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He watched clary grow up, he cares about her. And he says it. Magnus can’t do anything to stop the dark magic from killing her, only to help with the pain. It’s just sad bc you can see it on his face. Magnus wanted nothing to do with Shadowhunters and now look at him, in a relationship with one and slowly starts to create a family will all of them. I know Clary’s going to be fine but still no matter how it all end Magnus is gonna lose these people he’s grown close to….It’s just not fair but when is life ever fair. He knows what he’s getting himself into.

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Can I just say that even Sam's skin is different at the VF party? We joked around here he must be using Cait's Illumino oil. I compared it with his look the other night (with my left eye closed because, duh) and while he was smiling there, his skin looked dull or his facial powder was uneven or something. I mean, how can you not notice this, their photos today are beautiful.

The photos from last night are stunning. I’m not sure if it was the lighting, or Sam got a face wash to remove environmental toxins, but he is definitely working the male version of glowing.

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Hello there. Can you write one shot with Paulo Dybala where he takes his girlfriend to Tokyo and he proposes to her there since it's her dream place to go? Tha k you 💜💜💜💜💜

Thank you for requesting x I hope you like it x 

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Propose - Paulo Dybala 

„Babeeee“ I heard Paulo saying as he walked in our shared bedroom, I still had my eyes closed. I wasn’t exactly a morning person so I didn’t open my eyes until it was really necessary.

„hmmm“ i murmured.

„you know how you always wanted to go to Tokyo?“ he asked as he plopped down beside him.

I opened one of my eyes as Tokyo fell from his lips, to look at him. Tokyo was always a dream of mine, it was always a dream of mine to go there. When I was little kid I always went to that japan restaurant in my city with my father. I was always amazed by the older woman who looked so different from me but had the kindest heart possible. So since then I always wanted to visit Tokyo, I worked hard and saved my money for a flight and by now I almost got it together.

„What about it?“ I asked.

„Well since the season is almost over and summer break is coming close I thought we could maybe go there?“ he asked and that was all it take for both my eyes to open.

„We are going to Tokyo?“ I asked and sat up I couldn’t help the smile that was forming on my lips, I may not have been a morning person but i definitely was now.

„Yeah. I booked the flights“ he said and I got on top of him and pressed kisses all over his face.

„I’m so excited“ I said and he just chuckled as he put his hands on my hips.

„thank you“ I said and he just shook his head.

„seeing you so excited makes me excited too“ he said and pressed his lips on mine. We were maybe not going to the city of love but what is better than going to the city of your dreams with the love of your life?


It was a month after he booked the flights, that we were both sitting in an airplane waiting for the landing part and finally getting out of the airport. I wasn’t really a fan of airplanes but to go to my favorite city I would gladly take it.

It didn’t took long and the plane was finally landing and we got off of the plane soon after. We got out suitcases and got out of the airport to look for a taxi. It was already night here and I looked around me and saw the busy streets and big skyscrapers surrounding the airport. It was exactly like I had always imagined it to be. Absolutely breathtaking.

„You ready?“ Paulo asked me as he took my hand in his and we both walked over to the taxis which would bring us to the hotel.

I was taken a back by all the impressions and loud noises and things going on. I still couldn’t believe I was here. i was finally in Tokyo. My dream came true. I looked over to Paulo as we were sitting in the backseat of the taxi. He looked out of the window, his eyes lit up by all the things he saw, and i couldn’t help but smile as I looked at him. How did I get so lucky? That he was willing to fly all over the world for me to see my favorite city.

We arrived at our hotel and got out of the taxi, took our suitcases with us as we entered the hotel and checked in. We got to our room and as soon as we got in Paulo collapsed on the bed. I chuckled at him and walked over to the window and watched the city from above.

„Is this how you imagined it to be?“ Paulo asked as he suddenly stop behind me and wrapped his arms around me.

„Even greater“ I said smiling.


It was our last evening as we both went to the hotel restaurant, we had been here for a week and honestly I felt like I have seen everything from Tokyo. We did so much stuff, saw so many sights, went shopping and ate a lot of japan food the last few days that I was exhausted but so amazed of my favorite city. It was exactly like I always imagined it to be.

We just had dinner and as full as i was now, we both stood at the patio and looked over Tokyo. It was such a hectic and loud city but from up here you could barely hear it anymore. It was so breathtaking that I didn’t even recognize Paulo starring at me the whole time from beside me.

I turned my head so I could look at him and smiled at me, he returned my smile, but I could tell he was kind of nervous, I didn’t really knew why through.

„You okay?“ I asked as I took his hand in mine, it was kind of sweaty which it always was whenever he was nervous or afraid of something.

„You know I love you right?“ he asked not answering my question.

„Yeah I do. why are you asking me that? Oh my gosh are you trying to tell me you cheated on me?“ I asked and my eyes widen.

„no no. Oh my gosh no.“ he said and chuckled, which made me sigh out relieved.

„I just really love you. And we both have been dating for years already moved in together. You’re the girl of my dreams“ he said and I could feel tears well up in my eyes.

„You’re the one for me. I honestly can’t imagine a life without you anymore and I don’t even want to. I want to grow old with you. Start a family together“ he said as he kneed down in front of you and my mouth opened in shook, I could not believe he was doing it, he was really going to as me if I wanted to marry him, he was going to propose to me.

„And that’s why I wanted to ask you if you want to marry me?“ he asked as he put the ring out of his jacket.

I felt the tears run down my cheeks, and I always hated that I was so emotionally, but I just couldn’t help it. And honestly  right now I couldnt care less, the love of my life was proposing to me, in the sweetest way possible.

„god yes. yes yes yes“ I said and i saw how he breathed out relived and put the ring on my finger before he stood up and pressed his lips softly on mine.

He did it, he asked me to be his wife, in the city of my dreams, and I said yes. And I couldn’t be happier.

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sougou wild/old west au 🤠

He hasn’t seen her anywhere before, but he knows the hair, and the eyes, and the demanding expression—he’s seen it all in his ex-partner, right down to the gun against his head, holding him flat against the dusty floorboards, hands up; well, even still, he thinks he much prefers this look on her.

“Don’t stall,” she says, foot pressing deeper into the side of Sousuke’s stomach, pinning his own holster just out of reach—the gun is tipped right between his eyes, and he feels nothing close to fear, just a sense of being caught and the dread of having to pay up, “—you owe my brother more than your damn life, but I’d like his payoff first.”

Ah, there it is; well, he thinks, if I’ve gotta die, I’d like it to be like this—but he just drops his hands to the floor, lifts his head so that the press of the gun starts to feel painful, and gravely says, “Only if you feel like searching me yourself, Matsuoka.”

The biggest question I have for YoI right now:

Why do we know so little of Viktor’s life in Russia? 

We know he spent most, if not all, of his life in St. Petersburg, and never expected to leave the city (from ep 4′s beach scene). We know that before he moved to coach Yuri in Japan he lived in an expensive looking one-bedroom apartment with Makkachin. We know Yakov has been his coach for a long time, though he is not the only coach Viktor has ever had. 

That Yakov is very close to Viktor, being the only one to call him by the nickname Vitya. In fact, Yakov is also the only one who comes to see Viktor off when he leaves Russia, well he is mostly trying to talk Viktor out of leaving but you get what I’m saying. Though we don’t know who Viktor told, or how close to leaving he informed them, no one except his coach comes to see Viktor off as he is leaving the damn country for the foreseeable future with no return date in sight. 

Actually, now that I’m on the subject, Viktor doesn’t seem to have any close friends at all. He has rivals in the skating world that he is friendly with, and he has Yakov, but his life ever since he was a kid has probably been centered around skating, and if he was like any other athlete at the top of their sport it probably  left little time for friends outside of that realm. And everyone around him in that realm reveres him too much to see themselves as equal to the god-like Viktor Nikiforov. Yuri is the best example of this, but Chris, who is only two years younger, also looks up to him and cares more about bringing Viktor back to skating so he can finally beat his rival/idol than he cares about Viktor on a human level. Even Georgi, another Russian skater under Yakov’s tutelage that is the same age as Viktor only sees Viktor as a bar to overcome and not a human being. For a reference to other skaters having friendships: Yuri has Phichit, Yuuko, and Nishigori. Yurio has Mila, and later on Yuuko. Guang-Hong and Leo have each other and Phichit. Mila and Georgi look like they’re close given how she openly she jokes about his programs, and in the earlier episodes they’re featured together around the rink in St. Petersburg. Michele and Sala look like they’re good friends with Emil. Seung-gil doesn’t appear to have any friends, but that seems to be self-inflicted. For the most part, excluding Chris and JJ, all the other skater are shown to have friends around their own age groups that they are close with to different degrees. JJ may be similar to Viktor, in that he is a step above the rest but his narcissism prevents it from effecting him, and Chris is also quite old for a competitor and his friends may no longer be competing or competing at the same level. 

With that comparison in mind, I have to mention that Viktor’s apartment in St. Petersburg, or what we see of it, is noticeably devoid of sentimental items and though it looks lived in, it still has a distinctly empty feel. 

Granted it’s only one limited angle, but we still get a number of other personal touches included by the animators. Even then, there is nothing more superficial than a plant on the far table, what looks like a pile of papers on the ottoman, a few books on the close table, and a coat hanging on the rack. 

For the sake of fairness, his room at Yu-topia Katsuki is also sparsely decorated:

The wall behind Yuri and Viktor is a row of doors, and the only things in his room not furniture are a set of Matryoshka dolls, a picture of himself skating, a lovely piece of art on the wall, a snow-globe, a handful of books. Again, nothing overtly personal. It looks lived in, but again strikingly empty. No photos of friends, or family, or of Viktor on vacation. The only picture is literally a photo of Viktor working (as someone on a different post pointed out it’s the same as one of the posters hanging in Yuri’s room so take from that what you will). Whatever is in all these boxes from earlier in the same episode is open to interpretation (I personally believe it’s mostly clothes and books). Also, I’ll note here that it appears Viktor shipped everything he owned ahead of him when he left, indicating that he has no intentions of going back to Russia anytime soon.

For comparison, here is a picture of Yuri’s room, after he takes down all the Viktor memorabilia:

It’s dark, but Yuri’s room is full of personal touches. But must notably, there are trophies, and a picture of his family on the bookshelf in the back. In Viktor’s rooms we see, there are no picture frames of friends or family, nothing that indicates a deeper connection in Viktor’s life than Makkachin, or Yakov. No indication of what he does in his free time aside from possibly reading, or friends he spends his time with when he’s not training. And no indication of any family to miss him when he’s living in Japan.

Now, back to my original point: Viktor has been living in Japan for roughly 8 months by episode 8. That is a long time. And it looks like he just packed up Makkachin and left on a whim within a week or two, not knowing how long he’d be gone or even if he’d return. I pointed out it looked like Viktor brought everything he owned with him, so we can assume he isn’t planning on going back to Russia anytime soon. We don’t know how much time passed between Viktor seeing the video of Yuri skating and arriving in Hatsetsu. But it wasn’t long: the video is posted April 10, and I can’t seem to find any date stamp for the day Viktor arrives but it’s less than three weeks after that. I’d guess probably less than a week. For someone who says he never expected to leave the city he’s always lived in, Viktor doesn’t seem to have anything tying him to St Petersburg, or even Russia, more significant than his skating/training. And once he decides to quit there is nothing keeping him there anymore, and he can leave without having to alert too many parties, or worry about forwarding mail, or consoling his mother that he’ll visit on holidays. Typical shit you’d expect from someone moving halfway across the world. I get it, he’s rich. But still moving, especially moving internationally, takes planning. And Viktor just kind of packs up his whole life and leaves, no questions asked. Which is weird, to me, if he has family in Russia.

So what is my point, here?

Given how central the theme love of all kinds is in this show, it is weird that we know nothing about Viktor’s family, or his past. Of the three main characters we have, Yuri, Yurio, and Viktor, we have at least a basic understanding of Yuri and Yurio’s family, and how it has affected them emotionally/professionally. 

In the latest episode, we learn that Yurio’s grandpa is from Moscow, and since his grandfather used to pick him up from practice that Yurio is probably originally from Moscow as well, and now lives/trains in St Petersburg (he now lives with his ballet instructor and coach full time, according to Ep 4 and the rink Yavkov’s skaters train in is in St. Petersburg). We can infer from this that his family supports him enough to either let their fifteen-old-son live on his own in St. Petersburg, or his parents uprooted their lives and moved to St Petersburg so he could train with Yakov. Also, given several things we can probably infer his family isn’t wealthy. His grandpa picks him up in a beaten up, old, soviet-era car. He looks like he’s part of the blue-collar, working middle class. I assume Yuri’s parents benefit from his success but his family doesn’t come from any kind of wealth so any support they gave him growing up was likely financially straining. We also know that his grandfather loves him, and is still in his life and even arranges to pick his grandson up from the airport despite the fact that Yurio is staying at the hotel with the other skaters, which we know because we see him there later that day and he leaves his luggage under Mila’s care before running off to do this:

Later that day:

Yurio’s family had an impact on his life, and it’s part of his story. His grandfather is the epitome of unconditional love, for him, and even though he has the apparent support of his family, his grandfather doesn’t come to watch Yurio skate in the competition. We’ll likely get more development on this, and Yurio will probably have a lot of growth in the next few episodes. But family love and the effect it has is clearly important to Yurio’s story, and character development 

We have a deeper insight to Yuri’s family dynamic. They have clearly provided him with love and support over the years in their own way, though the quality of that love and support, and how much it helped or hurt Yuri, is up for debate. It clearly never got through to him though, and in his own words was more “abstract”, but still the love was there. It took Viktor coming to be his coach, and showing him a new type of love for Yuri to really grasp the concept of unconditional love despite having it surrounding him the whole time. Yuri’s journey has been a blend of learning how to love someone else in a way that is more than familial love, and learning to love himself. But after a lot of character development, and some time, he has realized that he loves Viktor, as a friend, a coach, probably as a lover as well, and that love is all around him in all kinds of forms. Familial love, in Yuri’s case, was something to be worked from. It was a bedrock that Viktor’s presence built off, and bolstered. It was key for Yuri’s character development, even though the primary focus has been on his relationship with Viktor.

The point is, for two of the main character’s their families are pivotal in their character development. We know they are supported, and loved. We know Yurio’s family either moved to St Petersburg for his career, or let their teenage son move alone. We know that Yuri’s family watches all his competitions:

Last Year’s Grand Prix Final:

This year’s Cup of China:

Yuri always has someone cheering him on. Whether it’s Minako in the stands in China, Yuuko and Nishegori at the Regional Qualifiers, or his family at home. Someone, somewhere, is watching Yuri and cheering him on.

But what about Viktor? The mystery of Viktor’s origins and the lack of any showing of familial love kind of stands out.  Despite what we know of him, Viktor is still the biggest enigma in the show. We know almost nothing about his background, we know nothing about his family, or his past struggles. Did his family watch all his competitions? Did they support him? Did they offer him love, and make sacrifices for his success? Were they even involved in his life? Does anyone miss him since he left for Japan? Does his mother call him asking how his day went? Was there any talk of Viktor going home on his trip to Russia to see his family, like Yurio saw his grandfather? He’s been gone for nearly a year, it wouldn’t be that out of the question. But given what we know, and what we’ve been shown, I think not.

Viktor was clearly missing something when he chose to fly to Japan to coach Yuri on a whim. And yeah, he says he came to Japan because Yuri’s skating and music and all that poetry that inspired him. And yeah, that’s probably part of it. But I think it’s something more than that.

Because I don’t think Viktor has had any kind of deep, emotional connection in a long time. Because I’ve got three possibilities for Viktor’s life and family back in Russia:

1. They’re all dead, and Viktor had been alone with just his skating and Makkachin for company for a long time. 

2. They are all estranged - either they did not support Viktor’s skating or the fact that he is gay/bi/whatever - and Viktor has been alone with just his skating and Makkachin for company for a long time.


3. They really just aren’t important, or are just a normal, loving, supportive family and bringing them up isn’t relative to the plot. Which, at least to me, seems unlikely given the themes of this show.

The whole point of this is that Viktor’s life was missing something. And I think that Viktor, too, was lacking love. He doesn’t seem to have any friends, or family. His closest confidant seems to be his 70 year old coach. He has no one his age that is close to him: not other Russian skaters, not other top skaters, no one outside the skating world. He was isolated. And that was probably fine, for a while. He seems like a work-aholic that loved his job, and for a long time wasn’t bothered by the fact he had no one to go home to, or no one to spend his down time with. But when skating stopped being fun, when he stopped being able to surprise people, and everyone around him (Yakov excluded) turned into either rivals, or idol-worshiping yes-men, it probably started feeling empty.

When he first arrives in Japan, in episode 2, he is very pushy about learning things about Yuri under the auspice of needing to know everything about Yuri to coach him. But the things he asks about are pretty personal, not things one would expect a coach to need to know. Things like: what is your favorite food, what kind of rink do you skate in, what is in this city, is there someone you like, do you have feelings for Minako, do you have a lover, do you have any ex-lovers? Some of which are appropriate for a new coach to ask his new student. But most of those questions are more like things that someone might ask if they haven’t ever had a close friend, and are trying to get close to someone. This is only enhanced by the fact that when Yuri refuses to answer any questions, Viktor switches gears and starts talking about his ex-lovers instead. Which doesn’t make sense if Viktor, like he said, is trying to learn everything about Yuri and just sees their relationship as coach-student. It makes more sense if you look at it as Viktor trying to get close to Yuri as something more: as a friend.  

I think that finding someone to be close to is definitely part of Viktor’s motivations on leaving Russia and flying halfway around the world to coach a flubbed foreign skater. And Yuri was probably already on Viktor’s radar before he even saw the video of Yuri skating his program. He’d probably been on Viktor’s radar since December and the GP Final, four months prior (GPF in December, Yuri disappoints at Nationals in Jan/Feb and probably graduates from college somewhere in here, fails to qualify for 4 Continents in February, and fails to qualify for Worlds in March. Returns home in March, at the same time Viktor is winning Worlds. The video is posted, and Viktor arrives in Japan in April). Where Yuri was staring at Viktor, which is probably a common occurrence given how Viktor reacts by assuming Yuri just wants a commemorative photo like any other fan, and Yuri just walks away in shock as his heart shatters because his idol just assumes he wants a stupid commemorative photo when he really just wants Viktor to acknowledge him. Look at Viktor’s reaction to Yuri walking away without a word:

That is not a happy face. That is genuine emotion, and not something he puts on for the cameras, or his fans, or basically everyone else around him. But it’s not an angry face, either. Viktor just looks kind of, I don’t know, lost. Probably because he’s never had a reaction like that to an offer for a photo-op, because who is going to pass up a chance at a photo-op with THE Viktor Nikiforov? 

By this point he’s so used to people fawning over him and kissing his ass he doesn’t know how to react when he’s met with disappointment. He’s confused, and baffled by Yuri’s reaction. And the first time I watched this scene, I thought Viktor just assumed Yuri was just a fan or something and that is why Yuri is upset. But it’s not like he wouldn’t know who Yuri is. He just competed against him, and all the skaters seem to know each other in the past few episodes. There is no reason to assume Viktor and Yuri have never interacted before, in fact Yuri even says they have spoken before though not often because Yuri puts Viktor up on a pedestal. It’s not like Viktor thought Yuri was some random member of the public here. He is just assuming that a fellow skater, one of the fellow top 6 in the world, only wanted a photo-op and nothing more. And that is why Yuri is upset. And when Yuri defied his expectations of a rabid fan jumping at the chance of even being photographed with him, and just seemed disappointed with the superficial offer, it threw him off. And Viktor probably remembered this moment when he was watching that video of Yuri, I doubt it was something he easily forgot. The animators showing us Viktor’s reaction was no accident, or a way to eat up scree-time. It’s meaningful. He’s thinking about Yuri, and what made Yuri react like that.

So four months later, what Viktor sees when he watches Yuri skate in that video, and when he remembers Yuri’s reaction in that moment, he sees someone he wants to connect with, and someone who he knows wanted to connect with him too. He sees someone that he wants to be close with, and get to know deeply for what I expect to be the first time in a long time, if not the first time ever. And what he found in Yuri probably exceeded all his expectations. In the words of Chris, he found someone to protect. He found someone, for the first time, who meets him where he is, someone who sees him as something more than a rival to be defeated, or an idol to be worshiped. Someone who jokes with him, and is intimate with him, and is a companion in every sense of the word. Someone who sees him as a human being, with flaws, and weaknesses, and accepts those flaws and weaknesses as part of him and loves him still.

And that is fucking beautiful.

Why does Yurio want to win so badly?

Yurio has spent much of the series saying how he wants to win and how he’s going to become the best in the world. Most people have attributed this desire solely to Yurio’s personality and just the way he is.

However, that’s not correct. Yurio wants to win… because he needs money. Now before you keep scrolling because you think that’s ridiculous, hear me out and keep reading.

If you guys haven’t scrolled through the Yuri!!! on Ice official website, you should do that sometime. 

Wait… let’s take a close look…

Not since he’s junior days… since his rookie days… since the beginning. Yurio’s whole skating career has been so that he can provide for his family. The earliest we see Yurio skating competitively was age 12. A twelve year old, and maybe even younger, was the primary source of income for his family. Can you imagine the pressure on Yurio as he competes? No wonder he said he would throw everything away to skate when Lilia told him to. No wonder he put six jumps, a “death wish”,  in the second half of his free skate. Yurio is desparate. He want’s to win so he can provide a better life for his family. 

Imagine Victor seductively whispering phrases in Russian into Yuuri’s ear during foreplay/sex, but when Yuuri asks what they mean, he only winks and says it’s a secret.

So Yuuri tries to impress him and memorizes as much as he can from his speech over a few days and when he catches Victor casually reading a book on the couch he sees his chance, straddles him, brings his lips close to his ear and pronounces one of the lines in as sexy a whisper as he can muster.

And Victor suddenly bursts out laughing, so hard that his entirey body is shaking and there are tears in his eyes and he can’t collect himself for a good 5 minutes and Yuuri is just staring at him thinking “Did I fuck up? Did I remember it wrong? Did I just say something stupid?”

And when Victor calms down he simply explains “You just said Be glorious, our free Fatherland.”

And Yuuri just knits his brows and looks at him in confusion like “…why?”

And Victor just cackles “I’ve been reciting the National anthem of Russia to you every time we had sex for the past week.”

Victor gets a light jab to the chest and a pout, but Yuuri forgives him with a shake of the head, roll of the eyes, a light smile and a “I married an idiot.”

Yuuri gets his revenge by repeating lines from the anthem whenever things get hot because it always makes Victor laugh and that usually kills his arousal.

I just watched the scene from episode one of Yuri on Ice again where Yuuri is skating Stay Close to Me while Victor is… i want to cry it’s so good. They put so much detail into the differences between Victor and Yuuri’s expressions.

Victor looks very tired, sad, like his heart isn’t really in it at all. Obviously he’s skating beautifully, but he doesn’t feel what the music is saying, a lover’s plea to stay close.

Meanwhile Yuuri has a little smile on his face as the song reaches its climax. He, who has every right to be sad and depressed after big losses, managed to find joy in skating this song and showing it to his childhood crush. He might not be skating it as flawlessly as Victor, but you can see on his face that he feels what the song means. I absolutely can’t wait to see how they’re going to bring this back around at the end of the series based on how well Victor and Yuuri’s relationship has been developing so far. Yuuri is learning that he’s allowed to ask someone else to stay close to him, while Victor is rediscovering what it was that made him love skating. I still hope we get to learn more about Victor because there’s so much to him that we don’t know, but I have a feeling that everything in the series is going to tie back to this eventually.


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That basically if you look CLOSELY at yuri’s eyes from this quick scene in the 10 preview???








You are only a child when they start feeding you stories about the greatness your last name carries.

You are six years old and playing with your fake wand as your father looks at you with pride and assures you your future will be filled with power and no wizard will look down on you.

You are seven when he starts telling you about those with less pure bloodlines, you nod your head as your idol, your hero, fills you with hatred and ignorance. “Dad is always right” he says, you believe him.

You are eight when you watch him mistreat others and spit on their heads for their status. You watch and learn.

You are nine when he encourages you to do the same and smirks at you with pride shining in his eyes. He calls you his good boy. You’ll do anything to have him look at you like that again.

You are ten when you notice there’s a darkness that creeps in your home on some days, even though the curtains aren’t closed.

You are eleven when he asks you to befriend the boy you’ve been hearing whispers about since you can remember. He says it’s your first task of many. You wear your name with pride.

You are twelve when he tells you you’re not his son unless you obey and bring glory to the old and proud family name. He tells you it’s your duty.

You are thirteen when you try to ask him for advice and he closes the door in your face because he’s busy. He says one day you’ll understand.

You are fourteen when he tells you it’s almost time to make your family proud.

You are fifteen when the darkness in your home no longer lurks behind closed doors.

You are sixteen when he lets the darkness use you as a punching bag. You are sixteen when he asks you to choose between following his path or dying. When he asks you to damage your soul.

You are seventeen and you’ve seen more death than most people your age. You have scars time cannot fade. You can end all of this by turning the boy in, quick and easy, you’d ensure a good future that way, but you don’t. Because you no longer believe Dad is always right.

You are Draco Malfoy, but you wish you were just Draco.

Undercover - Jughead Jones

Hi! Could I get a Jughead x Reader imagine where the reader and Jughead are best friends, but the reader has feelings for Jughead but doesn’t tell him. One day she goes “undercover” to get info about Jason’s death for Jughead and he sees her undercover and realizes he has feelings for her, and then there’s some rated T action and fluff between them? Thanks!

I kinda twisted the meaning of it but it lead to *high pitched screaming*

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Being best friends with Jughead Jones isn’t the easiest thing in the world. He’s not the friendliest person to begin with, but some can easily look past that, like yourself. You and Jughead had been close every since you could remember, but the summer before Sophomore year changed things. Jughead became more reclusive and less in touch with you. It all happened after Jason Blossoms’ death. The day before school started up again, you invited yourself over to his house. Needless to say, Jughead was surprised.

“Y/N?” He asked, the bags under his eyes telling you he must’ve just woken up. Despite the normal summer heat, he was wearing a loose sweater and sweatpants. Just seeing him again, after so long, made your heart flutter. You quickly pushed it down and regained your angry composure. “I haven’t seen you in months, Jug!” You said, obviously breaking him out of his tired state. He quickly pulled you inside his house, and you accidently bumped into his chest. It was so tempting to hug him, but you fought the urge and watched as he closed the door behind you. When he faced you, you saw how intense his gaze was. “I’m sorry about that, Y/N, I am.” He said, his tone serious. “I’ve been working on something,” he said as he walked past you, beckoning you to follow him. He lead you to his room then to his desk where an open laptop rested. Pages of text cluttered the screen and just by skimming through the document the words ‘Summer’, ‘Jason Blossom’, and ‘presumed dead’ caught your eye. You turned to face Jughead who stood, unmoving, next to you. “This is what you were doing?” You asked, turning back to study the words he had typed.

“Yeah, ever since I heard he was missing.” He muttered, but you couldn’t help but be amazed by your friend. His drive and dedication to his writing was eye-opening. You faced him once more with a grin on your features. “Do you need help?”

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Yesterday I woke up after a night of tears, and saw dozens of emails and donations in support of my work with LGBTQIA youth. 

Yesterday I wore my Nasty Woman t-shirt to the coffeeshop, and a black man came up to me to tell me he wanted to get one for himself and his son. I told him I would always fight for him.

Yesterday my mom called me in tears. She said she felt alone. She said she loved me. She told me I used to watch The Smurfs as a little kid, and I would look at her and say, “Look, mom, they are all holding hands. That is how you know they are gonna win.”

Yesterday I went to therapy.

Yesterday I blocked family members on social media.

Yesterday I cried. I held my wife, Jenny, close. I cried more.

Yesterday I did a livestream to create space for others in our community who were scared. We talked. We shared resources. Jenny sang The Rainbow Connection.

Yesterday I worked and I worked and I worked and I worked.

Yesterday I recorded a voice memo in an attempt to comfort a six-year-old who had woken up crying, and who asked his two moms how we could let a bad man be our president.

Yesterday I recognized and acknowledged my privilege as a white, cisgender woman.

Yesterday I feared for my brown, black, disabled, immigrant, undocumented, and Muslim friends. My trans friends. My friends who are survivors of sexual assault. My friends.

Yesterday was November 9, 2016.

Today I will fight. Tomorrow I will fight. 

I will never, ever stop fighting.

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  • *Rosamund's christening*
  • Molly: *worried* They made us godparents. Do you know what that means?
  • Sherlock: *on his phone*
  • Molly: If John and Mary die, we're Rosie's legal guardians! *panicking* I don't know how to care for a baby, Sherlock!
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: *bites her lip* I mean, books can only tell you so much! *groans* we'll have to teach her everything. She'll want to know about sex...you can handle the drugs talk as long as you tell her it's bad.
  • Sherlock: *glances at her*
  • Molly: *wide-eyed* She'd want to know how they died. What if it was gruesome? Do we sugar-coat it? I mean, they were her parents.
  • Sherlock: *blinks* Molly-
  • Molly: *shakes her head* What if they went to a forest and got lost and fell in a wood chipper? Or mauled by bears? We can't tell her that. And we can't-
  • Sherlock: *amused* Molly. John and Mary aren't actually dead.
  • Molly: *smiles awkwardly* You think I'm overreacting.
  • Sherlock: *looks back at his phone* Yes, I do.
  • Molly: *sighs* I know, I'm sorry. That was awful...it's just...I want them to know they made the right decision.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* Of course they did. They're not idiots *puts his phone away* and if it's practice you need, look no further *smiles*
  • Molly: *chuckles* Yeeeeeeah, I think if I started considering our meetings as babysitting, I'd be in a lot of trouble *playfully pokes him*
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* Not Rosamund. Our baby.
  • Molly: ...
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* Plenty of time to think about it *walks of, smirking* do hurry, Molly, there's a cab waiting.
  • Molly: *slowly follows him*

okay so you know the video of the guy who forgot he was married to his wife? that but with Nursey as the guy and Dex as the wife but instead of Dex responding with “I’m your husband” when Nursey asks if he’s an angel he says “Close. I’m actually a Nurse.”

and Nursey doesn’t understand for a sec what that means he’s just like “oh. that’s chill.” and Dex laughs and then the doctor comes in like “is everything alright Mr. Nurse?” and Nursey realizes the doctor is referring to him and then he looks at Dex and then at the doctor and his eyes go wide and he’s like “you’re my husband?!”

and honestly Dex would give both his kidneys and half a lung to see Nursey’s face light up like that again god i love these boys


The leaked 1x08 Day Trip (the Bellarke Holy Grail) Script, which was conveniently released almost immediately after Bob tells fans at Unity Days 2017 that it is written into the script that Bellamy sometimes looks lovingly at Clarke.

Some highlight:

“Bellamy is suddenly thrown by the intimacy of having her close.”

“Clarke kneels beside Bellamy, takes his face in her hands.”

“As we see their hands side by side, just barely touching…off Clarke, feeling the energy between them...”

“Bellamy has a sudden, desperate though. He pulls Clarke close.”

Come with me…You and me. Screw everybody else. Let’s just…go.”

“For one electric moment, Clarke is tempted to say yes.”

“Exhaustion overtakes Bellamy–he lies down on the forest floor…”

“Clarke lies down next to him…”

“A stunned beat as Finn processes that. And not a small amount of jealousy.”

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This has been the best birthday weekend of my entire fucking life. 

so i rewatched voltron s1 (obviously) and I KNOW THE CLOSENESS BETWEEN SHIRO & KEITH HAS BEEN CLEAR ALREADY BUT i still can’t help but point out that when shiro asks “how did you know to come save me when i crashed?” — 

something about this dialogue especially (and the way he’s looking at keith), throws really heavy implications about his history with keith. when he says this the exact way he says it, he’s totally skipping over other conversational items that might have been shared between two people who aren’t as close. because they don’t need to talk about that stuff. they’re already close. and not only that, the phrasing “come save me” feels so intimate? it’s not “how did you know it was me that crashed?” or “how did you know to come find me?” — it’s “save” (which, *clutches heart* just kills me).

i mean, all i am saying is..


things that fuck me up - evak edition:

- eskimo kisses
- even closing his eyes after isak says he’s not alone
- isak’s sappy face whenever he looks at even
- even telling magnus to take desperate to a new level & glancing at isak, his eyes saying ‘you know what i’m talking about’
- isak’s breathy ‘halla’ in the kitchen
- even’s face falling in the cafeteria when he realizes not even his kardamomme comment can cheer isak up
- even’s delight at hearing isak call him the man of his life
- isak’s single tear falling
- isak realizing even went to the kosegruppa  meeting only bc of him
- isak arranging the blanket around even
- even calling isak beautiful
- isak’s smile when jonas said even should break up with his girlfriend after seeing the drawing
- isak on his knees, crying
- the freedom in isak’s laughter when he comes up for air after the underwater kiss
- even touching isak’s waist before he kisses him hello
- isak blushing around even
- isak having his own 'be kind. always’ epiphany in the church
- even believing that the way to have something for infinite time is by losing it
- isak being too shy to look even in the eyes
- isak believing sonja about even not loving him
- the tiny little kisses evak exchange before sana shows up in the kitchen
- the fact that even was into isak since the first day of school
- isak out and confident and happy with even


Ichigo and Renji exchange

On the first page, after the 5, Renji calls Ichigo over to talk away from the other three where they can’t hear the conversation, then we get this:

“…Isn’t it about time you made things clear, too?” Renji said.

Ichigo twisted his neck as if to say “huh?”

“Don’t play dumb… I mean about Orihime.”


Then the next page:

Even though he knew she wasn’t close enough to hear, Ichigo looked at Orihime to see her reaction. Orihime was between Uryuu and Sado, having a seemingly fun conversation.

“You’re in love with her, right?”

“…That’s…!” Ichigo was at a loss for words at Renji’s directness.

“You shouldn’t make such a nice girl wait for so long.”

“…I know,” he answered in a voice that seemed to vanish.

“…Still… Don’t act so high and mighty all of a sudden…! Since you waited around several decades…”

So Ichigo mutters about how Renji shouldn’t act so high and mighty since he waited around for several decades. For Ichigo and Orihime’s exchange on the fourth page, this post is correct. The only thing is a small bit from Ichigo’s line that’s missing:

Ichigo: “There’s… something (I want) to talk about, so can you make time for me next time?”

Thanks to @honyakusha-eri for the translations.