if you look up passion in the dictionary his face comes up

Sex With Him Includes...

A collection of smutty, sexual, “13 Reasons Why” preferences of what it would be like to bang one of your favorite boys because why the hell not.

* * * * *

Clay Jensen❤️

- It probably starts innocently, like him, gently flirting as you help each other with homework at his house.
- He asks if he can kiss you.
- “Please do.”
- Every kiss you both have is deep, slow, and romantic, both your hands on his pink cheeks and his resting on your waist.
- You end up doing it on the homework you two should probably be working on.
- He tops.
- He’s the nervous type, so you take it slow.
- He’s not very loud, but you can tell he’s enjoying it by his closed eyes and slightly open mouth.
- It is no doubt that Clay is inexperienced, but that surely doesn’t mean a night alone with him all to yourself isn’t pleasurable.
- You rest one on one your hands on his neck as he slowly and gently thrusts.
- He’s a gentleman and always asks if you’re comfortable.
- “Are you ok?”
- “I am absolutely wonderful.”
- You lay by his side afterward, hand in his, as he fills the air with awkward and nervous comments and jokes.

* * * * *

Justin Foley💙

- The first kiss you both share is messy and graceless, and quickly turns into a hot and heavy make out session.
- The neck biting.. He’s like fucking Dracula.
- He’s definitely the dominant one.
- Lots of dirty talk on his part.
- He’d totally tie you up to the posts of his bed and use you. He’s the kinkiest.
- Out of all the boys, it’s Justin that’s most likely to do you against a wall in an empty closet with a house full of people.
- “Careful.” You tell him, in response to his loud, sexual grunts of pleasure. “If you’re not quiet, they’ll find us.”
- He smirks. “Let them.”
- He always smells like sex afterward, but you don’t mind. So do you.

* * * * *

Alex Standall💜

- He’s sorta awkward at first, especially when he places that soft, gentle kiss onto your lips. But it’s the cutest, sweetest kind of awkward.
- Lip biting.
- He slowly pulls your clothes off of you, making sure you’re okay with it before doing so.
- “Y/N, you are.. Just… Wow.” He says, getting a look at you. “You are stunning.”
- You run your fingers through his soft, bleached hair, gently tugging on it.
- Collarbone kisses.
- He’s tries his best not to giggle like an idiot when your fingers trailing down his pale chest tickles him.
- Trails of red scratches up his back from your nail.
- Short, breathy moans come from his vocal chords. You’re so close to him you can feel his breath on your lips.
- Lots of passionate touching.
- “I love you” Is said.
- Your fingers intertwine and lock with his.
- You take turns being dominant. He’s totally cool with letting you top. In fact, it turns him on.
- In the end, you lay next to him on his bed with your head on his shoulder as one of his strange CD’s play in the background. Deep conversations ensue as you ponder your existence and talk about if aliens truly exist. It’s casual pillow talk for you guys.

* * * * *

Jeff Atkins💛

- He places his hand on the back of your neck and pulls you closer when he kisses you.
- Strip teases.
- “Strip.”
- “Yes sir.”
- He asks you to rip his clothes off of him.
- He cracks up when you rip a hole in his shirt.
- “I didn’t mean literally.”
- Lots of compliments.
- “Damn, I’d say you were beautiful, but even that doesn’t cut it.”
- He calls you an array of different nicknames. Babe, sweetheart, hon, dear, every cute pet name in the dictionary.
- Hickies.
- He’s likes to do it rough, but not if it is too much for you.
- He lives for watching that look of pleasure spread across your face as you orgasm.
- Round 2 in the shower.

* * * * *

Zach Dempsey💚

- He’s the kind of guy that sneaks you into his room at night.
- He’s also far too tall, so he lifts you up and you wrap your legs around his waist so you can kiss him better.
- That kiss. That full, powerful kiss.
- He clears a spot on his desk and places you there as soon as he does so.
- It’s seems as if you two are always in the bedroom, but never in the bed.
- His thrusts shake the desk.
- “You like that?”
- Although he’s a gentleman, he’s got a bit of a daddy kink.
- He’s loud. It’s definitely a turn on.
- He’ll totally nibble on your ear.
- When you have both finished, he’ll take you out for some food- he’ll even let you wear his sports jacket.

{PART 3} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Thinking that you’re about to be fired, you start panicking about how you’ll survive with no job. Jungkook still can’t answer the many questions he has about you - and he questions himself in turn.

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4}

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

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Fujimaki Tadatoshi’s Interview in Entermix May 2017

Ahhhhh. Everyone was like “READ THIS INTERVIEW” so I went ahead and read this above anything else and it was so worth it because it gave me hope as a fan in despair. 

This is just a rough translation :D I just wanted to put it so people who would like to read can read it too :D

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“Atleast your lunch didn’t run away?” Jughead grumbled sarcastically. “Real smooth, honestly author in training right here.” He groaned, dropping into his seat in the back of the chemistry classroom.

He was the literal definition of an idiot, look it up in the dictionary and there he was, a stupid grin on his face as he spewed out lame jokes to the love of his life. Not that he had ever had a chance with “The Betty Cooper” but whatever minuscule hope he had was crushed by that cringe worthy display that had just occurred in the hallway.

He couldn’t seem to get his words straight when she was around, he blamed it on her soft skin and strawberry scented hair, that could send any guy into catatonic shock but in actuality it was just her presence in general. Jughead couldn’t remember a single day where the beautiful Cooper girl wasn’t racing through his mind, he found himself staring at her whenever he got the chance, creepy as it was he was drawn to her by some unexplainable magnetic force. He tried, really he did.

“You’re not good enough for her, for any of those kids but especially not Alice Coopers daughter, it would do you good to get your head out of the clouds.”

His mothers sharp words and harsh tone rang through his brain. She was right, he knew that but still… he had to go and touch her? He had to feel that electrifying shock when his skin met hers? And then.. the blush on her cheeks when he brushed away the grease stain. Jughead lifted his palm to reveal the smudge of oil, he couldn’t keep the grin off of his face, it was stupid he knew that, to put actual meaning into her words

“I’ll see around Jughead Jones.”

It wasn’t something he really had the time to think about, but when it came to Betty Cooper there had always been time. He still remembered the first time he saw her, they were only six year olds and she was sitting on her own by the sand box, wind whipping through long blonde pigtails, she had been talking to herself, head ducked low as she whispered. He hadn’t been able to get her out of his head since that day. She was like him, he knew in that moment she was dealing with something bigger than both of them, just like he was.

Living in the Southside of Riverdale wasn’t something Jughead took pride in especially considering he was the only teenager from that side of town who went to Riverdale, his father had been adamant about his son attending the better school, he wanted him to have an education, he wanted his life to be different than his.

Forsythe Pendleton Jones was a good father, he worked hard to provide for his family, he was kind and loved his family to a fault, his only fatal flaw?

He was the prominent leader of the Southside Serpents, a title that held a lot of weight in the community, a lot of weight on Jughead shoulders.

As for Jugheads Mother, Gladys Jones, she was a horrible, bitter, angry woman with a deep hatred for her oldest son, he was a disappointment and she made it very clear with every beating. She wanted Jughead to follow in his fathers footsteps, she wanted him to take over the Serpents, and he tried too, but it was never enough.

He wanted a normal life, a normal family, a girlfriend.. one with silky blonde hair and haunting, meadow green eyes.

The rest of the day flew by without another sighting of Betty, well not until the end of the day, He caught her walking side by side with Archie Andrews and Kevin Keller , her neighbor and American dream extraordinaire and the Sheriffs son.

Popping the cigarette he kept in his jacket sleeve into his mouth, he stared openly as Betty Cooper walked past him, a hint of a smile on her lips as her eyes lingered on his motorcycle, a hand reaching out to touch the chrome, before Kevin grabbed her hand

“Rude.” He shook his head lovingly at the blushing blonde and shot Jughead an apologetic smile “sorry, we’re still teaching her manners.” He teased walking ahead with Archie who snorted.

Betty stuck her tongue out at the two boys and turned to Jughead

“I’m sorry, that was rude. I just.. sometimes I can’t help myself, your bike is beautiful.” She averted her gaze to the Harley and he laughed

“She sure is, you can touch her if you want.”

Almost instantly she dropped her backpack and bent down by the bike, her fingers touching the wheel and admiring the old fashioned detailing.

“My dad had me fix up an Original Harley when I was eight, I’ve been in love with them ever since , I haven’t seen one in ages.” She looked up at him with sparkling eyes as he squatted beside her

“You should see my dads, this one is practically scrap metal compared to his.” Jughead couldn’t keep his eyes off of her, the passion in her eyes, her ponytail was in pieces after the long school day, she really was beautiful, almost too beautiful. Perfect.

She beamed at him
“Maybe you could show me one day?” She was practically bouncing with excitement, wrapping her fingers around his forearm her tiny hands were softer than he expected, considering he was certain she was almost always elbow deep in a trucks hood.

They both took a moment to stare into each other’s eyes, something different yet so familiar mirrored brightly.

Jughead cleared his throat, tearing his eyes away

“Umm, yeah totally. Whenever.” He tried to come off aloof, but his twitching fingers might have given him away.

“Betty!” Kevin called, “Come on, I’m getting hangry” he sing songed.

When Betty turned back to Jughead he was already mounting his bike, the engine revving loudly.

“I’ll see you around Betty Cooper.” He smirked

“How will you get in touch with me?” She called over the rumble of his bike.

“I’ve got my ways Juliet.” He grinned before riding away, leaving an incredibly confused Betty Cooper smiling after him.

Workaholics Anonymous

“Vay-cay! Vay-cay! Vay-cay!” Loco chants as the AOMG boys were walking on to the tarmac, about to board a private jet to Fiji.

Gray was on his phone trying to document everything on his instastory. Ugly Duck was following from behind trying to take a video of everyone else on his instalive. He was narrating everything using random sound effects for everyone. He then zooms over to his boss who was still on his phone talking last minute business details.

“Wooooaaaah~ Park sajang’s on his fly shit,” he voices over. He then pans the video from Jay’s Puma slides, then to his palm tree beach shorts and swimming singles. He then walks in front of him and videos his boss’s face.

“Oppa! You so hawt. Oh my gad!” Ju Kyung teases him, panning the phone back and forth his brother’s face. The latter played along, flexing his arms to his friend’s entertainment.

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Friends With Benefits (Part 2)

(Part 1)

AU: Jughead never went to Riverdale High and never became friends with Betty and the gang the way they were supposed to. Archie, Jughead, and Betty were close in middle school, but once they parted ways and Jughead followed in his father’s footsteps of becoming a Serpent, their relationship was never the same.

Note: I have plans for a part 3 and possibly a part 4 if you guys want it, just let me know! 

Betty glanced up from the heavily pencil-marked notebook paper resting on the mahogany desk, the exasperated eye roll resting patiently behind her eyelids threatening to take over as she squinted at the scribbles and lines in front of her. 

“Jug,” Betty called to the leather jacket-less boy standing by the floor to ceiling window with a wooden pencil tucked behind his ear. “You have got to be kidding me.” 

“What?” He feigned innocence as he turned away from the view overlooking the courtyard and took a step closer to the golden-haired girl sitting hunched over one of the massive desks with a look of annoyance written all over her face. 

“I know you don’t expect me to read this chicken scratch,” Betty mumbled, shoving the paper in his direction and leaning back in the rolling chair with an irritated huff. 

“Bets, it’s been scientifically tested that brilliant people such as writers have significantly worse handwriting than most people in their age and gender demographic,” Jughead pointed out, placing the paper back in the center of the desk with a sense of pride overtaking his expression. “Don’t diss a literary genius for his hastily executed penmanship when he chooses to spend his time creating eloquently crafted stories instead of taking his time with his handwriting.”

“I’m pretty sure that test had numerous inconsistencies,” Betty teased, pushing herself out of the chair and taking a few steps closer to Jughead to place a delicate hand on his chest. “Besides, you’re just making excuses for how you can’t handle writing with plain old pen and paper instead of being in front of your laptop to get a story done.” 

“Oh really?” Jughead quirked an amused eyebrow down at her as she sidestepped his attempted embrace and hopped up to sit on the desk behind him in one swift motion. “If that’s the case, then maybe you should give me a handwriting lesson. Since you’re such a pro and all.” 

“You know, that’s not a bad idea,” Betty agreed, pushing him back with one hand as he attempted to close the gap between them. “And after that I’ll teach you how to reign in the egotistically asinine backtalk you’ve gotten so good at lately.”

“I’d like to see you try,” Jughead teased, reaching up to gently pry her hand from his chest and taking it in his grip. “Seems like you could learn a thing or two about that yourself.” 

“Is that right?” Betty raised a challenging eyebrow at him as he positioned himself between her legs dangling off the edge of the desk, leaning in so close that the tip of his nose brushed against hers as his hands slid down her arms to rest comfortably around her waist.

“Definitely,” he breathed, her arms snaking around his shoulders as their lips finally met for a soft, but passionate kiss. 

As Betty’s legs wrapped around Jughead’s hips and his hands slipped underneath her knitted pink sweater, the gentleness disappeared and the passion took over the way it always did when they were together. Just as they adjusted their body weight to lean back onto the table, a booming knock coming from the front of the room startled them into sitting upright, nearly kicking a stack of dictionaries onto the tiled floor from the unexpected movement.

“Knock, knock!” 

The couple pulled away from each other and Betty flung herself off the desk, reaching out to steady herself on Jughead’s shoulder as she struggled to regain her balance. 

“Cheryl!” Betty gasped, frantically pulling down on the hem of her crumpled sweater in her attempt to straighten it out as much as possible. “What are you doing in the Blue and Gold room?” 

“Fear not, my significantly less attractive and far less remarkable Lois Lane and Clark Kent,” Cheryl greeted them with a fake smile, her ruby red lips glowing an ugly shade of burnt orange in the harsh fluorescent lights of the classroom. “I haven’t come to take over your little craft corner of a newspaper room in the valiant effort to put it too far better, far more interesting use just yet.”

“Okay, then why are you-” Jughead started to ask, but was promptly cut off by Cheryl shoving a perfectly pointed fingernail up to his lips in her attempt to quiet him. 

“Wait a minute,” she smirked, tossing her long red hair behind one shoulder and taking a few more steps into the room. “That’s exactly why I’m here. The River Vixens need a better locale to prepare for football games, sans the repugnant odor the girl’s volleyball team leaves behind after their practices. Your sorry excuse for a newsroom will make for an adequately sized dressing area don’t you think?”

“Forget it, Cheryl,” Jughead shot back. “How could you possibly think that we would give up the Blue and Gold room so your cheerleading squad can primp and polish yourselves to scream at a bunch of football players from the sidelines?”

“Because you Southside garden snake,” Cheryl snapped, her eyes narrowing to glare in their direction as if they were scum on the bottom of her overpriced designer shoe. “I have dirt on the two of you that would break a certain ginger-haired stallion’s heart if anyone were to leak such information over to his side of football field.” 

“You don’t know anything,” Betty muttered, her fists curling up into two angry balls as she felt the overwhelming fit of rage bubbling up inside of her that was all too familiar. 

“Oh don’t I?” Cheryl fluttered a set of dark lashes at Betty as she reached into her leather handbag to pull out her phone. “Then showing Archie this picture of you two locking lips borderline NC-17 style would be acceptable?”

With one click of a button, the image of Betty wrapped up in Jughead’s arms blinked onto the screen, the intimate moment thought to have been shared only by the couple, showing much more than either of them would have liked anyone else to witness.   

“You were spying on us?” Jughead gaped at the redheaded deviant in complete and utter disgust. “Cheryl, that’s low even for you.” 

“No, what’s low is that wench of a friend of yours, Veronica Lodge, thinking she can take over my squad a get away with it,” Cheryl spat, tugging the phone away from their view and sliding it back into her purse for safe keeping. “Scoring the Vixens a new dressing room will win the girls back from her villainous talons once and for all. Then all will be right with the world yet again and we can all move on with our lives.”

“There’s no way Principal Weatherbee would go for this,” Betty reminded her. “The school has set aside a budget for the newspaper, not to mention that it counts as credit hours for-”

“Oh, he’s already signed off on it,” Cheryl informed them, a devious smirk creeping onto her lips as she took in their bewildered expressions with a sense of accomplished delight. “Mommy promised to fund the next three school-sanctioned events if he agreed. The only glitch is that he can’t forcibly remove you from the paper and ask you to give up your credit hours. That’s against school policy. But I assured him that all it would take was a little persuasion on my part and-”

“You mean blackmail,” Jughead corrected her, his voice so low that it nearly came out as a vehement growl. 

“Call it what you will,” Cheryl sighed, pulling at the sleeves of her dark red mini dress and smirking unapologetically. “But regardless, it seems as though you have a tough decision to make. Risk the friendship with your BFF of nine plus years by revealing the betrayal of epic proportions or relinquish your rights to the Blue and Gold for good.” 

“Forget it, Betty,” Jughead whispered, turning to her with concerned eyes and a deep-set frown. “You don’t need the room to run a newspaper, we can ask your mom if we can use the Register’s resources and-”

“Au contraire,” Cheryl crooned, taking a step closer to Betty to place a firm hand on the wooden surface of the desk in front of her. “No more Blue and Gold room, no more Blue and Gold. Mr. Weatherbee’s rule. It was a dying art form to begin with. He decided it was best to cut his losses in the long run, if you were to sign off on it of course.” 

Betty whirled around to face Jughead with pleading eyes, the hopelessness in her expression giving him the urge to reach out and comfort her, but knowing better not to. 

“You have 24 hours to make your decision,” Cheryl announced. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have fabric to buy for the velvet lounge chairs I’m planning to put in that corner over there. The decor in this place is seriously depressing, I can’t wait to work my magic. Later, losers.” 

With one last flick of her luscious locks behind her shoulder, Cheryl turned on her heel to make her grand exit out of the room, leaving Betty and Jughead to stare opened-mouth at one another as they tried to comprehend what just happened. 

“She can’t do this, Bets,” Jughead told her, reaching out to place a reassuring hand on her elbow. “We won’t let her.”

“She’s a Blossom, Jughead,” Betty reminded him. “They have all the power in this town and in this school. We don’t have a choice.” 

“Yes, we do,” Jughead assured her. “We tell Archie about us before Cheryl can.” 

“We already talked about this,” Betty mumbled, backing away from his touch and crossing the room to stare absentmindedly at the cluttered bulletin board displaying various school news and activities. “Telling Archie isn’t an option.” 

“Let me get this straight,” Jughead muttered, his brows furrowing together in confusion as he tried to wrap his head around what she was saying. “You would rather give up the one thing you’re most passionate about in order to keep our relationship quiet from the person who cut me out of his life as a result of something my father did, than end all the secrets and lies once and for all and just come clean? Is that about the gravity of the situation or did I miss something?”

“You don’t get it, Jug,” Betty whispered, the tears beginning to spring up in the corners of her eyes as she lifted her chin slightly to meet his gaze with an agonized whimper. “Archie was there for me when Polly left town and I was at my lowest point. I owe it to him to be there while he’s going through everything with his Dad. I’m telling you, it’s just not the right time.” 

“Are you sure it’s not something else?”

Betty knitted her brows together, shaking her head in confusion as she wracked her brain for any information that would hint at what he could have been referring to. “Like what?” 

“Like you’re ashamed of being with a pile of Southside trash like me,” Jughead spat, the words falling off his tongue as if it were physically painful to utter them. 

“Of course not, Jughead, you know I could never think that,” Betty assured him, taking a few steps closer to place her hands on the smooth skin of his cheeks. “I love who you are, every part of you.” 

“You’re just not in love with me,” Jughead concluded, wrapping his hands around her wrists and pushing her away. “Maybe that’s it. Maybe you can’t feel anything real for the boy from the wrong side of the tracks so you keep him close enough to get in his pants but push him far enough away to avoid feeling a real connection with him.” 

“That’s not true and you know it,” Betty breathed, the hot tears welling up in her eyes and beginning to fall onto her cheeks as she struggled to keep herself from screaming or collapsing into a heap on the titled floor or simply running away from everything altogether. 

“Well it doesn’t matter anymore either way,” Jughead muttered, his expression hard and stony as he held up his hands and backed away from Betty entirely. “I’m done. I’m done with the Blue and Gold. I’m done with this friends with benefits bullshit. And I’m done with you.”


“We could have had something special, you and me,” Jughead informed her. “We could have had the real deal. But you chose keeping your friendship with Archie over keeping anything with me. I hope you’re happy with that decision, Betty. Because now you have no boyfriend, no newspaper staff, and no newspaper. Congratulations.”

With one last disappointed glance in her direction, Jughead crossed the room in just a few bounding steps and left the Blue and Gold room for what could have been the last time, slamming the door shut behind him so hard that the plaques hanging on the wall by the chalkboard shook in protest. Sliding down the hard surface of the desk where she and Jughead had just shared an intimate moment together not ten minutes ago, Betty let the tears come hard in fast as she wondered how, and if, she would ever be able to fix this. 

Coffee taste (m)

Characters: Min Yoongi & You

Genre: fluff, smut (just a prolonged foreplay though)

Summary:  As in what happens when you disturb your boyfriend late at night in his studio uninvited and try to lure him home.

Warnings: mild dirty talk and light sexual content

Words: 2963

I blame my late night conversation with @taetaeby about sweets, coffee and Yoongi.

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Monsta X As: The Mafia

Snowball anon asked:  Monsta x as mafia please? Like what they would do during free time and what kind power they would have? Thank you.

Hope you like it! I’m not that familiar with mafia!AUs so hopefully it touches base on what you’re looking for.

Whatever you do, don’t look at them in the eye. Heartless souls and trained to only have the desire to complete missions, all with the reward of money, it’s all they’ve ever wanted. Unfortunately, joining this mafia risks their physical and personal lives and ability to contact anyone outside their circle. Filled with confidential cases and at times, drug deals and murders, it’s hard to live a life as it is. But, it’s surprising to see how different they are than the face they show to the world. While they’re not an official bloodline family, they certainly act like one. They call themselves, “The X Clan”. 

Shownu - The Boss

Not because he’s oldest, the other members had chosen “Iron Fist” Shownu as the boss because of his ability to lead others, splendid diction and persuasion when it comes to deals. He makes all the important decisions for the well being of his group and for the other party. Sure, he may not look that intimidating when it comes to his voice and thoughts, but he won’t bat an eyelash when it comes to protecting his members. If anything happens to one of them, you can expect him to come after you with his knuckles coated in cold, indestructible armor because that’s all he needs to take you down: his fists. Threaten him anymore and you won’t even have the chance to say goodbye to your life. Highly respected and feared by even the Dons of other mafias, it’s funny how he’s so young and deadly he is. Though, behind closed doors, dancing makes his stress evaporate and gives him the pleasure of experiencing an ordinary life. It’s past difficult to maintain this because he doesn’t get many chances at dancing than he does at drug deals. Shownu wants to find someone who is ordinary, someone with a pure heart and innocent look, but he wonders if that’ll even happen considering the position that he’s in. 

Wonho - Soldier

The first thing people think of when they hear Wonho’s name is how easy it is for him to kill someone because of his large build and strong will. The only way he could make his mark in the mafia was to exercise and go with Minhyuk on missions and do the dirty work. Whether it’d be running errands or making deliveries, he tends to question his importance to the mafia. After all, doing those two things aren’t going to give him a billboard in Times Square. However, the other members consider Wonho to be skilled at intimidation, especially with his signature smirk and cocky eyes, as well as his drive to achieve his objectives since he won’t anything go unnoticed nor stand in his way. He’ll kill if necessary. Though, Shownu often drives away from bloodied hands because it’ll affect their reputation and add to their hidden criminal records. However, when he’s only with the members, he holds more than a pretty face and a jaw-dropping body. He could be an air-head at times, and certainly a frivolous and charming soul. Passionate about what he does and appreciates the fact that The X Clan doesn’t really pay much attention to ranks and likes to treat everyone as (almost) equals because they’re that close. Exercising relieves tension and stress from a long day’s work, sometimes eating ramyeon bowl after bowl tends to get his spirits up. He likes to keep it serious and work-only in the day and entertaining at night. Whether it’d be playing on the old arcade games in their warehouse or just talking in general, it’s the closest to an everyday life for him. 

Minhyuk - Soldier

This soldier likes to pull out all the stops when it comes to business. Deliveries, meetings, and picking up cash aren’t exactly the definition of “fun” in his dictionary so he finds a way to make it as amusing as possible. Whenever the group goes somewhere far for a mission, he likes to craft smoke bombs, weapons, and hack devices so he could spy on the other family. He’s skilled at anything intricate and has the mind of a gamer– seeking out patterns, strategies, and different angles to analyze his targets. He’s the best at this, in fact. Analyzing and hacking. He just thinks it’s enjoyable and drives him away from a routine-filled lifestyle. When the situation becomes severe, he saw one of his members being ambushed and Minhyuk is one of few who is incredibly skilled with a gun. He has a habit of avoiding confrontation and instead goes in for the kill with a sniper gun or silencer. No need for making a scene and instead just take care of it while he still can. Eyes like a hawk and poker face makes up his lack of build and his hunger for excitement is very well apparent. But when everything cools down, he gets jealous of seeing adorable sweethearts because he can’t exactly find his true love when all he does is hide in the shadows. He’s heard of comic cafes and arcades and one day, if the mafia didn’t tie him down as much, he could be like an ordinary teenager like he used to be. Sleeping in, going to school, doing art, it’s not easy. He likes to draw whenever he can, to express his inner thoughts and feelings since it’s difficult to speak about it. With the comfort of his members, it kind of fills that empty void.

Kihyun - Consigliere (Chief Advisor) 

Kihyun, the dependable member of The X Clan who surely lives up to his name and reputation. Playing one of the most important roles in the crime world, he assists the boss in advice and strategies. He tries his best to be unbiased and see what is in favor of the other members. While he doesn’t have much to do, he often supervises the missions and has an eye for anything coming for them. Danger or objectives, he helps organize it. Kihyun has more talents than meets the eye and has the skills of disguise and spying on opposing mafias. Not many people know about Kihyun considering he doesn’t show his handsome face often, which lets him get away for numerous things. It’s up to your imagination on what that is. After all, every case is confidential. He had a bit of a falling out with I.M at one point though as of now, they couldn’t be better comrades. Kihyun likes the feeling of money in his hands– he seeks rewards and the satisfaction of a long day’s work after trying to obtain it. On his free time, singing is his first choice. Since he usually stays at the warehouse and monitors any movement or suspicious activity out of it, why not? The feeling of constant developing and growth on something you’re born with makes Kihyun only want to enhance it even more. The other members believe Kihyun would’ve been a singer, perhaps a popular one had he not joined The X Clan. The closest thing he has to being on stage, performing in front of youthful teenagers is sitting on a rickety old couch imagining it. As much as he wants to see his family or even friends that he used to contact during his school years, he had to sacrifice that in order to be in The X Clan. But hey, there are its benefits.

Hyungwon - Capo

Hyungwon is the one who takes care of the money and monitors what goes in and out of the warehouse. Whatever happens goes through Hyungwon first. Extremely analytical, sometimes a smart ass, he notices differences and patterns like Minhyuk. That’s why they work best together despite the rankings. He reports to Shownu and Kihyun, disclosing private information and possible threats driven toward them. Jooheon and Wonho believe Hyungwon excels in managing money and having a flexible mind when it comes to making deals and getting out of extremely difficult situations. Did I mention improvising? If anything goes out of plan, Hyungwon is great at circling back to it and making the other mafias fall into their trap. He has a way with words and going unnoticed, so he likes to do some dirty work as well. He looks like an ordinary person out of everyone because no one would expect him to have ties to this kind of work. Maybe that’s why Shownu sends him all over the city and he never gets in trouble for it. Hyungwon can manipulate anyone and sometimes, it’s entertaining. Well, for him. On his spare time, Hyungwon enjoys sleeping and getting as much rest as possible. Kihyun gets him up early (because why not) which tires him out by the end of the day. Not to mention he likes to play games and explore the city at night so the fresh air would calm him and relieve his stress. Anything that doesn’t require strenuous work on his body, he’ll most likely enjoy. 

Jooheon - Soldier

Possibly one of the more popular members of The X Clan. Almost anyone who’s heard of this mafia knows Jooheon right off the bat. He’s gone on almost every single mission given by Shownu and he’s had his share of murders and crimes. Spies on the other families to gain information and he got caught up in an affair with a girl who was too attractive and he had to put his priorities in check. Well… Let’s just say she didn’t show up anymore after that. Jooheon does a crap ton of dirty work and likes putting himself in danger’s way because it’s more exciting and exhilarating to question whether or not your life would end at that moment. Shownu acknowledges Jooheon’s determination and drive to success, which is why he sends him on long-term business trips with great rewards waiting for him. He has the luxury of sending money to his family who’s struggling with holding up a house which he desperately wants to continue doing. If only Jooheon was able to visit his parents and reminisce the youthful years growing up within those walls packed with memories and happiness. Not that he’s not happy with where he works, it’s just more freedom. But this soldier is doing it for a good cause. When he isn’t in the line of danger, Jooheon finds enjoyment in remixing songs, traveling around the country, and passing by pet shops because he can’t resist the kittens and puppies there. Underneath that fearful appearance lies a young boy who seeks simple happiness and anything cute. 

I.M - Underboss

Last, and certainly not least, is the underboss of this whole operation, I.M. Though he’s the youngest out of all seven of them, he still holds up his rank and character. Second-in-command of the group, he’s ready to stand in for Shownu during times of illness or absences. From time to time, he hopes this doesn’t happen because one, he doesn’t think he can lead that well, and second, he’s a bit lazy to do so. I.M takes care of drug deals at times and knows how to get what he wants. Manipulative, calculative, and highly intelligent, it’s no wonder how he’s able to come back successful, carrying that sack of money like Santa Claus on Christmas night. He’s quite the understanding, cool and collected kind of guy and it’s not that difficult to get him going. But if you ever so dare lay your hands on any of the members, consider getting your name on one of his bullets. He doesn’t like attracting attention and I.M must see concepts in black and white. He does what he has to do and that’s it. No point in getting involved with something that wasn’t planned. Anyway, he has a soft spot for music and cute things– it’s his weakness and no one should ever mention that outside the warehouse. He acts random at times which the other members like seeing and since he’s the youngest, despite his rank, they dote on him and love him like a little brother. On his free time, he likes doing magic and tricking the others. Playing with handcuffs and building devices and machines are something he’s interested in. 

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Truth or Dare (Riverdale, Pt. 5)

Summary: Betty, Archie, Veronica, Jughead, Kevin, Cheryl, and Y/N are spending the night at Y/N’s house. Kevin suggests Truth or Dare at some point and they all decide to play. Shenanigans ensue and eventually certain feelings are shared, but will they be taken seriously or laughed off? Possible angst.

Pairing: Jughead x Reader (maybe), Kevin x Reader (platonic), Archie x Reader (platonic), Betty x Reader (platonic), Veronica x Reader (platonic), Cheryl x Reader (platonic)

Beta-ed: No

A/N: Okay I’m so sorry this took so long, I’ll make a post about it later tonight, but here we are finally, part 5! i actually had a little problem with this guy too *frowns forever* oh well, enjoy! Also this one’s pretty long too in an attempt to make up for the qualit so-

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4


Previously: “If anything Kevin,” Archie spoke. “We should be blaming you, after all, you were the one who dared Y/N to do this.” He said with a sly grin. Everyone spoke their agreements as Kevin blanched. “Woah woah wait, how was I supposed to know Y/N would get so emotional and sappy, honestly I was expecting more of a “Hey Betts, you’re so sweet and innocent I love it. Cheryl, you’re fierce and a little crazy. Ronnie, you’re an amazing fashionista, and so on and so forth. I didn’t expect Y/N to go all Shakespeare on us!” He cried. We all started laughing as Kevin’s face bloomed red. “You guys are jerks.” He muttered. “Anyways… Y/N, whose next?”

“I guess Archie,” I sighed, trying to sound exasperated, which only earned another pillow being thrown at me. I giggled as I grabbed it and threw it back. “Archibald Andrews, how dare you!” I scoffed, a playful look in my eyes. “You know what? Now you’re my second favorite ginger.” I muttered. Archie clutched his hand over his heart and gasped. “Now that just hurts Y/N, how could you?” He said, mock hurt in his voice. I stuck my tongue out at him before continuing. “Fine, you’re my favorite male ginger, happy?” I asked, annoyance in my voice. “Very much so, actually.” He said with a arrogant voice as he turned his nose up. 

We both took one look at each other and lost it, bending over in laughter. “This is exactly why I love you so much Arch, we can always be goofy together.” Before I could say anything else Jug threw a pillow at Archie’s head. “You were dared not to be silly for the rest of the night Arch, commit to the dare!” Jug spoke with irritation, but Arch and I saw the playful look in his eyes. We both stuck our tongues out at Jug before giggling again.

“Anyways,” I cleared my throat. “Archie: my ginger, my Ron Weasley, my Peter Pan, my best friend, my brother. The love I have for you can only be described as absolute, and even that doesn’t do you justice. You fit the whole “protective older brother” persona perfectly, you’re always looking out for us and you’re the best when it comes to helping us distract our minds for a little while. You always figure out a way to make us feel better, and the few times you couldn’t, you made sure we were never alone and had a shoulder to cry on.”

“From the very first day you’ve always been a little on the protective side,” I gave him a look while he sheepishly smiled at me. “Especially when it was about me or Betty. I remember you came running out of nowhere and practically tackled her, you pushed her behind you and asked who I was, your chest all puffed out with this serious look on your face.” “You never can be too careful, you know?” Archie cut in, a smile on his face as he remembered that day as well. “Sure Archie, we all know you were just trying to impress the new girl, quit lying.” Kevin cut in now, a grin on his face. Archie blushed slightly before speaking. “We were five!” He wailed as he shot his hands above his head. “You guys are never gonna let me live that down are you?” He said as he pouted slightly.

“Oh Archie,” Betty spoke as she rubbed small circles on his back, a look of sympathy on her face. “Never in a million years.” She finished with a giggle, Archie just glared at her while Betty, Cheryl, and Kevin laughed, Archie’s face heating up more. “Wait,” Veronica spoke up, awe in her voice. “Archie had a crush on Y/N?” She asked as she raised an eyebrow at us. “That is so cute!” She squealed while bouncing in her seat. “Archiekins, that has to be the one of the most adorable things I’ve ever heard!” Archie and I blushed at her words.

“Well in my defense who didn’t have a crush on Y/N when they first moved here!?” He tried to defend himself, his eyes widened in shock as his blush got worse when he realized what he said. Ronnie squealed even more at that, her hands trying to cover the huge grin on her face. “Oh, you’re not wrong there Archie,” Kevin spoke, a twinkle in his eye. “But we all pretty much got over that, the question is, did you?” Just about everyone started laughing as both our faces got redder.

As I looked around I noticed Jug was staring at Archie, almost glaring at him. When he caught me watching Jughead’s eyes widened slightly before looking away again, and it almost looked like a blush was starting to form on his face. ‘Why would he glare at Archie?’ I thought, confusion washing over me. I guess it showed on my face because before I could think more of it Archie nudged me with his foot. “Hey, you okay?” He asked, slight worry on his face. “Yeah Arch, I’m fine.”

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Cheating/Revenge - [Isaac Lahey] - Preferences #2 [Requested] [*Smut]

* I got a lot of requests about “finding out that Isaac cheated on you with Alison“ but with different guys so I decided to do it as a preference, hope it’s okay with everyone! xx*


"Scott! What’s going on ?” You asked, getting impatient.
He had arrived to your house with no warnings, looking extremely upset about something, but yet, he still wouldn’t tell you what it was all about and you kept staring at him, standing in front of you.
“I don’t know how to tell you this…” He mumbled.
“Just say it Scott.” You answered.
He looked at you with a sorry face.
“Isaac and Alison. They were together tonight.” He said, carefully observing you, waiting for a reaction.
“I know, he often goes to the Argent’s, you told him to watch over them since you and Alison… You know, broke up.” You answered, shrugging.
“I didn’t ask him to watch over them! But I was okay with him doing it as long as he stayed away from Alison…” Scott replied, and his eyes shifted red for half a second.
“So what’s wrong?” You asked, still not understanding what was his point.
“They were together (Y/N) ! Like together, together!” Scott said, rising his voice.
You jumped a little, and he immediately apologized, knowing that it wasn’t your fault.

“Are you sure…?” You asked, after a while of silence.
“Yes… What else could it be, they were in their underwears… in her room…”
You saw Scott’s whole body tensing up, anger coming up again, not able to keep his eyes from shifting from times to times.
“Why do you even care ? Are you not with Kira?” You asked, harshly, finally realizing what was happening. You were the one who had the most reasons to be angry, Isaac was your boyfriend, Alison was only his ex-girlfriend after all and he pretty much had a new one.
“No, I’m not with Kira. Not like that. Alison is the one… was the one.” He answered, rising his voice again.

“He’s going to come home tonight with the scent of my girlfriend on him.” He mumbled, sitting down on your bed, burying his face in his hands.
You sat next to him, torn between the urge to punch something and start crying like a baby.
“Bring the scent of his girlfriend home with you too then…” You said, quickly glancing at him.
Your only answer was to press your lips on his. He kissed you back but did not try to go any further than that.
“Oh come on Scott, I know you want it, let me get my revenge on him…” You pleaded, before kissing him again.

That’s all it took him to embrace the rage inside of him, that same desire for revenge that was burning inside of both of you. He pushed you down on the bed and stood up, his werewolf strenght ripping your shorts off.
He was heavily breathing, not of lust but of rage. His eyes glowed and his face changed, taking its werewolf form. Maybe you should have been afraid that he might hurt you, but all you could really think about at the moment was at how angry you were at Isaac and how you were going to make him pay for cheating on you.
Scott ripped your shirt off, leaving you only in your panties, lying on the bed, at his mercy. The mercy of an angry werewolf.
Leaning down to let a few rough kisses on your lips, his hands caught your thighs, pulling you to the edge of the bed, his claws digging in your skin. You didn’t care for the pain, you were too focused on getting what you wanted.
With a simple move from his thumb over your hip, his claw teared up the fabric of your panties. He pulled it away from your body and you didn’t even notice him undoing his pants before you felt him shoving his length inside you, making you cry out.
He was hard, and big, and you weren’t used to him, it was hurting but he didn’t care, he was completely gone, not even really looking at you.
The werewolf growled when you cried out again, quickly sliding himself in and out of you, his claws deeply digging in the skin of your thighs with each one of his violent, hard thrusts. You felt dizzy, the pain from his thrusts slightly fading away but his claws were burning your skin and his loud growls were deafening in your ears, covering the sound of your light cries of pain, even once they had turned out into moans of pleasure, depsite the pain you still felt from his grip on your thighs.
You closed your eyes, as he continued his fast paced thrusts inside of you until he finally reached his peak and came inside of you, making you moan even louder as you reached your climax too.
When you opened your eyes again. the angry werewolf was back to his original form, his claws had finally disapeared , leaving some pretty deep, bleeding, holes in your skin, but it didn’t hurt anymore.
“I’m sorry” Scott said, when he noticed.
“Don’t be. That was great.” You managed to say, trying to catch your breath.
A sweet smile appeared on his lips, all his anger had faded out after he came and so had yours, you both had had your revenge on Isaac.


“(Y/N) ? What’s going on ? Why are you crying ?” Stiles’s worried voice asked but you could barely hear him, the music and the people around you were too loud.
You didn’t answer, trying to wipe your tears away, afraid that it was too noticeable and everyone at Lydia’s party would start questionning you. You tried to smile at Stiles and left the living room. You aimed for the bathroom, wanting to check on your mascara and your burning red cheeks but it was already taken.
Everyone around you was having fun, dancing and laughing, Lydia’s party was a success, as always, but your head was spinning, probably because of that glass of alcohol you just had, trying to erase the image of your boyfriend and Alison on the dancefloor, exchanging a pretty intense kiss, her body pressed against his and that tender look on his face that only you got to see before.

You closed your eyes for a second, feeling a hand holding yours and pulling you away. Stiles had followed you and was now guiding you to another door, near the staircase. You went down the few stairs leading to the modern basement of the Martin’s house and as soon as Stiles had shut the door behind him, a relaxing silence filled the place.
“What’s wrong?” He asked, in a soft tone.
His words are all it took for tears to start rolling down your cheeks again.
“Remember how Scott warned me about Isaac and Alison’s relationship ? Well he was right.” You answered, shaken by a violent sob.
Stiles’s arms closed around you, pulling you against him, and you allowed yourself to cry silently against his chest.
“That bastard…” You heard him mumble with anger.

You looked up to him, eyes still wet and left a quick peck on his lips, taking him by surprise. He looked back at you and finally pressed his lips on yours, his hands softly caressing your back until the kiss intensified. With all his will, he took a step back from you.
“I think you’re upset, and probably drunk… judging by the taste of your lips…” He said
“I’m upset, but I am not drunk.”
“Okay, prove it… Tell me the alphabet backwards.” He replied.
“Oh come on, I have to sing the alphabet in my head everytime I open a dictionary, I can’t do it backwards, even if I am sober!”

He looked at you carefully but eventually came to the conclusion that you weren’t drunk although you had drink a glass.
“So what, you want to use me to avenge yourself?” He asked.
“Partly.” You admitted. “Does that bother you…?”
“Not at all” He replied, with a happy smile, pulling you into a deep kiss.
His hands started caressing your back again, eventually sliding down under your shirt to touch your skin. You imitated him and he broke the kiss to pull his shirt off, offering your hands a better access to his chest.
You took a few steps backwards, pulling him with you until your back hit the washing machine, understanding, his hands made their way to the front of your jeans, slowly unbuttoning it, interupting himself everytime the kiss you were exchanging got more intense. Although you were eager, you forced yourself to slow down so that he could focus on taking your pants off. He pulled them down, along with your panties, and lifted you up to sit you on the machine.
You started kissing him passionately again, while you were unbuttoning his pants. Once you had opened them, they fell to his knees and his hand replaced yours, taking his dick out of his boxers.
You spread your legs, welcoming him, and he slowly entered you. He gave you some time to adjust and placed his hands on each side of you, holding on to the edge of the machine as he started thrusting. He leaned down against you and you closed your arms around his shoulders, trying to hold your body close to his. You closed your legs around his waist to give him a better access but after a while, he had to increase his pace and the pleasure building inside you made it to hard for you to keep them up around him. You moaned as he kept driving you closer and closer to your climax and you came at the same time, both loudly panting.
Once you had recovered, he pulled himself out of you, yours eyes met and you exchanged a smile before planting a soft kiss on his lips.


So that’s how your boyfriend was breaking up with you, over a phone call ? Instead of coming to see you at the loft ? You had found him cheating on you with Alison and instead of crying and begging for you to not leave him, he simply broke up with you… And why would he want to stay with you anyway? Ever since Alison and Scott broke up, she was the only girl he was thinking about, you weren’t that blind, you had understood it but you were naive enough to think that Isaac would have had broke up with you in person before attempting anything with her.
You hung up, throwing your cell phone away from you, wanting to yell and break everything that you found. You screamed in anger, thinking it would take that horrible feeling out of your chest but it only intensified it. You got up and pushed everything standing on the nightstand including the lamp on the ground, but it wasn’t enough. You started throwing everything you could find across the room, screams of rage mixing up with sobs.
That’s when Derek entered the room, in his wolf form, probably thinking that you were fighting a pack of werewolf in there.
He looked around, not really understanding, shifting back to his human form as you threw a pillow in his direction.
“(Y/N) !” He exclaimed, catching it, but you couldn’t care less and kept on breaking everything that you could. You found your laptop and were about to smash it against the wall but Derek held you back, making you let go of it. He was behind you, one arm around your waist, keeping you from moving and reaching something else so you started screaming, completely out of yourself.
“Calm down.” He said, gently, but you couldn’t help but keep on trying to escape his arms, rage boiling inside you.
He caught both of your arms and pushed you back, pinning you against the wall, hands held tightly above your head.
“Calm down!” He commanded and you had no choice but to obey.
His face was close to yours, your eyes got lost into his blue eyes, he was so strongly holding you pressed against the wall that you couldn’t move, and didn’t dare to anymore.
You could feel that same tension between you two than when you are training together, that same tension that made you want him really bad, and feel really guilty about it because of Isaac. Except that this time, there was no guilt left, only lust for him.
“He broke up with me” You said and you saw his eyes widen, probably feeling the same and understanding that suddenly, there was no more guilt to have from wanting each other that badly.

His lips immediately came crashing against yours, letting go of your hands, allowing you to put your arms around him, a hand brushing his hair as you felt like if you were about to suffocate under his furious kisses, but not wanting him to ever stop either.
You pulled his tank top over his head, breaking the kiss for only a second before connecting your lips again. You did it again when you took your shirt off, your lips were getting sore, and he started pressing the same furious kisses on your neck.
He walked you to your bed, and you lied down, him soon hovering you. You reached for his jeans, undoing them, and he grabbed yours, pulling them off in one sudden gesture, as eager to finally have you as you were.
He pushed himself inside of you, already making you moan of pleasure, finally satisfying that desire for him that you had for months now.
He was thrusting inside of you, and you were trying to follow his rhythm, pushing your hips up against him to take him deeper, your eyes locked to his until you felt close, coming in one loud moan, your body shaking like never before.


You were at school, looking at Isaac from across the hall. He seemed in a great mood, joking around with Scott, he even came over to you to say hi, careless as if nothing had happened. Alison looked slightly more ashamed, not able to look at you in the eyes when she walked by, though neither of them knew that you had seen them together. A violent fit of rage shook you as you watched your soon ex-boyfriend hanging out with Scott with no guilt at all. He hadn’t only betrayed you by sleeping with Alison, he betrayed his best friend too and how could Scott not notice ? The very first thing that you had noticed when Isaac kissed you is that he smelled like Alison.

Isaac saw you looking over them from across the hall and he smiled at you, you turned around to face your locker, closing your eyes in another fit of anger. Was it what it was going to be now ? He was shamelessly going to act as if you were the only one in his heart during the day and join Alison under her sheets at night ? There was no way that you were going to let it happen that way.

You spent the day with your friends, being distant with him but giving him a chance to tell you the truth but he never did. You saw Isaac leaving Lacrosse practice with Scott, closely followed by Stiles. You were all supposed to meet at the library to study with Lydia. Instead of following them, you pushed the boys’s locker room door. Ethan and Aiden were just out of the showers getting dressed.

“Hey (Y/N), you’re two minutes to late, otherwise you could have joined me in the showers.” Aiden said, with a smirk. You were used to him flirting with you, mostly because he didn’t like Isaac and Isaac simply hated him, so flirting with his girlfriend seemed to be the best way he had found to piss him off even more. “Would you mind going back?” You asked, walking straight to him with a determination you never had before. Both of the twins looked surprised and exchanged a look. “Is that the best way you found to get revenge on your boyfriend after what he did?” Ethan asked. “How do you know ? Scott didn’t even notice…” You asked him, confused. “I smelled it on her. His scent is all over her.” Ethan answered, quickly putting his shirt on and gathering his things. “So that’s what it is ? You just want to upset him ?” Aiden asked you. “Yes” You admitted, expecting him to laugh at you. “You know that I’d do anything to piss him off… Especially if that means finally having you.” He answered, a grin on his lips. Ethan slapped his brother in the back and quickly left the locker room, leaving you alone together.

Aiden took your hand, a proud look on his face and pulled you to the showers, walls still wet, air still humid, steam on the small windows up on the wall.
You stopped near the row of sinks, mirrors too steamy to reflect you and you looked at Aiden. Another smile crossed his lips before they came pressing against yours, in a kiss full of lust. You had to admit it, he was a great kisser, your brain had completely shut down, only focusing on kissing him back harder than he did.
He pulled your shirt over your head, leaving you in your bra and, as he started kissing you again, his hands worked to undo your pants and pull them down without you even noticing it. He walked you to the other side of the room, your back hitting against the cold but wet wall. You were completely overwhelmed by what was happening, almost forgetting the reason why all this was going on.
He pressed his naked torso against you, deeply kissing you before stepping back, taking the towel he had wrapped around his hips off. You couldn’t help but stare at his sculpted body for a while, although he was supposed to be your enemy, he sure was incredibly handsome. His fingers gently got under the elastic of your panties, he pressed a few soft kisses on your neck before pulling them down and in one move, he grabbed your legs and lifted you up, holding you up between his body and the wall.

He entered you, a light wave of pain shaking your body but it quickly faded away, pleasure replacing it. You held yourself to his shoulders, closing your eyes as he kept thrusting in you at a fast pace. A few moans of pleasure escaped your lips and he brought you close. Your body tensed up, your nails digging in his back and he moaned in answer, liking it, before your walls tightened around him, making you reach your high at the same time as he did.

Once you got down, you gathered your clothes, quickly getting dressed as he watched you with a very proud look on his face. “What?” You asked, wanting to sound annoyed but you couldn’t help but smile.
“Nothing… I was just going to say that if you ever want to use me to get revenge on someone again, I’m okay with it. Or if you just want to use me… With no particular purpose. I’ll be okay with it too.” He answered and you smiled at him.
“Yeah, okay, I’ll try to remember that.” You replied with a smirk, before leaving the locker room.


You were sitting on the steps outside the Argent’s building, tears silently falling from your cheeks as you were trying to get your thoughts back in order after surprising your boyfriend Isaac kissing none other than your best friend Alison. You were about to go visit her and ask her some help with your homework when you both found them on her bed, making out and he already had his shirt off.

You ran away and, in their passionate make out, they didn’t even notice that you were there. The two people you trusted the most and loved the most had just betrayed you and the pain in your chest only seemed to intensify and you couldn’t help but cry, replaying the scene in your head over and over again.

People were passing by, not even looking at you until you had to move to the side of the steps to let someone get to the door. The man climbed the few steps to the door but you heard him heavily sigh before turning around and coming back near you.

“Why so pathetic (Y/N) ?” The man asked and you jumped recognizing the familiar voice.

“Peter, what are you doing here?” You asked, between two sobs.

“Well, I live here. You would know that if you would actually come visit me.” He said, with a smirk.

“You never invited anyone.” You replied.

“True.” He admitted, shrugging his shoulders. “So do you want to come in or would you rather stay here, crying on the sidewalk?”

You got up, wipping the few tears on your face with the back of your hand and followed him back in the building, taking the elevator to a few floors above the Argent’s appartement.

Peter’s appartement was much smaller than the Argent’s, although it looked pretty empty and un-personalized, as if he had just moved in.
He went to the open kitchen to get you a cup of almost cold coffee and you sat on the sofa, the only piece of furniture of the living room.

“So? What’s the drama?” He asked, bringing a kitchen chair to sit in front of you.

Peter was the last person you’d want to share what had just happened with but since the two people who would actually be the first ones to know about it were the very ones that had betrayed you, Peter seemed like a better option for once.
You told him everything and started sobbing again when you arrived at the part where you saw them both in her bed and you had to stop yourself, unable to take your breath back.

“Oh please (Y/N)…” Peter sighed, handing you a paper towel.

And you only started sobbing louder.

You saw him rolling his eyes before getting up and sitting next to you.

“Teenage boys are stupid.” He simply said. “And Lahey was never the brightest of them all if you want my opinion.”

You couldn’t help but smile at his words.

“You’re smart, you’ll find someone else in no time. Be angry, get your revenge on them and then, make him regret what he did by living your life without him.”

“Wise words.” You said, wiping your tears away with the paper towel he had just given you.

“Older guys tend to be slightly wisest.” He answered

“So what kind of revenge do you suggest?” You asked

“Immediate revenge. While he’s still in the building.” Peter said, with that familiar smile meaning that he was up to not good.

“I don’t want to hurt him…” You answered but before you could finish, Peter was already pressing his lips against yours and you had no will to fight it back.

He pressed his body against yours, making you lie down on the sofa, hovering you, the kiss intensifying.
You were conflicted. You were enjoying it much more than you probably should but you also felt like you were doing something awfully wrong.
“Make sure he hears you…” Peter said, breaking the kiss to unbutton your shirt.
And as he pressed his lips on your collar bone, your mind went completely blank.
You closed your eyes, enjoying the sensation of his lips covering your skin as he kept slowly undressing you.
Once he was done leaving kissed around your belly button, he reached back for your lips, his body pressing on yours and, in a single thrust, he shoved himself inside of you, making you scream from the burning pain it provoked in you.
He started thrusting in you, moving his hips against yours and your sounds of pain quickly became sounds of pleasure. You followed his rhythm, moaning every time you felt him hitting deeply inside you.
“Louder…” He whispered, against your ear and you obeyed, not even forcing yourself.
You quickly reached an orgasm and he made it last as long as he could by keeping up with his thrusts, making you moan even louder.
“That’s him.” Peter said, before a knock on the door.
He pulled himself out of you, looking at you, waiting for your orders. “Isaac, go away!” You screamed and you heard a loud growl from the other side of the door, followed by a violent knock. “You got your puppy upset…” Peter said, with a smirk, as you got dressed up.

“Why are you such a dick, Dick?” (Jason Todd x reader ft Batfam)

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nothing but gonna say I love you and I love your writing 💘💖💝💙✨🌚💗 have a nice day / night 😹 I don’t have anything to ask for… but can you imagine Jason or Y/N get mad it dick and tell him to stop to begin a dick cuzi think that could happend 😹 anonhamster✨

Requested by Anonhamster!

Hope you enjoy!

You and Jason have been in love with eachother for years, but either of you decided to confess, Jason has afraid od heartbreak and you were a bit shy. The batfamily thought the two of you were sooo cute. Steph screeched everytime you or Jason wiped eachothers face, or hugged or breathed.

She was such a fangirl.

But she wasn’t the ultimate fangirl.

That was Dick Grayson.

He had been trying for one of the two of you to confess for years. He had tried everything.

Jealousy? Black eye

Pushing you toward Jason? You falling face first and Jason shooting at him on patrol. (He didn’t hit me :D)

Kissing you himself? You slapping him, and he getting the beating of his life.

Well, okay we has a bit of a Dick.

But you do anything to get your OTP together.



Jason and you were sitting together on your conch playing videogames. Jason was sticking out his tongue in concentration, you looked at him as his spiky black hair was falling on his eyes, expression so concentrated he didn’t notice your starring.


“HEYAA LOVEBIRDSS!!” Shouted Dick as he entered thought the windows. He had scared the two of you so much your characters died before you could have won.


The only thing that could be heard was Jason’s jaw clenching.

“YOU F*CKING DICK! CAN YOU ENTER LIKE THE NORMAL PEOPLE  DO?” Jason thrower his glass at Dick’s head and Dick almost couldn’t avoid the hard glass.

“Wow, jaybird. Calm down! I just wanted to see my favorites person on the world!”

“Then why are you here?” Jay deadpanned. Dick came forward and before Jason could avoid his loud big brother Dick had pushed you and Jay towards his, His face been squeezed against Jay’s and yours.

“You two are also my favorite persons! You are family!”

“Dick please, my jaw is aching” You mumbled as Dick had been using to much force.

“Whoops, sorry (n/n). It’s just… the two of you are so cute!” You and Jay blushed.

“No were not!” You disagreed.

“Yes, you are!!!” Dick said in his baby voice making you blush more and making Jay clench his fist.

Damit, Dick. Stop trying to be our matchmaker! Jay thought You will scare her away!

“NO WERE NOT!” Jay shouted and you looked at him a bit hurt.


“Just get away from here!” Jason pushed Dick out of your apartmen “He is such a Dick, sometimes”.

“This isn’t over! I’ll come back! Sonner than you think.!!”

And he did.

A few minutes later you had received an email form Mr. Wayne, inviting you and Jason to have dinner with them tomorrow on the household. You showed the email to Jason, who grabbed a pillow and threw it towards the door where Dick had been just a few moments before.


“Dick….” Jason whispered with his fist so clenched they were white, and teeth so clenched they were screeching.

You didn’t know if Jason was insulting him or calling him by his name.


“Okay, batfamily! We’re all sick of Jay’s and (y/n) being in love and no confessing!”

“Yeah!” Steph  yelled and Cass nodded.

“I got the bestes of plans!”

“I don’t know why but I fear from my integrity with this plan of yours…”

“Don’t worry, Luke! Jay won’t hurt us!” Dick smiled.

“ You can’t be more wrong there, Dick” said Tim. But no one heard him because they didn’t care. “I love how invisible I am for this family.”

Wow, don’t worry Timmy. I heard you and I love you, they’re just assholes.

“Thanks person I don’t know.”

You’re welcome.


“Alfred, do you know whats going on with Jason, Dick and Miss (Y/N)?” Said Bruce sitting in front of the batcomputer in  the batcave. Alfred stopped wiping one of batman’s trophies as he raised an eyebrown  at his master.

“I’m aware of Miss (y/N) and Master Jason being in love with each others and Master Dick trying to act like a matchmaker for them to confess.”

“Hmmm…Dick just used me to get what he wants, right” Bruce said as he facepalmed. He was the best detective ever and couldn’t see his kid taking advantage of his obliviousness.

Alfred didn’t say anything and began cleaning the trophies again.


“Okay everyone, (y/n) and Jay are almost there! Don’t forget our plan!”

“No sir!” Dick was walking in front of his sibling that were in a military position. All looking at the wall behind their commander-I mean Dick.





Bruce was looking at his children actin like they were crazy and wondered if he did something wrong when raising them.

Well Bruce, if bringing them at young age to the vigilante life is being a good parent, you are the #1 Best Dad ever.

“Your sarcasm is not appreciated” Bruce batglared at me, the voice that tells you all that happens in the story.


I leved the Batman speechless.

I’m the best voice off ever!


Jason and You had just arrived at Wayne manor. You had to beg to Jay to go, because you would feel bad if you didn’t go. Jay couldn’t resist you puppy dog eyes.

“I don’t think this is a good idea, (n/n).”

“Jay, nothing will happen. It isn’t like they’ve planed something to hurt us.”

“I’m not so sure about that-“


“(Y/N)dove? What?” You looked at Dick weirded out.

“Yes! It’s you new nickname! Welcome to the family.!”

“But I’m not a member of this family!” Dick hugged you and squeezed you faces together.

“But you will…”



“So, Miss (y/n) how did you meet Jason?” Asked Bruce.

“Well, Jason saved me multiple times of a stalker that tried to kidnap me.”

“Oh, I see.” Bruce looked at his son, pride in his eyes. Dick frowned.

“I don’t remember being like that” He scratched his head as Jason looked at him scared. S*it, Dick was gonna tell.

“No, Grayson! Don’t you ever dare!” Jason got up of his chair and ran towards his brother but he was late. Dick’s mouth was  faster.

“I was with Jay the first time he saw you, and It was love at first sight! Jay made Timmy, here “Tim waved at you before turning to his plate to avoid Jason’s rage “ Search for your name and everything. I swear I’ve never see Jay look at anyone as he looked at you, no! looks at you! Not ever Wonder Woman! He was scared to approach you, the guy has his own insecurities, But I’m here to tell all the thing he is afraid of telling you! Like that he’s in love with-bfhsfiksnf” Jason put a slice of bread in Dick’s mouth to shut him up.

There was so much tension that Damian cut it with his katana before Alfred grabed it and Dami pouted.

“I-I think I need a minute.” You said before getting up and going to the balcony.

Oh no.

Thought everybody when they saw Jay’s face turn in the definition on the dictionary on “Rage”.

“YOU F*CKING DICK! CAN’T YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH?! NOW I’VE LOST HER FOREVER AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT! I’M NOT SURPRISED YOUR RELATIONSHIPS NEVER LAST-“ Jason  stopped talking when he saw his older brother face. He looked hurt, and when Jay tried to say something Dick got up, excused himself and went to his room on Wayne manor.

“Hope you’re happy now, Todd. The two people that love you may not love you anymore.” Said Damian before following his older brother.

Jason could stand the looks on his family and barked “WHAT?”

“You know Dick was just trying to make the two of you happy, right? He traced an infallible plan for one of you to confess.” Tim said, before following Damian.

“Go with her, Jason. I’ll talk to Dick.” Said Bruce before going up himself.


“Sorry…” Jay said as he exited the dinner room. “I’m sorry if what Dick said scared you, I-“

“It’s true?” Jason did a double take as you weren’t afraid, or disgusted, no. You had a bit of a blush on your cheeks.

“Yes.” Jay was surprised as you hugged him. And kissed him.

He kissed you back, passionately. You pinched Jay’s ass and he opened his mouth, surprised. You took advantage of that and deepened the kiss.

Jason moaned and his hands clawed at you waist.

“WOHOO GET IT JAYBIRD!!!” Dick shouted form his balcony, scaring the living daylight out of you.

“WHY ARE YOU SUCH A DICK,DICK?!” You and Jay yelled at Dick who laughed.

“Does that mean you are dating?” Steph said form the dinner room.

“Yes!” You and Jay shouted happily before Jay grabed you and kissed you again, meanwhile Dick clapped, Tim and Alfred smiled, Bruce proudly looked at his family and Damian gagged like the kid he is.

“Hey! I’m not a kid!”

“Yes you are.”

“SAY THAT TO MY FACE * Katana in hand*”


“Master Damian, no. * Alfred grabs the katana*


Anyway, back to the story.

“Aren’t you mad, Dick?” Jason asked his brother.

“Mad? NO! I was a bit hurt and surprised but seeing as you asked for forgiveness I’m not mad anymore-“

“It was part of his plan.”


“Look, I’m not going to get mad anymore. I got everything I want.” You kissed  Jay’s cheek sweetly.

“Really? Did you know Dick has been monitoring the two of yours movements? Thanks to your friends. That way we traced all the times the two of you meet. It was him all along”


“How is called nowadays?….ah…oh yeah Dick is your #1 fangirl.”

Dick is me. I am Dick.


“YOLO” Said Dick before jumping off the balcony and towards his bike.

“OH NO YOU DON’T!!!” You jumped behind him and Jay followed you.

Tim recorded everything and tomorrow it was top trending in YouTube.


It was called….

The Dick games.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The end.


My Husband, Kim JunMeow

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Chapter o1. Kim JunMeow

I hate cats.  Cats are atrocious, selfish little monsters who leave your costly business attire looking like you slaughtered a bear and your airways choking of fur balls.  

“What do they even do?  Eat, sleep, poop.  Repeat.”

“Luxury life, you jelly?” my cat lover friend, Lila, clicks her pen against my temple and jeers.

“Pftt.  Of their smelly butts?  Why would I be?” I roll my eyes and collected my Chemistry textbooks from the library table.

“You’re just hating.  Cats are the cutest most cuddly creatures in this world,” she exaggerates with clasp hands against her cheeks and eyes that almost bulge out in animated hearts.

I shiver just thinking about all the entrapped saliva nestled in their fur.  My friend scoffs and begins to pack her bags as well.  It is the last semester of college and the last thing I want is to go to class but the last thing I could afford is to not go to class.  

“The world out there is your cat!” the dork leaps onto her feet and exclaims.

I smack my textbook shut in her face and amusingly correct, “You mean oyster??”  She grimaces from the intrusive breeze and pouts.  “'The world is your oyster’, it means we are all in the position to take opportunities life has to offer.”

The cherubic faced female raises her brow.

“…Because you can’t get the pearl without grinding and prying open the shell.  Some people settle for comfort and pick tiny, easy to open ones and end up with a dull rock.  Others choose to take the road less travelled, pick the biggest oyster, hammer, tear, and groove it until the mollusk reveals the flawlessly shiny one-of-a-kind pearl,” I recite with so much genuine poetic passion that I almost think I’m auditioning for a Shakespearean play.  I’d like to think Shakespeare would be proud of me.  

“No.  I did mean, ‘The world out there is your cat.’  Cats are priceless.  Pearls are not,” Lila counters.

I smack my face with my palm.  “I seriously hate cats,” I grunt under my breath.

“Well, don’t tell me I didn’t tell you, you’re gonna marry a cat one daaaay~” she singsongs.

“No, thank you, you crazy cat lady~” I play along and sing back as I skip my way through the library exit and wave goodbye to my dear friend.  

Books snuggled tightly against my chest, I slug my way to the lab to make up my Chemistry report. I had flunked it twice and it is my last chance if I didn’t want to spend my entire summer back here.

“Meow,” I hear a short purr from the bushes and skid to a stop.  “Meow~” the creature calls out to me.  Only its large circular eyes are visible from behind the shadows.  With a sharp inhale and wide-eyed with realization that said-smelly fur ball monster is right in front of me, I snap my neck to the other side and speed walk away.  

Meow >:(,” the abandoned cat grunts and scampers back into the alley.  


“Ahh, I think I failed again,” I groan and blow concentrated air up at my now messy bangs.  Oh, woe, little miss damsel in distress who can’t seem to get the right amount of sulfite into the beaker or set the thermometer to beep at boiling point.

“What am I going to do with my life?” I dramatize and deflate.  “Should I start bribing the TA?” I mumble under my breath and anxiously bite my nails as I eye myself head to toe at the glass reflection of the campus building.  Hair disheveled and unwashed for three days, dark bags under my eyes, and jeans only God knows how long I haven’t washed for.  Life of a college science student~  What life.  WHAT LIFE?!?!  Even a rich geezer would steer far away, much more the young, handsome, and intelligent TA, Kim Jongdae.  Puffs of happy stars and fluttering butterfly hearts twirl in front of me at the thought of my crush’s kitten smile.  

“He likes cats, you know that right?” Lila’s knowing advice replays in my mind and my shoulders slump.  

“No, not even for him, I wouldn’t—“ I start but my voice trails in projection at the sight of the twin glowing eyes reflected on the window.  Slowly, I turn around to come face to face with a white cat.  His luscious fur almost illuminates like holographic magic in the dead of the night.  

“GAHHH!” I shrill and run to hide behind a street lamp post.  

The feline’s marble-like eyes follow me with a striking intensity.  And from the bluish onyx hue, I instantly recognize it to be the same cat from before.  He approaches me, one paw at a time as I cower farther and farther behind my makeshift barricade, that really didn’t protect me much at all.  It’s a good placebo though.

“Wait, placebos are used in the context of medication, you Pabo,” I grumble to myself.  Ah, distress, pure distress of a science major who was too much of a chicken to spend eight years in Med school yet whose brain is wired in a way of a medical dictionary.  Oh woe, me.

“Meow!” the cat’s snappish call wakes me up from my own pessimistic thoughts.  

“Do-don’t get near me!” I order but the cat continues to advance, stopping right in front of me.  His fluffy paw lifts and he places it on the tip of my foot.  I hold my breath and almost lose my breath from anxiety.  Alright, alright.  I admit it, I have Ailurophobia a.k.a the irrational fear of cats.  It’s not that I hate them I just…  

“G-go…” I stutter.  The beautiful feline tilts his head and gazes up at me with a glint in his twinkling eyes.  “D-don’t make me kick you…” I make a false threat and wobble my foot that he had his palm placed on, hoping he would just let go.  

Instead, he places his other paw down too.  “Meow~”

“Stop,” I strictly say.  

“Meow :(“ his purr betrays his hurt.  Innocently, the kitty snuggles his entire body closer and settles down by using both of my feet as his cushion.  He looks up with puppy eyes…only, well…puppy eyes on a cat…yah…you know what I mean…I digress…He looks up with puppy eyes as if waiting for me to reject him but hoping I wouldn’t.

“Stop.  Don’t give me that look,” I frown, “I’m not taking you home.”  

Without letting him reply, I slide my feet backward to freedom.  The cat plops back down onto the concrete floor.  Frowning, I pull the straps of my backpack and start to walk home.  It is already past 11pm, which meant lingering any longer would be dangerous.

I take a step forward.  

“Meow~” the kitty whines, trailing my steps.  He swirls and twirls his way between my two feet and looks up with pure anticipation.  Again, I try to detach myself from this fur ball monster wearing a cute angelic face as a disguise.  He latches on with both paws around my right ankle.  I groan.

“Look kitty…there’s a bunch of cat lovers around here,” I explain with exasperation.  Pointing straight down the street, I persuade, “If you continue down this road and make two lefts and see a peach brick house, stop and meow loudly, a crazy cat lady will take you in.”

“Meow :(“ he grunts and lowers his head.  He licks his front paws and then looks up at me again.  

“Her name is Lila and she’s a little weird but she’s very caring and would adore you…” I elaborate.  “So go on your way…” I shoo and start to walk again.  Again, he follows.  I skid to a stop and try to persuade him again.  This happens for another half an hour before I give up and just head home pretending there isn’t a clingy feline tailing me.  

In front of my house, I try to distract the cat as best as possible so I could unlock the door, slip in, and slam it before he could follow me in but he holds onto my legs and begs in meows.  It is a bit chilly tonight and soft drizzles only showed potential to turn into a heavy rain storm.  Momentary hesitation equals an opportunity for the fluff ball.  He squeezes through the door gap and dashes into my apartment.  Groaning, I toss my head back in resignation.  

“It really isn’t the time for this…” I heave and head in as well.  Too tired from the day of studying and testing and failing and trying to get rid of a cat, I end up just plopping down onto the sofa.  Arms outstretched wide and head thrown back, I think about surrendering and being a cry baby for one day.  You know, the possibility of not graduating in time is quite daunting even if it does sound like #firstworldproblems.  On the other hand, unlike me, this cat curiously wanders around and makes himself at home.  

“Well, I’m tired, Kitty.  I’m calling it a night.  You be good and I’ll drop you off at the animal shelter tomorrow morning, okay?” I bargain.  

Lethargically, I drag myself to my room and toss my dead weight against the bed.  Soft whimpers fleet from my lips.  I snuggle my way into my blanket cocoon.  Flying sheep are seconds from sending me to sweet slumber when I feel a furry paw against my nose.  My eyes shot open.

“No. Stay on floor,” I discipline, lift the bad boy up, and put him onto the ground.  I roll back into my comfy bed…only seconds later, I feel a soft tug against my blanket.  My lips part and I gather up the last of my patience to scold the little monster, when I notice its choppy tugs.  He had grabbed onto the corner of my blanket with his teeth and was slowly pulling it to cover my shoulders.  My expressions soften without my permission.  When he finally deems it a good job tucking me in, the amicable creature leaps back down to the floor and tries to build his own warm bed by curling his tail around his body.  So innocent and vulnerable.  A tinge of guilt penetrates through my heart.  

“You want a blankie?” I question, my voice a little gentler than before.  

The cat surprises me by shaking his head, as if fully comprehending my question.  Chewing on my inner cheek, I spring up, grab a cushion from my chair, and place it on the floor next to him.

“You can use it as a bed.”

Again, he shakes his head.  I frown.

“The floor’s extra cold tonight because of the rain outside…” I observe but the feline tilts his head and doesn’t make the move to accept my offer.

Sighing, I inquire, “You want a towel or a soft t-shirt or a plushie to snuggle with?” I look around my room for some cat-friendly items.  That’s when I squint and notice the leather band around his neck.  "Oh, hey…you have a collar.  Are you not a stray?” I kneel down and observe the pendant.  Sadly, the age and rust of the metal tampers much of the information’s legibility.  

Kim Su—

Instead of answering my question, he wraps his paws around my arm, tugs me closer, and tries to nestle on my lap.  I toss my head back and groan at this troublesome cat.  “I should just toss you out,” I grumble under my breath.

As if understanding my words, the cat instantly lets go of my arm.  His eyes glosses over and he melts against the floor as if sulking.  

“I was only joking!” I quickly back track.  "It is pouring cats and dogs outside, I’m not that heartless…” I reassure and somehow instinctively outstretch my palm to pet him on the head.  He likes it very much, much more than I had imagined.  With a long sigh, I scan my bed.  “You want to climb on the bed?”

The corners of his lips curl up and he jumps up and down with joy.  Chuckling, I surrender and hop onto the bed.  He follows suit.

“Stay at the foot of the bed,” I half-heartedly instruct with a yawn.  The white fluff obediently stays at the spot for about two minutes, before he sneaks his way toward my shoulder.  “I said, ‘Foot…of…the…bed…’” my voice slurs due to my sleepiness.  Dozing in and out, I recall him nestling comfortably at the croak of my neck.  Automatically, my body cuddles around the warm guest, who lays the final magical touch to my sweet dreams.


My tongue smacks against the top of my mouth palate as I half-consciously try to moistens the dryness.  Whimpering, I roll around in my sheets, hoping to stretch out my sore muscles before the alarm clock shrills anxiety back into my life.  One more satisfying stretch and I open my eyes to a good morning—

“AHHH!” I shriek at the sight of a stranger sleeping beside me.  Automatically, my body chooses flight over fight; I back away so hastily, my body crashes from the bed onto the floor.  The chaotic noise awakens the man.  

Long lashes flutter open.  His movements are fluid and graceful as he rolls out his shoulders and sits himself upright on my bed.  He stares at my astonished state with the tilt of his head and several innocent blinks.  Heaving air back into my frightened lungs, I reflexively lift the blanket from my body and look down.  Just a thin cami and PJ pants, not naked.  Not naked.  Whew.

“So nothing happe—“

The young man stands up, letting his blanket fall fluidly down his broad chest, chiseled abs, and…

My eyes widen and lips drop agape.  Heart pound against my chest.  Front row seats to Magic Mike would be an understatement.  The foreign male stands there, completely oblivious to my bewilderment.  He starts to advance toward me, inch by inch.  I almost choke myself to death by swallowing the lump in my throat.  

“Wh-wuh…who…who are you?!” I panic, scoot myself backward, and recoil against the wall.  He stops a foot from me with his exposed manly goods literally, right in front of my face.  My eyes bulge.  I swallow again, my head starts to spin.  Mouth opens wide - out of shock, I SWEAR out of shock, you dirty minded readers.    

Just then, I hear keys jiggle outside from the front door.  My name rings from the familiar voice of my mother.  Gasping, I turn to the man, who turns back to me with a blank stare.  Maniac panic ensues.  Footsteps click against my wooden living room floor.  Jerking up to my feet, I grab onto the man’s wrist, yank him, and throw him on the bed.  The sheets are tossed on top of him.

“Hey, Sweetie—“ my mother pushes open the door of my room and greets but immediately could smell the fishie fishiness.  

Nervously, I try to cover up my scandalous act and the very visible random lump on my mattress by literally sitting on top of it and pretending it’s all cushion.  Immediately, I regret such decision as I had so coincidentally place my bum right on his manhood.  It throbs through the sheets against my left back thigh and I have to bite my lower lip to keep calm.  

“Hi, Mum…heh…” I nervously ruffle my hair.

“Why do you look so guilty?” she narrows her eyes.  

“Oh-oh…N-no..not at all.”  Needless to say, I fail at my pursuit of a Degree in Deception.  My hiccup attack, thereafter, doesn’t help much either.  “Ju-just…hic-  Just sur hic- prised you came to vi hic- sit without notice…heh…”  No slick, what so ever.  

Nothing I do passes my mother’s eyes.  The sharp and observant female charges into the room, shoves me aside, and throws the cover away.  I shriek; my arms outstretch out of reflex.  Thankfully, the handsome sexy…no…focus…man gripped onto the covers before she exposed his lower region.

My full name bellows from my mother’s lips and I’m clawing my hair coming up with an excuse to cover up my possible one-night stand and not get ass-whipped by the conservative Catholic woman.  Growing up, I was taught that sex before marriage was not allowed.  

“Who is he?!” the furious woman interrogates as she takes note of how scantily clad I am too.  She sniffs the room as if trying to gather evidence of the shameful act.  Automatically, my hands lift up in a pose of surrender, though I had no intention to actually admit to her suspicions.  The gorgeous man across from me gazes in my direction with an innocent stare and a sweet, honeyed smile that contradicts his sexy Devil’s bodayyy.  I spend a moment too long ogling over his features that my mother snaps at me again.    

“I-uh…I…” Beads of tears start to coat my lashes.  

“You have some explaining to do, Young Lady.  I’m calling your father!” the middle-aged woman warns and starts punching numbers on her phone.

“No-no…MUM…” I choke.  Squeezing my eyes shut, my lips automatically move on their free will, “He’s my husband!”  

The phone drops from my mother’s hand.  Internationally, I face palm.  Really?!  That was the worse possible damage control ever.  The attractive man blinks.  He gifts me another sweet smile when he catches my gaze.  Immediately, I look away because I tell myself I can’t be entranced or horny right now with my outraged tiger mom in front of me.    

With the twitch of her brows, the older female laces my name with full warning and seethes through her teeth, “We need to talk.”  I swear my butt crack began to perspire.  

Gulping hard with panic, I glance at the mysterious man as if begging for help, only not really expecting it.  You know, like, what could he really do?  I didn’t even know where he came from for God’s sake.  Was I drunk?  Is this a dream?  I didn’t like the latter thought because I’ve been so dry and thirsty that the wetness of my panties causes ecstasy in my boring life and the thought that I had to possible wake up from it is quite unfortunate.  Priorities, much?  It’s only worth it if I don’t first get strangled by my own mother.  At my stagnancy, the older woman scans my pretend husband and scoffs at the black collar-like choker around his neck.  

I squint.  Wait…I’ve seen that…somewhere—

It’s the third time my full name rips from her throat and I know I’m in the deepest trouble I’ll ever be in.  Wiping my clammy hands against my pants, I turn to my mother and begin to push her out the door.  Blundering words escape my lips, “I’m sorry mom, I’ll explain.  I’ll call you later!  I swear!”  

“You got married?!” she shrills in disbelief.  

“Yes.  I mean No.  I mean…Yes…”  What has gotten into me?  I must be out of my damn mind or otherwise possessed.  Closing my eyes shut, I continue to direct her toward the door.

“You got married and did not tell your father or me?!” the woman scolds and then heaves, “How long have you even known that man?!  Do you know his character?!  What if he’s a stripper?  What is his name?!  I’m going to have your father investigate him!”

“Uh-I…I’ll tell you later.  Mum, can you leave first?” I nervously plea.

“Give me a name or I’m not leaving!” the female adamantly states.

Ah, stress.  STRESS.  Just as I am brainstorming a list of fake names to use, the strange male walks out with a blanket tied around his hip, and answers, “My name is Kim JunMeow.”  

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Josh Dun x Reader : The Problematic Proposal

A/N: holy smokes! guys thanks so much for all the attention that “a big question” got! you are the best :)
sorry with school starting i’m getting kind of busy but don’t worry, as soon as this weekend hits i’m gonna be writing like crazy (or so i hope, as long as crazy family and stupid school allows it) as always, requests are loved and so are comments, so feel free to do that if you’re in the mood. so here it is, love you all, thank you again… sorry if it’s a little intense, if you read the first one you know that some real shit went down and it was kinda a cliff hanger ending. so be concerned ;) lol too cheesy?


infinite-exist-ence asked:
Helloooo :) I was wondering if there was a part two to a big question (the josh dun one)? If not, would it be okay if you write a second part? Also I love your writing. Okay bye :)

*for anyone who might’ve missed out
here’s the link to part one: http://thepatricktreestump.tumblr.com/post/148869391097/josh-dun-x-reader-a-big-question

As soon as Josh stepped through the door and sensed what was going on, his eyes grew wide. You just stared at him, unsure of what the hell to say honestly, and Tyler seemed like the only one who actually was able to function. “Okay guys,” he gave a weak laugh. “Um, let’s have a talk Josh.”

“Y/n-” Josh spoke your name and you just stared at him with that blank expression on your face, still paralyzed and confused.

“Um, well uh…” you stammered, trying to fumble to the right words to say but it was as if someone had stolen your vocabulary and you were just left with blank pages of a dictionary.

“Look,” Tyler sighed, going over to you and putting both hands on your shoulders. “I’ll talk to Josh, you just calm down. It’s okay.” He walked you over to the door, leaving Josh bewildered in the dressing room, and showed you where to sit down in the hallway. “I’ll be back soon, okay? It’s going to be fine. Just stay here. Don’t go anywhere.”

“Thanks,” you let out a shaky breath and watched as Tyler left. What was he going to say to Josh? What if Josh didn’t want to marry you anymore? What if Tyler was lying and it really was actually a secret after all? Isn’t this going to push back their performance time? Questions swirled around in your mind and you instantly felt struck with guilt, knowing this was all mainly your fault. If you weren’t snooping around or going through his stuff or didn’t walk through that goddamn dressing room door then maybe this wouldn’t have happened. Way to fuck things up, y/n. You groaned and buried your face in your hands, trying to regain composure.

You didn’t know how long it was. You actually started to contemplate whether or not the boys would even return back until you finally saw Tyler round the corner, and you stood up, ready to face Josh, but he wasn’t there. “Uh, hey y/n,” Tyler gave a faint smile.

“Where’s Josh?” you wondered.

“He’s um, he’s okay. Don’t worry. I just needed to talk to him for a little bit,” Tyler reassured. “Please, he’s just sort of uh, making new plans.”

“What?” your face fell. “I didn’t mean to-”

“No, gosh, that’s not what I meant,” Tyler shook his head. “Sorry, geez. That came out wrong, didn’t it? I meant like, he’s just frazzled. He’s still going to marry you, don’t worry. He loves you more than anything, y/n. He’s just trying to still surprise you.”

“So what does that mean?” you raised an eyebrow.

“Well I’m not supposed to give away any major details,” Tyler admitted. “However, I think I’m allowed to tell you that it won’t happen tonight.”

“I didn’t want to ruin it,” you frowned. “I’m sorry. He must’ve worked so hard to plan it all. I feel terrible.”

“No, don’t feel bad,” he shook his head. “Please, you’re fine. Josh actually sort of planned this.”

“Huh?” you asked.

“He had some backup plans incase things went wrong. I just think he didn’t actually plan on you figuring out the whole scheme. I guess I sort of let the cat out of the bag,” he cringed. “But anyways, don’t worry. Just, he told me to make sure you weren’t nervous or scared. He wants to make sure you know he loves you, and he’s sorry he kept stuff from you, but it was just him trying to be sweet and failing.”

“He doesn’t need to try to be sweet,” you rolled your eyes. “He just is.”

“I know. It’s because he’s compromised mainly of sugar,” Tyler laughed. “Red Bull and cereal and Oreos and junk food and he still looks like a freaking body builder.”

“I love him,” you sighed. “Is he okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t you break a sweat over him,” he told you. “He’s doing fine.”

“Am I allowed to talk to him or is that prohibited?” you teased.

“I think so,” Tyler nodded. “I know he wants to see you.”

“I want to see him too,” you agreed.

“Well come on,” Tyler extended a hand and lifted you up off the ground. “Let’s go take you to your Prince Charming.”

You walked down the hallway and looked for Josh with Tyler, but he was nowhere to be found. You called him, because you knew for sure he wouldn’t go anywhere without his phone, but surprisingly he didn’t pick up. You both checked the rooms and hallways and even sent some people outside. That’s when you both heard the noise. “Drums!” you both exclaimed at the same time, running towards the stage where Josh was loudly hitting his drumsticks against the cymbals and working up a sweat. You were about to go get him, but Tyler kept you back.

“Just watch him play for a little bit,” he whispered. “He’s letting out his emotions you know. About you.”

“He kind of looks a little angry,” you chuckled.

“Nah, it’s passion,” Tyler argued. “He’s passionate about you. More than you could ever know.”

“Yeah but I think he’s still angry,” your laughter died down, letting Tyler know you weren’t actually joking. “I’m sort of afraid to talk to him. I don’t really know what to say.”

“Maybe you don’t need to say anything,” Tyler shrugged.

“Stop, we’re not going to start kissing all of a sudden on the stage,” you rolled your eyes, thinking he intended it to mean some cheesy joke.

“Really?” Tyler narrowed his eyes. “I did not mean it that way, goodness. I meant like, just give him a hug or something.”

“Oh,” you realized. “I guess that works too.” Josh stopped playing the drums, throwing his drumsticks on the floor and putting his head in his hands.

“I don’t know,” Tyler sighed. “I mean, you know the boy as well as I do. Just work your charm.”

“Thanks Tyler,” you smiled. “You’re the best.”

“I know I am,” he beamed.

“Whatever,” you giggled, shaking your head and watching as Josh met your eyes as you walked towards him. The intense look in his eyes dimmed, turning soft and gentle, and he looked at you and took a deep breath as you approached. “Hey.”

“Hey,” he responded. “So uh-”

You raced towards him, wrapping him in your arms and holding onto him tight, pressing your heart to his bare chest and listening to the beat, and you slowly felt his arms wrap around you and hold you. You closed your eyes tight and then released the hug, looking up at him. “I’m sorry,” you sighed. “I love you.”

“Don’t be sorry,” he shook his head. “I love you too.”

“Look…” your voice trailed off. “You know, how about we start over? Pretend it didn’t happen, okay? No explanations, no excuses, no having to be embarrassed or confused or anticipating something to come.”

“Well that’s the thing,” Josh rearranged the cap on his head. “It did happen. And we can’t rewrite the past, and we can’t unremember something, and we can’t have awkward moments like this is our relationship. So I actually just want to talk about it, even if it’s just for a little bit. Just a second or two. Because I need to let you know something. It’s important.”

“Okay,” you nodded.

“So Tyler said he already told you, but I intend on marrying you, y/n. I love you so much, more than you will ever know, and I intend on loving you until the day I die. I know it sounds kind of cheesy, like something out of a love poem or a romantic comedy movie, but it’s true. I absolutely love you, and I want to love you every single day of my life as long as you’ll let me,” Josh explained. “This wasn’t exactly how I intended you find out, but everything happens for a reason, and I guess this happened for a reason, so be it. I’m not proposing to you right now, but know that I’m ready, and don’t be nervous or scared or anxious, because you’ll know. It’s not going to be a secret anymore. I’ll let you know when the time comes. Okay? I just, I love you. So much.”

“Josh,” you closed your eyes and hugged him again. “I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love you. And I’ll always love you. It’s not going to change. So don’t worry. You don’t need to warn me or give me a hint, I’m ready. I’ve been ready and I always will be ready. I love you, and I want you to know that whatever plans you have made, it’s perfect and it’s fine and it doesn’t really matter. I don’t need confetti or a special song or a crowd of people or a candlelit dinner. As long as I have you, and as long as you ask that question, it’s the perfect proposal. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing or who we’re with or why we’re there, it’s just you. You’re all that matters to me. And I really hope that one day you’ll realize that.”

“You’re going to make me cry y/n,” Josh laughed. “Stop making me have feelings.”

“Look who’s talking,” you chuckled, rubbing your eyes and staring up at him.

“Goodness,” Josh took a deep breath. “That was… That was good to get off my chest.”

“Yeah,” you nodded and smiled.

“How about we get some tacos? You, me, and Tyler too?” he suggested. “Kind of a celebration thing?”

“Tacos?” you put your hands on your hips. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about food,” Josh whined.

“You just ate not too long ago,” you chuckled.

“But don’t you feel Taco Bell whispering your name, y/n?” he insisted with a grin. “I think I do.”

“It might be calling my name, but it sure isn’t calling yours,” you crossed your arms over your chest. “Joshua, you’ve got a show to play soon.”

“But-” he began but you shushed him with a quick kiss on the lips.

“Play your heart out and maybe there will be Taco Bell waiting in the dressing room when you get back,” you winked.

“I like the sound of that,” he agreed.

Little did he know at Taco Bell you spent about ten minutes searching through the hot sauce packets to find the perfect one. Sure, it was kind of cheesy, but it was a joke. And you thought Josh would appreciate it. It was the one he had given to you the first time you two went on a date, and it had been a joke at the time, and you hadn’t given it much thought, but now after the events of today, you decided it was appropriate and perfect. You got back just in time for them to start playing, and you stood on the side stage exchanging winks and smiles with Josh the entire time. When the show was over and Josh came off stage, you handed him his Taco Bell bag full of food. “Here’s a little something extra for you,” you winked and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Best part,” he grinned. You handed him the sauce packet from your pocket and he looked at it and smirked.

“Marry me?” you read it aloud and he looked at you and rolled his eyes.

“Of course,” he responded. “How could I ever say no?”

My grand final review

Hey there, folks! It’s exhilaratingly close to the big moment, the beginning of this year’s grand final! Here’s my rundown of the Eurovision grand final songs, in running order. I call this a “lights and shadows” list, as, for the sake of nuance, I’ve added something positive and some criticism for every song on the list. For those who missed it, this is the semi-skimmed version of this full-bodied critique of all the songs. Let’s go!

+ If the hosts’ robotic intro has put people to sleep, this will wake them up.
- The lyrics make less sense than your average Edward Lear poëm.
Rank: 24

+ Kasia has a good voice and sings with passion and conviction.
- The song is an absolute dirge with no real sense of direction, and those rhymes are ridic.
Rank: 17

+ Instant cute happiness, this is just so squeeeee
- They could have fit another verse in to make the song less repetitive.
Rank: 3

+ He put a lót of work into promoting himself and his song, which is admirable. His covers of former ESC songs made him seem like a fan of the contest, which puts you in good steed with fellow fans. I think he got in the final by sheer force of personality.
- Saccharine, plim-plom song. Those “hey naaaww” repetitions annoy the hell out of me! And I always mistrust someone so perma-cheerful. It comes across as forced, not quite right and makes me feel he’s got human heads in his fridge at home.
Rank: 21

+ Majestic. This song soars like the eagle of Artsvik’s name. This kind of song is precisely why I love Armenia, a perfect mélange of traditional and modern that sounds like nothing else in the contest. Artsvik herself has got a special, almost regal poise. Feels like this song dropped out of outer space, love it.
- She could have made it even better by including more dancers to closer emulate the surreal video.
Rank: 4

+ Their live vocals are impeccable. And as for the song topic, losing a beloved relative after seeing them battle a disease something, unfortunately, to which so many of us can relate, so it does pull on my heartstrings.
- If they were a less popular country amongst eurofans, would folk consider the girls to be using their mother’s sickness for sympathy rather than sympathising with them? My internal jury is out on that one. As for the music, it is derivative and dated - their voices deserve something a few decades closer to “contemporary.”
Rank: 8

+ They perform this song with verve and do their best to bring the party.
- This band’s continued success goes to show how far getting adopted as a meme by confused American non-viewers of Eurovision can get you in the competition.
Rank: 15

+ Perhaps the contest’s best example of how one can use dance to make the story of a song understood beyond linguistic boundaries. One of the most original songs in the contest, performed with passion, emotion and defiance, and certainly some of the strongest lyrics.
- Many folk have an automatic dislike to rap at the contest and may get the wrong idea of his bars, seeing them as angry rather than as the deep and moving lyrics that they are.
Rank: 2

+ Francesco embodies easy-going charm, and his satirical lyrics are amongst the contest’s best.
- The Eurovision version of the song has much less impact than the San Remo one; it slipped down by rankings because most of those biting and ironic lyrics were removed, leaving only half a verse where there had been two.
Rank: 7

+ What Anja does very well indeed is connecting with the audience. It’s a song about intimacy, so the number of long close ups communicate that well - it feels as though she’s singing right in front of us.
- Musically generic, and the aforementioned intimacy is undermined by vox that are beyond the border of shouty.
Rank: 13

+ Magnificently moving, ethereal song that has the timeless quality of an instant classic. Sang beautifully in a way that shows nuance trumps power. I never thought a song from this decade’s ESC could challenge to be my favourite ever Eurovision song, but this does.
- Whilst his interpretation of the song through movement is a key part of its appeal to me, it distracts some folks. My own biggest problem is that I’d rather see Salvador (and Luísa) up on the stage for hours rather than three minutes.
Rank: 1

+ Best Azeri entry ever. Something genuinely stylish, mysterious and modern.
- The staging seems a bit “GCSE Drama” and gimmicky.
Rank: 9

+ It’s impressive to be able to sing a duet with yourself in two completely different vocal styles. It’s bloody hilarious, too.
- This is the ultimate example of the saying: just because you cán, doesn’t mean you shóúld. This is more cheese than a tower made of Camembert and his fake smiles are creepy.
Rank: 14

+ As a piece of music, I quite like the style. With another singer, I might well enjoy this a fair bit.
- He sings as though his nose has never been blown, and his forlorn looks to the camera that seem like that of a puppy dog who fears he’s going to end up served in a dish of bosintang seem fake and are very disconcerting.
Rank: 18

+ Only lasts three minutes. Demy must be a generous soul, given the way she allows the backing vocalists to sing more audibly than she.
- It takes me about 20 minutes to walk from my home to my workplace or vice versa. In that time, I reckon I could write 4-5 songs of higher quality than this. Utterly generic and disposable pop with lyrics which are just a stream of thought-terminating clichés.
Rank: 26

+ The song has brought me hours of amusement, because my kids have made a game of making mocking references to it whenever they can. Before a pronunciation face-to-face challenge, one lad psyched another out by saying “are you ready to do it… for your lover?”
- Wasted money voting on other songs only for a jury of the “winner’s” friends to overrule the public vote. So that they could force this masterpiece in which “do it for your lover” or “just do it” is said, on average, every four seconds. Grim.
Rank: 25

+ I listened to the acoustic version of this and they sing it well, and it sounds much better acoustic. They seem like nice lads.
- Cold, soulless, robotic, and with silly rhyming dictionary lyrics.
Rank: 18

+ The BBC has finally upped its game and tried to create an impressive show. Well done.
- Shame the song itself is part sleeping pill, part excruciatingly annoying. “This maaadnnesss…”
Rank: 23

+ For us linguaphiles and/or Armenophiles, there was a great moment in a video where Hovig and Artsvik spoke at the same time, he in Western Armenian, she in Eastern Armenian. That was cool.
- Pales in comparison to Rag and Bone Man’s “Human” from which the music was ripped off without mercy. Also, physicists across Europe are weeping as Hoving considers gravity to be something that lifts you up ánd halts your fall.
Rank: 22

+ The second dose of “adorable couple” tonight. This shouldn’t work, this unholy blend of rap and yodel, but for me, it so does. Mostly on how happy they are and how that transfers to me in the audience. They’re just full on adorable. And you know, as much as it’s great that Eurovision has a great many serious acts, I love that something so wild and just plain carefree can get so far too. There’s a really good message of living for the moment in this, too.
- Ilinca’s vocals are powerhouse; Alex’ are more underwhelming and that might see them penalised by the juries.
Rank: 6

+ When she was in the final of that ridiculous national final, duelling against herself, it seems obvious Levina wanted the other, marginally less terribad Wildfire, and felt lumbered by the public’s pick of Perfect Life. Despite that, she’s done a great job of wholeheartedly promoting the song and has travelled far and wide. I respect the work ethic. She had by far and away the best vocals of the national final, too (shame she got this song which doesn’t play to her strengths.)
- Usually, I cannot look past the ripped-off Titanium intro. When I can, the lyrics blow my mind in the worst possible. Almost a sinner, nearly a saint, people…
Rank: 16

+ I love a good rock song. This is not so great, but is like a mirage in a desert - giving sóme hope of refreshment, even if it ultimately doesn’t deliver.
- Runs out of steam after the first minute and becomes a bit of a sludge after a few repeated listens.
Rank: 12

+ Absolutely spellbinding studio version. 50-60 years ahead of last year’s throwback from Belgium. Minimalist and moving. I hold out hope in a really good final performance.
- Poor Blanche has looked as though someone was molesting her dead pet dog in front of her during the semi final. More traumatised than vulnerable.
Rank: 5

+ The music, whilst nothing special, is quite catchy. Especially the instrumental parts with the synth-based flourishes.
- I find it hard to look past the ugly and forceful “rapey rhyme” style lyrics, or the cringeworthy stage show aptly and succintly referred to by a friend of mine as “fuckboys on treadmills.”
Rank: 20

+ Polished and contemporary song, sung with confidence.
- As anything other than background music, it leaves me cold. I really find the performer to be highly offputting, too.
Rank: 11

+ Not as good or half as charming as Amir and his song, but not a bad effort. Very French, which from me can only be a compliment.
- Feels quite inconsequential after they removed the most meaningful lines and replaced them with a cliché English chorus.
Rank: 10

My pre-final top 10, thus:
1 - 🇵🇹 - Portugal
2 - 🇭🇺️ - Hungary
3 - 🇧🇾️ - Belarus
4 - 🇦🇲️ - Armenia
5 - 🇧🇪 - Belgium
6 - 🇷🇴️ - Romania
7 - 🇮🇹️ - Italy
8 - 🇳🇱️ - Netherlands
9 - 🇦🇿 ️- Azerbaijan
X - 🇨🇵 - France

Sisters of Steel: Stars

Here’s another thing with Laura and Ell, followed (very soon!) by something with hollstein! There’s a star theme with both of these so like…here ya go. 

(Also, to be clear: In the superhollis verse Ell is bisexual. Don’t worry guys, she’s gonna get a nice coming out arc in Stronger Together. xD) 

Betty was the first person who talked to the guidance counselor. She got a detention.

“Betty, what did you tell him?”

She had shrugged and flipped her hair. “That I don’t need a career, because I’m planning on marrying rich.”

Ell almost choked on her pizza while the rest of the lunch table hooted with laughter. “But Betty, I thought you wanted to go to law school. Why didn’t you just say that?”

“Because I think this is stupid anyway. We’re high school sophomores. I guarantee you most of these people are saying one thing and are gonna end up doing something completely different.”

“Yeah, but a detention still sucks.”

“I can catch up on homework while I’m there anyway.”

Ell’s boyfriend sat down at the table next to her, putting an arm around her and giving Ell a quick kiss on the cheek.

She’d been dating Jason since the beginning of the school year. He was nice, and cute, and after two months Ell still was amazed at the fact she actually had a boyfriend.

“What are we talking about?”

“This dumb career consult thing they’re making us do,” Betty answered, “you know what you’re going to tell the guidance counselor?”

“Oh, I already know what I want to do,” he answered confidently, “I’m going to play football for Met U and then go pro. How about you, babe?”

“Well–” Ell paused. “Um…I’m not sure yet,” she finished.

“You don’t know? That’s a first,” Betty answered.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Ell, you practically have a schedule for every day of the week,” Jason answered, “I figured you had your life planned out until you were thirty at least.”

“Hey, I wasn’t planning on dating you,” Ell answered, “my ‘schedule’ isn’t that rigid.”

Jason laughed, kissing Ell on the cheek.  Ell blushed and tried to distract herself from the question by taking another bite of pizza.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request scenario where Iwaizumi has a crush on a shy girl but he think he has feeling for Oikawa and try to help her to get together with him since she always visit the practice with her friends who are Oikawa fans but she actually is there to see Iwaizumi?

When you first transferred to Aoba Johsai, it was the middle of your second year. It was an awkward transfer, for Aoba Johsai was one of the prestigious schools, second to Shiratorizawa. Your mother was a sought after teacher by many schools, and decided to settle with Aoba Johsai thus with you coming into the school on a fully paid scholarship with the condition your grades were high.

It wasn’t much of a hard request, with your mother being a stern and passionate teacher both at home and at school, the harder request was a personal one by your mother. “I know you don’t talk much ___________, but this is different from Nekoma. Everyone is less city-like, make some friends,” she had requested from you.

As her child, you wanted to fulfil her request to the utmost of your abilities. Thankfully, on your first day of transferring, you were able to befriend someone who didn’t seem as intimidating as the others.

Yukie had walked over to you whilst you were busy with trying to blend in. She had a bubbly and energetic personality, and you had expected her to be surrounded by a group of relatively energetic girls. “I’m not like those Oikawa crazed girls, though if you’re into that, they are right there,”

You were curious about who this Oikawa was when you realised he was in the year above you. A third year volleyball player and captain, you had to admit he had the looks but the group of surrounding girls said otherwise about him.

“Unfortunately, I have a friend who’s in that group, you don’t mind do you?” she asked, noticing you hanging back at the gym doors. “Anyways, I’m here to watch my brother play, he’s the quiet one in the corner,” she pointed to a boy serving in the corner with a poker face. “He’s pretty much expressionless, until you started talking about some sci-fi stuff.”

Yukie introduced you to Hana, who was one of those “Oikawa fans”. Within minutes of introductions, Hana had already excitedly dragged you to a group of girls who were fawning over Oikawa. In all honesty, who wouldn’t fall for those good looks? Chocolate hair and eyes, with a charming smile and a mischievous twinkle in the eyes, he had the looks of a lady killer but to be frank, you were rather attracted to the ace of the team.

“Who’s the one next to him, the one hitting him?” you pointed above. Hana leaned over and squinted her eyes.

“Number four?” she asked and you nodded in response. “Ah, that’s the ace, Iwaizumi Hajime.”

“Good choice,” Yukie teased and you nudged her lightly.

There was something Iwaizumi had that Oikawa didn’t. It was hard to place a finger but you found his look overall much more attractive compared to Oikawa. It seemed as if Hana and her group were walking dictionaries of Oikawa for they began rattling facts about Iwaizumi until you were slightly concerned.

“Nice serve Oikawa-san~” they cheered whenever he served. Oikawa would turn around and flash them a smile in which they respond with even louder screams.

It so happens at this moment, Iwaizumi turned around and you made eye contact with the ace, giving a small smile.

When practice was over, you would follow Hana for Yukie too followed Hana home together. It soon became a routine to spend your after school hours with Hana and Yukie, and as boring as it seems, you got to know the two girls more and a strong friendship grew and you found yourself attending more of the practices than you hoped for.


The first time Iwaizumi noticed you, he knew that you were Oikawa’s type. It was the way you stood out from his usual groupies, and he watched you watching Oikawa intently.

He nudged Oikawa. “Oi Shittykawa, look at the girl on the far left, the one that is not screaming,” Iwaizumi pointed out.

Oikawa turned his head in your direction and flashed you one of his megawatt smiles which you responded with a small one. “She’s quite cute, why Iwa-chan?” Oikawa asked but stopped himself. “Are you interested in her?” he teased.

Iwaizumi shrugged and slapped Oikawa’s back. “I thought you would be interested in her,”

Oikawa purses his lips, “Maybe,”

However, when you made eye contact again with Iwaizumi, he was affirmative that you were most likely to have a crush on Oikawa and Oikawa seemed interested, so why not?

From then on, whenever you lingered back Iwaizumi would nudge Oikawa to talk to you. Oikawa would walk over, in attempts to woo you but would often return with a stoic smile. He patted Iwaizumi’s back vaguely and would continue serving.


When Oikawa walked over to you, you were 100% sure that one of Hana’s groupies would’ve murdered you on the spot if they saw. “You’re new aren’t you?” he asked and you nodded in response.

Oikawa then attempted to use a pickup line on you. He pretended to fall and picked himself up. “Do you happen to have a plaster? Because I find myself falling for you,”

You giggled at his attempts to woo you but you simply shook your head. “I’m sorry but I have to say no, I’m interested in someone else,” you stated frankly.

Oikawa placed a hand over his heart and feigned hurt. “Who else could have your attention uh, what’s your name?”


Oikawa cleared his throat, “Who else has your attention, ___________-chan?”

You pursed your lips in thought, “Can I trust you?” you asked. “I think you would be the most appropriate person to tell this to,” Oikawa nodded his head and outstretched his pinkie in which you interlocked. With a deep breath, “Iwaizumi-san,”

Oikawa clapped his hand over his mouth to cover a not so many squeal. “I knew it, don’t worry ________-chan, I won’t tell Iwa-chan, but may I drop a few hints?”

You watched him pick up the volleyballs and toss them into the basket. “Sure,”


Oikawa’s version of dropping hints, were often not the best. For after practice, when all the members left, Oikawa slapped Iwaizumi’s back. “You’re so dense Iwa-chan,”

“Excuse me?” Iwaizumi stared at his best friend in shock.

“You know that girl you pointed out a while ago?”

“Yeah, did you manage to woo her?”

“Unfortunately not,” Oikawa pouted. “For she was interested in someone else,”

“Who?” Iwaizumi asked, curiously. He had grown quite interested in you ever since you attended their practices, but he had always thought you were interested in Oikawa. It was quite a shock when Oikawa revealed your lack of interest.

“Again, you’re dense,” Oikawa shook his head and patted Iwaizumi’s back. “She’s interested in you!”

Iwaizumi almost dropped his jersey in shock. You were interested, in him? “Speechless Iwa-chan? Is that a blush I see on your cheeks?”

Iwaizumi glared at Oikawa in response. “Shut up Shittykawa,”

Oikawa gasped in mock hurt. “And I was just about to tell you her name!”

“What is it?”


“Isn’t she Sensei ____________’s daughter?” Iwaizumi queried and Oikawa shrugged in response.

“We have practice tomorrow, maybe you should ask her out, I can give you tips,” Oikawa suggested.

“I’ll ask you for dating tips when I’m married,” Iwaizumi stated plainly.

“So mean…”


After practice, as Hana and her group departed, you were left with Yukie for she was waiting for her younger brother, Kunimi. “Hey, Iwaizumi’s walking over, it’s my cue to leave,” Yukie said and before you could respond, she sped off to god knows where.

“Hey,” Iwaizumi began rather awkwardly. “I don’t really know how to say this, but i find you cute and maybe we should go for coffee sometime?”

You raised your eyebrow at him and from behind you can see Oikawa flashing you a thumbs up. “I swear, when I said drop a hint, I didn’t think-” you began but when you saw Iwaizumi’s confused face, you broke into a smile. “I’ll be honoured to have some coffee. Though, could you so the favour of killing Oikawa-san for me?”

Iwaizumi raised his eyebrow in confusion. “I had rejected Oikawa-san ever so lightly yesterday and I requested if he could you know, drop a hint or two for me but I think he just dropped a straight to the point bomb didn’t he?”

Iwaizumi nodded in response. “That’s Oikawa for you,” he smiled. “You know, I had always thought you would be more interested in Oikawa than me. I mean, I’d admit, he is extremely good looking,”

“But you’re charming and I think I’d like to get to know you more,” you responded.

Iwaizumi grinned. “So what do you say? I know a really good place, maybe after practice if you don’t mind waiting a bit later?”

You nodded your head. “I wait quite long anyways, my mom’s a teacher here so,” you responded.

“Iwa-chan! Stop flirting and come help clean up!” Oikawa teased and both of you shot identical glares in Oikawa’s direction for two different reasons. “Meant to be I tell you…” Oikawa uttered, shuddering.

The Proposition

Title: The Proposition
Pairing or Characters: President Slade Wilson/Dick Grayson
Rating: Explicit
Summary: This is just a taste of what Dick has to offer. Hopefully, Slade takes the bait.
Contains: rough sex, oral sex (deep throating aggressive behavior, sexual tension, resolved sexual tension, implied: abusive relationships, past mentor/mentee relationship, what can be read as past dubious consent
Notes: So today is my beta bae fleetsparrow ’s birthday (aaah!) and I wanted to write something for zir because Fleet is the BEST! This is actually a little teaser for something big and Earth-3/Crisis on Two Earths related that I’m writing for zir (well for both of us because Slade/Dick is also my weakness) that’ll go out eventually once it’s closer to finished. For now here’s the important stuff: Dick’s a double agent, Slade’s hot and mean, and they’re both right where they want each other.

And to my precious beta bae: *smooches your face* I hope you have a fantastic birthday!!


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Flinch - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Anonymous said: where the reader and Bucky are arguing, and he raises his arm to put his hand through his hair or something and reader flinches thinking he’s going to hit her, and his reaction.

You had arrived back at the base feeling like you could collapse, numerous wounds were scattered all across your body and the only reason you were able to stand was because Bucky was holding you up with his metal arm. The other one had ended up being wounded in the battle.

It was hard for you to comprehend what had happened, one moment you were being a sniper and the next you were attacked by five agents. Bucky heard you screaming on the radio and had charged over to come and be your white knight, which was unnecessary in your opinion and also what led to him getting as badly wounded as you were. Well not as bad, he could still walk.

What made you more angry was that his worst wound, the bullet lodged into his back, was all because he decided to protect you. Yes, it may have saved your life, but what if it had ended his? You couldn’t be furious at that moment in time because it was hard to feel anything other than the pain, he dragged you to a hospital as soon as the fight was over.

He came and saw you every day after that, the first couple of times you were asleep. Then three out of the other five times he came to visit you simply pretended to be asleep because you really, really didn’t want to see him.

The sixth time he came to see you, he found you awake and on high alert sat in your hospital bed and watching some dumb soap opera on the tiny television they’d put in your room. (Tony had offered to bring you something better but you were only going to be there for a couple more days and didn’t see the point in getting him to waste money.) “You look better,” he had a giant smile on his face and it was all because he saw you alive and well, and the smile almost broke your resolve until you saw his arm in that sling and was reminded of what idiotic act he’d committed.

You can admit to having issues with conflict, you suppose you just hated having arguments and so you did whatever you could to avoid them. The only choice you had this time around was to avoid talking to Bucky until all your negative emotions towards him were gone, which probably wasn’t going to help your relationship in the slightest but from your perspective it has the potential of saving you from punching him.

So you turned away from him and acted like you were going back to sleep, he called your name twice before realising that you really were ignoring him. He left you alone.

The seventh time you saw him in the hospital wasn’t exactly conventional. You were stretching your legs for the day and taking a walk around the hospital’s grounds, just as you were crossing through a hallway, a hand suddenly latched onto your unharmed wrist and pulled you into a closet.

You made a sound of surprise and ended it with a growl, letting the person who’d captured you know that they were in for a lot of trouble. Just because you were in a hospital gown didn’t mean you weren’t able to kick ass.  The sound of shuffling came from within the bleak darkness of the closet and you felt something cold slide across your bare skin before a light was abruptly switched on, revealing your assailant was actually Bucky Barnes of all people. You let out a tut, “for god’s sake.” If there was any room you would have face palmed, but you rested for just shooting glares at your meatball of a boyfriend.

“Shut up and listen,” he demanded, causing your mouth to drop open. “I don’t know why you’ve been avoiding me but I can guess that whatever reason it is, it’s stupid. I just risked my life to save yours and I’m not saying I deserve a reward in return, but I am saying that I don’t deserve getting completely pushed out of my girlfriends life for no goddamn reason.”

“Am I allowed to talk now?” You asked after a moment’s pause, your tone dangerously low. Bucky knew this meant he was in trouble, he knew that this was one of your many signs which conveyed how furious you were but he didn’t care, he was furious too. When he nodded, you confessed everything, though you did not do it kindly. “You fucking idiot, Barnes. If I’m ignoring you let me ignore you, give me my space, it’s not like I dumped you. I’m just extremely mad at you, because you went and risked your life to save mine. You could have died, do you understand that? You could have got shot in the head or something and then you would have died, all for me? That’s not heroic, that is mindless, dense, ignorant, dull-witted, vacuous and every other word that means stupid in the dictionary!”

He rolled his eyes at you, “so you’re allowed to care about me dying, but I’m not when it comes to you? Do you realise you make no sense?!” Both your voices were raising a few octaves and you were hoping Bucky was regretting putting the two of you in such a tiny room as it just made the tension worse.

“Don’t talk to me like that!”

“I love you Y/N, that gives me the right to protect you!” He confessed his emotions loudly, but they didn’t seem to match the rage in his eyes. All of a sudden he raised his arm upward to run it through his long hair (a habit which you’d actually grown to find quite attractive in the past) and you involuntarily flinched. He saw it. It was Becky’s turn for his mouth to drop open as he’d never expected you of all people to be scared of the metal arm. “Y/N,” he whispered out your name, saying it so softly you wondered how you could ever think that he would hurt you.


The door was swung open to reveal a nurse, “what the hell are you two doing in here?” She stared at the both of you with a hand on her hips, but you didn’t care. The added light had only made Bucky’s hurt expression more clear to you, and you had no idea what to say that could comfort him. So you did what you always do, you avoided.

You ran out of that closet as fast as you could, leaving an anguished Bucky who had to deal with the very angry nurse that wanted answers and also wanted to make sure nothing kinky had actually gone on in the closet.

Of course you instantly regretted your decision to ditch him, you returned to your hospital room and just lay in the bed. The sound of the television annoyed you, as did the other nurses who came in to check on your. All you really did for the next few hours was waste away in the bed feeling very sad.

It was around three in the morning when you felt the presence of someone in the doorway, you knew who it was easily. The Avengers rarely came to visit because they were busy with their duties and it was too late for the nurses to be appearing, it was Bucky. “I’m sorry,” you whispered, all the anger in your tone gone completely, the only thing left was sadness.

“No,” he whispered, his voice just as quiet as yours. “I’m sorry.”

At this, you finally sat up and looked at him. You shook your head at him, “I don’t know why I flinched, but I know that you don’t scare me. Please don’t overthink the flinch.”

“It doesn’t matter,” he obviously didn’t want to talk about it but you knew this was something he had to hear. Bucky cared deeply for you, that was obvious, and what he wanted was to make sure that you were okay but after that flinch there were more important things going through your head.

You patted the space beside you in the bed, “please can we cuddle?” He didn’t move, confirming your suspicions that he had already thought over your flinch many times. “Please,” you begged, your voice breaking from the sobs that begged to wrack through your body, you’d gone through so much these past couple of days. No matter how angry you may have been, you didn’t want to lose him.

After hearing the desperation in your voice he began to cautiously move closer, as he entered the bed he was being very gentle. As though you were some china doll and he was a hammer trying not to crush you; it was you who had to grab a hold of his metal hand and wrap it around your waist. There was a lot of shuffling involved until the two of you managed to get in a position that wasn’t uncomfortable and didn’t cause your wounds to hurt, you ended up laying on top of him with your head resting against his chest, your hand was clasped around his metal one.

“You could have died Bucky,” you repeated what you said earlier only there was no fury laced in your words this time, “you could have died trying to protect me and then… then I’d be alone, you’d be gone and I’d just be left in this world all alone.” Admitting how you truly felt was much easier now that you didn’t just want to make him realize how stupid he had been.

Bucky placed a soft kiss on the top of your head, “you could have died and then I’d be alone though.”

And that was just it, he wanted to protect you even it meant ding and you wanted to protect him even if it meant you would die. You shuffled slightly so that you were able to face him easier, “why don’t we make a pact then? We’ll protect each other the best as we can, but if we think we’re about to die than we stop. Saves us both from worrying.”

A small smile filled his lips and he shook his head, “I don’t think I can promise that.”

You huffed, “me either actually.” Your head fell onto his chest, he let out a grunt to show your little headbutt had landed right on one of his wounds and you quickly apologized, placing a kiss on the spot you’d previously hit.

He looked at your for a moment, thinking over just how much he cared about you. He let go of your hand and with his metal hand he touched the side of your face, happy to see you not flinch. “Come here,” he ordered and you complied, moving forward so that your lips touched his in a passionate exchange.

✿ Love Me Like You: Part 2 ✿

sideman | simon x reader
trigger warnings | swearing.
requested? | sorta! @.miniminterx asked if I’d do a part 2, here I am!
author’s note | be aware this IS part 2, so read part 1 first!

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