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Critical Role Ask Meme
  • Grog: Would you rather lose your best friend or all of your friends except for your best friend?
  • Keyleth: Share a shameful embarrassing memory that you'd rather bury and forget.
  • Percy: What things do you need to live happily?
  • Pike: What's one secret you'll talk about online but not IRL?
  • Scanlan: If you ever needed an alias, what would your name be?
  • Taryon: What would you title your autobiography?
  • Tiberius: What would you like to encourage more of in the world?
  • Vex: What is holding you back from being the person you want to be?
  • Vax: What is the best prank you've ever pulled?
  • Trinket: What is your favorite animal video on YouTube?
  • Doty: What was your first word?
  • Vox Machina: What do you define as family?
  • Whitestone: Where is home to you?
  • Allura: How is your alcohol tolerance?
  • Kima: Have there been any people that you care about now, but you had a bad first impression of?
  • Gilmore: What is your strongest personal quality?
  • Jarett: Describe your worst boss or teacher you've ever had.
  • Cassandra: Regardless of your current age, do you feel like a grown up?
  • Victor: Share a mistake you've made that you'd like others to learn from.
  • Sun Tree: What is the coolest thing you've ever done?
  • Kaylie: Have you ever punched someone?
  • J'mon: Would you like a dragon or would you rather be a dragon?
  • Earthbreaker Groon: Where do you find your strength?
  • Kynan: When you were little, what did you want to become when you grew up?
  • Zahra: On a scale of 1-10, how strict are/were your parents?
  • Kashaw: Would you rather spend the rest of your life alone or with people that annoy you?
  • Lyra: What is the clumsiest thing you've ever done?
  • Thorbir: Do you believe in luck?
  • Garthok: How would you fare in a zombie apocalypse?
  • Gern: Do you use candles, febreze, incense, or something else to make stinky rooms smell better?
  • Lilith: Who in your family are you closest too?
  • Kerrek: Can you saw Irish Wrist Watch three times fast?
  • Tova: Most memorable moment with your friends?
  • Shale: What do you hope to experience by the end of your life time?
  • Lionel: What is your patronus? Alternatively, your daemon?
  • Craven Edge: Nickname you have that you don't like?
  • Orthax: In what form do you imagine your inner demons manifesting?
  • Clarota: Do you like puns?
  • Briarwood: How far would you go to save the people you love?
  • Ripley: Have you ever gotten revenge?
  • Thordak: If you had the power to rule the world for one day, how would you handle it?
  • Hotis: What can't you stop thinking about right now?
  • Raishan: On a scale of 1-10, how good are you at lying?
  • Brian Wayne Foster: If you could get an absolute truthful answer to one question about anything, what would it be?
÷ Sentence Starters
  • "I was born inside a small town."
  • "Friends and family filled with envy when they should be filled with pride."
  • "And when the world's against me, is when I really come alive."
  • "I need to get in the right mind and clear myself up."
  • "I look in the mirror, questioning what I've become."
  • "I'm well aware of certain things that can destroy a man like me."
  • "I am happy on my own so here I'll stay."
  • "I used to think that nothing could be better than touring the world with my songs."
  • "I chased the picture perfect life, I think they painted it wrong."
  • "I think that money is the route of all evil, and fame is hell."
  • "Ain't nobody want to see you down in the dumps."
  • "You're living your dream and this should be fun."
  • "I beg you don't be disappointed with the man I've become."
  • "I guess you know I've been away."
  • "Where I'm heading, who knows?"
  • "My heart will stay the same."
  • "I was younger then."
  • "I found my heart and broke it here."
  • "I can't wait to go home."
  • "I miss the way you make me feel."
  • "We watched the sunset over the castle on the hill."
  • "Had my first kiss on a Friday night... I don't reckon I did it right."
  • "Maybe I came on too strong."
  • "Maybe I waited too long."
  • "Maybe I played my cards wrong."
  • "Baby I apologise for it."
  • "I've been known to give my all."
  • "Don't call me baby unless you mean it."
  • "Don't tell me you need me if you don't believe it."
  • "So let me know the truth before I dive right into you."
  • "You're a mystery."
  • "I have traveled the world and there's no other girl like you."
  • "What's your history?"
  • "Do you have a tendency to lead some people on? 'Cause I heard you do."
  • "The club isn't the best place to find a lover."
  • "Girl, you know I want your love."
  • "Your love was handmade for somebody like me."
  • "I may be crazy, don't mind me."
  • "Boy, let's not talk too much, grab on my waist and put that body on me."
  • "I'm in love with the shape of you."
  • "We push and pull like a magnet do."
  • "I'm in love with your body."
  • "Now my bedsheets smell like you."
  • "Although my heart is falling, too, I'm in love with your body."
  • "I never knew you were the someone waiting for me."
  • "We were just kids when we fell in love, not knowing what it was."
  • "I will not give you up this time."
  • "Darling, just kiss me slow."
  • "Darling, you look perfect tonight."
  • "Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know."
  • "She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I'll share her home."
  • "We are still kids, but we're so in love."
  • "I know we'll be alright this time."
  • "Be my girl, I'll be your man."
  • "I see my future in your eyes."
  • "I don't deserve this, darling, you look perfect tonight."
  • "I know I have met an angel in person."
  • "You look perfect tonight."
  • "Baby, I just want to dance."
  • "She shared a cigarette with me while her brother played the guitar."
  • "You know she beat me at darts and then she beat me at pool."
  • "She kissed me like there was nobody else in the room."
  • "I was holding her hand, her hand was holding mine."
  • "I swear I'm going to put you in a song that I write."
  • "You look happier."
  • "I saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours."
  • "Ain't nobody hurt you like I hurt you, but ain't nobody love you like I do."
  • "Promise that I will not take it personal if you're moving on with someone new."
  • "You look happier, you do, my friends told me one day I'll feel it, too."
  • "I'll smile to hide the truth, but I know I was happier with you."
  • "Everything's reminding me of you."
  • "You're happier, aren't you?"
  • "I know that there's others that deserve you, but my darling, I am still in love with you."
  • "I know I was happier with you."
  • "I knew one day you'd fall for someone new."
  • "If he breaks your heart like lovers do, just know that I'll be waiting here for you."
  • "Tribal tattoos and he don't know what it means."
  • "But I heard he makes you happy so that's fine by me."
  • "I'm just keeping it real."
  • "I'll be trying not to double tap, from way back, cause I know that's where the trouble's at."
  • "Let me remind you of the days when you used to hold my hand and when we sipped champagne."
  • "I guess if you were Lois Lane, I wasn't superman, just a young boy trying to be loved."
  • "If it was meant to be, you wouldn't be calling me up trying to fuck."
  • "I'm positive that he don't wanna know about me."
  • "I know you're missing all this kind of love."
  • "In the back of the club kissing a boy that ain't him."
  • "You're still a young girl trying to be loved."
  • "When you're with him I know you're lonely."
  • "Please, remember you're still free, to make the choice and leave."
  • "She is the sweetest thing that I know."
  • "You should see the way she holds me when the lights go low."
  • "Oh we're in love, aren't we?"
  • "I feel safe when you're holding me near."
  • "Love the way that you conquer your fear."
  • "You know hearts don't break around here."
  • "Spent my summer time beside her, and the rest of the year the same."
  • "She is the lighthouse in the night that will safely guide me home."
  • "I'm not scared of passing over or the thought of growing old, because from now until I go, every night I'll kiss you."
  • "We could change this whole world with a piano."
  • "I'm just a boy with a one-man show."
  • "Love could change the world in a moment."
  • "The revolution's coming, it's a minute away."
  • "I know, I'm all for people following their dreams."
  • "The future's in the hands of you and me."
  • "You are the one, girl."
  • "How would you feel, if I told you I loved you?"
  • "So tell me that you love me, too."
  • "We were sat upon our best friend's roof, I had both of my arms round you, watching the sunrise replace the moon."
  • "We were sitting in a parked car, stealing kisses in the front yard."
  • "I'm in pieces, it's tearing me up."
  • "A heart that's broke is a heart that's been loved."
  • "I hope that I see the world as you did."
  • "A life with love is a life that's been lived."
  • "I've got two left feet and a bottle of red wine."
  • "We're going somewhere where the sun is shining bright."
  • "You're like something that God has sent me."
  • "I lost my shoes last night, I don't know where I put my keys."
  • "I get lonely and make mistakes from time to time."
  • "My heart is breaking at the seams and I'm coming apart now."
  • "Always say what's on your mind."
  • "I was twenty four years old when I met the woman I would call my own."
  • "Her daddy said, 'No, you can't marry my daughter.'"
  • "I'm gonna marry the woman I love."
  • "Never had I seen such beauty before."
  • "I never worried about the king and crown."
  • "I gave all my oxygen to people that could breath."
  • "I gave away my money and now we don't even speak."
  • "I drove miles and miles, but would you do the same for me."
  • "Life can get you down so I just numb the way it feels."
  • "I drown it with a drink and out of date prescription pills."
  • "All the ones that love me, they just left me on the shelf."
  • "So before I save someone else, I've got to save myself."
  • "I'm here again, between the devil and the danger."
  • "Before I blame someone else, I've got to save myself."
  • "Before I love someone else, I've got to love myself."

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for someone who wants to go vegan??

Yay I’m so glad you are looking into veganism. Veganism is magic.

okay well first

* Get informed! I would recommend watching the wonderful documentaries “earthlings” < this video made me vegan. (Please watch it when you can!!) and “forks over knives” which should be available on Netflix.
These documentaries changed my life.
I say get informed because it’s so important! Knowledge is power. Lots of people don’t fully realize the reality of where your food comes from. Or how harmful it is to your body. Unfortunately many of us have been brought up separating food from the life it once had. That burger was once a cow living and breathing. They had a life, until it was slaughtered to make the burger you are eating. This is my key motivation to being vegan. I have a choice on what I eat every meal of everyday and I make my choice being one that did not cause suffering.

now on to how to make veganism work for you

* Learn how to substitute. Go at your own pace and transition. Start replacing dairy milk with soy/almond milk, meat with tofu or any meat replacements. (Though those can get expensive as well as other replacements: vegan ice-cream, yogurt, cheese) Try including more beans, rice, pasta, potatoes, fruits, and vegetables to your diet :) bananas are super cheap and will become your best friend 🍌

Prepare meals ahead of time and make large quantities of it and store it in the fridge for later.
Make sure you eat enough. Don’t worry about getting enough protein. It’s a myth that you need meat for protein. The best sources of protein are actually plant based.

and lastly

*Stay strong. The first few days might be tough, but it will become easier. It’s actually easier than people think it is. Anything and everything non-vegan can be made vegan :) it tastes better/is better for you, is better for the environment, and better for the animals! It’s seriously the best!
And yes, I go through my day every single day, not craving or missing it, and you will get there too.
Also it’s important to keep the mindset that you can eat meat/consume animal products, but you don’t want to. The difference is that being a vegan is not a sacrifice. It’s not a diet, it’s morals and logic. Animals have just as much of a right to live on the earth with us, and not for us.

Why her...? - Bruce Wayne x Batmom!Reader

Anon - I have a request. Bare with me this is my first time asking a request.. Batman x Reader. Can you make it sad and have us in tears?? Don’t really care what you write about just make it sad. Please and thank you.

So this consists of a lot of flashbacks, so flashbacks will be in italics, lyrics will be in bold and now time is normal. hopefully this isn’t confusing. I don’t know if this is capable of making anyone cry but please give feedback if I should do more like this! :)

Song this is based off of is old but its the best one that fits well I think - SONG

Warnings - Death, Cancer victim, crying, flashbacks, sadness.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! Hopefully this won't be too bad but I kind of been going through some stress and mental break downs so if it's not too much to ask, can you do yoosung or jumin (or whoever you'd like!) and how they would comfort MC after a stressful morning at work?

Aww, sweetie, I hope things get better for you!! This isn’t a bad ask!

I’m going to tack Seven on here for a friend of mine who loves him and is also working like crazy. You guys need to take care and try to relax when you can!

- When you come home and the first thing out of your lips is a sigh, he frowns.

- He can almost feel the stress radiating off of you. Your tense shoulders and tired eyes speak volumes for the mood you’re in. Noticing him frowning, you give him a small smile with an apology on your tongue.

- Before you can even attempt to get it out, however, he’s wrapping his arms around you and holding you tight.
- “Was work that bad?”

- You nod, melting against him and letting your bag plop against the floor. “Yeah. People are quitting, summer traffic is making us slammed. Just so much at once.”

- His soft lips press against your forehead before he starts moving you towards the bed. It’s awkward, but the two of you refuse to let go of each other.

- “Let me take care of you today.”

- You snort, shaking your head as the two of you finally pull apart to rest against the mattress. “You don’t have to-”

- “No, you need it. Stress isn’t good for you.”

- There’s a moment of hesitation before you finally give in. 

- “Okay.”

- And he’s grinning, peppering your face in kisses.

- What’s the Yoosung Kim De-stress Kit?

- One cuddly Yoosung, a fluffy blanket, a good funny or relaxing movie to watch (optional), good junk food and drinks, calming handheld games, comfortable pjs, nap time (optional),a neverending supply of kisses, backrubs, and of course him listening as you vent about your day.


- Easily, you didn’t have to work. Jumin was more than willing to let you be a housewife. Live a life of luxury with a few credit cards that never depleted.
- But you couldn’t just sit around and do nothing. You were used to working hard, even past the point of exhaustion, and earning your keep. He was reluctant, wanting to provide for you, but if it made you happy he couldn’t refuse to let you work.

- So, when work didn’t make you happy, you were a little worried to show it. It was difficult enough as it was trying to help him relax from work, and you didn’t want him to have the same burden.

- But Jumin was perceptive, and a small fake smile hardly fooled anyone else. When you came in after work, hardly meeting his eyes when he looked up from a report, trying to flash such a smile, he was up in an instant.

- “How was work?” It sounded innocent, but he was already pressing his lips against your forehead. It didn’t take much for you to melt into him. “That bad?”

- “Mhmm…”

- “Let me help?”

- You couldn’t find it in your to disagree, and soon he was making plans for the both of you to unwind.

- The Jumin Han De-Stress Kit?

- One dedicated businessman, plenty of fine wine (or tea) to drink, a luxury bath (With/without Jumin), Unlimited Elizabeth 3rd playtime, eating at whatever restaurant you would like, snuggles on the couch, long walks in his garden, him reading any book of your choosing out loud for you, calm promises that you’re doing the best you can.


- As soon as you come home, he knows work was tough.

- It’s not the best thing to do, but sometimes when he misses you he hacks into the security cameras at your workplace to make sure you’re okay and happy. If you look stressed, he usually picks that time to send you a funny text or picture, smiling when he sees your face light up.

- Today, however, you were so busy and on high demand that you couldn’t even look at your phone.

- So when you step through the door and set your purse down on the nearest chair, he’s bouncing up from his seat and hugging you tight.

- “I missed you! You were busy today, huh?”

- “Yeah, I’m sorry, I couldn’t even look at my phone today.”

- He hums, pulling back from his hug and eying you over. “Work was hard, huh?”

- Instead of an answer, your press yourself against him again with a whine. “No more work talk.”

- “Alright, alright, let’s get you all relaxed.” He says, rubbing your back.

- The Seven De-Stress Kit?

- One goofy Seven, long car rides with your favorite tunes, the best snack foods, couch cuddles, unlimited soda, constant hand holding, comfy clothes, hair ruffles, random raspberries to your cheeks to make you laugh, blanket forts, star gazing, sleepy kisses all over each other’s faces.

anonymous asked:

hey, i saw your post where you mentioned hoping to convince fans returning to the show to reconsider moffat's era, and i was wondering if you have any posts you'd suggest reading on that note? i'm one of those fans and am willing to reconsider but am not sure where to find comprehensive meta


Well, more than any of us blathering on about the show, I’d say let it argue for itself. In particular, I recommend watching 2015′s three-parter of Face the Raven/Heaven Sent/Hell Bent, which is in my mind the finest feminist triumph in this show’s history and a damn good tale to boot, probably my favorite Doctor Who story. Basically, it sets up a mighty story of fridging angst and then swerves aside for an ode to women’s agency. It’s wonderful. @whovianfeminism called it “the most explicitly feminist call-out of the Doctor’s behavior I have ever seen,” and people often cynical toward Moffat even offered opinions like “For me, and I am not a Moffat fan in general (as those who read my blog will know), I thought Hell Bent was very satisfying, and definitely showed the character of Clara Oswald the respect she is owed.” (x)

Probably the most divisive element to the late Moffat era and what many people new to or returning to it might struggle with is Clara. She’s a complicated character, and people who love her generally love her for how she’s allowed to be a complicated and flawed equal to the Doctor. The first hurdle people often experience with her is the “impossible girl” arc. A common critique in the early backlash to Moffat was that he treats women as sexy plot devices, but this whole arc is a subversion of that. It’s just easy to miss because it’s a story through the Doctor’s perspective about him reducing her to a mystery.

Rather conveniently, we meta writers no longer need to spell that out (though we have on several occasions), because Moffat’s come along and said it himself.  “The idea of ‘the Impossible Girl’ is because that name in no way applies to her properly. The Doctor thinks she’s impossible and then discovers she’s a perfectly real person, a perfectly ordinary person. His disposition is to treat people like puzzles to be deconstructed and what he learns in dealing with Clara is he was dealing with a real human being and if he’d picked up on that earlier they would have been better friends quicker. So that’s what ‘the Impossible girl’ is, it doesn’t exist, she’s just Clara Oswald.” (x) @abossycontrolfreak writes some amazing meta on Clara and, as I recall, was able to basically work out her ending because of it.

From there, her arc revolves around her becoming more and more flawed and complicated and like the Doctor, but this is rather spelled out, honestly, within the episodes. Flatline, for example, has her running round with sonic in hand calling herself the Doctor while the Doctor is locked up and advising her over a communications device, and Death in Heaven has her proclaim herself to be the Doctor in the pre-titles, which then teasingly put Jenna Coleman’s name first and replace Capaldi’s eyes in the titles with hers. Her story arc, in essence, is a girl asking why she can’t be the Doctor, too. And the answer her arc eventually provides is that she can. I’ll leave specific pieces of meta recommendations to the reblogs, I can’t keep track of all of them! There’s many good ones.

Another big thing with Moffat that tend to rub people the wrong way is a tendency to tease certain stories but deliver other ones. It’s a common trick I basically take for granted at this point, but many don’t (and gosh, the week between World Enough and Time and The Doctor Falls was a mess as a result, I did keep saying there was no reason to panic about Bill but people didn’t listen…). Usually, this involves teasing a big, continuity-encompassing epic before scaling down to the more intimate character-driven story that’s needed. Doctor Who scholar @philsandifer terms it “narrative substitution.” Here’s the piece he did on that, though he’s got plenty of other good scholarly work about all sorts of corners of Doctor Who. So basically, set your expectations to the story teasing you about what story it is going to tell, because that’s the real question Moffat’s era repeatedly asks you. What story is it really all going to be? Every time, really, it’s one about the companions and their lives and agency. They’ll be put through the wringer first, of course, but they will come out triumphant.

As for the man himself, well, there’s a few things to note. I mapped out his position as I see it in the ideological discourse of Doctor Who here (1) (2). Might even need to do a third part in light of this Doctor casting. There are many interviews from him that are taken out of context, such as the “women are needy” one, in which he was talking about the perspective of a sexist character on his sitcom, Coupling. But beyond that, he’s just generally very sarcastic, and that can lead to some unfortunate out of context soundbites flying around. So while he’s on many occassions supported a woman Doctor (x) (x) and mentioned that the show is written to support that and make it possible, you’ve probably seen none of that and tons of references to his crappy joke about the queen becoming a man.

I hope this more or less covers it. I am so entrenched in picking apart this stuff that I take a lot of it for granted, so if you need any further explanation for your understanding, please let me know.

Megamind sentence pack
  • "Went to jail, lost the girl of my dreams and got my butt kicked pretty good."
  • "Things could be a lot worse."
  • "Oh, that's right. I'm falling to my death."
  • "My end starts at the beginning."
  • "I was eight days old and still living with my parents. How sad is that?"
  • "I set out to find my destiny!"
  • "And our glorious rivalry was born!"
  • "A much different fate awaited me."
  • "A baby! How thoughtful!"
  • "I was given an opportunity to better myself through learning."
  • "Evil is sent to quiet time in the corner."
  • "Being bad is the one thing I'm good at!"
  • "I was destined to be a super villain."
  • "(he/she) would win some, I would almost win others."
  • "You're fun."
  • "To count every second of you 87 life sentences."
  • "Looks like you're going to miss it, by several thousand years."
  • "I'd be watching you like a dingo watches a human baby."
  • "Hey, I love you, whatever!"
  • "The city doesn't pay you to loaf."
  • "You were right. I'll always be a villain."
  • "You got it, boss!"
  • "Who's your man?"
  • [shoots gun in the air repetitively in celebration]
  • "Who would I be without you?"
  • "And I love you, random citizen!"
  • "I kept it cold and damp, just for you."
  • "Would it kill you to wash the bag?"
  • "Actually, most of it comes from an outlet store in Romania."
  • "Please talk slower."
  • "Should've known you'd try to crash the party."
  • "We all know how this ends - with you, behind bars."
  • "Yeah, not panicking."
  • "You've fallen right into my trap."
  • "Still warming up, sir."
  • "The sun is warming up?!"
  • "Who's side are you on?"
  • "Could someone stamp my frequent kidnapping card?"
  • "Your weakness is copper?"
  • "First off, what a turn out!"
  • "All I did was eliminate the most powerful man in the universe."
  • "Let's just have fun with this, c'mon!"
  • "I understand you, little well-dressed bird."
  • "Is something wrong, sir?"
  • "Just think about it. We have it all...yet, we have nothing."
  • "Without him, what's the point...?"
  • "Perhaps we took him for granted."
  • "Are you happy now?"
  • "Are you ready to be a slave army? What do you need to know."
  • "Chicks don't like bouncy houses, they like clowns!"
  • "I made a horrible mistake."
  • "I'm not allowed to insult guests directly."
  • "If only the world had a reset button."
  • "I didn't know you had...feelings, are you okay?"
  • "I think we should run. Bye!"
  • "Oh, I'm too close! I'm genuinely scared right now!"
  • "I'm a villain without a hero!"
  • "For the greater good of bad!"
  • "You don't know what's good for bad!"
  • "There's a doormat here saying secret entrance!"
  • "It's called formal speedwalking."
  • "Oh, what fun!"
  • "Or I'm gonna find out what this weird looking gun does!"
  • "You're so fit! And...strangely charismatic!"
  • "You were right about that door being exciting!"
  • "Daddy's sorry!"
  • "Wow, a brave one, isn't he?"
  • "I'll call you tomorrow...partner."
  • "That was awkward for everyone, because you hugged him instead of me."
  • "Who is this man we've infused with godlike powers?"
  • "Use the forget me stick!"
  • "Wow, you look fantastic."
  • "So you're like...my space dad?"
  • "I'm your space step-mom!"
  • "No frickin' way!"
  • "Can't wait, l-o-l, smiley face."
  • "We don't want to battle our new hero in a dump now, do we?"
  • "[name] and I...were never a couple."
  • "It was the only name I could trademark."
  • "Who wants churros!?"
  • "You've fallen in love with [him/her]!"
  • "The bad guy doesn't get the girl!"
  • "I'll just pack my thing and go!"
  • "I usually just hear villains, have you been naughty."
  • "Are you crazy!?"
  • "We're like an old married couple!"
  • "I am extremely boggled."
  • "Why are you so evil?"
  • "Did you really think that I would ever be with you?"
  • "I only took the gig to get the girl!"
  • "Evil returns with a backhand!"
  • "En garde!"
  • "Speak, apparition."
  • "We're gonna die!"
  • "I knew you'd come back!"
  • "Well, that makes one of us."
  • "It mostly involves not dying."
  • "My death was greatly exaggerated."
  • "Going somewhere, besides jail?"
  • "You're not gonna be laughing for long."
  • "There's a benefit to losing. You get to learn from your mistakes."
  • "I finally had a reason to win. You."
  • "He's just not used to positive feedback!"
  • "You know, you look pretty good in white."
  • "You know, I like the sound of that."
Melodrama sentence starters
  • "I know about what you did and I wanna scream the truth."
  • "You're such a damn liar."
  • "Thought you said that you would always be in love, but you're not in love no more."
  • "Did it frighten you how we kissed when we danced on the light up floor?"
  • "Honey, I'll be seein' you wherever I go."
  • "I'm waiting for it, that green light, I want it."
  • "I'll come get my things, but I can't let go."
  • "Played it so nonchalant, it's time we danced with the truth."
  • "I'm acting like I don't see."
  • "My hips have missed your hips."
  • "Will you sway with me?"
  • "We're King and Queen of the weekend."
  • "Ain't a pill that could touch our rush."
  • "But what will we do when we're sober?"
  • "These are the games of the weekend."
  • "We pretend that we just don't care."
  • "I know you're feeling it, too."
  • "Don't know you super well, but I think that you might be the same as me."
  • "Let's let things come out of the woodwork."
  • "I'll give you my best side, tell you all my best lies."
  • "Know I think you're awesome, right?"
  • "Blowing shit up with homemade dynamite."
  • "Might get your friend to drive, but he can hardly see."
  • "I guess we're partying."
  • "You know it's really gonna blow."
  • "Half of my wardrobe is on your bedroom floor."
  • "I am your sweetheart psychopathic crush."
  • "I overthink your punctuation use."
  • "A rush at the beginning, I get caught up, just for a minute."
  • "Lover, you're the one to blame, all that you're doing."
  • "Can you hear the violence?"
  • "Blow all my friendships to sit in hell with you."
  • "We're the greatest, they'll hang us in the Louvre, down the back, but who cares - still the Louvre."
  • "You are not my type, still I fall."
  • "I'm just the sucker who let you fill her mind."
  • "Baby really hurt me."
  • "He don't wanna know me, says he made the big mistake of dancing in my storm, says it was poison."
  • "I guess I'll go home."
  • "I'll go home into the arms of the girl that I love."
  • "She's so hard to please, but she's a forest fire."
  • "You're a little much for me."
  • "You're a liability, you're a little much for me."
  • "The truth is I am a toy that people enjoy 'til all of the tricks don't work anymore and then they are bored of me."
  • "Better on my own."
  • "I understand, I'm a liability."
  • "Get you wild, make you leave."
  • "I'm a little much for everyone."
  • "You're all gonna watch me disappear into the sun."
  • "Please could you be tender, and I will sit close to you."
  • "Let's give it a minute before we admit that we're through."
  • "I remember the rush when forever was us, before all of the winds of regret and mistrust."
  • "Our love is a ghost."
  • "Well I guess I should go."
  • "Alone with the hard feelings of love."
  • "God I wish I believed you when you told me this was my home."
  • "I light all the candles, cut flowers for all my rooms. I care for myself the way I used to care about you."
  • "I care for myself the way I used to care about you."
  • "These days, we kiss and we keep busy."
  • "Three years, loved you every single day."
  • "It was real for me."
  • "Now I'll fake it every single day 'til I don't need fantasy."
  • "I still remember everything, how we'd drift buying groceries, how you'd dance for me."
  • "I'll start letting go of little things 'til I'm so far away from you."
  • "Bet you wanna rip my heart out."
  • "Bet you wanna skip my calls now."
  • "Well guess what? I like that."
  • "I'm gonna mess your life up, gonna wanna tape my mouth shut."
  • "We're a loveless generation."
  • "We're a loveless generation; all fuckin' with our lover's heads."
  • "Know you won't remember in the morning."
  • "All the glamour, and the trauma, and the fucking melodrama."
  • "They'll talk about us, all the lovers, how we kissed and killed each other."
  • "We told you this was melodrama."
  • "You're walking out to be a good man for someone else."
  • "Sorry I was never good like you."
  • "Hated hearing my name on the lips of a crowd."
  • "Did my best to exist just for you."
  • "Bet you rue the day you kissed a writer in the dark."
  • "She's gonna play and sing and lock you in her heart."
  • "I'll love you 'til my breathing stops."
  • "I'll love you 'til you call the cops on me."
  • "I'll find a way to be without you, babe."
  • "I still feel you, now and then."
  • "When you see me, will you say I've changed?"
  • "I love it here since I've stopped needing you."
  • "I am my mother's child."
  • "We keep trying to talk about us."
  • "I'm someone you maybe might love."
  • "I'll be your quiet afternoon crush, be your violent overnight rush."
  • "I fall into continents and cars, all the stages and the stars."
  • "In my head, I do everything right."
  • "When you call, I'll forgive and not fight."
  • "Ours are the moments I play in the dark."
  • "We were wild and fluorescent, come home to my heart."
  • "Maybe all this is the party, maybe we just do it violently."
  • "You're not what you thought you were."
  • "Every night, I live and die."
  • "It's just another graceless night."
  • "I hate the headlines and the weather."
  • "I'm 19 and I'm on fire."
  • "When we're dancing, I'm alright."
  • "This is how we get notorious."
  • "We are young and we're ashamed."
  • "All of our heroes fading."
  • "I can't stand to be alone."
  • "Let's go to perfect places."
  • "Let's kiss and then take off our clothes."
  • "All the nights spent off our faces."
  • "What the fuck are perfect places anyway?"
  • "All the nights spent off our faces, trying to find these perfect places."

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#LetMagnusBaneSitInAlec'sLap2k17 No srsly tho, if u wanna write aomething about that. Maybe like 5 times magnus sat in alecs lap and it wasnt sexual + the one time it was? Whatever you'd like😂😊😊😊

Hi! Sorry, but I’m really not the type for writing such things T_T. I hope you’ll at least enjoy a fluffy one instead! ^^

The Five Times Magnus Sat in Alec’s Lap, by Gothic–Fairy


It wasn’t long after they started officially dating when Magnus found out about how much Alec sucked at getting pop culture references - especially the ones associated with TV. Well, the life in the Institute didn’t really offer much spare time to slack off and watch something. And because Magnus knew that, he came up with yet another amazing idea - a weekly movie night, of course! Alec wasn’t against it, either. It made Magnus happy that they could spent so much time together and a happy Magnus meant a happy Alec. 

So, once again, Alec ended up sprawled on a sofa in Magnus’ apartment, waiting for the warlock to sit next to him and rest his head onto Alec’s shoulder as he was used to nowadays. That day though, things were different. Maybe, it was just Magnus being extra cuddly or it was something else, but when Magnus finally walked towards Alec, he sat even closer than usual, one of his hands wrapped Alec’s waist as he swung his legs across Alec’s lap. He reminded Alec of a fluffy kitten, being curled up in that way and all, and he thought that Magnus might have even started purring if he dared to scratch his head. 

The idea itself made Alec chuckle, earning a raised eyebrow from Magnus.

“Are you laughing at me, Alexader?” He asked with a mischievous grin.

“Nope. No laughs from here.” Alec tried to suppress another giggle bubbling in his lungs. Magnus obviously enjoyed Alec catching up on his intentions right away, pressing his body against Alec’s as the Shadowhunter brought both of his hands around him, leaving a kiss in his hair.

Yeah, he could get used to this.


“Sorry, Magnus, guess we’re out of seats!” Izzy said across from Alec, trying to outshout the loud music around them, a wide smirk playing on her lips. They were in the middle of a nightclub, to Alec’s great dismay, celebrating Simon’s band’s successful concert or because of some other excuse Izzy thought up to lure them out. They found a bit secluded place to sit, away from the dance floor, and Magnus offered himself to get some drinks. When he came back, everyone was already seated, except for him. 

Oh, Izzy, I can see what you did there, Alec thought as he watched her innocently shrug her shoulders and whisper something to Magnus. Alec would bet anything that she was planning something all along. But what? 

He could only stare as the two of them exchanged amused smiles. They were totally up to something.

“Well, Alexander.” Magnus spoke up after approaching Alec. “It seems you’re my only option.” He finished and took one last step before sliding his arm around Alec’s shoulders and gracefully plopping down to sit in Alec’s lap, still sipping his drink. It shocked Alec for a second, this sudden change of events, and he could only thank his instincts for catching and steadying Magnus. 

Alec could see the pleased look in his eyes, his fingers tangled in Alec’s dark hair. The night wasn’t going to be so boring after all. 


Alec felt very happy. Everyone was enjoying themselves, sitting around a campfire, singing songs and messing around. Clary and Jace got back together in the end and Simon seemed astonished that he was allowed to hold Izzy’s hand in public. It was a perfect night. 

“I’ve found the blanket!” Magnus announced next to him, pulling him out of his thoughts. It was getting quite cold so Magnus suggested to share a blanket - ‘The blanket is way too big for a single person, Alexander.’ And what was a better way to wrap them both in it than for Magnus to sit between Alec’s spread knees, pressing his back against Alec’s chest. 

Alec sighed but brought him even closer anyway, resting his chin on Magnus’ shoulder, his arms around Magnus’ middle. It was a very pleasant feeling to have someone this close, he had to admit. 


Alec’s heart was beating so fast he could hear it in his ears. Blood was rushing through his body as he breathed without actually being able to get oxygen to his system. This wasn’t happening. 

“Alec, it’s going to be alright.” Izzy reassured for a millionth time. 

“But he’s not waking up!” Alec shouted back, his voice breaking.

“He used up too much magic. But they said he was gonna be fine. He just needs to rest.” 

There had been a sudden attack on the Institute. Valentine’s man came out of nowhere, fighting their way in. They were defeated in the end, but took lives with them as well. There were many casualties so it was only natural for Magnus to try and help as many of them as he could, when the iratze wasn’t working fast enough. It took its price, though. He was using Alec’s strength but it was still too much and he ended up collapsing into Alec’s arms. 

There were other people, warlocks who came with Magnus, that assured Alec he’ll be alright, but Alec’s mind remained in panic mode. He was sitting near one of the walls of the infirmary, leaning against it, one of his arms around Magnus’ unconscious body, holding him close. All the beds were taken by the badly injured and there wasn’t enough energy in Alec to try and carry him somewhere else. 

“He’s not waking up..” He whispered again, cupping Magnus’ cheek with a shaky hand, bringing their foreheads together. There were tears forming in his eyes and he closed them, letting a single drop fall down. He’d never imagined it was possible for someone to be this scared, frightened to death. 

Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. He repeated in his mind. As if it would bring his loved one back to him.

“It’s nice that you waited for me, Alexander.” A voice spoke up and his tears were swept away. 

He opened his eyes to see exhausted but awake Magnus smiling sleepily at him. He didn’t hesitate even a second and pressed their lips together. This time he felt the tears of happiness. 


It was only a couple of days after the attack and Alec was staying at Magnus’ place again. Magnus was still quite tired and Alec was willing to be around and help if needed. 

Alec woke up early as always - it wasn’t something unusual. He was about to move and get up, when he realized the weight on his chest. Firstly he was ready to move the cat Magnus have probably let wander around away but instead his hands found a warm body lying on top of his own. Only now he let his eyes open to see a still asleep warlock there, his arms wrapped tightly around Alec, holding for dear life. And for a moment Alec wondered - how the hell did he not wake up? 

He tried to move Magnus a little bit, but he was surprisingly strong even when sleeping, pulling himself closer to Alec. He murmured something under his breath as if complaining. 

“Mags?” Alec called his name with a soft smile. It wasn’t very likely that he’d give up the hold anytime soon. In fact, he just turned his head a little bit, burying his face in the crook of Alec’s neck. 

Alec ran his hands over Magnus’ back, trying to gently wake him up, chuckling a little. And after a few more minutes Magnus finally stirred, then stiffened.

“Alec?” he asked, confused. “Why am I lying on you?” 

“Well, I was going to ask you the same question, you sleep-octopus.”

Tadaa ^^. Hope you liked it! It’s not exactly what you asked for but at least it’s fluffy? Please, let me know what you think :).

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PT 2 - so slow? i need to find a way to ease myself into learning again, but it's so exhausting. is there any way you'd suggest going about this? it sounds like you just threw yourself into anatomy over the course of about a year, which is incredible and really impressive, but i don't know that it's something i can imitate. how would you suggest getting a better grasp on color theory and stylization of anatomy, in particular? sorry this is in two parts, i hope it isn't any bother. take care!

Entire question for those reading:

hiya! your stuff is mindblowingly gorgeous, i just now came across your work and you’re incredibly talented, especially considering your age! without getting too personal/into TMI territory, i was wondering if you’d be willing to give some advice - due to depression and other illnesses, i’ve been practically nonfunctional in most aspects of my life for a couple of years now. what i’d like to know is, i guess, how would you recommend someone go about improving in art when they have to take it so slow? i need to find a way to ease myself into learning again, but it’s so exhausting. is there any way you’d suggest going about this? it sounds like you just threw yourself into anatomy over the course of about a year, which is incredible and really impressive, but i don’t know that it’s something i can imitate. how would you suggest getting a better grasp on color theory and stylization of anatomy, in particular? sorry this is in two parts, i hope it isn’t any bother. take care!

Thank you! And always remember that you don’t have to stress about learning at your own pace- you’re not less of an artist if it takes you a few extra months or years to grasp a concept or to gain skills.   

For your question now: I’d recommend setting a small goal of drawing a figure a day- or just focusing on sketching a few hands, ears, noses, torsos, whatever- and slowly increasing the amount you draw as time goes on.  If you forget or neglect to draw on one day, don’t let it get to you, and just keep drawing the next day.  People say you have to draw every single day for eight hours a day to be a great artist, but in all honesty it won’t kill you to skip a day.  On another note, draw people that interest you.  Literally the only reason why I wasn’t bored out of my mind studying anatomy was because I wasn’t technically studying anatomy, I was just drawing people that fascinated me and taking small mental notes of their shapes and proportions.  Sometimes I would see a girl or a guy and think, man I gotta put this on paper (not sure where this sensation comes from, but I’ve been noticing it more and more as the years have gone by).

I don’t think I’ll talk about color theory just yet, but if you want to stylize anatomy it’s a good idea to think about two things in particular: 

1, look at the work of artists you admire (that stylize their work).  What makes their figures so pleasing to you, where is your eye drawn, and what aspects of their drawings would you like to adopt?  It can be something as major as overall gesture and energy of their figures, or something as small as the way they sketch fingers.  Maybe theres some softness, or snap, or attitude, or sensualness to the people they depict that you’d like to emulate- consider copying of their work (obviously don’t tell anyone it’s yours) and paying attention as you copy to see what you absorb.  

2, watch people around you in real life (or use pictures if you’d like) and note what interests you about them.  Keep the little things in mind: the way their hair glints in sunlight, the way they slightly lean to one side when they talk to someone they’re comfortable with, the face they make when they’re happy-surprised versus disappointed-surprised, so on and so forth.  You don’t have to throw all of your observations into your art immediately, of course, but when you realize that there are a lot of very minute (and at times indescribable) things that make us seem more human, it gradually makes it easier to stylize and to express little pieces of humanity in your art, and people will begin to connect with it and feel genuine emotions when they look at your works.  

For now, just see if you can get in a sketchbook page or two a day; and take some time to look at people, whether they’re living and breathing, or filtered through the eyes of an artist.  You’ll get some valuable knowledge from these small exercises, and you’ll notice some improvement in due time.

Betty’s a serpent (part 3)

(part 1) (part 2)

Every single one of you reading this is awesome. Thank you all for the love and support and I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Don’t get your hopes up

Also shout out to @betsforsythetrash for all the help!


“wait” Veronica turned back to them “what about the wedding?”


Betty stood up and walked backwards slightly so she was now standing in front of him, his arms draped over her shoulders and pressed a kiss to her head.

“Well? Did you get married without us?” Kevin asked.

“About that” Betty looked up smirking at a Jughead who continued “our wedding may or may not have been last Saturday.”

“May or may not? Do you not remember?” Veronica asked slightly insulted that he didn’t remember.

“What Juggie meant was, it was a midnight wedding.”


It was the week after the engagement and so far only the two families and the serpents knew. 
“So” Jughead asked sitting on the opposite side of the bar to Viper who was wiping down the bar “is this the part of the sitcom where I tell you my troubles, you do the whole sliding me a glass of something, give me profound advice and my life becomes easy?”

Viper chuckled pouring the boy a dram of whisky and slid it across the bar which he caught with ease and he sipped it “Jackie and I have always had a rule with whoever we look after, if you wanna drink or smoke we’d rather it be where we can see you and not off somewhere unknown. Plus this’ll be yours and Betty’s place soon. Just don’t do what your dad did, please Jughead” he pleaded “don’t think you can carry the world on your shoulders.”

The younger boy nodded and sipped his drink again. “So, dad said he can get a day release for the wedding?” 

Viper nodded “full 24 hours with guard protection. Did he tell you anything about our plans?”

Jughead shook his head “no. What should we expect?”

The older man chuckled “just you wait.”


It was the evening of the weekly Cooper-Jones and ”any serpent that had been in an argument with their partner who needed food and a place to crash dinner at the trailer” dinner. Betty had cooked a massive roast dinner, something with Jackie had helped with as her parents were from Yorkshire in England. It took most of the afternoon but they had roasted a whole chicken, made fresh batter for yorkshire puddings, steamed five different vegetables, roasted potatoes, made mashed potatoes and made gravy. It was something Betty had hoped to impress the rest of the serpents with as soon Jackie and Viper would be passing the flame onto the two teens so it was never too early to start learning. 

The whole Cooper family were coming, JB and Gladys had driven down from Toledo, Viper & Jughead were at Scorpion doing the books and some of the other serpents had invited themselves once they heard about what was for dinner. Not that Betty minded she’d actually grown quite fond of the gang and their partners, Stingray’s wife was seven months pregnant and due around the same time as Polly.  Betty accompanied her to birthing classes when Stingray couldn’t and had even help build and set up the nursery. 

Dinner started off without a hitch, everyone that was attending had dressed up and all getting along with each other, even Hal had made a friend in Viper, learning stories about his wife’s youth when a knock on the door stopped everyone. 

The knock came again and Jughead got up to answer his door “dad?” he asked, not believing that his father was standing in front of him.

“Hey Jug. What no hug for your old man?” he asked smiling and his son pulled him in for a hug. Betty had joined him at the door also greeting the man with a hug. He nodded behind and asked “you ready?”

“Always” Alice replied “Betty, Polly, JB with me” she ushered the girls to the room Betty shares with Jughead.

“Jughead, FP with me” Viper ordered.

“Also my escort for the evening Miss Ashley Weatherly, prison guard extraordinaire” FP introduced as if the person was a member of the royal family.

“Just go get ready Forsythe” the younger guard ordered.

“Feisty as always Weathers” FP mumbled walking to his room.

“What’s going on dad?”

“Welcome to your wedding son” FP grinned “I hope you’re ready to become a married man.”

Jughead smiled widely “more than ready.”


“I can’t believe you all planned this” Betty said sitting down as her mom was curling her hair.

“But you are ready right? Ready to get married?” Alice asked.

“Of course mom. I can’t wait till we’re officially married”

“You don’t feel like your friends are missing?”

“I’d love to have them here but they wouldn’t approve of me and Juggie. It wouldn’t feel right if they didn’t understand.”

“I understand Bets” Alice finished the last curl “I can’t believe my baby girl’s getting married. I have something for you” she went to her bag and retrieved a couple of items. “You’ll need something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” Holding up a pair of diamond earrings “your something old. FP bought these for me for my sixteenth birthday from the first paycheck he earned” she handed them to her daughter “he wanted you to have them.”

Betty looked up at her mom and hugged her trying not to cry “thank you.”

“Come on honey, let’s not keep your groom waiting any longer.”

“What about the something new, borrowed and blue?”

“Just wait.”

Betty wore a white bohemian style dress with her curly blonde hair flowing. Walking out, she was greeted by Hal, FP (and Ashley) and Viper. Alice, JB & Polly had also changed into light blue dresses. Jughead was already at the arbor.

FP noticed her earrings and smiled with a nod at Alice. “Your something borrowed will be me from jail” he joked Viper gave him a look “Sorry not funny. Your somethings new and blue are not really for the wedding itself, more afterwards when you’re living together” he handed her a set of keys and a blue collar. “We’ve all pitched in and got you your own trailer in the park. It’s at the west entrance away from all the noise and the collar, well Jug’s always wanted a dog and we thought why not now.”

“Jackie & I will help when you’re at school and stuff but other than that he’s yours” Viper said. Betty looked like she was going to cry so her mom put an arm around her. “Your something blue is the theme color. If we had longer than a day for the wedding, we’d have put more thought into it but..”

“It’s perfect” Betty interrupted “all of it. Thank you so much” she was grateful for everyone’s role in making the day (well night) happen. She noticed the clock on the wall “It’s almost eleven thirty” she pointed out.

Everyone looked at either a watch or phone for the time “We better get going.” 


Walking down the steps of the trailer, Betty followed her family through to the vacant green near the back of the park. The motorbikes belonging to the gang all had their lights turned on to highlight the area. All of the serpents and their families (except for the younger kids) were that were sat down and Jughead was standing at the end of the make-shift aisle with Razor (who seemed more nervous than the groom.)

FP, who walked down the aisle first was greeted with cheers from the other serpents, joined Jughead at the front to be his best man (he had asked his dad when they were getting ready.)

All the congregation stood. First JB & Polly walked down first, arm in arm, followed by Alice & Viper. Hal took his daughter’s arm and gave it an encouraging squeeze before following the other down. 

Jughead was speechless looking at Betty. His father whispered “you picked a good one son” who turned round and nodded at his dad.

Betty arrived at the arbor and kissed her father who then shook his almost son-in-law’s had. Razor began the ceremony by saying “We are gathered here today to celebrate the wedding of Elizabeth Marie Cooper and Forsythe Pendleton Jones the third” which as always earned a few giggles “as many of you are aware, this isn’t any ordinary wedding. This is the marriage of two legacies and if you’ve seen them together you'd know just how adorable these two are” he gushed. 

He now directed his talking to the couple “normally, we celebrate a wedding over three or four days but as our boy FP here only has 24 hours. We’re making this count” Betty & Jughead looked at each other confused but Razor continued on with the ceremony.

The words ‘you may now kiss the bride’ almost seem surreal. They had done it. They were now married and the two couldn’t stop smiling. Jughead grabbed her face and brought her in for a deep kiss which was eventually broken by the cheers of the people around them.

Before anyone moved Razor took out an air horn and blew it three times which which was some sort of signal for everyone to get up towards their vehicles and they all took off leaving Betty, Jughead, FP (and Ashley), Hal, Alice, Gladys, Polly & JB. The now married couple looked towards their families in hope of an explanation.

“Don’t worry about them, they’ve just gone early for the food” The two shared a look of confusion then looked back towards Alice “What? You think you’re getting a wedding without a reception? Think again. We should really head to Scorpion.”

They all walked to the entrance to see Alice’s car as well as Gladys’ people carrier and FP’s truck. The latter tossed his keys to Jughead “I’ll let the newlyweds go solo. Gladys, can I get a ride?” His wife nodded and they all got into their respective vehicles.

During their journey Betty asked “do you think our friends are gonna be pissed they weren’t there?”

Jughead reached over to take his wife’s hand “probably but it’s our day not theirs” Betty nodded “plus who’d have thought the Southside Serpents are a bunch of romantics?”

“I know right” she turned to face him “my mom was telling me that weddings are a big deal. They love celebrating the people that accept them hence why the celebration normally lasts for days. She said the weddings happen at midnight then they go to Scorpion and drink though it’s different for us because we’re underage. We can have a couple for the celebration but that’s it.”

“Fair enough” he replied making a left hand turn into the road they were heading too. “I don’t blame her although a drunk Alice Cooper would be a great sight.”

“Can you imagine?” Betty asked laughing “I bet my dad would love us.” She saw Jughead smile “what?”

“Us. We’re an us. Officially the Cooper-Jones family” he looked into her eyes “I love you”

“I love you too” she replied and leaned in for a kiss.

Walking into the bar, they were surprised by the amount of people there but one person shouted “It’s the bride and groom” which earned the two a massive cheer and applause and the crowd parted so they could walk to the front of the bar where there were two makeshift thrones. 

Jughead bowed his head and stretched out his hand saying “m’lady” which she took the the pair made their way to the thrones. 

Viper and Jackie were the first to hug them when they reached the front and the elder man cleared his throat to talk to everyone “As you can tell, Jackie & I aren’t getting any younger” he started

“speak for yourself” his wife mumbled which earned a few laughs

“anyway” he gave her a pointed look “we won’t be around forever. Our new Cooper-Jones couple however are a hell of a lot younger than us therefore when they turn 18” he took Jackie’s hand in his “they will become the new leaders of the southside serpents.”

Betty looked at her husband with wide eyes.

“We know it’s a shock to you both but Alice & FP have agreed to help you both out when you need it. Hal also offered to help behind the bar” Jackie said. Pointing at the thrones “now please take your seats”

The couple did and they saw his dad and her mom making their way to them holding something behind their backs. Once they had reached them, FP and Alice produced a two silver crowns both with the serpent ‘s’ on the front. FP placed his on his now daughter-in-law as Alice did the same with Jughead. 

Viper raised his glass and toasted “The King and Queen” which everyone copied. 

Once the couple signed the registry, they had their first dance to Romeo & Juliet by Dire Straits. They even had wedding presents from people though their favorite by far was their ‘Something Borrowed’ present from Stingray and his wife which was a cabin up in Wisconsin during their next break. 

Everyone stayed out till 8am before people started to leave, Jughead & Betty escaping whilst everyone was distracted with how many slices of lemon Dodger could fit in his mouth (he got to 8 before throwing up.)

They spent their first night, well day as a married couple in their new trailer.


The three looked stunned. Their best friends were now officially heirs to the Serpent throne. 

“We’re still us guys” Betty encouraged sensing that they were uncomfortable “still Betty & Jughead. It’s just we’re now married and have effectively 30 kids to look after” she said referring to the gang downstairs.

“Kids?” Veronica asked breaking the tension “are they that bad?”

“You should see them when one of them’s had a fight with their wife or husband. Then it gets messy” she joked back to her best friend. “So are we all okay?”

Kevin nodded whilst Archie said “Yeah, I think we are”



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HELLLOOO MY FAVORITE WRITERRRR ''Tis my bday and honestly would love nothing more than a Drabble from one of your fics but I can't even pick one of them because they're all so gooooood. Maybe TWG or TOW or 210 days or never be or perfect storm omg so many good ones I can't choose but would appreciate anything you'd share!!! 💕💕💕

Hi babe! Happy birthday! I wrote this as quickly as I could so I hope it’s still your birthday where you are! I decided to add to Tug-of-War; is that okay?! xxxx

Harry takes the long way home back from Louis’, the Jeep windows down, muggy air doing nothing to help his already frizzy curls. Every time he thinks about the way Louis leaned into his grip at the concert, his body warm and hands trembling when their fingers linked together, he feels short of breath, has to take another left turn when he should be taking a right. He’s spent ages thinking about what what it would be like to have Louis in his arms, often times tossing and turning in his bed, unable to sleep with how badly he wanted it, just a taste, just to have a little more than he was allowed. But thinking about it and wishing for it didn’t come anywhere close to the real thing, Louis sweaty and swaying to the music, his lips wet, eyes focused whenever he twisted up to look at Harry. And then, with his back pressed up against his front door, Louis stared at him like he wanted to be kissed, kissed by Harry, looking so Goddamn beautiful, and Jesus fucking Christ, Harry deserves a medal for being able to pull himself away from that, for not rushing the thing that occupies his mind more often than he’d ever care to admit. The idea of going home to an empty house when he feels this on edge is laughable, and he doesn’t end up pulling into his driveway until it’s well past three in the morning, nearly two hours after he dropped Louis off.

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Happy blog-iversary!! For the fic prompt: steggy vs. sports (whichever direction you'd like to take that lol)

Personally, Steve blamed Tony.

It was, after all, Tony who had made the harmlessly intended but in retrospect rather tactless remark that cricket was played by upper class English twits in pyjamas who only pretended to understand the rules. And it was Sam who had added with a chuckle, “Right, wasn’t it Robin Williams who said cricket’s baseball on valium?”

But - perhaps because she expected nothing less of Tony, and because Sam was just quoting someone else - it was Steve laughing that made Peggy swing round, eyes narrowing, to tell them archly that cricket wasn’t just a sport, it was a tradition and older than their entire country.

“At the very least,” she said shortly, “you might respect it for actually being played worldwide, unlike the World Series of another sport I might mention.”

Apparently she hadn’t been convinced by Steve’s assurance that he did, in fact, respect cricket, because in the days since their apartment had been the setting of something that Steve thought might be akin to what living through the Cold War must have been like.

On Sunday, Peggy had very pointedly spent the afternoon watching a match between England and Australia while she carefully re-painted her nails. Steve had watched a little with her, in an attempt at reconciliation, but after two innings Peggy caught him scrolling through updates from a game between the Cubs and the Giants.

“Come on, Peg, it’s not that I don’t like cricket,” Steve said, “I just, you know, find baseball more exciting.”

Needlessly to say, it wasn’t the best of apologies.

On Monday he had come home to find a copy of Cricket for Dummies on his pillow, with several pages helpfully bookmarked.

On Tuesday, his pyjamas had all been replaced with cricket whites.

(Really, in some ways he had to give Peggy credit to committing so completely to this feud.)

But today was too much.

Steve stared as Peggy came to sit with him to watch the Mets game, and it took several moments to collect himself before the power of speech came back. Finally, he leaned forward, setting his drink on the table, and said in a voice thick with outrage, “Are you wearing a Yankees uniform?”

“Yes,” Peggy said airily, “I think it looks rather good, don’t you?”

“The Yankees, Peggy. This is is low.”

She gave him a flat stare, her lips curled into a sweet but utterly insincere smile. “Now, darling. It’s not that I don’t like the Mets. I just find the Yankees more exciting.”

A muscle twitched in Steve’s jaw.

“Are you really this upset?”

There was a pause.

“I used to play cricket with my brother and his friends. They kicked up a fuss about playing with a girl at first, but I was a better batsman than all of them, so they changed their minds pretty quickly. My father took Michael and me to matches on weekends. We took it very seriously.” Peggy glanced at him, and her smile this time was genuine and a little sheepish. “Maybe I went a bit far.”

Steve raised an eyebrow. “Maybe?”

“Alright, alright, I definitely did. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. And I’m sorry for insulting the noble tradition of cricket.”

Peggy laughed, then her smile became more playful and she nodded at the television. “Why don’t I make it up to you? Every time the Mets score, I’ll take part of this uniform off.”

“Now that,” Steve said, leaning forward to kiss her, “I find very exciting.”

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Hi love, was wondering if you'd do more beauty and the beast imagines? I adore your writing and your Gaston imagines are giving me the feels. Prompt idea: "kiss the girl" with the beast xoxo

Pairing: Beast!Adam x Reader
Fandom: Disney ; Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Warnings: /

A/N: heeey bb! thank you so much for this request! I’m gonna be honest with you, I was - originally - having a hard time with it, because I had this other idea that just didn’t come out as I’ve wanted it to, so I had to delete all of that and figure out something else. I’ve only gotten this idea yesterday, but am quite happy with it, so I hope you like it as well <333


Curses never held anything good.

But this one, was particularly bad and hard to break.

Not just because Adam looked like a beast, but because to break it, to become human again, he needed to have True Love’s Kiss.

He needed to find someone that loved him – despite his being a beast – and kiss them so that the curse would be broken. But he was obviously not allowed to tell his true love about the curse.

A few years ago, he doubted that he’d EVER see any face in the castle that wasn’t enchanted, much less find a person who could love him.

And then, 6 months ago, you accidentally stumbled upon his castle while originally only trying to find rare berries and didn’t plan on leaving again. 

You’ve been alone for the past several years and despite the castle being enchanted and the fact that you were living with a beast, it was quite nice. Crazy, but nice.

And the best part?

You weren’t lonely anymore.

You were happy there. Loved, almost.

Especially by one certain.. beast.

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BTS Reaction: They find out their S/O has a chronic illness when she/he has a bad episode.
  • I hope you like it @little-miss-sherlock Lots of lub to youu 💕💕
  • Smol Warning: This involves certain health issues that.. Well, I don't know if it would offend anyone that I'm writing about chronic illnesses I don't understand fully. I looked up the symptoms of all these and I'm going with that, if you know you'll get mad or your sensitive to this material please don't read.
  • ———————
  • ~ Kim Seokjin/Prince Jin:
  • Jin always heard you talking to yourself but he felt it was normal for people to do so and he found it cute. Until one day you forgot to take your medication. Your mind was everywhere you kept telling the wall to "Shut up" then-
  • Jin: Y/n? Are you okay? What's wrong? Look at me.
  • You: Who are you? Where am I? Where's mom?
  • Jin: What? Y/n. It's Jin.
  • You: Jin? Like... Gin?
  • Jin: No with a J.
  • He decided to take you to the doctors and surprisingly he found the one you go to for medication. Everyone seemed to know you, know what was going on and he found out you had schizophrenia.
  • Your personality was all over the place, you heard voices, and sometimes short losses of memory. When he found out he was extremely confused and mad. Why would you hide something so serious from him?
  • Jin: Explain.
  • You: I was ashamed.. Embarrassed. Who would want to date someone like me? I didn't want you to leave me..
  • You: I'm sorry..
  • Jin: -Holds you and kisses your forehead- I've told you. I'll love you till the day I die no matter how cheesy that sounds, it's true.
  • Jin: We'll work together, and I'll take care of you. You'll never have to deal with this alone.
  • Jin: I love you.
  • ~ Suga/Min Yoongi:
  • While you and Yoongi were going out to get grocery's you had fainted. Immediately he dropped everything to get you to a hospital.
  • Yoongi: What happened?
  • Doctor: Have they not told you? They've been here a few times.
  • Yoongi: For what?
  • Doctor: Their medication. We have them on two at the moment. They have GAD. Which stands for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. They fainted for lack of sleep. Their anxiety is very bad, she/he has horrid thoughts of her/himself, she/he has told us about her/his troubles sleeping, she/he has had thoughts of death, now that you know please do take care of her/him.
  • He was furious that you didn't tell him. He wanted you to trust him with everything and it definitely seemed like you did but to know you hid something involving your health he questioned how much trust you actually had in him.
  • Yoongi: Why didn't you tell me?
  • You: It's always made people back of from me.
  • You: It has ruined so many past relationships and I just don't want to lose you. I love and care about you so much Min Yoongi, I couldn't risk it.
  • Yoongi: But you could risk your health?
  • Yoongi: You know everything about me and after hearing you didn't leave me. What makes you think that THIS would want to make me leave you?
  • Yoongi: Anything you need just ask. Your health is the most important thing because you are important to to me.
  • ~ J-hope/Jung Hoseok:
  • You both were about to go to bed, at the time Hobi stayed over and when he went to go ask you something he saw you scrambling to find something.
  • Hobi: Y/n?
  • You: -You jump slightly- Yes?
  • Hobi: What are you looking for? Can I help you?
  • You: No. It's nothing, just needed a sleeping pill so I can sleep well.
  • Hobi: If you don't find them there's many ways I could help you sleep.
  • You: Today. I think I just want to cuddle with you Hoseok.
  • Later while he had fallen asleep, you went back to look for your medication. Then you started tantrum-ing, sobbing. getting emotional, you broke glass, and you weren't yourself. Of course Hoseok heard and ran out to see if you were okay or what was going on. He saw you sobbing on the ground, your hands bleeding from shards of glass that were on the floor.
  • Hobi: Oh my god. Y/n? Come with me. I'm taking you to a doctor.
  • You: Leave me alone, Go away! I don't need your help.
  • Hobi: Yes you do. Come here. -slowly approaching you-
  • You: I'm warning you to get away!
  • Once he manages to grab you and semi calm you down he takes you to a doctor and he found out you have a extreme Bipolar disorder, He was frustrated and heart broken that you never told him, and that he had to find out like this. When he saw you, you were going to talk but he didn't want to hear you.
  • Hobi: Don't you talk. Listen.
  • Hobi: Don't ever hide anything like this from me again. Do you understand? I thought that I took care of you well and to know that I wasn't able to help you for this, wasn't able to take care of you better is the worst thing I have ever felt.
  • Hobi: Understand that I love and care for you and I want to take care of you till the end.
  • You: I was just worried you wouldn't be able to handle it. And you would leave, just like everyone else.
  • Hobi: Then I'm offended that I'm just "Everyone else" to you. I am your boyfriend, your lover, and someone who wants to take care of you like you take care of me.
  • Hobi: So let me.
  • ~ Rap Monster/Namjoon:
  • You: Do you what an Inhaler looks like?
  • Nams: I guess I do, why?
  • You: Random thought.
  • You and Namjoon took walks around beautiful areas a lot and walked to your house a lot. You looked through your bag to check if you had your inhaler and for some reason it was gone. You know you had taken it and you were worried because you might need it.
  • Nams: Y/n why do you have this? -He holds up your inhaler which you take from him immediately-
  • You: I'm taking it to someone later.
  • Nams: Don't lie to me.
  • You: I don't lie.
  • Nams: That was a lie. Do you have asthma?
  • You:
  • Nams: Answer me, Y/n.
  • You: Yes, I have asthma!
  • Nams: Why didn't you tell me?
  • You: Because I was embarrassed. It's embarrassing to breathe from a tube in public or in front of you.
  • You: And I figured you wanted to date someone normal. Someone who isn't bothersome and you won't have to worry about so much.
  • Nams: Baby, You don't ever need to feel embarrassed, I still love you, I'm falling in love with your personality. I love you just as you are and I will take care of you, alright?
  • Nams: From now on, tell me everything and anything. Nothing can change how I feel about you.
  • Park Jimin/Chimichanga:
  • You liked asking Jimin to teach you dance whether you were good or not didn't matter, it was just fun to move around to the beat of music, but today you forgot your pain killers so you were limping and falling a lot. .
  • Jimin: Are you okay? You're very off.
  • You: Just dandy.
  • Jimin: What's wrong?
  • You: Nothing.
  • Jimin: What's. Wrong?
  • You: I have Chronic pain, which is basically forever pain in the same place... I have it in my knee.
  • You: anddd oh my gkkdbd it's cramping up. Can you go get my pain killers please??
  • Jimin: Why didn't you tell me??
  • You: Because knowing you, You wouldn't let me out the damn house.
  • You: Even if we don't live together. I know you'd somehow watch me.
  • Jimin: I would let you out..
  • You: 1 step out the door would be too far for you.
  • Jimin: I just care about you.
  • You: I know but what you CAN do is help me with the medicine and take me to my doctors appointments.
  • Jimin: I can't drive...
  • You: You can accompany me to my doctors appointments.
  • V/Kim Taehyung:
  • When Tae came over to hang out with you, he opened the door with the spare key you gave him.
  • Tae: Honey!!! I'm hommee!
  • You guys had this joke where you acted like a married couple. You usually replied with something funny as well but you couldn't.
  • Taehyung went to the kitchen only to find you crouched, leaning against the wall behind you, and holding your head.
  • Tae: Y/n! Are you alright?
  • You: Medicine. Please. -You point to a cabinet- Get a white and blue bottle.
  • After he gave you the medicine and you were feeling a bit better you guys started talking.
  • You: Why are you here so early?
  • Tae: I wanted to surprise you but you surprised me. Are you okay?
  • You: I'm fine now. I mean, it'll happen tomorrow, the next day, the next, and after that, then so on.
  • Tae: That's impossible.
  • You: Not if you have a Migraine.
  • Tae: How come I didn't know?
  • You: I was embarrassed, I'm pretty sure you didn't want to date someone who was forever sick so it was nice knowing you—
  • Tae: Shhhtsh I'm staying and caring for you, and cuddling you, and being with you until the day I die.
  • Jeon Jungkook/Kookie:
  • You didn't hide it from Jungkook but you also haven't told him.
  • You'll take your medicine in front him and when he asks you say your sick.
  • But you've been sick for the whole year you guys have been dating so of course he is going to get suspicious.
  • You: I read a new book~
  • JK: Yeah you told me about it. You're on page 289, It's interesting, and you would like to find more from that author.
  • You: When did I.. You know I probably have bed memory.
  • JK: You told me about this book four times.
  • You: I have? Oh wow.
  • JK: How'd you forget after four times?
  • You: Ah hmm, I have ADHD, bad memory, bad at paying attention. um um oh wow suddenly I'm bored. Did I bring my pills??
  • JK: I don't think so, let's go home alright?
  • You: Yeah, sorry I didn't tell you. I just, it's not attractive. Yeah.
  • JK: I'd still love you with any sickness, how you talk to me, treat me, take care of me, love me, and your personality is what made me fall in love with you.
  • You: Thanks Bunny boy.
  • JK: Let's eat at Wagwan after alright?
  • You: I heard they give out Snickers now. I don't know why but I'm down.
  • JK: You're adorable.

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Oh I loved the Anders and Cassandra banters (though that word feels too light to describe what was really going on lol)! I loved all the banters you've done and I was wondering if you'd be up to writing Anders and Solas then? If not, totally ok! You've just captured everyone's voices so well, it's like hearing them in game - thank you!

Anonymous said: The companion dialogues you write are amazing! Something in the Cassandra/Anders dialogue caught my interest though…what would Solas and Anders have to say to each other? Would they like each other, or despise each other?

Thank you to both of you! Since you both requested the same banter partners, I’m answering both of your asks in the same post. 

Just like the Anders and Cassandra banters, I’m writing this under the assumption that Anders joined the Inquisition as a member of the Inner Circle. If he seems a bit more combative than usual, it’s mainly because of his circumstances after the ending of Dragon Age 2.

Anders: Do you have anything to say to me?
Solas: Pardon?
Anders: Everyone else seems to be taking the opportunity to condemn me. So what is this? The silent treatment?
Solas: I did not see the need to offer commentary. If you wish to know my opinion, you need only to ask for it.
Anders: I did what I did for people like you - like us. The least I could ask for is for someone in your position to show at least a little gratitude.
Solas: I understand your desire for action, Anders. You saw a problem and hoped to address it, no matter the cost. And while there may come a time in which the death of others is a necessary sacrifice to achieve a better world, I would ask you, truthfully - do you feel your actions in Kirkwall succeeded? Have you created the world you desired?
Anders: The Circles have fallen. The Chantry is scrambling to regain control. That should count for something.
Solas: The mages rebelled as an act of self-preservation in the face of Templars who now hold proof of every claim they have ever made against our kind to justify their abuses. They believe that apostates are dangerous, that their magic is a threat to innocent lives. You fulfilled those fears. You have become the embodiment of everything they claim to be true. You have not healed the wound that was already festering. You merely added more fuel to a fire that had been building for generations. Rebellion was inevitable. Your role within it was not.

Anders: I heard you have always been a hedge mage. Is that true?
Solas: Do you find it surprising that I might evade the Templars for so long?
Anders: Maker knows I don’t have much faith in their intelligence, but they always managed to track me down no matter what I did.
Solas: They were looking for you. It is far easier to hide if you never draw attention to yourself in the first place.
Anders: I didn’t exactly have a choice. My own father reported me when he learned I was a mage. I was only twelve at the time, but it’s not like that mattered to him.
Solas: No amount of sympathy can change or undo so intimate a betrayal - but I am sorry. No one should have to experience what you have. Not for the crime of merely existing as you do. Bearing a stronger connection to the Fade is not a curse. It is a gift. One that should be treasured.
Anders: (bitter laugh) Oh, the Enchanters would have gotten a kick out of you. I wonder how long you would last in a Circle before they locked you up for such talk.
Solas: There is a reason I never allowed myself the opportunity to find out firsthand.

Solas: At least these spirits will be at peace, once the rifts are closed.
Anders: Why do you insist on calling them spirits? These things we keep killing are clearly demons.
Solas: I would not expect you of all people to draw such stark distinctions between the two.
Anders: Have you actually taken the time to study demons? They clearly align with the world’s various sins. They may have been spirits, once, but they’re something totally different now. The Chant teaches that they-
Solas: I suppose it is only natural for your kind to fabricate a sense of order and reason, however artificial, to make sense of that which you do not understand. Otherwise, the Fade would seem entirely chaotic, would it not? Why not force the world to fit into small, comfortable definitions than accept the notion that perhaps your view is too narrow?
Anders: And a hedge mage is supposed to be more enlightened, I suppose? As if I haven’t spent years of my life studying the Fade?
Solas: You have spent years of your life studying texts others have written about the Fade. I walk those paths each night as I sleep. There is no comparing the two. I know that a spirit may become corrupted in the same way that I know a good man may convince himself to do terrible things given the right circumstances. Is he no longer a man, after what he has done? Neither truth is comfortable, but that does not make them less true.  

After All New, Faded for Her-

Anders: I am sorry about your friend.
Solas: Thank you.
Anders: I… know what it is like. To befriend a spirit, I mean. And to watch them become… something else.
Solas: Justice entered this world against his will, yet that did not change who it was. It was lucky, in that sense. Most spirits do not have that luxury… to hold onto that sense of self when the shock of this world overwhelms them. Justice… Vengeance… these names you give it are simply two shades of the same entity, the same driving desire to impose order where there is none. You may have played a hand in shaping him, but your actions are not the same as those who hurt my friend. You did not summon Justice. You did not bind it to your will, you did not enslave it. As I said to Cole, I will say to you - to both you and the spirit within you - what you become is ultimately of your own choosing. You either give in to that anger, to that driving need to repay pain with pain - or you do not.
Anders: And what if I… if we… I don’t feel like it’s something I can control.
Solas: Action or inaction - both are a choice. Both have consequences. You cannot escape a problem by running away from it. At some point, you must face it directly - or it will do nothing but continue to chase you.
Anders: But how? I turned my friend into a demon. I made him into this.
Solas: Begin by accepting that Justice is a spirit, a person unto himself - not some curse you bear upon your shoulders. As long as you hold on to the belief that a demon is something beyond salvation, something so changed that it is no longer a spirit - you will continue to shape it to fulfill that belief.

After an instance in which Vengeance takes over-

Anders: I tried, Solas. I tried what you said… but it didn’t work.
Solas: You cannot heal this as you would a broken limb. It is not a matter of will. It is a process that requires patience and diligence. It has taken years for you and Justice to become what you are. You cannot expect that to change in a matter of days.
Anders: What am I supposed to do in the meantime, then, hmm? Just go on like everything is fine, knowing I might kill someone if the mood strikes?
Solas: Trust those around you, Anders. We stopped you from doing any real harm. We will stop you again, should it be necessary.

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Good news! Nick Clegg has lost his seat in the election! And the Tories aren't winning by a landslide. This night is going much better than I thought (feared) it would. Thought you'd like to know.

I’ve been watching the results come in. One of the advantages of being in the US is that I get to watch my home country elections results roll in live time without being too sleep deprived. Doesn’t make it any less nerve wracking of course, it’s a bit like watching a high speed race and at any moment you just know one of the drivers is going to clip the bend and there may well be a fantastic wreck on the horizon. But you still can’t look away.

I honestly wish the Tories had lost more seats. But then I also wish a lot of things regarding the Tories that are unlikely to happen without a revolution and a sharp axe.

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Hi! I really like your Headcanons! I was wondering if you could make a head canon with RFA + Saeran trying to find a way to celebrate MC's birthday who isn't very ecstatic about it because her family couldn't afford to celebrate it? Idk it's up to you if you'd like to make it.


  • He was the kid to have the most normal birthday parties out of everyone in the RFA when he was a kid. 
  • When he was little he’d have all of his friends over and they’d have a themed party with lots of balloons
  • By the time he was in high school it was a smaller group of friends coming over to play games and have an excuse to eat cake. 
  • By the time he was a senior in high school, it was a group of his friends, and his family, and instead of presents, he asked for donations to be given to a charity, an idea which he and Rika had come up with together when he was volunteering with her after school 
  • Learning that MC wasn’t excited for their birthday was a bit confusing for him since, even though most of the other RFA members treated him like a baby, he’d always genuinely enjoyed his birthday and celebrating those of the people he was closed to and when he realized that they’d never been able to celebrate it, he was already coming up with ideas of how to give them a great birthday 
  • It would end up being at Seven’s bunker, simply because both Rika’s apartment and his own were too small to have the entire RFA over comfortably. 
  • He’d managed to pull it together enough that everyone brought MC a gift and that there was cake and snacks honey buddha chips and PhD Pepper
  • There wasn’t really a lot planned out, but MC had a lot of fun, just realizing how much effort Yoosung and the rest of the RFA had put into this for her. 


  • When she’d been little, she used to have good birthdays with her parents and her friends, but she definitely hadn’t done much for her birthday in the past few years 
  • Still, learning that MC had really never done anything for their birthday… 
  • She immediately set to work planning out a decent party, especially since MC was normally the one planning the RFA’s parties, it was the least they could do for her, so they quickly planned out, finding a place that would work (Seven’s Bunker) as well as a guest list, which consisted of MC’s friends, close family members, and the RFA 
  • She’d be the one to make the cake and other sweets and drinks for everyone 
  • Even if it wouldn’t be a very fancy or expensive party, they’d be surrounded by people that cared about them 


  • His birthdays as a kid were always a rather public and formal affair 
  • He was expected to be kind and polite and smile when friends and coworkers of his father greeted him and gave him gifts. 
  • He also never really had any friends as a kid, so most of the parties were really quite dull, more of event that his father would enjoy and he would be forced to tolerate 
  • The only friend he really had that would come to those parties was V and normally they’d end up sneaking away
  • Jumin’s dad would likely know how boring the parties were for his son and would conveniently not notice him sneaking off 
  • V’s presents were probably the only ones he really looked forward to each year. 
  • He wanted MC to have more than that, and learning that their experience with birthdays was both a good and a bad thing to him, because at least they hadn’t had a terribly negative experience with their birthday, but also they hadn’t had any good ones either 
  • The party would be small, just the RFA and would be a much more comfortable event than his birthdays when he was a kid 
  • It wouldn’t be rigidly planned out or themed, just a group of friends getting together to celebrate MC’s birthday 


  • He didn’t have birthday parties as a kid much. 
  • His brother used to try and do things for him when they were little, but it quickly became the opinion of his parents that it was only helping to boost his ego and that he didn’t need that extra attention 
  • He wasn’t the best in school and his parents agreed with each other that he shouldn’t be rewarded for not trying hard enough in his classes and for his ridiculous dreams of being an actor 
  • After he dropped out of school and ran away from home, he didn’t really have many friends or the money to have a party, and especially with when his birthday was, most people didn’t even believe that it was his birthday in his first place, instead believing it to be just another lame April Fools Day joke
  • He’d want to make sure that MC had a better experience with their birthday than him so he’d mark the date on his calendar and be sure to get it off from work to spend the day with them 
  • Unlike the rest of the RFA, planning a huge party for MC probably wouldn’t be his thing, especially without having had a big party of his own before or anything to base it off of
  • Instead they’d just enjoy a lazy day at home, sleeping late, him making them breakfast, and watching movies all afternoon 


  • He’d never had a birthday party. 
  • Not when they were kids, living in their mother’s house and not with the agency, but he of course knew about birthday parties and learning that MC hadn’t had one either just wouldn’t do 
  • He’d start planning early, but, being given a lot of time to plan was never a good thing for him 
  • He’d think too much, come up with too many plans. 
  • The party would start off at his place, with a banner, balloons, gifts, and food, but that wouldn’t be the end of their birthday at all. 
  • Next would come the group trip to play laser tag, because that was something that kids normally did on their birthdays, right? 
  • After that the rest of the RFA would leave and they’d end up watching a movie, but he still wasn’t done with what he’d planned for their birthday. He had years birthdays to make up for, after all, so he took them out, away from the city to watch the stars until they were both ready to go home. 


  • He’d know almost nothing about birthdays or parties. 
  • He wasn’t even sure why the day that you were born was supposed to be something special, but he asked the members of the RFA to be sure before coming up with an idea 
  • He couldn’t stand the idea of a big party and MC helping him through a panic attack was about as far from the ideal birthday as you could get
  • He’d instead plan something simple
  • He’d want to do something small and preferably at home, so he’d make them breakfast and bring it to them in bed before they watched MC’s favorite movie 
  • after that he’d reluctantly agree to leave the house at which point he’d take them out for ice cream, because honestly, who doesn’t like ice cream and they both liked going out for ice cream together and they’d go to the park nearby to eat it before going back home
  • it definitely wouldn’t be grand or dramatic, but it was very sweet and very Saeran and it definitely was the best birthday MC had ever had. 
Baby Bump (Bad Boy!Jungkook)

Plot: Bad Boy!Jungkook finding out you’re pregnant

Word Count: 1082

A/N: someone requested for a Jungkook spin on the bad boy!bts as fathers series so here it is (all of the father related posts are here and bad boy!kookie is here)

You didn’t plan to get pregnant, not yet anyways. Jungkook and you had never spoken about children, you were just beginning to bring up the thought of marriage in the far future. You were both young, in your early twenties, both in college. You had both just gotten jobs at a coffee shop near your school, which wasn’t too far from your small apartment.

You had no idea how he would react to your news. He had never mentioned whether he wanted children or not, he’d always avoided the questions when relatives asked by giving them a “I haven’t had time to think about it” instead of a solid yes or no. He was awkward around kids when they were others present but when it was just him and the child, he was amazing with them. He was basically a giant playmate for them, someone with a lot of tattoos and stories behind all of them. They could sit and listen to him explain all of his tattoos for hours and by the end of the night, they think he’s the coolest man they’ve ever met.

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anonymous asked:

51 Lams from that prompt list if you'd be fine with that. Love your writing!

51. “I want to take care of you.”

John looked down at his phone and saw a text message from Alex.

From: Alex <3
Sorry babe gotta cancel the date - sick

His thumb hovered over the keyboard as he tried to think of something to say. Last time Alex had gotten sick, he had almost needed to be rushed to the hospital for his fever. Aaron had panicked and called Eliza, and she had nursed him back to his usual health. 

To: Alex <3
Not cancel, just change. Be there soon.

John looked over to the pile of old DVDs he had under the tv. That’d have to do. He didn’t know if Alex was stuck with his head in a toilet or suffering from the pressure of head cold. Either way, he’d need water and rest. 

He shoved the DVDs into a bag, and tossed some various medicines in for good measure. Alex might have liked to use his semester of pre-med as an excuse to avoid the doctor, but John had always seen right through him. Being sick made him anxious, and doctors and hospitals made it worse. 

Thirty minutes later he was knocking on the door to Alex’s apartment. 

It wasn’t Alex who answered, but Aaron, whose eyes widened the slightest bit in recognition. Aaron opened the door wide enough to let John through and said, “you know, I wasn’t expecting you, but it’s probably good you’re here.”

He nodded and scuttled past Aaron into the living room. “What’s wrong? I’m assuming he’s not dying since you’re not panicking.” John looked around. Alex wasn’t in the living room.

Aaron shrugged and said, “He’s in his room. He crashed early last night and slept for around sixteen hours. I’m not entirely sure he’s sick. I wouldn’t be surprised if his body just gave up.”

John snorted, thinking back on the all-nighters he’d seen Alex pull. He scratched at his ear and looked toward Alex’s closed door. “Well, I’ll see you.”

“See you.” Aaron turned back to whatever he was doing on his computer, and John went into Alex’s room.

It was a mess, and there was a pile of blankets on the bed John assumed was Alex. He sat down at the foot of the bed and pushed down on the fluff. There was a body under there. Alex’s head popped up. “John!”

He felt a smile stretch across his face, even as concern filled him. Alex’s hair was pulled back into a messy bun and the dark circles beneath his eyes were darker than ever. John stood up and grabbed the bottle of water sitting on the side table and put it into Alex’s hand. “Drink.”

Alex groaned but took a sip. “It’s fine.”

John pressed his hand to Alex’s forehead. Warm, but not alarming, it’d be better to check it with a thermometer, but for now it was fine. John relaxed slightly and let his bag fall to the floor. He pulled his hand away and asked, “how are you feeling?”

“Better now that you’re here.”

He shook his head. “Lame.” He pulled out the DVDs from his bag and said, “so, the movies I have chosen to further along your healing process are Jurassic Park, Beauty and the Beast, and Princess Bride. Also, what medicine have you taken?”

“We’re watching Princess Bride. But, really, this is unnecessary. You really don’t have to take care of me.”

John raised a hand. “Nope, I want to take care of you. Sorry, you don’t get to opt out. Have you taken advil?”

Alex shook his head. “No.”

“Have you eaten?” John asked as he shoved his hand around in his bag for the small bottle. He looked up again when he had it. “So, food?”

Alex shook his head again.

“I’ll be right back.”

John went into the kitchen and grabbed bread to make toast. He called out into the living room, “hey, Burr, I’m making toast for Alex. Do you want anything?”

Aaron looked up and said, “no, but thanks.”

“No problem - it’s your kitchen after all.”

After the toaster popped, he put the bread onto the plate and walked back to Alex’s room. He handed it to Alex and said, “eat.”

Alex took a bite of the toast, and while still chewing, said, “I love you, you know.”

John smiled and poured a couple pills into his hand from the bottle of ibuprofen. “I love you too.”

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