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Hey you! First of all, congratulations on the milestone!!! That's so exciting! For your appreciation thingy - I'd love to see either CS or Captain Charming and 12. Whichever you'd have more fun with ;)

Hey! So it took me a bit, but here is a little snippet of Emma and Killian shopping! (Much to our favorite pirate’s dismay. I realized much too late that I did a Captain Cobra Swan for this one, but I’ve switched the Onsie buyer. Maybe I’ll write a Captain Charming as a bonus once I finish the last of my prompts  

If you’ve sent one in, it is on its way!

So, #12: “I want to buy a onesie…but know it won’t suit me.”

Captain Swan

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Killian groaned in frustration. He loved spending time with Emma, he really did, but sometimes, shopping trips were worse than a visit to the Underworld. Had Hades used this form of torture, Killian probably would have given in within minutes. “For the love of all that is holy, Swan,” he snapped, “could you just choose something?”

It wasn’t like her to be fussy, but they’d circled the pajama aisle ten times, each time, a slower pass than the last. Emma frowned at him, and, made a big show of going down the aisle again. (Just to spite him. There was no doubt about that.)

“I want to buy a onesie… but know it won’t suit me,” she finally spoke.

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