if you listen closely you can hear my heart breaking


#okay but listen #if you listen very very closely #veeery closely #you can hear the crunching sounds of my heart breaking in the distance #i mean??? #started from the top and now we here??!?

Namjoon Scenario: Sleepless Night.

Request: Can you do a fluffy scenario with namjoon and the reader dating and namjoon is halfway across the world for a concert when he gets a call from the reader bc they had a really bad nightmare and just wanted to hear his voice?

Genre: Fluff.

-Could do a close up of that?-

You gasped faking outrage and if Namjoon had been in the same room you would have slapped his shoulder right then. -Kim Namjoon-

He laughed in response. -You can’t blame me if you wear that top Y/N-

You rearranged the angle of your camera to focus your body a little bit more. -Do you like it?-

Namjoon nodded. -Where are you going today?-

-I’m going to meet someone- you said with an insinuating tone that made Namjoon open and close his mouth and then laugh shaking his head reproving of what you said.

-No way, you can’t meet other guys Y/N, even less looking so…-

You put the camera closer to your face and arched a brow. -So…?-

-So damn hot- he answered licking his lips. -What are you doing? If you are really going to…-

-Namjoon!- you interrupted him laughing. -I’m not meeting anyone, I will just go run some errands and then meet up with my cousin to catch up-

Namjoon exhaled relieved. -That’s good, good girl-

You pouted. -There’s only one person I want to meet though-

-Soon baby, we just have a few cities left and then I’ll be back-

You sighed but nodded understanding, as of right now this was part of your daily routine, or at least  you tried to video call each other at least once a day. Managing the distance and the crazy schedules Namjoon had was something difficult and for you it had taken time to adjust, but it was all worth it for him, because you’ve never felt the connection you had with this man with anyone else, not even close.

-I can’t wait, I want us to do so many things, I know you still have concerts left here in Seoul but I just want to have you at least one day all to myself, like, just us and no one else-

Namjoon put a hand over his face as he smiled. -Don’t tell me that Y/N, then how I’ll be able to do things now? I can’t stop thinking about you-

-Well good- you said and both of you laughed. 

-It will be worth it, all this waiting just makes us stronger, when we meet you’ll see, it will be the best feeling ever-

At that your smile changed, if before you were doing it for the fun of the moment and your playful comments now it was filled with love, with adoration, he always knew what to say, Namjoon always knew which words to use to ease you, he was avery reflective guy and always thought about the consequences and the reasons of things, him saying that meant he had thought about this situation over and over and had ended up with that conclusion, and the fact that he was being positive for you made it all better, you needed that positiveness more often than not -I hope so babe-

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I don’t draw Moniwa as much as I’d like to but here’s a redraw from this scene wherein if you listen close enough you can hear my heart break 

If you listen closely, you can hear it; your heart trying to break free. It pounds away at the cage containing it, every single second of the day, following while simultaneously denying natural order. So don’t you dare tell me that humans were meant to submit to a higher being while staying still and meek, don’t you dare tell me to be silent. I was not made to bow my head and smile when ordered to. I was made to create hurricanes and arouse curiosity. I was made to love as I see fit and live how I want. We aren’t flowers to fall apart at the winds whim and bend whichever way it blows. We rage against the winds and rise when we fall. We are strong, it’s time we start believing that.
—  oscarsins