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Little Girl

Chris Evans x reader

Notes: dominant, jealous, possessive Chris; but also puppy-dog Chris, smut, fluff. (I just felt like doing this)

Summary: something short about Chris being jealous for no reason and letting you know who your daddy is. 

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You knew something was off the moment Chris walked up the few steps into the trailer, and slammed the door shut before locking it behind him. You were used to him sneaking in a private moment with you in between filming, but he always just closed the door quietly and never locked it, or made a show out of it for that matter. Now, he came stalking up to you, making you drop the items of clothing you were about to put back on a rack after steaming them, and just stare.

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I guess I shouldn’t pretend that I didn’t feel the end coming, some words come easier than the truth. I’ve been saving my thoughts for a rainy day, but it’s everyday. I’ve been saving my feelings for a better day, there’s no better day than today, right? I’ve been saving every dime to buy myself a new smile, I’d go broke just to see it happen. I’ve been saving my heart for someone special, I really should just look into the fucking mirror. and the only thing distance has taught me is how far my feelings can travel, how breaking windows with loose change only makes my pockets deeper. they will tell you that distance is why we love harder - we’re always stretching for words to find the meaning our hands close on alone, trying to find ways to hold on while borrowing breaths we don’t have. After a while, it’ll feel like I never even knew you… but loving you was worth losing you. I guess I really shouldn’t write about you anymore, but I will. I guess I really shouldn’t love you anymore, but I will. I guess I really shouldn’t dwell on the past anymore, but I will. The drugs will sound a little softer the next time my heart decides to sound out your name in a rhythm of hey, i remember you like it was yesterday, the way your smile invited my lips over for a conversation, the way your body language said we’ll be just fine, you and i, the way your heart doesn’t beat like it used to, the way my eyes looks when it’s past 24 hours of no sleep, the way my words seem like a maze, the way that i’ve wronged you, the way that i write about it in every metaphor, the way that we weren’t meant to work, but we did and that’s the worst part, isn’t it? even love turns its back on you.
—  The Ate & The Bunso

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Hi Jo!So I'm super excited for the next ep, I'm hoping that it'll fix all of the mistakes that were made in 2x07. until that, let me sneak in a random question into your ask box: do you think malec call each other nicknames/pet names?

Hi Nitsa! Same here, I’m excited and I hope my internet here is strong enough to sustain my livestream~

I mean, we all know Magnus uses pet names with like, everybody. Biscuit here, darling there, sweetheart over at the back. So Alec isn’t surprised when he’s fumbling around the kitchen and Magnus shows up, one hand combing through bed hair and another muffling a yawn and mumbles out “what’s cooking, pumpkin?” As much as Alec thinks that’s endearing, he hates that he has to suppress the idea that he has used the nickname on one too many lovers. So the next time they’re kissing in bed; hands under each other’s shirts, long legs tangled in an organised mess and Alec slides his fingers along Magnus’ ribcage just right, tearing a breathless “Alexander” out of him, Alec steels himself. 

“I love it when you call me that,” Alec pauses, a few seconds longer, betraying the casual tone of his voice. And Magnus is astute, even when he’s seconds away from dragging Alec down towards him because his lips are not where they should be, and he drags out, voice thick as honey, “Of course, my Alexander”, with a steady gaze. And Alec knows that Magnus gets it, and he finally seals Magnus’ lips with his.


Alec’s awkward with nicknames. Now that he’s thinking about it, he realises that the only one whom he calls with a nickname is Izzy and doesn’t everyone call her that? Well, except Magnus; and now that he’s thinking of him, he’s troubled over whether Magnus would like to have that: a pet name. Darling? Too common, Magnus practically calls everybody that. Baby? No way, he’d rather die than have to call someone that. Mags? Alec makes a face. 

“What’s with that face? Wait, don’t tell me Izzy made this,” Jace glares at the spoonful of stew he was about to put into his mouth and his eyes dart between Alec and the pot in between them. Alec’s confused for a moment but he shakes his head and puts his spoon down, to which Jace sighs in relief and shoves the spoon into his mouth. 

“Jace, what did you call your…girlfriends? I mean, did you call each other using pet names? Does it come naturally? Like, how do you suddenly go from calling someone by name to calling them by something else? What’s that something else? How-”

“Wait, wait, wait. Slow it down, bud. Are you talking about things like babe, princess or things like that?” Alec nods solemnly at the question and Jace’s confusion suddenly turns to smugness. He was about to make a jab at that but Alec shook his head and Jace dropped it out of kindness from seeing his parabatai so troubled. He merely shrugs and offers, “Don’t think too much about it; it’s gonna come out forced if you overthink it, and yes, I can totally see you overthinking right now so don’t even deny it, I know you Alec,” Alec huffs but he takes the advice to heart and tries not to wince when he has to get his boyfriend’s attention and has to settle for “Magnus”. 

And when it finally happens, he just has to mess it up, or so he thinks, when he picks up a phone call mid-mission and in his distraction, he answers with, “Hi love, what’s up,” after which there’s a silence that’s a beat too long and Alec realises that he’s fucked up because he hasn’t even said the three words and this order is totally wrong and oh god, Magnus doesn’t feel the same yet, does he? He’s this close to flinging his phone to the furthest end of the world when Magnus clears his throat and replies, voice a little unsteady, “Well, Alexander, I love you too, if that’s what you were trying to say,” and Alec is amazed by how Magnus always knows and never in his life had he wanted to be a warlock so badly just so he could portal to right where Magnus was and kiss the stars out of him.

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I think I might be in love with my boy bestfriend and I have no idea what to do. I've told people countless times that me and him would never end up going out, and that I just wanted a friendship with a guy that didn't turn into a relationship or where they didn't end up liking me. One of my close friends has feelings for them, and I was the one trying to get them together! And even if I told him how I felt, and he felt the same way, I feel like that would make me look bad..

it would make u look bad, u have to remember the girl code and if ur friend already claimed him and likes him, u cant get w him regardless or you’ll end up being a bad friend in her eyes. you can try talking to her abt it though if u really really like this guy but yeah )):

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I'm super confused about my sexuality. I at first thought I was bi, but then decided that I was a lesbian (although I prefer to say I'm gay) the thing is, I find guys attractive, I just don't want to date them??? I don't know what this means so I was just wondering if you could help me figure it out. Thanks.

This is actually what a lot of girls who like girls go through! I think it is to do with our heteronormative society and that fact is often brushed away and not taken seriously even though it can mess our thought process up alot as wlw. You can find anyone attractive or pleasing to the eye but that doesn’t mean you want to date them etc. Like I am not oblivious I can notice a good looking guy when I see one that doesn’t change the fact that I would never want him to get close to me etc. It’s really about questioning if you want to kiss/be intimate with a guy, are you attracted to them in every way. You are gonna have to figure it out for yourself because I cannot tell you your sexuality. It’s okay if it takes time or if you change your label. I know it is frustrating but it’ll be a relief once you figure it out. x Take your time.


I’m not going to share the person’s url, but they are a “SJW-type,” and have typed one of the most awful paragraphs about their understanding of reasoning that I’ve read on this website in an argument with someone else. 

In any case, I think this is a great opportunity to help explain how subtle manipulation of words affects people on this site without the majority even noticing it.

But Magpie, I hear you ask, what’s wrong with that? That’s fair, right? If a bunch of people believe something that you don’t, then it’s only right that you should at least figure out why.

Do you see how subtle that wording is? If you’re not careful, you might have missed it, just skimming the paragraph or not looking at it closely enough. Look at it again.

Being in the minority opinion on something among a group means that you should take a look at it and consider that you may, perhaps, have missed something. It is not proof of incorrectness, but if the majority of a group that is motivated to care deeply about a problem disagrees with you, then that’s a signal to try to figure out WHY they disagree.

And let’s look at it even more closely.

Being in the minority opinion on something among a group means that you should take a look at it and consider that you may, perhaps, have missed something.

I mean, that’s fair. Best possible understanding of this paragraph is, essentially, “Look, you might think that you understand an issue, but there could be details that you’ve missed that might change your mind and your stance.” That’s a great message. If you’re presented with compelling facts that you didn’t know before, it’s not a bad thing to change your opinion based on those facts. Maybe the facts won’t change your mind because you see things differently. That makes sense, too, depending on the context.

It is not proof of incorrectness

Absolutely. You’re not automatically wrong if a bunch of others disagree with you. I mean, a lot of people used to think that being gay meant that a man needed to be imprisoned, castrated or worse before others stood up and said that it was wrong, and changed those views, so, again, it totally depends on context.

But this next part, this is the problem.

[I]f the majority of a group that is motivated to care deeply about a problem disagrees with you

Did you see the bait-and-switch there? 

We were talking about a smaller group of people disagreeing with a larger group of people and fostering understanding, or trying to see an issue in a different way, but now we’ve strolled straight into Good vs Evil territory with amazingly subtle wording.

“If the majority of a group that is motivated to care deeply about a problem.” 

The entire context of that paragraph has been changed with that simple and easily-missable phrase. It isn’t about, “Hey, maybe if you don’t agree with a majority’s upset, you’re missing something important or you don’t fully understand the exact why of why they’re upset,” but suddenly something else entirely. It all lies in the subtlety of the thing.

So, instead, we’ve got a paragraph that’s actually saying:

“Being in the minority opinion on something among a group means that you should take a look at it and consider that you may, perhaps, have missed something. It’s not proof of you being wrong, but when you disagree with a majority of people that actually care and that actually know that real problems are going on, then you should at least try to figure out why they disagree, so that you can change your mind and accept that we’re right, that the problem that we’ve said really does exist and then you can care by agreeing with us.”

This is exactly how subtle manipulation gets you. You’re disagreeing, but then this other person comes in with, “You’re disagreeing with people that care about a problem.” Not just that, but who are “motivated to care about a problem.” That’s suddenly framed as you versus The Good Guys. Because, after all, if you take a stand and say that you don’t see a problem, or that you disagree with a group that says there’s a big issue of bigotry, then suddenly you’re against the people that care. Not only that, but against the people that are motivated to care. Who are people motivated to care about issues? People seriously affected by those issues.

What does that make you, if you stand against a group that are seriously affected by issues? That makes you their enemy. That makes you a bigot. And that’s what makes you The Bad Guy.

I know this is a long post about a very small paragraph, but seriously everyone, take a minute to read all posts properly. Actually figure out what they’re saying. Look at the context, pick out the words chosen and see if you’re being played.

It really doesn’t take much to sway you one way or the other, if the words are chosen carefully enough, so keep an eye out.

Hard times are coming

Edward was the one who suffered most when he saw his son without being able to leave the house and play outside. He wanted a better childhood for him, and Sabrine seemed to prefer to keep Cam away even from the lamps.

Edward: - Look, I hope Cam’s situation improves with time. I’m old, Sabrine, I do not have any more energy left. I don’t know how long I’ll still be here.

Sabrine: - What matters is that you are still with us!

Edward: - And remember what I’m going to say now. If Cam does not want to stay, do not force him to stay. I want Aisha and Cam to be happy, being away or close to you. They need to be happy just like we did.


Every time I think I’m getting close to 200 followers, I look only to find that it’s a damn porn blog.

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Anyways, with that being said, that means that a giveaway for me reaching 200 followers is in the works! :D (flails and screeches happily) Stay tuned, and even more thanks for sticking around!! Each and every one of you are absolutely PERFECT!  ❤ ❤

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Sometimes I get really down about my writing not being good enough to make it onto rec lists, but then, I remember

Those that read my fics seem to re-read them a lot, and a lot of people lately have been reading one of my fics, and then binge reading through all of my fics

That means so much, that people enjoy them enough to read them again, and enjoy them again and go looking at what else I have.

Gotta keep reminding myself of this, because honestly, it does make me so happy, when I get my head out of my ass and stop being a whiny little shit about not being on a rec list lol

(fyi, you crazy fuckers, how do you even read Restraint in one day? That beast is an emotional nightmare?? Um, what? and why, WHY would anyone read Clouding the Senses and Restraint anywhere close to each other in time? Um, you guys are crazy!?!)

Anyway, just felt like saying this? cos I saw a newish reclist fitting the theme of one of my stories perfectly and of course not on it and i can be such a whiny insecure little bitch about shit like that but i gotta remind myself i haven’t even been posting on AO3 for a full year yet I’m still a new poorly known writer gotta calm my tits, worked myself up, then went and read some comments on Restraint to calm myself down

Nothing makes me happier than seeing the same names leaving kudos or comments or bookmarks and knowing those individuals are still enjoying my writing no matter what fic initially drew them in =)


Behavior experts explain Trump and Melania’s strange inauguration behavior

  • Body language experts told Mic behavior like this could be one of many signs of an unhappy relationship.
  • “If you didn’t know that they were married, you wouldn’t know that they are married,” communication and body language expert Susan Constantine said in a phone interview Monday.
  • “Not only did he not wait, he went up the stairs and greeted the Obamas,” body language expert and professional speaker Patti Wood said in a phone call. “He didn’t even look back to see if she was there or help her up the stairs.”
  • Wood elaborated: “He does not, as she comes to his side, hold her, greet her, bring her in close. He does a quick glance as if she was anybody and he doesn’t touch her.
  • Constantine believes the Obamas’ body language demonstrates a much stronger relationship. "Melania is an object to [Trump],” Constantine said. “I don’t see any warmth or true love and compassion in that relationship whatsoever." Read more

We need to talk about this official poster.

First of all, let’s talk about their positions. Yuri is resting his head on Viktor’s arm, and seen how close to the elbow he is, he was laying pretty damn close to Viktor. Viktor is also slightly leaning in towards Yuri. His head is pretty much right above Yuri’s, and his body is turned in Yuri’s direction. 

Second of all, their clothes: They are obviously wearing formal clothes, yet why do they look so messy?? Viktor is always shown to be very neatly dressed, yet now, his shirt is barely tucked in his trousers. Yuri’s shirt is not even tucked in anymore. In fact, do you notice that a few of Yuri’s buttons have been unbuttoned? And also, notice how Yuri’s holding onto Viktor’s tie, the tie that s so loosely around Viktor’s neck, which indicates that Yuri might have been tugging on said tie, which could be the cause of why it’s so loose? 

And last but not least, look at their hair. You can see that their hair was rather neat and slicked back, yet now, it is in a rather messy state as well, just like their clothes. Perhaps a cause for this can be… certain hands that have been running through the hair… tousling it up a little?? 

So, after reading all of this, wouldn’t you think that perhaps this poster is a…. I don’t know… a post-make out moment poster, perhaps???

I mean…. I’m not saying that they were probably making out here….. but they were most definitely making out here.

Hey all! It’s been awhile, but I’ve been working on a personal project (an art book)! Hopefully it’ll be finished by the spring or, at least, the summer time but I’ll definitely share things once it’s close to completion! 

On that note though, with the new episodes coming out I’m getting back to working on more SU prints! Now that Blue Diamond has been introduced, I can finally start making ones of the Diamonds (mainly because I don’t think we’re going to see Pink anytime soon and no one even mentions White, what’s up with that?)! Holly Blue Agate will also be added too, so please look forward to her and Yellow coming soon!

Hope you like! <3

glitch pokemon ratings

h POKé

a very very tall boy and a good friend!!! likes to sing a lot! they have many different songs! has crashed my game trying to sing before but THATS OK IM PROUD OF THEM ANYWAY!!!! 10/10

ゥL ゥM 4

ANOTHER GREAT AND VERY TALENTED SINGER!! only has one song but seems very excited to share it with you!! keeps singing for u even when u close the menu! i love them. 10/10


I Feel Like They Are Threatening Me. they are VERY bright red they look angry. I think they have a superglitch move. Still a great pal tho im sure they are doing their best. 8/10

♀ .

a great and talented friend! her favorite color is dark purple so she covers ur whole screen with it! she wants to sing for u but sometimes she sings infinitely and u cant do anything about it. i am still proud of her. 10/10

ゥ .4

very small? what are u doing all the way up there. please come down. 8/10


a very special and VERY hard to obtain friend! looks like a magnemite! can evolve into 6 different pokemon!!! i would love to meet one someday!! 10/10


they do not want to see u they dont like battles. i would appreciate if they just asked me to leave instead of crashing the game. 7/10

’M (FF variant)

a mischievous and cool boy! they look like a charizard! likes to pretend to be ur cancel button and HATES pokemon centers. 10/10

4 4

YELLS. very LOUD. gets too excited for ur battle they bring too many friends and fill ur screen with them and crash ur game. i have never had a successful battle with them. sometimes makes pikachu noises? 9/10


the classic! a wonderful friend!! always so happy to see u that they give u items as a thanks!! 10/10

ominous advice for the signs

aries : do not forget to close the doors behind you. things you may not recognize will creep and follow.

taurus : look away from the trees sometimes. they don’t always want to be known.

gemini : a vague feeling of impending doom is normal, but if it’s still there when you turn on the light then hide and lie in wait.

cancer : try to capture the ghosts that float around you. with cameras or your hands or even mirrors if you’re lucky.

leo : rest easy, there will be no wars for you tonight. but watch the crows and listen to their call. yes, they will be talking to you.

virgo : if there’s someone else in your mind, let them talk sometimes. you don’t know yourself as well as you think you do.

libra : sometimes secrets are good things. a burning heart or a pile of bones are not good secrets.

scorpio : you’ll find lots of light switches. not all of them should be turned on.

sagittarius : wrap yourself up in blankets and give the ocean an inch. the caves you’re exploring will still be there when you’re done.

capricorn : do not ever cover your eyes. if you look away, the stars will know, and they will not be able to help you.

aquarius : fold your hands to the sun and listen. find the beautiful thing in closed curtains and sprinkled light shining from a place you cannot see.

pisces : a mirror is not a gateway, so stay awake: old gods are still gods even when they’re silent.


Hello Everyone! I’m supper excited to announce my art book pre-orders ;w; ! I’ve been working hard for the past few weeks (or the last 6 years in a way :P ) on putting together this art-book - it’s been a REALLY long time coming, and I have accumulated a vast amount of artwork that I’d like to share with you guys! I couldn’t fit even close to everything I wanted into a single artbook (and it still ended up over 100 pages), so i decided to dedicate this one almost exclusively to my original characters and traditional artwork.

This book also has a section dedicated to the development of my graduate thesis: an animated short trailer for my long-time personal project called IDFracture. I have selected a variety of drawings from the planning-stages of my animation, such as storyboards, thumbnails, visual development sketches, etc. It’s a good look behind the scenes! The several months I had to give 100% to my original creation was the best time of my life so far. I hope that some day soon I will become financially independent enough to do it again, and this time create something I am truly proud of. 

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my work. Some of you guys have followed me for nearly a decade, and having your constant support has been a blessing that I am very lucky to have. You have granted me faith in my artwork and above all, faith in my ideas and their worth…. thank you! 

My favorite part of this scene is that Maggie literally cannot contain her admiration over Alex, even when she is upset. If you look really close, the only time Maggie is showing her full genuine smile is when Alex is looking down. As soon as Alex looks back up, Maggie tries to hide it. She attempts to hide her smile because she wants Alex to understand the seriousness of their conversation. There are other instances where Maggie shows microexpressions of happiness/joy/understanding/love in this scene as well. 

A microexpression is a brief, involuntary facial expression shown on the face of humans according to emotions experienced. They usually occur in high-stakes situations, where people have something to lose or gain. Microexpressions occur when a person is consciously trying to conceal all signs of how they are feeling, or when a person does not consciously know how they are feeling. Unlike regular facial expressions, it is difficult/impossible to hide microexpression reactions. Microexpressions cannot be controlled as they happen in a fraction of a second, but it’s possible to capture someone’s expressions with a high speed camera and replay them at much slower speeds. Microexpressions express the seven universal emotions: disgust, anger, fear, sadness, happiness, contempt, and surprise.

Two other microexpression bonuses: 

After Alex says, “I have always felt so responsible, like the weight of the world responsible”
Maggie’s reaction: Lips quickly pressed together in understanding (this one is a little harder to see).

After Alex says, “I just want to be happy… with you” 
Maggie’s reaction: Lips form a quick smile expressing joy

you know what. fuck it. shit has gone sideways and doesn’t appear to be even close to unfucking itself so my response is to be a better bitch. sprinkle glitter on rust, be kind to those who are trying to bury me, romance demons with roses. fuck you, i’m turning pure into a weapon. i’m gonna slice through the new year with feeling good in despite of it, with loud off-key singing. i’m gonna listen harder, be gentler, sprinkle fairy dust in my wake. be unabashed gay, be in love with everybody who looks at me in a nice way, be warrior soft. no matter how much shit comes flying at me, i’m just gonna dodge. fuck feeling low. i’m gonna light this shit up with how much i glow.



[Ame] what was i gonna do with a flying one then? throw a chip at her?

[Peri] SURE!!!

[Ame] whatevs p-pod.

these guys are a joke.

[Pearl] o-OW-ver here!

[Pearl] h-heres another one! are we almost done?

[Garnet] Nope.

[Peridot] Not even close.

[Pearl] ah…

[Ame] Yo! this is one of them right? 


[Peri] Is the gem okay? is the surface shiny? no cracks?

[Ame] uuuuuuuuuuuueh… yeah! looks fine dude

[Pearl] Well… that makes seven! how many are left?

[Peri] Twenty five.

[Ame] Hey thats… decent progress right?

[Peri] …

This isn’t going as well as I hoped…

[Pearl] So do you know where else they could be?

[Peri] Uhh… not really.


[Garn] Peridot.

[Garn] They wont.

[Peri] Wh- what ??

[Garn] Don’t you worry. keep going.

[Garn] You’ll find them soon.

huh?? does she know something?? shes probably just trying to help me feel better by pretending that she does. and you know what? I’ll take it.

Much of my life had been devoted to trying not to cry in front of people who loved me…You tell yourself that if they see you cry, it will hurt them, and you will be nothing but a sadness in their lives, and you must not become a mere sadness, so you will not cry, and you say all this to yourself…and then you swallow even though your throat does not want to close and you look at the person who loves you and smile.
—  John Green