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Questions (Vampire!Jungkook)

Plot: #1: “Forget it. You fucking suck.” + #2: “Quit it or I’ll bite.”+ #18: “I’m your husband. It’s my job.” with vampire!Jungkook

Word Count: 1212

A/N: so I got a request for #18 and then I decided to add the other two to it bc I was gonna write something different but this idea formed and I had to write it so there are a few links for this, vampire!kook (here) husband!kook (here) and a hint of photographer!kook (here)

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Vampires had a certain reputation. They weren’t hated, they weren’t hidden but they weren’t known for being the friendliest. The most infamous ones were the ones from stories that had no proof, the killers, the ones that tore through towns, supposedly leaving corpses in their trail. Those were the stories most people grew up, that although not all vampire were bloodthirsty murderers with no moral, they all had the ability to be. There were rumors, myths, stories that said vampires could snap if they were “hungry” enough, that they could kill without guilt if they let their instincts kicked in. But you didn’t believe a single word of it. 

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Female characters with small fem s/o

I am so sorry it took me so long to answer this request due to my exams. I kinda keep the character limit per 3 but just for you my precious child i did 4! I also adore overwatch girls.Thank you so much for this request!



🕊 Anxious about you 24/7. Honestly Angela is worried sick when you are away from her for too long but if you show her that you can take care of yourself she will calm herself a bit.

🕊 When she is tired (because of all the amount of work she does) she just rests her head on your shoulder like Amelie except Angela falls asleep very often in this position. Your present makes her comfortable.  ,, Oh I am sorry y/n did i fall asleep again?“

🕊 She wont tease you. Well… from time to time she will say something funny about it. Likely a mom alike joke ,, You didnt drink much milk when you were a child y/n? Thats why you are so small! Hahaha..”

🕊 Angela adores taking care of you. You sure are being pampered by her if you only want to.

🕊 There was once a situation where someone asked her if you are her sister or child and oh boy did they messed up. Anegla went from innocent mom angel to an angry devil ,, No, that person right here is my beloved girlfriend. I love her with all my heart and if you dont apologise to her right now you will have my staff in your butthole. ” she added with smile.

🕊 Angela loves your height she finds it extremely adorable.

🕊 Get ready for thousands of cuddles with her. Angela wont let you go out of her arms until she gets called for work but when she has days off you both cuddle on sofa and watch Doctor House.

🕊 Hold hands with you everywhere and when i say everywhere i mean EVERYWHERE. Shopping? Lets hold hands! Overwatch base? Why not hold hands together. She is also amazed how her hand is bigger than yours.

🕊 If you ever get anxious about your height she will tell you this ,, Y/N I love you as you are. You dont have to be taller than me. Your height doesnt make you worser than anyone. Trust me you are perfect as you are.“


🐦 You might have broken fareeha. She just finds you soo damn cute that she cant even control her own blush!

🐦 Kneels down and whispers sweet nothings to your ear.

🐦 Kisses your forehead and hands a lot. Fareeha is really thankful to have you. She shows you that by multiple ways helping you, giving you a big amount of her attention ( you are the only one in her head ) , showers you in ton of kisses etc.

🐦 Every single thing you do that shows your height difference example being not able to pick things from shelves just makes her giggle. ,, Here you go darling" she will say as he gives you cereal from up here.

🐦 You are insecure about your height? What?! Pharah will pick you right here and give you a fly with you in her arms up to the sky. You love to see others on the ground being small like ants it makes you more confident about yourself. Every time you are bright and shine with your confidence you make Fareehas day.

🐦 If someone insult you only by how small you are your girlfriend wont hesitate and shot them with rocket launcher. Seriously you will have to calm her or she will kill them with her well known by enemies ,, JUSTICE RAINS FROM ABOVE”. No one can insult her precious lover.

🐦 You definetly are her only weakness. Fareeha security chef that carries a giant rocket launcher to fight bad seems like a cold person. But when you are with her? Heck she becomes a teenage girl again. She can be herself with you by her side. Seriously she is much warmer and giggles more than in public.

🐦 She loves to have you close to her ( Fareeha can be very possesive from time to time) she literally adores you to the bits! Pharah will compliment your small hands, nose, sparkling eyes, fluffy hair and much more!

🐦 You probably think she finds you fragile? No she do not. You gained incredible respect from her when you kicked that talon agents butts the other day. She wonders how can such a cute person be a deadly soldier inside?

🐦 She has to wake up early everyday due to her job. Before she leaves Pharah makes sure to leave you a goodbye kiss.


💻 Now we have come to the most teasing little shit in the whole universe.( She and D.va are in the same place tho Sombra is much more rude than Hana).

💻 ,,Hey look Y/N you havent grow any centimetr higgher yet? Poor you. People might as well misunderstand you as my little sissy"

💻 Compares your both height difference all the time. Makes you embarassed  from time to time in public. ,, Carino could you give me that pack from shelf up there? Oh? You cant? Ah I forgot you were such a dwarf! Hahaha!”

💻 She loves to hug you from behind and lift you up shouting ,, Look I catched the gremlin!”

💻 Once you were tired of her and wanted to leave her. Sombra was shocked. ,, Y/N! I was only joking! Come on you know I was! In fact I love your height it makes you even more cute! Wait why are you looking at me like that? Oh sh- “ Is height difference her kinda obsession/kink? Well yes. Sombra enjoys having more control over you that way.

💻 Sweet macaroni and cheese she ADORES being taller than others. It gives her that nice feeling inside. It all because she was the smallest one back in her childhood.

💻  When you want to wear high heels she immediately goes NO

,, Do you want me to hack those heels? Because I will try to.” Let her enjoy cool things in life. Being taller than you.

💻 Someone insult your height? Dont they know Sombra is the only one that can make fun of you. Probably that persons account is hacked by know and they must pray to god because she will tell the whole earth about their secrets if they dont apologise to you.


// My sweet precious gay child deserves rainbow.

🌈 Clingy as she can get. Tracer can and will hug you everytime she is next to you. ,,Oi Love I came back!” she shouts and  immediately runs to you, hugs you and lifts you up at the same time!

,, Did ya miss me?”

,, Tracer you were away for 5 minutes.”

,, Well that doesnt mean you wouldnt miss me!”

,, Yes I missed you.”

,, Aw shucks love I missed you too!”

🌈 Likes to snuggle her head to yours and bump into you like watcha doing over here my little cinnamon bun.

🌈 You both often buy the same onesie or sweaters. You and Lena have the same sonic one! Tho Lena finds you more cute than her in it.

🌈 When you were baking cookies she just noticed how her hand is bigger than yours. She gazes and say out loud while she hugs you ,, I have the most precious little girlfriend in the whole world.” Cries tears of joy.

🌈 If you need any help due to your height she is here for you. Lena doesnt tease you. She loves to help you like that.

🌈 Very supportive girlfriend Tracer is here! Someone making fun of you? No probs! She is readytto shot them in face but first Lena will try to say it kindly that they need to chill out and apologise to you but if they wont she will fite right there.

🌈 ,, Y/N,! Y/N! !“

,, What is it?”

,, You need to come here!“

,, But is it important?”

,, Of course its an emergency!“

Fine what is it-”

,, I love you so much Y/N!“

🌈 Thats right she will babble how much she loves you anytime.

 🌈 Lena adores whetever you are doing ,, Have you seen my girlfriend thats her baking cookies with me! She is the best baker in world. Seriously the cookies tasted so good that my friend Winstion cried.” 

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1, 28, 51, 58?

1. selfie
I cant attach photos or links or Anything useful to asks on mobile but my face is tagged/gross I cut my hair recently & wear my spyro onesie all the time now, thats me

28. i’ll love you if…
You buy me food EVERY TIME I ask for it, without hesitation

51. starsign
Aries Sun with an Aries Mars too I’m a biiiiig angery fireball boy

58. description of my best friend
Gay……….. Furry………….. Bottom………….

How BtoB would try to get their girlfriends affection back after making her mad

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Eunkwang: Jagi, please look at me! I didn’t mean to make you mad. Let me see that beautiful smile of yours!

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Minhyuk: Come on! You know you can’t stay mad at me. The same way I can’t stay mad at you (hello, hi, look at this gif, okay proceed) 

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Changsub: *tries to act cute* please don’t be mad at meeeeee. 

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Hyunsik: Baby, please don’t be mad! You know I didn’t mean it. Let me buy you some roses or something, to match those cute rosy cheeks of yours! 

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Peniel: Come on, gorgeous! Give me a smile. Let’s go get ice cream or go watch a movie or something! You know, forget this ever happened. 

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Ilhoon: Please don’t be mad at me, I was hyper and I know I was too hyper but you can’t stay mad at me right? 

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Sungjae: Please don’t be mad at me, my angel. Look! I got us some matching onesies! (is that how you spell it? onesies? I’m so sorry if I spelt it wrong my lovelies) 

Gifs don’t belong to me! Credits to the owners! 

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They both end up pregnant at the same time and try to surprise each other with the news.

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Regina beams to herself as she hears Emma walk in, “Emma? Is that you? Come into the kitchen. I have a gift for you.” 

“I have one for you too,” Emma replies with a bright grin as she clutches her gift bag nervously in both hands, “What did you get me a gift for?” 

Regina shrugs evasively, “Why did you buy me one?”

“Can’t say,” Emma says, “Open mine first.” 

Regina shakes her head, “No…open mine first.” 

Emma rolls her eyes, “Together?” 

Regina nods and they swap gifts before unwrapping them. She blinks in confusion as she unwraps a book of baby names. She thought she’d been so subtle, how did Emma know? She turns to her partner seeing her sporting a matching look of surprise and confusion as she holds up her gift - a onesie with the words ‘My Mommies Love Me’ written on it. 

“How did you know?” Emma asks. 

“What do you mean how did I know? I’m the one who’s pregnant, how did you know?” 

“Y…you’re pregnant.”

“Why do you think I got you the gift?” 

“Because I’m pregnant too.” 



“Wow…the spell worked…really well…”

“Yep,” Emma says moving to sit next to Regina, “So we got each other pregnant?”

“It would appear so…I love you Emma.” 

“I love you too Regina,” Emma beams before looking down at their stomachs, “And you guys too, our little surprises.” 


Hnnnnnnnnnnn! *heavy breathing*╰(°ㅂ°)╯

My Marine babies finally came three days ago, but alas, it wasn’t until yesterday that I was able to swoon and take pictures of the bundle of adorableness! *。ヾ(。>v<。)ノ゙*。Sosuke and Rinrin and so flipping cute in their super adorable onesies! (๑♡3♡๑) Somebody hold me! AHHHH! And hooray–this is my second Sou chubby figurine and I couldn’t be happier!! The cutest chubby baby EVER! ٩(♡ε♡ )۶ The bag is super adorable and so are the charms! The hand towels are huge–honestly,  I wasn’t expecting them to be that big! (°◡°♡).:。

Thank you so much Audrey ( aitaikimochi )! You’re the best~ ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

Olicity: Ready, Set, Go

tread-the-stars said: Ok so prompt set during this season and Felicity gets sick just with like the flu or a stomach virus and Oliver is secretly excited bc he thinks Felicity is pregnant but when he finds out he’s not he’s like surprised by how bummed out he is and Felicity notices and they have to have their first real convo since ivy town about possible future smoak-queen babies

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She rests her head back against his shoulder and his arms fall around her. He’s been stroking her back for the last twenty minutes while she retched over the toilet bowl, her stomach already empty so there’s nothing left to come up, but any time she takes as much as a sip of water she’s ended up back in the bathroom while her stomach heaves.

“All done?” he whispers as her forehead presses against his neck. It’s the smallest effort she can possibly make to get comfortable, but she doesn’t respond at all except to release a whimpered sob. “Hey…”

She sits up again, leaning her forehead on her knees. “I’m so tired, Oliver,” she tells him, her voice strained with the effort not to cry.

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Hey you! First of all, congratulations on the milestone!!! That's so exciting! For your appreciation thingy - I'd love to see either CS or Captain Charming and 12. Whichever you'd have more fun with ;)

Hey! So it took me a bit, but here is a little snippet of Emma and Killian shopping! (Much to our favorite pirate’s dismay. I realized much too late that I did a Captain Cobra Swan for this one, but I’ve switched the Onsie buyer. Maybe I’ll write a Captain Charming as a bonus once I finish the last of my prompts  

If you’ve sent one in, it is on its way!

So, #12: “I want to buy a onesie…but know it won’t suit me.”

Captain Swan

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Killian groaned in frustration. He loved spending time with Emma, he really did, but sometimes, shopping trips were worse than a visit to the Underworld. Had Hades used this form of torture, Killian probably would have given in within minutes. “For the love of all that is holy, Swan,” he snapped, “could you just choose something?”

It wasn’t like her to be fussy, but they’d circled the pajama aisle ten times, each time, a slower pass than the last. Emma frowned at him, and, made a big show of going down the aisle again. (Just to spite him. There was no doubt about that.)

“I want to buy a onesie… but know it won’t suit me,” she finally spoke.

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