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They both end up pregnant at the same time and try to surprise each other with the news.

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Regina beams to herself as she hears Emma walk in, “Emma? Is that you? Come into the kitchen. I have a gift for you.” 

“I have one for you too,” Emma replies with a bright grin as she clutches her gift bag nervously in both hands, “What did you get me a gift for?” 

Regina shrugs evasively, “Why did you buy me one?”

“Can’t say,” Emma says, “Open mine first.” 

Regina shakes her head, “No…open mine first.” 

Emma rolls her eyes, “Together?” 

Regina nods and they swap gifts before unwrapping them. She blinks in confusion as she unwraps a book of baby names. She thought she’d been so subtle, how did Emma know? She turns to her partner seeing her sporting a matching look of surprise and confusion as she holds up her gift - a onesie with the words ‘My Mommies Love Me’ written on it. 

“How did you know?” Emma asks. 

“What do you mean how did I know? I’m the one who’s pregnant, how did you know?” 

“Y…you’re pregnant.”

“Why do you think I got you the gift?” 

“Because I’m pregnant too.” 



“Wow…the spell worked…really well…”

“Yep,” Emma says moving to sit next to Regina, “So we got each other pregnant?”

“It would appear so…I love you Emma.” 

“I love you too Regina,” Emma beams before looking down at their stomachs, “And you guys too, our little surprises.” 


Hnnnnnnnnnnn! *heavy breathing*╰(°ㅂ°)╯

My Marine babies finally came three days ago, but alas, it wasn’t until yesterday that I was able to swoon and take pictures of the bundle of adorableness! *。ヾ(。>v<。)ノ゙*。Sosuke and Rinrin and so flipping cute in their super adorable onesies! (๑♡3♡๑) Somebody hold me! AHHHH! And hooray–this is my second Sou chubby figurine and I couldn’t be happier!! The cutest chubby baby EVER! ٩(♡ε♡ )۶ The bag is super adorable and so are the charms! The hand towels are huge–honestly,  I wasn’t expecting them to be that big! (°◡°♡).:。

Thank you so much Audrey ( aitaikimochi )! You’re the best~ ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡


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This is a song about pajamas.

yes onesies are pajamas 

you wear them daily 

and that’s fine by me 

you’re the 1Z 4ME 

i’m ready to get to the root of this 

don’t wanna vegetate that’s ludicrous 

don’t mean to agitate ya 

but it’s in ya nature 

and like a good pupil 

I’m studious 

see carrots are good for you vision 

so I grade you at Vitamin A 

and I’ll be patiently waiting 

while haters be hating 

beatboxin those toxins away 

i’m around if things start to get dicey 

nutrition don’t have to be pricey 

don’t grin and bear it, baby i’m your carrot 

not be a good bunny 

speak nicely? 


took so long for me to see that 

you’re the 1Z 

took so long for me to see that 

you’re the 1Z 

feeling so alone (so alone) 

now i finally see (finally see) 


this flow will go bananas so you know 

that i gotta split 

got my suckers on you giving hugs 

like a giant squid 

got a beet so sweet the taste can barely be 


if you don’t know where i go 

lemme repeat what i just said 

being a survivor 

just takes a little fiber 

be a striver not a lifer 

be a driver not a diver 

be a grower and a shower 

don’t go lower barely know'er 

don’t go backwards just move forwards 

so when i double tap i know that you like it 

when i do this rap i’m a carrot not a white kid 

we’re not here to brood it’s the mood that we lighten 

we’re not going viral going fungal like a lichen 

like a lichen 


took so long for me to see that 

you’re the 1Z 

took so long for me to see that 

you’re the 1Z 

feeling so alone (so alone) 

now i finally see (finally see) 


carrots are truly divine 

the taste is sweeter than wine 

when you hit the scene with beta carotene 


you’ll be looking so fine 

carrots have a green stem… 

…could be a butch or a femme… 

you see carrots are orange… 

…and that is…so…str….or…ange? 

(what rhymes with orange?) 


took so long for me to see that 

you’re the 1Z 

took so long for me to see that 

you’re the 1Z 

feeling so alone (so alone) 

now i finally see (finally see) 


i’ll be your little rabbit 

i’ll be your best habit 

you know nuns wear habits 

i wonder if a habit is technically a onesie…


“My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Going with Your Gut” http://bit.ly/1aSIzor 

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This is a very emotional and wonderful time. 



Olicity: Ready, Set, Go

tread-the-stars said: Ok so prompt set during this season and Felicity gets sick just with like the flu or a stomach virus and Oliver is secretly excited bc he thinks Felicity is pregnant but when he finds out he’s not he’s like surprised by how bummed out he is and Felicity notices and they have to have their first real convo since ivy town about possible future smoak-queen babies

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She rests her head back against his shoulder and his arms fall around her. He’s been stroking her back for the last twenty minutes while she retched over the toilet bowl, her stomach already empty so there’s nothing left to come up, but any time she takes as much as a sip of water she’s ended up back in the bathroom while her stomach heaves.

“All done?” he whispers as her forehead presses against his neck. It’s the smallest effort she can possibly make to get comfortable, but she doesn’t respond at all except to release a whimpered sob. “Hey…”

She sits up again, leaning her forehead on her knees. “I’m so tired, Oliver,” she tells him, her voice strained with the effort not to cry.

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Chapter 16 Part 1 (Merry Christmas to everyone, love yall!)


1 week later

“Nigga, you wrong as fuck. It’s about to be Christmas tomorrow too.” Ty said, letting out an ugly ass cackle. Ion see how I was wrong. 

“How am I wrong? And what does Christmas have to do with this?” I asked, folding my arms over my chest. 

“You just left her ass there to be confused, then yo ass still aint talked to her and it’s been a week! And cause what if she break up with ya ass on Christmas? You know if she did that to you then you would be mad as fuck." 

Alright, I guess I was wrong. I had just fucked and left like she was one of my hoes or something. I aint try to, but she caught me off guard saying “I love you”. I aint know how to feel about it. I didn’t wanna say the wrong thing, so I left. 

I been trying to talk to her at school, but she kept dodging my ass. So, the not talking to her for a week thing is kind of her fault, too. 

"Why you didn’t say it back, anyway?” Ty asked, breaking me out of my thoughts. Shrugging, I took my bucket hat off to scratch my head before putting it back on. 

“I was actually gone tell her before she told me, but I thought she was gone say it’s too early to be sayin’ I love you and shit." 

"No nigga, you just aint want to admit it. You gonna see her tonight though. She gone be looking bad.” He smirked.

“Keep playing, I’ma go upstairs and go fuck yo bitch. Pregnant or not.” I smirked back. 

“I heard pregant pussy was the best anyways.” I said, rubbing my hands like Birdman before licking over my lips. 

“You not funny.” Ty said,  mugging me as I busted out laughing. He looked pissed. 

“I’m the funniest mothafucka’ you know, dont lie.” Waving me off, he grabbed his keys from the coffee table and stood up. 

“I’m bout to go buy some shit for this party, go keep an eye on Nae.” He said, rushing out of the door before I could even respond. 

“Rude ass nigga.” I mumbled to myself, before jogging up the stairs to Ty’s room. It was cold as fuck, good thing I wore this hoodie cause my skinny ass was freezing.

“Who you on the phone with?” I asked Nae, plopping down next to her. Showing me her phone screen, it read ‘Raye’ and my eyes immdiately lit up. Grabbing the phone out of her hand, I put it on my ear.

“Babe.” Hearing her suck her teeth, the line beeped afterwards indicating that she hung up. Sighing, I handed Nae her phone back.

“Fuck her. I’m trying to apologize.” I mumbled, biting my bottom lip.

“Chris she’s tired of hearing your apologies.” Nae chuckled. Shrugging, I sat up in front of Nae. Wrapping her legs around my torso, I stared at her stomach. 

“You bout to explode and shit. Ya lil ass got fat.” I chuckled, rubbing her stomach. Everytime I see her, she gets bigger and bigger.

“Fuck you.” She said, mugging me. 

“Already did.” I shrugged, as she wore a salty expression on her face. 

“Out.” She said, poiting to the door.

“Ty told me to keep an ey-” She cut me off.

“Out, Chris.” She chuckled. Laughing as I got up, I grabbed my stuff. 

“Tell Ty you kicked me out!” I yelled, going down the stairs. 

Walking outside to my car, I noticed a scratch in the front. W=I know Raye did this bullshit. I knew it was her. I’m gonna fucking kill her, yo. 

Dialing her number on my phone, she didn’t answer until the 7th ring. She was probably deciding if she should answer or not. 

“What?” She answered with an attitude.

“Chill with the attitude. I know you did this bullshit to my car.” I said, putting my phone between my ear and shoulder as I got in the car. Starting it up and driving off, I heard her suck her teeth. 

“I didn’t do shit. Don’t come at me like that either. You thought.” She spat, before hanging up. Looking at my phone in disbelief, I shook my head and threw it in the backseat. How dare she? I told her about that disrespectful ass shit. When I see her in 2 hours, I’m fucking her up. 

Turning my radio up, I made sure that shit was on full blast cause I’m trying to forget about this shit. Instantly Milk Marie blared throughout my speakers, causing me to get hype. 

Singing along to the lyrics, I thought about what I should get to eat. I’ll probabaly get some chinese food, cause I’m trying to get food. 

“Baby its yourss..” I sang lowly  as the song changed.

Coming to a stop light, I pulled out my phone from the back seat. .Checking it to see if Raye called or anything, I was out of luck. Sighing, I decided to text her first. I never text people first unless I really want something. 

me: baby 

As the light turned green, I smacked my teeth and sat my phone in my lap. Turning into the parking lot of the mall, I quickly parked my car and checked my phone. Still no text back. 

Nodding my head, I got out my car and made sure I parked right.My shit was crooked. I aint feel like re-parking, so I just left it alone. Laughing at myself, I thought about all the stores Raye drags me to when we go to the mall. I already bought some shit for Christmas, but it wasn’t a lot. Well, it was but still.

The first store I went to was Victoria Secret. I’m bout to buy her the thinnest thongs in this bitch. Smirking to myself, I made my way to the big basket of thongs as people looked at me weirdly. Waving them off, I continued to shop for Raye. Act like they never seen a nigga shopping for his girlfriend. 

Thinking about getting her a bra, I busted out laughing. They probably dont even carry her size in here. Ion even know her bra size. I’ll just let her stick to buying that shit. 

Going next door to pink, I pulled out my phone to text Nae. Ion know if Raye wore a medium or large. 

me: what size raye wearin clothes?

lyin ass bitch: medium in pants, and u may wanna get a large in shirts cause you know.. 

Chuckling to myself as I saw her contact name, I forgot to change that shit. I’ll change it later. 

Grabbing a couple of sweaters and sweats, I looked everywhere else and didn’t see anything she wanted. She always bought sweaters and sweats here, so. Looking all around for something else, a onesie caught my eye and I immediately grabbed it before anybody else could. We were gonna be matching and shit, cause I already had a grey onesie at home that Raye begged me to buy. 

Going up to the cashier, I breathlessly layed everything out on the desk. “These are for your girlfriend?” The cashier asked. Looking at her nametag, it read ‘Bri’. 

“Yea, you think she’ll like em?” I laughed, scratching the back of my head.

“Oh yea, she’ll love them. Why you Christmas shopping so late anyways?” She chuckled, ringing the items up.

“I already went shopping for her but she mad at me and shit right now and she loves gifts so I’m hoping this wil kind of help.” Nodding, she started to smile as her dimples deepened. She was a lil’ cutie. She reminded me of Raye a lil’ bit. She was small wiith wild curly hair, freckles, that same cute lil smile, and the same complexion. 

“That’s sweet. I hope she forgives she you.”

“Thanks.” I said as she started bagging everything which took a while, because I got like a bussload of thongs. Almost the whole damn basket. 

“Your total is.. $167.95.” She said, smiling. I peeped that she smiles a lot. I saw her smiling when I got in here. 

Swiping my card, I pulled out my phone. “What’s your number?” I asked, shocking her. I needed a new girl friend since Nae got new responsibilties and shit, meaning that she aint gone be around as much. This girl seemed cool, so why not? 

Grabbing my gold iphone 6, she put her number in as I put my card back in my wallet. 

“Bri, right?” I asked, grabbing my bags.

“Yea,and your name isss?” She said, dragging out the word is, making me laugh. 

“Chris, let me see your phone.” Saving my number in her phone, I ntoiced that it was the same as mine except hers look like it was customized. She had a lot of niggas names in her contacts too. I guess she got hoes. Smirking at my thoughts, I saved my name in as ‘Chris’ as I handed her the phone back. I aint put no emoji’s cause we dont know each other like that. 

Thinking about the next store, my eyes landed on MAC. This was her favorite store. I’m just about to get a couple of lipsticks that I would like on her, cause ion’ know what she wants. She would look sexy as fuck in some dark lisptick, I never seen her her in any. She said she needed to go get some more foundation or whatever too. That Bri girl was the same color as Raye, so I could ask her what color. 

me: what kind of foundation do you get from mac? 

Growing impatient as she aint text me back right away, I waited 10 minutes until she finally text back. 

bri: nc37

Sticking my phone back in my pocket I went over to the foundation and the first one I saw was Nc37. It was only 1 left too, lucky me. I gotta thank Bri. 

Going over to the lipstick section, I stopped in front of the Rihanna collection. I heard from every bitch that her shit was fire. Looking at the one’s that had the most gone, there was only 1 left of ‘Talk That Talk’ so I grabbed that one. I would get more, but bitches were starting to stare too much so I was ready to get the fuck out of here. 

Paying for Raye’s stuff, I grabbed the small black bag and made my way out of the store. 

Going to a few other stores, I quickly bought everything before going to the food court. A nigga was tired, this party was bout’ to start, and the mall was bout’ to close. I’ma be late. I gotta go home, put this shit up and eat. Then, the party far cause it’s gone be in a masion. 

Getting my chinese food, I quickly made my way to the car. Putting everything in the backseat, I brought my food up the front with me. Quickly eating up my food, it took me bout 30 mins to finish everything. That shit was good as fuck, too. My fat ass was bout to go in there and get more, but it’s bout to close anyways. 

Starting up my car, I made my way home to put all this stuff under the tree that Raye and I put up. I asked Christina to help, but she don’t wanna talk to my ass for that shit I said to her. 

Ion’ feel sorry for saying that shit either. She needed to hear that. The truth hurts. She’s just so fucking frustarting. I should’ve never introduced her to August. She a cool kid, but she never fucking listens which pisses me off. I’m trying to look out for her little ass, but she wont listen so fuck it. I’ma let her do her. When something happens, that bitch better not come asking me for shit since she wanna be grown. I’m still low-key pissed about it, but I’ll get over it.

She told my momma she was staying over a “friends” house for a week which was August, but she still aint show up. Bet money that her little ass bout to be at this party with August. 

Sometimes I think about how me and that was like bestfriends. That was my fucking partner in crime. We did everything together. When he started looking after Christina and shit, that made me respec him even more cause he was taking care of my sister. I would’ve never thought that they’d start fucking around though. I lowkey feel like he turning her against me, too. We used to play with eachother all the damn time, and now? We barely talk. 

I always think about forgiving that nigga, but I be like nah what if he pulls some fake ass shit again. Ion need to be dealing with that shit, so I just be like oh well. 

 Getting out of the car, I left it on as I quickly went in the house to set everything under the tree. Running back out, I made sure to lock the door behind myself. 

Getting back in my car, I typed the address in the GPS system and drove off. This shit was like an hour and a half away. I’m bout to be bored as shit. I dont got nobody to turn up with me in the car. I’m bout to see what Bri doin’. 

me: wyd rn? 

bri: leaving 

me: where

bri: mansion party, u goin?

me: yea, let me pick u up, i’m bored.

bri: bout to send u my address. hope u aint a creep

Texting me her address, I typed it in the GPS and realized that it was in the same neighborhood I stayed in. Everybody stays over here. She stayed like 2 streets behind me. 

Making a U-turn, I turned back to where my house was. Driving through the 2 streets after mine, I stopped in front of her house which looked similar to mine. 

Not wanting to honk my horn, I texted her. 

me: come outside naps

Waiting for bout’ 3 minutes, I heard my car door open indicating that she had got in. Putting on her seat belt, she smiled at me. “Hi, again.” She said, causing me to chuckle. Driving off, I began to put on my seatbelt.

“Sup?” I asked, dapping her up. 

“Just ready to turn up tonight.” She said, dancing in her seat a little. I noticed that she was a little smaller than Raye.  

“You trying to get you a nut?” I asked with a straight face.

“Basically.” She shrugged, making me bust out laughing. 

“What?” She laughed a little. 

“I like you, I gotta introduce you to my girlfriend." 

"Can’t wait to meet her. Is she nice?”

“Too fucking nice.” I chuckled. 

“Oooh, I know someone like that..” She chuckled as I did the same. 

“Nah but she cool foreal. You gonna like her, I promise.” Nodding, she started to speak again. 

“Aw, she sounds cute. How did yall meet?” She asked, making me sigh. I might as well tell her the truth since I’m trying to make her my friend and shit. Telling her about everything from 9th grade up until now, she gasped once I was done. 

“Oh my gosh! When I meet her, I’m giving her a big hug. She needs one. You gotta stop doing her like that. She doesn’t deserve it.” Nodding, I blew air out of my mouth. 

“I know, I’m trying." 

"I wish y’all the best.” She smiled, patting me on the back. 

“You dont got no friends or nothing around here?” I asked changing the subject, as she typed the GPS in on her phone. 

“I’m from here, but I been in Texas for a really long time. So no.” She shrugged. 

“That’s wassup. You in school?" 

"Yea, college.” Nodding my head, I smiled as thoughts of her chillin with me and the crew filled my head. They would love her. We would be having all types of fun.

Turning up the radio, the song I made for way called “101” blared throughout the speakers causing me to quickly turn it down all the way. 

“Oh my gosh, is that you?” Bri asked, as I started turning red. Chuckling nervously, I nodded and her mouth formed in the shape of an O. 

“Restart it, please. I wanna hear it.” Sighing, I restarted the song and turned it up all the way. Raye haven’t heard this yet either. 

Bobbing her head slowly to the song, she smiled at me. Smiling back, I mentally did a happy dance cause she liked the song.

“Man, that’s it?” She asked, as I nodded.

“It’s an interlude.” I told her as she nodded.

“Boy you got talent!” She yelled extra loud, making me jump. Nodding, she turned to another song causing me to suck my teeth. I just let her listen to them, because she was enjoying this shit right now. 

“Baby let’s get naked, just so we can make sweet love..” I sang, bobbing my head as Bri started wining her hips in the seat. She was over here dirty wining and shit. Biting my lips, I quickly looked away and just focused on driving. I’ma get myself in trouble.

This was a long as drive but it was cool. I would’ve been bored as fuck in here by myself. 

As the song finished, Migos’ Hannah Montana came on causing both of us to get hype as fuck. A nigga been waiting to listen to them all day. They get you turnt the fuck up.

Listening to more songs off of their mixtape, we finally arrived. Looking at my surroundings, I mumbled a ‘damn’. This shit was packed. 

Getting out of the car, I helped Bri’s short ass out since she had on heels. She probably would’ve fell flat on her pretty face. Holding her hand as we went inside, I smirked as I looked at everything. This shit was popping. Bitches were everywhere, niggas were turning up, balloons was all over the place, blunts were being passed, and I saw a few strippers. It was even grown people here and shit. 

“Wanna dance?” I asked Bri, as she nodded. On queue, French Montana’s Pop That came on. Grabbing my hand, her little ass led me to where there was space.

Backing me into the wall, she started twerking her ass on my dick like crazy causing me to get hard. I know she felt it too cause she started laughing. Slapping my hand on one of her ass cheeks, the pace I was going at matched the beat. Cheesing as she started to vibrate her shit, I put my hands on her waist to keep up with her ass. Baby girl had a lot of energy. Grabbing some of her hair, she started to dance harder causing me to bite my lip. 

As the song went off in a couple of more seconds, she turned around and smiled at me. “Girl you got talent!” I yelled in the same tone she yelled at me earlier. 

“Whatever, my hair better not have come out.” She laughed referring to how hard I was pulling her hair. I was pulling her shit hard as fuck though. 

“See you around, go get your nut. I’m bout to find my lady.” I laughed, before leaving. 

Going upstairs, I spotted Raye with the quickness. First thing I layed eyes on was the titties and I knew it was her. She was dancing. Looking at who she was dancing on, I sucked my teeth. This nigga Ty something else. 

Chuckling as I jogged up the stairs, I pushed my way through everybody and stopped once I ended up behind Ty. Smacking him in the back of his big ass head, he quickly turned around and was bout to beat my ass until he realized it was me.

“Nigga, you late.” He laughed. 

“Nigga dont change the subject, I saw you dancing with my bitch.” I chuckled.

“Yea bro, she was popping the pussy on me.” He said as Raye noticed us talking and rolled her eyes. Surpringly, she stood there. 

“See, that’s why I fucked Nae when you left.” I said, making him chuckle as he walked away. Putting my attention on Raye, she looked good as fuck tonight. I noticed that she cut her hair which made me frown, because I couldn’t pull her shit. It was cute on her though. Hopefully it’s a weave. 

“I’m sorry.” I whispered in her ear. Grabbing my hands, she started playfully swinging them back and forth. 

“Let’s go home so I can explain..” I said, grabbing her hands so she could stop. Snatching it away, she playfully mugged me.

“This party popping though.” She said, looking around. Shrugging, I looked around too. It was, but couldn’t nothing top me and Raye spending time with each other. 

“You’ll have more fun spending time with me.” I encouraged her, wiggling my eyebrows. 

“Fine. But you aint getting nothing from me so dont even expect a damn thing.” She warned.

“No pussy?!” I yelled, frowning.

“Nope,” She paused to laugh.  

“Should’ve never left me.” She shrugged. Looking over her outfit again, I liked it but these niggas was staring at her ass and shit. Why she wear this tight shit? We talked about this. She disrespecting me, again. 

“Why you wear that?” I asked, breaking her attention from the people that were taking body shots down stairs. Squinting my eyes a little, I realized that it was Bri causing me to chuckle and shake my head. Bri was probably a lil thot. 

“To make you mad.” Sucking my teeth, I knew she did it on purpose. I know she put that scratch on my car too but we’ll talk about that later. 

“Let’s go do that.” She said, pointing to where Bri was as people were still taking body shots off of her. Nodding, I held her hand tight as we walked down the stairs. 

As we got down there, Raye let go of my hand as she smirked. I wanted to do this shit too, but I know Raye wouldn’t let me. 

Pushing all the other people out the way, Raye grabbed the bottle that she was previusly holding and poured whatever it was on Bri’s stomach. Bending down to where she was face to face with her stomach, she closed her eyes. As her mouth came in contact with Bri’s belly button my dick twicthed in my pants. Everybody over here got hype too. 

When Raye started to tongue kiss her shit, I rose an eyebrow. Let me find out Raye’s into bitches. I’m bout to get a 3some poppin’. 

When Raye finally got up, Bri winked at her causing me to laugh. Grabbing Raye’s hand again, I led her outside to my car. Opening her door, I watched as she climbed in head first like me. Shaking my head, I shut the door behind her and got in on my side before leaving. 

“Can I just fuck you in the back? My dick so hard right now.” I pleaded, unzipping my pants so that I could pull my shit out and show her. Succeeding, her eyes landed on it as she smirked. 

“Please?” I groaned. 

“Nah..” She said, turning her head.

“Really?” Nodding, she turned up the radio. Rolling my eyes at her, I thought about how it would be the next time I get to fuck her. I’m fucking her shit up, foreal. She gonna regret this shit. 

Once we got closer to my house, I looked over at her, and she was sleeping like a baby. Thumb in her mouth, curled up in her seat and all. She aint even have her seatbelt. She looked so damn cute. I needed to get my shit together, cause I would hate to loose her ass. 

These 3 months been so damn good. I loved being around her. She’s posisitve about everything, and it’s great to have that energy around me. I need to quit playin’. 

Whipping up in my driveway, I snickered to myself. Whip game was on fucking fleek. Nobody could whip better than me. 

Getting out the car, I walked over to Raye’s side and carried her into the house. Laying her down in my bed, I stripped out everything except my socks. Finding some sweats to put on, I put them on before going back to my bed. Hovering over Raye, I took off her tight ass outfit and put one of my shirts on her. Trailing kisses down her neck, I tried to wake her up. 

“Babe, wake up.” I mumbled in her ear before kissing it,

“What is it?” She whined, tossing and turning. Chuckling, I lightly shook her so that she could wake the fuck up and stop playin’. Ion know why she so sleepy. 

“Get yo ass up, Raye!” I semi-yelled, smacking her thigh. Sucking her teeth, she opened her eyes but stayed in the same position. 

“What you want?" 

"You.” I said, causing her to blush. 

“I’m right here..” She chuckled. 

“Yo sleepy ass dont wanna wake up.” Sitting all the way up in the bed, she put all her attention on me as I did the same to her. Moving closer to her, I noticed that she had freckles on her face. I never noticed them.

“Since when did you have freckles?” Laughing, she put her hands over her cheeks and looked the other way.

“I been having them. I just never show them, because they’re ugly.” Smacking my lips, I looked at her like she was stupid.

“What? You say the same thing about your freckles so shutup!” Smiling, I didn’t say shit cause she was right. 

“But it’s cute on you. You’re a girl.” Shaking her head no, I just waved her off and continued to admire her beauty. She was trippin, them freckles made her look cute as fuck. 

“You woke me up to stare at me?" 

"No, it’s Christmas.” I said, grabbing her hands to help her up off of the bed. 

“Ion even kow why I’m talking to you right now.” She laughed. 

“Cause you love meee.” I sang, as she got quiet and looked away. Shit, I forgot. I fucked up the moment. 

“What did you get me?” She changed the subject as we went downstairs. Stopping in front of the tree, she tore a box open before I could even reply. I hope her spoiled ass likes everything. 

Sitting behind her, I wrapped my arms around her waist as she got the necklace that I got her out of the box. It was a rose gold necklace that said ‘Love You Too’ as part of my apology. 

“It’s beautiful..” She said, fanning her eyes so that she wouldn’t cry. Making her face me, she put the box down and put all her attention on me. 

“I’m sorry that it took me so long to say it back. I feel real bad, foreal. You just caught me off guard and I lowkey didn’t wanna admit it. I’ma work on that though. I love you too, baby.” I apologized, taking the necklace and putting it around her neck. 

“You’re gonna make me cry, Chris.” she laughed, sniffling. 

“Nah, dont do that.” Sitting her in my lap, I watched as she unwrapped the other thousands of presents I got her. She looked so excited after she opened each present. That was my goal. 

“How did you know I liked all this stuff, babe?" 

"This girl in the store helped me.. The one at the party." 

"She has good taste.” she said, shocking me. I thought she was gonna be mad and shit. 

“You like bitches?” I asked out of curiousity. 

“Why they gotta be bitches,” She paused as we both laughed. It was just a habit of me calling em bitches, so..

“But I dont know..” She shrugged. Smirking, I rubbed my hands and looked and around before looking back at her.

“So, we bout to get some 3somes poppin’?” I asked, and she looked at me like I was stupid. 

“NO. I want you to myself.. I don’t wanna share.” Sucking my teeth, I waved her off. Fuck that bullshit. 

“It’s happening one day. Trust." 

"Whatever, I’m going upstairs to play with my stuff.” She sais, putting all her things in her bags

“You not gone stay down here with me?” She shook her head no and headed for the stairs.

“No, you gotta learn your lesson!” She yelled before I heard the door upstairs close. Sucking my teeth, I looked around the house to see what I could do. Thought I was gonna get some booty tonight. Just like Raye said earlier, “I thought”.

Atleast she liked everything though. That’s all that mat matters. My baby’s happiness.

I thought everything that I could possibly do right now and nothing was coming to mind. Let me clean up the house real quick before my momma see this and start yelling and shit. 

Connectiong myMac to the tv, I turned on the speakers so that I could play some music while I was cleaning up. This was a lot of shit to clean up and I aint wanna be bored. 

After almost 2 hours, I was done with cleaning and I wanted to lay down and cuddle with my baby. 

“I hope Raye’s bitch ass ain’t lock the door.” I mumbled to myself, going up the stairs. Stopping in front of my door, I twisted the gold door knob and surprisingly, it opened. Thought she would be smart enough to lock it.

Closing the door behind me, I cursed to myself for having dark ass colors in here. I couldn’t see. I couldn’t only hear her light snores.

Standing at the end of the bed, I smirked once the light on the side of the house came on. I guess Raye took a shower and fell asleep cause she got on a pair of the red panties and bra I bought her from VS. She looked so damn sexy right now.

Rising the blanket up a little more, I slid under it quietly. Feeling around for her legs, I spread them and made my way in between them. Pulling her panties off, I sucked my teeth because I couldn’t see that pretty pussy of hers. Licking my lips anyway, I wrapped my arms around her legs and came face to face with her shit.

“Chris move..” She mumbled in a sleepy tone, closing her legs.

“What the fuck Raye?” I mumbled, as I began to hear her light snores again. Spreading her legs again, I was hoping that her ass would stay sleep. Ion’ need her interrupting me.


“This shit nasty as fuck!” I heard Chris yell downstairs, causing me to wake up. Groaning and throwing a mini tantrum in the bed, I lifted the covers off of me. Chris is freaking aggy. I was having a good dream.

“What happened to my panties?” I mumbled to myself, looking around on the bed. I had on a bra, but no panties. That doesn’t make sense. I might as well should’ve slept naked.

Looking at the dark brown hardwood floor, I spotted them next to the nightstand. Laughing to myself, I slid off of the bed and slipped them back on. I know Chris had something to do with this. I could’ve sworn I locked the door last night, but I guess I didn’t.

Opening the door to Chris’ spacious bathroom, I went in the closet to grab me an outfit. I told yall my room was like Chris’ room also.

Laughing at my thoughts, I grabbed everything that I needed. Doing my daily hygiene routine, it took about an hour and a half to finish.

Turning off the light, I skipped down stairs like the happiest person in the world. I kept thinking about my presents.I couldn’t help, but smile like a big ass kid. Chris was so annoying, but then he had moments like these where he was corny, and it made me happy.

Stepping foot in the kitchen, I looked at Nae who was sitting on the counter and Chris who had a mad expression on his face. This nigga always mad.

“What’s wrong with him?” I asked Nae, scrunching up my face.

“This fool wanted some nachos and there wasn’t no cheese so he asked me could I go buy some and I’m like no, the fuck. So his basic ass gone melt some shredded cheese and now he’s mad cause it’s nasty.” Nae giggled while telling the story.

“You’re mad for no reason, Chris.”

Shaking my head slowly, I looked back at Chris and the first thing I laid eyes on was the print in his sweatpants. Averting his eyes towards me, he noticed what I was looking at, so he made a toothy grin.

“Just ask.” He mouthed, so that Nae wouldn’t know what we were talking about.

“I didn’t even ask last night, you forced yourself on me and I couldn’t do anything cause I was half sleep.” I said out loud, not caring if Nae was here or not. There’s nothing to hide.

“How you know I did that? You was sleep most of the time.” He asked, shocked. Nae looked at us like we were disgusting, but we both ignored her.

“You’re nasty, Chris.” I mumbled lowly, completely avoiding his question.

When he didn’t respond, I just shrugged it off and went to the refrigerator to make some breakfast. It’s probably super late, but who cares. Quickly checking my phone, I had a lot of Merry ?Christmas texts’ but I would have to respond later.

Getting out some biscuits, bacon, and eggs, I listened to Nae and Chris’ stupid little argument. They’re always arguing over some so little.

“Oh shit Raye, you finally up.” I heard Ty say, then I felt his arm wrapped around my shoulder. Kissing each other on the cheek, I went back to cooking as they started talking again.

Waiting about 20 more minutes, the bacon and the biscuits were done so now I could make the eggs. My mouth watered just looking at this. To say I was hungry was an understatement.

Halfway into making the eggs, I felt Chris’ big ass lips on my neck. “So you not gone talk to me today?” He whispered in my ear, wrapping his arms around my waist. Smirking at him as a response, he sucked his teeth and went back to the table.

Done with making the eggs, I made everybody’s plate and sat it at the table where they were. Grabbing 3 large glasses, I poured Apple juice in it because I hated orange juice. It made my throat hurt, and it tastes like alcohol.

“What the fuck? Where’s my plate?” Chris asked looking at me like I was crazy as Ty and Nae were dying.

“Oh babe, I’m sorry I f–” he cut me off my putting his hand up, causing me to let out a small giggle.

“Yeen’ forget shit. How you gonna give these 2 bitches something but not me? This shit is unbelievable. I’m thinking that you was cooking for me and you this whole time, but plot-fucking-twist,” he paused to give me one of his infamous mugs. Giving him a small smile, he still wore a mug on his face.

“How you gonna give these 2 ignorant bitches a plate and not me? What kind of shit is that?” He groaned like Smokey, making the situation even funnier.

“Aye, I ain’t no bitch. My bm ain’t either. You the bitch, over here whining and shit.” Ty said, as we continued to laugh at Chris. I swear I forgot.

“You shut the fuck u– matter of fact…” Getting up from his seat, he walked over to Ty and grabbed his plate before coughing all over it so that Ty wouldn’t take it back. Looking over at Ty, his face was priceless.

“Maaaaan, we leaving.” He said, helping Nae out of her seat. She was so into the food that she brought the plate with her.

“You still mad at me?”

“Yes.” I said plain and simple.

“Man, I’m sorry. But you can’t even put all the blame on me cause I tried to talk to you, and you ain’t wanna hear it.” Looking down at my dainty feet, I shook my head because he was right.

“Come on babe, it’s Christmas. You should be spending it with me.” He said, making me sigh.

Running my hands through the short bob that I had just got done, he smiled at me as I stuck my tongue out at him.

“I’m only doing this, because it’s Christmas. After this, I ain’t kissing you or nothing for a week.” I warned as he paid no mind to me. He thought I was joking.

“Come with me to come put on my clothes, my fam should be here in any minute.” He said, dragging me up the stairs.

“You didn’t tell me your family was coming..” I panicked. I’m not a people person. 

“Don’t worry about it, they’re going to love you..” he said.

“Chris! I’m nervous!” I whined.

“For what? My momma already loves you, and I love you so ain’t shit to worry about.” he said making me smile.

“Don’t try to be all cute now.” I joked as we headed into his room.This is the second time he’s said it, and I swear my heart has done backflips both times.

We walked into his room, and he shut the door behind us. I climbed on the bed and watched him as he stripped. It has been a week since I’ve seen him in all his naked glory, and believe me I’m taking it in.

“You see something you like?” He asked smirking at me as I bit my lip.

Well I was putting him on punishment after today right? So I might as well live in the now, “Come here.”

I was sitting on the edge of the bed and he walked in front of me leaning forward. He put both hands on the either side of me and placed his lips inches from mine, “Kiss me beautiful.” he said.

I blushed and grabbed his face attaching my lips to his. He pushed us back on the bed and I broke the kiss. “Babe isn’t your family coming?”

“Yeah. We got time though, so you gonna let me get some loving?” He asked unbuttoning my shorts and slipping his hands into my underwear rubbing on my clit.

I gasped and nodded my head yes, but of course that wasn’t enough “No I need you to use your words baby.”

“Y-ye-yes..” I gasped.

He smiled, and worked me over. You try denying a nigga this sexy the kitty.


I was rushing to get ready because Chris wanted to take longer than he should’ve in bed. He was so aggy.

“You ready babe? They pulling up outside.” Chris said coming into the room as I put on my shoes.

“Yeah I am, let’s go..” I said following him outside the bedroom.

When we got downstairs I was nervous as hell. Until I saw the one bitch that irked my nerves walk in with Mama J and Chris’s cousins.

“Alisha what you doing here?” Chris asked real irritated.

Well there goes my Christmas.

jscoutfinch  asked:

Hey you! First of all, congratulations on the milestone!!! That's so exciting! For your appreciation thingy - I'd love to see either CS or Captain Charming and 12. Whichever you'd have more fun with ;)

Hey! So it took me a bit, but here is a little snippet of Emma and Killian shopping! (Much to our favorite pirate’s dismay. I realized much too late that I did a Captain Cobra Swan for this one, but I’ve switched the Onsie buyer. Maybe I’ll write a Captain Charming as a bonus once I finish the last of my prompts  

If you’ve sent one in, it is on its way!

So, #12: “I want to buy a onesie…but know it won’t suit me.”

Captain Swan

Originally posted by magic-alwayscomeswithaprice

Killian groaned in frustration. He loved spending time with Emma, he really did, but sometimes, shopping trips were worse than a visit to the Underworld. Had Hades used this form of torture, Killian probably would have given in within minutes. “For the love of all that is holy, Swan,” he snapped, “could you just choose something?”

It wasn’t like her to be fussy, but they’d circled the pajama aisle ten times, each time, a slower pass than the last. Emma frowned at him, and, made a big show of going down the aisle again. (Just to spite him. There was no doubt about that.)

“I want to buy a onesie… but know it won’t suit me,” she finally spoke.

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