you were out on a date, wearing a tight fitting dress, he would constantly have his arm hanging around your waist, pressing you close to his side. You didn’t mind it though as it meant you got to be closer to your boyfriend, “Stay by my side tonight, alright?”

Originally posted by nctech

Yuta: Being the greasy one, he would love it when you wore something sexy, however, like Taeil, wouldn’t like it if you dressed like this in front of the members. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust you, it was more like he didn’t trust his members. So instead of going out for food with the other members he’d suggest, biting his lip, “How about we just stay here for tonight?”

Originally posted by taetohan

Doyoung: This adorable boy would be a bit like Taeil, shy. He’d stutter when you said you were ready to go out on your date, and would try to scold you, “W-why do you have to wear t-that?” However, he won’t admit that he actually loved it when you dressed sexily for him as he was to nervous to actually say it to your face.

Originally posted by taeyongd

Ten: Like Johnny would joke around when he saw what you were wearing, but it wouldn’t last long. He’d stop you before you left for you date, holding you shoulders and making you look in your eyes. He’d smile his signature smile showing his dimples, “All jokes aside, you look beautiful tonight,” before taking your hand and dragging you outside your apartment.

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

Jaehyun: Would be sitting on your couch when you’d announced that you were ready. He’d look at what you were wearing and try to hide his smile. He’d be nervous, but unlike Taeil and Doyoung, would hide it. He take your hand and hold it extra tight knowing that you were his. Throughout the night he’d make hints about the way you looked, “You look beautiful.”

Originally posted by why-jaehyun

Winwin: Would be the giggliest out of all the members when it came to seeing you dressed like that. He wouldn’t know what to do with himself and whenever you looked at him he’d laugh lightly. You’d think it was because he didn’t like the way you looked, but you’re wrong, it was because he felt special to see you like that.

Originally posted by stannctchinaline

Mark: For Mark, it would have been the first time someone had dressed up sexily for him. It was a whole new experience. He be just like Doyoung and stutter a lot throughout your date. He’d be awkward to the point that you knew something was up. You’d ask him why and he’d rub the back of his neck hoping that he won’t upset you, “You’re dress is making me nervous.”

Originally posted by nakamotens

Haechan: Would be anxious when he saw what you were wearing as he knew that you’d be seeing the other members later and he knew they’d never let him live after. He’d try to get you to change with his sarcastic remarks even if he did like the way you were dressed. When you’d declined on changing he’d shake his head and sigh to himself, “The end is near.” Thinking of the members teasing him.

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Thought I’d take a smal itty bitty break for a moment from the inbox to talk about something that happened to me today. Went to the red bullseye to buy emergency diapers for my son. While checking out, at the end of the transaction the cashier and I both said “Have a good night!” at the exact same time. EXACT. We even said it at the same speed. It was so funny we both laughed about it. Simple thing but it made me smile and I do hope it made her smile too. If you follow, I still think your earrings are amazing and loved your glasses too! -Abby

woah so I recently reached 3k (ok it’s been a while I’ve been busy) and so I wanted to do a follow forever! I really appreciate all of you so, so much and you’re such a sweet bunch, gosh ♥ fecking 3000 is a lot, and I’ve had so fun getting here and met many sweet folks along the way. so here are some great blogs, enjoy them, i sure do :)

most blogs are mainly spn
mutuals are bolded
no faves bc i love you all 
msg me if ur missing ♥

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@adoredean ✨  @adoringjensen ✨  @actualfadomtrash ✨ @angelicdmitri ✨  @amorecas@amourdestiel ✨  @angvlicmish ✨  @apocalypsecastiel ✨ @armellin ✨  @astraliscas ✨ @attackofthejeffersonstarships  ✨ @bbycas✨  @beekeeper-cas ✨  @beestiels ✨  @blissfulcastiel ✨ @brinchestiel ✨ @caitisaddicted ✨ @cardinaleyes@castielstattoo @casify ✨ @castiel-left-his-mark-on-me ✨ @chevroletdean ✨ @cinnamonmish ✨  @codependeant ✨ @constellationcas ✨ @consulting-cannibal  ✨ @cocklesminion  ✨ @constiellation ✨ @cxckles

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@dammitjensen ✨ @deanscolette ✨ @deanwinchesteir, ✨ @deanwsexual ✨ @destiel-and-moose ✨ @destielanqel @demonlecki @destieldrabblesdaily ✨ @destielonfire, ✨ @dirtymish@diminuel@dreamilyjensen@dreamyjensen  ✨ @dreamilymisha ✨ @eat-sleep-read- ✨  @enchantedean ✨ @envydean@featherdfreckles ✨ @flydestiel ✨ @galaxystiel @guilelessquagmire ✨ @haevenlycas @heroicwinchesters@hclywinchesters ✨ @heavensendcas ✨ @helakkas@honeebeecas  ✨ @hugstiel 

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@insertbottomdeanpunhere @impala-sunsets ✨ @itsjustsubtext @jaredpadalleckii  ✨ @jenmish ✨ @jensennjared ✨ @jimminovak ✨ @kindercas ✨ @ksenianovak ✨ @lostboycas ✨ @lovelybenny ✨ @loverofmisha ✨ @magickmoons ✨ @mattcohenss@metatron-the-transformer@mishyackles, ✨ @mishacastiel@mishcollins@moaningmish@moonlightdean@mycocklestiel ✨ @nachodean ✨  @novakstiel ✨ @novaks ✨ @no-more-myself-only-you

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okay. wow. so as promised i said i would upload stressed parents anonymous for the next follower milestone and only twelve days later we’ve hit that milestone. that was super fast!! wow! i’m really not sure my content is ~quality~ enough to deserve you all. (and tbh i’m not sure how a handful of you even found me lol but THANKS) a fair bit happened over those twelve days and i’m so so lucky to have such kind followers and people i can now call friends. SIMBLR FRIENDS ARE ALL I WANT IN LIFE, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS TO ME  ;   A   ; 

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okay, okay, that’s all great zeeb, but get to the point. you can’t just give these lovely people a pic of danica and indie. no no no. they deserve better than that! (sorry danica and indie, i know you don’t get enough love on this blog as it is. i have failed you. but this is also the truth.) so, since my pose-making skills are good enough for me but idk how to do the thing with the list and i wouldn’t want to release anything subpar to you guys lol, and i therefore cannot offer you guys too much in the way of gifts rn, i have this idea:

i will edit your pics. (yep. that’s it. that’s the big idea.)

all you gotta do is send me or link me to a raw pic of yours that you’d like me to edit :> and i will post them all as a photoset as a token of my undying appreciation for you!! (you can send me sims 4 pics as well as sims 3. i’ll edit just about anything, even pics of potatoes!! pls don’t send me pics of potatoes tho.)

shoutout and big thank you to everyone currently following this subpar blog (please support each other!!) ♡♡♡

@scentedboredom @simmeronnie @preferatajaferoj @simsysims @simstrope @simmaterial @pixmatic @nova-neptune @simplykitsch @goknazzer @chof-pixls @lavisims @sthenosims @waystosim @thissimslifeishard @boxofsims @steffieandhersims @lilyshadowwriter @justkeeponsimming @sunset-melody @pixelevia @keeksim @dstarsims @merry-go-sims @ultroslovesyou @millascreativecornerblog @alluringsimss @omgdoubleume @simsoksims @kalethegrey @i-like-teh-sims @livnpixels @sugary-plumb @keytiofinback1971 @matsouri @novapark @inquisitive-simmer @plumboby @camisims @urbaneesim @littlepxels @sul-sul @sandy-sims @furiouslydecaffinated @rollo-rolls @itsjustpxels @shaaan95x @vodkasimmer @strawberrymelonn @quoththeraven821 @blackoutsims @skarlet-sims @akikka88 @kabuna @pxeldude @sim-pi @candyssimblr @grumpysimmies @itsdeadpoetry @pixelplxm @squeamishsimmer @raindrops-snow @walkingbvrnes @negativeplumbobs @nihongamer @blakcsheep @moonskin9393 @cartersims @casuable @cat-nerd-sims @bedroomblast @thecactus @essexfloorsanders @rezzabob @blursims @lilit666-posts @graentea @enchantedunicornhideout @basicpixels @caterpillarsims @jitterydevice @woohoodlums @mottesim @simgallery @lilytita @freckled-pixels @sinfullysimlicious @elisabettasims @annjonesbooks @vanillasimsfan @simsandlifealert @lucasmunch @gilded-phoenix @katsujii @procrasimnation @mypixelstories @notcoolnico @the-shimmering-silwermoon @simbasims @obsessionfactory @pixelated-leaf @angelblue007 @galaxsim

n.b. not everyone here is a simblr and that’s totally cool :> 

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- lots of love from zeeb, danica, and indie ♡

anonymous asked:

i'm a convert from a non-christian country and i feel so alone. i will literally get disowned if my family ever learns but i can't handle that emotionally or financially. every time i'm doing something, let it be reading the bible or praying or watching sermons i keep looking over my shoulder. my friends know but they often mock me. please pray for me

Hi friend,

Sending so many prayers your way. You are truly an inspiration. I pray you know that. It is terrifying to literally give/risk everything to follow Him, but that’s what we are called to do. 

Please keep me updated on how you’re doing, and know that I’ll be praying for you. I know you feel alone, friend, but you are far from alone. God is with you. He is with you and for you. He loves you so much. 

Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you. - Deuteronomy 31:6

For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. - Romans 8:38-39

Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you. - 1 Peter 5:6-7

All my love,


True, but who gives a rat’s ass what people say…just be the best person you can be to yourself & to others. The rest doesn’t matter.


Makayla / 21 / super gay

I literally make a new friend every time I submit here and it’s so fun!
Come be my super gay friend, I neeeed more!! 👯👭

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~ Hold My Hand ~

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Request: Jim Kirk, your boyfriend, teaching you to slow dance at a party. - Anon

Words: 2897

Warnings: None really, a little bit of tears and angst maybe, but the rest is hopefully fluff!

Beta’d: Again by the lovely @yourtropegirl! I’m sure all who follow me also follow her, but if you’re not following her… go do it! She’s lovely and kind and really, really nice!

A/N: I’M SO SORRY NONNIE! I have no idea why it took me so long, but I deleted this story at least 10 times before I found a beginning that I liked. And I’m also really sorry that the part of the actual dancing (or learning at least) was cut short, I just am a person with two left feet, so I kinda went with my own experience here (I did google how to teach slow dancing, but that didn’t really help me, because I had no idea how to turn what I saw into words, so I hope you’re not too mad at me!).

Tags (requested for this fic): @musingsongbird, @cookieoffortune 

“Ambassador Y/L/N?“

You put the little girl you had in your arms down on the ground and nudged her softly, pushing her in the direction of her friends and siblings, who were running around a little bit further down the path.

“Yes?,” you said, straightening yourself up and turning around to face the man who had spoken.

“I have a message for you. It’s from Yorktown.”

“Thank you”, you whispered, smiled weakly and took the letter with a trembling hand from the Vulcan. He just bowed a little and disappeared between some houses, his tunic floating in the wind.

As you pondered over the decision to open the letter or not, you walked down the path to the little cottage you called your home, at the border of the capital while you were on New Vulcan. Of course you had heard of the events in Yorktown and about the destruction of the Enterprise during the rescue mission of that alien’s crew, so you knew that the letter would come sooner or later.

The moment you walked through the door you slumped down to the floor, your body shaking and tears flowing. Not only had you lost your good friend Ambassador Spock some time ago, now you had to live with the knowledge that your boyfriend and his crew had passed away too.

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Competition time!!

As a celebration / thank you for 1k, I’m having a competition! read on for rules, categories and awards!!


  • Best aesthetic
  • Best notes
  • Best master-posts
  • Best theme
  • Best baby studyblr


  • A drawing by me (if you want it)
  • A mood board of your aesthetic
  • A shout out (obvs) 
  • A follow back / we can be besties if u want ((:
  • I’ll reblog from u a lot / reblog all ur original posts


  • Must be a studyblr, sorry but this just makes it easier for me (:
  • Reblog this post, as many times as you like (likes are nice, but they wont effect your ability to win)
  • Follow me
  • If you have less that 1k followers, say so in the tags / reblogs / replies to be eligible for the baby studyblr category (:  

Thanks for reading! and good luck, winners will be announced on the 20th of March!! 

Love, Lilium

Heeelllloooo lovelies!! I’m doing blog rates since I hit 4k followers! Im thinking of doing a big promo soon too! Thank all of you so so much for getting me to 4k!

All you have to do for a blog rate is come in my ask box with one of the following and reblog this!

  • Tell me about your day!
  • Tell me about something you’re looking forward to!
  • Tell me something you’re proud of!
  • Tell me what you love about yourself!
quick psa

So…the last two times I’ve posted Cullen meta I’ve lost followers and well, normally that doesn’t bother me but it has made me wonder if somehow people have found me without realizing that: 

This is a Cullen loving, Cullen critical blog. 

That’s him with my Trevelyan, Essa, in my icon. It’s from my noir AU so we have sexy suits and such, but that’s Cullen Stanton Rutherford. If you’re not on mobile and you go to my page, there’s a much bigger image. Cullen, Cullen, Cullen.This blog.

Now, that doesn’t mean I think he’s a Great Guy™ and I definitely don’t think he’s a Disney Prince™ so if you don’t like “Cullen the deeply flawed dude who’ll probably never atone for his crimes but who is TRYING TO” or “Cullen the forever RECOVERING addict who struggles with PTSD and Religious Indoctrination”  then yeah…this probably isn’t the blog for you.

But seriously, y’all? I love him and until I’m done with Dragon Age forever, he’s gonna be here. He’s gonna show up.

anonymous asked:

So I really love your blog and want to follow more good cowchop blogs, do you have any recommendations? Sorry if this is annoying!!!

Sure thing fam, here’s a few people that I’ve seen in the tags! 

@puppyjames @cowchopboys @cowchopcrew @aleksandr-james @uberhaxorfuck @uberhaxornovia @cowchopped @novasdildo @couchcoopcowchop @cowchopcum @holdplay @uberanalnova @teegesmagee @novahded @aleksandrmarchant @aleks-hd @just–mae @happycowchop @cowchopmydoor @jameswilsun @ccowchop @cowchop-gifs @lmmortalnova @thebutchers @owchop @immortalhdildo @cowchopconfessions @achieve-chop @ragepal @sponsor-meee @aleksplease @cowgroup @itsactuallythebestok @aleksvitaly @submit4nova @crtchop @gemini-james @tropicalaleks @fordernsure-moo @cowshop @ubercowchop @aleksandr-you-asshole @sleepyheadven @relatablepicturesofaleks @alekssoh @jameswilsony @itsseamus @daneru94 @youfuckinasshole @fycowchop @prettyokcowchopblog @ubercowchhd @aviidan @relatablepicturesofcowchop @rrravioli @aleksandnova

I bolded submit4nova since it’s actually him running the blog haha; if anyone has any recommendations, feel free to comment

- mbf me
- reblog this post to enter, likes don’t count
- must get at least 30 notes or i’ll pretend this never happened
- you can enter until the 31st of march
- i’ll choose 1 winner and 2-3 runner-ups 


- a follow from me if not already
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- unlimited promos throughout the month (upon request)
- 2 gifsets of their choice (upon request)
- my love & friendship ♥

- a follow from me if not already
- a spot on my updates tab for a month
- 3 promos throughout the month (upon request)
- 1 gifset of their choice (upon request)
- my love & friendship ♥