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*whispers* guess whose favorite asshole just officially became a main character !!!!


30 Day Oresama Teacher Challenge: 

Day 12: The character you first fall in love with

黒崎 真冬 (Kurosaki Mafuyu)

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Favorite BNHA characters ( top 10 ) and why?

This question should be illegal. I’m only taking the students because that would be too hard I love Yoshitori and Aizawa too much and dhojdfkhfjds.


1. Kirishima Eijirou

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Cinnamon roll. Deserves everything. I’m not gonna be great at explaining why I love him - or just everyone in this list - because it’s just this feeling of overwhelming love when you see a character you like fhjdkfsd.

He’s talented, strong in his determination and in his power, and his kindness doesn’t have limits. Sunshine.

Even though he has self-confidence issues, he’s always here to help people. He does realize he has flaws but is working on it the best he can. I admire the fact that he overcomes his fears but you can still clearly see the internal struggling. (This is a great character development we got here if you check his past.)

Also, Bakugou respects him. And if you gain Bakugou’s respect, you must REALLY have something because Bakugou’s not the easiest person to please. He didn’t even try to it just happened

Kirishima Eijirou is the best friend everyone would dream of.

2. Midoriya Izuku

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He was my first favorite before Kirishima’s story came out

Who the heck is even this boy? How pure is he? How stupid was this reaction of his to save Bakugou in the very beginning when even the heroes - even All Might - didn’t move? Also, the fight against Todoroki? The boy BROKE HIS BONES, and SEVERAL TIMES for his friend to move on. That’s- I have no words.

Midoriya Izuku is the perfect next symbol of Peace: his selfness and need to help people wasn’t made by his quirk but by his soul and that’s what pleased most people, and his dream won’t be stopped no matter what. All Might chose well.

3. Uraraka Ochako

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Look at her. She’s shivering and yet smiling and explicitely showing to her friends “I’m good, don’t worry.”

THIS GIRL ROCKS. She’s so clever. She’s talented. She fought against Katsuki Fucking Bakugou and could have won. I was in awe when I realised what was her plan all along during the fight. I’m still not over it.

And her motivation? No, not money, not really. Money is a mean to a goal. Her goal is to help her parents who she loves dearly and it’s one of the most adorable things. She wants to become her parents’ hero because they were the heroes of her childhood - look back when she was a kid how she admired their work and how frustrated she was not to be able to help.

I’m so excited about her she has so much potential.

4. Tamaki Amajiki

I honestly don’t know much about him - like everyone else I guess? But from what I’ve seen, this character is… different. I can’t really explain. Actually, all the characters are really different, the author is doing a great job for so many characters. 

I was surprised to hear about a group of three amazing future heroes, and see this guy, so shy, so awkward, with a real anxiety towards people - this is not comic relief to me. And this is important. Tamaki is going in front of a class, with two of his best friends/team-mates, and tries to stand up for what he believes in.

And since the last chapters I’m really worried about him I need new content pls help

5. Todoroki Shouto 

Very complexed character. His past makes who he is now. He is physically marked by the disfunctional family father he’s living with, and mentally too. You can’t make me believe seeing his mother in such a state, hurt him, and losing her for the rest of his childhood isn’t a great impact on his personality. You can’t tell me, having a “dad” who forbid you to play with your siblings to train for his own selfishness didn’t touch him.

This is a terrible past, and I realize how Todoroki actually easily confessed it to someone in his class - to Midoriya. But doing this is the first step of the development of his character which made me love him, oh so much.

I liked the grudge he’s holding against his father, and the fact that he still does, but put it apart in order to follow is own ideals, his own project. I was so proud of him when he chose to work with Endeavor because he figured it was the best for his powers.

This kid is so young but so mature already. He faced his father, and then came to see his mother on his own, to face her too. That’s amazingly brave.

And finally, in the scans for the “Bakugou Arc” Todoroki more and more cares about not just his own motivations, but also his classmates. LOOK AT HIS FACE WHEN THEY TAKE AWAY HIS FRIEND. You can definitely see it before tho, when he’s teaming up with Momo and listens to her after realizing he might have been too focused on himself and not on sharing ideas.

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Also did I tell you how incredible and badass his power is?

6. Kaminari Denki

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Another precious boy. But who isn’t? Mine-who? Don’t know this guy.

Let’s just appreciate this pic of our Human Pikachu.

I don’t feel like he got a lot of moments yet, so I’m really excited about knowing more about him, but I liked him right from the beginning - I actually liked him more than Kirishima at first. He’s motivated to do his best, but knows his limits. Even though he still acts without thinking sometimes and that’s killing me xD

He rocks. That’s all I can say. In this arc, he nailed it, and-

He got his bff’s support, which is BIG. (Also, again, Bakugou). He improved a lot and I’m so proud of him.

Despite what a lot of people think, my son is clever. Just remember he’s a 15 yo guy and teens do mistakes and stupid things all the time. 

I remember reading somewhere he’s always showing his thumbs up to let everyone know he’s alright once he’s off. This is incridibly touching. I don’t know about you, but if even when his brain turns off, his last will or his subconscious is yelling at him to let everyone know he’s good and that they can go on, I think already a little part of his job, as a future hero, is completed.

You go, Denki.

7. Mirio Togata (also known as Tintin)

I didn’t know I would love him. I thought I would like him, but I didn’t know my heart would just go down and drown with the last chapters. I hate this manga sometimes.

He looks so nice. So at ease. All the time. He trained so hard, I understand Izuku’s expression in this panel. This guy is impressive and you don’t realize it right away but when you do- oh damn. I mean. He was supposed to be the next Hero of Peace.

D E T E R M I N A T I O N in everything he does, in his beliefs. I also believe - and I’m pretty sure - he’s helping Tamaki with his social issues and awkwardness.


Listen to him he knows what he’s talking about everything’s okay *sobs*

8. Katsuki Bakugou

Alright what about Bakugou. I like his character. He’s unstable, and that makes my feelings also unstables. His agressivity is the reason why I’m a bit indicisive, but he does have great moments which explain why he’s in this top 10.

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Believe it or not, despite ALL OF HIS FLAWS, Bakugou is a human being. A shitty human being yes - I’m referring to the very first episodes (I can’t forgive him to, basically, tell Izuku to kill himself, ‘who cares’) - but still human. I LOVE his character development. He’s being forced to consider his classmates and - hey everyone knows that, this guy is pretty clever.

One of the many reasons I love Bakugou: his fight with Uraraka. She fought with everything she could give, and he NEVER once underestimated her. Here’s something I need to see more: don’t judge the oponent by the way they look, and please especially not if they happen to be a woman. The whole croud yelled at him for “torturing” and “hurting” a girl, but that’d be okay with a guy? C’mon. I’m proud of you, Bakugou.

He also notices more than he seems to, like in this panel, for Izuku’s power. ‘

I’m really glad we got this moment of pure angst - I’m sorry I hated it but it also made Bakugou so much more human? He’s a kid. A kid with issues. And he lived traumatising things. 

But he doesn’t talk about those events. Because he’s too proud. But in the end? He’s just holding those regrets, those feelings of guilt, and cries them out. He’s a mess and he is lost.

Plus great bonus: friendship. Bakugou never seemed to develop strong relationships before, his only one with someone of his age is with Deku and that’s not one of the healthiest. But then you get Kirishima. And later on, a bit Kaminari, and more. He’s trusting Kirishima with his life (cf. first panels in Kirishima’s examples), and cares about him. THAT IS IMPORTANT.

Let us see how GREAT Bakugou is going to become and let me grab some pop-corn before I die in the process because it’s not gonna happen with some angst

9. Ashido Mina

The Queen.

Actually I loved the Alien Queen, I’m sad she didn’t get to keep the name.

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I can’t really tell much. She’s extraordinary. 

I love her enthusiasm and ‘joie de vivre’. She’s giving the class a great atmosphere of friendship etc. And she kinda rocks her abilities. Also, pays attention to her classmates’ powers and takes advantage out of it (cf. Battle against the Laser French Guy).

Plus: she inspired Kirishima, somehow? HORN BUDDIES? Oh dang, I loved this so much. I want them to be partners as heroes now.

10. Yaoyorozu Momo

The Precious Princess.

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I didn’t pay much attention to her at first but her power is really nice. She’s in charge of the class with Iida, and I’m proud of her.

She is always willing to help and contribute, but since she was admitted by recommendation, I guess this is why she started losing the confidence she started with - but she also compared herself to Todoroki which wasn’t a good idea, the guy has TWO abilities.

In this arc where she’s in team with Todoroki, I liked her more and more. Thanks to Aizawa the communication and exchanges get better and she gains more confidence after they win thanks to HER plan after Todoroki’s failed - that means a lot to her.

AND HERE IT’S DONE. I have so many things to say honestly I spent too many times on it already damn.

I can’t believe I didn’t put Tsuyu or Fumikage please end me. This list is absolutely unstable and could easily change how can I do a top seriously?

[PS: It’s almost 3am sorry for the bad English hrm]

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hey do you know any good unrequited love type of anime/manga? like wher the girl likes a guy but he doesnt like her back right away or is in love w someone else? (like heroine shikkaku) im a sucker for slow romance i guess 😂

Me too anon, me too

Bokura ga ita (anime and manga)

Lovely complex (anime and manga, love the anime more tho)

Akatsuki no yona (anime and manga)

Kilari (Don’t block me already the main couple is like  everuthing you coud wish for. Also the manga is more centered about romance)

Kuregahime (anime and manga)

*genderbender tag

Toradora (aime is 10/10)

And one of the most underated and yet beatiful anime I’ve seen:

Nagi no asukara

The animation and the sound is 10/10 and so is the relationship between the two protagonists. One of the most built up I’ve seen, you will ship them with all your might, trust me

       Although I respect people’s opinions, I can never bring myself to understand why there is so much hatred for Hinata. She loved Naruto since the very very beginning. I think that itself is enough reason to adore her because she was never against him. He didn’t have to prove himself to her and she acknowledged his beautiful personality before anything else. Meanwhile, mostly everyone had to witness Naruto’s physical strength before actually taking him seriously. Hinata was on Naruto’s side even before he could summon a shadow clone properly, before he could call himself a ninja, when everyone was so fixated on the nine tails that they treated him like he wasn’t human. 

     Forgive me if it seems like I’m comparing but when people put team 7 before everything, I close my ears. Don’t get me wrong, I love team 7 but when I think about Naruto, I don’t just solely think about Team 7. When we put team 7′s bonds before everything else, we are demolishing the bonds that Naruto shared with others. We are demolishing the fact that Naruto was alone. Every aspect (even the bad ones) in Naruto’s life should all be taken into account and not just a fraction of it. The fact that he found the woman of his life, I would think that people would be happy because the manga starts with this…

And ends with…

     If you truly think about it, Naruto’s life is being told chronologically from his years as a boy, to a teen, to a young adult, to a full grown man. The ending is quite beautiful because it shows us just how much Naruto has grown; the fact that he found love! Who would have ever thought that knucklehead Naruto would get married… being the first one out of Konoha 11 at that?! It shows that in the very beginning, he was bereft of love… and the ending is basically his earned blessing because now, he’s united with the woman who loved him even when he was just that kid who sat on the swings and sadly watched everyone from afar.  It depicts his adulthood. When watching this wedding, we shouldn’t be thinking “Why did it not end with team 7!” Instead, we should be thinking “Naruto has grown up” or “He’s not that kid anymore!” It’s his wedding. That marks one of the best days of his life. 

     Meh, everyone’s entitle to think what they want. This is just how I look at it. This is why I truly adore Hinata and the ending. While I do feel like Kishimoto should have added more into the ending, I am still grateful for the results. In fact, it makes me want to cry when taking in the beginning of the manga to the ending. Watching Naruto as that lonely kid and seeing him now…Kishimoto did such a wonderful job with explaining the aspects of Naruto’s life. I am so proud of Naruto. He’s accomplished so much and now he’s gifted with a woman with such a beautiful heart.

   She even faced death for him. We see this puny little kunoichi fight a super strong evil shinobi like Pein and lost with the intent of  protecting and revealing her love for someone who has saved her from herself; someone who broke the chains of insecurity and self affliction out of her. That itself tells you that Hinata has a story of her own. She went through spiritual battles herself so you shouldn’t trivialize her feelings and the role she plays in Naruto’s life. She’s a person too… and she is not perfect. People spend so much time with expressing their hatred for her character when even Hinata herself admits her flaws and expresses her need for change; expresses how she doesn’t even like herself. 

    In a way it’s kind of like you tell someone “I hate you” and they respond “I hate myself.” She’s not ignorant of her character flaws and that itself makes her even more of an incredible character because this whole time, she acknowledged her bad sides and it gave her more of a reason to want to change into someone stronger. Naruto was the prime source of her strength because he is the perfect example of what she’s trying to become. He motivated her to pick herself up and continue to work hard as both a person and a ninja. In return, she felt like she owed him her life which is why she didn’t care if she died on the battle field. Her sacrifice confirmed how strong and genuine her love really is. This moment in the manga defines just how strong Hinata had become over the years as both a person and a ninja.

      I don’t see why it is a problem that she wants to be by Naruto’s side. We are already aware of the fact that she loved him since young. When you love someone, being by their side is more like an instinct. This is why she impulsively intervened in the battle the way she did… and other times…

    And, you wanna know something that I find hysterically hilarious? Is that she actually makes it her duty to be by his side. She legit wants to protect Naruto more than he does for her. She wants to be there for him more than she is actually capable… and she BLAMES HERSELF for why he always ends up being the one to save her in the end. It’s hilarious because this girl legit loves this guy and there are still people that don’t actually realize that (I respect your feelings though, but still). Even when she is tired and out of energy, she still tries to make a way to be by his side. Even when she knows she will die, she still tries to find a way. It is plain and simple… Hinata LOVES Naruto. Period, point blank.

    But then again, who’s to say that she’s the only impulsive one? 

              Those subconscious feelings are stronger than a bitch. 


Every time she helps Naruto, it is suddenly a “problem”. But, the crazy thing is… every time she DOES help him, he BENEFITS from it completely.

   He even admits it every time. If it wasn’t for Hinata’s encouragement, he would have never had the confidence to defeat Neji in the final competition. In fact, he probably would have gotten his ass kicked simply put ^_^ He even THANKS Hinata for uplifting him so sincerely. Naruto’s depression vanished very quickly and now he is back to being himself… positive and full of energy; full of life and strength. Turns out, he actually likes Hinata as a person and understands her better.

   Even her intervention during his battle with pein benefited him seeing that Naruto was going to die on spot after all. Next thing you know, he was able to meet his father, he was able to defeat pein, rewarded the title of the village hero, and luckily for him, he is still alive.  He even acknowledges that Hinata’s sacrifice was a “save” on his part. He knows that Hinata wants to protect him hence he clearly assured her that she has already been doing that.

        You want to know what’s really interesting about this panel? It reminds me of this…

     Mind you, Naruto wasn’t exactly confident about his match against Neji (Like I mentioned before). Hinata uplifted him very quickly just like Naruto was able to uplift her as soon as he sensed how dejected she felt for being saved by him during the war. They are both very good at encouraging each other. It’s like an “eye for eye” sort of thing because they have the answer to each other’s insecurity. You would think that Naruto would have shared his worry to this team mates for those who believe that Team 7 is EVERYTHING. But apparently, he didn’t. For a girl that he considered weird, gloomy, dark , and timid , it truly amazes me that he entrust telling her about his weaknesses than the people he’s been “bonded” with throughout his early journey as a ninja. I’m not necessarily belittling the importance of Team 7 but rather proving that it is NOT the most important thing in the series. We have to be mindful of other characters too because they contribute a lot to Naruto’s character alone.

     He even acknowledges the fact that she saved him from falling into the traps of Obito.  He genuinely thanks her and also acknowledges that she “stayed at his side.” So, if Naruto can happily come to terms with that, then I don’t see the “problem.” In the end, he is back on his feet and being the happy knucklehead that we all know and love. We should be happy that Naruto has people like Hinata in his life that will sacrifice a leg and an arm for him; like his parents, like neji, etc. When putting Team 7 over everything, you are forgetting about those other precious people and things that were put in action to ensure his growth, his potential, and the extent of his passionate feelings as a character. Deny it or not, Hinata aligns with all of that and there is nothing no one can do about it. 

   “But Hinata isn’t relevant to the series because she doesn’t get a lot of                                                screen time.” 

Does the quantity of moments dictate how strongly Naruto feels about a person? Are we really going to let time away from a character dictate someone’s relevance to another person? Because, as far as I’m concern, Naruto has never spent a day with his mom or dad… but they are still upheld as important to him. Sasuke has been away from the leaf village for over 2 years. Even in their adult life, Sasuke has been away from the village for around 12 years (if I’m correct). It doesn’t change the fact that Naruto and Sasuke are very close. If screen time was genuinely relevant, then he would have let Sasuke go over the years that he actually spent time trying to find him. Jiraya has been dead for quite a long time… but Naruto’s feelings for Jiraya hasn’t changed. He still cherishes his god father with every drip of blood in his body. Gaara and Naruto are from different villages (we don’t get to see Gaara all of the time) but even that doesn’t dictate his bond with Naruto. Shikamaru is not even on Team 7 but he and Naruto are basically close as well… just like the of rest of konoha 11. Iruka hasn’t had all the screen time in the world but who did naruto ask to be his father in the wedding? Naruto even cherishes that sweet adorable ramen guy (the dude who NEVER gets screen time).  So, can we please stop making everything about screen time? It doesn’t necessarily matter. The QUALITY of the moments he share with another character is what truly defines those special bonds. Believe it or not, he shared quality moments with Hinata hence there would be no point in the genjutsu meaning anything to him. Once he was able to genuinely decipher those moments, that is when he came to terms with his own feelings for the Hyuga. He was able to realize how he felt about Hinata all along… and it didn’t take THOUSANDTHS of moments for that to happen.

Midway Thoughts on the Summer of Anime 2017 Season:

Can you believe we are already about halfway through the season?  Where is the fucking time going?  No, seriously, I demand to know where the time is going.  Most of the currently airing shows have reached the mid point of their season, whether that’s the classic sixth or seventh episode, or even third or fifth episode, depending on how many episodes total.  Regardless, it is time once again to give you my midway thoughts about this season and the shows I’m watching, and ones that I’ve dropped.  Keep in mind that since we are at that halfway point, I’m able to go into a bit more details while trying to remain as spoiler free as possible.  Also, please note that this is solely my opinion, and whether your opinion is similar, or different, I’d love to know.  Let’s get started.  

Dive!!:  Studio Zero-G

Dropped.  Honestly, this series was nothing but just a predictable, underwhelming series.  Boy’s club getting shut down?  Oh no!  Boy must become a World Class  ______ in order to save it.  Training episodes.  Things look up.  Oh no, something terrible happens.  Yay.  He did it.  ____ club saved!  At first, I found myself comparing this series to Free!, but I can’t anymore.  It’s lack of literally anything interesting proved that there was no way this was something like Free.  Honestly, unless you live and breathe for Sports anime, don’t bother, unless you want to be reminded about what disappointment is.    

Nana Maru San Batsu:  TMS Entertainment

Dropped.  Why?  Because it’s shit.  Plain and Simple. It started with potiential, but made me completely hate it within the first two episodes with a terrible art style, a bland MC, and a fucking god awful female lead.  Honestly, had this show not been such poorly exacuted, I could have seen this show doing really well.  Oh well.  Moving on.  

Iskekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni: Production Reed

Dropped.  Honestly, there are quite a few reasons why I dropped this show.  Let’s start with the most obvious one: the art style is trash.  It’s just so generic and poorly executed.   I’m also completely sick of the another harem in another world trope.  Granted I’m not really a big fan of harem series in general, and this one managed to throw in a slightly different element by letting the MC keep his smartphone, it still wasn’t enough to make me keep this series for anything longer than two episodes.  At least God understands our first world problems.  

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e: Studio Lerche

Dropped.   This series was the one that I had the hardest time dropping.  I was told that once it gets to episode three and four, it gets much, much better, and I really did try to get there, but I couldn’t do it.  I just could not do it. That second episode is just bland, and doesn’t feel like it’s even the same series.  Oh well, maybe you guys will have better luck.  

Tsurezure Children:  Studio Gokumi

This is the series that you watch when you’ve had a long day.  It’s cute, and adorable and will put a smile on your face.  It’s the series where you can turn off your brain and relax and watch little kids with their love problems.  What more could you ask for?

Netsuzou TRap:  Creators in Pack

Disappointed.  Nine Minute Series.  Nine Freaking Minutes.  Honestly, unless you live and breathe for Yuri, don’t waste your time. The manga is a billion times better compared to this.  #StopMakingShittyAdaptations #ForeverSalty

Hitorjime My Hero:  Encourage Flims

Yeah, I’m still here watching this.   Why you ask?  Meh, I like BL.  In all honestly though, it’s still turning out alright; it is a Shounen Ai, series, so regardless, I always go into them with no expectations, so for now, it’s just slightly better than most.  

Hajimete no Gal:  Studio NAZ

Have we already mentioned that I was trash?   No?  Oh, well, I’m trash because I fucking LOVE this series.  God, this series is so bad, but it’s great.  Guilty freaking pleasure series and I’m totally not even sorry about it.  I think the main problem everyone has with this series is that since it’s a literal softcore hentai, you have to go in with zero expectations, and literally remind yourself it’s a comedy and shouldn’t be taken seriously.  Oh well, it’s trash, and I’m trash, but I love it.  


Have you ever wanted to drop a show, but didn’t because you prayed deep down that your question would be answered by the end of the series, knowing full well that, of course, it wouldn’t be?  Well, that’s how I feel with this show.  I want to drop it.  I really want to drop it.  But, I know full well that even though it won’t be answered, it might be answered if I watch it all.  I had some high hopes for this series, and hell, after episode three, I was going strong with this series, but then … it just started falling short.  Pretty soon, I’ll be left with nothing but a bitter taste in my mouth as this show just falls into the pile of “meh” anime with the rest of this year.  Salty thoughts right?  Well, at least you guys know I’ll be following the series til the end.  

Made in Abyss:  Kinema Citrus

If this isn’t the best this season, then it’s definitely the cutest.  This show is wonderful.  After starting it fairly late into the season, and not really knowing what to expect, I instantly became hooked by the third episode.  I also love our MC.  This series is also something completely different, and I’m super thankful for that.  

Kakegurui:  Studio MAPPA

Mmmmmm.   My fucking gods.  I live for these intense psychological series.  I live for the moments where the tones shift into that disturbing take.  MAPPA has been doing those transitions so fucking well.  The characters are very well written, and the plot line is fucking intense and hooks you in from that start.  I literally can not fucking wait for each episode.  Also, Rune is Best Fucking Girl.   Fuck You.  Fight Me.  

Ballroom e Youkoso:  Production I.G. 

Easily one of my favorites this season, and we are barely a fourth of the way into it, which makes me so fucking happy.  I never thought I’d care about a series about Ballroom Dancing; hell, I thought I’d seen it all, but damn, this series is taking me on a ride.  There isn’t a thing I don’t like about this series.  Everything is done beautifully to actually fit the series.  If you are looking for something to watch this season, please watch this.  I could honestly see this becoming as big as Yuri on Ice is.  

Jigoku Shojo:  Studio Deen

Hi, it’s been years since I had my season three, but I’m back, and better than ever before.  Fuck, I’ve missed Hell Girl so fucking much.  You never truly realize how much you love a show until they gift it with a random season years later.  Every. Fucking. Episode. Has. Been. Amazing.  I fucking love it.  I’m still not over those first two episodes.  This is one of the few shows this season where I must watch it the moment it’s available.  I can’t wait for the rest of the season.   

Owarimonogatari Part II:  Studio Shaft


I want to call this season a masterpiece, but even that doesn’t feel like a strong enough word.  The opening scene with Mayoi-chan literally made me weep tears of joy.  Japan did the most wonderful thing by making a two day special.  I don’t know what I like best about this season:  Mayoi, Kiss-Shot, Ononoki, or freaking Hanekawa, or even Araragi.  I know it’s not the end of the series since there’s still Part Three of Owarimonogatari, as well as several other novels yet to be adapted, but fuck, this season cleared up so many plot lines.  I need more.  Thank you Shaft for proving why you are the best.  Needless to say, not only is this the best thing of the season/year, this is also one of the best things ever created; it’s also currently tied with Kimi no Na Wa for the top spot on MAL, and trust me it’s well deserved.  

Boku no Hero Academia:  Studio Bones

Boku no Fucking Hero Academia is still fucking killing it.  Stain was hype.  The art and animation look fucking amazing, and hell, even the filler episode was wonderful.  WHY ARE YOU NOT WATCHING THIS??!?!?!?!

So anyways, that is my mid season thoughts of the series I am watching. Please keep in mind these are merely my thoughts, and I am not watching everything this season, so if there’s something that I’ve missed, or something that I should be watching, please let me know. Also, tell me some of your thoughts for this season.  

about CITRUS chapter 33

I guess everyone is frustrated with how things are going in CITRUS. But I want to share with you why I think Saburouta is doing this and why we shouldn’t really worry about it.

Basically, after this chapter, it is implied Mei still has to marry a man, her supposed fiancé. After hearing the conversation between Shiraho and Himeko about the ones they have to marry, Matsuri starts asking questions.

She wonders if Mei has a fiancé as well, and since Himeko is silent about it, she assumes Mei is playing with Yuzu’s feelings, hiding such an important thing from her and that she will, eventually, hurt her. 

Now, we know the thing about Mei’s fiancé has been a thing since chapter 1, it is not a surprise it’s brought up again, especially when we never got an actual closure for the entire situation.

I think things are going this way:

  • I don’t know how much Himeko knows about Mei and her arranged marriage, so maybe Mei doesn’t actually have to marry anyone if she confronts her family about it, especially since her grandfather did tell her to stop doing things she doesn’t want for the sake of the family and school.
  • This situation will be used for character development, of course; Mei’s development. If Yuzu hears about this, she’ll most likely be hurt, which might make her keep her distance from Mei? That will push Mei into grasping her feelings she’s been really confused and frustrated about, and will finally come in terms with what she feels for Yuzu.
  • We all know how bad Mei is with communicating with Yuzu, how she feels, what she wants, that’s why this arc will help Yuzu and Mei’s relationship. When Mei will realize the consequences of her mistake (not telling Yuzu about what’s happening with the fiancé), she will probably be able to work her way into being more open about what she’s going through and finally fight for her relationship with Yuzu.

I say we shouldn’t worry too much about this and to look at it as a must do for the story to go on.

Honestly, as much as it frustrates me, I like how this is going, because communicating is essential in a relationship and Mei needs to get her shit together already. (I know this sounds mean, but love you Mei)

Also, I don’t actually know what’s gonna happen, so please take this as merely an opinion

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Hi Could you, please, recommend me manga like 19 days and Tamen De Gushi? Thank you c:

Hello, thanks for the ask! Had to think for quite some time for this. In terms of storytelling style, the BL artists whose works gives me the most similar feeling to Old xian so far are Yoneda Kou and Gusari, for their well-crafted characters and bittersweet storylines. 

For Yoneda Kou, her most famous work currently is probably Saezuru Tori ha Habatakanai (which I love), though my personal favourite is Soredemo, Yasashii Koi o Suru (offshoot of Doushitemo Furetakunai). It’s already completed, but I still reread it from time to time and I love it as much as when I first read it.

Gusari draws the most amazing Haikyuu (mainly Iwaoi) doujins, her stories are short but they are so beautiful sometimes it leaves me speechless. I wanted to buy her books when I was in Japan earlier this year but in the end I didn’t have enough time, so sad….. Some of my favourites: 

Gunjou no Sashin l Hyakumankai Ai o Sakebe l Ano Machi ni Sunderu Karera no Koto l Kono Machi ni Sunderu Karera no Koto 

If you are interested in reading more Chinese manhua, I recently starting reading a BL series called Chen Sheng which I really like (Chinese raws here l author’s weibo). Idk if you can say it’s similar to 19 days but the art is beautiful and the story is really exciting 😳 I feel a bit guilty recommending this because while there is an English translation for this on mangago, the translator seem to have dropped the series so right now it’s only translated up till chapter 3 which ends on a crazy cliffhanger 😂😂😂 I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to start on this series if you can’t read Chinese… If there are any cleaners/ typesetters out there who want to pick up the series I can probably send you the translation for the later chapters I think, maybe someone can help to upload the newer chapters!

For works similar to Tamen de Gushi, I don’t read GL often so I feel like I don’t have a good list of recommendations 😓 One yuri series I really enjoyed though was What Does the Fox Say? by Team Gaji (Lezhin l mangago). The story is great and the characters are all so pretty! 

A bonus recommendation that is not shoujo-ai but is fantastic comedy/ slice of life like Tamen de Gushi is Gekkan shoujo Nozaki-kun (scanlators’ Tumblr here). It’s one of my favourite mangas of all time because it’s so damn hilarious LOL. I think it’s the type of manga everyone can enjoy regardless of what genre you usually read.

That’s all I can think of for now, I actually took a really long time to write this rec but it turned out to be an unexpectedly short list 😂 Hope this helps, and hopefully you enjoy these works as much I did! 

Yana’s favorite tropes

Today I feel like adressing one of the most popular topics in the Kuroshitsuji fandom, the BL subtext. The male on male fanservice has always been prominent in the series, has stirred up controversy, attracted many. annoyed some, and even spawned a funny rumor that the manga was supposed to be a yaoi one. The last statement, which has aready been proved false, has it’s roots in the author’s past as a yaoi artist and the shota BL works that she published under her pen name Yanao Rock. For this post I decided to read one of those works, Glamorous Lip, a one-shot consisting in six different short stories, and take note of the similarities with Yana’s current and most prominent work, Kuroshitsuji

First I want to note that with these observations I am not trying to prove a point or encourage any particular view of the manga, I simply thought that getting to know the author’s tastes might help to make future predictions on the current storyline. 

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Info,Update, etc

Hiii everyone!!!!

Thank you so so so much for your messages about Cardinal Cross!

To be honest, that game has a sentimental value to me. I wrote the script of the game at a VERY difficult time for me, and it was my only escape for a time.

I gave it everything I possibly could, because there is a huge part of me hidden in the game. With my thoughts and some of my own feelings. Not just the characters, but the environments and the history.

So getting these enthusiastic responses really made my day. Thank you so so so much. =)

I was actually worried a little, because Chapter.1 is the calm/quiet one of Cardinal Cross. The rest of the script won’t be as happy. :P

Anyways, again, thank you so so much! I’m hoping to finish it as soon as I can, and in the meanwhile, working on my other VNs/games.

Linen Tale info:

So, since I promised I’d give you Linen Tale demo as soon as I can, I already started working on it.

I actually changed the resolution of the screen to 1920x1080, and so I had to remake the layout of the menus, GUI etc. But I think it looks way better than the old version, so that’s a plus. :)

Looks cute, right?

Until I have the rest of the artwork for CC, I’ll be working on Linen Tale, so expect some LT teasers soon! :)

ETD info:

I’m still working on the game during my free time, but I’m already WAY ahead of the alpha demo I’ve shown you already! RPGMaker really made things easy for me. You are worried about how it won’t be the same etc. But please don’t worry. =) There will be lots of cool CGs like this, made by PrinceOfRedroses who is also the artist of the Ascension manga. It’ll be pretty cool, imo. =)

I’ll cut this info thread short for now. =) I’ll write more when I have more info/updates.

Hope to see you again very soon! In the meanwhile, please enjoy Cardinal Cross demo! I can’t wait to hear more of your opinions. =)

Love you!


We need more BakuDeku Fics where Deku is like “NOPE” to the idea to date Kacchan, he already likes Kacchan as a friend, but as a lover? what? 

I know we already have Falling, but we need more fics like that because in others fics deku just make a blind eye to the past bulling of Kacchan and is like “I always loved you too!”, we need more fics of Kacchan trying to show that “yeah, I was a Asshole, I’m still are one, but not that much, I’m sorry, let me show you that I can be the best boyfriend ever 

I want to Kacchan study shoujo manga to be A++ Boyfriend material and Deku just have so many mixed feelings about the whole thing. 

So okay apparently

Fujimaki Sensei (Mangaka of Kuroko No Basuke) started a new series called Robot x Laserbeam! Some of you might already know about this, but many of us don’t. It’s a fairly new manga! 


This guy is a splitting image of our basketnerd. Oh god. He’s what all of us imagine Aomine would look like if he groomed himself better (hothothothothot) The same attitude towards the sport they love the most, the same dorkiness. omg. 

I never knew I needed to see what Daiki looked like with long hair.

ah shit i think i’m already hooked

it’s apparently about the orange haired guy who has never held a Golf club in his life but managed to defeat Miura in one round. His name is Robot (he’s a cutie too help)


(tell me Rion doesn’t look like kise UGHHHHHHH i’m adopting him too) while I haven’t started reading it myself i thought it’d be nice to share it with all of you who, like me, just swam back to shore from all the Kuruko No Basuke Last Game feels.  

Please give this manga some love as well!

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Why do you ship Ayahina? I think they are seems as just friends. I mean, I don't think Hinami has feelings towards Ayato in other way. (I daubt Ayato tho) But I really like this ship, don't get me wrong please

Actually, this was something I kinda thought about a lot in the past but I think it seems this way because Ayahina’s relationship has all along been shown from Ayato’s perspective from the manga. 

But Ishida also gave us that shojou stare off between them that took up like one full page

And it reminded me of this scene between Sasaki and Touka

And we know that Sasaki had canon feelings for Touka. I think Kuroiwa and Yoriko also had a similar panel with the focus on the eye, but I guess that’s to explicitly set up the future marriage parallel between Yoriko and Touka. 

And Ishida also subtly does things with the two of them in Cochlea, like the jacket and the fact that they’re beside each other quite a bit for some reason???

Like… Hinami, sweetie, your Onee-chan is right over there, don’t you wanna stand beside her? 

Okay on a more serious note, we haven’t had anything about Hinami’s thoughts about their relationship in the manga which is why I’m really glad that the novel story was written in Hinami’s perspective. I mean, how you interpret it is up to you but I feel like Hinami puts Ayato on a different level than she does with the rest of Aogiri. I don’t know if you have read it but if you haven’t then maybe you might want to first?

From the novel, I think I can even say that the importance Ayato has to her is on par with that of Touka’s and Kaneki’s. There was a clear difference in Hinami when she was with Ayato than Miza, Naki and the rest, whom I think are more like friends to her. Hinami was stressed out because she was worrying far too much about whether she’s a burden to Ayato and she really thought hard about what she could do to make things easier for him– she did this for Touka and Kaneki as well, at different moments in the 2nd novel and the manga respectively. 

And another thing was how Hinami seemed to associate Ayato with light that was shining on her when she was in the dark shade of Aogiri or something like that and that she got courage from him. The feeling I got from this was a little bit more than merely friendship? Not to the degree of Touka and Kaneki, but when Kaneki was at his lowest with no reason to live, he found it in Touka. Likewise, when Hinami was at her lowest and surrounded by darkness all around, she got some light from Ayato. And this light gave her courage, which Hinami had believed she lacked– she’s too afraid to go out and fight for the people she loves. And if you were to look into the manga, she eventually does end up as someone who is brave enough to fight to protect those she loves and I think the root of this confidence she achieved was from Ayato’s presence in her life. 

Miza looks at Hinami and Ayato’s relationship in envy and considering we know Miza likes and wants to be with Naki, I think it implies that Ayahina does have some romantic connotations even back in Aogiri.

Oh yeah, there’s this panel: 

which I think was meant to replicate this:

So I’m inclined to think that their feelings for each other are the same?

I mean, in the end, it’s up to interpretation how you wanna see them. But I like their relationship for how deep their connection is and while I like my angst and complications and messed up Ishida-ish content in the manga, I love how he managed to come up with a pretty healthy relationship, especially with a relationship that had all the potential to end up a toxic one.

Personally, I don’t really care how they end up. Even if these two turn out to be the best of best friends, I don’t mind because let’s be honest, if they’re willing to go to such lengths for each other, it’s already a joy to see. I’d be happy just seeing them interact more.


okok but

can we talk about how Yoh is always thinking about Anna? we know they already act as if they were married but he’s always like keeping in mind what will Anna think if he does certain things, they take important decisions together, and that’s what i like about them they are not your typical couple that it’s all lovey-dovey, they barely have any romantic situations (they still have them tho) but you just know they care deeply for each other and their love ;u;

Hi there, I wanted to get your opinion on this:

As a fan of Sailor Moon for so long, do you also feel like you’d do anything for a new story, instead of rehashing the same story arcs?  I know I do.  I’m dying for a new story line, something about Crystal Tokyo coming, Neo Queen Serenity ascending to the throne, or just a new massive baddie they need to fight.  Or skip all of that and just get to the year 3,000!  Just give me something new!

How about you?

I would’ve loved the same, actually when Crystal was announced I was hoping that it would be a brand new story because I already knew what goes down in the manga and I didn’t need to see that again.

A prequel to the first arc would’ve been awesome and epic, all the shit that went down before the storm and led to the events in the first season of Sailor Moon.

The destruction of Silver Millennium.

The development of Princess Serenity and King Endymion relationship.

Queen Beryl’s background story and her downward spiral to evil.

Queen Beryl killing Princess Serenity and King Endymion.

(In the classic anime, Princess Serenity is killed by Queen Beryl whereas in Crystal/manga she kills herself)

The sacrifice of Queen Serenity so that Princess Serenity and Silver Millennium could have a second chance.

Watching all of this building up and the actual outcome would’ve been majestic.

Also I picture the last episode’s ending (after all this drama) being the beginning of the first ever Sailor Moon episode and that would’ve been awesome.

A sis can dream.

PS: This hypothetical season I just made up would even have room for your beloved shittenou x senshi romance so I’m sure everyone would be happy with this season lmao.

@SomeoneAtTOEI hire me please.

“Suki”? What’s that?

Disclaimer: I’m personally not Japanese, but I have cousins who live in Japan and friends that are Japanese, so this “suki” information and usage is from them. 

I’ve seen this often, and I would like to confirm that the “Suki” Hide used was ambiguous, and people generally use it currently to talk about a wide range of things, from people to concepts to even things they like. “Suki” is used by different people under different circumstances, and its meaning varies by culture, age, and environment. Therefore, it is really hard to interpret what type of emotion Hide was really trying to express, as it has been used in Tokyo Ghoul in both the romantic (Touken, Matsurie) and friendship sense (Saiko and Urie).

However, there is absolutely no reason to believe that there’s no way Hide’s emotions are romantic (and if you say it’s because Hide has flirted with Touka and is such a “BRO” like some of the imbeciles on Youtube, I’m straight up going to slap you with a book on bisexuality and common sense). Apparently, family members don’t usually use “suki” to describe other family members, and men refrain from calling their emotions towards other people as “suki” unless it’s romantic (why exactly IDK). Furthermore, as people mature, “suki” begins to carry a weight around it that wasn’t prevalent before, and when referring to people, older people are generally more stingy about using it. This is why I don’t think it’s exactly correct to equate Saiko’s “suki” to Hide’s “suki”, because:

(A) She’s a girl and it’s much more common to use “suki” as a female


(B)The charm about Saiko is her innocence and childlike, pure love, and thus it would make sense that she would use “suki” in a less romantic way than people older than her and more integrated into society (Hide) would

Furthermore, there’s the entire issue with the fact that Ishida purposely made it ambiguous by using “because I love him” instead of the common friendzoned “because you’re my best friend” (*cough* narusasu *cough*) reason. We all know that Ishida’s a pretty careful dude with details, so the half-page, beautifully drawn, simple yet focused “because I love him” speech bubble should give you some hints that Ishida did NOT mean for anyone to concretely assume that it’s platonic.

Personally, I believe that Hidekane’s relationship is similar to Guts’s and Griffith’s. Just like @hidewari explained beautifully, hidekane’s relationship is something that extends beyond familial or brotherly or even romantic (which would explain why Hide is the Ace of Spades). They share the most strong, most pure version of love. We all know how much Kaneki loves and relies on Hide, who embodies everything happy and peaceful that Kaneki yearned for before OEK stage and to some extent, yearns for now (Please refer to literally any Tokyo Ghoul re chapter with Hide even mentioned). Due to the legendary TG:re Chapter 148, we now have physical proof for how much Hide loves Kaneki. I believe that this simple “because I love him” panel exists to explain Hide’s main motivation, as this was always an area of great controversy within the fandom because we never really got insight into the mysterious character of Hide.

Could Hide have loved Kaneki as an extreme form of brotherly relation? Yes.

Could Hide have loved Kaneki as an extreme form of romantic relation? Yes.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that there’s no way for anyone to assume anything right now, so we’re just going to have to wait until Ishida actually gives us some concrete shit (and if it takes another 4 years for that hidekane reunion I’m going to NUT). And honestly, in the end, the nature of their relationship really shouldn’t matter at all, because as much as I’d like to see a non-fetishized LGBT character within the story, I’m already pretty damn pleased with Hide admitting that his feelings aren’t just “BROOOO GIVE ME THAT BROFIST EXTREME BROMANCE BROS FOR LIFE”, but rather something more tentative, unsure, and pure. All hidekane fans could rest easy knowing that the love they share is a pivotal point for Tokyo Ghoul and (most likely) Kaneki’s character in the future, and is something that couldn’t be replicated within any other relationship in the story.  

And if you actually read this far wow what dedication kudos to you.



On another note…been re-watching old episodes, as mentioned in my previous post.

“I can’t allow myself to laugh,” he says. “I can’t allow myself to be happy.”

“I understand,” she says.

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Shame is prevalent in Japanese culture, even more so in the past (seppuku or ritual suicide for the samurai wasn’t just for escaping torture). It’s kinda clear Inuyasha’s punishing himself almost as much as a damn masochist for his perceived failures. Methinks his noble-born mother may have taught her boy the meaning of duty too well.

I would say Kagome should’ve introduced healthy coping methods, but having lived in Japan I know their mental health field is lacking compared to other developed nations.

Originally posted by kag-san


Speaking of dominatrix–weird segue, I know–I was discussing with someone about that creepy power imbalance present in certain young adult romance novels I shall not name. Luckily, Takahashi-sensei prefers spirited female characters with imperfections (some are stubborn, some oblivious, others are bad at cooking, or math, etc.).

So Inuyasha doing anything side-by-side with her is HUGE in old Japan. Most males of his time period would be like “You must remember to walk a few paces behind me,” or “This is no place for a lady, go back and don’t worry your pretty little head.” Kagome, much like Sango, would be so done with that.

Originally posted by inuyashasblog

Never underestimate Kagome’s fierce temper fighting spirit. She’s a spitfire!

Which is also why I’m mystified whenever I hear, “Kagome’s a sweet, loving, gentle soul! She shouldn’t be paired with that asshole Inuyasha!”

*I’ve already ranted about the fact that anime-Inuyasha’s aggressiveness and flaws are more exaggerated than manga-Inuyasha’s. Bah.

The thing is, Kagome wears her heart on her sleeve, but that doesn’t mean she’s some vulnerable little angel that needs to be rescued from Inuyasha. Kagome, demure? All sugar and no spice?

Originally posted by thedragoon

Damn, look at him dance.

*Her excessive use of the beads (in the anime) has already been talked about by this person. I’ll only end up parroting them.

Kagome would be bored out of her mind with a gentleman, or “the exact opposite of Inuyasha” as she said in one episode. She’s not a docile princess. I mean, Kagome, gentle and submissive? Like one of them damsels from those romance novels?

Her stare is more effective than a rolled-up newspaper.

Damn girl, your relationship got so simpatico you don’t even need no beads to discipline your feral pup.

…OK, sometimes her words work too well.

Yay for character growth! And my constant canine references!

The way to a well-trained dog, wait, did I say that boy’s heart is through acceptance…and his stomach.