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Mafia-Suho pt.4

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                  “Forgive me for my sins for I’ve just begun.”

“You have the right to remain silent. Everything you say will and ca-”

“Can you just skip this? You know I’ll be out by tonight.” You rolled your eyes at the cop that had you pinned against his car, in a very sexual position might you add.

“Close your mouth or I’ll give you something to choke on.” He whispered in your ear, pushing against your body more. 

You cringed at his closeness, “God, you’re breath stinks.” You said, yanking your head to the other side. 

“You little b-” 

He was cut off by his phone ringing.

Grunting, he shoved you forward and pushed away from you to answer his cell.

You could hear the other person on the line, “Do you have Y/n?” the person asked.

“Yes.” The officer replied looking back at you.

You took this time to turn your body around so that you were facing him.

“Why would you take her? Do you know how much trouble you’ve just put me in? She doesn’t get arrested. She doesn’t get questioned, am I clear?” The voice yelled and the cop looked at you.

“So she really is untouchable?” He questioned the man on the other end of the line. 

“Yes now let her go!” He hung up. 

You watch the cop slowly walk over to you, once he got close enough you grabbed him and kneed him between the legs, “Next time, remember to cuff me correctly instead of trying to get off on my ass, pervert.” 

You grabbed the cuffs and punched him in the face with the end of them, “And that’s for not knowing who I am.”


You decided it was a long overdue night out with your best friend so you decided to go the one place you loved.

The club.

Your friend pulled you to the dance floor where all guys and even girls tried to dance with you… on you.

“I can never have you to myself.” Your friend pouted, screaming over the music.

You laughed, “Don’t hate the player baby, hate the game!” 

She laughed and pulled you closer to her so the obviously drunk girl didn’t spill her drink on your brand new dress.

You were ready to say something but were cut off by a screech, “ Oh my god! It’s Suho!!” 

You looked towards the door in the back to see Suho and his gang walking through the door.

“I swear he’s stalking me.” You said to your friend. She laughed and caught Suho’s attention.

“Oh, Y/n. Nice to see you here.” Suho greeted, changing his direction to walk towards you. 

You tsked and shook your head, “Can’t say I share the pleasure.”

The drunk girl from before gasped and pushed in between you and Suho screeching at the top of her lungs, “Suho baby! Don’t listen to her! She’s a jealous b-” 

He flagged one of his men to come get her and you raised your eyebrows in question.

“Now why would you go and do something so foolish? She was gonna let you have her.” You said and your friend laughed a little.

Suho looked at her up and down then walked a little closer to her and bent down to grab her hand, “I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you.” He whispered before he kissed her hand.

You scoffed and looked at your friend who looked all too comfortable with what was happening.

You slapped her shoulder, “Yah!” You shouted at her.

She looked at you in panic then looked back at Suho and snatched her hand away, gasping and rubbing it against her dress.

Suho looked at one of his men, Chanyeol, and he came and took your best friend to the bar.

“If something happens to her, I swear I’ll -”

“Kill me?” Suho questioned and chuckled, he looked at you up and down, lingering at your exposed thighs and then tsked.

“As ravishing as you look right now, don’t think you’re showing a little too much skin?” He asked while he walked closer to you. 

You backed up until you felt someone’s back hit yours and you got an idea. 

“You might feel that way but my date doesn’t.” You saw Suho’s stance change, everything about him seemed to get a little darker, dominant and you hate to admit it but it turned you on.

“What da-”

You cut him off by turning the guy who was behind you around and pulled him into a kiss. The kiss got deeper and the guy dropped his hands to your ass and pulled you closer to him.

Suho ripped you two apart and launched himself onto the guy. You watched as he threw punches left and right until some of his boys pulled him off. He turned around and grabbed your hand, pulling you with him. 

He slammed opened the door to the bathroom and screamed, “If anyone is in here get out now!” 

You heard a man chuckle and Suho pull out his gun and shoot in the air, “I SAID GET OUT!” 

The man’s eyes went wide as he tried to pull up his pants quickly with shaking hands. You watched as Suho followed his every mood until he left the bathroom.

Suho went over to the door and locked it and then looked at you.

His hair was out of place but still looked fine, his eyes were a darker shade of brown and the dominance he’s giving off swallowed you whole. 

And it was sexy. 

“Is this what you want to see huh?! You want me to kill every man who looks at you to prove to you that you’re mine?!” He screamed and backed you up against a wall. 

Your back hit the wall and Suho’s body trapped you. He punched the wall next to your head and screamed “Answer me!” 

You looked in his eyes as he breathed heavily in your face.

“Why do you want me so bad?” You whispered.

He looked at you and chuckled and backed away from you.

“What’s so funny? You think I’m just going to lay on my back for you?! That I’ll let you destroy what I built from nothing?!” You yelled and started walking towards him until his back hit the wall on the other side.

“You want me to be your trophy wife and I wont.” You growled at him. 

The room seemed to get smaller as you looked into his eyes. 

You pulled on his tie, forcing his head to down to yours, and kissed him.

He kissed you back as his hands went to your waist as he squeezed your hips. 

He switched your positions and slammed you back against the wall and held your jaw in his hands while you started to take off his suit jacket.

Suho slammed you against the wall again and started kissing down your neck, your hands left his jacket and went into his hair, pulling it. 

“Mhm. Y/n” He mumbled into the crook of your neck. 

When you heard your name you sort of woke up, the room expanded and the foulness of the bathroom hit your nose.

“Stop Suho.” You said pushing him away from you.

“Don’t be like that.” He whispered trying to pull you towards him again. 

“I said stop!” You yelled and ran to the door, opening it and walking out. 

You tried to look for your friend but you knew Suho would get her home safely and you just wanted to leave. 

You walked out in the back of the club and got in side your car, resting your head against the steering wheel you sighed and looked up.

There was a car flying in your direction, and it wasn’t stopping.

This looks really awesome at a first glance, but then you notice

a lot of them are similar to their official artwork

like, a lot

(there’s two FrostWalrus cuz i found the same pose on another page)

It’s hard to think of creative poses for a bunch of characters, but come on…

at least make them stand correctly.

It is disappointing, especially when you had this for the previous crossover:

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okay! cool! then can i have pretty please eva/vilde first kiss? i know they have kissed before but they're first REAL kiss, if that makes sense?

it happens on a wednesday.

vilde is not expecting it. vilde plans out every single day of the rest of her life accordingly: she does not have time for surprises. she does not have time for deviations. she does not have time for delving any further than she already has into the world of her sexual exploration.

chris is very wrong. she keeps bringing it up, how vilde maybe “needs to get laid again”, but she hasn’t needed that in a very long time. so things didn’t go as planned with magnus. that’s even better, vilde thinks, because magnus was never part of the Plan: a distraction, is what he was, and vilde is better off without him.

(not that he wasn’t a nice guy. he was very understanding of her reasonings. although, vilde couldn’t tell, because his face looks confused yet understanding all the time, so he might have been sad. she doesn’t know. she hasn’t had time to figure it out, or, frankly, care.)

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Like I don't really understand why some people are so salty about season 2. The series isn't over. I trust these writers to give everyone a time to shine. Just be patient. (This isn't me trying to be rude or anything this is just what I think. I don't really think it's right to complain about what a series doesn't have when it isn't over yet.)

Anon, I’m salty because I trusted the writers to give everyone a time to shine. Because that’s literally… Their jobs.

Look. I actually enjoyed season 2! I’m having fun. I think that the plots are really interesting, and I’ve liked every single episode. I still love Voltron. I’m going to watch season 3 the moment it comes out.

But I can still be disappointed in it.

My expectations going weren’t exactly high. There were things I would have been stoked to see, like Kl@nce, but I’m not surprised it didn’t happen. What I am shocked by is how sidelined half of the main cast was. A season focusing on Keith and Shiro? Sure, makes sense, and they did that incredibly well. But the moments they left for Hunk and Lance and sometimes Allura? Were really, really bad!!! Almost all of them were just repeats of the same, overdone, recycled material! Food jokes and bad flirting and ahahahah, look at how d*mb they are! Laugh at the characters of color!!!!

‘Just be patient’? So what, I just have to wait long enough and eventually Lance and Hunk will be treated right? Eventually the writers will remember how to characterize them correctly? Eventually my two boys, who are bright and amazing and funny and brown, will be taken seriously?

Mmmmmmmmmm I don’t mean to blow up at you anon. But the problem is, right now I don’t trust the writers to fix their mistakes in time for season 3. I don’t want to be patient because I don’t think they’re going to ever deliver! Maybe in a few months, when I read their interviews and responses to the reviews, I can tentatively believe in them again. But right now, I’m disappointed.

You think I’m complaining over what the series doesn’t have. I think I’m complaining about what the show should have.

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Dunno if you're still taking prompts, lovely, but whenever I reread Black Water I always, always get caught/choked on that one little line where Daniel says it hurts like hell to put full weight on his leg. So here's a prompt based on that lovely line: Peggy is painting/creating a wall/mural for something (Angie?) but then gets called on a mission. When she returns it's to find Daniel's finished it for her. Which meant standing and painting/whatever for hours, which he's now suffering for.

There was no reason why the baby’s room had to have a mural on the wall, and Peggy herself wasn’t sure why she’d gotten so caught up in the idea of making everything perfect. She wasn’t even good at painting – but with stencils, sponges, and tips from a bunch of books, she was slowly converting one wall into a pretty little jungle, full of leaves and carefully stenciled animals.

“You shouldn’t spend so much time standing and stretching,” Daniel said quietly from the doorway.

“It’s not bad for me,” she protested. “Or for the baby. The doctor said it’s all right to do light exercise as long as it doesn’t hurt.”

And she wasn’t standing or stretching, just sitting quietly at the breakfast table putting her spoon in a bowl of oatmeal, when a sudden cramp doubled her over.

She was only seven and a half months along. She would never forget Daniel’s panicked expression as he drove her to the hospital. What followed was three days of intermittent contractions while flat on her back in bed, quietly begging the baby to just hold on for another few weeks. In the end, her premature labor halted on its own. She was sent home with instructions to stay in bed as much as possible.

Her body’s failure angered and frustrated her. As the head of SHIELD, she had supervised pregnant female agents, and (despite the “helpful” advice of her mostly-male advisory staff) she let them judge when they needed to be taken off duty. Some of them were able to work up until their ninth month. That she herself was having to take to her bed like an invalid, when she’d been so active all her life, seemed like the worst kind of betrayal to her.

And it meant the baby’s room would remain half-finished. She told herself it didn’t matter. It was only a project she’d been working on in her spare time, anyway …

And of course being forced to stay in bed meant that she was restless, bored, and couldn’t sleep half the time anyway. She was trying to read when she realized that it was almost three in the morning and Daniel still wasn’t in bed. He often stayed up late working in their home office (and so did she). She got up, wrapped herself in a robe, and padded carefully into the office – she could use the company, and suspected he could too – but he wasn’t there.

The light was on in the baby’s room.

She stood quietly in the doorway and watched Daniel working. It was obvious he’d been there for a long time; she remembered very clearly how much of it had been done when she was rushed off to the hospital, and a great deal more was finished now. It stretched almost to the opposite wall.

At last, Peggy cleared her throat. Daniel jumped and nearly fell down as he turned around, which made her realize that he must have spent most of the night up here. She hadn’t even known. She’d been … well, if she was going to be completely honest, feeling sorry for herself.

“I was sort of hoping to get this done before you noticed,” Daniel confessed. He waved a paintbrush at her. “Surprise?”

“You foolish, darling man.” She crossed the space between them to kiss him deeply, then drew back and frowned at him. His face was drawn with pain. “How long have you been up here?” She wasn’t going to say it, but they both knew he wasn’t supposed to stand for long periods of time.

“It’s fine,” he said, but she knew him well enough to know when he was in pain.

Peggy curled her fingers through his, and took him downstairs to the bathroom.

Under the bathroom lights, she carefully stripped him out of his trousers and unstrapped his prosthetic leg. The skin was reddened and sore-looking, but the deeper damage, she knew, was inside, where shattered bones had never healed correctly.

“Oh love,” she sighed, soaking a wet cloth in hot water and running it over the stump of his thigh.

“You know,” Daniel said, with a sheepish look, as he clutched at the edges of the tub in silent pain while she ministered to his leg, “I really was looking forward to having you walk in and find out it was all done.”

“I know. But you don’t have to ruin yourself to get it ready for me.” She leaned forward to kiss him lightly. If her body was betraying her now, at least there was a time limit. For Daniel, it was something he had to cope with every day. “We’ll finish it together.”

Common Injury Concerns While Working Out

I’m sure many of us have experienced at least one (if not all) of these pains/injuries whilst working out! They can start off as small annoyances but if not taken care of and rectified, they can lead to serious injuries further down the track. It is important to workout, however, if you are not using correct technique, then sometimes you can be doing more harm than good! It is all about listening to your body and understanding why what you are doing may be wrong.

Sore Neck While Training Abs

Ab exercises are some of my favourite exercises (I’m crazy I know!), but it is so satisfying to see your abs pop one day after all the hard work you have put in! I love how the more you train your abs the stronger your core gets and you are suddenly able to do more reps or exercises you never thought you could. One of the BIGGEST injuries/concerns while training abs is the “my neck hurts”. It can be extremely hard to concentrate on the exercise properly when your in pain and your mind is elsewhere. Usually the cause of neck pain while doing crunches means your form is compromised and you aren’t performing them correctly. Here are some ways to fix your form:

Don’t strain your neck. Many of us tend to jerk our heads forward when performing crunches because it may produce momentum and make the exercise easier to complete. This puts large amounts of strain on the muscles at the back of your neck but it also reduces the effectiveness of the exercise. When performing crunches try to think of your core muscles doing all the work and engage them as best you can, this may take some focus but it gets easier! 

Don’t hold your hands behind your neck. If you place your hands behind you neck this may tempt you to pull yourself forward. Instead try resting your hands on your stomach or on the floor. Alternatively if your neck is not strong enough to stay upright throughout the exercise, place your hands behind your ears to support it, but do not pull forward on your neck. A great tip to remember is there needs to be a gap the size of a fist between your chin and upper chest. Do not rush crunches. Take your time. Do them slowly and correctly, and you will find your muscles become stronger the more you do and eventually you will be able to tell the difference of pulling yourself up through your core and your neck.

- Try place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth. This is a quick trick you can try when crunching! Doing this well help relax your neck muscles and reduce strain.

External image

Knees Hurt While Squatting 

Many people complain about knee pain when squatting both with a bar and without. We know the benefits to squats mainly concentrate around one area - our bums! Who doesn’t want a nice toned, shapely behind? The last thing you want is knee pain when you are using your whole body to support your bodyweight or bar weight. One of the most common reasons for knee pain while squatting is incorrect technique which then leads to unwanted stress on the knee joint. Here are some things you may be doing wrong:

- Your weight is too far forward and knees are over the toes at the bottom of the squat. In an ideal squat your center of gravity should be in the middle of your foot (even slightly behind) and your heels should always be flat on the ground. If you lean to far forward you are placing stress on the musculature around the knee causing pain.

Initiating movement by bending at the knees. If you squat just using your knees this will often cause your weight to come forward at the bottom, putting pressure on your knees and this also goes back to the point above. Initiate the squat by bending at the knee and hips simultaneously - this will promote better form and take the stress off your knees.

- You are shifting weight onto one leg more than the other.  This can put unwanted stress on either knee joint. Make sure you can feel your weight centred over both feet at the beginning of the squat and throughout the movement. 

If you are new to squatting and are finding it hard to balance your weight, try squatting to a box. You can play with the box height to determine when your knee pain occurs, and focus on touching your bum to the box to learn correct position. Some other tips are to make sure you stretch and foam roll all of your leg muscles after each workout (including the insides and outsides of your upper legs). If you are completing my Bikini Body Training Guide, you will know that many of the exercises involve jumping, which makes it even more important to stretch and foam roll to reduce pain and future injuries.

External image

Shin Splits 

Shin splits can be one of the most painful and annoying injuries you can sustain while working out. I don’t tend to run for long distances at a time as I prefer to do HIIT (high intensity interval training), however even this can cause dreaded shin splits. If you are not sure what shin splints are, let me explain. Medial tibial stress syndrome (shin splits) refers to pain felt anywhere along the shinbone from the knee to the ankle. People who play sports or do a lot of running will typically get shin splits and one of the common reasons is overuse, or if you are trying to exercise beyond your current level of fitness. Another reason why you may get shin splints is through high impact activities such as running on hard or uneven surfaces, or fast paced walking up a hill. There are many causes for shin splits, but they all have the same thing in common and that is the repeated loading of the ankle over a long period of time. 

When trying to fix shin splits you need to address the issues from the ground up. You need to be able to stabilise your leg in order to help ease the pain of shin splints. Having the correct shoes play a MASSIVE role in this, they need to be able to support your ankle and foot correctly so you don’t develop an injury. Personally I LOVE the look of colourful Nikes, but I cannot wear them when doing plyo or HIIT workouts as they do not offer enough support for my foot. I prefer Asics because they are perfect for my pronated feet. Everybody is different so I recommend you get your feet checked before deciding on which shoe to buy. Comfort and functionality is WAY more important than “fashion” in my opinion.

After you have the correct shoes here are some more tips on combating shin splints:

-  Foam roll your shins gently on the outer sides

- Foam roll your calves from the top to bottom

- Stretch your calves

- Do standing calve raises ( 3 sets of 20 several times a week)

External image

Next time you are working out and notice one of these injury concerns, stop for a minute and re adjust what you are doing. Trust me your body will thank you for it!



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Bluebell - Chapter 1.

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Chapter 2 – Don’t Kill The Messenger  >>>


Bluebell, Chapter 1.

San Francisco.


Smoke burned Dean’s lungs as he surveyed the chaos in front of him from his vantage point on the rooftop. He and Cas had split up to try and find him - Dean had chosen to take the inner city, while Cas had taken the outskirts. The others were still back at the Roadhouse; Dean didn’t want to endanger anyone without cause. Fires raged around him; around an overturned car, a rundown building, a skip full of rubbish. Chemical fumes and smoke from the burning piles clawed at Dean’s throat and scratched at his eyes.

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Been wanting to really do this for a long time now because you guys are awesome. Look at you all. I know I have shit to do first so I’m gonna pick the winners after I’m done with commissions. For now, just let me. 

  • This is a giveaway for followers (duh)
  • Like this post to enter
  • Reblogs don’t count as an entry
  • And to make things more interesting, guess who my favorite pokemon, pokespe dexholder, and teen titan (via ask or fanmail) to have a second entry. I feel that people who know me good enough deserve more chances. You only have one chance to guess correctly. All three of them.
  • I will randomly choose THREE winners of a 1-2 character semi-rendered painting (like the one on the right) and TWO winners of a 1-2 character painting with full background (like the one on the left though I won’t be using lineart like that).

  • Deadline is on November 18
  • If you fail to respond in 24 hrs should you win, I’ll move on and pick another.
  • No, I will not draw naughty bits, robots and mechas, extreme gore, buildings, or stuff I’m not confident to do.
  • Good luck 

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Thank you for giving such kick-ass advice, I always leave your page feeling equipped to fight for my right to thrive. I am so stoked for your book, I know it will be brilliant! My father passed away this week &though he was very sick my whole life, we absolutely adored each other. I haven't been very emotional about it &I'm feeling very guilty for that. My brother committed suicide 3 years ago &I was a wreck after that. Am I a total jerk or just in shock/denial?

I am so sorry for your loss, both this week and three years ago.

Weirdly, grief always seems to travel with the guilt that we are not experiencing grief correctly. We see so many examples of it in TV and movies, and friends, and we’re never crying hard enough, or bottling it up enough, or having enough symbolic cross country trips enough.

Regardless of its shock, or if you’ve been long-term grieving your father’s loss already (as often happens with long illnesses), or if this is just how this grief looks, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Now is not the time to question yourself or your reactions, just give yourself the luxury of feeling however you feel.

If in four or five months you are still feeling like you haven’t “felt it” yet, that could be time to talk to someone else and start the processing of it, but for now, all you need to do is be satisfied that you are honoring your father well with who you are and how you are dealing with things.  

Sugar on the Asphalt: Twenty-Five (Harry)

After all the asking and asking about Harry’s point of view, here’s chapter twenty-five! I’d love to hear what everyone thinks! <3

Rated M for slightly mature content.

Previous chapters


Let’s get one thing straight: I didn’t care that she called him Peaches. As far as I was concerned, he was welcomed to it. Actually, he was doing me a favor by giving me a remedy for the chronic headache I’d had for the past two months. I was one step closer to getting Grace out of my life for good. Sometimes I wondered how something so small could be so irritating, so unbelievably infuriating, and so completely annoying.

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Dear Mr. Smythe,

I have no idea what to write in these sort of things and I kinda have no idea who or what Smythe industries is but.

“Nah, that won’t do,“ Sam thought to himself as he deleted all the things he had typed out so far. He pinched the bridge of his nose, squeezing his eyes shut. He was tired, hungry and running terrible late  for one of his classes but something in the ad he just read had caught his eye, the pictures from the guy who posted it. If he was really going through with this he could at least make sure the guy was pleasing to the eyes, right? He was about to sign his life away, well what was left of it. It felt like days he had a decent meal to eat and enough time to sleep in between classes and the two jobs he currently had to try and make ends meet.

Never in his wildest dreams, well biggest nightmare if he had to be honest, he ever thought he would find himself in this position. But that’s life for you, he thought bitterly. You never knew how things turned out to be. He’d stumbled on this dating site a few weeks back and up till now none of the ads had spoken to him. They all promised the same things but this was the first one the guy didn’t look like a creep and after reading through the ad at least four time to make sure he understood everything correctly he decided to just go for it. He had nothing else to loose anyway..

Dear Sir,

  I’m sure you’ll get tons of response to your ad so I’ll be keeping this short and keep my fingers crossed that what I’m writing to you is enough to peak your interest and you get in contact with me.

I’m Sam, 19, arts major - well for as long as that lasts anyway.  I’m sure people will see someone like me as a toy boy or whatever if they find out about what it is I’d do if I submit myself to the ‘job’ you’re offering but to be totally honest, I don’t really care. I need a place to stay and a roof over my head and maybe an easier and more pleasant way to get through art school. Working 2, almost, full time jobs and still struggling to make ends meet is not the best way to go about it. So your offer sounds more then something I’m interested in and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to be the one you pick. enclosed you find some pictures of me and my contact information

Best Regards, Sam Evans

He moved the cursor  to the send button, closing his eyes for a while as he took a few deep breaths before he clicked on it. He packed up his things and hurried to his next class. “I bet I never hear anything back from him anyway, Sam thought as he sat down in another arts history  class and took out his notebook and focused himself on the professor .

Thank you for your quick response, it certainly made for an interesting read amongst some of the time-wasters on here. I definitely appreciate your honesty and your reasonings in entering an agreement such as this one. I understand this isn’t an easy decision for someone to make, but given your situation I can understand why you’d think this lifestyle is something for you.

I think what caught my attention the most was your promise to not only submit to me, but to do whatever it takes to be the one I select. I’ve taken the time to review the images you’ve sent to me, and I definitely like what I’ve seen so far, sure they’re a little rough around the edges, but nothing a few decent meals and some much needed attention could change. I’m pretty sure that I could be the one to offer you that, and so much more should you agree to my terms.

Now, if this is something you’re serious about, I’d much rather meet up in person to hash out the finer details, to get a better picture of who you are and what you need from me, as well as what I want and expect from you. Again, if this is something that you’re interested in, then I’ll be at Sandiagos tonight at 9pm, under the name of Smythe, and I’ll expect you there promptly and dressed appropriately for dinner. Should you not show, then I’ll simply assume that you’ve changed your mind and I’ll keep looking.

With any luck, I’ll see you at 9 tonight.

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why dont you like looking for alaska?

i know the reasons well enough in my head, but im not sure if ill be able to word them correctly…. ill try though, sorry if this gets long. 

first of all the characters are boring. its generic and actually the plot is really stupid. theres your nerdy white boy, the VERY HOT SEXY girl (love interest), sidekick, and the obligatory person-who-isnt-white (takumi). like every freaking chance he got, the narrator, or maybe this was just john green wanting to write it as many times as possible idk, HAD to mention how ABSOLUTELY SEXY alaska was. every time. its always like “her SIGNIFICANT curves and ROUND, PLUMP ASS, her thin thighs and perky boobs.” then, spoiler alert, so the main character is SUPPOSEDLY in love with alaska but after she dies all he does is call her a bitch and whine about not being able to make out with her anymore. thats it. he doesnt even care to find out anything about her death, like the rest of the characters in the book that knew her. he literally shoots down all their ideas at trying to figure out if it was suicide or a drinking accident. i cannot bring myself to like ANY of the characters, besides maybe takumi or lara. the rule and punishment system at culver creek or w/e is just bullshit. you get caught smoking/drinking/whatever you get sent home wtf. you dont get a freaking warning. the writing of the characters is so basic and im pretty sure john green was just writing himself into the book under different names. not EVERY teenager is going to have your massive vocabulary, john green, when you realize that maybe then you can write realistic teenagers. this isnt all i have to say about the book but it got long so im done. 

#tw alcohol #tw death #tw slurs